Miss America, Meet India’s ‘Dark’ Side

Tunku Varadarajan, The Daily Beast, September 17, 2013

A woman of Indian origin, Nina Davuluri of New York, is the new Miss America. In the first wave of news about her winning this arguably outdated concourse, there was an almighty collision between two American cultural strains. The first celebrated her ascent to tiarahood, seeing hers as a triumph of diversity and assimilation (values that have not always marched in lockstep in this land). The Girl Next Door can be a dark-skinned daughter of immigrants from Andhra Pradesh, a state in the southeast of India whose inhabitants speak Telugu, 13th in the list of the most-spoken languages worldwide. Take a bow, America. (Compare this country with mostly dark-skinned Brazil, which has had not a single nonwhite Miss Brazil.)

The second cultural strain revealed itself in a torrent of abuse on Twitter and other forums. Some disenchanted Americans gave vent to a racial displeasure over this incomprehensibly exotic Miss America. {snip}

What should give us pause, however, is the debate in India that has followed Davuluri’s American coronation. This is set out at some length in a column by Lakshmi Chaudhry, who makes the polemical (and paradoxical) point that our Miss America is “too Indian” to stand a chance of being Miss India.

In a nutshell, what Indians are saying (many openly and some with chagrin) is that Davuluri is too dark, too dusky, for the conventional standards of Indian beauty. In India a light skin—“fair” is the word most Indians deploy in the vocabulary of beauty—is prized in women, and lightness of skin is elevated above all other facial features as a signifier of beauty. It matters not one whit that Davuluri’s physiognomy is immensely pleasing to the eye, that her smile could light up a small cricket stadium, that her lustrous hair is a thing to marvel at, because her epidermis is far too many shades removed from “fairness” for her to be considered beautiful. This matter is, in the Indian dialectic of beauty, nonnegotiable. {snip}

As a forensic exercise, I encourage you to Google “Miss India” and compare the complexions of the winners of the last 10 years with that of Davuluri. The preference for light skin isn’t confined to beauty pageants. It dominates the acres of classified matrimonial ads in Indian newspapers. It figures casually and brutally in schoolyard banter, where dark-skinned children are dismissed as “kallu” or “blackie” by confreres sometimes with skin barely half a shade lighter. (Imagine the lifelong impact on a girl who, from her earliest days at school, is looked upon as ugly because of her complexion.) It affects the health of young girls, who are often prevented from playing outdoor sports because being in the sun could “blacken” them. It figures, even, in the adoption business, where dark-skinned orphans and foundlings struggle to find a home. {snip}

The worst culprit of all in India’s culture of pigmentocracy is Bollywood. In all its decades of existence, there have been no more than three or four leading actresses—or “heroines,” as they are called in India—who might be described as dark. So year after year, in film after film, Indians receive the message that there can be no beauty, no glamour, without light skin: 99 percent of India’s movie stars don’t share a complexion with 99 percent of Indians. One of the few dark-skinned movie stars, Nandita Das, has launched a campaign called “Dark Is Beautiful,” designed to fight the Indian stereotypes of beauty, as well as to take on the multimillion-dollar skin-lightening-cream industry in India. {snip}


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  • MekongDelta69

    As someone else wrote on A.T., all the people who were ‘looking for racism’ had to dig way down into Twitter, of all places, to find those ‘rascally widdle racists’.

    DIE-versity is a leftist’s veritable orgasmic god (small ‘g’). It is more important than ANY OTHER thing (living or not) in their lives.
    But then again, leftists are also mentally deranged genetic mutants.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      I have never met anyone who was not “racist” in acting one way or another due to skin color, ethnicity, etc. The ones that pretend they aren’t are the biggest liars of all.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    One really has to winder, how many racists tweets were actually unleashed? A few hundred? If the population of the USA is 330 million, and she got 100 tweets, what is the percentage? BTW, within India, there is a huge racist attitiude – they are called Untouchables.

    • Andy

      Nina Davuluri would not be an untouchable. She is Dravidian, and untouchables are Australoids.

      • Sick of it

        All shades of black…

    • hastings88

      There should have been many thousands of such tweets.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      One has to wonder how many of those tweets were put out by leftist shills who have a long history of subversion.

  • Manaphy

    Okay, first of all, it should be clear to everyone that someone named Nina Davuluri is NOT an American, she is an Indian (is she a DREAMer?). Also most whites are attracted to only white women, so the fact that a majority white country would nominate a non-white girl to the miss world pageant is absurd. What is even more absurd is that whichever members of The Tribe who run this pageant couldn’t find a beautiful white girl to replace Ms. Davuluri, despite this being an infinitely easy task, considering Davuluri’s unattractiveness. It should be noted as well that the Miss World pageant is run by the same “you-know-who”s who are responsible for the abundance people named “Nina Davuluri” in the U.S., so obviously they would pull of a dirty trick like this.

    On a side note, has there ever been a white Miss “insert name of majority non-white country”? The answer is exactly why Nina Davuluri should not be Miss America.

    • Jefferson

      South Africa has had several White Miss South Africa and some Latin American countries where White people are in the Minority, have had a White or at least Whitish/White enough “Miss” representing their country in the past.

      I remember a few years ago there was a controversy about Miss Bolivia looking too White, because she comes from a country where the majority of people look like Indigenous Indians. So her phenotype is not typical of the average Bolivian.

    • Oldcorporal

      The statement about Brazil being majority dark-skinned is not true. The balance between Whites and non-Whites in Brazil has hovered near half-and-half for a long time now.

      • Sick of it

        It depends upon one’s definition. Especially if you’re quoting Brazilian statistics.

  • Manaphy

    “I encourage you to Google “Miss India” and compare the complexions of the winners of the last 10 years with that of Davuluri. The preference for light skin isn’t confined to beauty pageants.”

    This is because Whiteness and European ancestry define beauty, while third world parasites with names like “Nina Davuluri” and “Chirag Gupta” and “Mohandas Ghadhi” define White GeNOcide.

    • Luis Magno

      Correction. It’s Caucasian ancestry NOT European ancestry. Europeans aren’t the only Caucasians.

  • Spartacus

    Nobody likes the color of feces . Nobody.

  • Spartacus

    This is real beauty :

    • Lewis33

      If you watch tv you’ll learn you can have a black wife and beautiful children who look like that as well. Check out Louis C.K.’s show where he has two beautiful blond children and a coal black wife…who’s supposed to be their real mom!

  • JohnEngelman

    I do not care how dark Nina Davuluri’s skin is. She looks gorgeous.

    • pcmustgo


    • Bardon Kaldian

      Opinions differ. IMO, she’s passable, not much more.

    • Funruffian

      She is definitely beautiful and sexy. We don’t know much about her principles or personality yet. I’m hoping she turns out to be a level-headed woman with poise and traditional American values. I’m rooting for her and I would like to see her do well. Does that make me a Race traitor for a White guy? And what race is she exactly? I thought East Indians were of the Caucasoid haplotype.
      Ever since the Miss World coronation of Aishwarya Rai in 1994, the fair skinned, blue eyed Indian has been the hallmark of East Indian beauty, even though a tiny percentage of Indian women have her coloring.

      • Oldcorporal

        As a poster noted earlier, she is Dravidian. About 24 percent of Indians are of that extraction, mostly in the south. About 72 percent of Indians are considered Indo-European, and that’s where the vast majority of the beautiful, lighter-skinned Indian women come from.

        • Jefferson

          You have to be smoking something if you think the majority of people in India have light skin.

          I live in the Bay Area which has a huge Indian population due to the proximity of Silicon Valley and the vast majority of the Indians I see here are very much Brown.

          • Oldcorporal

            I didn’t say that the majority of people in India have light skin. And I know they don’t. Perhaps I should have worded it, “The majority of India’s population is somewhat lighter than the dark-skinned Dravidians.” There; that comes closer to what I meant. But I reiterate that most of the light-skinned, beautiful Indian beauty contest winners come from the Indo-European majority.

      • Sick of it

        She doesn’t have American values. Wait until she decides to, or is forced to, marry. You’ll see then.

    • KittyAmerica

      Go to the devil you contemptible man.

    • OlderWoman

      I think she looks ‘dirty’.

    • DerekaGrandon

      Someone’s desperate for a woman…

  • bigone4u

    The Indians are acting according to human nature in their appreciation of light skin, while the libtards and their running dogs and sock puppets condemn white Americans for acting according to human nature. Let’s face it–the Indian chick is a dog. Almost everybody knows it, but few have the courage to say it. She’s not attractive to us or to Indians.

  • haroldcrews

    Curiously you have to wonder at the arrogance of people who would actually take it upon themselves to attempt to change the ideals of beauty held by others.

    • Funruffian

      I agree. I think it’s vain and childish to impose aesthetic opinions onto others. “Beauty is in the eye of the ……….”, we all know that old hackneyed expression. Not every person is going to fit into our benchmark of beauty, whatever that may be. For me, I think this woman has some striking anatomical features and carries herself with poise. Her skin tone is a bit darker than what I prefer, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

      • DerekaGrandon

        When it comes to sexual attractiveness, White men don’t go for dark flesh females as much as women do for dark flesh males. The liberal literati, Hollywood and the media (all controlled-by-you-know-who) have been brain-washing women for almost a century with the “tall, DARK and handsome” bromide.

        That’s a powerful mantra for when White girls hear that message at a very young age, later in life they somnambulantly walk themselves into dark men in perfect Pavlovian conditioning.

        White men have not heard the equivalent mantra of “sexy, DARK and beautiful” for decades to have their cookie baked into the arms of dark women in the great numbers women do into dark men, and moreover, when it comes to opposite sex attraction men are visual creatures while women are more emotional.

        For a guy, once a dog always a dog. And for unknown and irrelevant reasons he might end up marrying the woman but in his eyes she’ll never turn into Nicole Kidman. She’ll always be a dog. He will love her, but he will be well aware that he is loving a dog.

        A lady starts dating an unattractive man (another dog) and when asked by her girlfriends about him she tells him “well, he is not good looking but he is so nice and he makes me laugh!” (importantísimo, guys!)

        As the dating progresses and the man shows all the good qualities of a nice, honest, wonderful guy, he gradually (in her eyes) enters some metamorphosis where he is increasingly and magically shedding his unattractiveness. As the romance advances he looks more and more handsome. By the time they marry, in her eyes he has turned into a gorgeous hunk.

        • Funruffian

          Throughout my vanity in the past few years I have often inquired women about what type of men they find attractive as well as what type of women they find attractive from the female point of view. They think dark hair and darker complexions can be appealing on a man, but not on a woman. They think it makes a woman look too hard or course.

          • Jefferson

            Females don’t think dark hair and darker complexion looks appealing on women ? So the vast majority of women on the planet see themselves as ugly ? After all the vast majority of women on the planet are not blonde haired and blue eyed Nordics.

    • Sick of it

      A particular group who plans on taking over the entire world, for example.

  • ncpride

    This article is the perfect example of why morons who claim that if there were no Whites, there would be no racism. Even within most races and cultures, they discriminate against the ‘darker’ of their kind. However, I’m sure even if we were all gone, they’d still blame YT one way or another for their own ‘racism’…

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Liberal whites already blame whites in general for non-whites’ poor opinions of those darker than themselves. They think non-whites were saintly innocent beings who accepted everyone of every skin tone until the evil white man taught them that being dark is bad.

      This belief has permeated into the non-white consciousness and thus even if every white died off, we’d still be blamed for racism for the rest of time.

  • It is absolute baloney to say that Indian lady is the most beautiful woman the United States of America can produce.
    It’s a real slap in the face to White Americans, who I thought were guilty (among other things) of having the beauty privilege (more baloney of course, not on the beauty count, but the privilege part).

    • Sick of it

      I’ve seen prettier women in this country from a multitude of ethnic groups.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      I hate to say it, but Slavic women are much prettier as a group than Indians are. Yes, I have seen a few Indian women who have a very beautiful face, but quite honestly most of them are ugly to me. I just love very fair skin, and blue, green or gray eyes.

      • Oldcorporal

        A friend of mine, an American, has lived in Sweden for about nine or 10 months a year for the last several years, and has seen European women of most ethnic groups. He says the most beautiful European women he has seen are the Russians and the Ukrainians.

  • bilderbuster

    I’ll have to side with the Indians on this one.
    She’s not fair enough.
    At least she’s not dark enough to be Obama’s daughter.
    She makes a better Miss India than a Miss America.

  • William Krapek

    Once again, evil Whites treat darker-skinned people with more dignity and humanity than they treat themselves. I consider that a jewel in their crown.

    • Ella

      It is called narcissism. Their vanity comes through a self-sacrifice and “self-deprecation,” but they expect admiration/attention and acceptance for their so “kindly” acts. No matter what the media claims, people do not buy into their hype as the media wields their swords.

  • Dave4088

    Light or white skin is prized almost everywhere these days except by the “American” media and government. Here, we have a reverse caste system whereby brown and black connotes nobility and good qualities. Not to mention victim of oppression by dastardly whites.

    This is all calculated to encourage interracial dating and marriage by white people.

    • Oldcorporal

      Of course. The liberals in government, the media and academia want us to just gradually disappear as a race, via mass miscegenation.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    Choosing a non-white winner was done by the pageant as a show of arrogance and supremacy against white America.
    All white Americans should boycott this pageant and its sponsons. It’s been struggling for years since Bert Parks left and needs a fork stuck in it.

  • Oldcorporal

    Notice the “shamie-shamie” tone of the writer concerning Indians’ preference for lighter-skinned women. If that’s the way Indians prefer it, then who are we to lecture them?

    • Sick of it

      For the same reasons we are lecturing the Thais on how they advertise products or services…

  • Ella

    Light skinned has been prized since Nefertiti -Queen of the Nile. I don’t think they had any communication from Norther Europeans and fashion magazines (LOL) at that time to be so “prejudiced.”

    • BonusGift

      Light skin is a general genetic marker for several highly desired traits: (1) intelligence (there is a strong positive relationship between lighter skin color/tone and higher IQ or darker skin and lower IQ, e.g.), and (2) beauty (historically and across most, if not all, cultures feminine beauty is defined in part by light skin). These are facts, and, of course the tribe keeps pushing their controlled media to report that people should ignore the facts and history and accept their lies, hatred, and genocide with a smile or they are ‘racists’ “Nazis’ …

  • Bossman

    I sometimes watch Univision and Telemundo. They do have their own ideas of beauty and it seems to be vaguely Mediterranean. Very few Blacks and East Asians appear on Latin American TV.

    • Jefferson

      The reason you rarely see East Asian faces on Latin American television is because Asian people make up less than 1 percent of Latin America’s population.

      Latin America has a population of over 589 million people, of which only 4 million are made up of people of either full or partial East Asian ancestry.

      The United States Asian population is larger than the Asian population of all Latin American countries combined.

  • Jefferson

    Fair and pale in skin tone does not apply to most Southeast Asian women (Thai, Cambodian, Filipina, Indonesian, Vietnamese). My cousin’s Filipina girlfriend is quite Brown in pigmentation.

    Fair and pale mostly applies to East Asian women.

  • Oldcorporal

    I served in the Vietnam War. The Vietnamese women I saw — the young ones, anyway — were often very pretty, but they tended to be tiny and small-framed. The few Cambodians I saw were darker and tended to be stockier — not as attractive, at all. But the Thai women — WOW! Beautiful, taller and sturdier than the Vietnamese, with slightly darker skin, but not much epicanthic fold to their eyes. I didn’t see any Malaysian or South Asian women.

  • knuckledragger

    America is becoming a PC joke to the whole world. Lazy criminals? Hire ’em! Unqualified hustlers? Elect ’em! Trannies and chubbies? Beauty queens every one!

  • LP&E

    The new Miss America is with out question very beautiful. It should noted that the Miss America contests has long been very political and PC. So it is not a surprise that non-Europeans are winning, beautiful as they are, due to the PC considerations. Interesting the emphasis on whiter skin is dominant in Japan, Philippines, India, etc.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    No, it’s mostly cultural. Indian (and light Indian) Hindu women are not as “free” in their behavior as are East-Asian women (caste system, arranged marriages for “desis” etc.).

  • John R

    OK. I have to say it: STOP BLAMING THE JEWS! Yes, there are some Jewish radicals, and leftists, who, because they feel alienated from western culture, will do anything to subvert it. But that is probably a minority, and a dwindling one at that. I live near Philadelphia. I have known a great many Jews. Yes, some are liberals, but not all. Most are very practical, businesslike people. And, generally speaking, I think the younger ones are actually no more liberal than your typical White Majority type person today. The Jewish association with liberalism is not nearly so strong as in the past. There may be a number of reasons for this: Intermarriage with Gentiles; the Islamic hatred for Israel and Jews; and the fact that many blacks hate Jews as well. I think many Jews feel betrayed by the blacks. Not only did they not enslave them, they were historically in the vanguard of the civil rights movement.
    Now, that said, look at all the European countries where PC values are so sickening: The UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, etc. These countries have few, if any, Jews. No, sadly, it is a sickness within ourselves that we must fight. It is the tendency of we White people, especially those of Northern European extraction, to take up for any other people or race in the world before our own. As Jared Taylor commented, White people seem to love apologizing for being White. And I haven’t noticed Jared Taylor making anti-Jewish comments, either. He focuses on our real enemies-the White Bleeding Heart Multi-culturists. There are enough of them to oppose, without attacking imaginary enemies.
    Thank you. Yep, I know I am going to get attacked for saying these things, but, I have to speak my mind. That is what this website is all about.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Think again, they killed 100 million Slavs in the Former Soviet Union by engineered famines, mass execution, torture and other atrocities for which they will pay for in a river of their own blood sooner or later. Perhaps Syria will be that place. That crime against my relatives peoples has not been forgotten, or forgiven. There is a growing blood fury among whites today against the Jews, which they have stirred up in the first place. It’s as though they have a death wish, and a need to be hated. They are by and large, hostile to whites at all fronts, their whole religion and culture leads to them being hostile towards us by default. They do not have to exist in large numbers to create death and destruction, they are in key positions in government, banking, business and the media. They have a well known habit of using others to do their “wet work,” read killing for them, and when the inevitable happens they will leave their accomplices to their well deserved fate when they flee to another country to do it all over again. Jews are the vanguard of whites being dispossessed, then killed off in their own lands by overwhelming numbers of non-whites. The ones ruling my country are descended from the ones who committed atrocities such as trying pregnant Russian women to trees and bayonetting them. If you doubt me, read Solzhetnitzen’s books about the Jews role in Soviet history. He was one of tens of millions who suffered at their hands. My brother was in Lubyanka, a building in Moscow where untold numbers of ordinary Russians were killed and tortured by them when he visited Russia. Putin states in public that the Soviet Union was by, of and for Jews, who later fled from there to here.

  • Whirlwinder

    The caste system is still alive in India. How does this affect an American beauty contest? Not at all, thank God.

  • scutum1

    I was hoping that Theresa Vail, Miss Kansas would be chosen. Oh! I forgot, she represents American values and is of European origin. How foolish of me to beleive that she would have any chance at all of being the winner.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    it is nothing but ridiculous that America has come to this point in self-dispossession/destruction; a first generation ethnic Indian wins as Miss America by doing a Bollywood dance routine – something that is all about India and has nothing to do with America or its culture, except as defined by World Marxism.

  • John R

    We probably agree on most things, otherwise we would not be posting on this website. But, I think my argument was a little bit more than “one of my neighbors is Jewish and is a nice guy.” Please don’t try and caricature my comments. I have some black neighbors, and, yes, some White liberal neighbors, who seem nice. But they are still part of groups that are our enemy. But Jews are not all in that category. Well, let’s just agree to disagree on that point.

  • Yeah it appears that the only way the ‘merits’ of diversity can be promoted is with censorship, lies and forced opinions.
    Our self proclaimed moral superiors just can’t let us White folks keep our NASCAR, Rodeos, Ice Hockey and beauty contests without having to ‘correct’ us or impose some sort of “ought to” lesson.
    In this case there were 4x gay judges who are now apparently the designation appointed as our cultural gatekeepers/ teachers for what we “ought to” find beautiful.
    It was unfortunate that the hottest White chick was pro military with tattoos, I admire the patriotic dedication but the “join the military” advertisement to young Whites message I resent, along with the “tattoos are now beautiful” president, so there were mixed messages there too.
    I probably sound like I care about these trivial things a little too much myself, but I just resent the political manipulation and the constant drum beat of what has been decided as the “new normal” (coincidentally the title of a pro-gay TV show which is similar to the equally manipulative “modern family” that cleaned up at the recent Emmy’s….don’t ask me how I know this much media gossip, I don’t know how I know this either).
    Remember previous scandals where the 2009 Miss California Carrie Prejean was asked by the gay judge regarding her opinion on gay marriage, the result was death threats and her name dragged through the media mud. Even this year this was a minor furor when Miss Utah Marissa Powell when she was asked was asked her thoughts on a recent report that showed women were the primary earners in 40 percent of American families with children but continued to earn less than men.

    This was a politically loaded question asked by a black female judge, where the contestant gave the “wrong answer” hence a mini scandal ensured with a another ‘progressive learning opportunity’ being aired .
    These progressives intentions are ugly, ironic that they’re left to judge beauty themselves.
    My love my escapisms, more so films, comics, animation and gaming culture (not much playing these days though) which are all areas the sex equality and race hustlers have targeted.
    I just wish that they’d leave us alone and I wonder when exactly will us peasants revolt?

  • Jefferson

    Doesn’t change the fact that the majority of Indians have a lot of melanin in their skin.

    The vast majority of Indians do not have the same skin color as Europeans, because if they did than India would not be a 3rd world toilet full of extreme poverty.