Marine Vet on Cross-Country Charity Run Assaulted by Stranger ‘For No Reason’

Benjamin Chance, Breitbart, October 3, 2013

A 26-year-old U.S. Marine veteran, who for the past 325 days has been running across America to raise awareness and support for veterans and their families, suffered a concussion along with a bloodied and bruised face after a stranger assaulted him in Wilmington, Delaware on Wednesday.

According to former Marine Sergeant Brendan O’Toole, the unprovoked attack on a downtown street was precipitated by nothing more than a “simple hello and how are you doing.”

Brendan O’Toole

Brendan O’Toole

“I was walking down the street with everybody else when in the middle of passing by this young guy…well, he just rocked me,” O’Toole told Breitbart Sports. “And for no reason… the guy never said a word.


Wilmington Police tweeted a photo of the suspect they had in custody on Wednesday evening:


“I mean I had just passed an elementary school and watched all the kids line up for their buses and 20 yards later, I got hit,” O’Toole said.

After blindsiding O’Toole, the silent assailant immediately fled the scene on foot, leaving O’Toole semi-unconscious on the the concrete.

“From the time I was hit to when I landed on the street, I blacked out,” said O’Toole. “My brain just got rattled.”


Regrettably, the incident marred what was supposed to be a celebration of yet another milestone: the end of Delaware, O’Toole’s thirteenth state.

After completing a four year enlistment in the Marines in June 2012, O’Toole founded The Run for Veterans (TRFV). Last November 11–Veterans Day–O’Toole left Oceanside, California for his 21 state, 3,600 mile cross country run motivated by an honorable cause: to raise support and funds for combat veterans and their families. To date, TRFV has raised over $170,000 and according to O’Toole, after a fundraiser this Friday night in his hometown of Alexandria, VA, it is possible TRFV may break the $200K mark.

While the assailant’s motives may never be known–or understood, O’Toole, nevertheless, has managed to add some humor to the incident to help offset the pain from the concussion induced headache: “I can safely rule out robbery. All I had on me was a pair of running shorts.”


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  • D.B. Cooper

    Well, marine, since you had no idea why you were attacked, I knew you weren’t that well educated, and therefore an enlisted man before I even read the article.

    Was your father the kind of guy who let Vietnamese kids wander in and out of his camp site back in the ‘Nam instead of refusing entry?

    You didn’t keep your guard up once a black male 14-60 came close to you.

    • The Final Solution

      White men take orders from blacks and browns in the US military. The slaves are now the masters.

      • Romulus

        I never did!! I beat the ever loving Cr*p out of one for trying to punk me out. Higher ranks got exactly the amount of respect that their position required, no more, no less. Of course, there weren’t as many in my platoon.

    • Brian

      Kind of harsh. There are 40 million of them here. Even the most vigilant can’t see a sucker punch coming every time.

      • D.B. Cooper

        Harsh? He wasn’t exactly running by Aunt Esther or Weezie Jefferson, and he didn’t fall to he ground because Beyoncé or Rihanna distracted him. He let Trayvon get too close with expected results.

        • Brian

          Are you saying there is zero chance you could be caught off guard by Trayvon? Again, there are millions of them, and it only takes one moment. I don’t see evidence that the guy is a libtard. Sometimes ‘defecation occurs’. I hate to fire bullets at our own team unless there is compelling reason.

    • ZeitTrash

      The guy’s doing a charity run and trying to raising money for a good cause in non-controversial way. I’m sure he knows better than to tell the media “I knew there was a good chance this groid was going to assault me and he did. That’s why I hate black people.” He’s run through areas populated by loads of people who didn’t sucker punch him on the street. I’m pretty sure he’s put 2 and 2 together.

      Everybody knows that white race realism is a favorite reason for the media to burn people at the stake. If he said anything even close to the quote above, the banner headline for the story would instead be “Racist Marine Gets Beaten By Civil Rights Advocate.”

  • Pelagian

    “I can safely rule out robbery. All I had on me was a pair of running shorts.”

    Yes, sir. You can rule that out. You were hit for reasons much deeper than your anesthetized brain will ever be able to comprehend.

  • Puggg

    Knockout Game.

    • negrolocaust

      not necessarily. many black gangs such as bloods, crips, bgf, etc require a prospect to commit a violent felony to gain permanent member status. many black gangs require that the prospect attack only a white or non-black to fulfill this requirement. this could have been such a gang initiation.

      • Puggg

        Maybe it’s both, Knockout Game as a result of gang initiation.

        • negrolocaust

          i was not trying to say your opinion was not correct, just that it could be a number of things. it did not appear to be knockout to me but i could be wrong i frequently am. i guess before anybody knows we will be on to the next beating and will have forgotten about this one.

        • negrolocaust

          according to police they found this perp sleeping in a doorway and arrested him. so i am thinking he is homeless? who knows. 21 years old. aren’t the knockout boys usually juveniles? who knows? maybe we will never know. either way, arm up and dress for war. carry a weapon and use it immediately,aggressively and without hesitation or regret.

        • It suspected a vulnerable target, and its DNA demanded a chimp-out.


      • Thor Bonham

        LMAO, blacks have on average a 70 IQ and you say they’re not stupid, eh ?

    • ozamataz

      And white men should’nt run in, or even visit, black areas.

  • bigone4u

    Not until big, strong white men start beating the crud out of random blacks will the violence be controlled to a degree. Jail doesn’t phase these low IQ punks, but a good beating might. Send a message, white men: An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. After beating these clowns up, then cut off their PARENT’S welfare checks to discourage the breeding of these people.

    • D.B. Cooper

      Strong white men need to remove weak white men from public office. Once they are gone, the rest of the white man’s enemies will be no match.

      • sickandtired

        From office? Hell, they are everywhere!!

        Thanks feminists!

        • me

          You let a GIRL beat your sense of manliness up? LOL!

      • me


    • Romulus

      Excellent idea.

    • negrolocaust

      i have spent time in jails in maryland. jails and prisons in maryland are at least 85 to 90 percent black. i have been in jails where i was the only white person in an area of the jail with 300-400 blacks. the guards are all black with one or two arabs thrown in for good measure and about 50 percent female. it is not like in the movies it is mostly like one huge big party and it does not really punnish black people. the guards and inmates are their friends from childhood and mostly you play cards all day and board games or exercise. if a black person goes to jail it just means that they do not have to worry about bills or rent etc for 6 months. most of the dorms i was in were 92 or more percent black. for a black person going to jail is just a part of life.

      • John R

        Good point. In their “culture” (if I may use that term) being incarcerated does not carry the social stigma that it does for White people. They consider it only a minor inconvenience. Also, if they are jailed for a violent offense-especially against a White man-then it adds to their “street cred.” Remember also, that black females are so desperate, that a black man doesn’t disqualify himself as a partner of one of them by being a criminal. In contrast, a White man is expected by most White women, to have a good job, good record, etc. Long story short: As you said, jail is little deterrent to blacks.

      • Thor Bonham

        Did they have a party with your ass ?

      • Norseman

        Were non-blacks targeted in the prison you were incarcerated in?

        • me

          Does the sun set in the West?

      • ozamataz

        Blacks worry about bills and rent?

    • negrolocaust

      by the way, never underestimate anybody. my friend is a professor of organic chemistry at a respected college and he has told me that he has had black students who have scored higher on his tests then anyone in his classes and in an eighth or less of the time with class sizes of 40 or more students mostly jewish. he said he has had black students who scored high enough on nationally administered chemistry tests to place nationally and be awarded phd scholarships to prestigious schools. statistically black people may score in the 85 range on iq tests but that does not mean that there are not intellectually gifted black people. its never good to underestimate anybody… especially somebody who hates you and would like to do you harm.

      • Sick of it

        There are always statistical outliers. They help prove the rule.

      • Black maff majors are as ubiquitous as White gang-bangers.

      • John R

        I agree with you-to a point. Blacks are less intelligent than Whites in most cases. But don’t forget, that they also have more “street brains” than most Whites. As you said, never underestimate your enemy.

        • me

          Rats have more ‘street brains’ as well. The wild Bantu makes an ‘urban jungle’ to substitute for the jungle they should be living in. So what? Rat and Bantu sociopathology and scavenger lifestyles doesn’t necessarily signify ‘intelligence’.

      • Brian

        In other news, some tall women and some short men exist.

      • Thor Bonham

        You love blacks , huh ?

      • Jacobite2

        Blacks vs whites, maybe. Blacks vs Jews? Wheweeee. The stats there are so bad that it may be true that there is no black in a particular school as smart as the average Jew. My dad taught math at an inner-city high school (it was white middle-class when he started). His verdict: blacks can’t be taught, but many can be trained.

        • Brian

          There are some exceptions, it’s true, but not enough to worry about. And most of these exceptions are ‘magic mulattos’ anyway. Mix enough Euro DNA in there and you will occasionally get decent results. Full-on Bantu, though? Smart ones are rare as hen’s teeth.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        Er, well I am going to call BS on your friend’s claims. Of course, if he means 2 when he says students, then I suppose it is possible that he might have had some of the cream of the sewer imported from Africa. But never forget, they all have the same goals: to mate with white women, and to get rich in the land of opportunity. They all also have dangerous tendencies toward violence. If they exist, they are the exception that PROVES the rule.

        As has been already quoted: Avoid the Groid.

      • OhWow

        There are exceptions to everything. Why waste time focusing on the 1 out of a million instead of the other 999,999?

    • joesolargenius

      Unfortunately whenever one of us big strong White Men do beat the crap out of these bigots ,we are viewed as the bad guy by all those whom only caught the tail end of the confrontation.

      • bigone4u

        Good point, but who cares about being called the bad guy.

    • mgs166

      Beat the “crud” out of the parent(s) too. After all, blacks only understand three things.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Assault plus hate crime? Probably looking at a decade in jail.

      • cablegirls

        Should be, probably won’t be, the inhuman creature.

      • Thor Bonham

        Blacks are exempt from hate crimes .. You can ask Eric Holder why if needed … He was the one that says so ..

      • ms_anthro

        Only if you get caught.

    • 48224

      It would be far more productive to offer them an xbox, a pair of Air Jordans, or even $5000 cash to be sterilized. Our grand children will thank us.

  • The Final Solution

    “The attack was precipitated by slavery, white privilege, and discrimination. The attacker was clearly defending himself from past injustices and future disadvantages.”

  • negrolocaust

    delaware is getting bad. i have heard of numerous knockout attacks by blacks as well as robberies that consisted of whites being knocked out from behind then robbed. there are some beaches there, delaware used to be nice. one of the beaches caters primarily to homosexuals and that would be rehobeth beach. it is quite obvious to me from seeing all of these attacks that a lot of whites have no idea what is going on and are completely clueless. i grew up around blacks i live around blacks, and i never let my guard down or take my eyes off of them when they are near. i consider them to be wild animals unless i know them personally. i have personally been jumped numerous times by groups of them but always managed to outsmart them and stand my ground. my advice is never go anywhere near them unless you are armed at least with a knife. blacks are cowards and even if you are alone if you stand up to a group of them they will back down.

    • Romulus

      Rehobeth beach would be an excellent spot for a M O A B !!!
      Veterans will know what I’m talking about.

      • MekongDelta69

        Daisy Cutter (in my day)!

        “One LZ comin’ up…”
        “Roger that”

        • Romulus


    • LH_Oswald

      The homo beach is Dewey, not Rehoboth. Wilmington is a majority black city now, run by a majority black city government. You know how that turns out.

  • Truthseeker

    Well you have to admit, it was pretty offensive of him to be white in this guy’s presence. Clearly he was asking for it.

    • Katherine McChesney

      “Walking while White.”

  • MekongDelta69

    While the assailant’s motives may never be known–or understood…

    Really? Seriously?
    And this is coming from Breitbart??

  • Son of Galton

    Listen up, Sergeant Tool (sic), he attacked you BECAUSE YOU’RE WHITE! Is that so hard to understand?

    You see, Tool, many of these young black ghetto thugs take it as an affront when you acknowledge their existence–you’re treating them as your equals, as White people with excrement-colored skin. That’s the last thing they want–to be seen as WHITE!

    They hate you and your freckled White skin. They hate your European-derived culture, your ambition, your success, the very idea of your existence. If they don’t show outright hatred towards you, it’s because it’s too costly to do so at that particular moment.

    At ease.

  • dd121

    Brenden, let me explain this to you. Liberals have stoked a simmering hatred of whites by blacks for decades. They tell the pliant groids that the reason they fail in life is because of some nebulous “racism”. That translates to it’s not your fault, “whitey” did it to you. This of course is not true, but most of what liberals assert to be true is moonbeams and puppy dog tails. I know, I know, but it’s the world we live in.

    • Raised Its Ugly Head

      It didn’t take liberals to teach blacks how to hate Whites.

      The black mind is full of hate, either in Africa or in America. Their natural state is one of hatred for everything, because everything confuses and confounds them.

      Look at how they treat each other when there are no Whites around to impose civilization- you see nothing but hate and violence.

      As they become more feral in America due to liberal spending and the outlawing of White Racism, look for their hatred to kill more Whites.

      We are in a race war, and only the blacks know it.

      • ms_anthro

        Their handlers know it too, and foment it intentionally. Never assume liberal anti-Whites are acting in good faith. They use blacks and browns as a weapon of terror against us, and they know what they’re doing.

  • Raised Its Ugly Head

    just a misunderstanding, a botched robbery gone wrong, an unfortunate case, an isolated incident, race had nothing to do with it, victim was raceless, perp was colorblind

    • Jared Arrevois

      …and the police are baffled.

  • Spartacus

    The guy’s a vet, and he doesn’t know better than to avoid groids ?

    • D.B. Cooper

      Repeat the phrase until you remember it, and live by it.

  • son of obummer maybe? sure looks like it.

  • Luca

    “I can safely rule out robbery. All I had on me was a pair of running shorts.”

    And your white skin.

    Since he knew he couldn’t rob you, he just couldn’t let this opportunity pass without demonstrating his hatred of white people and to create yet another White victim.

    I could be wrong because the experts say “the assailant’s motives may never be known–or understood”. yeah…right.

  • negrolocaust

    Garry Beauford, 21, of Chester, was charged with second-degree
    assault and was awaiting arraignment Thursday night at police
    headquarters, Ivey said.

    – still suffering a headache, but somewhat improved from Wednesday
    night – went to Washington, D.C., Thursday evening to see his doctor,
    Dwyer said.

    the doctor gives his permission, O’Toole will return to Delaware on
    Sunday to resume his one-man trek, aiming to increase awareness of
    veterans struggling with issues as they return to civilian life.

    And when he resumes his run, Dwyer said, he won’t be alone.A few officers from the Wilmington Police Department are planning to run along.

  • JohnEngelman

    Black neighborhoods are dangerous for everyone, even white Marines.

    • Jefferson

      If you are looking to rent or buy a home/apartment in a certain zip code, always go online and check the racial demographics of that zip code before you decide to move there.

      Avoid like the plague any zip code that is over 20 percent Black.

  • negrolocaust

    “Joey Dwyer, director of media for The Run for Veterans, said Thursday
    that O’Toole suffered a concussion and a cut on his face in the attack.
    O’Toole is having headaches, Dwyer said, and will visit a doctor on
    Friday in Washington, where a fundraising event is scheduled for that
    a strike to the head can be insidious. a person can seem fine and then hours or days later go into a coma or die from hemorrhage. he says he is having headaches. that is not a good sign.

  • Global Minority

    It’s called the Knock out game! This Marine stands a better chance of survival over in a forigen country getting shot at than on the mean non-white streets of America today! And this is what the WWII generation fought for?

    • Sick of it

      This is what everyone fought for back to the Civil War. They’ve been working for those who want to destroy them.

      • Jesse James

        Not everyone Sick, don’t forget all the white southerners who fought to protect our own lands and families from the damned Yankee crusaders.

        • Sick of it

          True, but I’m referring to those fighting for the Federal government. What we have today and the worse things to come, that’s what it was all about.

    • sbuffalonative

      This Marine was lucky this colored person wasn’t swinging a machete.

      • sickandtired

        I can’t believe it was just one. Around here they run in packs and attack in packs.

  • A Freespeechzone

    You can bet that this ‘suspect’ will likely get off easy…there will be no disincentive for him to not continue to be violent.

    Maybe the next victim he tries to assault will be legally armed like George Zimmerman.

    No Apologies.

    • Jesse James

      More likely whatever inadequate punishment he receives will embolden him to kill the next white he assaults.

  • John R

    I have to jump in on this one, even though some other posters here have stolen a lot of my thunder. First, I am sorry that this young man was attacked. He is a fellow White American, a serviceman, and probably an overall good person. So, I mean him no disrespect personally. But, several things: First, what the HECK did they teach this guy in the Marine Corps! Some two bit punk gets a sucker punch on him that easily? WTF! And he is completely unable to block, roll, cover up, or fight back? PLEASE! I am not even military, and even I am EMBARRASSED for this guy! Secondly, running in a strange town (near blacks, btw) and he is not even aware of his surroundings? (Rolling my eyes). Finally, he is NOT AWARE of the motive? I’ll give him three guesses; is he THAT naïve? Some other poster here said the guy was obviously enlisted because of his lack of education. I disagree. Even sergeants today go to college. The trouble is, they don’t learn anything there, just PC Bull, and to not be racist. Sorry for rambling on here, fellow American Renaissance readers, but this story just really annoyed me to no end.

    • Luca

      Have you ever been sucker punched? The whole concept behind the sucker punch is to deliver it before the victim has any time what-so-ever to react.

      I was in the Marines too and I got nailed once in a bar. By the time you see it, the momentum leaves zero reaction time. I was spitting out a piece of tooth before my brain told me what happened.

      Just like the unlucky guy who gets shot by a sniper…he never sees it coming.

      • John R

        No. I was never sucker punched. You were in a bar. That I can understand. You are surrounded by other people-mostly White-and anyone may take a shot at you. Understandable. But if I were going through a BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD my senses would be up for any ‘groid that came within fifty feet of me! No excuses. He wasn’t mobbed. He wasn’t overpowered. He just let the punk walk up, and “BAM” a shot. He didn’t even roll with the punch, as anyone trained in fighting does. No. I read the article, and I know what I am talking about. I stand by my statements.

        • Luca

          The guy throwing the sucker punch does not telegraph his intentions. He gives no aggressive gestures or body language. He may even smile as he approaches you or just look timid. Once he gets past you and you think everything is cool, he’s in your blind spot and he lets loose. These street punks have perfected the technique through practice. Unless you have the reflexes of Bruce Lee, you’re nailed.

          I agree with you to a certain extent, he should have been on high alert around any sub-Saharan schizophrenic, as you never know when they will snap.

          He won’t make that mistake again.

          • John R

            Trying not to belabor the point, but, hey, we are having a good discussion here. You said you were sucker punched in a bar. That I can understand. In a bar, you are surrounded by people, it is dark, and you are fairly comfortable around those people, otherwise you wouldn’t have entered the bar. They may be talking to you, or whatever, and BAM! That is completely different from being near a lot of young black males in a strange neighborhood. Don’t let any of them talk to you; get within arm’s reach of you; and don’t make eye contact with them. I know, I live near Philly, and have had to navigate around blacks my whole life. Second point: No one “telegraphs their punches” but, to land a good punch, you must first LOOK AT AND SIZE UP YOUR TARGET. And, even before, you look at to make that decision. It never comes just out of the blue. I know this: I was riding the Market Frankford EL train through West Philly, and of all the other riders, one young black man was looking at me, with an angry look. Sure enough, when he got to his stop, he jumped, and stole some man’s glasses by surprise. I knew he was going to do SOMETHING; I was ready, but his victim was not. They do set off signals. Finally, even if you don’t have reflexes “like Bruce Lee” you CAN roll with a punch, at the last second, if you are prepared. Fighters do this all the time; rarely does a punch hit home full force in a professional bout. Anyway, thank you for sharing your views with me. Peace.

        • jackryanvb


          I have lived half my life in heavily Black urban areas. I have “spider sense” when it comes to sensing Black bad vibes. Blacks are fairly predictable once you get to know the breed. Here are some tips:

          Never show fear, indecision Blacks can smell this, same as dogs.

          Except in some knock out game attack to some outsider White, Blacks will try to engage in some personal contact first, don’t engage, don’t let them in to your world.

          You want to project a calm, confident, but not arrogant or challenging persona, like you are a cop or someone who has been in this area, situation many times and can handle all things.

          Always have some weapon that isn’t a gun. I highly recommend canemaster canes, $12 Target T Ball bat – carry in gym bag along with ball and glove.

          • John R

            Right. As I told someone else here: Blacks may not be as book smart as Whites, but they have “street brains.” They know how to size up a victim, and they plan their attacks. You were smart. You survived because you planned and expected their behavior in advance. Even for a surprise knockout punch, you must line up the victim first; signals are sent. Thanks for your comment.

  • Baboon

    I honestly don’t feel sorry for a lot of these naive white ppl who are falling victim to these savages. But then again how can these ppl know what’s happening if you don’t hear about it in the media. I really need a gun, but my broke ass can’t afford one.

    • ZeitTrash

      But that’s exactly it – it’s not reported in the media and the truth is the total opposite of what’s taught in schools and in the pop culture. A lot of people – especially younger people – don’t know the truth because they’ve never heard it before and are punished if they start asking questions.

      2013 America is every bit as propagandized as the Eastern Bloc was during Soviet times. The truth is illegal here.

    • Brian

      Go to one of the city gun buybacks, stand next to the line and offer whatever the city’s paying, in cash.

  • leftists are delusional

    “African-American men are diagnosed with schizophrenia at rates four to five time more than other groups.”


  • bubo

    Are white men even capable of getting mad anymore?

    • leftists are delusional

      Yes, there are lot’s of people that are mad. But it is not the time yet.

      There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:

      a time to be born and a time to die,
      a time to plant and a time to uproot,
      a time to kill and a time to heal,
      a time to tear down and a time to build,

      a time to be silent and a time to speak,

      a time to love and a time to hate,
      a time for war and a time for peace.

  • William Krapek

    Good Lord. What is wrong with this race?!

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Which one? The apes or the whites who tolerate and adore them?


    I was sucker punched by one of Obama’s son’s back when I was 19. ( Speaking of Obama’s son’s, did any of you guys happen to notice that this son is also wearing a Hollister shirt? Just like the original son of all sons St. Trayvon, the immaculately conceived Obama spawn? ) Anyway, back to the story. My aunt unfortunately lived in one of those truly ghettofied, “projects” that was 98% black. Well, once I was helping her move from one apartment in the projects to another apartment on the other end of the same projects.

    My truck, loaded with her stuff was parked in a back lot. Which meant that I had to carry her things up and down these out door stairs in between 2 buildings. After going up and down those steps a few times carrying things in to the apartment I came out at one point and 3 black guys about my age were now sitting on those steps. As I kept passing by them carrying things in they started to first give me dirty looks. Then that escalated to one of them talking about how many white boy’s ass’s he kicked. It was one of those deals where he was speaking to his friends but it was clearly meant for my ears.

    Thinking I’m probably going to get jumped I just continued taking things into the apartment and basically ignoring them. However, on one run carrying things up the steps the black guy who was mouthing off sucker punched me when I passed. I stopped for a second, kind of surprised by it. Then I hear him saying “yea what bi#ch, what” while bringing his arms up in a boxing style. I think he thought I was going to run or walk away or something. Because when I threw the stuff I was carrying down. Tore my coat off and threw by hands up while quickly advancing on him yelling “alright, come on Mother F—er lets do it, come on”! The look on his face went from the fake, “Thug Life” filled with bravado, to a expression that could only be described as Fear!

    As soon as I was close enough I began throwing blows. The sucker punch he hit me with seemed as though it was a well thrown straight on punch. However, when I’m fighting back and he doesn’t have the advantage of sneaking me his ability to throw a punch was laughable at best. If anyone has ever seen 2 girls fighting you’ll notice that their punches are all wildly thrown hay-makers with next to no power behind them at all. That is what this idiots punches were like. And because I don’t want to be one of those guys who toot their own horn. I’ll just say that for someone who goes around sucker punching people. His ability to handle what comes after that is no where near adequate.

    Oh, I almost forgot!,,,, By now I bet you’re wondering what happened with the other 2 guys that were with the sucker puncher. Well, surprisingly they completely broke with character and just sat there watching. The entire time I was waiting for one of them to jump in but it never happened.

    • joeg2

      Glad your aunt got out of the negro habitat.

    • Brian

      This made my day.


        All apologies for the delayed response Brian, but I’ve been a bit busy. So, you say reading my sucker puncher story made your day eh? Well, I can tell you this friend, actually doing it that day, totally made my day. I carried the rest of my aunts things in with a smile on my face as the thug’s friends helped carry him away.

        The only thing that sucked was the fact that they saw which apartment I was carrying all my aunt’s things into. I thought, like typical thug’s they would probably come back at some point that night with some of their friends. Scared that they would do that and find a 60 year old defenseless white woman, my aunt, alone and helpless. I ended up sleeping there that night with my CCW knowing that a thugs bruised ego ( and it was a very bruised ego, I mean, having your ass handed to you in front of 2 of your Homies by some Cracker you sucker punched, must be a massive violation of thug culture ) can be a dangerous thing.

        I was up that entire night. Not because I was waiting for Tupac and his Homies to come back. But because every time I started to doze off, one of the neighbors kids would scream, slam a door, or make some other kind of impossible to sleep racket. Not to mention the upstairs neighbor kept her damn stereo thumping at House Party levels through out most of the night. So in other words, I got a healthy dose of TNB that night even though the thugs never returned. I don’t know how my aunt can tolerate living there, but she does. God bless her!

        • Brian

          I had an encounter in a convenience store a while back, where some Bantu was cursing on the sail foam (nasty, sexual stuff) and there was a white woman in there with her little daughter hearing this mess. I turned and glared at him and snarled at him to shut it, and he started doing that indignant body language– the male equivalent of ‘oh no you didn’t’. I don’t know what came over me but he was making threats, and I whipped off my shirt (I was wearing bib overalls that day underneath) and hissed ‘you are f*$%ing with the wrong redneck, Trayvon…I’ll feed you to my dogs’. Thought he would throw a punch but the store owner, Indian fellow, pulled his shotgun from behind the counter and Profanavious split. Oh well.


            Ha! The “bib overalls, f*$%ing with the wrong redneck, Trayvon”, and “Profanavious”, ha! that’s classic. When he was in there providing you and everyone else who was within ear reach. With more than enough material to judge him by the content of his character. Did the white woman with her child look as though she was disturbed, by what Profanavious was saying? You know, did she like look at you with the, can you believe this ignorant knuckle dragger expression. Which prompted you to react off of that, or did you just act completely on your own?

            As for me? Growing up in a part of Pittsburgh that’s
            literally surrounded by blacks. I have far more stories of my encounters with the groid than I care to remember. I always feel so embarrassingly corny talking about myself beating some fake thug down. Just as I mentioned in my earlier post, I don’t want to be seen as one of those blow hards who go around tooting their own horn. So as I said, I really don’t like talking about this stuff, but I will say this however. Of all the one on one fights I had with the groid, and like I said growing up surround by them I’ve had quite a few, I’ve never lost.

            However, that’s not to say there wasn’t a close one in there because there was one, but only one. I still remember his name too, Troy Smith, in the 8th grade. I fought him right after school let out in a classic 3 o’clock high, after school you die, type scenario. Man he landed the luckiest punch right on the bridge of my nose, I could barely see. In fact my vision was so impaired, my ability to fight him blow for blow was non existent. After he caught me with a few more punches I had to wrestle him to the ground and ultimately choked him out.

            The next day both my eyes were black and blue. The funny part about it was the fact that the following day was the day they were taking 8th grade year book photos. So there I am with 2 shiners some groid gave me with a lucky punch. But like I said it was he who was left an unconscious mess that day. And I can assure you his year book photo is just as busted as mine. The one thing I’ve learned from my many groidian encounters is this. Their bark, is always bigger than their bite. Always!

          • Brian

            As far as what prompted it, I live in Atlanta so there are regular occasions for irritation at TNB but this guy did look a lot like an older version of St. Skittles, and he was truly foul-mouthed and oblivious to it, not an ounce of self-awareness or dignity. The woman was shocked at it, but the last straw was the look I saw on the girl’s face– this mixture of disgust and fear that’s hard to describe. She was about eleven, so old enough to have some inkling of what he was referring to, maybe not most but she knew it was nasty and I saw her mom clutch her. That was what triggered the ‘groid rage’.

            I’ve only had one physical encounter with them (when one cut across three lanes of traffic on the interstate and nearly killed me; chased him down and yanked him out of the truck– I was younger and dumber then.) I try to avoid it because I know they don’t care about jail or missing work but I do. From what I can tell though, they are not nearly as bold one-on-one, and esp. when they see the presumably tame white boy who isn’t.

            Funny story about the yearbook; sounds like it worked out fine. The funniest thing I’ve had happen was years ago when a female crackhead came up to me at a gas station begging for a cigarette. I said I don’t smoke but she didn’t ‘gnomesain’. I had an ink pen in my hand and maybe she thought I was holding a smoke out for her, and she spread-eagle jumped onto the hood of the car to stop me from leaving. I just backed up and she rolled off the front onto the ground, giving me the finger and saying god knows what as I left.

  • Paleoconn

    It seems like Hollister is the brand of choice for these thugs. See Trayvon’s cherubic 12-year-old photo.

    It will take a harder shot by perhaps a few flash mobs to wake this marine from his racially anesthetized existence.

  • ms_anthro

    Homeschool and avoid the problem entirely.

  • Mike Conrad

    This happens all the time–ALL THE TIME–in our nation’s cities. The only reason we’re reading about it this time is because of the ‘marine vet charity run’ angle. Even then, it’s Breitbart, not the NYT, obviously enough.

  • NoMosqueHere

    This is all too common. I saw a black smash a random white college student the eye. The student was wearing glasses when he was punched, and the lens penetrated his eye socket and blood just poured out. We came to the student’s aid and the black ran off laughing like a hyena into the dark city night.

  • Noughtzie

    I’m sorry, but the victim’s remarks tell me that he’s as deranged as his attacker. If he’d said nothing to the press at all, I would have taken it to mean that he understood precisely why he was singled out and knowing he could go from victim to oppressor in a trice if the MSM got wind of it. If any interview with him dares broach the race question, our sensibilities will be assaulted by his emphatic denials of race as a factor, and his love for his non-white friends and fellow soldiers.

    Looking at the picture. I was struck by how freckled he is-I figured that his name must be Irish McIrishman, and damned if I wasn’t right. Having been brought up Catholic, and in a coastal city, I knew plenty of Irish coming up. They were, to a man or woman-either pugnacious and quick with words or fists, or, unfortunately, and probably thanks in no small part to Christian culture distortion-tolerant to the point of insanity. I can only assume that since the long-ago days of my youth that the former are far less numerous than the latter. The sad conclusion to the story is that Brendan was unprepared for what he could otherwise quite rightly expect in La Cesspool Grande, USA. I suppose it’s too much to hope that this hardest of all life’s lessons will take. The Biehl family comes to mind, unfortunately. Just imagine-he made all the way across fly-over country, that chasm between the coasts that the cosmopolitans and intellectuals on both coasts fear so much, only to be clocked in the diaper pail of Dim-or-crazy.

    As for his attacker, just the sight of that hideous, hateful, barely human face inspired me to print it out and pin it to my dartboard. Great fun!

  • “Polar Bear Hunting” I think it’s called. Someone on this site or another similar suggested people look up those terms. It’s defined by being able to sneak up on someone from behind and then knocking them unconscious with one blow.

    I don’t know if points are given out as to the effectiveness of a polar bear hunt but I guess that knocking out a marine jogger who was as clueless after the attack as he/she was before it & on a nationally known run, would have to score pretty high. Thus even if this guy goes to jail, he’s likely to have a lot of respect while there for his very sucessful “polar bear hunt”.

    • jackryanvb

      We need a system where these Black punks are identified, where they live, their gangs, friends, families etc.

      Some other marines need to act on this info.

  • Garrett Brown

    Very well said. You can watch any documentary about any special forces, either infantries(marines or army) and any Air Force pieces and you will see maybe 5 blacks in the entirety of hundreds of hours of footage. Don’t believe me? Watch every single episode of “surviving the cut” then come back.

  • OhWow

    I remember years ago I was visiting family in the area and one of my family members had their cars stolen in Wilmington. Typical black town.

  • OhWow

    It is absolutely unreal that a knockout game black on white hate crime is now taking place at least once a week with white men knocked unconscious and in some cases murdered, yet the media 100% suppresses it. If you go to work tomorrow and say “Hey you guys hear about the knockout game? Someone else got knocked out”, people would look at you like you grew 4 heads. This is part of the problem. The media completely numbs the brains of white people. They are so successful in suppressing these MAJOR racial issues that they convince the overwhelming majority of whites that it’s not happening.

    There is a race war in America as we speak. Blacks use guerrilla warfare. They strike, and run. And whites have absolutely no answer for it. We need more George Zimmerman’s ready to defend themselves and give the perception that we actually can fight back. Right now in ghettos across America the perception is that white men are weak, emasculated, and geeky. That’s why it’s so important that we defend ourselves. Work out, take protein, stay in shape, carry guns, etc. Wake up white people…wake up.

    • Brian

      When I need to go into Atlanta I wear bib overalls if possible. For some reason that tends to intimidate quite a few of them…instinctual memory of the good old days, or a sign that I’m not a limp-wristed hipster? Whatever it is, it works.

  • D.B. Cooper

    He ran against two white men even weaker than he is.

  • jackryanvb

    Get to know some whiter Hispanic gangs, they do all kinds of things for $. They don’t like Black punks.

  • Brian

    Like my dad says about lawyers, it’s the 95% that give the other 5% a bad name.

  • Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

    These polar bear hunters are cowards. I hope they eat the end of a handgun someday.

  • Well I guess everyone’s read the story about the 20 year old service guy who was killed this weekend. He was walking back to the base w/ 2 others soldiers and a car with 5 blacks yelled at them. One of the soldiers yelled back and the “youths” piled out of the car, described by CNN as a blue VW or BMW with low rims [I am not making this up] and stabbed one of the soldiers: killing him.

    From now on we need to educate our soldiers: including all special forces teams, that when yelled at by a black to 1) look down at your feet, 2) appologize in a low non-threatening tone, and 3) hand over all cell phones/ wallets/ keys, etc.

    I’ll bet the DOJ is making sure that nobody at the Army base is considering any type of retribution as this would be bad for the moral in American society. Maybe they can change those recruiting ads about “an Army of One” into “diversity appreciation training”.

  • Brian

    She has 16 kids now, dozens of run-ins with police and court appearances, and multiple free trips to the ER. She recently had to be tased when the police showed up to investigate one of her brood throwing rocks at houses, and when they entered, her kids started throwing punches at the cops. Idiots, every last one of them.

  • usc1801

    That’s what I’d expect from this thug. They’re all animals, worse than dogs. Worthless to society, a leach, parasites.