Mom Stealing Candy from Drugstore Leaves Baby Behind, Police Say

Heather Holland, DNA Info, October 16, 2013

So much for no child left behind.

A stroller-toting mom who used her 1-year-old son as cover during a massive candy shoplifting spree at a downtown Duane Reade used the tot’s pram as a battering ram when workers confronted her—and then ran away without the baby, the NYPD said.

Michelle Calderon, 23, piled more than $250 worth of candy into the bottom of her son’s stroller at the 100 Broadway store at 2:42 a.m. Oct. 7, police said.

Calderon, who was arrested in June for smuggling an envelope of cocaine into Rikers Island and was out on $50 cash bail, had help from Raymond Lebron, 20, who grabbed cough drops and gum from the aisles, and Darnell Johnson, 26, who served as a lookout inside the store, police said.

But when the trio tried to leave the store without paying, a worker confronted the group and tried to take back the stolen items: $179 worth of Halls throat drops, $59 worth of Wrigley’s gum, $43 worth of Dentyne gum and $15 worth of Tic Tacs, police said.

Lebron hit the worker in the face twice—cutting the worker’s chin and throat—while Calderon used her stroller to push the worker out of the store, ramming him down onto the sidewalk, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s criminal complaint.

The worker grabbed the stroller and held onto it in an effort to keep the trio from fleeing, but they dashed off anyway, leaving the stroller and the young child behind, the criminal complaint said.



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  • Yeah, well, some people have their priorities.

    • Some Guy

      I’m surprised it wasn’t Kool Aide packs and skittles.

      • Erasmus

        Nah, malt liquor and Kools.

  • MekongDelta69

    Baby, schmaby – since they didn’t steal any Skittles, then they can’t be ‘authentically black.’

    Nahmeen? Nahmsayin’?
    [Do I really need a /sarc here?!]

  • First question:

    What was a person who tried to smuggle drugs into a prison (jail) doing out on $50 bail?

    • Spartacus

      Spreading the cultural enrichment, of course .

    • Bond for something like that here would be $10,000 or so. What the heck is the point of setting bail on a felony so absurdly low?

    • Rhialto

      Perhaps she could not be released on her own recog, so a minimal bail was set.

  • Umm… this is October. Why not just wait until after Halloween, because stores clearance that stuff out at reduced prices?

    That would be two weeks.

    • It get’s real cheap, just like candy after Easter.

    • Puggg

      Quit thinking like a white person. You know well enough that when certain kind of people “gotz” to “habb sunntin” that they need it right now. Not two weeks from now, now. And what’s this business about price tags? The price of things don’t matter when you get the butter fingered discount. The store might want $2 for the bag of tootsie rolls now or $1 for it two weeks from now, but why wait for two weeks when your five fingers gets them for free?

      • I can think like an injun, but I still don’t steal.

      • What would happen to the Christmas industry if White started celebrating Orthodox Christmas and only bought gifts after December 25?

    • So CAL Snowman

      Why didn’t they use their EBT cards, it’s only the 16th?

      • Brian

        Money ran out before the month did– failure to plan. Needz moar EBT (egyptian bread tokens).

      • evilsandmich

        Can’t use it if you’ve sold it for smack.

  • Andy

    “Lebron hit the worker in the face twice—cutting the worker’s chin and throat—”

    Cutting? He must have some nails.

  • Some Guy

    Pictures are needed!
    No picture of Michelle Calderon thou, but they did have this nice quote from her.
    “My son is my life, my world, he’s my only family,”

    • Puggg

      “My son is my life, my world, he’s my only family,”

      There are no serious errors of grammar here, so her lawyer probably wrote this.

      Yeah, her son is her life and her world. More like her welfare meal ticket, her path to a crazy check.

      • Erasmus

        Gum, tic-tacs and cough drops?

        Dey jus’ wantz dat mintee fresh breat’ jus’ like da white folkz.

      • JackKrak

        I was thinking the same thing. The original version probably went something like “My son? He be ma LIFE, knowuamsayn? My worl? Sheeeet, he my ONLY fambly!” (probably interrupted in the middle by a phone call from babydaddy or parole officer)

    • Brian

      First Bantu is the poster boy for mandibular prognathism.

    • Erasmus

      I can’t recall seeing a face(?) like that on any statue from ancient Egypt.

      (Maybe his ancestors were too busy flying around the pyramids to be sculpted.)

  • Spartacus

    This is the new America, right ? Cute…

    • Katherine McChesney

      Wow, I wish someone would send this to obama with the before and after pictures of Detroit.


      Well, the affirmative president did promise to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”, right? Given the fact that “our” enemies, radical Islam’s many terrorist groups. Including Al Qaeda, are now “our” government’s allies. And the fact that Homeland Security’s agent’s no longer train by shooting at targets that look like Islamic terrorist. Instead, they train by shooting at targets that were specially made at the direct request of Homeland Security itself. To look like your average middle class American gun owner of Caucasian descent.

      So yea, I would say there has been a fundamental transformation in America!

    • Whitetrashgang

      So I guess that’s America in 40 years? Makes you wonder what Hati will look like.

      • Sangraal

        Probably something like this-

        • Whitetrashgang

          That’s what Hati looks like now,except I don’t see a 71 chevy van as a ambulance,police,taxi, and icecream truck.

    • CharlesFinley

      Whole-eeee phuckin’$hit!

      Yep. Fifty years?

  • bigone4u

    Note the time cited in the story: 2:42 AM. Blacks on the street at 3 in the morning always spell “trouble.” I favor curfews for blacks. Whites out at that time are usually going to work.

  • MBlanc46

    “I was so close to getting past all that and moving on, starting a new
    life with my son and then this happened,” she said. “I was about to get
    back on track.”

    It just happened. Here she was, turning her life around, and this just happened to her. She had nothing to do with it. She sure is unlucky. This sort of thing never “happens” to me or to anyone that I know. But it just “happened” to Michelle. Perhaps she deserves reparations.

    • Ella

      But she was a recovering addict and had been clean for 6 months. Michelle who would never hurt her baby tried to take the baby with her, but the clerk caused too much confusion as they accidentally left her. She did not mean to.

      • Mike Conrad

        short trip from here to charging the clerk with abduction and reckless endangerment…

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I’ve noticed black criminals always say something like “it just happened”. It’s like they’re not mentally capable of conceiving of the effects their own behavior will have on the outcome of their life.

      And it’s not even just in crime either; black teenage mothers (and often Hispanic ones too) will say they “just got pregnant.” Like they magically woke up one day pregnant, with no genetic contribution from a man.

      Low IQ really seems to function as a limiter on a person’s ability to weave together threads of cause and effect.

      • Or it’s because blacks are so unable to control their impulses.

      • Sick of it

        In reality, they don’t consider the consequences of their actions and often do not consider what they do to be wrong, even if it means slaughtering a young child in gruesome fashion.

    • “And then this happened”? How did it just “happen”? Why doesn’t this stuff “happen” to normal people? I go shopping once a week and it never happens to me. Is this because of that nebulous “white privilege” nonsense we continually hear about, or perhaps because I have enough self-control to avoid stealing and enough responsibility to refrain from abandoning my child?

      • MBlanc46

        White privilege. That must be it.

    • White (deleted) Privilege! We are just so diabolical that way. Just twenty seconds ago, I caused Darnell to get LaQeShandaria pregnant, when neither of them wanted a baby.

      • MBlanc46

        You devil.

  • ms_anthro

    Fambly values.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    When I noticed they were stealing cough drops, the first thing that occurred to me was that they had learned somewhere that making meth requires cough medicine, and they thought cough drops would suffice.

    But mixing it up into a drink sounds like a black thing to do too.

    • My understanding is that the standard methamphetamines recipes require ephedrine or pseudoephedrine. With Hall’s cough drops, the active ingredient is menthol.

      • Erasmus

        With Hall’s cough drops, the active ingredient is menthol.

        Crush them and smoke them? They have to do something when they run out of Kools.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Yes, that’s my understanding too. I doubt your average black criminal would be smart enough to distinguish the active ingredients (or to even think about the fact that they might be relevant).

  • $102 worth of chewing gum ….. me thinks they were shopping for the bodega down the street.

    • Jesse James

      Very likely.

  • Joe Sewell

    “Burly Michelle (Bubbles) Calderon was arrested hours after the Oct. 7
    heist when she donned a wig and walked into the 1st Precinct
    stationhouse to request the abandoned boy’s return, police sources said.
    Cops, wise to the 5-foot-7, 246-pound mom’s minimalist makeover,
    quickly cuffed the oft-arrested Calderon — who remained behind bars
    Wednesday on Rikers Island.”

    • Five-seven and 246? I’m six feet even, and at age 47 I’m still 155. This gal needs less food rather than more. Sayaka is 4’9″ and 85 pounds, so even combined we don’t make up this glutton’s mass.

    • Magician

      So the 246 pound mother thought the authorities will be tricked and won’t recognize her if she had a wig on

  • Tabludama

    How black is that?

  • Magician

    Everyone, if you could use a good laugh, read the original article… it is non-stop comedy from beginning to the end. It is as if a genius novelist gathered a hundred ridiculous crimes, and then put them together into one single story.

  • Magician

    LeBron James and Jose Calderon are actually popular NBA athletes. LeBron was obviously born here and Calderon was born in Spain.

    Here they are!! LeBron of the Miami Heat and Calderon of the Toronto Raptors

  • Mike Conrad

    Surprising courage on the part of the store employee. Where I live the African store employees deliberately look the other way while their brothers and sisters walk out with their arms loaded with mdse. On the one hand, it’s disgraceful enabling but on the other, snitches get stitches.

  • Thank goodness for the black propensity to give their kids goofy, made-up names! When you read an article about a perp named N’DeSawnLaTavonious Jackson, even the media can’t conceal the race of the individual the way they like to do with weasel non-descriptions like “a man in a blue jacket”.

    • Alexandra1973

      Watch, it’ll somehow become fashionable to give white kids black names. I’ve already seen a few cases of this myself.

    • Puggg

      That’s why I wish they wouldn’t pass these laws against pants sagging. If they sag, you know it’s a groid to avoid. If they have a goofy name, you know it’s a groid to avoid. If they both have a goofy name and sag their pants, you know it’s a groid to keep at least one zip code away.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    The way things are headed in this country, the store employee is more likely to be charged with child abuse than the sow.

  • Paleoconn

    Calderon? She was just doing the baby abandoning Americans won’t do.

    • Rick Brooks

      She’s just another one of those pious, family-values Latrinos we keep hearing about.

      • And she has a dream, though her dream apparently involves a whole lot of tooth decay and weight gain. Maybe Type-2 diabetes comes later.

  • ViktorNN

    Keeb da mother effin baby – we out!!!

  • Nice Guy

    I wonder why the worker put himself in harm’s way to get the candy back. It’s best to call the police and stay away from the savages. I mean, is his minimum-wage job really worth getting beat up over? I admire his courage, I guess, but I just would’ve let the authorities handle it. I guess what I’m trying to say is: don’t interact in any way with the savages.

    • Maybe he really wanted to keep his job amid competition from people looking to work in Obama’s New Economy? At least he enabled the police to get an id of the “suspected” thieves.

  • toldev

    That goes on a lot in the area that I live in. The people who steal professionally are called “boosters”. It is so widespread here that the larger retailers are ordering products directly from the manufacturer with the retailer’s name and logo on it.

  • I used to be a metallo-organic chemist in the microelectronics industry: I made hyper-clean, hyper-pure precursors that would decompose cleanly to the proper ceramic capacitors. I got out of organic chemistry when I left working for Displaytech in Boulder almost 23 years ago. Those were organic compounds for liquid crystal displays. Meth production would probably be pretty easy, but if I had wanted to wreck people’s lives, I suspect doing nerve gas work for Iran would have paid better and involved fewer legal hassles.

    Out of the house, I work as a welder, auto-mechanic and machinist. Sometimes I build and customize furniture from all-hardwood kits for the neighbors. I’m a fair hand at duplicating existing leather upholstery in an additional piece someone might want. I write the occasional naval history article or book review.

    I’ve never done anything drug-related in my life in any part of the equation. I’d rather be poor and play Neverwinter Nights with my wife on the household LAN I set up than go back to prison. Or worse: the Mexican Mafia tried to recruit me as a dope chemist while I was locked up, and I told them that I just wanted to go home instead of being dumped in a ditch in the desert somewhere by rival gunmen. As for the user’s standpoint, alcohol is plenty.

    I’m 47. I have been home ten years and off supervision for seven of those. These are things I would call precious even if I did not have a family.

    • evilsandmich

      I suspect doing nerve gas work for Iran would have paid better and involved fewer legal hassles

      At least until the Mossad tracked you down.

      • Yeah; some of these sorts of work pay quite nicely, but the retirement plan very often sucks. I’m sticking with what I’ve got, and I’ll bet our friend Michelle Calderon wishes she had as well.

  • Those both sound like such good ideas that I have added them to the journal I keep.

  • She was probably astonished that most white people do not actually hate children, and that they take care of them, for instance when their own mother happens to abandon them, and confused this common (for us) decency as “adoration”.

    The most idiotic aspect to this case is that since the attempted shoplifting was under $500, that would be a misdemeanor. She’d get some community service for that. Child abandonment or child endangerment might be felonies, and folks from the Department of Social Services (or whatever they have in New York) will be on her case for years.

  • One of my friends has a son who went to school with a black girl who’s name was pronounced “Shith-Aid”. You get three guesses as to how this is spelled, and the first two don’t count. Years later, after my release from federal prison, I actually met the unfortunate gal while working at Black Jack pizza, so I know Patrick hadn’t been making anything up.