Craigslist Poster Says Black Trick-or-Treaters Not Welcome in White Neighborhood

Laurie Simmons, WTKR, October 30, 2013

This was the post found in the “Rants and Raves” section of Craigslist.

Reminder: Overage Trick Or Treaters Stay Out! (Larchmont-Edgewater)

We hate seeing kids older than twelve going house to house for free candy. Doing so is illegal and this year we will be calling the police on you b**tards. Overage trick or treating is a Class 4 misdemeanor and carries a $250 fine. This will also go on your criminal record if you don’t have one already.

And you n**lets, stay the hell out! We’re a white neighborhood and we don’t want you baboons here!! You little turds better think twice going into my neighborhood or you will be legally punished.


Norfolk Police say they will respond if anyone calls for over-age trick-or-treaters.

“It would be a Class 4 misdemeanor, and would entail a fine, and it wouldn’t be against the child, it would be against guardian, the parent,” said Spokesman Chris Amos.

Still, Amos says every child 12 and under, who trick or treats before 8 p.m., can go wherever in the city they choose.

“You can`t discriminate against someone being in a particular neighborhood, the law doesn’t address that,” said Amos.


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  • D.B. Cooper

    Wait. (sniff, sniff)
    YEP. It smells like….
    a black “anonymous poster”?

    • Alexandra1973

      Kinda sounds like someone from a certain forum, begins with C.

      I’m actually hoping the poster is white.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        It was a nice post and regardless I approve of the comments.

        • D.B. Cooper

          A true racist would know that a post like that would only have the opposite effect of what he intended. Instead, the area will be overrun tonight by blacks.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Point made.

          • sbuffalonative

            I agree. It’s a bit over the top. These people can’t find their ‘racist’ smoking gun so like the burning Tea Party picture, they have to manufacture ‘proof of racist hate’.

          • Even manufactured hoaxes “raise awareness”, don’t ya know.

          • Tim_in_Indiana

            Yes, expect “marches,” “protests,” “peaceful sit-ins” etc. in that very neighborhood, if not tonight then tomorrow. It will have the exact opposite effect than was intended, or perhaps that was the effect that was intended.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I’d like to see some reports of what actually DID happen.

    • [Guest]

      It’s more likely a white “anti-racist” attempting to stir up hatred of white people. And, of course, the media are accommodating.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Could be a White liberal. The lack of grammatical errors is a clue, and I doubt a black could spell “misdemeanor” or “neighborhood”.

      • [Guest]

        >>>…and I doubt a black could spell “misdemeanor”….

        Unless it was the name of an offspring and was spelled “Mizdo-Meana.” First name: “Char J’witha.”

      • Magician

        You mean “could be a white politically incorrect” because if it truly was a liberal person she would have said something like

        “Black kids welcome. Black kids over the age 18 welcome. If black kids and white kids show up at the same time black kids get treats first”

        • Webspin

          “If black kids and white kids show up at the same time black kids get treats first” – clever.

          Now that I think about it, it’s more like “If black kids and white kids show up at the same time black kids gets the white kids treats.”

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          No, I meant what I said – a White liberal. Liberals are so convinced that Whites are uniquely evil and racist that they’re more than willing to put words in the mouths of all Whites by trolling messages like this. Anti-racist outrage is too valuable to their cause, so it must be manufactured. It’s the same principle that NAMs use when they fake hate crimes against themselves – the resulting breast-beating from Whites and the martyrdom NAMs gain in their “noble suffering” makes such things irresistible.

    • sbuffalonative

      Until the culprit is caught, we can’t determine their intention. I’m prone to believe it’s a provocateur but I’ll wait and see if it’s investigated and if the results are made public.

  • No black trick-or-treaters?

    Why not? If you’re into tricks…

  • Extropico

    What is the problem with that admonition. It is the converse of the law of the land in Africa where we are not welcome unless we bring them money or da white wimminz.

  • Massif1

    Youths over 12 years old are likely to return after their candy run for a burglary smash and grab. Halloween gives them a reason to legal do recon before they do their attack.

    • borogirl54

      Which is worse, kids over 12 or babies coming to trick or treat with their own bag? I am not doing it this year.

    • Rhialto

      …and wear masks and costumes!

      • andreabeth7

        Mine got real mouthy when told that the candy was only for small children in costumes. This may be the last year for me. They have destroyed an American tradition.

  • haroldcrews

    Well so far handing out treats for Halloween doesn’t turn your house into a place of public accommodation. So anyone ought to be able to keep whomever they want off of their property through the trespass laws. Of course as a practical matter don’t expect the police to enforce the trespass laws when applied against only certain privileged groups.

    • RisingReich

      Sorry, but the right to free association was condemned long ago.
      I agree with what SHOULD be allowed, but alas, there’s the way things should be and the way they are.

  • [Guest]

    The sentiments are perfectly understandable, of course.

  • borogirl54

    I know blacks will go to white neighborhoods to trick or treat because they figure that they would have better candy than the houses in their area.

    • Katherine McChesney

      They would also have better things to loot.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Well diversity kills something else, probably at this point just hand out IQ tests and soap. Truly sad.

  • I used to give out candy even though I am a renter.

    I quit two times. Both times because of blacks.
    First time it got called off when thirty+ baby mommas & grammas were holding out pillow cases for their gibs.
    Second time a few years later because the garbage started reaching into my bag of candy for distribution.

    None of these people live in my neighborhood. Stay out and I will start giving out candy again to the neighborhood kids, whose parents I know.

    • Alexandra1973

      I don’t take my son out at all because I’m a Christian. Never have, and he’s almost 12.

      What’s he missing out on, a sugar rush?

      • HamletsGhost

        He’s missing out on fun and some great memories that you deny him.
        Since you’re a Christian, I trust you also don’t celebrate Christmas and Easter, seeing as those are pagan holidays as well.

        • John R

          THANK YOU! Some people are so “Christian” that they take it too far. Halloween is not the reason for the downfall of religion in this society. I’m Catholic, and went to parochial schools all my life. I even went to a Catholic college. Separation of religion and education? Huh! All the days I went to school there was always a Crucifix staring down at us. AND WE ALWAYS CELEBRATED HALLOWEEN! There. Thanks again. I just needed to get that out.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Remember that “Catholic” means “universal” and the word was meant to connote that what Rome now endorsed was an amalgamation of all the popular religions with a veneer of the Christian cult. The more educated Catholics I have known say that this is actually not even denied officially. (Protestants don’t get a pass because they kept most of that veneer. The break with RCC was mainly political).

        • Alexandra1973

          Actually, I don’t. 🙂

          He has his birthday in December, so he gets stuff on the 16th and not the 25th.

          So he has some birthday memories and some of those I have on video.

      • Are you a non-European Christian?

        My daughter isn’t seven yet, and likes some scary movies. Mummies are OK because she knows there are no such things that get up and move after they die.

      • Brian

        You could just celebrate All Hallows Day a little early, and have him dress as an Old Testament prophet, or a whale costume with a little Jonah in the mouth.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          OR Zombie Jesus, which is by description, what he is….

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        I think you’re a Jehova’s Witness or near it. How do you celebrate Veterans Day or Memorial Day?

        What you’ve got is all the cultural deprivation and all the psychosis that was typical of the truly spiritually vacant Puritan Movement. I’m directly descended from the Rev. Thomas Carter (Mass. 1630) and I know what I’m talking about, if you don’t.

        New England also saw a number of religious abberations such as The Millerite movement that caused an economic depression in the early 19th century when farmers failed to plant crops because they believed the world was ending according to Miller. It happened not once, but twice. They are the Seventh Day Adventists today of which JWs are sprung as well. Mormonism is another one. So Smith finds, but never reveals, a couple golden tablets that tell him about “Moroni” (I love this, near “moron’). He was a good looking guy and he needed a reason to have all the lovers he kept. Quakers came over from England and tried to set up a theocracy of their own,… And on and on……

        • Sick of it

          Mr. Smith had a nasty habit of appropriating other mens’ wives. That’s the main reason he was chased out of so many places and few in the Mormon Church talk about it.

        • Alexandra1973

          I am not a JW or SDA or any of those, just a King James Bible-believing Christian.

          I’m also a member of an independent fundamentalist Baptist church.

      • shatwood

        What is with that nonsense? I knew a nice family growing up who also wouldn’t let their kids go trick or treating because the holiday was deemed “anti-Christian.”

        As other’s said, you’re child is missing out on making great memories with friends. I don’t remember the candy I ate, but I DO remember taking pictures with my costumed friends, meeting neighbors for the first time, and just having a lot of fun venturing across the subdivision, which seems A LOT bigger than it actually is to a nine year old. It’s a fun adventure.

    • HamletsGhost

      I have fond memories of trick-or-treating. It’s just a damned shame that another white folk holiday is wrecked by the usual suspects.

      Perhaps you could install a remote video surveillance camera to see who’s at the door. Then just decide to ignore the ringing doorbell when the wrong kind of people show up.

      Of course, you can use that camera for the rest of the year as well.

      • I live in a seven unit rental building in a very nice area of Chicago. To give out candy I would have no option but to distribute from the steps. Last time I gave out candy I had it in a shopping bag I hung from the wrought iron fence so I wouldn’t have to bend over or hold all night (my back acts up at times). That was the incident where they decided it was okay to help themselves. I gave up. I do wish we had a video surveillance system – thought about installing my own to my own door (an old laptop and old webcam I have in a box somewhere) – no way to do it to the front door, no electric outlets in common areas of the building.

  • Luca

    Anyone taking bets on how many black kids will be dressed like Trayvon Martin this year?

    • They all will be because they don’t dress up. They just walk around with pillow cases to collect their “gibs”.

    • Jefferson

      How will you be able to tell they are dressed like Trayvon Martin ? All Black male yoofs look alike.

      • WR_the_realist

        They’ll be waving a bag of Skittles.

        • And drinking Watermelon Arizona “Tea” with bottles of Robitussun they just shoplifted from CVS or Walgreens in their pillowcase treating bags.

  • Lots of White families still have trick or treat even though they know the neighborhood will be swarmed with dangerous voodoo bantu Diversity.

    Blacks get a good look inside your house when you open the front door.

    Whites don’t deserve the privilege God gave us.

  • Viv Jasper

    In my neighborhood, the little white kids on my block come by early, right at dusk. I give out candy right up until the point when I start seeing outsiders dropping off packs of unruly brats, expecting better goodies in my area. They don’t usually come by until later, when our candy is running low and my teens have brought the little ones back home. (My big kids take the little ones to houses on our street.) That’s when we turn out the lights and go inside. I wouldn’t mind the minority kids so much if they’d behave better, but you all know how that goes. I used to keep the lights on late and welcome everyone, until I started to realize that I was being a moron.

    • Where I grew up, T-or-T lasted one hour. Here in Chicago it starts about 4PM and goes on until about 9PM ……. Responsible parents take their kids out on the streets they live on for just enough candy. The “non-neighborhood” people go for a year’s worth of sugar.

  • Jesse James

    Nothing will get a neighborhood or a town swarmed by blacks like letting them know they aren’t wanted there. I vote this was the work of a progressive agent provocateur.

  • CoweringCoward

    I live in a neighborhood where the blacks from a nearby one get trucked over in MASS. These are 17-18 year old “Saint Trayvon®” lookalikes and spawn (more of the older than the younger). This year there will be a “segregated” set of candy bowls! The chocolate and nice stuff is NOT going to the parasites.

    • Spartacus

      You should research the most common allergies for groids, and then decide which candy to give them .

      • CoweringCoward

        Good thinking.

        But RAT poison might get me in trouble.
        Ya think the skull and crossbones on “their” candy dish might be a giveaway?

        • Spartacus
          • CoweringCoward

            Thanks for the data, I will probably make more thoughtful Halloween candy purchases going forward. Tonight it will be the dreaded “Sweet-Tarts” and plain old “peppermints” for them. Maybe a few candy corns thrown in for good measure even.

          • Tim_in_Indiana

            Whatever you do, no Skittles!

          • HamletsGhost

            Why give them anything at all? Just mount a surveillance camera on your front porch and you can decide from the comfort of your living room whether you answer the door bell or not.

            The more of their time you can waste waiting for an answer that never comes, the less time they have to harass your neighbors.

          • CoweringCoward

            My after Halloween report:

            This year there were strangely few blacks in attendance, I am guessing the in climate weather most of the day suppressed their turnout. This year there were no truckloads that made it back to my house. A couple white groups pulling hay filled trailers behind 4 wheelers loaded with kids and that was it for the large groups. Many late teen trick-r-treaters but hey it’s better than they be out getting drunk/drugged. One black mother daughter pair stands out, and it was actually in a positive way. The mother was in a set of army fatigues and the daughter and her were both very polite (and did get given “the good candy” BTW).
            So I didn’t come away with any new “black horror” story, suits me fine, but it’s only due to their limited numbers I am sure.

    • Brian

      According to the tv crime reports, blacks are ‘teens’ until around age 26, so it’s no wonder they keep trick-or-treating.

    • andreabeth7

      I started doing that once we started being overrun by out of towners. I have a friend who gives them one piece of Pal bubble gum.

    • WR_the_realist

      At my house it would be carrots and celery only for “the diversity”.

  • Spartacus


  • I agree 100% with the Craigslist post in the original article. Nobody really wants teenagers using a fun childrens’ holiday as an excuse to case neighborhoods for theft and vandalism. We’re just going to stay inside and watch movies. A recent used DVD order was the collector’s set of “The Mummy”; it arrived in today’s mail. Perfect! We’ll watch one or two of these.

    I’ve been rolling sushi and cooking appetizers almost all afternoon, so we’ll have some really good snacks to go with the movies. I think the Korean-style pork ribs this time are the best I’ve ever done. We have no decorations out, the patio is already empty, I’m going to turn off the front lights, so nobody is even going to bother ringing the doorbell. Heck; I’ll turn off the doorbell.

    • Andy

      I never minded teenaged trick-or-treaters, as long as they dressed up. When my friends and I were in our early teens we went Christmas caroling on Halloween one year and delivered candy from house to house the next since our houses were too far from the road for anyone to come to.

      Of course, I can’t imagine anyone casing my neighborhood for theft or vandalism. Houses aren’t close enough together to attract large numbers of non-residents.

      • Townhouses here. We have almost zero blacks or browns in the immediate area, but now and then I just get really sick of dealing with misbehaving teenagers.

    • MBlanc46

      My best friend from elementary school and junior high and I went out into our early teens. It was more from the joy of running the streets at night in costumes than the candy, although that was all right, too. The last year, when it was already late by local standards, someone who answered the door said to us, “Aren’t you a bit old for this?” That was the end of childhood.

    • Jesse James

      We watched the Mummy this year also. We live out in the country and though we are on the main road the house is set back a bit and I keep it dark all the time. No tricker or treaters out here. We brought our pumpkin inside so WE could look at it. When the kids were little we did the whole trick or treat thing and gave out our candy to whoever stopped by white, black whomever. I never really had any problems but we pretty much shut down about 8:30 or 9:00. Man that Korean ribs sounds sweet. You guys have a great evening.

      • It was part of the toughest, fattiest rack of pork ribs I could get at Wal Mart. I cut this into quarters and saved them separately. This one I marinated in rice wine, Korean bulgoki sauce, lemon juice, fresh-pressed garlic, a little teriyaki sauce and a bit or vinegar for 72 hours in my refrigerator. I grilled it over live coals, turning it over once in a while, just to open the seams in the meat, to let the fat cook out and drain the grease. After that, I put the rack into a Corning Ware dish, with the rest of the marinade and a bit more water. I covered the dish with aluminum foil and placed this low in the oven, with it set on “low broil”, to keep it away from the heat, so it would cook slowly. The pork that that been emptied of grease sucked up that liquid and was almost stewed for the two hours (I turned it over halfway through). Two hours. There was no grease floating in the remaining liquid; it had all cooked out over the hibachi coals in my first step. I still drained the liquid and made a roux and then added a little flour and mustard powder to use as a dipping sauce for other things.

        Can you believe I was once a research chemist?

        It was the fattiest, toughest, cheapest rack of pork ribs I could find at Wal Mart, and I will look for exactly the same product again.

        Ariadne said “Daddy: that smells wonderful.” Hers was an understatement.

        I believe grilling the fat out on both sides after that soak opened more of the pores in the meat, and then almost stewing it replaced the fats with the sauce I had made. I had never twice-cooked pork ribs before, but I think this is a fine way to cook, especially cheap cuts.

    • Brian

      This is a good example of Putnam’s ‘Bowling Alone’.

  • Andy

    “We hate seeing kids older than twelve going house to house for free candy. Doing so is illegal and this year we will be calling the police on you b**tards. Overage trick or treating is a Class 4 misdemeanor and carries a $250 fine. This will also go on your criminal record if you don’t have one already.”

    Friendly place to live.

    • As black and brown “diversity” moves in, and multiculturalism changes expectations of civility, the friendliness you mention drops off rather precipitously. I wonder why that might be.

  • Oldcorporal

    Ainel Alerth and Timo Mitchell?! Are you sure they live in this “White neighborhood”? Or did the reporter make up a couple of names and attribute quotes to them that fit his politically correct views?
    The fact that it probably wouldn’t be safe for White children to trick-or-treat in black neighborhoods, kind of puts a different complexion on the issue, doesn’t it? But of course, that would never be mentioned in the mainstream media.

  • Dave4088

    First of all, there’s all kinds of crap on the “rant and raves” section of any Craigslist with blacks dishing out racial insults as much as they receive. So why did the Norfolk press just focus on this anti-black comment and how did they get alerted to it in the first place?

    My hunch tells me it was planted by an anti-racist then reported to the press so they could create a straw man of white bigotry and intolerance towards the saintly and always innocent black people.

  • Romulus

    I enjoy some of the more ancient practices of SAMHAIN (pronounced sow’een). Generally speaking, I usually give out candy up until the yoofs start showing up. That’s when I hide the bowl and chat with the neighbors.

  • Romulus

    You’ll be happy to know that Mexico’s day of the dead isn’t Mexican. It was brought to the Caribbean by the Celtic descendents of the Iberian peninsula.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      You’ll appreciate my post on the Celtic tradition, above.

      • Fr. John+

        As a Celt, I find no connection between an overtly Cultic third-world day of morbidity, and the Catholic All Saint’s Day. Your comment Romulus is anti-White, and antichrist. I loathe both types of racism.

  • Vanga

    Last year I gave out Dum Dums. Nearly all of the trick or treaters who called were white and said “thank you” after I put the suckers in the bag. A few were neither polite nor white. Several members of the African race demanded multiple Dum Dums and choice of flavors. I decided I would rather skip ToT this year than have to kowtow to those demands.

  • MBlanc46

    “‘You can`t discriminate against someone being in a particular neighborhood, the law doesn’t address that,’ said Amos.”

    Can you imagine what happens if white kids go into a black neighborhood?

    • Alexandra1973

      There would be a story that the MSM wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

    • If someone is giving out candy they bought with their own money, they can discriminate for any reason or non-reason they like!

  • MBlanc46

    Fortunately, our ghetto is on the other side of 22nd Street. I always enjoy the (alas, few) kids that come by. I don’t know what I’d do if black “teens” started showing up.

    • RisingReich

      You don’t know what to do?
      I don’t believe that for a minute.

  • Garrett Brown


  • Viv Jasper

    Your grandparents are being smart. Blacks love to target vulnerable elderly people. Best to lie low when they’re out trick-or-treating/casing houses.

  • Strider73

    In El Paso we were inundated every Halloween by Mexicans who swarmed across the border by the truckload. And that was the late 1960s/early 1970s. I shudder to think what it’s like now.

    • Sick of it

      It’s spread all over Texas. Denton is looking like Mexico these days.

  • alex

    Play classical and/or country music, put a LBRARY sign on your door.

    • baldowl

      You misspelled the mispronunciation: it’s LIBERRY.

  • In between movies , we had our door knocked on, so I answered.

    “Trick-or-treat!”. It was one of the white, middle-aged neighbors I know, with his wife and kid, so after explaining we had no candy we let him in and gave him a bloody Maria while his wife finished the row with their daughter.

    Only in a white neighborhood, neh? I’ll bet he’d never gone trick-or-treating for mixed drinks before. Starting “The Mummy Returns” in a few minutes. Who says white folks don’t know how to have fun? Food, monster movies, the neighbors over for drinks, even when they aren’t expecting to come over for drinks, and cold weather at 6100 feet elevation that will keep the monsters away.

    Sometimes life is amazing.

    • Manimal Cracker

      “The Mummy” with Karloff was the best. The others, mneh…

      • itdoesnotmatter

        TCM is airing scary Vincent Price flix all night.
        Fun, and I can’t stop watching them; dated and campy, who cares?
        I have no problem with the Twitter notice. It is said that rude/crude comments are de rigueur on that site, though I wouldn’t know. Twitter or Facebook are not my cuppa. Too much exposure.
        I hope the “offensive” comment was posted by someone who’s merely expressing a wish for freedom of association, though share others’ opinions that it probably was added by a pot stirring libtard regressive. I’m gobsmacked that the press is all over it. Blacks are said to lead the pack of Twitter’s obnoxious race baiters and that’s no problem for the MSM.
        Luckily, it’s quiet here, no T/Ters at all. In my immediate area, there are no little kids, mostly couples who work out of their homes.
        Brown/black kids bussed into affluent White areas to score higher quality goodies is tacky beyond belief, but typical gibsmedat entitlement behavior. Not to mention a great opportunity for thugs and thugettes to scope out potential burglary marks.
        Keep them out.

        • The only movie that ever scared me was the 1982 version of “The Thing”. I’ve always been afraid of heights, but that just flat-out bothered me.

          No, my daughter does not get to watch that. Mummies that she knows do not exist are one thing, but I have to backstop some things.

          • itdoesnotmatter

            Michael, what will always creep me out is a sequence in the film, “Alien.”
            The slimy monster locks onto John Hurt’s face and unknown to viewer and crew proceeds to lay her eggs in his body. Later, after he is freed, one of its hatched offspring bursts out of his chest at the dinner table.
            What a brilliant, but macabre bit of script writing.
            Freaks me out every time.

          • My ex-father took me to see that one. “Alien” was one of the greats, in the old Vincent Price “haunted house” style. A “haunted house” movie is one in which something is killing people who are trapped and can’t leave (such as from a space ship or a base in Antarctica or some countries we know of).

            The horrible things about “Alien” was that they went after it with nets and electric prods, as if they were trying to round up the ship’s stray cat, and that one of the crew wasn’t even really human, but an android who had been instructed to betray them. The Nostromo’s crew didn’t understand what the alien was going to be like, and they didn’t understand that they had been set up.

            Hawk wasps do this enforced, parasitic pregnancy pregnancy thing with spiders, but using H.R. Giger’s work on the “wasp” was brilliant.

          • itdoesnotmatter

            I didn’t see the third in the Alien[s] series. Heard it was a dog. [no offense, Pugg]. Worth viewing?
            I had a shih tzu who thought she was an alpha. Her first act in our home as a 16wk old puppy was to try to take away my German Shepherd’s bone. Sheba, the Shepherd, promptly let Precious know who was boss.

            One of the best lap dogs ever. She was sweet, calm, sneezed when she meant to bark. Never could bark.
            Excuse the O/T commenting.

          • Halloween subjects for Halloween.

          • itdoesnotmatter

            Chris, I did mention a spooky flick. :]

          • Puggg

            No offense taken. You should hear what I call something bad, but I can’t say it here.

            For your other thing, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

          • itdoesnotmatter

            AWW, Pugggster, you’ve won my heart, but that’s not news. FTR, you can tell me anything.
            Have you seen “Milo and Otis?” Tell your pet man
            to run it for you.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            The Thing is one of my favorite movies of all time. I loved it how that guy’s head came off after it bit the doctor’s arms off and ran off with insect legs before it got torched. Only two movies ever truly frightened me however. The first was the Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho, the second was the first Alien move. A man with a wig bursting into a shower with a knife is frightening, and so is a monster bursting out of a person’s belly.

    • CoweringCoward

      I don’t have the altitude barrier here, local field elevation is 70′, totally in that certain group’s habitable zone for sure. 🙁

      Sat out on the driveway with the GF (who was drinking Shiners like water), and dispensed candy, no alcohol was handed out.

  • baldowl

    I’ve recently begun working with someone I consider to be an educated negro, maybe “one of the good ones.” Last week he told me something I almost laughed at. He actually thinks white people decorate their homes for Halloween just to draw black trick-or-treaters into their neighborhoods. I’m not kidding.
    Even the “good ones” are still…you know.

    I’m considering starting a blog based on what I learn from him.

    • Sighisoara

      What? Really! Where on earth did he possibly get the idea we would ever try to draw black trick-or-treaters into our neighborhoods? If you start that blog please send us a link, I’d love to know where that ridiculous notion came from.

  • Swegen

    Black and mexican kids have ruined Halloween for white kids and their parents are ruining what’s left of the US.

  • RisingReich

    I love the comments on this article tonight. Seems people are finally coming around. The absence of Engleman is also uplifting.
    Thank GOD on this day of the dead.

  • Defiant White

    Good stuff. Whites are waking up to the fact that the game is rigged against them. I am seeing WHITE ANGER and whites snapping back all over the internet.
    Thank you King Obongo for bringing my people together. Now, let my people go, you corrupt bas tard.

  • Defiant White

    Great idea. Fortunately, we live on a mountain and parents and or kids are too lazy to come up. Still, next year I’ll be flying the real flag of American patriots high.

  • pcmustgo

    Craigslist Rants and Raves, especially the NYC section, is full of both black and white racist posters… they go back and forth with each other. So I just don’t understand why this is unusual or a big deal?

  • robinbishop34

    I heard Adam Corolla just last night talk about how some kids from bad neighborhoods are bussed into his area of town to trick or treat. He said something like the kids needed to traverse the beat up sofas on dirt lawns only to be greeted by a homeowner wearing an ankle bracelet in their own ‘hoods. It was pretty clear who he was talking about.

    • redfeathers

      I saw this too. I enjoyed watching O’Reilly look very uncomfortable.

      • robinbishop34

        Yeah, I noticed he Bill moved the conversation along pretty quickly when Adam said that.

        • itdoesnotmatter

          I thought Bill was evolving in the area of race realism.
          I quit watching the Factor because there is too much argumentative shouting and over-talking.

    • Rusty Shackelford

      I see more blacks in my immediate neighborhood on Halloween than I do for the entire rest of the year.

  • puffdaddy

    Do you have to open to door? DO you have to give them candy or can the offending 12 year old sue a private home owner, whom they have trespassed upon, for discrimination?

  • Andy B

    Nice try pretending you guys are on “our” side Reuben.

    • Some of them are; I know a few.

    • WR_the_realist

      He is on our side. This isn’t Stormfront, where every crime carried out by blacks is blamed on Jews. Reuben H, aka Jew Among You, has attended American Renaissance conferences and has been a long time reader of and poster to this board.

  • That’s a good idea, working out of two different bags of candy of very different quality. Only problem is sometimes you get those kids who really deserve quality and then you got the ooks behind them.

    • If you are renting, tell the ooks that you are out of candy, even when they can see you have some. They lie all the time to humans, so we do not owe them any truth, not even to their faces.

      Are they going to say “I gots ta be haben dat, Prezzie Obamalamading-dong! Makes dese here creepy crackas gibs me dat!”

      They already say that, and their government already does. I just say “No”.

      There is no “team” in “I”.

    • indoctrination_FAIL

      Bingo. This was the second Hallowe’en where I did exactly that, with a bag of those small, cheap, waxy “bite-size” Tootsie Rolls.

      Some of the little punks may gotten the message, such as when I said “Tootsie Rolls for you!” and “Special candy for special costumes!”–to, of course, the precious “kids” whose costumes, and frequently treat bags, consisted entirely of cheap backpacks and pillowcases. The kids who made an effort got actually good stuff, like Snickers and Butterfingers. The best of those kids, of course, well, looked like me. Big surprise!…

      One especially egregious and “diverse” little pre-schooler POS presumed to come in my door, point at one of my no-doubt-“racist” bowls of satanically-and-differentially-allocated candy and demanded to know “What’s in there?”

      I shooed him out, and he still got just the Tootsie Rolls, two to be exact. I wish now it had been just one. Or maybe just a rock.

      But I still have about two-thirds of the bag left for future costumeless, classless, clueless punks, er, “Trick-or-Treaters”! It could be the gift that keeps on giving!…

  • judenjager

    No way out but thru the squids.

  • saxonsun

    And your home wasn’t firebombed?

  • Pelayo

    What never ceases anger me is the hypocrasy of Blacks. We live in a community outside Atlantic City. The community is 991/2% ( just a guess) White. Blacks pull up in cars and let their kids go to “Trick or Treat” despite their deep belief in our total, evil racism. They feel secure letting their kids enjoy Halloween in our town because they know that the kids won’t be caught in the cross fire of a drive by” nor will they be sexually assaulted as is the case so many times in the “Hood”.
    Later in the evening, hood type “youths” show up at the door three or four in number, no costume but with masks. NO sane person opens up to them without a Remington 870.

  • When I am called a “racist”, I always just reply “Yes.”

    That ends the string of accusations pronto.

    • pcmustgo

      I say, “Well it depends on how you define a racist. If you mean someone who has had a lot of horrible, racist experiences with ______X group, then yes, I am.”

      I’m thinking about now saying “Racist with a capital R!!!!!!!!!!!”

      • pcmustgo

        I’d rather be an honest racist than a ___________________

  • Gereng

    Lucky me, I live in a west coast city where black children are still far below critical mass. I rarely see one. Our building is intimidating and we rarely get even white kids. Trick and treating is rapidly falling out of favor everywhere for different reasons.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    This Graigslist post reeks of sarcastic manipulation/baiting.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I lit a bonfire in my fireplace in honor of my Celtic ancestors, I do this every year. If I had a large turnip, I would have carved that up too and put some of the embers inside in remembrance of those long, hard, cold, foodless winters that my ancestors in Northern Europe endured, that many did not survive. Mother Nature is heartless and cruel — and it is because THEY endured the hardship that I am here.


      • Romulus

        Hey, Bon. Your homage to your ancient gaelic ancestors brings a smile to face. It’s good to know that some still remember the old ways.

    • Romulus

      So many Americans will not realize what they’ve lost until it’s gone. It’s hard to put into words, the emotions I feel when speaking with folks who not only can’t recall American history, but are completely clueless of even their deep ancestry.
      Thank you for your posts. History, especially ours, is crucial for retaining our identity. I enjoy the fact that your comments include information from our past.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Actually, I like Woody Allen’s quote from “Bananas,” “If God exists, he’s incompetent.”

    Of course, the sober realize that there is no one, no one but us to rely on but ourselves. Those Christian Conservatives forever going on about people needing to take care of themselves instead of expecting government to do it, ought to think about their own greater dependence on a myth form as a psychological neurosis.

  • White Witch

    My neighborhood is over run with Escalades and Yukons full of Mexicans. They run through the flower beds, leave trash everywhere. Even the parents carry pillow cases to get free candy. Are you kidding me?? I wish I could afford an Escalade. I didnt give candy to kids without costumes or their parents! Buy your own candy!

  • sbuffalonative

    Boondocks, like the Chappel Show, was an amazing show. The more McGruder tried to ‘keep it real’ and show blacks as they are, the more he reinforced the realties of black stereotypes.

  • andreabeth7

    “Folks, we have to stop goofing around on the all-important issue of pursuing our exclusively White Ethnostate. We absolutely MUST separate ourselves from these hostile, dangerous, parasitic, incompatible, and indigestible racial enemies – before they manage to completely devour our race.”

    Yes. Don’t hate. Separate. If we are to survive, we must be permitted to go our own separate way.

    • Who is this “we” Kimosabe, and what do I get out of it?

      Please remember that there is no “team” in “I”.

      • andreabeth7

        ‘We’ is anyone who prefers to live with others of their own choosing, people who have similar hopes and goals for their community. Anyone who prefer reap the many benefits of diversity, whatever they may be, should be free to live among yoofs and mestizos. I have no problem with that. I do not want to live around them but if others do, that is fine with me.

  • pcmustgo

    Thinking of it now, back in high school, blacks from the neighboring black town would come to our (very white) town on Halloween and get into violent fights, back up for the few black kids we had in our high school, taking sides with them. It was the first time I ever heard of someone getting stabbed, for instance, in my town.

  • pcmustgo

    I remember R & B super star Mary J. Blige talking about how ghetto her hood was- adult men would steal candy from the little kids – rob them for it. Yonkers, NY.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    If hoodie rats show up at my door on Halloween, I got something for them and it’s neither a trick or a treat……but it is a sudden and lethal case of lead poisoning. Showing up with masks on their faces will result in darkies getting fatally shot.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    How about answering the door looking like the witch below? I would love to see uninvited non-whites running like spooked deer.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Nope, the witch in the picture is from a recent Russian horror movie based on the one from Gogol’s story ‘Viy.” In the original story a young man locked in a church finds himself fighting for his life not only against a witch, but her demonic playmates too in the picture below. The original story is much scarier than the 2006 Vedma movie, where a tabloid reporter finds out the woman who attacked him before he drowned her in a bathtub was a witch, AND the local police chief’s daughter. Originally, the witch was the daughter of a Cossack chieftain, who knew full well along with everyone else in the village what she was. Baba Yaga was not only a witch, she commanded all the other witches. She is merely the most well known and fearsome, most Slavic mythology was never written, it was oral tradition only when Christianity came to Eastern Europe.