Tony Blair’s Daughter Kathryn Blair Held up at Gunpoint by Muggers

Claire Carter, Telegraph (London), September 19, 2013

The 29-year-old barrister came face to face with the thieves as she and her boyfriend were walking their dog shortly after the wedding of her brother Euan.

The two men, one armed with a gun, demanded cash and jewellery before suddenly fleeing empty-handed.

The former Prime Minister’s daughter and her partner were shocked but unhurt.

It is believed Ms Blair and her boyfriend were threatened near her townhouse in Marylebone, central London on Monday evening.

The pair had spent the weekend with father Tony and mother Cherie in Buckinghamshire for Euan’s wedding to Suzanne Ashman.

One security expert told the Express: “It seems staggering that the daughter of a man who evokes such extreme emotions in some should be wandering around in the dark at night without protection.

“To think she had a gun pulled on her and was effectively defenceless raises massive questions about her personal safety.

“Thankfully she came to no harm but the potential terrorism threat is obvious.’’

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “We were alerted at around 8.30pm to two robberies in the street in the Marylebone area.

“The first happened at 8pm and was carried out by a lone suspect. The second occurred approximately 30 minutes later.

“We believe both robberies were carried out by the same male suspect, though on the second occasion he was accompanied by another individual.

“Neither of the two victims were injured. A firearm was shown on each occasion though no shots were discharged. Officers are investigating both robberies. There have been no arrests at this stage.

“We believe nothing was stolen in one of the robberies. We are still investigating the details of the other.”

A spokesman for the Blairs said: “Kathryn was with a group of friends. No one was hurt and nothing was stolen.”

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  • Spartacus

    Shame she wasn’t killed. Think about all the dark-skins that were let in during her father’s mandate in Britain, and how much pain they caused, and you’ll agree with me.

    • IstvanIN

      As horrible as your statement is, I have to admit I thought the same thing when I read the article earlier today.

      • Archibald_Cunningham

        I normally wouldn’t want to see harm come to any person who wasn’t directly involved, but I think the scale and severity of her father’s treason warrants it in this case. It would have been a small sliver of justice for the English people.

        • IstvanIN

          The payback to him would be far worse than if he died. He should suffer like so many other mothers and fathers have.

      • Spartacus

        We live in horrible times my friend. Adapt or die, those are your choices.

        • bigone4u

          Do you have “preppers” in Romania? Are you one of them?

          • Spartacus

            We have a few, but not many. I’m not sure I’m one of them, I only prepared for conflict, no food reserves, no water, no hide-out in the mountains…

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            Joining the EU is tantamount to cultural and ethnic suicide. I can’t believe the disgusting things being done by the “pro-West” politicians and rich in Chisinau, Moldova, including scouring orphanages for little victims to be sold off to brothels in the Middle East.

  • Puggg

    Scotland Yard (we dogs like yards) didn’t say anything about the racial identity of the suspect. Though in not saying anything, they’ve probably told us what we need to know.

  • What England really needs is another Queen Elizabeth (the first version, not the second) to issue a decree banishing blacks from her realm.

    Failing that, the Met, the London police, need to do SQF. Although I understand they once had an equivalent, colloquially known as the “sus law.”

    • OlderWoman

      Queen Elizabeth I is my heroine.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Be fair, Queen Elizabeth ll has no real power to do anything and has to appease politicians and tread lightly. The historic and political conditions of the 16th and 20th centuries are so widely separate that neither monarch of the same name can be compared.

        As one that studied and re-enacted Elizabethan England for over a decade, Elizabeth l was mostly fortunate to have so many loyal subjects due to the religious schism that preceded her reign and the men that did the actual deeds during her reign often did not do them through directives, but were severely punished if they failed (Raleigh). In those times the monarchy was absolute and paternal, no matter what sex the reigning monarch. But the real credit goes to men like Sir Francis Drake (a “privateer”) covering his deeds as service to her majesty but that Elizabeth would disavow as acting on her orders; Drake wandered the seas and made his own strategies with only the vaguest of connection to the crown. It was he that single-handedly stratetgized and defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588. She had nothing to do with Drake’s brilliant seamanship or his use of cannon that were longer barreled (by his design) than the Spanish. Regardless, they had a warm, politically symbiotic relationship. What Elizabeth l was really good at, was using promises of marriage to Phillip of Spain to frustrate him personally and personally upbraid him for assuming he could gain control of England and enlarge his empire through marriage to her, who he thought must be desperate personally. She used promises of marriage to the French Count D’Anjou to gain political support against Spain’s accusations of Drake’s “piracy.” Drake was part of the infamous Rathlin Island Massacre under her rule, where 400-700 women and children were viciously slain while their “chieftain,” Sorely Boy MacDonnell was forced to watch. This was after slaying the 200 men that surrendered honorably. The only description possible for this is genocide. (This is interesting history for Americans because the English crown was attempting to being the Ulster Plantation as a sort of off-shore prison for “Border Scots” and other difficult groups, with rents that became so high that many of them opted to sail to the American colonies and set up in the remote Appalachian mountains and later formed the majority of volunteers for George Washington during the revolution). Elizabeth 1 certainly deserves credit as a good sexual politician. The often violent royal competition was as strong in her as he had ever been as she had her cousin executed for plotting against her and locked her best men in the tower if they failed (Virginia colony – Sir Walter Raleigh) or appeared anxious to marry her out of a desire for ruling power. One could (and they have) postulated that her real driving force in executing Mary was that she was barren and Catholic Mary’s son James would certainly (and did) succeed her. It is actually Shakespeare who emerges from that period as its greatest figure, not Elizabeth. Certainly, she rode the wave of the English Renaissance, which had little to do with her and far more to do with the “Italian influence.” In modern times, feminists hold her up and create myths about her, but her reality is more mundane and in line with the autocrats of her time. (I have a personally signed copy of “I, Elizabeth,” which is probably the biggest piece of feminist revisionism ever done).

        I hope one or two readers enjoy this quick historical synopsis.

        • Look to Dursey Island in Co Cork for a forgotten massacre of the Elizabethan era, where the Gaelic rebels who sided with the Spaniards of 1601 in Kinsale the year that Gaelic Ireland lost everything, the lords of Beara sent their invalided, women and children to Dursey island several miles away from the fighting of males, but after the fall of Dunboy their refugees where butchered with disregard to any honourable rules of war. Dursey where the English made the sea run red with Irish blood.

          “I got to thinking of the massacre of my forebears – my mother’s forefathers and mothers. There was only one survivor – Philip O’Sullivan who was twelve years old and hid himself away on the Island of Dursey, the seat of the royal O’Sullivan Bearas. The story he told was appalling, all the little babies of the island were put on pikes and paraded throughout the island before their parents eyes and then everyone alive was butchered and thrown over the high cliffs to be dashed on the rocks below.”

          • All that said: I wish nothing but success for my white brothers and sisters in the inevitable fore-coming fight for English self determination, for all our wars English/Irish English/German, German/Polish we are racial kin, but let us as white men not forget our own histories.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I traveled in Ireland for a couple months in 1988 and have read a great deal of the historic accounts. Amazing, the genocidal slaughters that the English repeatedly performed there either out of the need to gain control or the land or simply as a matter of religious divide (that created the political divide). But ultimately, it’s just that London never got over the Roman need to dominate all the Islands. History is history and the epoch of whites killing whites is hopefully over. I was originally pointing out to a woman poster who idolizes Elizabeth l that she was every bit as bloody and egocentric as the worst of the male rulers and it was hardly to her credit that the military victories were made as monarchs could hardly micromanage someone like Drake by cell phone or even pigeon mail.

          • Yes thank you I am not anti English (unlike maybe 20 years ago) all races commit crimes, I merely want what happened in Ireland recognised and respected that we were a unique civilisation, that English intervention was not good for, even thought the English had no doubt what they thought were good reasons for intervention..Iraq? . Its funny I grew up hating the English now I see extended family that I would seriously consider fighting for. Thanks for the reply.

  • David Ashton

    This report doesn’t identify the race of the suspects. It was very dark, but maybe the victims could see the whites of their eyes, nome sane?

  • Luca

    How could this have happened? Britain has very tough anti-gun laws.

    Don’t tell me the criminals are not following the laws!

  • JohnEngelman

    It is unfortunately the case that white liberals usually need to be victims of black crime before they acknowledge that blacks are a problem.

    • joesolargenius

      I wonder how the Media would have handled it the victim had been raped instead of just threatened , and I don’t believe they just suddenly ran away without taking souvenirs. Most likely the real story was that the couple was robbed and it was downplayed because of her Fathers culpability in the immigration problem.

    • OlderWoman

      They make excuses for them. They have false guilt which doesn’t allow them to be objective about the fact that blacks are a blight on humanity wherever they are.

  • Chris

    Liberals like social justice. I like Poetic Justice.

  • bigone4u

    A tiny taste of poetic justice for the Blair family. But for millions of Brits who suffer because of the scum politicians, there is no justice. For the young teen girls raped by the Pakis and other Mooslims, the pensioners murdered by the blacks, and every victim in between, the only real justice would be to put the scum on trial for treason and hang them afterward. That could be before or after Britain is racially cleansed.

    • William Krapek

      “For the young teen girls raped by the Pakistanis and other Mooslims,…”

      I call them Mohammedans. They hate that. We “corrected” ourselves and stopped calling them that when they complained. I like letting them know I couldn’t give a rat’s ass for what they think.

      Even if it were still warm and quivering in my hands.

    • Spartacus

  • sbuffalonative

    Does anyone else remember some years back Blair’s son was held up by a black guy with a knief?

  • Gotsumpnferya

    Liberals are Conservatives that haven’t been mugged yet .

    • jackryanvb

      Ok, but “Neo Conservatives are liberals who…..

      Just like to forment US wars for Israel and takeover American Conservative magazines and think tanks and purge solid White men for saying or even thinking something…..


  • Chris Granzow XI

    Believe me, he’ll still put his head in the sand. In milwaukee, the mayor was attacked with a tire iron and his son was robbed with a sawed-off shotgun, all in relatively safe areas of town. He still got on Piers Morgan’s show and talked about how “safe” it was, while the black county sheriff told it like it was.

    Out in california, the liberal congressmen and women passed laws letting immigrants in (and therefore shifting the demographics) a decade or so ago. I recall reading how most of these same government officials then moved to Wyoming and Montana when they retired 🙂

  • Mergatroyd

    “a mile from the £975,000 home her father bought her in 2010, and near his own central London property”

    Funny how many of these socialists who are public servants serving “the people” and collecting a so-called meager salary end up as multimillionaires. Blair is apparently worth $45 million. Maybe he got lucky like Hilarious Clinton and turned $100 into millions. Redistribution is only for YOUR money, not his. Typical socialist hypocrite.

    • William Krapek

      The tribe has rewarded him well for his genocidal policies against White people at home and the criminal attack on Iraq abroad. They hate White people. And they’ve been teaming up on them and stabbing them in the back since King David and Uriah the Hittite.

      (The Hittites were Indo-Europeans. Interestingly enough, so was King Solomon’s Temple. The archaeological record on that is beyond dispute. It was a combination Hittite and Philistine design. The Philistines were also Indo-Europeans who were related to the Greeks. In fact they lived like them, too. The hearth was the center of gravity for their families, and they lived in city-states. It was centuries after King David’s death before we ever heard of a Philistine King. Until then we only heard of the Lords of the Philistines. And their Five Cities.)

      • Brian

        AFAIK, there is no archaeological evidence that King Solomon’s temple even existed. Agree on the rest.

        • William Krapek

          Oh no. Nothing’s been found of the Temple itself because that site was thoroughly destroyed twice and two other temples were built on top of it. Then there’s also the fact the a thorough evaluation of the site would probably start a war with every Muslim in the Middle East. But Solomon’s Temple has been definitely confirmed in exhaustive detail.

          One of the strange details of Solomon’s Temple was the two pillars – Jachin and Boaz. Cabalists and Masons have meditated on them for centuries. And nobody knows what those terms even mean. And now we know why: they’re probably not Hebrew. In fact they’re probably not even Semitic. You be better served by studying the older Hittite and Greek languages if you want to find out what they mean. All other details given for Solomon’s temple were fully confirmed as existing in temples that were built before his: two (at least) in Turkey and one built by the Philistines in Syria. The porches, hallways, and elevated Holy of Holies in the rear. The chambers/hallways on either side of the building. All that is there.

          And considering it’s Indo-Europeans who took the lead in Christianity – and the fact that the Indo-Europeans INSIST that JESUS is the Temple – I think the Indo-European design of Solomon’s Temple is veery interesting. And theologically relevant in our argument with Jews.

          Combine all the above with the fact that archaeology has recently arrived at a firm conclusion that the area around Jerusalem definitely was under the control of a centralized kingdom by 1000 B.C. and you’ve got a solid case.

  • The Final Solution

    Anyone ever see the British movie about the old army veteran pensioner who finally has enough of these ‘youths’ destroying his neighborhood and decides to get armed and do something about it? It was pretty good although I can’t remember the name of it. He pretty much takes em all down because he has nothing to lose.

    • I seem to remember one along these lines, although it was not a pensioner, so it is probably not the same film. The one I am thinking of is from 2004 and called ‘dead man’s shoes’ – which shows an ex-forces man come back and deal with the drug dealers that took advantage of his mentally disabled brother. That is a gripping film in a typically British ‘low budget’ but quality fashion.

    • I also seem to remember one with the actor Sean Bean in it, who goes vigilante or something. I cannot remember the name of that one either.

    • skara_brae

      “Harry Brown” featuring the great Michael Caine. But naturally the thugs were white.

  • kjh64

    The fact that the perps were described as “males” lets me know right there the robbers weren’t White.

  • I have not read much about this, but I did hear it mentioned on the BBC radio news bullitin yesterday afternoon.

    I had to laugh at their description…..the BBC said the police were after “two men”. LOL. That was the extent of the discription. I therefore take that as being the obvious suspects then…..but I have not read and confirmed this yet.

  • Earl Turner

    It’s only fair that the elites get their fair share of the diversity and cultural enrichment they’ve inflicted on us peasants.


    Well, as far as I’m concerned. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving daughter than that of Tony “ship’em in by the boatload” Blair’s!

  • jeffaral

    What a pity the muggers didn’t rape her.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Tony Blair’s deed have come back to bite him. Let’s wait and see if he says ANYTHING.

  • Yes, it is a great film – and I agree, it is somehow spoilt because the director is behind “This is England”.

    That is a film which some newbies on the so called “right” have previously held up as some sort of example of the culture, probably a bit like Romper Stomper did all those years previously. They are of course there to undermine a proper message which we seek to give.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    Two men, you say? Well I’m sure the good folks of London will be on the lookout for anyone matching this description to report them to the local constabulary.