Botched circumcision procedures in remote parts of South Africa are killing young men to such an extent that it has been labelled ‘genocide’ by a local health official.

The initiation, from youth to adulthood, is carried out as a cultural tradition across the country.

But this year alone, 39 young men have died from unsafe operations in the Eastern Cape, and over the last seven years, there have been 462 reported deaths.

The problem has reached such crisis levels that the Eastern Cape’s health authority is looking into setting up facilities manned by surgeons and other medical staff to safely carry out the procedure.

Sizwe Kupelo, spokesman for the EC Health Department, told Dispatch Online: ‘The custom has nothing to do with an actual surgical procedure, it will remain a custom but it’s the cutting of the boys that is important. How this is done needs to be closely looked at as some boys are getting infected and ending up in hospital.

‘This is very close to genocide,’ he said.

This view was mirrored by senior traditional leader Ndumiso Hlongwa who was quoted in Sowetan Live as saying the death rate could be called ‘genocide as our people are slashed to death in these mountains’.

The main cause of hospital admission is septicaemia. In the last seven years, 5,000 young men have been admitted to hospitals in South Africa suffering complications after their circumcision procedure.

It is also the main cause of death.

For those who survive, they must live with the embarrassment and humiliation of being permanently deformed.

There is also a strong belief still, in parts of South Africa, that those who succumb to problems during initiation are not real men, according to survivor Thando Mgqolozana, who has shrugged aside mockery to write about his experiences.

Now, in a bid to prevent and epidemic of septicaemia among young men, the authorities are getting involved.

At the start of the initiation season, the Eastern Cape Health Department allocated 20m rands (£1.32million) to curb initiation deaths.

Some of it was used to assist the monitoring and evaluation of the process, but there was little impact on the death toll, according to Dispatch Online.

The head of the Eastern Cape’s health department, Sicelo Gqobana, now wants to look into placing permanent facilities to specialise in carrying out the procedure, especially where the death toll is the highest.

He points out the dire health economics of the current situation, with every patient admitted to hospital costing the authority 1,000 rands (£65.90).

The number of men dying every year is also increasing, so the need to implement a plan to prevent this ‘genocide’ is urgent.

Kansas Shezi, parent of deceased 14-year-old initiate Siniko Shezi, told Dispatch Online: ‘Anything that can help us will be great. We are losing children.’

South African boy in initiation robes and paints.

South African boy in initiation robes and paint.

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  • Since these are the folks Hollywood always depicts as brilliant scientists and doctors, living on the continent Stephen Hawking believes is full of super-geniuses, surely there is someone there who can perform a circumcision without botching the procedure.

    • me

      Why? I support the cultural rights of the South African Black to circumcise EVERY MALE AND FEMALE by their traditional method. Works for me….

      • China_Rising

        The Bantu would have been listed as an endangered species it it wasn’t for the billions in aid every year.

  • IstvanIN

    They could just join the 21st century.

    • me

      They haven’t caught up with the 20th Century yet…..

  • Spartacus

    “Botched circumcision procedures in remote parts of South Africa
    are killing young men to such an extent that it has been labelled
    ‘genocide’ by a local health official.”


    Yeah… How about we focus on the real genocide in Africa,instead “how dumb groids kill each other in a dumb manner” ?

    • IstvanIN

      ..and yet not one “white” country, including Putin’s Russia, will take them in.

      • Spartacus

        That’s because white countries aren’t ruled by whites, are they ?

        • me

          Not even remotely. Global elitist dictatorship everywhere.

          • Romulus

            Come now, you knooooooow who’s running the show. We all do!

          • me

            Those Who Can’t Be Named, LOL!

          • Romulus

            At times, I feel like im at HOGWARTS and the slightest mention of the deceivers will send me to Azkaban. You held without trial indefinitely ala the upgraded patriot act the NDAA.

      • KenelmDigby

        The irony is that the UK takes in darkies by the boatload. Daily.

  • borogirl54

    If they cared about safety, they could insist that the boys go to a hospital and get it properly done.

    • KenelmDigby

      What about just using iodine spray as a basic precaution?

      • eunometic

        The circumcisions are mass circumcisions. The boys line up and they don’t clean the knife in between.

        Almost as stupid as their predilection for “dry sex” where a pessary filled with sand, ground stone, astringent plants is inserted in the vagina to dry it of its natural lubrication. The sex leads to tears on the genitals.

  • Defiant White

    I’m sure little African monkeys look down from their tree-top perches at these black savages, put their little monkey faces in the palm of their little monkey hands and just say, WTF?

  • 1stworlder

    Go team Darwin

  • Conrad

    To prevent the spread of disease in Afreaka apply LIBERAL amounts of Napalm.

  • He points out the dire health economics of the current situation, with every patient admitted to hospital costing the authority 1,000 rands (£65.90).

    If it costs less than a $100 to kill sepsis in South Africa, why isn’t there more medical tourism? A breast job with turtle shell implants is probably less than $50.

  • bigone4u

    If I ever make it to Africa, I’ll set up a circumcisn clinic and I’ll circumcize with a chainsaw.

    • A rusty can lid would cost less and probably produce the same effect. On the other hand, that is probably exactly what is being used in these circumcisions.

      • me

        Top of a rusty tin can, a piece of filthy glass pane, grandpa’s teeth, an old crab claw, a chipped stone…..hey, what’s the worst that could happen?

  • Romulus

    I thought homo heidelbergensis died out! Just goes to show how stupid they are when the fool cannot even apply the correct vocabulary word for the deaths. Genocide is a state sanctioned elimination of one ethnic group of another. Suicide is inflicting bodily injury to oneself by action or deed.

    • me

      To the Black man across the globe that use profound Negro logic, nothing is their fault. The Blue Eyed Devils, a witch, an angry idol, or an ancestral ghost is the scientific reason for Negro failure.

  • din_do_nuffins

    If blacks are getting hurt by black traditions in blackest Africa, somehow we all know our racist unearned White privilege is to blame.

    • De turrble, turrble legacy ob de colonialism.

    • me

      I support any ‘cultural diversity’ of the Negro that leads to Darwinian culling of the stupid….

  • Rhialto

    How many “youts” have died in Chicago this year of gang conflicts? I think that it’s more than 39.

  • Anonymous White

    There’s a theory that ‘The Great Zimbabwe’ which their country is named after was built by Arab slave traders (and not a long lost black civilization LOL).

    • Probably Malays. The Malays were excellent seafarers, and settled Madagascar. The trip to Africa proper would have been small potatoes for them.

      • Anonymous White

        It’s a bit of a jump to say it was “probably” Malays, is it not?

        • What did the black African’ts ever build? Either Malays or subcontinental Indians: take your pick. I doubt groids built that.

          • Anonymous White

            What about the Arabs (as I mentioned before)?

  • IKantunderstand

    Best news I’ve heard in a long time. Oh, and by the way? Circumcisions prevent AIDS! So keep it up!

  • Oil Can Harry

    39 South African blacks die in botched circumcisions?
    Mainstream Media: That’s genocide!

    40,000 South African whites killed by blacks?
    Mainstream Media: Move along folks, nothing to see here…

  • Whirlwinder

    These are the people who will lead us out of the darkness into the light.

  • Yes, but it is done here by genuine doctors. I’m told a circumcised fellow can “keep going” far longer, which quite pleases women.