Crime Rises Among Second-Generation Immigrants as They Assimilate

Rich Morin, Pew Research Center, October 15, 2013

Why does the crime rate soar among second-generation immigrants compared with their foreign-born peers?  Until recently, most sociologists have explained this increase by noting that many second-generation immigrants feel caught between two conflicting worlds—the old world of their parents and the new world of their birth.

But recently researchers have posited an alternate theory:  Second-generation immigrants are just “catching up” with the rest of us, claims Bianca E. Bersani, a sociologist at the University of Massachusetts-Boston.

Call it the dark side of assimilation. These second-generation immigrants have become as susceptible to temptation and harmful influences as are other Americans according to Bersani.  The unhappy consequence is a similar likelihood of committing a crime, Bersani wrote in an article published online by the journal Crime & Delinquency.

Other studies have documented how second-generation immigrants have become more like the typical American, both in positive and negative ways. For example, a Pew Research Center analysis of Census data earlier this year found that median family income of second-generation immigrants is virtually identical to the national median and higher than their foreign-born counterparts.  Home ownership rates follow a similar trajectory.

In her study, Bersani analyzed crime data collected from first- and second-generation immigrants. She then compared those crime rates with the other native-born adults and found striking similarities between second-generation immigrants and native-born non-Hispanic whites.

She begins her analysis by noting this well-documented phenomenon:  The crime rate among first-generation immigrants—those who came to this country from somewhere else—is significantly lower than the overall crime rate and that of the second generation. It’s even lower for those in their teens and early 20s, the age range when criminal involvement peaks.

But just a generation later, the crime rate soars.  In fact, it is virtually identical to the rate among native-born Americans across the most crime-prone years.  As the accompanying chart taken from an earlier Bersani study shows, about a quarter of 16-year-old native-born and second-generation immigrants have committed a crime in the past year. In contrast, about 17% of the foreign-born 16-year olds have broken the law.


To explore the causes of crime among second-generation immigrants, Besani used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997, a household-based, representative sample of people living in the U.S. in 1997 who were born from 1980 through 1984. The initial sample includes 8,984 youth who have been interviewed on an annual basis beginning in 1997. The dataset she used contained data collected through 2005.

The survey questioned respondents on sensitive topics, including the number of times they had a purposely damaged or destroyed property, committed a theft, sold or helped to sell drugs, attacked someone with the intent of hurting them or got into a serious fight in the past year.

In addition to crime data, the survey included information on important risk factors that researchers say are closely correlated with criminal involvement. They included whether the respondent had been a victim of a crime as a youth, various measures of family attachment as well as performance and attachment to school, whether the respondent had delinquent peers, lived in a neighborhood with gangs, or whether any of the respondent’s peers were gang members.

Then Bersani compared second-generation immigrants with other native-born groups. She found that the results supported her theory that “their involvement in crime is the result of the same factors that explain involvement in crime among typical native-born youth.”


This similar offending “profile” is strong evidence, she argues, that the generation crime gap among immigrants is due to the second-generation behaving like their native-born peers and not only as a consequence of growing up in two colliding worlds.

“Second generation immigrants appear to be catching-up to and resemble the typical native-born (white) population, at least in regard to their offending profile,” she wrote. These findings “suggest that the children of immigrants seemingly fall prey to criminogenic influences in similar ways that native-born youth do.”


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  • Puggg

    Could it be because the first generation of border jumpers are deliberately keeping their heads down?

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I have a strong suspicion that this is one of those instances where figures don’t lie, but liars sure can figure. For example, do they lump in hispanics with whites in the perpetrator column, as I understand many government crime figures do?

      • Jefferson

        Yes Hispanic thugs are always lumped into the “White” category by law enforcement when they commit a crime.

        So if a member of MS-13 for example murders a Black drug dealer, it will be classified as a “White” on Black homicide by the F.B.I even though MS-13 is a Salvadorian gang and El Salvador is definitely not a White country.

        • Bossman

          Sadly, I’ve to agree with you. For once you’ve said something that is correct.

      • Greg Thomas

        Perhaps, but since we have very little White immigration in this country, It’s probably a moot point. We are dealing with mexicans here.

      • gregCall

        Exactly what I was thinking as I read it. Since hispanics are listed as white when they commit a crime and only listed as hispanic when they are the victims of crime, where did they get the numbers for that study?

  • kjh64

    Second generation Hispanics cause more crime than native born Whites. The Hispanic crime rate is about three-four times that of Whites. A lot of these second generation “Americans”(I don’t consider the offspring of illegals Americans) have parents that already have broken the law, used fraudulent documents etc.

    • Lewis33

      I love reading my local police generated crime report. Hernandez, Roberto W M (white male!) like we’re in bizarro world or something.

      • ms_anthro

        We’re not in Bizarro World. We live in a Soviet-style police state built on lies and violence. What is “White”, anyway? Can you prove that you are White and that copper-colored slanty-eyed black-haired mestizo is not? I didn’t think so.

        Now shut up and pay your taxes, Comrade Lewis.

        • Lewis33

          I know you are in jest, but my looks alone get me in trouble…whenever I start a new position, the first thing I deal with is “others” thinking I’m a nazi…from looks alone. It is troublesome.

          • ms_anthro

            Don’t worry. When the time comes it will work in your favor. I get the same discrimination, especially in my majority-minority city. Hold your head high and know you aren’t alone. And always, always keep your situational awareness high.

            Our Whiteness makes us targets, especially if we are Nordic.

      • kjh64

        Yes, that’s the way it is in Texas. They describe the Hispanics as White when it comes to crime but when it comes to some issue such as immigration, then they are Hispanic and you’re a racist it you oppose it.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Indeed, I consider them threats that sooner or later whites will have to kill with extreme prejudice. They are NOT Americans, nor by their actions and behavior do they wish to be Americans. They are barbarians that are just as barbaric as the Mongols who depopulated Eastern Europe many times.

  • Rick Brooks

    I think this quote from Ann Coulter sums things up pretty well: “Mexican first-generation immigrants work like maniacs — and then the second, third and fourth generations plunge headlong into the underclass. ”
    The first generation are afraid of deportation and are accustomed to the hardscrabble life of the Third World. Subsequent generations don’t fear deportation and know Uncle Sucker will provide them with all their needs.

    • Spartacus

      The first generation mexicans also remember what it’s like to actually live in a place full of non-Whites…

      • So CAL Snowman

        Exactly, the second generation that is born here sees how most White people live and they feel entitled to that style of living. They have never experienced living in their country among their own people.

  • Jesse James

    I expect that first generation criminals are just much harder to catch as they can duck back across the border and disappear whenever they feel like it. Also since most that are here illegally are well versed in using false names and social security numbers they find it easier to shed a “wanted” identity and just take up another one.

  • bigone4u

    Aren’t the data used in the study self-reported? I think I recall that was the case when I looked it into back when I was a prof. If so, then BS on this study. My experience in South Texas tells me that Mexicans commit more crime, whether it’s first, second, third, or the infinite generation. They are all liars, so lying on a survey form would not be usual.

    • KittyAmerica

      A look at the online jail roster in Lubbock as well proves that the Mexicans that are citizens are responsible for the majority of our crime.

      • gregCall

        True, I’m originally from a small town in Florida and looking at their jail website is similar, 70 to 75% mexican inmates, around 20 percent black and the rest white. I imagine its the same pretty much anywhere in any town the mexicans have invaded.

  • Luca

    Bottom line: the word immigrant is too broad for this study. Children of hispanics will not work as hard as their immigrant parents, nor will they do the same type of menial labor. This is why amnesty will always be a vicious cycle.

    However, the second generation knows how to go about getting what they want without working for it. Basically, gangs, street crime and felonies.

    Long story, short; Bersani needs only to read “The Color of Crime”.

  • JohnEngelman

    A weakness of this study is that it does not distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants. Also it does not distinguish between Asian and non Asian minorities.

  • JohnEngelman

    First generation Hispanics compare their standard of living in the United States with what it was in Latin America, and count their blessings. Second generation Hispanics compare their standard of living with the standard of living of whites, and feel that they have been denied what they deserve.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      For once, I agree with you! This is indeed what I have seen personally time without number.

  • So CAL Snowman

    The answer to this is easy, the second generation immigrants that are born here are fully exposed to the rampant materialism that embodies the current American culture. They are also exposed to the rampant anti-White curriculum flowing through the public school system these days. These second generation “immigrants” are infatuated with the “get rich quick” lifestyle and are incredibly jealous and envious of the native White majority. They see all of the shiny trinkets on television and they see all these White people driving nice cars and they must have these things. Since they are incapable of obtaining an education and are already on the low end of the IQ spectrum, they must turn to crime to obtain their goodies. Also the first generation of immigrants tends to be the bottom of the barrel from Mexico, Central America, etc. and as history has shown, these people (by virtue of their genetics) are always going to be on the bottom rung of any society. These second generation immigrants are also completely hypnotized by black hip-hop and the black gangster lifestyle promoted by the main stream media. Unlike the first generation immigrants who were not fully exposed to the current poison of “American” culture, the second generation is fully immersed and this is the result.

  • Greg Thomas

    Anchor babies are second generation illegal.

  • MekongDelta69

    Second generation Europeans assimilated just fine.

    Second generation 9th Worlders will NEVER assimilate because they don’t want to and they can’t.

    You import the third world – You GET the third world.

    • Sick of it

      The Commie kids were just like their Commie parents and look at what they’ve done to our country.

  • Mordecai James-Bradford

    I noticed they said immigrants and not Hispanics. It’s not Chinese, Hungarian or Indian 2nd generation immigrants causing the problems, it’s those South of the Border.

    • Greg Thomas

      That’s right. This is entirely about mexican illegal invaders and their faux Americans, aka anchor babies.

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    How about regression to the mean?

  • Talltrees

    Rather than just talking about how immigrants from third-world countries are destroying ours, let’s do something about it. How do we stop it? How do we get rid of those here?

    This is a brainstorming session from all of you intelligent posters. Input from everyone. Any legitimate suggestion welcome.

    • Apartheid_DC

      Whites will always be the majority…it’s a matter of geography…hispanics are indigenous and there was a slave trade…so there will always be some diversity…tighten immigration laws…

    • WASP

      What I have to say isn’t pretty. There needs to be mass deportation of all third-world immigrants/invaders, whatever. That isn’t going to happen until enough brain-dead Whites wake up to their impending doom. Example: Recently, I was talking to an elderly White couple; they asked me if I wanted to come to their Spanish class. I said no; all I want to do is get rid of all of them. They said with stupid grins on their faces that their daughter is married to a “Spanish.” Where I live that would mean some type of mestizo. They didn’t mean a blue-blooded Spaniard from Spain. I didn’t say more because I hesitate to argue with an old couple. However, it’ll take more people like them becoming victims of “diversity” before things change. Violet crimes against White people are becoming common, happening daily somewhere. Whites will have to fight or perish.

      • Talltrees

        Mass deportation or revolution/civil war. Neither will occur.
        People typically don’t go where they are not wanted. At least Whites don’t.

        Creating a hostile/unwelcoming environment, speaking out they are not welcome. You did a good job with the elderly couple. BTW, I’ve opened my mouth and inserted my foot in certain instances, as well.
        We need to place more emphasis on Mexicans and Muslims. American Blacks are going nowhere. While certainly problematic, their birthrate is not high enough to threaten us.

        The anti-Muslim rhetoric is becoming louder every day, so much so, CAIR recently did a study to prove it. Also, the reason for the Million Muslim March, although, only 25 showed up. The 1.2 million bikers must have scared them. HA!

        We must work on the other.

        Hopefully, this will have some effect on discouraging those who might want to come here and some to leave.

        Although, I am not encouraged by my own suggestion. These experts at crying ‘racism’ would go anywhere even if not wanted to get government handouts and solace from the left.

        Our only answer is a drastic one.

        • M&S

          Wrong. And Right.
          Warfare for it’s own sake doesn’t buy you anything because it becomes possible for others to suggest that once you have finished with the blacks and the Mexicans and the muslims you will turn on the rest of the planet next.
          ‘Just like Hitler’.
          Such a condition is unwinnable because it invites everyone to have a field day on our soil, indulging in the same kind of Crusaderist ideals as we now play at with our ‘Expeditionary Warfare’.
          Blacks who have multiple children with multiple fathers/mothers involved are a population bomb waiting to explode because they are not dependent on anything
          Blacks who are show as elite members of society due to their ‘charming ways’ and athletic prowess and eternal victimhood flogging of the social guilt will be in a position where their unearned entitlements are fixed by the very establishment which they rule from within. Letting blacks take over the civil service bureaucracy has opened up a way for them to indulge their African R-breeder genetic algorithm because the only way to be rid of them is to be rid of the American infrastructure maintenance.
          And we couldn’t manage that for a full month.
          Islam is seen as backward for the same reason that all religion is, for the fact that it wants you to submit to something which only pays you in spiritual not material benefits. It doesn’t matter that it’s a religion created by a robber bandit with a view towards eternal war on the rich and the weak. Only that it’s not about the pumping up the individual through what we now see as far more useful group-sport: networking.
          That could change as there is less and less to fight over and more and more identity group hatred vs. endo group protectionism looking to justify itself through ‘moral superiority’ as group think.
          But that doesn’t mean that it is more than what it is: a prisonyard religion for excons and blacks.
          We would be well advised to show aversion towards anyone who is looking to pump us up with moral outrage against a non-threat because we are already weak, we don’t need to bleed pale on some deliberately phantom-wombat enemy (and being out of SWA will likely help this).
          Where you are right however is in the act of shunning.
          If whites got together and said: “Yes we are racist, what about it?” as we built walls around our exclusively white held remaining community advantages, the country would not come to a stop but it would -rapidly- degrade as those who needed our skillsets found us moving away from them in key areas ranging from medical to law enforcement to electrical and roadway maintenance.
          You asked how we fight this, it is simple. Turn your best bud and say: “I make 200 a week. You make 175. If we go in on X together, we can flip this house, set up this lawn mowing service, tree trimming service, house painting etc. etc.. And start something exclusively for us and our wives.”
          Two families with one mom staying home and three in the workforce doing whatever can living in a single family house and within a six months have enough cash to maybe buy a property to rent. And with six months of renting and working, can buy another house and move one group into their prior rental.
          It is capital wealth building through the most humdrum of methods and it is what Hispanics are doing with their 6-8 adult households.
          But the difference is that, when we rent, we rent to whites only. When they don’t have the money, we trade weekend labor for housing. When we buy food we do it a white collective. When we go to work, we drive in a white carpool.
          And everytime we add to the community, we add to the income base as total property/skills/labor leveraging _among whites_.
          And whites alone.
          At some point, whites from the lower and middle classes will create online presences and start to link up. It will be rough going because not everyone will contribute equally and some will fall out. But when you have enough whites together, you start leveraging higher skills like real estate, investment, legal and medical. Which you then USE to bring whites together into collective groups from across the country.
          Buying up housing, en masse, through cut outs, and taking ourselves out of the multicult, even if it means burning existing investments to concentrate.
          With this as a given, you can start to look towards ‘Phase II’ which is the reintroduction of white driven racial as cultural values (no one talks down to us or criticizes us for our past deeds) via internalized education and moral centered references.
          Here is where conformity to social norms has realworld benefits. Don’t commit a felony and you get a bonus in more work or more support services. Supply X# of internal community services and get Y# of social credits as GROUP payoff of a big chunk of your mortgage or your kid’s dentalwork or a new work vehicle etc.
          When the other populations give chase, you provide _nothing_ to them because there is no ‘storefront’. All group services are internal.
          With enough linked Communities across the land and in particular White Belt states, you go to Step III which is active agitation for a separation and secession. Beginning with use of a separate currency.
          Somewhere between Step I and Step III you begin equipping and training militias in small unit warfare tactics. Sending them outside the country if need be. And whether the State collapses without us, wishes us well and on our way or tries to become overbearing you seize the initiative and set up independent White States.
          If you are lucky, you have contacts within the military who provide muscle to help cut the ties, cleanly and without blood so much as displayed force.
          There is no hope for an America which does other than what it’s citizens bid it’s leaders to do. We want our borders sealed and are told no. We don’t want to pay for other race’s heath care and are ignored. We wish to demobilize and remove our overseas garrison presence while cutting back to a leaner, meaner, higher capability military at home. And instead watch our money get spent levering up hostile populations to whom we owe -nothing-.
          America as a land of the people who made it is gone.

          • gregCall

            You make a lot of good points but I notice two things I want to comment on. First Hitler did not “turn on the rest of the planet”, war was forced on him. Second the idea of whites issuing their own currency and lobbying for secession, while I’m all for secession, creating a separate currency system is why war was forced on Hitler. The world bankers will never allow a first world nation to ever drop out of the world banking system and institute a competing system, especially not one that is successful.

          • M&S


            First Hitler did not “turn on the rest of the planet”, war was forced on him.

            No he did not, though he did engender a war for Europe which is why I put ‘just like Hitler’ in quotes.

            He was foolish in raising a military and pressing a socialist agenda however and the economic tools he used were those whose exploitation did not pay him back in terms of enhanced revenue bringing on the ruination of a brand new currency system given to him by better economists like Stresseman.
            Was it necessary to pay German women to exit the labor pool and become mothers? If you can do so by decree with the Jews… Were the work programs on such things as the highway network essential for maintaining or enhancing the German work production system? No. As today most delivery of bulk goods was by rail. Three cruise ships. Massive Olympian city projects. The beginnings of a national healthcare system etc. etc. NONE of these things were needful to an administration on the path to war, though they did give the (false) impression of a Germany raising it’s employment and generating ‘miracles’ of enhanced, structured, economics.
            That said, Hitler did not attempt the creation of a welfare state and his people did not ask him to make their lives easy but liveable.
            We should be so lucky.
            It is hard to state whether or not Hitler would have been allowed to continue had he not had a military, the Locarno treaties made it possible to rid Germany of resource rape of her coal ‘by occupational forces’ /in trade for/ the slave labor manufacturing condition similar to what the PRC takes upon herself today.
            I see no reason for Europe to have foregone that option no any real sign that Germany was teetering under a too-heavy load (indeed, Hitler -added to it- with his national works efforts).
            Germany’s issues with national resources were the man trouble as I recall some 18 of 26 key items had to be imported and those most assuredly could have been constrained (one of the surest signs that WWII was an ‘intentional’, escalated, conflict inflicted by the West lies in the fact that they were not, for so long, in comparison to say Japan which almost immediately felt the effecs of her war in China).
            Did Hitler care enough for the ethnic German peoples of Poland to attempt a replay of the Sudetan crisis /unto war/? Or was he simply in a position where he had no choice but to chase tax base, after writing notes as lines of credit from each of the two key German national banks to each other, creating massive inflation as quantitative easing while the Western Powers demanded ‘only gold’ in payment for his needed mineral resources as he built his military and his socialist workers utopia together.
            There is no doubt that Britain and France tried to undercut both his economic policies and his nationalism this way. Nor that the U.S. aided the process with loans and investments.
            Had he not had war his economic ‘miracle’ would have collapsed within six months however and that would have meant a return to anarchy that had shown signs of stabilizing -before- he rose to office (it was the local, provincial, militias that did the lions share of defanging the Communist workers unions, not Hitler, he simply rode their fervor with speaking tours.)
            IMO, Hitler wanted expansion back to the heady days of the Austro Hungarian Empire ‘plus Lebensraum’ as Reichskommisariat colonies in the East. And sought it, consciously or by egotistical confusion as to the limits of his ability to bluff without call on in-Europe territorial gains.
            As he himself once said (and I paraphrase here): ‘As a man I may not lie, cheat or steal and still be honorable. As leader of Germany, I must do whatever it takes in the art of statesmanship to secure our future.’
            A man who conflates selflessness with the will to abandon honor in pursuit of ‘greater good’ goals is a man whose motives in any given act become immediately and always untrustworthy as being ‘not of necessity but opportunism’ unpredictable.
            Which is a shame. Because the 20th Century should have been Europe’s rite of passage to Nation Stateism , much as the 19th was ours. Rising from petty city states whose internal unity lay in language and culture but not in racial hegemony and whose resource amalgamation was limited as a result.
            That the wrack and ruin which eventuated was likely deliberate is the key understanding most miss here. I would go so far as to state that both World Wars were in fact part of a deliberate attempt to -shatter- Europe, first as a unified cultural body on it’s way to owned greatness by an America stamping on her neck from higher up the ladder. And as colonial parasite ethno states whose wealth was by tribute rather than (unequal as it might have been) ‘trade’.
            And when it was done, then there were two super powers.
            And forty years later, then there was one.
            This is where international banking was always pointed on the path to a global, supranationalist, OWG. And THAT is the ultimate risk of a rule without direct, genetic as resident, linkage to any given population which will destroy this Illuminati driven putsch (and I use that term because it defines a point in history where this effort began driven rather than because I can identify the present span of actors enabling it or think that they are ‘one and the same bunch’).
            What has failed to be understood and which is being actively suppressed in this giant effort to force a World Communist Statism upon us is the role of genetics and the absolute need to continue to define rights to resources as and by the elevation of excellence to maintain the technological and philosophical rise of one race over other races. Because this world cannot support billions of Eaters whose sole contribution is breeding more. And by offering them such as access to their resources (the UN is a _trade organization_ far more than a humanitarian one) we bribe The Horde without acknowledging that what we do is both unsustainable and ultimately proof that globalism at any cost is itself a great danger.
            Having said all this, it is ironic that the U.S., for ill considered reasons, is either fighting for globalism or is fighting to sustain it’s national independence from it (remembering what Hitler said about necessary lies and national needs) by pursuing remarkably similar strategies to those of Hitler.
            Without need.
            Because whites in the U.S. could readily create anthropomorphic robotic solutions to our ‘jobs humans don’t have to do’. And by creating work product without pay, pump our economic system with a ‘continuous motion’ equivalent to ethnic wage slavery for 1/10th the cost of inviting the Latin world’s least capable into our borders to suck dry our welfare system in trade for even token allegiance to a menial labor pool.
            A pool which they leave as rapidly as possible for welfare dependence and expectations of heightened social access to better jobs. Requiring more and more ethnic replacements.
            It is this pursuit of continued failure of cheap service economics(and the destruction of our high tech industrial base which results as Hispanics are denied access to real union influence in a system which is no longer here) as a self sustaining system which tells you that it is in fact _not supposed to be so_.
            If the world will not allow you to conquer and take, you spread America’s legs and invite them to -take you-, and by doing so, create such lasting pregnancy of dependent buyin on the relative wealth status by other populations and such -fear-, in the native indigene populations, of losing that wealth to The Horde, for nothing, that the resulting attitude will be one of: ‘Better to marry your rapist than to starve alone’.
            As policies which lead to economic failure via open borders transfer of populations will (in the eyes of the stupid) lead to an NAU by default.
            And again, there is your tax base and physical resource pool with which to force unity and hemispheric resource growth.
            Massive QE to sustain martial and economic presence in the world is thus _designed_ to create conditions of economic collapse forcing the shotgun marriage.
            All of this is built upon presumptions of egality and coparticipation where American defenses serve to protect our honor from our rescuers
            But that is not how it works. Because societies are racial constructs not the other way around and the first and ultimate rule of a genetic algorithm is expansion of self at the cost of others.
            Such that, once we are forced to accept/expand our Union in the face of indifferent and empowered world powers like the Chinese (mono-ethnic), we will be overrun and submerged by blending if not actively annihilated by our rescuers.
            And the resulting dystopia will resemble Mexico City (third largest urban area on the planet, 50% of which is Colonia slum) not White America.
            It is into that transition that we have the chance to inject the antidote to power mad greed as the ‘hopeful’ vision of humanism.
            Because so long as our combat arms are white and our NCO corps can overrule the ethnically elevated, they will not serve another nation’s (as the literal ‘nascere’, to be born) desire to subjugate us.
            And so long as we have nuclear weapons in a Middle America into which to retreat, we will not have to face Hitler’s choice of a global war against our separation from The Agenda.
            Because we will have the magnet effect of drawing in other white populations facing similar amalgamation or annihilation choices. In South Africa. In Europe. In Brazil and Argentina.
            And such is where the hypocrisy of Globalism meets it’s folly.
            Because even as they stifle genetic research which does indeed point to the fact that global human populations are NOT equally endowed but in fact on separating evolutionary trajectories (there have always been multiple humanoid species on this planet, which is why there are no ‘Missing Links’), they also cannot afford to lose white participancy in our own undoing.
            Because the alternative to white genius is the Asian make-do copyist mentality and the Chinese in particular are wisely 93% ethnically homogenous with no reason to give unto a mixed-breed system what is clearly control by consumptive inferiors, if they have their own internalized economic system as middle class to sustain themselves as the world plummets into Post Western anarchy.
            If we simply stop serving The Agenda, we can short change it’s goals. But only behind a border which protects our genetic algorithm as a national homeland equivalent to what _all other races as subspecies_ have.
            This is Nature’s choice. This is how she keeps true diversity as a hedge against unexpected disaster by regional isolation of populations as emphasis upon living to the standards which genebase intellect can support in the moment while retaining a dumb survivor backdrop from which to start again, within a simpler social system, should elitism fail _in one place_.
            Attempt to muddy that gradated survivability approach with Cosmopolitan Egalitarianism which is _not_ geneti-culturally supported by empirical evidence, and what happens is a massive breeder population becomes dependent on Western Equivalent SES lifestyles without the brains as good breeding habits to sustain itself.
            And everyone crashes when The West does.
            This is true of blacks, Hispanics and even Asians. Because they have not evolved as we have, upon a glacial plain where The Rule Of Cold is one of never taking or having more than you can sustain lest your children as yourself _starve_.
            Our silly leadership attempts to live beyond this Malthusian certainty to it’s complete degradation and our ultimate peril as a unique people.
            White Global Population Percentages:
            1950: 27%
            2010: 16%
            2060: 9.8%
            2100: 4% Or nothing.
            This represents real numbered loss of genelines, not just relative standings. And what is left will not sustain at our level of culture, let alone expand it to others, within a Global Socialist system.
            Such is our future. If we do not stop ‘their’ madness. There can be no short term material gains against which the loss of our genetic self-determinism is deemed sufficient in continuing down this path.
            Humanities rise towards a Type 3 species norm will fail with the failure of whites. We will sink into entropic decay living on the past achievements of a dead culture. And when the next mega-plague, asteroid, GBE or similar species threat hits this planet, we will not have the interstellar dispersion to survive it.
            We will all go extinct.
            It is that simple.

          • WASP

            Yes, the America we knew is gone. We face an uncertain future, and it’ll take someone smarter than me to come up with the answers. You do have some good ideas. I do agree with Talltrees that it will take something “drastic” to force change.

          • M&S

            Waiting for ‘drastic’, emergent, circumstances to create opportunity for divorce from insanity while it’s effectors are busy fighting the death throes they have brought upon themselves is one thing.
            Failure to prepare an independent alternative pointed towards in-community alternatives as aftermath is guaranteeing we are just as vulnerable to the macro outcome as our upper class leadership.
            Knowing that there are _simple methods_ which create the functional as cultural redundancies which lead to cultural survival mechanism means understanding that destruction is an act of crumple zone dynamics in a structural isolate.
            The more something compresses by failure, the more dense and resistant it becomes as an inertial brake on continued dissolution and implosional dysfunction.
            _Provided_ it is internally self reliant so that the loss of surrounding fascade does not interdict operational function. What I am suggesting is the creation of internal microcosms within which we are sustainable as we create standoff via the equivalent of a jack strut which, when kicked out, allows the sail to droop and society to form it’s own crumple zone.
            At which point it is necessary to ask: “What then?” Because survival has never been enough for our Great Kindred. We have always moved on and beyond any temporary state of savagery to recover ourselves the Will becomes The Way.
            As such, we must first understand our principle failure in reaching this ignominious point which may be defined, simply, in our ‘work ethic’ failure to understand two conditional realities:
            1. It is perfectly alright to want to escape slavery as a condition whereby more is given than what is gained back from social participation. This is in fact the principle definition of self-improvement in personal as class leveled living status.
            We escaped this in a class oligarchy in Europe.
            We escaped this in transition from a free but hard agrarian wilderness Republic.
            We _have not_ escaped the Industrial Revolution by which whites chained themselves to the engines of modernization in the hopes that their children’s children would be able to cut themselves free.
            We still exist in a condition where labor as it’s own definition of accomplishment, leads us to create make-work systems to employ people in dated service supply and industrial manufacture social mechanisms whose complexity of interdependent stages creates monumental thermodynamic inefficiencies which require less to be given to more _to keep The System working_ rather than to benefit those whom the system was intended to serve.
            2. Some Form of Slavery is essential. As a thermodynamic lever by which society rises to a given level of carrying capacity. Putting more into the system than is got back out as a reservoir of cultural potential.
            You don’t have to like it but _every_ stage of our social as physical evolution has been defined by some kind of enslavement.
            Man notices the seasons and so enslaves the sun to walk away from the winter. Man notices the dog’s pack-skills and so domesticates a companion hunter and protector. Man notices the seed cast upon the wind and the types of grass that the ruminant herds come to eat and so begins to carry that seed with him, first to entice and trap and then to husband herds of his own. Man notices the run off from the rains causing massive runnels which channels it into gullies and ravines where the plants stay green because of the lower water table. And so begins a process which leads to planting grains and irrigating fields. Finally, man thinks -so much- that he needs help managing what he owns and so hires or enslaves (they are degrees not dissimilars) a replacement for his direct oversight and labor.
            All the while, he sets up systems of trickle-down cascade wherein he drinks deep of his efforts bounty and all who are under him drink a little less. But they still drink.
            The problem is of course Malthusian. Because the better off you are, the more you breed and the more you breed, the more those children’s children demand of their own social order improvement and the more the system groans as fractious and factional politics becomes the division of the existent into smaller and smaller chunks of benefit.
            It is the carrying capacity limits of each stage of social living which has seen the rise and fall of the great civilizations whose attendant habits and exploitations we look back on with contempt and fear, lest we be reminded how close we are to being what we think ourselves as being better than.
            And this too is a good thing. Because it discourages recursion and retrancheism as rollback of advance. But it is also a dangerous condition because it encourages us to see in others a mirror-likeness which is not there. And may never be so.
            This is important to know as man’s latest socialization efforts have taken him across the globe and brought him into contact with multiple primitive societies whose advanced genetic and social condition is still at the tribal HG or subsistence agro level of development and from whom we cannot expect equivalent behaviors as ‘looks (sorta) like us and so are eligible for entrance to our society’.
            Our upper classes recognize this primitivism and seek to reordain wage slavery of menials as the means to lever up their own existence (someone has to accept your money before you only agree to feed them in trade for it…).
            But the days as the dangers of human slavery as the importation of lesser peoples to our society represents, have past and the danger of their over breeding within our permissive environment with it’s high carrying capacity is that of having a world which reverts back to their genetic norm of socialization and does not advance our own.
            As a key example, I offer robotics.
            A robot garbageman does not need to recognize the world as an ontological construct. It does not need to ponder the stars or it’s tax returns or feel offended when it is told it’s skills are not wanted in the higher areas of society. It needs to know only three things. What a garbage truck is, what a garbage can is, and how to dump a garbage can into a truck before reboarding it for the next stop.
            What investment in such a unit means is that someone who would have formerly been driven, epigenetically, to develop an existing bias towards high motor function into little more than bipedal drey beast status, can now drive a truck for living.
            While the garbagemen have no future social debt as worker’s comp, large families or retirement to add to the functional balance of society. They are tools. And nothing more.
            Which means that if you encourage a garbage truck driver to own the robots which he uses, to maintain them and to adapt and upgrade them through new model standards, you can pay -him- the money or social credits which you would otherwise have had to spread between three living souls.
            And a man whose salary is honestly worth little more than 10-12,000 dollars a year in a world where our currency is in ruins and our inflated social values readjusted, still gets the equivalent of perhaps 25-30,000 dollars.
            For driving a truck, doing a job nobody else wants to. Compared to a brain surgeon who may still make 100K direct salary per year but gets nothing in the way of social credits for doing an unwanted but essential task.
            Robotics can be applied like this across the full range of social infrastructure maintenance using dumb terminal system effectors that ask nothing of the human qualities of assured existence as improvement of living condition.
            Not all returns from such a system have to be direct salary based. Some can be Social Credits as queue position in a line for homes or insurance or vehicles or other high ticket items which a centralized government buys in bulk from other nations at a massive discounting of total component breakdowns of it’s own (you need several hundred board feet of lumber and wiring and plumbing to build a house, all of which has to be available, at once, to make assembly practical, the actual art of building a home can be broken down in erecting prefab subcomponents over a week or less…).
            The KEY POINT here being that if we were not chained to our ethnic wage slaves as living dependencies, we would all be living at a very much higher personal as national standard of living and SES.
            It is our dependence on these foreign ethnies which is killing our chance to achieve the next stage in social evolution by which we ourselves are no longer enslaved.
            We cannot raise the world to our status of living, there are too many and they breed like rats. We cannot invite the world into our society with their crime and their social welfare demands and their cultural oddities swamping our own.
            We can only look after ourselves.
            And it is the WHITE ability to do so, to balance practical needs with enlightened vision which makes us _dangerous_ to a status quo by which other societies, including nominally intelligent ones, like the Asians, try to emulate us without understanding that they are trying to regrow for themselves that which is already a dead skin for us.
            Whites don’t need slave obsequiousness as willingness to infiltrate our society and ruin it from within. What we NEED is the _space_ to engineer and innovate our own way forwards.
            That will not happen so long as the existing system thrusts masses of unsaveable Horde peoples at us as crutches of cheap labor to continue the slave system with.
            And because all existing economic systems are still subject to basic thermodynamics, trying to ignore this simple truth is not just guaranteeing but -accelerating- the day when all of what we call the Western World genetic modality of living to learn and living well enough to have the spare time and resources to keep improving /how/ we live, will come to a crashing, terrible, end.
            Whites can only disengage from this by willingly and whole heartedly divorcing the slave system to instead turn exclusively towards each other. The world is not our to save.
            We are the Will as the Way of our People.

          • WASP

            I believe you are a survivor, and I can see you’ve certainly put a lot of study and thought into surviving the dissolution of our country. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

          • Talltrees

            Thanks to all of you for suggestions.

        • saxonsun

          The Indians must go too. Here in NYC, they’re multiplying like mad.

          • Talltrees

            From my experience, technical and medical, and others working with them, there are significant differences between Whites and Indian work habits. From being lazy, doing something only when told, fake knowledge and understanding saying yes they understand, then making serious errors, spend much time on the phone, must have detailed procedures to follow, don’t dot their i’s and cross their t’s, don’t foresee possible dangerous consequences to their actions, don’t understand American culture.

            So, it’s said, Indians are not the innovative resources for new technology. They merely use the digital tools to perform work that is outlined for them.

            Suppose it’s similar to laying off 50 year-olds for 20 somethings because they have become overskilled and no longer needed, and more expensive to keep. 20 somethings are happy doing what they are told and cost less. As it is with the young crop of Indians coming here.

      • M&S

        Quite the opposite actually.
        Elderly (Boomers) white moral rectitude is all that holds back poorly educated, resentful of lost class privileges and increasingly dumb whites from acting in a manner that is as savage as the environment they are put in.
        When we have nothing to lose and no inheritance to look forward to as elderly whites spend it all on the way to the grave in an increasingly hostile society, young whites who grew up without any predispositions towards ‘keep me materially better off and I’ll play sleeping dog’ will bottom out at a level as savage as that of their ambient environment.
        At which point they will ‘compete’, as a minority with all that is dark and ugly at the level which each understands.
        Which may well be what is intended since it’s clear that this is not just an attack on Americans as First World superpower but on whites as the holders of the keys to genuine Western Ethics.
        The problem being that not only will we lose society but also the genetics to recreate it because without that certainty that we /are/ better than those others (as a function of firepower and law as well as material wealth), the barriers against intermix will become weak indeed.
        If we manage to remain apart, being without the baggage of our over the top moral sophists and manipulative money panderers as elderly corrupt influence will be one the best things for a young, outraged, rebellious, white society.
        When we lost 20-25% of our numbers we will go from 65 percent to 30 percent of society in a heartbeat. And it is likely that we will be too few to ever band together and throw the ABCs and Hispanics out of our lives without endless genocidal contestment for whatever amounts to decent land.

      • gregCall

        Sad thing is most are so indoctrinated nothing will wake them up. My grandmother (mothers mother) was murdered by a home invasion by a black animal, he stripped her naked and crushed her skull with a teapot, she was 86 years old. His nephew in middle school actually harassed my 12 year old daughter telling her “the old bitch deserved it”, Of course I put the fear of god into him by walking her into the school and having her point him out to me and saying loudly for all to hear “is that the N#gg#r”, needless to say he shrunk down to about 2 inches tall. Worst part is my mother being so indoctrinated by MSNBC actually went on to vote for Obozo.

        • WASP

          I’m so sorry for what happened to your grandmother. I’m glad you stood up for your granddaughter against that “N#gg#r”! A lot of the old Whites have really drank the “cool aide.” They, of all people, should know better — very sad. Thank you for sharing that.

          • Sick of it

            They grew up under the Communist administrations of FDR, Truman, and Eisenhower (who started all of this integration mess btw). Big government is their friend, because you can always trust the government (NOT).

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          You have no idea what I would do to both of them in your place, but if I got to them they won’t be around to every harm another white person again. I am glad you confronted him though, I would have not shown such restraint as you, I would have done a lot more than put the fear of the Lord into him. I loved my grandmother as much as you did, to think of anyone harming her just makes my inner Cossack wake and surge to the surface. I was sickened when I read your account. And to think your daughter was being harassed that way should have been entered as evidence that the thug’s uncle is guilty. Moreover, that punk nephew of his should be in jail or dead.

          • gregCall

            Sad thing is I went to the principle first and all he did was talk to him, that’s when I did what I did, of course I got a phone call from the principle later that day telling me if went back on school grounds I would be served with a trespass notice. I guess calling him what I did in front of pretty much the entire student body was worse in the schools mind than what he did. Or maybe even though they would never admit it they just understood blacks can’t be civilized so why even try to hold them accountable.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Indeed, they will have to learn how to kill, or be killed. It’s going to be that simple.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Mexican mestizos aren’t known for their bravery, rather the opposite. That’s why they’re here, they’re like water taking the path of least resistance. Even small measures like Arizona’s SB1070 and Alabama’s HB56 caused them to flee. Tough measures work. The problem is our treasonous elites and WHINO (WHite In Name Only) libtards.

      • Bossman

        Mexican Mestizos aren’t known for their bravery, rather the opposite.
        Completely wrong on that. Mexican Americans have received many medal of honors for their bravery during the many wars that the USA has fought. You should’ve watched the recent PBS series: Latino Americans.

        • Sick of it

          All those Latinos who came here after WWII?

      • Talltrees

        ‘Treasonous WHINO’S’, both liberals and conservatives, the reason I asked for suggestions. Our hands appear to be tied. What methods might work?

        Mexicans, including illegals, waving Mexican flags in our faces in defiance, doesn’t indicate they are weaklings. That would land them in handcuffs in third-world countries. Their defiance is successful and will continue to use it as a tactic to win. Who has the power when the National Mall with loads of porta potties paid for by tax payers is opened for illegal and legal Mexicans, and veteran memorials are locked down by armed police?

        We know high unemployment works, somewhat, at keeping them away, as far as illegals, but despite that, as predicted, there is an increase as a result of amnesty.

        And..the line to enter legally wraps around the world several times.
        Much of the problem is caused by our traitorous companies wanting to pay low wages. Somehow, we must expose those companies requesting low wage workers.

        My latest experience this past week was with Dell for software technical support. Previously, I was using a Canadian tech who did an exceptional job. Requested an American or Canadian tech for a problem I couldn’t solve. I was told Dell is phasing out American and Canadian techs because Indians and Phillipinos will accept lower wages. That they must stay competitive because their competitors are using low wage workers.
        Despite my insistance on an American or Canadian from Indian managers and supervisors, I was denied. Indians also manage customer service for complaints which makes it difficult to complain about Indians; although, I did.

        After 9 1/2 hours, the Indian tech did not resolve the problem. He deleted files in programs that caused Windows to crash. I had to suggest things that he could do to get Windows working again. They worked.
        Finally, his supervisor found the problem after 2 days of this. I paid $240.00 and couldn’t get tech support from an American or Canadian.
        Dell’s ‘script,’ which all of the Indians used, “Dell is a Global company.” Everyone knows it is an American company located in Texas. Saying it is ‘global’ is Dell’s way to ‘snooker’ Americans into using Indians for tech support.

        Should I purchase another Dell computer? No, but HP, Apple, etc., use Indian tech support.

        Just as Florida Family Assn exposes American companies advertising on al Jazeera, we must expose corporations requesting foreign third-world workers.

        All of these companies have Facebook and Twitter accounts where we can post. I did on Dell’s and am sending letters to the big ‘mahoofs’ at headquarters.

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          Mexicans, including illegals, waving Mexican flags in our faces in defiance, doesn’t indicate they are weaklings.
          It is the nature of the welfare state, yet another of its many moral hazards, that parasites are emboldened by entitlements that magically drop from the sky. This change is temporary and vanishes when the host country puts its collective foot down. The greater danger is the covert knife between the ribs from our own treasonous elites.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Tough measures work alright. Such as when they try storming white’s residences to murder them and instead they are mowed down in hails of bullets fired by whites defending themselves with high powered rifles and other small arms. One wonder what they really would do when they are on the receiving end of heavy machine guns, artillery shells exploding 30 meters over their heads or cannon fire from attack helicopters and armored vehicles. I think they are going to find out that some whites are going to make Genghis Kahn look merciful when they attack us one time too many in our own land.

  • Dave4088

    So we’re to believe that a spike in crime among second generation non-white immigrants/squatters/invaders is a sign that they are becoming flag waving white people and dittoheads?

  • Apartheid_DC

    North America gets constant reinforcements of whites from
    both western and eastern Europe…whites are destined to be the majority on this continent…planned by God…

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    They do not “catch up” to white’s crime rates, they exceed them many times where black, browns are concerned especially. They learn how to use our values and culture, not to mention our increasingly anti-white government and corporations to their advantage at our expense. They also learn how to elude, and in some cases attack and kill law-enforcement officers. So no, this surge in crime rates among second generation invaders is the result of them learning how to commit crimes in our lands, as well as putting their politically or religiously motivated hostility towards whites and Western civilization into practice.

  • MBlanc46

    Counting drug “crimes” will certainly make native-born whites seem much more criminal than they are. I’d like to see this sort of analysis restricted to property and violent crimes.

    • Bossman

      Yeah, I’ve to agree with you on that.

  • John_HD

    The chart above simply says “Native Born”; not Native Born Non-Hispanic Whites. I bet “Native Born” includes Blacks, which would really skew the numbers. And as noted, they already count Mestizos as “White” when counting up “White” crime. More shenanigans to try to make Whites look more criminal than they are, so as to make the NAMs look less criminal. The sad thing is, most Americans don’t even realize they are being lied to when presented with bogus “facts”.

  • John R

    Really? So why is the Hispanic homicide rate about three times the White rate? And the Asian rate lower? Another study just trying to avoid saying the obvious: Peoples’ behaviors-both positive and negative-have more to do with race and ethnicity than with any other factor.

  • WASP


  • WASP

    Right you are. I’m an older woman myself, but I’m in great shape, haven’t reached the elderly stage yet. I know exactly what you mean. I also stopped going to church years ago for the same reasons. Marxist indoctrination is passed off as Christianity; believing this assures their place in Heaven. It’s the Religionists’ doctrine of “White redemption” (not Christian). What a big business it is too; churches are run like corporations. God bless you and keep the faith.

  • Sick of it

    They complain about environmental problems, but support the superstructure which creates pollution and does little research into cleaner methods of production. They complain about overpopulation, but shutdown all significant work on space colonization. They complain about the evils of Christianity, yet embrace ISLAM!

  • Sick of it

    Studies have shown that Hispanics have interracial marriages more often than any other group. They tend, of course, to marry white people.