In Mississippi, America’€™s Most Revolutionary Mayor

Siddhartha Mitter, Al Jazeera America, September 19, 2013

On July 1, Chokwe Lumumba, an attorney with a long record of black radical activism, took office as mayor of Jackson. His inauguration took place in the gleaming convention center that sprang up four years ago in the state capital’s mostly deserted downtown.

A crowd of 2,500 packed the hall. The city councilors and other dignitaries, most of them African-American—Jackson, a city of 177,000, is 80 percent black—sat on the dais. The local congressman, Bennie Thompson, officiated. The outgoing mayor, Harvey Johnson, the city’s first black mayor, wished his successor well. The Mississippi Mass Choir gave a jubilant performance of “When I Rose This Morning.”

Finally, Lumumba, 66, approached the podium, pulling the microphone up to suit his tall, lean frame. “Well,” he said, “I want to say, God is good, all the time.”

The crowd replied. “God is good, all the time!”

“I want to say hey! And hello!”

The crowd called back, “Hey! Hello!”

Then Lumumba smiled and raised his right hand halfway, just a little above the podium, briefly showing the clenched fist of a Black Power salute.

“And I want to say, free the land!”

Applause rang out, bells chimed, wooden staffs rose up and people shouted back, “Free the land!” That’s the motto of the Republic of New Afrika (RNA), the movement formed in 1968 that sought to turn the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina into an independent black nation.

Jackson’s new mayor is a former vice president of the RNA and a co-founder of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM), a national group born in 1993 that seeks self-determination for African-Americans—whom it calls New Afrikans—“by any means necessary.” Like many shaped by the Black Power era, Lumumba long shunned formal politics, until a successful run for City Council in 2009. Now, as mayor, he is seeking to apply the tenets of the black radical tradition to the duties of running a city.

“Nowadays you’ve got to call yourself a ‘change agent’ or something, or else you’ll make people scared,” Lumumba told me when I visited Jackson in August. “But I am a revolutionary.”


Raised in Detroit, he was radicalized by the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. In 1969 he began law school at Wayne State University, gave up his given name, Edwin Taliaferro, for the “free name” Chokwe Lumumba—honoring the Chokwe ethnic group of Central Africa and the Congolese revolutionary Patrice Lumumba—and joined the RNA in Jackson, leaving law school for two years to dedicate himself to the cause. After graduating, he set up a practice in Detroit and represented the former Black Panther leaders Geronimo Pratt and Assata Shakur.

Lumumba moved back to Jackson in the late 1980s, settling in middle-class Ward 2 with his wife, Nubia, a flight attendant, and their three children. (Nubia died in 2003.) He took on racially charged criminal defense cases in Mississippi, as well as out-of-town clients like the rapper Tupac Shakur. He tangled with the state bar, earning reprimands for, among other things, calling one judge a racist and saying another had the “judicial temperament of a barbarian.” He led the team that secured the 2011 release of the Scott sisters, two African-American women who had gotten life sentences in 1996 for an armed robbery that netted $11.

This background was a deterrent to some Jackson voters, particularly in the city’s small but powerful white business community when Lumumba announced his candidacy. “I was absolutely scared to death of him,” Ben Allen, the president of Downtown Jackson Partners, which represents real estate interests, told me. “Just about everyone I know was. Because if you Google ‘Chokwe Lumumba,’ he has taken some very controversial stances on some very controversial people that he’s represented. And a zebra can’t change its stripes.”

Lumumba’s volunteers got a cold welcome in the city’s mostly white, well-to-do northeast. “They slammed their door on us,” said MXGM activist Mike Walker, who helped run the door-to-door effort.

It was the Democratic runoff in May that decided the race (in overwhelmingly Democratic Jackson, the general election is a formality). {snip}


But Jackson’s small size also made it hard to successfully demonize Lumumba, who alongside his radical involvements and controversial cases was also known as a family man, youth basketball coach (he named his team the Panthers), member of the Word and Worship Church and neighbor.


The engine of Lumumba’s campaign was his grassroots operation, led by the same cadre of activists who ran his City Council race in 2009. For four years, these supporters have convened a quarterly People’s Assembly, a sort of town hall meeting, held in church halls and community centers around Ward 2. As councilman, Lumumba used this forum to hear constituents’ concerns and host meetings with various city department heads. Assembly regulars became natural volunteers for his mayoral race. They now intend to take the People’s Assembly citywide.

“The People’s Assembly is an independent body,” said Mattie Wilson Stoddard, its vice chair. “It was developed by the people, for the people, to enable the people.” Lumumba was the people’s candidate, Stoddard said. “But the time will come when there will be some small differences. We will hold him accountable.”

Lumumba’s core supporters espouse a program called the Jackson Plan, which the MXGM posted on its website in 2012. The plan’s aim is to “build a base of autonomous power in Jackson that can serve as a catalyst for the attainment of Black self-determination and the democratic transformation of the economy.” Many of the specifics are practical, even business-friendly — improving Jackson’s paltry recycling program; bringing hothouses and pesticide-free techniques to community gardens; building cheap, energy-efficient housing.

When I asked Lumumba how he planned to build a solidarity economy now that he is mayor, he gave a measured answer.

“You have more affluent folks who have businesses; we want to challenge them to invest in the less fortunate, to try to get people homes they can live in, to give them jobs,” he said. “Show them that they’re likely to get more city contracts, for instance, if they bring more subcontractors who they are developing and helping to expand our economic base, as opposed to the regular old suspects. We think we can do some solidarity with that too.”

Lumumba’s top challenge is Jackson’s infrastructure crisis. {snip} Addressing these problems has been difficult in part because Jackson’s tax base is anemic. The population has shrunk by 12 percent since 1980, due to both white and black middle-class flight to suburban Rankin and Madison counties. Over 27 percent of city residents live in poverty.

By August, Lumumba was defending his proposed budget before the City Council. At $502 million, it represented an increase of 43 percent over the previous year, mostly due to capital expenses on infrastructure. One proposed source of funding was a large increase in water rates, by 29 percent, and sewer rates, which would more than double. “We can no longer kick the can down the road,” he told the council.

To raise funds, Lumumba has also set aside a campaign pledge. Under Johnson, the city asked the state Legislature to approve a one-cent sales-tax surcharge to go toward public works, but the plan stalled when the Republican-led Legislature demanded that a joint city-state commission control the funds. During the campaign, Lumumba opposed the commission, but as mayor he has agreed to the arrangement.

He had also objected to a $90 million contract that the outgoing administration had awarded to Siemens for water-system improvements, arguing that its costs were inflated. But it appears that he’ll likely let the contract stand.

“We’re not only worrying about Siemens; we’re worrying about the people that are going to be hired because of Siemens,” he now says.

Lumumba’s pragmatism has pleasantly surprised some skeptics. “I can’t tell you how much I’ve been impressed by this guy,” said Allen, the downtown development advocate. “He’s appointed some of his biggest rivals to his economic-development advisory team. I’m one of them. He’s a good listener. We’re hopeful.”

Lumumba’s focus on infrastructure investment is consistent with the core goal that has run through his political life, beginning with the RNA: self-determination. His emphasis on local empowerment and suspicion of outside authority are representative of his leftist politics, but when applied at the level of a city government, they’re compatible with some varieties of conservative thought as well.

“Dealing with infrastructure is a protection against being robbed of one’s self-determination,” Lumumba said. “We’ve seen what’s happening in Detroit, where the whole city has been taken over by the state. We don’t want that to happen here, so we want to conquer those problems. And we’re trying to expand the base of the population and the alliance which is trying to fight for this avenue for self-determination. We aren’t trying to create more enemies.”

Lumumba appears to be making more friends than enemies. In mid-September, the City Council passed his budget, including the rate increases, by a vote of 5-2. His election has also drawn enthusiastic offers from progressive advocacy groups eager to implement their vision in Jackson. “People are sending in all this stuff,” said Lambright, from the transition team. “A human rights charter, legalization of drugs … It’s like, slow down!”

When it comes to outside interests, Lumumba is cautious. “Our philosophy is that the people must decide,” he said. “I’m not going to turn away from that to give people who may be revolutionary in some other context an inordinate amount of authority here.” Succeed or fail, the Jackson experiment, as Lumumba sees it, will occur on Jackson’s terms.

“I think I’m going through an experience which can help the movement,” he said. “Testing our ideas, working our ideas in real situations. Applying a philosophy against imperialism to the practice of repairing streets.”

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  • Erasmus

    Chokwe Lumumba: Just another name to put beside those of David Dinkins, Harold Washington, Kwame Kilpatrick, Marion Barry, Eleanor Holmes Norton and Sheila Jackson Lee in the pantheon of crooked black politicians..

    • bigone4u

      I’ll add one more to your list: Barack Hussein Obama. Make that two: Eric Holder.

    • kowalityjesus

      hell no, this guy has promise. Kwame was a thug from day one. I am happy to hear of someone who doesn’t want power in power, no matter their national orientation and their heritage. WAY better than Kwame.

  • MekongDelta69

    Well – let’s see. The byline reads:
    Siddhartha Mitter, Al Jazeera America
    about “Chokwe Lumumba, an attorney with a long record of black radical activism…”

    Yeah – Now HERE’S an article I’ll be SURE to read skip…

    • sbuffalonative

      It’s a shame we have to get these stories from Al Jazeera America and the British press but we do. It only highlights the fact that American MSM has an agenda to not report these stories.

      • ms_anthro

        I know, it’s almost like the owners of all the major mainstream media companies are working together toward a common goal, perhaps united by a shared tribal heritage…

        No, that’s just crazy talk.

      • gemjunior

        Yes, and the American MSM has one specific commonality, which nobody will touch. How long can it continue, as more and more are finding reality on the internet and the MSM becomes the public laughingstock it has been all along? People will start noticing the one thing all media masters have in common, and they will begin asking questions about their agenda. I wonder what they will say to give as an answer?

        • Why do you imagine the MSM wants the internet strictly controlled?

          • gemjunior

            The post doesn’t say that. The American MSM I think is composed of just a few large corps headed by 5 men. What do the 5 men have in common that nobody ever brings up? People are starting to tune out from the propaganda I mean, and then use the internet for all their news.
            But now that you bring it up, the MSM would probably love the internet being strictly controlled, so they could unload more prolefeed on us. The reason that people are even waking up is the internet.
            The five men (of the few men of whatever number) in control of the US media are all related in their ethnicity, and are in similar positions all over any place interactions between human take place that information is exchanged. They’ve given themselves the ability to see the trends of popular thought and to sway those opinions. Pretty smart, and of course devious too.

          • Not quite. The Anschutz Corporation is a privately-held holding company with interests in everything from news media outlets to farming and oil drilling, but… owner Philip Anschutz (rated by Forbes as the 38th richest person in the United States) is a Presbyterian.

          • gemjunior

            Well it would be nice if he stepped up to help the other goyim in the country by having his news media outlets report fairly on black crime, double standards, and anti-white news. We need someone in the media to advocate for us as white people that are being manipulated into dispossession.

    • Lagerstrom

      Well, when was slavery ended in the USA? Get the total and add about 10 to 20 to it and you’ll get this clown’s age. He was a slave, wasn’t he?

    • Brian

      The odd thing is, if I saw Lamumba on the street at a distance with just a quick sidelong glance I might think he was white. Lot of cream in that coffee. His name Taliaferro could have something to do with it…funny how the ‘black’ ‘high-achievers’ tend to be mulattos. Where are they getting that little extra oomph?

      • Jefferson

        This guy is from Mississippi and he has an Italian last name. Odd, considering that Mississippi was nowhere close to being a big magnet for Italian immigration.

        European immigration to Mississippi was overwhelming English and Scotch-Irish. Like over 95 percent.

        • gemjunior

          I thought this high-yella uppity negro was originally from Detroit?

  • Black extremist becomes mayor of Mississippi’s capital city; media crickets. We have to read about in Al-Freakin-Jazeera.

    A few white people move to North Dakota? Outrage all over.

    • Erasmus

      The wonderful part is that people are now seeing through the MSM’s Barbra Streisand, and just as in the days before the fall of the USSR, most officials are talking only with each other and don’t realize most of the “little people” stopped listening to them long ago.

    • FormerlyEdNY

      Exactly, everybody is worried about a few Whites in North Dakota and this stuff in Mississippi is encouraged and sanctioned by our government.

    • Lagerstrom

      I’ve been a bit busy lately, would you mind giving a quick run down of the North Dakota outrage?

      • bilderbuster

        Type in Leith,ND.

        • gemjunior

          We should all get up and go there. If we can’t show solidarity overtly we should start doing it with our feet. Overrun the place with excellent white people and turn it into a beautiful peaceful safe haven where we strongly focus ALL THE TIME ALL DAY AND EVERYDAY on White Pride, Education from an Occidental Curriculum including Latin and Classical Greek, only European art forms are taught, etc., etc., traditionalist standpoints only. We will be anti-PC and it won’t be much of a welcome for anybody but whites who love whites….

          • john boggs

            I love the idea. I’m looking for real estate on-line tonight. ND may be a hard sell for the wife and kids.

          • gemjunior

            I know that problem well. I am in NY but safely outside the city above Westchester. It’s still not far enough for me. I want to go to a colder area and my husband is always talking about Florida – my worst nightmare even though he’d be looking around Clearwater. I’m moving to the Shetland Islands even if I have to go by myself. Nothing but sheep and space. Blessed peace. I’m horrified by this place lately. Who knows what will happen?

          • john boggs

            We live in a very rural area of South Jersey. We are far enough from Philly, Camden and Atlantic City to go months without seeing a black face. We could live here the rest of our lives and be content. But we’d consider relocating if it meant being a part of a secession movement. We’d like to effect change, not just hide out in the woods. But we have to consider our four young children.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            It has some of the coldest, most miserable weather available.

          • john boggs

            I remember watching the movie Fargo and being blown away by the cold weather depicted in some of the scenes. I happen to like cold weather. The wife and kids, not so much. Hence the hard sell. Unfortunately, a decrease in black population is usually directly proportional to a drop in temperature.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I recall a story about an old man that went up into the north of Ontario to live all his life. He claimed that since he moved up there, he’ never had another headache. That could actually be true, physiologically. Others have joked that the reason crime is low in northern regions is that it is so cold much of the year, that most people just stay indoors. But if that were entirely true, there would be no such thing as the Northwest Mounted Police and Sargent Preston! The simple fact is that more humanity translates into more crime. But it’s the type of crime and the amount that is different.

            I grew up in the Sacramento Valley, hot, hot summers. I always said that unless you can be by a swimming pool, (or hole) in the summer, you’re miserable. People lose their tempers quicker in hot weather, etc. I moved out of that valley to the coast back in the 70s and hardly ever went back, even for a visit. Twelve years ago, I moved to the Pacific Northwest and find it a better clime for me as a blue eyed white man.

    • JackKrak

      Another illustration of the familiar but rarely stated media rule – nothing can be too black & only snow is allowed to be all white.

      • Jefferson

        Any city in the U.S that is over 30 percent Black has reached the tipping point of being an unlivable place for the average White person.

        Once a city reaches over 30 percent Black, it is in the gradual process of becoming a future Detroit.

  • JohnEngelman

    I grew up thinking liberal Democrats had all the answers. It was obvious to me – and still is – that Franklin Roosevelt ended the Great Depression and won the Second World War. It was obvious to me – and still is – that the War in Vietnam was tragically futile.

    Since then I have come to realize that good intentions are not good enough. If the government is to play a major role in the economy, the government must be managed by competent people.

    Let’s see if Mayor Chokwe Lumumba can get the trash collected on time in Jackson, Mississippi, and reduce the crime rate.

    • Luca

      Government must be managed by people who are competent, intelligent, moral, ethical and fair. Some how I don’t see that coming from a black Democrat, especially a radical one like this one.

    • Actually, it was the Second World War which largely ended the Depression. There was still so much slack in the US economy in 1940, when orders from France and Britain started pouring in, that the US economy didn’t really begin to overheat until mid 1944. That year, US industry produced more aircraft than the rest of the world combined. Even in the Battle of France, in June 1940, while the most numerous French-flown fighter was the French-built Morane-Saulnier MS.406, but the second most numerous was the US-built Curtiss P-36 (a.k.a. Hawk-75). The Curtiss cost more than comparable French aircraft, but Curtiss delivered on time. The French also flew Martin Model 167 bombers (called “Maryland” and later “Baltimore” by the British) and just missed delivery of 100 Douglas DB-7s, called “Boston” by the British who received the order. The French navy also took 39 Vought-Sikorsky SB2U “Vindicator” dive bombers and abandoned 50 additional Curtiss SBC “Helldiver” bombers at Martinique after the surrender. Additional French orders were placed for the M-3 “Stuart” light tank, also received by the British.

      As can be seen, US companies were gearing military production up, to satisfy foreign orders, well before we entered the war.

      • JohnEngelman

        The Great Depression was ended by high government spending and employment paid for by high taxes on the rich. It did not need to be military spending and employment. It did need to be government spending and employment.

        If the money had been spent improving lives, rather than destroying them, the benefits to the economy would have been greater.

        In pointing that out I am not in anyway complaining about America’s entry into World War II. I am pointing out that it is possible for a country to tax and spend its way to prosperity.

        • So CAL Snowman

          It’s obvious to me that you are a bloody socialist and borderline communist (but really we are just splitting hairs here).

          Even Keynesian economists state that FDR’s socialism did not go nearly far enough with regards to alleviating the affects of the Great Depression.

          • JohnEngelman

            Keynesian economists were right. If the government government spending and employment had increased faster the Great Depression would have ended sooner.

            Nevertheless, from the time Franklin Roosevelt was inaugurated unemployment declined except for a year after 1937 when he made the mistake of reducing government spending and employment.

          • David Ashton

            Keynesian economists were indeed on the right track, and should not be attacked as inflationists. Better to attack a monetary system whereby private banks lend not from deposits but from a “fractional” reserve. The Nazis and the Fascists learned from Keynes, and yet are accused of curing unemployment solely by arms manufacture, precisely what liberal-democrat “capitalism” did in WW2, during Korea and Vietnam.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            It is fair to say that the U.S. got hooked on war by the end of WW2, but it reduced its military so much after it that when the Korean Conflict began, they were caught flat-footed. it was after that that the real build-up began, fueled by Cold War paranoia. By 1960 when Eisenhower warned the public about over influence and development of the Military/Industrial Complex (one writer has said it was actually written by Ike as the Congressional/Military/Industrial Complex) it was already well in place and Kennedy had to deal with a Joint Chiefs of Staff, CIA and other commercial pressures (as well as the Mafia) that sought to create a war. (Why not one half way around the world, where Americans would still be able to feel safe)?

            And it really hasn’t ended. We have a nice little M/I Complex still at work, using patriotism and whatever it can to create a new reason for a nice little war for us to cheer on. The largest part of the U.S. budget remains our defense spending. While we rot within.

          • Brian

            You can use debt-based gov’t stimulus to shock your way out of a depression, but we had a massive industrial base and white control, plus our competition either hadn’t bootstrapped yet or was blown apart, and so we grew our way out of the resulting debt. That would be more difficult now.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I agree with this.

          • Debt-based infrastructure improvement programs have not helped Japan out of her current 16-year recession.

          • Brian

            They don’t have the post-war American industrial monopoly to fuel the needed growth?

          • The other problem is that Japanese are compulsive savers, so rather than consumer spending driving economic growth, the money simply winds up in low-yield savings accounts.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            That is because Japan has a aging population that is reducing the work force and its national product. This is what happens when a country takes the decision to not take in cheap labor and replace its population with waves of foreigners – but more importantly, big foreign investors.

          • Much of the “unemployment” was replaced with make-work CCC McJobs.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Bad analogy. I knew some of those men as my friends fathers growing up. They worked very hard, building and improving roads, but more importantly, building dams and powerhouses without which, none of the industries that won the war would have existed or been able to come on line quick enough for a victory. They were tough, too – no nonsense guys. The other thing is that many of these guys were so used to living in barracks and the physical labor that when they war broke out, they were half way trained already. I’ve seen the mark of the WPA in sidewalks at every air base that I ever visited in California. But there’s a book about this out, I just can’t recall it’s name now and it’s late.

        • Are you saying that privately purchased war bonds had nothing to do with the ability of the federal government to spend lots of money in the 1941-45 timeframe?

          • JohnEngelman

            Not at all, but the major factor was the substantial increase in the top tax rate.

          • I have a bit of trouble believing that if the economy is in the toilet, raising top taxes will help very much. You’ve got to get the economy running properly before raising taxes will do any good.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            This just isn’t true. The rich have done very well in every depression/recession we’ve had except, the GD which only hurt them a bit. We are now in a situation where the gap between the rich and poor is widening and the middle class is shrinking. It hasn’t got anything to do with a political bias or wishes, it’s statistical and historical fact. This is going to be part of what causes the eventual collapse. Then, all the wise, high IQ whites will get to show how well they can cope offline.

          • Luca

            Taxing the rich disproportionately is a political ploy played out in political theater for a gullible audience. It solves nothing. There simply aren’t enough rich people to go around.

            True wealth exists in the large population of the middle class and most politicians will make the popular statement that they are raising taxes on the rich, but the tax table also creeps down upon the middle class at a lower rate.

            There have been some truly stunning examples of tyrants who marched to the tune of taxing the rich, (Castro comes to mind). They confiscated all the wealth of all the rich people and expropriated corporations. Look at Cuba today.

            The Russian Revolution did the same thing, after 70 years of redistributing wealth it brought everyone to a hair above the poverty level except for elite party members.

            Canada and Scandinavian countries are given in argument for societies with successful high tax strategies and high standards of living but what is never mentioned are the demographics of those countries and the small amount they spend on defense. If those countries were ever under serious attack they would cry out for NATO and the US to come to their rescue.

            Rich people spend money, buy goods and services and many create jobs by owning companies or real estate. When you steal from the rich, they either hire lawyers or they leave. This is why so much personal and corporate wealth right now is being transferred out from Liberal “tax and spend” states, like NY and CA and moving into tax-friendly states like Texas, Florida, Nevada, etc.

            The other side of the coin is the fact that Governments are inherently inefficient, corrupt and bureaucratic, spending other’s people money with reckless abandon. They are insatiable and will always find ways to spend more.

            Common sense dictates that success should not be punished and failure should not be rewarded.

          • Whitetrashgang

            Nice post, I would just add any government program spends at least 80 % of the money on the bureaucracy of running whatever program they are running.

          • Brian

            I’ve noticed Georgia is getting a lot more TV and film work in recent years, not just shoots but also ancillary services…postproduction, studios, backlots, etc. Some of the California operations are treating us like another little Vancouver…low tax, redneck areas are appealing to them compared to back home.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            “Taxing the Rich” worked real well in the Scandinavian countries didn’t it? France too:

            People are mobile, as are companies who will find better places to settle or transfer their businesses and money when government seeks to confiscate what they’ve built and earned.

            Funny thing: People wanting to keep what they’ve built and earned and not want to hand it over to the government for redistribution for those more deserving. Must be pure greed…. Good thing the government knows how to spend my money better than I do!!

            More than 8,000 households in France last year were subjected to a tax burden of more than 100 percent.

            Is this what the French voted for?

            A majority of French people have said they would be interested in escaping to the United States if they had the opportunity. And successful people already have been leaving the country because of punitive tax rates.

            New evidence of top French executives leaving the country has emerged…Two senior executives at Moet Hennessy, the champagne and cognac arm of the LVMH luxury group, are moving to London from Paris and the head of Dassault Systemes, the software arm of Dassault Aviation, said some senior managers of his company had left and he was considering following suit. …The news follows Mr Arnault’s own application for Belgian citizenship.

            Sept 18, 2013:

            France’s state auditor urged the government Tuesday to redouble efforts to limit spending rather than increases taxes… The head of the state auditor, Didier Migaud, said the interruption in deficit reduction stemmed primarily from lower-than-expected tax revenue, due to the weak economy. Yet, he said “the spiraling welfare debt was particularly abnormal and particularly dangerous.” During his first year in power, President François Hollande relied on large tax increases to plug holes in public finances, including social programs such as pensions, unemployment benefits and health care.

            From “Sweden Repeals Wealth Tax”

            Globalization has been an ally of taxpayers. Because it is increasingly easy for jobs and capital to cross borders, politicians are being forced to eliminate or reduce taxes that penalize productive behavior.

            The wealthiest Swedes have fled the country, including IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, No. 4 on Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s richest people. He lives in Switzerland. Five-time Wimbledon winner Bjorn Borg moved to tax-haven Monaco in the late 1970s. The principality is also home to many Swedish sports stars such as Alpine skier Anja Paerson, high-jumper Kajsa Bergqvist and triple jumper Christian Olsson.

            The government says more than 500 billion kronor, the equivalent of almost C$83 billion of Swedish capital, is outside of the country’s borders. ‘This is money that, if it was brought home, could be invested to create jobs and welfare in Sweden,’ the country’s coalition leaders said in a joint statement this week.

            Several European countries have dropped taxes on wealth in the last decade, including Denmark, the Netherlands and Finland.

            Government über-all Leftoids love to point out the superiority of the “Nordic Socialist Model” as one of economic growth and high living standards combined with a massive welfare state as an example of “success.”

            But why doesn’t it ever work? It works on paper!! Why doesn’t it work in real life? Must be GREED!!


          • JohnEngelman

            A majority of French people have said they would be interested in escaping to the United States if they had the opportunity. And successful people already have been leaving the country because of punitive tax rates.

            – Bon, From the Land of Babble

            A right wing website that an add on to Google flagged as possibly being infected by a virus claimed to get this figure from a Readers’ Digest Poll. However I could not find a link to Readers’ Digest.

            Bon, your post made a number of factual assertions that may be true, but you should have documented them as I document my assertions.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            My post with the documentation went straight to “moderation.”

            “A right wing website that an add on to Google flagged as possibly being infected by a virus claimed to get this figure from a Readers’ Digest Poll. However I could not find a link to Readers’ Digest.”

            That figure is quoted by both the the Cato Institute and International Liberty. You can take it up with them if you think they’re wrong

            “A Rare Sign of Fiscal Sanity in France”

            Cato: cato dot org/blog/rare-sign-fiscal-sanity-france.

            As for the rest of the documentation:

            Von mises:

            “How the Welfare State Corrupted Sweden”

            mises dot org/daily/2190

            “The Swedish Myth”:

            mises dot org/daily/2259

            “Sweden Poorer than You Think”:

            mises dot org/daily/955

            Cato Institute:

            “Sweden Repeals the Wealth Tax”:

            cato dot org/blog/sweden-repeals-wealth-tax

            “What Can the United States Learn from the Nordic Model”:

            cato dot/sites/cato dot org/files/pubs/pdf/pa-603 dot pdf

            “New Challenges to the Nordic Welfare Model”:

            object dot cato dot org/sites/cato dot org/files/serials/files/policy-report/2001/5/nordic dot pdf

            “Sweden after the Swedish Model”:

            timbro dot se/bokhandel/pdf/9175665891 dot pdf

            There’s more but that will get you started. I’m not even sure this comment will be posted.

            Happy reading.


      • Luca

        Good response. You forgot the Soviets though. They received 11 billion in Lend Lease aid while the French only received about 3 billion.

        • The French army was shattered in June 1940 and their government thought it best to surrender. The Soviet government was full of raving psychopaths who were willing to inflict any amount of misery on its people.

      • ShermanTMcCoy


      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Read up on the Home Front during WW2 if you think the war ended it. I remember how it was in the 50s and most people were struggling. The other thing is that the FHA was created to get former military into homes. They did it by creating mortgages based on what the buyers could afford, not some investors dream of wealth. Most people got into the suburbs with the help of programs like that.

        Also, the GI Bill created a situation where more people went to college by far than ever before in U.S. history. This was all done by the government and with tax dollars. What we had was cheap fuel and cheap land. But what we also had was a 90% white population. But I just love reading about how awful government is everyday. What a memory people have!

        All the equipment that was produced and sent overseas was part of a program called Lend/Lease. Most countries never paid a thing for the stuff at the time and took decades to pay off the debt or it was just forgiven. As for the airplanes, many were already known to be obsolete and were given because the U.S. were already planning on upgrading. FDR had the WPA and CCC building dams and hydro-electric power and military base in the late 30s because he was smart enough to see that a war was coming. Japan had invaded China in 1937, etc.

    • So CAL Snowman

      FDR ended the great depression and won the Second World War?

      It’s obvious to me that you know nothing.

      • David Ashton

        Hitler and Churchill both lost WW2. Stalin and Roosevelt “won” it.

    • David Ashton

      Some live and learn.
      Others learn and live.
      “Finding competent statesmen has been the foremost problem for governance since Plato” – Sir Oswald Mosley.

    • More nonsense by AmRen’s most prolific troll…

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      I don’t see why your comment generated so many down votes, John.

      I do not agree that FDR ended the depression, and had it not been for that idiot Democrat Wilson sticking his pompous arrogant ass into the Great War, Germany would have won, there would have been no Versailles Agreement to bring a Hitler to power, and there would not have ever been a WWII, or 6 million dead Jews and tens of millions of others killed, but I do agree that Vietnam was as much a waste of our blood and treasure as Iraq is. We see the cost every day to the Viet Era vets who were kidnapped by the draft and sent there against their will.

      The rest of your comment was spot on, and the blacks will never have a functioning government, local or otherwise.

      Republicans suck, almost as much as Democrats.

      • I suspect that without US intervention, World War One would have ended with a negotiated peace and not really a German victory. Ironically, a more complete defeat of France and humiliating terms imposed on them (instead of Germany) would have likely caused the collapse of democracy in that country instead of Germany, and the rise of an anti-Semitism at least as virulent. The Dreyfus Affair in France from 1894 to 1906 had already embittered and radicalized French politics and society before World War One broke out.

        A negotiated peace after a few more years of bloody stalemate would have pleased nobody, but would not have sewn the seeds for the rematch Europe suffered a generation later.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      I like this post of yours. But you must be forgetting about The Pentagon Papers that were released in 1972 that proved the war in Vietnam was a fraud for bolstering the military/industrial complex and providing some people, principally LBJ with what he thought would be a legacy as a great war leader. They were fine with letting 58,000 boys die and another 58,000 later on as well as three or four times that in messed up futures, due to wounds sustained and a careless Veterans Administration/public. It was worth it to them to plunge the country into near anarchy. What is going on now is nothing compared to the situation then. Most of these posters are too young to know about it.

      The problem with the economy is that it is and has been for a long time, managed by crooks. The culture of the scam is the ONLY thing that has trickled down in 50 years.

  • Kit Ingoldby

    No doubt the ‘black nationalist’ will be complaining when all the White taxpayers leave town.

    • The usual technique used by dysfunctional black-run cities as whites flee is to attempt to annex the (white) suburbs so as to grab their local sales tax revenues. In a rational world, we would call this “pillage”.

      • Jefferson

        I wonder what percentage of Black households in the U.S actually pay income taxes ? It can not be very high, because if it was you would not be seeing so many predominantly Black cities in the U.S filing for bankruptcy or borderline on the verge of it.

        There are simply not enough high income Black rappers and Black professional sports athletes in this country to support a large enough tax base in predominantly Black cities.

        • Cities operate on sales taxes, though, and not income taxes. At least out here in the Mountain West.

          • Jefferson

            So there are not enough Black sales consumers to financially keep America’s predominantly Black cities afloat ?

          • I think the problem is really that black-run cities are incompetently run, as well as corruptly run, so whatever sales tax revenues they do receive are wasted and embezzled, and are thus never enough to cover such a city’s genuine needs. Another oft-tried trick is to raise city sales tax rates. This actually decreases revenues, because retailers simply move to the unincorporated suburbs. Imagine if the city of Denver doubled sales taxes (they once proposed raising minimum wage to $10 an hour, so they really are that stupid); all the retailers there would relocate to Westminster, Arvada, Thornton, etc. because people would simply stop shopping inside Denver’s city limits.

          • Brian

            The blacks also require massive subsidization too– they pay less and take more. Only thing keeping a 50% black place afloat is the surrounding YT in the state or nation.

  • Brian

    “Applause rang out, bells chimed, wooden staffs rose up and people
    shouted back, “Free the land!” That’s the motto of the Republic of New
    Afrika (RNA), the movement formed in 1968 that sought to turn the states
    of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina into an
    independent black nation.”

    Best idea I’ve heard in a long time, but some caveats have to apply: ALL African Americans are required to relocate there, and once there, under NO circumstances can they ever re-enter the USA. Also, we will need a constitutional amendment banning the US from providing aid to the RNA.

    • Sick of it

      So, we should be punished yet again for the mistakes of others? No, I think this time the liberals up North need to take their precious black children home with them.

  • bigone4u

    Great Black Hope for liberals who fail to comprehend that black rule has never worked anywhere at any time in history. Jackson is the next Detroit. Whites, get out while you’re still alive.

    • It’s worked in Haiti since 1803.

      • libertarian1234

        Black rule has worked in Haiti? God, that’s funny.

        The country has been a slum hell hole since the bloody riots there, and it cannot survive without aid from the world.

        • Andy

          Remember that article where the Haitian Treasurer was outraged because she didn’t have a single Canadian dollar in her coffers?

        • Black rule DID work in Haiti. Under French rule, Haiti provided France with most of its sugar, tobacco and cotton, and it was wealthier than the 13 British colonies that formed the United States. Under black rule, Haiti has become just like Africa. African rule has thus been completely successful in producing African conditions in the New World.

      • tickyul

        LOL, you funny guy!

      • Mack0

        I think Claudius is being sarcastic.

      • Lagerstrom

        And South Africa since 1993 (or thereabouts).

        • Exactly, well actually since 1989 and the end of the hated Apartheid and the beginning of Black rule. Actually a lot of Afrikaners (whites of Dutch ancestry who have been living in S. Africa since the mid 1600’s) have emmigrated to my area of Florida.

          They abandoned millions of $ of assets in businesses, buildings, etc., just to get out with their lives. The white farmers who remain are supposedly being slaughtered and there are only 500 left. They are not permitted to defend themselves with firearms in their own homes while their assailants (blacks) roam the area with AK-47’s.

          It’s following the same pattern as Rodesia, now Zimbabwe. No matter how long the white have been there, the choice is leave or die.

          This is why I keep pressing for whites to colonize Titan.

    • Sentinel9

      Black local rule can work in a white country, but only when intelligent, conscientious blacks are not permitted to flee their lesser brethren to live among whites.

  • Puggg

    “Chokwe Lumumba, black nationalist, revolutionary”

    My paw. He’s going to be another one of these “white people should pay for it but we should control it” gibs me dat by any other means sorts.

    • So CAL Snowman

      That’s the only economic plan that blacks know – Extortion

  • Mack0

    Let them have it. They will reduce it to rubble in no time

  • Spartacus

    “I want to say, God is good, all the time.”


    He must’ve been drunk when he made you…

    • So CAL Snowman

      I would respond even during the turrible turrible legacy ob da slabery?

    • bigone4u

      I believe there was a comment on Taki magazine last night that claimed that the serpent in the Bible who tempted Eve is just a symbol for blacks. In other words, blacks equal Satan. Not to get into a religious discussion, but it was on Taki’s.

      • Andy

        “Now the serpent was more crafty than any wild beast which God had made.”

        • Not blacks at all, then.

          • Brian

            You know what always floors me… look at where Madagascar is on a map, and consider that the birthplace of homo sapiens is the Olduvai Gorge, along the border of Tanzania and Kenya in east Africa. Humans have been there longer than anywhere else. Something like 70k Y.A. folks began migrating all over the earth. You would think, given the extra time, and proximity, that the earliest inhabitants of Madagascar would be east Africans, taking a short boat hop across.

            But actually the first colonizers were Austronesians from SE Asia– who got displaced from SE Asia but not before many moved on to the pacific islands, Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, the Andaman Islands off India, and some even coast-hugged their way in boats all the way to Madagascar. It wasn’t until 1000 years ago when the east Africans finally put down the malt liquor and worked up the gumption to cross over onto that island and mix with the locals. This speaks volumes to me about the nature of black Africa.

          • William Krapek

            Yes I noticed that myself. A complete and utter lack of curiosity like that is stunning.

          • Brian

            It’s massive, undeniable, and ancient. It cannot be blamed on slavery, apartheid, colonialism… our ancestors, and those of most others, moved on down the road, and we are the progeny of those who evolved, adapted and overcame. The Africans though, are stuck in the mud spinning their wheels…have been for ages.

          • Brian

            Slight correction: I said the Africans are spinning their wheels…how silly of me to forget that Africans never invented the wheel!

          • Rhialto

            Blacks are optimized for survival in Africa. The capabilities, physical and mental that they developed allowed them to survive in an environment that, before modern technology, no other hominids could survive in. As you note, these capabilities did not allow success in the modern technological age.

            It seems to me that in a Liberal-Feminist environment Blacks are very successful

          • I doubt the Malays hugged the coast on the way to Madagascar. They were excellent sailors.

          • Brian

            I know they had to be good sailors capable of open ocean– they couldn’t have done all the Pacific island settlement otherwise. I had heard that they probably kept close to shore on this particular route though, suggested by some coastal DNA admixture at a few points– shore leave/R&R? Just a guess. Anyway, the main thing is the contrast between their ability vs. the ability (or motivation) of the trivially close Bantus. It’s also curious how some of them, who became the aboriginal Aussies, seem to have regressed quite a bit after landfall.

      • OlderWoman

        Blacks are related to Ham, son of Noah. Ham raped his father…hence, the Curse of Ham that they would always be servants of other races.

    • Sick of it

      He would not have been born unless a sin were committed. No one seems to wonder why God expressly forbade a certain activity as an abomination. Even after looking at the archaeological record. It’s astounding.

  • CharlesFinley

    Chokwe WHAT? Lumumba? Geezus. I mean, Gawddammmn.

    Choco-Lapreezy was enough already, and now THIS ridiculous nuckin’ phigger.

    Geezus Gawddammmn Kraist.

    America is phuckt beyond fixing.

  • Andy

    So is he named after the Lumumba whose statue all those white people were murdered under in the sixties?

  • skara_brae

    From the little I know about southern white people I would warrant that they are not going to give up one square inch of their land to this fantasist.

    • WASP

      You’re right; I’m one of them. Southern Whites will fight to keep their land and heritage. Black ethnic cleansing is more likely to happen than southern Whites giving up all they’ve built and own. We love our land; our heritage, our people.

      • Brian

        My family has been in GA and the Carolinas 250 years, and if this two-nation deal was seriously on the table, I would leave GA forever, TODAY. To be rid of this plague once and for all, and to have the rest of the US to ourselves, plus Asians and Hispanics even, but no blacks? WHERE DO I SIGN UP?

        • Ella

          Hispanics take as much welfare as they can. Hispanics never had much fondness for Whites, so I don’t expect them to help us with their given history. Once the Feds cut their gifts, you’ll see how many will really support us “Gringos.”

          • Brian

            I have no illusions about Hispanics. But if I have to live with either them or blacks, I’ll take the Hispanics. One problem at a time.

      • Sick of it

        If we fight, we will win. They simply could not withstand us.

  • Allan477

    As I remember, back in the sixties, the movement was for “The Negro States of America”, but, of course, Negro is no longer politically correct. Maybe, if the Negroes could make up their mind, they might make some progress.

    • Allan477

      And, of course, Patrice Lumumba was a vicious, flaming queen. Ah, memories of college in the early 60’s and watching liberal professors trying too cover up the truth.

  • Evette Coutier

    Separation is the only workable solution. Give them death valley.

  • borogirl54

    I like the white communities response to Lumumba. Slamming their doors in his workers face. Smart.

  • There’s another thing. The great environmentalist sold his dinky dink no ratings CurrentTV channel to Al Qaedajazeera for a half gigabuck of oil money, and very few environmentalists protested.

  • newscomments70

    Good point. White liberals need to be brought to justice. It’s not enough to disagree with them or win an election. They need to be tried as accessories to massive rape, murder, genocide, dispossession, and treason. I won’t include my suggestions for punishment, I will just let your imaginations run wild.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Whites that can’t wait to go after whites, just like forever. Look, whites, even Lefties can be re-educated. And this idea of taking them to trial is going to be pretty difficult. What fantasy are you imagining? After a collapse (and that is how things will change, not by raving about it online) there will be plenty to keep you and me busy just surviving.

  • PouponMarks

    The Whites in Jackson are already intimidated. He is a Marxist/Communist that believes successful people must be perpetually tasked with catering to, giving concessions to, and bottle feeding the lower, perpetually underachieving, perpetually undeserving underclass. He is another race pimp and hustler. He is Josef Stalin talking to a confused Roosevelt.

    Black people do not produce. Period. They, like Africans, are in perpetual need mode, needing fish, but failing to learn and apply lessons on how to fish. The simple mindedness of his inaugural audience, that like Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church congregation, repeats anything the preacher says, like an echo chamber, means that he will not have to perform to an objective standard, but to a perceptual one, that of appearances, jive, and emotional assertions, transferring all blame for Black failure to “racism, White Privilege”, etc., ad nauseum

    • Mack0

      The faster whites take their money out of black run racist cities the quicker they fall. If you’re white and have money you need to leave. Bleed the beast to death.

      • Ella

        I see it in big cities all the time, and they cannot stop the White flight. The restaurants, the malls, the grocery stores or any major anchor store closes and then. all the boarded up shops begin to look like 3rd world. What’s really odd to me is you’ll find 1/2-2 million dollar homes secluded in this mess along scenic stretches of waterfront within gated communities.

    • emiledurk16

      nail on the head, my man ……

  • benvad

    Get the Narco Cartel to come in and skin the New Afrikans, alive. These people, when will they ever learn? Nat Turner ended up in a bad situation, do they really think they’ll win?

  • Brian

    Whoever figures out the right alternative energy escape from oil will be a winner in future decades.

    • Sick of it

      It has been figured out from multiple angles. Guess who stands in the way of implementing such changes?

    • Solar power satellites. Beam the generated energy down to the earth’s surface as microwaves. This gets converted back into electricity by being focused onto arrays of vertical aluminum antennae (microwaves induce a current in metals, as anyone who has left a piece of cutlery in their microwave oven knows.)

      I believe someone once tested a turbine containing liquid ammonia at sea in the Caribbean; this operated due to the temperature difference between surface water and deep water. This would be useless nearer the poles, where seawater is nearly isothermal.

      • Brian

        I’ve looked into the solar power microwave idea (I’m an electrical engineer and can follow the math); it is attractive, and feasible for powering a lunar base, but earthbound? I don’t think the efficiency/cost calculation works out, at near-current kilowatt prices. But NASA is doing a test study, and I would be thrilled to be proven wrong. As you say, it’s an engineering problem, not a scientific one.

        My best bet is on thorium nuclear, which has many advantages over uranium/plutonium, but you can’t make weapons from it so they haven’t done much. It’s very attractive though.

        • Oh yes you can make nuclear weapons using a Thorium reactor! You recover the Uranium 233 from the spent fuel rods and then use that. The problem is that the purity of your U-233 must be of high order, as it takes far less U-232 to poison the pit in your bomb.

          • Brian

            Okay, but if making bombs was a high priority, wouldn’t you strongly prefer the traditional reactors?

          • Sure, but Th-232 is more abundant than U-238, and therefore cheaper.

  • Brian

    Even though it would mean me moving from Georgia, I’d would love this ‘separation of scourge and great’.

  • MBlanc46

    “Chokwe Lumumba”. That’s all you need to know.

  • Brian

    Maybe Black Jesus will help them?

  • Brian

    That is where he got the name, but it also sounds like it could be the name of some alien in the Mos Eisley cantina scene in Star Wars.

    ‘These are not the groids you’re looking for.’

  • Mack0

    Whites settling an area in enough numbers can control the politics of the state and insulate themselves from what I feel is an inevitable collapse and dissection of the United States into smaller states. Hispanics will take certain areas because of shear numbers. Let them fight it out with the blacks who remain there. And they will fight. Whites removing and consolidating their wealth, skills and creativity will only accelerate the breakdown process.

    • Sick of it

      It would accelerate the breakdown of civilization and social norms among white people. We will become like the kooks we live among. Again, why should we punished for the ideology of those kooks? THEY need to be punished for a change.

  • Mack0

    A whore will tell you she loves you if you pay her enough.

  • Randall Ward

    First thing he did was to double some taxes, Tax and Spend; so what is new?

  • Randall Ward

    How about Blacks standing their ground, This guy will ruin their city.

  • jeffaral

    What White Mississippians are gonna do about it? Not much I guess: they are too fat and brainwashed by Christianity to react. So long live the new Black Republic in the South.

  • Sick of it

    The war wasn’t really necessary (for anyone) until Hitler attacked a nation other than Poland, such as France, the Netherlands, or Greece. Poland was an interesting choice for a red line, considering that the Poles were attacking the Germans during the 1920s and had expropriated quite a bit of ancient German territory.

    How can we maintain prosperity without another war? Take out the elites who have been holding back technological progress. Through technological progress we could prosper like never before in human history.

    • JTK

      Let follow your logic. By 1939 Hitler already got Austria
      and Czechoslovakia. He broke the Versatile Treaty
      by militarizing the Ruhr. This he got without a fight. Next, you would give them Poland? Where would you draw a line? How About Denmark? After all, it is a small country. By the time he
      got to Greece, it would be too late. Where did you find the story about Poles attacking Germans in 1920. Perhaps you refer to Silesian uprisings?
      Historically, is much easier to make argument about ancient Polish
      lands within the borders of 1939 Germany. Refer to historical maps of medieval Europe.
      As a general rule, proven throughout the history, appeasement
      is not the right way to deal with a ruthless dictators or other alien groups who want to destroy our civilization.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Why did Hitler invade Poland?

        …By September 1 of 1939, the killing of Germans at the hands of Polish-Jewish Communist militias becomes so widespread that Hitler is forced to invade. Britain and France immediately declare war upon Germany. The gloating Churchill boasts of how his self fulfilling prophecy regarding the danger of ‘appeasement’ has come to pass.

        tomatobubble [dot] com/id

        …As had been the case with Germans stranded in Czechoslovakia, the Germans in Poland (those not expelled in 1919) are a persecuted minority.

        Red terrorists rape, torture and massacre 1000+ German civilians in the town of Bromberg, Poland. The Massacre is known as “Bloody Sunday.”

        tomatobubble [dot] com/in

        That’s why.

        • JTK

          Were did you learn history? Poland in the mid war period was the most anti communist country in Europe. Out of 400 members parliament, the Communist Party managed to win two seats in 1920s Polish Communist Party was legal until 1932.

        • JTK

          Poland in the mid war
          period was the most anti communist country in Europe. Out of 400 member’s
          parliament, the Communist Party managed to win two seats in 1920s. Polish
          Communist Party was legal in Poland until 1932. The Bloomberg “massacre”
          happened after the start of German invasion in response to German minority attacking
          the polish forces from behind. During that event about 40-50 Poles and 100-300
          Germans were killed. Keep in mind, this happened during the war. After the Hitler
          gained the control of the city all of the Polish suspects were arrested and
          executed, most of them without any due process and trail. I try to be as objective as I can. Actually,
          my heritage is from both Poland and Germany. I have great sympathy to both countries. I
          often visit Germany and Poland and many members of my close family members live in both countries. I am American for the last 35 years. Poles and Germans lived in peaceful coexistence for many centuries. We have a lot in common. I think, Hitler, with his Leftist Socialist politics and the war destroyed this for much longer time I would expect.

        • JTK

          Your own sources, given in the post above contradict your statements. Looks to me that you recycling NAZI propaganda which was totally discredited long time ago. I hope this forum will not became a place for neo-NAZI pinheads like you.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Now, if you wanted to have a REAL debate and look at the FACTS, I was all ready to debate with you, but all I see is childish behaviour.

            How convenient. If it doesn’t fit your argument, it MUST be racist+supremacist+nazi propaganda.

            Why can’t you reply properly? Think about the thousands of people reading this and seeing your childish answer, without actually debating or having any point but mockery.

            Whether you like it or not:

            Hitler tries to solve the problem of the “Polish Corridor” peacefully. He proposes that the people living in Danzig, and the “corridor” be permitted to vote in a referendum to decide their status. If the region returns to German sovereignty, Poland will be given a 1 mile wide path, running through Germany to the Baltic Sea so that it would not be landlocked.

            The Poles consider Hitler’s solution, but behind the scenes, Poland is urged by FDR to not make any deals with Germany. When it becomes apparent to Hitler that Poland will not allow a referendum, he then proposes another solution – international control of the formerly German regions. This sensible offer is also ignored. The Globalists intend to use foolish

            Poland is the match which ignites World War II.

            Within a few weeks, the German-Polish War is already over. Hitler receives a hero’s welcome upon his arrival in liberated Danzig. Hitler addresses the Danzig crowd:

            “No power on earth would have borne this condition as long as Germany. I do not know what England would have said about a similar peace solution (Versailles) at its expense or how America or France would have accepted it. I attempted to find a tolerable solution -even for this problem. I submitted this attempt to the Polish rulers in the form of verbal proposals.You know these proposals. They were more than moderate. I do not know what mental condition the Polish Government was in when it refused these proposals. …….As an answer, Poland gave the order for
            the first mobilization. Thereupon wild terror was initiated, and my request to the Polish Foreign Minister to visit me in Berlin once more to discuss these questions was refused. Instead of going to Berlin, he went to London.”

            Now, you need to STFU.

  • Sick of it

    It would be Waco, possibly on a town or city-wide scale.

    • Spartacus

      Good. The worst things are, the better.

  • emiledurk16

    no one

  • emiledurk16

    I don’t know the answers to your questions, Geronimo, but I gotta agree with PD….it’s gonna happen sometime…my only regret is problably not in my time…..

  • emiledurk16

    Totally agree !!!
    I don’t even care who’s listening…..they got my IP address and everything else about me. Elrey, they won’t let us arm ourselves….that “butch” Napolitanao, or her replacement, along with “my people” Holder will drop the hammer on us should we get any inclinations or not.
    But for the record “yes..I’m in favor of non-violent protest”……not

  • jeffaral

    Honestly I didn’t know that calling White Southerners lazy , Bible thumpers and fat was against the commenting rules. I deeply and unreservedly apologise.

  • IExpatinWarsawO

    The RNA (Republic of New Africa). I like the idea of a “new” nation being formed by some
    southern states, most of which are among the eight poorest states in the U.S.

    The citizens of the RNA would have to give up their citizenship to the U.S., which hopefully

    would have controlled borders. I’m sure the RNA would be as productive as Africa is. As for the NA (New America) I think that the crime rate would be substantially decreased, once
    the RNA is fully settled.

    • Mack0

      In the rest of the country. Crimes rates in the RNF would be sky high.

  • IstvanIN

    They should only get 13% of the landmass of the lower 48, not 5 states.

  • Third world immigration does not assist economic growth; it harms it. Those people arrive poorly educated and with few marketable skills relevant to a modern job market. Their inability to assimilate because of religious, cultural and racial factors creates an additional drag on our economies due to the crimes they commit.

  • Lagerstrom

    Thanks for that Brian. Brilliant!

  • Lagerstrom

    Sheesh! He’s not very black, is he. Obama’s blacker than him!

    • Jefferson

      He looks like a Gulf Arab from Saudi Arabia or Yemen for example. That is what I would assume he was if he did not scream from the roof tops that he is “Black”.

  • Sue

    Other Losses
    After The Reich
    A Woman in Berlin

  • Brian

    As a lifelong Georgian it makes me ill too, but slightly less ill than being dragged down by Africans for the rest of eternity. I would pay a high price indeed to be rid of that albatross.

  • Jefferson

    The few Whites who are still left in 80% Black Jackson, are most likely poor lower class and can not financially afford to move to a nice predominantly White middle class area.

    I feel so blessed to live in an area where Black people make up only 2% of the population.

  • Radicalised by the assassination of Martin Luther King – I wonder if the scum who killed MLK realised what he was starting? And what King himself might think of Lumumba?

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Gerry, Gerry, Gerry. You post is filled with ignorance. If you are a Republican, that makes your posting even sadder.

      Do a little research on the real Michael King, and then report back in.

    • The Ray family wasn’t known for their intellectual prowess.

      • Not known for their intellectual prowess, yet James Earl Ray somehow turned up in England with a forged Canadian passport. Surely nobody believes he produced that document himself.

        • MBlanc46

          There is the view that Ray was merely the agent of a larger conspiracy.

          • I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but the MLK killing doesn’t pass muster.

          • MBlanc46

            Nor I. Once you start looking for gaps and inconsistencies in accounts of complex events, you will surely find them. Once you start seeing connections between events, you will find more of them. Maybe Ray had accomplices, maybe he didn’t. I wasn’t there. Whatever the case, killing King made a martyr out of him. It would have been better had he lived to be an old man tarnished by plagiarism and womanizing.

          • Brian

            Okay, what’s the standard alternative explanation for the real killer then, and how JER ties into it?

            As for MLK, if not for the shooting, he could still be alive today, about 84 years old. Given what he would have undoubtedly pushed for after the voting, lunch counters and busing (like weighing in on St. Trayvon), he would not be so popular today. He would merely form the godhead of the Unholy Trinity of King, Sharpton and Jackson. Whoever killed him did us a huge disservice all right.

          • MBlanc46

            All I know on the subject is listening to the author of a book on the subject on a book talk radio program. I’m sure that you can track it down. I claim no knowledge of the subject beyond that. I quite agree that St. Martin would not be seen as so saintly had he not been shot. The failure of a large proportion of the black population to integrate into society would certainly be a significant blemish on his “dream”,

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    All well said, but never forget the quintessential elitist idiot Wilson.

  • JohnEngelman

    If you don’t like the America’s fighting the unnecessary Vietnam War you have to hate Americans fighting in the unnecessary WWII.

    – Jim G.


    The War in Vietnam was immoral because as many as eighty percent of the Vietnamese supported Ho Chi Minh. It cannot be said that most of the mainland of Europe supported Hitler.

    What “extra-Constitutional methods” did Roosevelt use to get the United States into the war against Hitler? Quote the parts of the Constitution that Roosevelt violated.

    As soon as Roosevelt was inaugurated life began to improve for most Americans. They or their fathers were more likely to have jobs. They benefited from an expanding public sector of the economy paid for by high taxes on the rich.

    Roosevelt’s achievements are why he was reelected three times, and why the Republican Party has never been able to repeal the signature reforms of the New Deal.

    • Republican members of Congress largely voted for the signature reforms of the New Deal.

    • The Lend-Lease Act certainly was absolutely constitutional because both houses of Congress passed it before it was signed into law. The oil and scrap metal embargo against Japan – due to their army’s vile behavior in China – was also constitutional because it too had been passed by Congress and signed into law.

    • David Ashton

      It could be said in 1939-40 as many as 80 per cent of the German people supported Hitler, and that he had considerable support in Italy, Hungary, Romania, Finland, Spain and Portugal. For a while he even had support of the USSR.

      Roosevelt did all he could to break the election pledge not to send American boys into a foreign war.

      • JohnEngelman

        I doubt very seriously that Hitler had much support outside of Germany.

        It is sometimes said that Hitler was elected Chancellor in 1932. Actually he won only 36.8 percent of the vote, losing to Paul von Hindenburg.

        Paul von Hindenburg was 85 years old at the time. The fact that he defeated Hitler is an indication of how desperate most Germans were to keep Hitler from office.

        In Mein Kampf Hitler clearly indicated his desire to conquer much of the mainland of Europe. In “Hitler’s Table Talk,” which is a compilation of private conversations he had with friends and foreign dignitaries, he explained that he intended to treat conquered Slavs so harshly that they would die off and be racially displaced by Germans.

        Ho Chi Minh had no such intentions with South East Asia, or even with Indochina. He posed no threat to the United States. When the Communist Chinese invaded Vietnam in 1979 they were repelled in less than a month, after losing 20,000 dead.

        • David Ashton

          Let me clarify my position yet again.

          I have clearly condemned on this site Nazi maltreatment of Russians, though I try to see complex events as objectively as possible in their historical context. My own perspective on Hitler’s ideology, which combined a particular form of “Social Darwinism” with German nationalism and anti-Semitism, is fairly close to that of Richard Weikart, “Hitler’s Ethic: The Nazi Pursuit of Evolutionary Progress” (New York 2009).

          It is a very long time since I read through “Hitler’s Table Talk” and frankly can recall only his mention of Horbiger and vague references to the actual fate of the Jews (“in the mire”). Ron Rosenbaum and others have questioned the reliability of this document as an accurate reflection of Hitler’s inner thoughts; I venture no opinion without further research for which I lack time.

          Anti-Nazi historian Professor Mark Mazower writes: “Hitler himself thought Himmler’s race mysticism was impractical, and while hostile to Serbs and Russians in general, he felt differently about other groups of Slavs…In fact, he came round to the view…that there was, racially speaking, no such category as ‘Slavs'” (“Hitler’s Empire” [London 2009] p.198).

  • Sue

    It is the story of the raping of German women by the Russians after the war. It’s also a movie although I’ve not seen it to say if they do the book justice.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Hmmm, how does that compare to all the Russians that the Germans raped and murdered, just aside from the actual war dead? Russia lost 20 million people in WW2, that’s one in every three that died worldwide. You guys wallowing in bs about suffering Germany! They brought it on themselves! Now get over it and stop trying to win that war. We need to be focusing on real issues, not some sorry excuses to indulge in bitterness over a war that got over 68 years ago. All these wars were white civil wars and they ought to be seen that way. Stoking up new passions for old blood libels is non-productive for all whites and of no use.

      • Sue

        If you’d like to know what happened to those 20,000 Russians lost, try Uncle Joe. He was a master. No, they didn’t bring it on themselves but it’s a nice thought. Try reading the real history of WWII, I think you’ll be properly surprised. Could you help me find where the Germans raped and murdered Russians? I look at it differently. I believe if more people knew exactly what happened, there would be a unity of whites. WWII was not the good war portrayed to us. There are some very sick propaganda lies from then still going on. The sooner we let light upon them, the sooner we move on. And you’re right, it is a blood libel. We are the people who came before us. Their rest is not peaceful.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          You’re self deluded. Stalin did kill 20 million Russians, but the 20 million I am referring to are the 20 million that died fighting or as victims of German troops that invaded on orders of Hitler.

          I am not going to “find you” what is well known history, but refer you to any well vetted book on the subject of WW2.

          I reject the idea or notion that by falsifying and denying plain, verified history (or ignoring it for minor events) is or will lead to white unity. What it is about is some people that can’t admit they made a mistake and learn from it, but rather try to justify one of the worst chapters of history and white civil wars. The idea of taking responsibility before setting yourself up as the example to follow is always valid and it’s valid here.

          • Sue

            You don’t know enough history of on the subject to comment or opine. Apparently you don’t either.
            “I am not going to “find you” what is well known history”. I googled it and came up with nothing which is why I asked. I could give you links of the raping of German women. 8 to 80 was the slogan. No one is justifying war and I completely agree to learning from mistakes which is why the need for both sides of that history. Victors history is not history.
            You may think or reject whatever you like but the lies must be dealt with one way or the other.

          • Sue

            Found something that may interest you:

            In a groundbreaking book entitled Stalins Secret War, Russian historian Nikolai Tolstoy demonstrates that a majority of the Soviet citizens killed during the war were
            not the victims of Nazi forces but were, in fact, the victims of Stalin
            and his NKVD henchmen in his merciless campaign of ferocious violence
            and mass murder against his own population to keep them subdued and
            subservient to communist rule. Charles Luttons review of Stalins Secret War describes this dark reality as such:

            The secret war Tolstoy goes on to vividly describe was the fierce
            campaign Stalin waged against the Russian population a struggle which
            often took priority over pressing military problems. For example, Stalin
            tied up much of the rail network in western Russia with slave trains of
            captives from the Baltic states, instead of devoting all rolling stock
            to the reinforcement of the frontlines. At LVov, where the Soviet 4th
            Army was fighting desperately to prevent its surrender, Stalins major
            concern was that the NKVD finish liquidating potential Ukrainian
            opponents of the regime rather than order the local security forces to
            join in the battle against advancing Axis units. While Stalin pleaded
            with the British to rush more aid and take further action, the NKVD
            labor camp guards were doubled in number from 500,000 to one million
            heavily armed men.

            Standard treatments of this period always claim that the
            Soviet Union lost over 20 million people during the Second World War.
            Tolstoy makes a convincing case that the actual total is probably closer
            to 30 million, maybe even more with about a third of these deaths
            attributable to Axis actions. The blame for as many as 23 million deaths
            is placed with Stalin and his NKVD henchmen.

  • joesolargenius

    Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter once sang a song about Jackson ,Miss.some forty years ago.
    Going down to Jackson ,look out Jackson town ,we got married in a fever ,hotter than a pepper sprout were some of the lyrics. I am fairly certain that Jackson , Miss was a much different town in those days.

  • MBlanc46

    It’s the state capital, so it will probably avoid that fate. Capital cities of many states tend to become rather trendy. Lawyers and lobbyists and legislators tend to attract things like expensive restaurants and shops. Anyone here have enough local knowledge to predict the possibility of gentrification improving conditions in Jackson?

  • MBlanc46

    Certainly, partitioning the country is neither feasible nor desirable. But until fifty years ago, we had a considerable amount of local segregation. Whites lived in their neighborhoods and whites lived in theirs. To a great extent, most places are still quite segregated. A more formal segregation wouldn’t require much more than minor rejiggering the the status quo, The legal obstacles are formidable, but the practical ones are not.

    • Ella

      We may be economically segregated but 15 minute drive down the road only puts us back into their slummy neighbourhoods. I have problems with the aesthetics; they’re plainly destroying parts of our cities making it into a Mexican barrio. Asian communities are also littered and deteriorating.

      As a result, we are driven out of the BEST lands that have plentiful resources and scenery due to mass immigration as experienced in CA and the North Eastern US seaboard. Or, we have to have 1/2 million plus to cover the costs of real-estate. Having splintered communities will only make life miserable for our children.

      • MBlanc46

        We’re not driven out so much as that we flee. Alas, the real estate industry played an unsavory role in that flight. Now that the Great Black Migration is over and the threat of being overwhelmed is past, we can stand our ground or even begin to recover lost ground, as gentrification in parts of major cities attests. The Hispanic case is a different one and needs to be met by restricting immigration and suppressing illegal border crossing.

  • MBlanc46

    Born Edwin Finley Taliaferro. The Taliaferros are an important Virginia family. One might speculate that one of Edwin Finley’s ancestors was owned by a Taliaferro.

    • Luca

      Yet another useless magical mulatto. I use the term mulatto loosely to include blacks who have large amounts of White DNA.

      Apparently they all seemed pissed at having more intelligence than their black relatives but not all the intelligence of their White ones.

      If only nature had designed them to be sterile hybrids we would have been better off than we are today.

  • Jefferson

    What percentage of Australia’s population is Muslim and Black ?

  • Jared Arrevois

    Welcome, Lumumba. When you have a couple minutes how about vacuuming the hotel.

  • bubo

    Jackson, Mississippi, like Detroit, Gary, Memphis, Birmingham and many others cannot be considered first world cities.

  • Yale2001

    Watch the downfall of Jackson. Soon to be the next Chicago/Detroit. As blacks over-populate an area they ALWAYS vote for black politicians and they generally favor the most corrupt. They then quickly delve into financial/moral scandals. They later develop DEEP financial ruin. Then they receive shameful amounts of federal assistance, then they blow this and it’s worse than it ever was. Finally, collapse. Then they blame white people.

  • Yale2001

    You got to go read the original articles comments. They think he’s going to be their next god.

  • scutum1

    To Michael Christopher Scott: You
    are correct; it was the second-world war that ended the great depression. Due
    to the Federal Reserve’s contraction of our money supply demand for goods and
    services continued to drop during the decade of the 30s. The contraction of the
    money supply was what led to President Roosevelt’s executive order 6012 in
    1933. This executive order directed all persons to deliver all but a small amount
    for gold coins or bullion to the Federal Reserve in exchange for $20.47 per
    troy ounce. We were still on the gold standard back then and the idea was that
    if the Federal Reserve could increase the amount of gold reserves they could
    re-expand the money supply and undo the damage they had done to the economy by
    contracting the money supply in the first place. Needless to say it didn’t work and the nation’s
    economy remained in a depression until the outbreak of the second-world war in
    Europe when the US became “The Arsenal of Democracy”. Due to the outbreak of the
    war we were able to begin utilizing all of the unused productive capacity that
    had been sitting idle during the 1930s. Milton Friedman wrote a whole book explaining
    the role the Federal Reserve’s policy of monetary contraction played in causing
    the great depression. Unfortunately, the Fed is now trying to expand the economy
    by increasing the money supply. However we no longer have the unused productive
    capacity we had prior to the second-world war and any current increases in
    demand caused by expanding the money supply will simply put more Chinese, or
    other third world employees to work. But of course that is the agenda of the
    New World Order. It also explains why so many main stream economists are concerned
    that any shrinkage in the amount of dollars in circulation may have a disproportionately
    negative effect on emerging economies like China’s. I might add that John Engelman is absolutely incorrect, none of the government spending engaged in by the Roosevelt administration had any role in reversing the great depression.

  • If he does adhere to Malcolm X’s principles, he can be a positive. X – did not allow blacks to whine, complain and not produce. X’s communities were self-sufficient and over-all positive – the polar opposite of today’s black communities. X was murdered for a reason – he did not agree with the black civil rights and white Democrat leaders who killed him or their policy goals – permanent indigence to control their votes. X wanted blacks to live segregated from whites – I concur.

  • Major

    “Siddhartha Mitter, Al Jazeera America, September 19, 2013”

    You know what AMREN? I wish you wouldn’t post articles by the un American, Christian hating, tayiqua lie dispensing scum that Al Jazerra is! I mean come on for crying out loud. Not only do I refuse to even watch that POS channel on my TV…I refuse to be indoctrinated by an Islamist, CAIR loving, Muslim Brotherhood loving organization like this outfit.

    Otherwise…as a long time donator and subscriber to AMREN..I.’m going to hit the road. It’s totally unbelievable to me that Jared would defile these pages with this Islamist junk.

    • WR_the_realist

      What has this to do with the actual content of the article? In my experience nearly every major news source sometimes publishes something worthwhile, despite its biases. The obvious exception is MSNBC, more anti-white than Al Jazerra could ever be anti-Christian.

  • Major

    OK…that’s the way it’s played here. I just got my last comment deleted and censored because I object to the posting of Al Jazerra here? Is that the way it’s played here now? A legitimate beef over refusing to honor a terrorist loving, sponsoring ant American “news” outlet for islamists? If that’s the way it is…then don’t email me for any more $$$, fair enough?

  • Dave4088

    In 4-5 years we’ll be reading how Jackson, MS is even more screwed up than it is today and how it’s all the fault of white racism even though Jackson is 80% black with a black nationalist mayor.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    These are trash, propaganda books. Germany lost the war and people had to be moved around and resettled, they weren’t the only ones. What a waste of time!

    Why don’t you try reading about the Berlin Airlift and the Marshall Plan, things that really happened?

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    You didn’t list that they and the WPA built dams and powerhouses as well as military bases. It would not have been possible to be ready for the war if these things hadn’t been done.

    • JohnEngelman

      It is a good thing that dams, powerhouses, and military bases were built by CCC then. That made it easier for us to defeat Nazi Germany.

  • The Mad Jewess

    I wish Mississippians that are white would move up here to N. Arizona. Its 95% white and the more that move here, the better. Especially Prescott, Cottonwood, Sedona area.
    The ONLY way to keep the white population up here is for more whites to move here.

  • mikebowen55

    He may describe himself as a “revolutionary”, but by my estimation he’s just a n*gger.

  • Tacitus1

    The local paper ( Clarion Ledger) will still obsess about a segregationist mayor or governor who has been dead 30 years before they will take a stand against this racist.