Devoted Teacher Reveals Why She Quit a Muslim School after Being Told This Business Suit Was Indecent

Sue Reid, Daily Mail (London), October 2, 2013

Jane is a good school teacher and proud of it. She lives in a handsome, detached house surrounded by neatly mowed lawns on the outskirts of Derby, with her husband and three pet cats.

For nearly 20 years, she has taught history, geography and religious studies in schools throughout the East Midlands city. In all that time, there has never been one word of complaint against her from head teachers, parents or pupils.

‘I love teaching and always have done. I am proud that I bring the subjects alive for the pupils and make them enjoy learning,’ she says today, sitting in a black leather chair in her smart sitting room.

‘I feel I do a good job and always wear a business suit with trousers or a sensible skirt in school. It is a sign of respect for my profession and sets a good example to the children.’

Yet, one day in October last year, she returned home from the classroom in tears to her husband, a successful businessman. To her horror, she had become embroiled in a furious row at her school over what she wore to work.

The Islamic Al-Madinah school in Derby, one of the newest of the Government-sponsored free schools, had asked her to dress modestly, covering her hair and ensuring she did not show any flesh apart from her face, hands and feet.

She abided by the request—or so she thought.

For earlier that October day, wearing a grey suit with a skirt well below the knees, thick knitted black stockings, calf-length boots and her long brown hair completely covered, she stepped into a lift at the school with a male teacher.

To her shame, he looked her up and down and told her that she had failed to observe ‘common decency’. The two inches of leg hidden in the 100 denier stockings which showed between her boots and the hem of her dress were ‘abhorrent’, he warned. Her discreet outfit was, he deemed, ‘figure hugging’ and immodest.

‘That encounter in the lift with this Muslim male teacher made me feel like a slut,’ Jane says today. ‘It was the final straw.

‘My husband took a photo of me in my school outfit after I returned home that afternoon. It shows that my head, arms and legs were completely covered up in line with the rulings of Islam.

‘I walked away from Al-Madinah and I have not been back. It seemed to me that the school was more concerned about how I dressed than losing a good teacher who was doing well for the pupils there.

‘In class, I always wore a black cap from Next or a scarf asa head covering as a sign of respect for the school and Islam.

‘But, if I had known that it was compulsory for non-Muslim women staff [to cover up] before I started  the job, I would never have accepted the post.’


What happened to Jane, whose name I have changed at her request as she still teaches in the East Midlands, is, of course, shocking in the modern Western world which espouses equality between the sexes whatever their age or profession.

Yet 50-year-old Jane’s chilling experience has shone light into the dark corners of the Islamic faith schools, which have sprung up in towns and cities throughout the country as the Muslim population grows in Britain.

She has spoken out bravely over one of the most sensitive issues in Britain today. There are 17 Islamic state schools in Britain. Five of these institutions—including Al-Madinah—have been set up as free schools, which means they are financed by the Government, but can decide what they teach, the discipline code and rules for staff and pupils.

Another six Islamic free schools have been approved by the Government and will open next year.

Other Islamic schools, of which there are more than 100, are privately-run, but often attract State and council grants or tax-breaks because they enjoy charitable status.

And the strict religious rules now appearing in a growing number of these Muslim schools—particularly when it comes to the treatment of girl pupils and female staff — has led to accusations that they have been hijacked by Islamic hardliners and are promoting a ‘sexual apartheid’ while the Government’s education inspectors, Ofsted, turn a blind eye out of a misguided fear of being accused of racism.

In defiance of all British traditions of tolerance, girls and boys are often segregated in class, breaks and at meal times, while music using stringed instruments, singing, dancing and all figurative art are banned because they conflict with the teachings of the Koran, the Islamic Holy Book, which suggests they can lead to sexual arousal and idolatory.

Some schools insist on girls—even those as young as four or five—wearing the hijab and covering themselves in gowns reaching to the floor in line with the strict Islamic rules on female modesty.

At many of the schools, women teachers take classes wearing a veil or niqab covering their faces entirely, apart from a slit showing their eyes, while the word ‘pig’ or images of the farmyard creature are banned because it is considered a deeply unclean animal in the  Islamic faith.

Worryingly, at the very first Islamic free school—the Tauheedul Islam Boys’ School in Blackburn, Lancashire—even the parents’ council meetings are segregated by sex. On Monday last week it was the fathers who were invited to attend the meeting. On Tuesday, it was the mothers’ turn.

It was reported this weekend that the pupils at a girls’ school in Blackburn, also called Tauheedul and with links to the boys’ school, are encouraged to wear the hijab at home as well as in class, while ten per-cent of the sixth form are said to wear the niqab veil covering the entire face, apart from the eyes.

Meanwhile, growing Government worries over what is being taught in the quickly rising number of private and publicly-funded Islamic schools has led to reports that the home intelligence service, MI5, is to send in undercover agents posing as teachers to check if children are being brainwashed in Islamic radicalism.

Back at the Al-Madinah school, it is a sorry story of discrimination if you are female—whether teacher or pupil. In the secondary department of the school, when Jane was there, girls were made to sit at the back of the class so boys could not see them and become excited by the female form.

The two groups spent their break times separately and ate their school dinners at different times to keep the sexes apart.

Before the school opened in September 2012, the book list prepared for English classes was ‘censored’ by the school, according to Jane.

Out went Dickens, other English classics and plays by Shakespeare. ‘There was also no question of romantic, historical novels such as those by Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte being put on the list either,’ she says.

‘I was asked to personally go through all the textbooks in the school to make sure that the word ‘pig’ was not mentioned and that there were no pictures or drawings of the animal on any pages.’

What Jane told me this week is worrying enough. But warnings that a dangerous fundamentalist ideology is being promoted in Islamic faith schools are now being sounded by others.

David Green, chief executive of the respected think-tank Civitas, said: ‘Some Muslim schools in Britain have become part of a battleground for the heart and soul of Islam. Their aim is to turn children away, not only from Western influence, but also from liberal and secular Muslims.’

Mr Green says that children in some of the Islamic schools are not being prepared to live in a free and democratic British society. Indeed, they are being made to despise our culture.

Meanwhile, Manzoor Moghal, chairman of the Muslim Forum, declared: ‘We are not living in rural Pakistan or a Taliban-run region of Afghanistan. Such superstitious, divisive nonsense should have no place in a British school.’

So what of Jane herself? The teacher remembers how she first came across an ad for the job as head of humanities at the new Derby school in the Times Educational Supplement in 2012.

Government controls are placed on the pupil intake of faith free schools so they do not become religious ghettos. In the case of Al-Madinah, 50 per cent of the pupils should be Muslim, with the rest drawn from other faiths. With such rules in place, Jane saw no difficulty teaching there as a Christian.

Attracted by the chance of becoming a head of department, she went for an interview and was offered the job. ‘I was assured, wrongly, it was a multi-faith school and that half the pupils would be non-Muslim. I felt excited and was sold on the idea.

‘Neither at the interview nor in my contract was anything said about a compulsory dress code for non-Muslim women teachers. I had no idea I would be asked to cover my head.’

It was only when she started her new job that Jane began to receive warnings about what she was expected to wear. She began to be ‘hassled’ about her clothing by senior staff and was sent a text from the school saying she must obey a ‘modest dress code’.

On one occasion, soon after the start of term in September 2012, she was called to a meeting of the governing body where she was criticised for wearing a business suit and not covering herself up to Islamic standards. As a result, she began to wear a hat or scarf in the classroom.

‘But even that was not good enough,’ she remembers. ‘When I was told in the lift I was still dressed immodestly, I felt oppressed, marginalised and faced with prejudice both as a non-Muslim and a woman.’

Yet her main concern was not for herself. It was for the pupils under the school’s hardening approach on Islam. ‘I saw one non-Muslim pupil at the school, a small Asian boy. It was clear that the ethos of Al-Madinah was Islamic and I could not see how it was adhering to the promises it made when it gained approval as a free school.’

Other matters were also alarming Jane. At the start of the school term, the girls and boys were allowed to sit and eat together at lunch time and school breaks. But within weeks this changed.

Soon, the boys and girls were being strictly segregated for meals. ‘We were informed there had been one or two incidents where the girls had got giggly and were talking about the boys and that this was not allowed. It was nipped in the bud quickly,’ Jane remembers.

‘In all the time I was there, the girls were always made to sit at the back of the classroom, with the boys at the front. In my experience, this kind of segregation went on even if a girl was short-sighted and could not see the teacher at the front of the class.’

Since Jane left, she has discovered that the school has issued a strict Islamic dress code for teachers regardless of their religion. It clearly states that clothing must cover the entire body and only the hands, face and feet remain visible. The material must hang loose so that the shape of the body is not apparent and it must not display any symbols of ‘other faiths’.

At the end of the code are quotes from the Koran, including the verse: ‘Say to the believing woman that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their body and ornaments except what must ordinarily appear thereof.’

Jane is horrified, saying the Islamic rules should not have been issued in a school that was set up with Government funding as a multi-faith school.

Today, she is continuing her life as a teacher. She has two grown-up children who visit regularly and she is putting the pieces of her life back together. But she feels angry about Al-Madinah. ‘Rightly or wrongly, I feel I was simply appointed as a non-Muslim teacher so the school could claim to be multi-faith and get its application to be a free school approved by the Government.

‘Once it was up and running, I was surplus to requirements.’

The school is now under investigation by the Department for Education over its administrative practices, quality of teaching and leadership. Last night a letter to parents on the school’s website suggested primary and secondary pupils had been sent home owing to a ‘health and safety issue’.

A DfE spokesman has said: ‘We will not hesitate to take whatever action is necessary to prevent religious intolerance or any breaking of the rules for free schools.’

Meanwhile, Al-Madinah, in a separate statement issued this week, said the pupil seating arrangements at the school were determined purely by practicalities, such as the size of the classrooms. It has denied that girls are being treated in an inferior fashion to boys or that it has breached the rules on intake.

However, the school has not denied that it has issued a strict dress code for teachers and makes it clear on its website that Islamic values are a cornerstone of the school.

Whatever the entire truth, Jane believes it is already too late to help many pupils. ‘Hundreds of girls are being brainwashed into believing they are second-class citizens at this Islamic school. That cannot be right for them or for modern Britain.’

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  • D.B. Cooper

    Don’t worry Jane, your MUSLIM replacement is what the school had planned to begin.

    • sbuffalonative

      “…had asked her to dress modestly, covering her hair and ensuring she did not show any flesh apart from her face, hands and feet.”

      Does no one in the British elite know what’s going on or even care? How can they not know? Their ignorance or inaction is deliberate.

      Utter madness.

      • NorthSea

        I’ll bet Cameron will be all over this.

      • Sick of it

        The British elite are using the muslims to push forward their agenda. They are foot soldiers for the New World Order.

  • Spartacus

    ‘That encounter in the lift with this Muslim male teacher made me feel like a slut,’


    Consider yourself lucky, you dumb marxist . Charlene Downes was a lot less fortunate…

  • [Guest]

    >>>Back at the Al-Madinah school, it is a sorry story of discrimination if you are female—whether teacher or pupil.

    Besides everything else, it interests me how little even some of the loudest self-declared feminists have to say concerning this aspect of Muhammadanism. Why so quiet?

    • joesolargenius

      Because the true purpose of the so call feminist movement was to punish Heterosexual families for having what they did not and those families were basically Christian ones. The Homosexual left which run the Socialist party main goal has been to harm heterosexual families , to lash out at the pretty girls whom have what they jealously covet while pretending that they don’t want it at all. Homosexual Women are not anti penis they are just anti human penis , they are the fastest growing segment of pornography users and along with male homosexuals create the demand for seventy percent of the child porn in this world . Over one million children a year are sexually molested in the making of child porn , but because they are one of the major supporters of the Democrats child molestation cases are downplayed and hushed up
      with the molesters being given lenient sentences by homosexual Judges.

      • IstvanIN

        Well, this is a nice respite from blaming the Jew.

        • Luca

          Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan and Emma Goldman were some very prominent feminists. I wonder what they would have to say about this story.

          • Raised Its Ugly Head

            They’ll ignore it and tell us we must be culturally sensitive to those “movements most likely to break down outdated White privilege and male patriarchy.”

          • IstvanIN

            Hmmmm…….those dern lesbians….

      • kjh64

        “Because the true purpose of the so call feminist movement was to punish Heterosexual families for having what they did not and those families were basically Christian ones The Homosexual left which run the Socialist party main goal has been to harm heterosexual families , to lash out at the pretty girls whom have what they jealously covet while pretending that they don’t want it at all.”

        Utter nonsense.

        • Sick of it

          There was a British feminist who figured out very quickly that the feminist movement was designed to push homosexuality in Britain. She ended up leaving the movement altogether. And yes homosexuality is on the list of Socialist to dos. Has been since the 19th century.

      • Fair Dingum

        Whew! Dude! Switch to decaf!

  • Puggg

    I don’t agree that this is a matter of “radical” Islam, I think it’s just Islam. It’s what you get, the inevitable consequence, of letting Muslims settle into your country.

    • NorthSea

      Like the term “RINO”, redundant.

  • joesolargenius

    All of Western Civilization needs to reign in their tax dollars and start taking a better look at whom is getting those monies.

  • Mack0

    Absolute travesty. Europe needs to wake up.

    • NorthSea

      Where is Charles Martel when you need him?

  • MekongDelta69

    Don’t worry. Jane can always share a Chardonnay and Brie with her morally superior (in their own minds) feminazi ‘sistren,’ like this idiot:


  • sbuffalonative

    comment deleted by author

  • IstvanIN

    Any woman who would show her neck and upper chest skin is obviously a skank.

  • An incubator for future ‘home grown’ terrorists no doubt, that future progressives will say was our fault as we didn’t all turn into bonafide Muslims to accommodate them.
    Really whether they’re raised here or there, they’re just pissed because we’re in their countries.
    Is it wrong for us to feel the same way, or is it just a innately normal human response?

  • Truthseeker

    There is no such thing as compromise with Islam. It’s a totalitarian philosophy. Christian white societies think that if they’re just accommodating and understanding, everyone will get along and be united as one. Meanwhile, the Muslims are plotting a way to displace them and laughing at their gullibility.

    • Luca

      The word Islam means : “To submit”

  • Luca

    Take note. This is a perfect example taken out of their playbook of a Muslim takeover.

    If these religious idiots actually believe that a woman showing their hair is obscene, I would ask them why God just didn’t have them born bald. Easy enough, all he has to do is snap his celestial fingers and viola!

    • bigone4u

      The hypocritcal muzzies love white woman porn. They also love Arab women porn. Not to mention gay and tranny porn. Hypocrites, all of them.

      • Sick of it

        They’re absolutely terrified of those “beardless youths” and the things they make them think!

  • kjh64

    However, why are Muslim schools in England “publically funded”? If this is a publically funded school, then they have no right to dictate to a teacher what to wear, they should be private in order to do that. Furthermore, they(Muslim schools) shouldn’t even be in the UK. They want to practice Islam and its’ culture, they need to be in their own

  • bigone4u

    Muzzies hate women. If you don’t challenge every effing muzzie male you meet with that assertion, you are a coward. If you don’t tell every muzzie male you meet that if he converts an American woman to muzzie-ville, you’ll kill him, you are a coward. The Brits are cowards. American men need to man up and tell these filthy invaders what they are–women haters.

  • Luca

    And why aren’t the feminists the world over condemning this widespread Muslim behavior? Oh, that’s right: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

  • Raised Its Ugly Head

    Along with all the ugly Muzzies, we laugh at the White British Taxpayer.

    Anyone who gives away their country to foreigners doesn’t deserve their country.

    • Dubyasee

      Hazte a un lado sucio americano. Estamos aquí para su país

      (Move aside filthy American. We are here for your country)

  • A Freespeechzone

    Unless islam is reined in, this is just a glimpse of the USA in a few years…

    Make NO mistake, what we are seeing in the UK is part of their strategy for the US and the rest of the world.

    No Apologies

  • pcmustgo

    And she has a husband and 3 pet cats… no kids… while they have like 20 each.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      The article indicates she has two grown up children, but I know what you mean. We pay taxes so they can have kids. I understand one of the muslim whackjobs in England issued a video where he explains that taking advantage of the welfare state is effectively a form of jizya, the tax that muslims explicitly impose on non-muslims in the areas they control.

  • MBlanc46

    It’s just a shame that she caved in to those reactionary vermin in the first place.

  • Brian

    I cannot believe this is not an article from the Onion.

  • Paleoconn

    I loathe these Muslim fanatics as much as anybody. However, I do believe our women need to dress less whorishly. I look at old movies and I realize how beautiful women were when they dressed modestly. It left something to the imagination. Nowadays, short, tight skirts or worse tight pants where we can almost see their butt crack and certainly see their underwear, low cut shirts with breasts almost spilling over. It is a disgrace.

    That said, I’m not about to behead any modern woman for her sartorial transgressions.

    • There’s nothing wrong with showing off a youthful and healthy body.

      • Paleoconn

        They can do so with nice clothes, classy, not showing off their ass and tits to all comers.

        And don’t get me started with tramp stamps and piercings. Disgusting

        • Explain to me what’s morally wrong with tight pants or low cup tops.

          I’m no fan of tramp stamps or piercings.

      • GM (Australia)

        But the Muslims use this (immodest dress) as a defense when charged with sexual assault.

        • I’m talking about the morality of it in itself, not safety considerations in a land filled with savages.

  • WR_the_realist

    Whatever is truly, truly evil will be subsidized by your government using your tax dollars. Just add this case to the long, long list of examples.

  • bubo

    Well, it is going to go one of two ways in Europe. Either the natives will accept their cultural and eventually their racial displacement, or they won’t. The places where nationalism thrives like Italy, Greece, Eastern Europe will not stand for it.

    I have no idea about most of Western Europe though. It could go either way.

  • You suggest that the will of the West would be weakened. It will never be diminished. I have them and they have me. This is a non-trivial exchange.

  • fuzzypook

    I think they should have to cover their hands. I have noticed they have big, ugly, man hands.

  • Whirlwinder

    As Islam grows in Europe, it is the death of 1,000 cuts. Stealth jihad by any other name is still warfare against Western civilization and the liberal/left/socialist/progressive elite leadership is in lock step and arm and arm with Islam. When will we open our eyes and get rid of this alien culture from our midst! It is literally killing us.

  • Carney3

    Of course, the Daily Mail is “no longer accepting comments” on this story, and one had to have one’s comment pre-screened before it was posted in the first place. No chance of anyone getting through and saying that other than tourists, diplomats, a few businessmen and (university or exchange) students, and maybe a handful of intelligence assets that have been admitted for their protection, NO Muslims or anyone from the ethnic groups that are traditionally Muslims should be in the UK AT ALL.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of hate and war. Mohammad was a pedophile warlord. All these sick white liberal infidels better wake up fast or they will lose their countries to bronze age barbarians, and much faster than they think. It doesn’t take long for demographics to change.