Dem. Rep Uses Burning Cross to Spell ‘Tea Party’

Daniel Halper, The Weekly Standard, October 22, 2013

Democratic congressman Alan Grayson of Florida used an image of a burning cross to spell “Tea Party” in a recent fundraising email:


“[T]his isn’t the first time that Grayson has done reprehensible things. He called a woman a “K Street Whore,” and said Republicans want Americans to “die quickly.” And the Tea Party is often wrongly maligned,” says an RNC spokesman in an email.


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  • D.B. Cooper

    A few days ago on a different site with this story, I made a comment about the two Klansmen in the picture. I said that one of them is an undercover FBI agent, and the other is an undercover reporter.
    You should read the truly hateful comments I got, and all from the so-called party of inclusion.

    • You are on the List.

      • Nathanwartooth

        That is pretty scary.

        In America, I don’t even think the government needs permission to do something like that.

        All they have to do is label us “domestic terrorists” and then they can everything from watch us to drone strike us.

      • Sick of it

        Since Operation PATCON, we are ALL on the list.

    • Andy

      How do you know they’re undercover?

    • Andy

      I’ve gotten death threats from liberals because I think people should be allowed to say they think gay sex is wrong.

      • ncpride

        You should have seen the comments on news articles here in NC after we the people voted to ban gay marriage. Gay ‘rights’ groups are some of the most vicious people on the planet if you don’t agree with them 100%.

        • dukem1

          Nothing worse than a woman scorned.

  • Alan Grayson is in the House, but what he really needs is a home.

    • MekongDelta69

      Make that a mental hospital…

      • That’s actually what I meant by “home.”

        Grayson needs some time for some nice long “rest,” another old time euphemism for commitment to a mental institution.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    This sleazy tactic could backfire on him, as the opposing PAC could use this demagoguery as an example of his extremism and fanaticism, but it is sure to appeal to his leftist supporters. It just goes to show, if you’re an organization that appeals to or is primarily composed of whites, you’re automatically a “racist.”

    • sbuffalonative

      I wish it would backfire but have you yet to hear any condemnation from the media? There’s your answer. The ‘progressive’ mainstream liberal media doesn’t care what liberals do, only conservatives. There will be no ‘outrage’ or consequences. No public apology or ‘I’m sorry, I was wrong’ speech.

    • me

      If you have ANYTHING that is in White peoples’ interests, it’s ‘raaaaycis’. Idiots.

  • sbuffalonative

    Chris Mathews and others keep talking about ‘dog whistle’ remarks. They need to be checked for tinnitus.

    Like a hate-crime hoax, when they can’t find the hate-crimes, they manufacture them.

  • WmarkW

    Low taxes and using the doctrine of “state’s rights” to condone discrimination, are both implementations of a small government philosophy.

    But that doesn’t make them ideologically related.

  • Spartacus

    How I wish he was right…

  • bigone4u

    Progressives have no ethics, whether their name is Grayson, Clinton, Obama, or Chris Matthews.

  • joesolargenius

    Just for kicks go ahead and google Black Tea Party Activist and see what comes up , and then offer them some verbal support like (good job ,well done and go get em guys ) as it can only help to weaken the liberals attacks on the Tea Party. Plus it means less votes for the Dems.

    • dukem1

      I think there would be a lot more black tea-partiers if the Civil Rights Acts of ’65 and ’66 had not destroyed the black entrepreneurial class.

  • The Tea Party isn’t racist enough.

  • Luca

    How could such a nice Jewish boy from the Bronx like Alan Grayson, be so highly intelligent and educated and yet spout such nonsensical, racially charged, irrational vitriol and outright lies about the Tea Party?

    Gee, I wonder if he is following an agenda?

  • Jefferson

    The definition of what it means to be a “White racist” has become extremely broad in the 21st Century.

    The definition of what it means to be a “White racist” is no longer limited to just neo nazi skin heads who have a shrine of Adolf Hitler in their home.

    Even White hipsters now are starting to be labeled as “White racists”, by Bantus who have an extreme hatred of big city gentrification.

  • Anon

    Lol….because, of course, the Klan, in its day, was immensely popular. Of course, they were also democrats.

  • shmo123

    How much lower can a politician get that the only person (or ally) they can quote in their fundraiser is the clown Sharpton. The two of them together have about as much credibility as Bernie Madoff.

    • Who promised to give Al Sharpton “a corner office” if he was elected to the position that he was running for and indeed won recently?

      First right answer gets a gold star.

      (Small legalese print: Nicholas Stix is not allowed to enter this contest)

  • Tacitus1

    I don’t use “liberal” either. They are left wing bigots in my book.

  • Speedy Steve

    Oh no! There’s a lower-case t on our front lawn. It must mean “time to leave.”

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Love the Southpark reference.

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

      Next time we’ll do a capital T, to let ’em know we really mean business!

  • Sick of it

    The best and most accurate term for them is children of Satan.

    • Lagerstrom

      Even Satan is most likely sick of the whole lot of them by now.

  • Puggg

    Unhinged lunatic politician must be losing an argument.

  • I use “Marxists”, heavily spiced with Anglo-Saxon monosyllable expletives (like a drunk sailor with Tourette’s Syndrome). Don’t the sodomy lobby and criminal-apologist, draft-dodging cowards already refer to conservative whites as cheapskate inbred gun-nuts? Name-calling is rarely productive, but it is a two-way street.