Attackers in Mexico Blow up Nine Electrical Plants

Tracy Wilkinson, Los Angeles Times, October 27, 2013

Assailants early Sunday blew up at least nine electrical power plants in one of Mexico’s largest states, triggering blackouts that gunmen then used as cover to torch gasoline stations, residents and authorities said.

The attacks in Michoacan state, west of the capital, did not cause deaths or serious injuries, authorities said. But they served as a pointed reminder of the strength of drug gangs and other criminals.

Shortly after midnight, attackers armed with Molotov cocktails almost simultaneously disabled electrical substations in at least nine cities and towns in Michoacan, plunging an estimated 1 million people into darkness. The power was out for 15 hours.

Gunmen then torched four gasoline stations, including two in the state capital of Morelia, a popular tourist destination.

Michoacan for years has been controlled either by the Knights Templar or its predecessor La Familia, cartels that specialize in methamphetamine exported to the United States and that have controlled many city halls and police departments. More recently, groups of citizens have taken up weapons to form self-defense squads against the traffickers.

It may have been one of these groups that briefly seized the city hall in the large town of Apatzingan, residents said.


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  • bigone4u

    Mixed race societies have no ability to create peaceful, relatively crime free environments. Perhaps it is because of a criminal gene that is yet to be discovered by scientists, or perhaps it is for other reasons. But honesty, truth, respect for others, civility, and a long list of other traits of civilization are present in Central and South America only to a limited degree. The civilizing influence of the white man is wearing off in Mexico and that country will continue to degenerate into chaos. So will we if “immigration reform” does not focus on cleansing the USA of these creatures.

    • Mixed race societies are criminal societies because race mixing is criminal, and only criminality can come from it.

      • bigone4u

        Our ancestors should have picked their own cotton. They should also have learned the fine art of masturbation, rather than taking up with native women and black slave women. The sex drive of our ancestors has created a big problem for us. Alternatively to masturbation, they should have brought their wives with them from Europe.

        • Anglokraut

          I made a similar comment to my boyfriend. He’s Canadian, and had to listen to all the pro-aboriginal tripe in school. When I asked about the long, troubled history of half-breeds, I made the observation that most of them came from French male/Abo female matings. I asked where the British male/Abo female instigators were, and was told that that pairing was a lot more rare. I said “of course it was. The British were a lot better about not f**king the natives. A lesson lost on the Catholics of Spain and France.”

          • Erasmus

            But masturbation is a “sin” and race mixing isn’t.
            (sarcasm off)

        • Jack Burton

          By “our ancestors” you mean yours, Latin Americans? Rather the Latins should have never colonized outside their country, they can’t control themselves.

          In North America as a rule we did not interbreed with the locals. We had strict social and legal rules against it. Of course you can never stop 100% of it, there are always criminals and deviants, mentally ill people in any population, but as a rule North America was colonized in a very different way than South America.

          The solution is to reestablish racial hygiene standards and recolonize Central and South America with people of Northern European descent while sterilizing the mixed-race Latins, being the vast majority of the population, even among so-called “whites.”

          Some may channel their inner Jew and shriek at the thought of this, but really, what are our enemies doing? Our people are currently being displaced and replaced by third-world mongrels. They have no problem doing it to us, they do it with glee.

          • Spartacus

            “…sterilizing the mixed-race Latins…”


            There’s no such thing as a mixed-race Latin. Latins are White people whose native language is either Italian, Romanian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin or Romansh . A mongrel is a mongrel regardless of what language it speaks .

          • M.

            Most Iberians and Southern Italians have Moorish blood in them, alas. You can’t expect a centuries-long colonisation by Muslims not to leave some sequels.

            I also hear part of the Romanians have some Gypsy blood.

          • Spartacus

            Actually, that’s wrong. Genetic tests have proven that outside Sicily, some parts of southern Italy, and some parts of Greece, the rest of the continent is pretty much the same genetically .

            Romanians don’t have gypsy blood, but some gypsies have Romanian blood. Our laws used to be that, if one Romanian (or another White person) wanted to marry a gypsy, they could, but they had to live in the șatra (that’s what the gypsies call their camps) and lived segregated from the rest of society.

            What’s more, gypsies themselves, due primarily to their nomadic life-style, are very tribal and almost never marry non-gipsies . I’ve only ever heard of a hand-full of such cases on TV or in the news, and never met one personally .

          • M.

            Well, the Moors just happened to occupy Sicily. So there you go!
            However, I’m very intrigued with that story of Arabs being originally White. Because now, they look more or less like a 20% Black/ 80 White mixture.
            Do you happen to have any references about them mixing with their slaves?

          • Spartacus

            The number of blacks enslaved by arabs ranged from a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 17 million. Arabs were well known to practice sexual slavery, and it was not uncommon for them to convert and adopt their bastards .


          • M.


          • frederickdixon

            The native population of North Africa west of Egypt are Berbers whose surviving scattered populations – where they are still unmixed – are unquestionably white, and occasionally fair haired and blue eyed. Don’t forget Homer who wrote of “Daedalus, who wrought a dancing floor for the fair haired daughters of Libya”. It’s likely that the Arab armies which occupied Spain and Sicily were largely Berber in composition – perhaps that’s why you sometimes see Sicilians with blue eyes?

          • I am a mongrel. This doesn’t bother me very much. Perhaps I am used to it, as the term doesn’t hurt me. I have saved everyone the anguish of their staying awake nights imagining me with a white woman.

          • M.

            Well, you can still get back in line. Provided your offspring doesn’t race-mix again. At some point in the lineage, the non-White part of yours will get diluted out of existence.
            I mean, if someone is 1/36th White, then they’re White, since there’s probably nothing Black/Mexican/etc about them anymore.

          • In other words, I can dilute it out, but I can never get rid of it all. I would rather just be your ally.

          • M.

            The purists will tell you you won’t; the less purists will tell you, “what’s a drop in the ocean, really!”
            A friend of mine says one of his great-grandfathers was Arab, but now the dude is a white-skinned brown-haired and green-eyed fella. Absolutely nothing Arab about him anymore.

            Anyway, I respect your decision and your understanding. You’re worth more as a non-White ally than any of the White trash marxist traitors.

          • Spartacus

            The problem isn’t the arab ancestry . Arabs were White, before they mixed with the black slaves they brought from Africa. Tell your friend to get a DNA test, and if his grandfather was a pure Arab, without any black DNA, then he’s White .

          • fuzzypook

            I think Michael (my favorite poster by the way) is being factious. Michael is white with a smidgen of Native American. If everyone with a little NA blood were not considered white we would sure have a lot less white people in our country!

          • Spartacus

            The issue of assimilation is really not a complicated one . What matters the most is what kind of mongrel you are .

            When considering if someone who has non-White blood in his veins is White, there are 3 factors that must be taken into account :

            1. Aesthetics – Can their descendants, with time, look White ? The answer is yes for most non-Whites, with the exception of sub-saharans and aborigines, and thus those two groups are excluded.
            2. Capabilities – Can their descendants, with time, have the same intelligence, creativity, and inner discipline(commonly referred to as “impulse control”) as Whites do ? The answer is yes for most non-White groups except sub-Saharans, Aborigines and sub-Continentals, hence this excludes those three groups .
            3. Spiritual – Can they understand and identify with the heroes of the White race, can they have the same goals, same dreams, same ideals as the greatest White men and women that ever lived? The answer is yes for all groups except sub-Saharans, Aborigines, sub-Continentals and jews .

            To put it more bluntly – Someone who has Asian(yellow) or north-American indian ancestry can be White, so long as they fulfill those 3 criteria I’ve written above . Sorry to disappoint you Mike – but you’re White . And what’s more, if you and your own don’t do anything stupid – Then I see no reason why your grandchildren or great-grandchildren (that is to be decided by your local Eugenics council after one is set up) can be considered Fully White .

            What I’ve written above is in perfect accordance with the writings and analyses of virtually all great thinkers of racial issues we’ve had, from H.P. Lovecraft to David Duke and to all the ones in between .

            If you have any questions, I’m more than willing to give you answers.

          • Erasmus

            “Irishmen” don’t shriek when policies for racial purity are maintained for their benefit. “Irishmen” want to keep their blood lines pure. They want the “non-Irish” to miscegenate.

        • Whitetrashgang

          Well the Spanish would rape the woman and kill the men making a better native and controlling the population. As for who was screwing the black woman is beyond me but still you get a better black .

          • For quite a long time, Spanish colonists going to Latin America were overwhelmingly single men. Arrivals in what is now the United States included lots of these, but also whole families who were fleeing war and religious oppression. The Spanish were thus far more likely to have to make do with native women than Scottish Jacobites, French Huguenots, Germans and so-on.

            Additionally, the native population density in what became Latin America was higher, so even after the huge die-off that resulted from imported European diseases, there were more Indians left.

      • Jack Burton

        Agreed, miscegenation is criminal and sinful. God created the races, why would he not want his creations preserved. Anti-miscegenation laws need to be reinstated and expanded.

    • Jack Burton

      They’ve already established that behavior and psychopathy are partly heritable, there is no question. It’s not one gene but many genes.

    • c684570


    • rowingfool

      This incident reminds me of a similar one in Africa a while ago. Two factions (like the Hutus and Tutsuis sp.?) led by despot “Generals” were warring over control of a Nation. All the usual bloodshed, mutilations, rapes, destruction of cities etc. But in a stroke of genius, one of them decided to BLOW UP THE NATION’S ONLY HYDROELECTRIC PRODUCING DAM in order to–get this–deprive the nation of electricity SO THAT HIS OPPONENT WOULD APPEAR TO BE INCOMPETENT and therefore lose the support of the people who would throw their weight behind the other General which would then lead to his getting control.

      Yeah! How’s THAT for a plan? Blow up the Nation’s only hydroelectric dam. Now we’re talking. See? See? Bet none of you guys would of thought of doing that, would you? That’s why HE’S the General and you’re just idle chatterers on the Internet!

  • Spartacus

    These are all future Americans, right ?

    • So CAL Snowman

      Definitely, and I would bet that many of their relatives are already here providing front line surveillance. “American” is just a slang term for a third world nobody that is not currently living in the United States.

  • Anglokraut

    Stories like these remind me that I must have a death-wish for going to spend Christmas in Mexico this year. Not my idea, but my boyfriend’s parents retired to La Paz. Gringo money buys good security there, or so I’m told.

    I’m still scared, though.

    • joesolargenius

      La Paz had always been one of the better places for Americans to spend long periods of time but I wouldn’t recommend any place in Mexico anymore as they are kiling more than a hundred Americans a year in that Country.

      • DonReynolds

        Don’t drive there. You may not make it alive.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Amen. There are ‘banditos’ who stop American cars and kidnap the occupants.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I have friends who moved to La Paz in the 90’s. Have never heard from them again. You best check for an online map of areas that have become violent and are anti-U.S. citizens. For decades in certain areas, Baja included, there have been reports of missing Americans due to gangs and ‘banditos’.

      • joesolargenius

        Even back in the late seventies and early eighties entire American Families would just disappear when traveling in Mexico but the Media never covered it here.

  • This was clearly a cry for help because the poor greaseritos y greaseritas had been oppressed by our calling them ugly, short and stupid. In reality, they are ugly, short and stupid, but white racists completely ignore their finer points, like the fact that they are lazy thieves.

    • IstvanIN

      Lazy? They sound ambitious when it comes to blowing up infrastructure.

      • Mia culpa. To give credit where credit is due, they’re also pretty solid behind rape, cock-fighting and drunk driving. Think of the amount of dedicated work it takes to watch a pair of roosters tear each other to bloody pieces!

        • bigone4u

          Cock fighting and animal cruelty are a specialty with them. Thank god I found my pit bull as a stray pup before the local dog fighters saw him.

          • There’s also their total rejection of our unfair, racist, Western hygiene standards when it comes to food preparation. That’s certainly one of their better aspects. Think of all the soap they are conserving!

          • Whitetrashgang

            Use to work as a EMT in a native reserve up northern Canada, Violence is off the charts, rape is a sport, murder a hobby and yet these people are living off 50,000 to 100,000 a year tax free..I could tell you stories.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Are these the All Nations people who’ve ‘sued’ for reparations and blamed churches, nuns and priest for the murder of their children in orphanages?

          • Whitetrashgang

            Yes the churches may not have treated them right but they treat themselves 100 times worse for no reason.

        • fuzzypook

          Don’t forget bedbug breeding.

    • DonReynolds

      Naaaah….. this will just give a half-million pepper bellies the RIGHT to demand a green card at the border as refugees. No problemo.

  • Puggg

    A coming attraction here?

  • This will be regular news here in 20 years.

    • No it won’t. The media will be forced to prioritize coverage, so beheadings and dismemberments will get more air time.

      • DonReynolds

        What are you thinking? The media will not report such divisive and negative news about their masters any more than they have their favorite pets. We will get NO SUCH news, except by word of mouth. It will still happen. We will still have murder and sit in the dark, but all the media will report is how wonderful, vibrant and diverse our society has become.
        Now, if a white racist Nazi muthurfukkker happens to defend himself with a pistol that has not be confiscated yet or one of the Newest Citizens is beat to a frazzle during a home invasion of a cracker house, well……of course…..that will be national news. Even the Guardian and Daily Mail will run it.

        • Of course they will report it. They’ll say it is “whites” like George Zimmerman doing it.

        • M.

          Actually, the Guardian is already left-leaning, so they’d run it anyway.
          But point taken.

      • MBlanc46

        If it bleeds, it leads.

  • MekongDelta69

    And yet… still more brown family values.

    • Brown family values ….. drunk driving and being a younger generation female relative’s “first”.

      • Presidents Oogabooga and Shrubya want these folks living in your neighborhood, but not theirs.

      • Whitetrashgang

        What does a native girl say when losing her virginity, dad your crushing my smokes. Natives will laugh at that joke?

  • odious liberal

    Coming to America, sooner than you think.

  • Anglokraut

    Which is precisely why I’m nervous–because I know it’s dangerous–but my boyfriend and I are getting serious, so I have to meet his parents sooner or later. I just would be a lot happier if they hadn’t chosen Mexico for their retirement.

    • rowingfool

      Don’t worry so much. LaPaz, in Baha Sur is part of a free trade zone. Merchants from all over Mexico come there to buy imported watches etc. to transport (via the ferry) to the mainland where they return to their native town to sell their goods. Because there is so much commerce there it is attractive to thieves. But the government knows this so they respond with heavy policing. Federales, state troops, local police, customs officials, I’ve never seen so many disciplined looking cops in one place. Americans who live there tell me it is one of the safest places in Mexico. It is separate from the mainland, and they go their own way.

      Avoid the border. Fly direct to the airport in San Jose del Cabo. Take a first class bus to LaPaz or have his parents pick you up in their car. You should be fine. Most crime in Mexico is drug related and has to do with smuggling. LaPaz is 900 miles from the border. Relax, unlimber your rusty Spanish, try the fish tacos in the restaurants along the Malecon (sp?) with the excellent classic Spanish guitar band.

      • rowingfool

        I meant Pescado Veracruz, not fish tacos (though they’re probably very good too).

      • Anglokraut

        Thanks; everything you said is something my boyfriend has also said, and he’s been to this area many times already. He said the safe way in is to fly directly, and he did say that I’d have to take a bus–and THAT’S the part that really terrifies me.

        • rowingfool

          The first class buses are fine. Big seats, TV movies etc. Direct routes with just a few stops. Inexpensive by our standards. Don’t be terrified. In all my travels in Mexico I was never threatened. Just read your guide book and avoid the worst places. Use your common sense. Keep it between the ditches of over concern to the point of not being able to enjoy yourself and careless nonchalance that invites trouble. Balance the terror with the wonder.

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        But don’t drink the water!

  • Mexico had nine working electrical power plants?

  • Anglokraut

    Well, my boyfriend and his family are Canadian, and the rite of passage for any Canadian who has the money to retire, is to “snowbird” down to Arizona, Florida, or Mexico. At the moment, Mexico can support a high standard of living for a Canadian or an American who didn’t lose everything in 2008, but the cost is still prohibitive to most Mexicans.
    I’ve laid out my concerns, and I still have an escape: my home is up for sale, and if I have to move in December, I won’t be able to go to Mexico. Darn.

    • skara_brae

      Re your “…rite of passage for any Canadian” may I just say that’s absolute rubbish.

      • Anglokraut

        And I say that you must not live in the “Valley of the Sun” as I do. The population of the East Valley of Phoenix increases by roughly a million starting in September, and then decreases by about the same number in April.

        And judging by the parking lot at Wal-Mart, they ain’t local.

  • Erasmus

    Build the damn wall, you arseholes in Washington. This tschit is already spilling out over the border.

    (When the fit really hits the fan, their should be harsh reprisals against our “leaders” who refused or failed to do their duty to protect this country.)

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Meth is death.

    • I’ve known a couple guys who got into meth. It was the end of their lives as they knew it. One had been a mechanical engineer with a house a wife and a son. He’s now at a halfway house after his second prison stint. The other had been a TSA airport cop and is currently serving a life sentence for molesting children.

      Trailer park meth labs receive a lot of publicity, but it is the Mexican gangs who supply most of the methamphetamines sold in the United States.