DC Baby Boom; White Infants and Toddlers Biggest Increase

My Fox DC, October 21, 2013

There’s been a baby boom in Washington, D.C.

Census figures show the number of children younger than 5 has grown by almost twenty percent to 39,000 over the past 3 years.

The number of children ages 5 to 13 rose 7 percent.

The biggest increases came from white infants and toddlers, which are up 34 percent.


There were fewer kids 14 and older during that same time span, suggesting that some parents are moving out of the city when their children reach high school.


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  • Great.

    But wait until they get a whiff of the DCPS.

    Urban gentrification will be seriously limited until some permanent easy to grok solution for urban school problems can be solved. A panoply of private schools or end-run-around-race charter schools or quasi-white diverse-enough-but-not-too-diverse social justice academies really won’t cut the mustard.

    I would recommend that the President of the United States signs an executive order prohibiting any Federal law enforcement agency from enforcing Federal court mandates for school desegregation or forced school integration.

    • me

      LOL! Are you kidding? The racist ‘POTUS’ is using HUD to further ‘diversify’ ALL neighborhoods with the ‘gifts’ that the Bantu bring. Expect Section 8 vouchers to
      diversify your neighborhood soon…

      • Katherine McChesney


  • ncpride

    This is great if it’s true. However, we all know how they like to call Mexicans ‘White’, or do they only do that to inflate ‘White crime’ numbers?

    Anyway, we attended a birthday party for my small niece over the summer, and it was refreshing and comforting to see so many White children, and I counted 3 mothers who were expecting a second or third child. It was a nice day.

    • Jesse James

      The best city in the US I have seen for seeing young white couples with lots of children is Salt Lake City, Utah. I personally think the Mormon religion is a bit screwy, especially at the top, but they are doing something right.

      • IstvanIN

        Mormons seem to be very upright, honest, family oriented people. Perhaps their religion is doing something right rather than screwy. Goodness knows the Pope and assorted Protestant church leaders can not seem to get whites to marry and have kids.

        • That said, of the now famous triumvirate of rookie Republican Senators associated with the TPM, Lee-Cruz-Paul, I think Mike Lee has the most on the ball when it comes to being able to win a national election. He has a standard stump speech which he has given numerous times in whole or in parts or in derivative all year, and in it, you get the impression that he reads his Sailer. I mean, when was the last time you heard or saw an elected Republican tell rooms full of conservative activists to put away the Ayn Rand novels?

          Yes, I think Lee’s Mormonism and their desire to fill the quiver plays a role. But…more white people…who could be opposed?

        • Jesse James

          Istvan I will say that I have liked the Mormons that I have met personally. My two older children went to college in Salt Lake City and stayed on after graduation so I have visited there a good bit over the past six years. However, I was raised in the south as a United Methodist a good many decades ago and back then I was taught that they are a cult and not Christian. But you are absolutely right that their religion has been extremely successful in promoting the next generation of young whites. However, look a bit into some of their religious beliefs and you will find why many people have reservations about them.

          • IstvanIN

            I, too, was taught they were a cult, but as an adult I see things a little differently. I have reached a point where getting to Christ, so to speak, is more important than the path taken.

        • Kenner

          I find it hilarious that white gays attack Mormons because Mormons stand against gay marriage, but are allying with blacks [-will millstones be the new the new string of pearls? -stay tuned-] who have probably maimed and murdered more of them then any other societal slice of sludge…
          My question to ‘white gay dude’: It’s midnight and you know you passed your exit…you need directions from a local… Which offramp do you take? –Joseph Smith Avenue, or Martin Luther King Boulevard??

        • Katherine McChesney

          My church is Protestant (Pres. Church in America) and has nearly three thousand members. Marriage is sacred to this community. It isn’t politically correct either. The other sects of Presbyterianism follow the politically correct agenda. It has departed from Bible teachings.

      • The Final Solution

        SLC has the highest white birthrate in the nation. I bask in it everyday. I’ve met people here who have upwards of 10 siblings, which is completely unheard of on the west coast. Salt Lake is a great place for singles – lot of good looking white women around here that aren’t stuck up.

        • Jesse James

          Yes if I wasn’t happily married I would definitely look for a wife out there. A lot of Scandinavian blood in that part of the country, turns out some fine looking women. People seem to be much fitter than back east also, I guess the harsh terrain demands a higher degree of fitness.

          • The Final Solution

            There is a very strong outdoor culture in Utah. A lot of self-reliant types. There was a guy here recently who was living in the mountains for some 5 or 10 years that the police could never catch. And this state is very anti-government. They basically told Washington to hell with No Child Left Behind and motorcycle helmet laws for example.

        • Garrett Brown

          Looks like its Utah for me then. I want to live in a white wonderland.

    • Spartacus

      Don’t forget jews, arabs, iranians, mestizos and even some sub-continentals are counted as “White” by the government .

    • Katherine McChesney

      I worked in the Nursery at my church last Sunday. It was a beautiful sight to see. At least a hundred or more of white babies and children through second grade and many pregnant mothers. It’s a pleasure to be in a White church that does not follow the politically correct agenda.

      • HJ11

        With high numbers we win. With low numbers we lose.

        We must breed, breed, breed. And then, we must some breed some more.

  • Eddie Lutz

    Low fertility is, and has always been, a civilization killer. It doesn’t matter how smart or wealthy we are – if we stop having kids, we’re finished.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I remember decades ago when there was the belief that men’s briefs caused them to have low sperm count. Boxer shorts were recommended in the place of briefs.

      Do you gentlemen remember this?

      • Kenner

        Yes, it’s all about temperature. If testes are pushed up too close to the body, they become too warm to produce sperm effectively.

      • texasoysterman

        Yes, I remember. But due to my own experience, I’m not sure I believe it. Up until about 10 years ago, I only wore briefs.
        My three children are in their 20’s.
        Maybe my sperm are unusually powerful. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 🙂

  • D.B. Cooper

    Something is not smelling right.
    It reeks of tricking the brain dead white sheep into believing that they are not losing the demographic race.
    With all of these black hate crimes, the LAX Dry Ice Bomber, the D.C. Lincoln Memorial Vandal, the D.C. Madwoman Driver, and the Navy Yard shooter; “they” want to offset these recent “challenges”.

    They even had the nerve to bring the KKK back into the spotlight, and warn people that the BIGGEST threat in America is the Klan! Even the picture they used was over two years old. (KKK- The Invisible Empire is Alive and Well in Virginia)
    What really irritated me is that too many of the commenters seemed to be white, and buying the whole smoke & mirrors trick hook, line, and sinker.

    Now excuse me, I just found a new article on another web page that must receive my immediate attention. Something about 6,000,000 young people can’t find a job.
    Oh well, I’m going to go over to that site and ask them WHO did they vote for in the last election.

  • HJ11

    Have more!!!! We need to fill all niches in society with us, and we need to fill all of our lands with us. Leave no room for those unlike us. Let them go back to their own lands that are full of people like them.

  • The increase is because the FedGov is forced to hire extra Whites who get paid good money and can afford to make good liberal babies who will rule your children, unless the Diversity stops their “personal dream of serving others through government.”

    FedGov hires two Whites for every Diversity quota black. The first White is to do the black’s job, and the second White is to clean up the mess made by the black when she’s “doing good.”

  • Flytrap

    I’m not surprised at this news. DC is expensive and the commute in is terrible. Gentrification has been going on for over a decade and we are now seeing the fruits of it. Too bad it’s mostly leftists.

  • HJ11

    Okay, jena, I thought about it…you’re wrong.

    Expand always, contract never.

    We should try to fill all niches with our kind–with out genotype.

    • willbest

      meh, plagues have ravaged reducing populations suddenly and dramatically. Civilization recovered and thrived. Perhaps it even made those that survived stronger.

      • HJ11

        What’s your point?

  • Nathanwartooth

    The focus should be on sustainability, not growth.

    Growth cannot continue into infinity.

    • Jesse James

      This is true but we must end immigration into the US before we try to find our sustainable level. If not all our fine ideas will be dust in the wind. If we keep allowing millions of third world people to immigrate we will become a third world nation. That means that all the things that white people think make for good quality of life will go with us.

      • Nathanwartooth

        Oh absolutely.

        I hate it when people say “Well Whites should just have more babies”.

        All that would do is make a multicultural hellhole even more crowded.

        We need them gone, not here to compete with us.

        • HJ11

          Whites are a minority on this dark planet. Wishing non-Whites away doesn’t work. Increasing the White birthrate does.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Every race on the planet is a minority.

            The only way to stop it is to close the borders.

          • HJ11

            Nope. The way to stop it for good is to make more like ourselves,then, there’s no room for them.

            And, there will always be competition. We just need to compete better.

  • Jesse James

    Let me also clarify a point, my religious reservations are based on my own personal prejudice developed a long time ago. The same teachers also taught me that Christ wouldn’t come until the Jews rebuilt their great Temple in Jerusalem and that God would punish those who acted against his people. My point is that a persons ideas change as they grow and learn more of the world and rightfully so. Please don’t misread me on the Mormon issue, I am no theologian and don’t feel informed enough on them to be too negative. I do know that Salt Lake City, Utah and the people that live there left a very good impression on me. The city is clean and orderly. My daughter rides the bus back and forth to work everyday and I don’t worry about her being assaulted by savages. I have seen the old photos of the Great Salt Lake Valley in its earliest days and much of it was a howling wasteland of blowing sand and rock. The Mormons have terraformed that area with trees, greenery and grass and they made the desert bloom. There are also many people who are not Mormon who make a good living out there. In general it seems to be a good state but there are some issues with environmental pollution from mining, government nuclear testing and the valley does have a bad winter time air quality due to atmospheric inversion which traps a lot of exhaust pollution.

  • IKantunderstand

    Big freakin deal. when Whites are the dominant group in an area, of course their children are the greatest proportion of babies born. Umm, the problem seems to be that we Whites are not the predominant group in most areas, and, according to the latest demographics, we will not be the majority in like the whole freakin’ country. As a White, I am totally freaked out by this. Imagine if you will, Nigeria, suddenly taken over by Whites. Then, Uganda, followed by Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Niger, uh, I think you know where I am going with this. Then, China and India fall to the White tsunami of people enveloping the world. And, finally, the Mideast, is OVERWHELMED by White Christians, flooding their countries, and changing EVERYTHING about their culture, and religion, and laws and, well, EVERYTHING. But, we chalk it up to “Diversity is our strength”. I wish to God that we had the numbers to actually pull that off. Let’s face it, we are human, therefore we are tribal. This is so simple; if I were faced with picking who was to live between a White I did not know and an Asian I did not know, I would without thinking about it, pick the White. And, an Asian, faced with the same choice, would pick the Asian. That is as basic as you can get. We identify with our own racial group. Which is why they are trying to inculcate the concept of miscegenation into our culture. They are doing everything possible to show how attractive mixed race people can be. Meanwhile, we never see the ugly mixtures that are produced. Nor, do they show the loss of I.Q. points that are involved in this race mixing. We Whites are SO special, we Whites are so UNIQUE, that the only way we can continue is to only procreate within our own race. We are so highly specialized, that race mixing, does nothing but dilute our race, and make another race more attractive and smarter. Depending on the race, we lose our skin color, we lose our beautiful hair, we lose our distinctive eye color, we lose the shape of our eyes, in fact, we, as a race, lose every distinctive trait that makes us White. Miscegenation is a lose lose proposition for Whites.

  • Jesse James

    I do think if you guys watch the cities closely that you will see a great churning is starting to occur in some pretty far apart places. I don’t think it is actually any form of conspiracy, just an obvious opportunity that is starting to play out through a combination of government action and smart forward looking real estate developers. As you all know many of our cities have suffered from urban blight caused by concentrations of blacks. The draw for these people was first jobs and then government services and housing. Now the jobs have mostly left for good and the government has mostly demolished many of the bigger inner city housing projects that concentrated blackness. Government is now pushing these people out into the suburbs using Section 8 vouchers. This of course is going to degrade the suburbs and the suburban schools which will start a new wave of white and minority middle class flight. Since the cities are trashed it has driven down real estate values in the inner ring of many cities and in the first ring of suburbs. The developers are buying this property up and will rebuild in a way that should drive the remaining lower class out of the cities through increased property tax and land values. So we should see a great churning that is a near exact mirror of the original white flight but in reverse. Imagine watching in reverse a film of a rock being thrown into a pond, The city centers will get whiter and we will regain local control of city governments in many areas. If you wish to stay in your nice suburban community and expect it to stay the way it is now through your retirement you will probably be dismayed. You may well lose money (again for many of us) as the influx of chaotic minorities crash the real estate values. For many of us it might be a good time to bale early and either go to real rural areas or for some to return to the cities and help solidify our political power over the urban zones. I definitely see this type of churning happening in the Atlanta area.

  • willbest

    This makes sense. Since we are moving back into an oligarchy, its important to have several heirs to marry into other notable families to generate the right connections and to spare yourself the pain that is to come.

  • Jesse James

    Jena that would be fine if we had stopped all this immigration but when you combine open borders with massive non-white immigration and a government run racial spoils system if we allow the white population to grow smaller or even just stay constant we will be over run literally. A single country like India has around 1.3 billion people, they could send a number of immigrants to the US equivalent to our current population of 340 million or so and they would never miss them. We would be unalterably changed, and that is just one country. China could do the same and so could Latin America. Now we have Obama’s crew trying to increase immigration from Africa, which is insane when you see how impossible it has been for us to integrate blacks who have been here for hundreds of years already. American black leaders just know that they are losing the racial spoils game and are trying to pad their numbers. It is unfortunate but this is just a biological and historical law, we are in a fight for our survival. Multiple racial groups will not share the same ecological space forever. There will be winners and losers and if we lose we have no where else to go because all white countries have had their borders thrown open to massive non-white immigration by a devils pact of villains and fools.

  • Ella

    I guess government jobs pay much better than the civilian, corporate jobs do. Plus, they cannot be laid off as they protested in DC with their union buddies. You think we are already communist with guaranteed jobs for government employees, govt. contractors and affirmative action.

  • Viking_61

    “Don’t forget Jews, Arabs, Iranians, Mestizos and even some sub-continentals are counted as “White” by the government .”


  • Massinissa

    We could, but we’d have to be very racially aware to not interbreed with
    other races, or let them in in the first place. Which we’re not yet. Most of isn’t anyway.

    Being fruitful and multiply provides some safety.

  • NM156

    Yeah, I’d just be happy with more white kids, who will bring a demographic edge in time. No need for octamoms with eight sets of nipples.

    • HJ11

      Each one of us carries an army of us within our bodies. Let them out and we’ll win. Hold them in, and we’ll slowly fade away, as we are now doing.

  • HJ11

    Nature screams out to all organisms: Make more like yourself!

    Too many Whites aren’t listening and don’t seem to understand the basic ways of nature and they have too often substituted man made morality in place of nature’s ways.

    We need more Whites not fewer. This should be clear to every White. You don’t win the struggle for existence by having fewer of your kind. Not only is this true in the natural world, it’s also true even in voting.

    We Whites didn’t take over the American continent because we were too few. We did it because we were the many and we filled the land with our kind, while the Indians didn’t fill it with their kind.

  • HJ11

    Study nature and you may understand. There is an eternal competition throughout all of nature to bring forth the best adapted and most efficient organisms in every niche. You apparently, by your own words, don’t seem to be in the competition. And, if this is the case, then you and your genes are not the fittest and you and your genes will be missing from the next generation. Bye, bye.

  • Garrett Brown

    Well, this is pleasent news.

  • Garrett Brown

    No, no. You please think about it. The word starts with an “I” and end with a “N”.

  • Juan Outtamany

    they move out when the kids are school age…. we did

  • HJ11

    People talk about patriotism for the nation and many have gone and died for this patriotism, and what have we gained? Look around you. We Whites are being attacked in the streets by Blacks, we are being discriminated against. The government tries to keep Whites from grouping together.

    We need a patriotism that is real and is for Whites only. We were around hundreds of thousands of years as Whites before the U.S. was ever formed. Who and what we were born to be is where our patriotism and loyalty should be focused.

    We must make more like ourselves, or we’re going to go extinct. Again, look around you. How’s your neighborhood look? Remember, when the house down the street was occupied by a White family? Now it’s occupied by a non-Whie family. Look at your workplace, your market, TV programs. If you can’t see that we need to up our population by breeding more like us, then you need some serious deprogramming.

    • Ella

      In USA, we cannot out breed non-white ethnic groups with the current rate of high immigration and birthing. More children are foreign born. The government or elite has decided that US will be a nonwhite, poor nation to compete against Asian markets. They’ll never have an investment with their own citizens of any background. There is no dominant culture here anymore.

      • HJ11

        We Whites need to breed as we once did. And, that, along with new values that hold that we should not interfere in the destinies of non-Whites–don’t feed them, don’t medicate them, don’t help them in any way and let nature work its own population control, and we’ll be on top again.

        But, it all starts with the individual. I’ve started. My main responsibility is to make sure that my particular DNA code survives and expands. Other Whites will have to make their own minds.