Don’t Ignore Race in Christopher Lane’s Murder

John McWhorter, TIME, August 22, 2013

Australian Christopher Lane was killed on Monday in Oklahoma by three teens, one of whom has said they were just “bored.” The right is complaining that the media is making nothing of the fact that two of the teens were black whereas Lane was white, as opposed to the massive alarm sounded in cases such as white (or white-ish) George Zimmerman killing black Trayvon Martin. And again the cry was heard that there is more “black-on-black” or “black-on-white” crime than “white-on-black,” and that young black men are in fact more of a problem than people like Zimmerman.

The numbers don’t lie: young black men do commit about 50% of the murders in the U.S. We don’t yet know whether the attack on Lane was racially motivated, nor can we know whether the three black boys who attacked a white boy on a Florida school bus recently would not have done the same to a black kid. {snip} But hardly uncommon are cases such as the two black guys who doused a white 13-year-old with gasoline and lit him on fire, saying “You get what you deserve, white boy” (Kansas City, Mo.) or 20 black kids who beat up white Matthew Owens on his porch “for Trayvon” (Mobile, Ala.).

So, it’s just fake to pretend that the association of young black men with violence comes out of thin air. Young black men murder 14 times more than young white men. If the kinds of things I just mentioned were regularly done by whites, it’d be trumpeted as justification for being scared to death of them.

It’s not that black communities are in complete denial about these statistics—Stop the Violence events are a staple of high-crime areas. But let’s face it: black America isn’t nearly as indignant about black boys killing one another or whites as about the occasional white cop killing one black boy, even though the former wreaks much more havoc in black communities. There is no coordinated nationwide movement equivalent to the one Martin galvanized. There are no thoughtful films “exploring” black-on-black crime the way Fruitvale Station treats the death of Oscar Grant, a young black man who was killed by transit police in Oakland, Calif.


Granted, it seems a lot easier to do something about the Zimmermans than the black thugs. Protest profiling and police departments institute new programs. But black thugs aren’t moved by protests, so it can seem like we’re just stuck with them.

But who’s to say what would happen if black America exerted even half of the emotional fervor and brainpower it does over cases like Martin’s to thinking about how to keep black boys from going wrong? {snip}

For the time being, though, it’s time for the media to stop proudly emblazoning the race of white cops who kill black boys while cagily describing black teens as, say, “from the grittier part of town,” as has been the case regarding Lane’s killers. The media needs to be as honest with black people as we need to be with ourselves. {snip}

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  • bigone4u

    The racial awakening in White America is in full swing judging from the comments on the Time website. I hope Time doesn’t do what PuffHo and Atlantic Wire do, which is take down comments that are “racist,” meaning honest about black criminality and behavior. The comments on Time give me hope and nobody’s letting the libtards turn the conversation to “it’s the fault of white racism.” Go Whites.

    • I still see a couple of big problems here.
      1. The GOP is still ignoring this issue.
      2. Too many naïve white people under 30 still think they’re smarter than we are.
      3. The GOP won’t go after these white people under 30.

      • BlarneyMiller

        “Too many naïve white people under 30 still think they’re smarter than we are.”

        On a Breitbart article about the Chris Lane murder there was a commenter going by the screen name “imsmarterthanyoubyfar” calling racially aware commenters racist. I’ll guess that this self professed genius is a white college student.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Yes I just LOVE how the younger crowd fancies themselves as so much more intelligent and moral than the older generations despite the fact that they can barely tie their own shoes without the federal government stepping in to assist them. ACT/SAT scores are plummeting and I read somewhere (maybe even in TIME) that America graduates about 90,000 engineers on average every year and that China graduates something like 3.6 million annually.

        • John Ulfsson

          I’m a member of the younger generation, and they seriously lay the moral superiority and self righteousness of being an “anti-racist” on thick.

          Even if they can’t counter a single point you make, they still leave the conversation feeling morally righteous and cocky because of it. They’re zealots, simple as that.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            You give me and all of us here hope. Keep it up. Try to influence your peers – be smart about it, but don’t give up.

            You are very welcome here, young man!

          • John Ulfsson

            I try, but there’s not much you can say to these people. Sadly, they have to be culturally enriched themselves to see the error of their ways, and even then sometimes it isn’t enough.

            Any gap in your logic, no matter how small, they will try and exploit to maintain their world view. For example, mention “heritability”, and they’ll jump on the aspect of environmental variance to assure themselves that blacks have the same potential, their environment just doesn’t let them express it, no matter how unlikely that is.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Don’t give up. Times are changing…for the better. Not gonna be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

            You are very wise for your age.

          • Bantu_Education

            The “anti-racist” (i.e., anti-white) programming is so thorough and so relentless that, even having had bad experiences with the cultural-enrichers, most whites will put it down to randomness (“whites do this too”) and it takes at least 20 years for the light of reality to shine through the fog, assuming it ever does. So, yes, its very refreshing that a few young whites are racially aware – I certainly wast at that age – sadly they are as rare as “good blacks”.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Stop making sense dammit! I’m peddlin’ hope!


            Yeah, good points and all, but…I think I sense a worm turning here. Gave me a panic attack last night. Maybe wishful thinking but I…think something is beginning to happen here.

            There’s a certain inexorability to the Truth. Sensing a shift in the old zeitgeist. But no, nothing overnight, nothing worthwhile without sacrifice. Gonna get uglier before it gets prettier I think.

          • itdoesnotmatter

            Welcome, John.
            I, too, say keep up the good work, speak up when you can, spread the word. Youthful race realist voices are in short supply and badly needed.
            Please stay around.

          • DudeWheresMyCountry?

            The under 30 generation(s) are obviously misguided but for every one of the brainwashed there are the ones that honestly want equality but are seeing how that word is being used to discriminate against White men and women and to grow the government endlessly.

            Best of all in many ways the post generation X generations don’t feel the White guilt… why? These kids saw nothing in their lives to feel guilty about and many have seen their families struggle to just maintain a fleeting lower middle-class lifestyle. Furthermore since the cultural Marxists have made history irrelevant in the academic universe in their attempts to cloud the overwhelming achievements of White men and women throughout history one of the effects of this insidious campaign has been that kids don’t feel anything about history. And ultimately there is nothing to feel guilty about if everything is a one way street… the anti-White parkway. Kids see through that garbage more than we give them credit for.

            I attended a trade school in Arizona, I won’t say what school but it is very well known for training people to work on and build two-wheel vehicles, that’s all I’ll say… easy enough to figure out based on the above information. Admittedly the student body is about 85% White male with about 2% Black, 1% Occidental Asian, 1% Arab, 4% White female, 6% Navajo Indian and the other one percent is people of mixed race(s) or of a group that doesn’t fit into anything else. There are many Navajo Indians, even a few females because they get free rides from Uncle Sam while the rest of us Whites must pay up to $40,000. I would say of the Navajos about half drop out because they can’t pass the tests and most of the rest stay below the bell curve but finish.

            I was very surprised to see how race realist most everyone was; even the “minorities” were all very easy going (not always very smart) but no way any of them is making a stand typical of their nature when in larger numbers. Nobody is going to complain about a confederate flag on clothing or a vehicle, nobody is offended by an Obama joke (I particularly enjoyed the one about stating when going to the bathroom for a deuce that you were “going to drop The president’s kids off) and you would get nothing but laughs and disrespect for peddling any progressive sludge anywhere near the campus. Most of these kids are under 30 and they don’t buy into one shred of the current Orwellian style narrative they have been fed. Also, anyone who has lived in the urban area of Arizona knows how bad the crime is… theft, burglary and murder are constant and everyone knows the Mexican influx, legal and illegal is 80% of it. The rest of the crime is the Blacks that invaded the city after Katrina and never went back to New Orleans and the druggie, tweaker Whites.

            All I’m saying is don’t give up on the younger generations; many are lost and unrecoverable but many many more know the score and know the lies from the truths… or are one more incident from realizing all of it. Younger kids also aren’t too afraid to say whatever and are in some ways less constrained by PC morays than past generations. Unlike past generations the newer ones won’t just be nice to be courteous or civilized. If they are met with group-based animosity they won’t just act “gentleman” as easily often, they will call a spade a spade. They know that other groups have it in for them and that in the end when tough choices must be made they will do what everyone else is already doing… advocating and fighting for our own!

      • Spartacus

        Stop caring about the Republicans, they’re part of the problem. Secession or societal collapse is the only thing that’s gonna save the White race in America .

      • Aditya Vivek Barot

        Sir, my white friends have stopped talking to me because they think I’m a “racist” and an “extremist” for pointing out all sorts of minority behavior that doesn’t fit the liberal world view including criticism of my own race. I don’t know about the rest of the nation, but whites in Southern California, middle class and above, are thoroughly brain washed.

      • Whitetrashgang

        The GOP is just another tribe scam nothing more nothing less.

    • John Ulfsson

      It’s amazing, isn’t it?

      Even the liberal hivemind that is reddit is waking up about race. Maybe there’s hope after all.

      • BlarneyMiller

        I used to post articles found here on Amren on Reddit. The articles all received far more down arrows than up arrows, and I eventually got a notification telling me to take a break and then consider new material that would be more positively received.

        • So CAL Snowman

          The truth is how shall we say, inconvenient?

        • John Ulfsson

          Yeah, reddit is real liberal cesspool, and they’re certainly not at Amren levels, but the last few days have been pretty interesting.

          • Nathanwartooth

            I have the Reddit app on my iDevices and I love looking at the pictures on the site. Very entertaining.

            Especially since Atheism and Politics have been taken off of “All” it’s gotten a lot better.

          • sbuffalonative

            It’s always nice to see ‘progressive’ liberals face reality but there is really no hope for them. Their entire ethos is threatened by reality. Hence their need to explain it away with excuses and theories.
            A couple might wake up. It’s more likely that a few conservative leaning posters have been able to speak without being silenced because the facts of this case and the scant media coverage are too blatant to shout down.
            It’s good to know people are fighting to get the message out but I don’t expect the leopards to chance their spots.
            The die-hard ‘progressives’ are fuming that their race ‘narrative’ isn’t as black and white as they want it to be.

      • Nathanwartooth

        There is a subreddit that isn’t very active for HBD on Reddit.

        But yeah, there really is no awakening of Reddit. There are sometimes hot spots of racial awakening, but they usually flare up and die out fast.

        Since a mod is reading this since I had a URL in here, how about getting some of us regulars permission to post with URLs? I don’t know if that is possible but it sure would be awesome.

        • If we had the ability to allow registered users to post URLs without those posts having to go into moderation, we would. But Disqus (which was down for maintenance for about 45 minutes this evening, which is why the comments didn’t load) doesn’t have that option.

          • Nathanwartooth

            The limits of Disqus appear to be limitless =)

          • NeanderthalDNA

            The moderators here have little or no input on disqus, from my understanding.

    • sbuffalonative

      Yes, the comments are encouraging. White people do see what’s going on and they’re angry and frustrated that the big black elephant in the room is rarely mentioned.

      I suspect, however, the ‘progressive’ liberal response will be to look at these comments and wonder why white people feel this way. ‘Don’t white people understand how hard it is to be black in America?’

      Watch for follow-up stories using these comments as a jumping off point to bemoan lingering white racism.

    • BlarneyMiller

      “The racial awakening in White America is in full swing judging from the comments on the Time website.”

      This sad comment on TIME is a perfect example of someone who was mugged into reality…

      “My sons were only 9 and 13 years old playing soccer in our local park on a holiday while they were victims of a brutal hate crime. We live in a predominately black neighborhood and the park was full of families picnicking and playing. My sons were attacked solely because they were white, one of my boys was stomped in the head repeatedly. I have fully understood the bigotry and violence towards whites by some blacks since 2000. The black mothers in the park very close by the attack did not call the police, yell stop, or even try to help my kids after the violence get home safely. My sons were changed forever after that incident , so was I. It did not help that over the next decade I was contacted dozens of times by other parents in the community because the official position is to sweep black-on-white violence under the carpet. School admin would quietly provide my contact info to parents as did police officers. We tried to bring the DOJ CRS mediation services for community dialogs in 2002 and 2005 but our Berkeley politic leaders undermined the process. The same DOJ CRS that used our tax dollars to support protest organized by fraudsters Crump and Jackson demanding the political charging against Zimmerman.”

    • BlarneyMiller

      I just found an awesome post among the TIME comments…

      Blacks account for virtually all of the “gun violence”, 53% of all murders and the overwhelming majority of other violent crimes in this nation…and, yet, while they are obviously quite prone towards and enthusiastic about committing acts of violence, blacks are equally non-committal about disciplined military service, accounting for less than 8% of the US military war dead from Iraq/Afghanistan. Try finding a black face in a current Army or Marine trigger-puller unit, today….good luck.

      Eventually, the failed black race and their urban swine will sufficiently enrage the white supermajority – including veterans – and the resulting blood bath will be legendary.

      70 million white men with deer rifles, AR-15s, web gear and 1911s


      3 million black punks with dirty .22 and .380 pistols

      This won’t be a “race war…it’ll be more like a good weekend varmint hunt.

      Just get us started.”

      • Aditya Vivek Barot

        Sir, do you think Americans would engage in such imminently defensible violence? I have my doubts. The old generation wouldn’t even have let things go this far. These people, oy vey!

        • BlarneyMiller

          No, sadly, I agree with you. White Americans today are too distracted by superfluous things like reality TV and too inculcated with egalitarian brainwashing to ever take a physicalstand against their dispossession or to act as a group in defense of their people. It’s very sad to see.

      • Brian

        There are a lot of blacks in the military, but it seems as you get closer to the tip of the spear, toward combat units, but more so toward the elite operators, the whiter it gets. Hard not to notice the ‘unbearable whiteness of being’ when you see a group of SEALS or Rangers. 😉

        • Notice that when Obama wanted the marquee accomplishment of his first term, he turned to the whitest unit in the military, the Navy SEALs.

          Then an enemy mole in the White House got wind of an upcoming mission in Afghanistan, told the Towelie-Bahn, who then proceeded to blow away a chopper full of SEALs.

  • Jefferson

    As a White man, I have become even more racially aware under the Obama administration than I have ever had under the Bush administration. But that’s due to the fact that no administration before Obama has ever been this blatantly and extremely anti-White.

    • My awakening moment was in 1992, when Clinton promised to appoint more minorities to make his cabinet “Look more like America”, to the cheers of the mostly white crowd.

      • So CAL Snowman

        My aha! moment came after reading my first article on SBPDL that featured a story about how the US Army was using black ghetto hospitals (inner city hospitals) to train their trauma surgeons for deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. They said that the conditions and gun shot wounds found in these hospitals accurately reflected the conditions found in Iraq/Afghanistan. I was stunned, but the best part was that Paul Kersey quoted heavily from a similar story found on uber-liberal CNN.

        • serious123

          My aha moment came watching a black woman on TV complaining about how she wasn’t getting enough welfare and stating “that’s my rights” while the commentators ate it up. I remember thinking what the sam hill are they all thinking.

          • I didn’t have a singular aha moment. My uncle that just died last month, the SLFD / Pruitt-Igoe one I have talked about on SBPDL and OD, drew on his experiences at the P-Is and racialized our whole family. I can remember him telling me from a young age things like: “Never turn your back on a (n-word) unless you want a knife or gun going in it.”

            Our later experiences just confirmed everything.

          • No singular moment for me, either. It was more of a process than an event.

          • Puggg

            I sorta defaulted into the movement. My father never really liked ’em. But his conservatism was a little more ideological and just not liking blacks for the sake of not liking blacks. (He, a Navy vet, hates those “Global Force for Good” TV commercials — “I didn’t join no goddamned global force you sonsabitches!”) I wasn’t intensely political until a few years ago (a few months ago I turned 40). How I got here on AmRen: I searched Google for info about some St. Louis story (only lightly race related), found what I was looking for on QD’s blog (Countenance Blog), the followed the links from there to AmRen, CofCC, SBPDL, Occidental Dissent, Vdare.

          • DerekaGrandon

            The Occidental Observer is also a great site. The political Cesspool…

          • cancerous bananna

            My moment was back in the 80’s I was about 8 I went over to this black kids place (his name was Feroz Nana) to watch Michael Jackson accepting all his grammy awards for the thriller album. About 15-20mins there his older brother come home and started taking off his pants and trying to shove his butt in my face.. I ran out the door and that was the end of that. Every encounter since then has had a similar effect.

          • Puggg

            Was he expecting you to insert your tab A into his slot B?

          • cancerous bananna

            My parents might have been foolish enough to let me go over there, but they were smart enough to teach me when to run. I still thank the Lord I was able to get out of there unmolested.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          My “Aha!” moment was fairly gradual, but I went from a typical liberal racial egalitarian to a race realist in about two years.

          My first confrontation with racial reality was when I was in an online debate with someone about what the best plan for improving the conditions in the ghetto would be. I spouted off the usual liberal platitudes (education, more school funding, etc.) and my opponent posted links to evidence of blacks’ lower average IQ scores and higher rates of crime. I didn’t want to accept it, but the truth was right there in front of me.

          After that, I began looking into the science behind IQ testing and found that, despite what I’d been told in school about IQ tests being racist and faulty, they’re actually quite accurate and show a consistent pattern of IQ differences among the races.

          It was depressing to think about how hard whites had tried to bring blacks up to their level, and about the countless billions wasted on that effort that could have been put to good use. I also didn’t want to believe that there was no hope for the Third World, but the more I researched it, the more conclusive it seemed.

          I spent countless hours reading old articles on VDare and AmRen, for months, and now there is no going back. I used to have a lot of hope for the future, but not anymore. Still, it is better to know the truth than to believe an awful lie.

      • Jefferson

        I was only 7 years old in 1992. I didn’t think about race a lot at that age.

      • Sick of it

        The closest thing to an awakening moment I had was dealing with a horrible black roommate at college. It still took time afterward for me to shake it [political correctness] all off.

      • Brian

        For me it was gradual. I grew up in the (homogeneous white) suburbs of Atlanta, and wanted to be egalitarian, which was pretty easy since I didn’t have much exposure to the cultural enrichment. But we’d go downtown to a Braves game or something and I noticed certain…oddities, which led to cognitive dissonance. I went to college at Ga Tech and living downtown near the old Techwood Homes housing project opened my eyes, and then living in the city after that. Looking back now, I have to admit there was always some distaste, watching National Geographic-type videos of the natives in sub-Saharan Africa or the Caribbean, or just watching people in Atlanta. I had the values of intellect and cultural whiteness, admiring Victorian Englishmen as a model. And the shucking-and-jiving, 85 IQ black man just could (almost) never be seen behaving or achieving like that. And then I got into the statistical analysis and HBD, molecular biology and the whole scientific angle, both biological and criminological. Finally I just had to admit how things actually are. It was rather sad, like finding out Santa is fake, but in the end you cannot take appropriate action without understanding the truth, whatever it happens to be.

        • Brian

          Another thing about GaTech in the 90’s– I had one very sharp black electrical engineering professor, with serious brains and a quiet, reserved demeanor– seemed like a white guy with a tan. I tried to hold onto that, but then after class I’d go off-campus and be assaulted by the contrast of ghetto black Atlanta, just overwhelmed by the nonsense, crime, loudness, filth, etc. And I thought about the student body…they noted that GT had the highest % of black engineers of any college, but it was still pitiful despite the ‘support programs’ they had. You’d think Atlanta could draw some black talent, but we had far more Indian/Chinese foreigners than black locals. And in the dorm at night we’d play a drinking game, taking a shot whenever we heard a gunshot coming from the project down the street. And I thought, _they are just not like us_.

      • Erasmus

        My awakening moment was in 1989. I was reading an article in The New Republic, in which the author was claiming that blacks didn’t commit the majority of violent crimes in the country and presented a data table showing that, at the time, they were committing a measly 48% of the violent crime in the country.

        While the numbers proved his assertion correct, even my then leftist mind couldn’t fail to come to the correct conclusion from his data that if a minority was still committing almost half the violent crime in the United States, a person was 15x as likely to be raped, mugged or murdered by a black person than by a white person.

      • Cannot Tell

        I’m black African, but my awakening occurred when I read Why Race Matters by Michael Levin.

      • redfeathers

        He also talked gleefully about the day when we will become a minority in our country.

        • Brian

          I saw this recently on Conan– he mentioned as part of a monologue joke that by 2050 or so, whites would be a minority, and the mostly-white, middleclass audience cheered, clapped, hooted and hollered. What kind of dumbasses celebrate their own replacement? Do they actually think the Others, once they achieve ascendancy, will be as SWPL and tolerant as they are?!

    • DonReynolds

      I acquired an intense dislike for George Bush Jr. when he was Governor of Texas. The Daughters of the Confederacy built the Texas Supreme Court building with their own funds and there was a small plaque in the building that said so. A black activist insisted that the plaque be taken down, since these Confederate widows were obviously a “racist” symbol. Governor Bush allowed them to remove the plaque from the building. The Bush crowd are carpetbaggers from Connecticut and they will pander to ethnics (including Hispanics) until the end of the world.

      • DerekaGrandon

        That drunkard imbecile was one of the worst presidents. An anti-White and repulsively obsequious AIPAC lackey.

      • Luca

        He sure as hell watched from the sidelines as the invaders were breaking down the fences and crossing the Rio grande.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      It’s happening all over the country. Hard to judge how much based on anything “official” or even semi-official, but no non-canonical input is allowed on any mainstream site.

      Several of my friends who were die-hard liberals have changed recently, especially since the martyrdom of St. Treyvon of the Skittles. The Chris Lane thing coming so soon after, now the 88 year old veteran killed in Spokane…

      Just tried to post some fairly innocuous comments over at CNN and we know how that went. It was amazing how fast comments were getting moderated. In fairness some were from black nationalist types, but the vast majority were of course Whites in any way stepping outside of acceptable script.

      Wonder how the CNN moderation thing works. Can’t be a hundred monkeys sitting behind screens all tamping down on the great White awakening as it occurs, can it? Gotta be automated word.phrase recognition assisted. I guess…

  • WmarkW

    Thomas Sowell is 83 and Walter Williams is 77.
    Hopefully McWhorter and Carol Swain can help liberals and blacks accept that race realism is evidence-based, and hence the opposite of “prejudice.”

  • sbuffalonative

    TIME took notice.
    It’s a start.

    • Luca

      Smoke and mirrors. Now they can prance around and say “See, this proves the MSM is not 100% liberally biased”. It’s a token piece because the crimes are becoming so blatant and common place even the liberal editors are running out of journalistic gymnastics to keep the masses fooled.

      • FormerlyEdNY

        You are correct but I think many more Whites are starting to wake up and smell the coffee. People I know who refused to even discuss this stuff are now becoming very vocal. I hope it catches on, spreads and that we as a group follow through.

        • [Guest]

          I hope the same. But just what form would the “follow through” take? Let’s say that a few million white people were willing to admit that blacks are a societal cancer. What then?

          • FormerlyEdNY

            I am not exactly sure what then. I would hope that someone would emerge that could organize and lead Whites to fight this cancer. Time will tell.

          • Luca

            We are like the foot soldiers gathering in the village green and loading our muskets. We need organization and leadership.

            Our cause must be defined in terms that like-minded people can join without being labeled as racist.

            There are many (some what) like-minded groups but they need to be drawn together around a common cause.

            We could say everything we are saying here but in a race neutral, non-sarcastic manner.

            We need to push for laws that extract the liberal poison out of society. We need to inject some common sense back into the American way of life.

            We need to do this in regards to the criminal justice/legal system, immigration, education, taxation, the media and politics. etc.

          • Brian

            That is the million dollar question. I don’t know the answer, but I fear it will be grim.

  • DerekaGrandon

    Another case of privileged moral authority.

    Notice that a black writer can perfectly address black on White crime and delve into it without any backlash criticism of insensitivity or mean-spiritedness for he is granted the authority to do it.

    Had it been a White columnist trying to write about this he wouldn’t have been permitted the jurisdiction and he would have been maligned and called racist for daring to touch a subject which is off limits to him as a white man.

    The negro writer is lauded by his ‘aplombed equanimity’ instead.

    The Main Stream Media (controlled by The Cancer) dictates who has the moral authority to study and investigate about race issues and obviously Whites don’t qualify for it.

    • Greg Thomas

      That’s right. Had the columnist been White, he would be unemployed by now.

    • FormerlyEdNY

      Definitely a double standard. Kind of like Whites can’t say a certain word but blacks can use it everyday.

      • CharlesFinley

        I say it out my car window every day. Seriously.

        “Ook!!! Ook ook!

    • DonReynolds

      Same as with Bill Cosby or Ben Carson, they are ALLOWED to be properly critical and make strongly worded suggestions all the time……but anyone else would cause a riot if they said the same exact words. (Well…..I am not going to STFU.)

  • IstvanIN

    This guy must be an Uncle Tom.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Let’s see. He has a job, speaks proper English and doesn’t appear to hate whites or have a rap sheet.

      (Sigh) He’s a Tom all right. I’m afraid there’s little hope for him.

    • sbuffalonative

      I first say John McWhorter discussing a book on c-span in front of a black audience. He was highly critical of black culture. During Q and A, the black audience dismiised everything he said offering the same excuses for blacks.

      I’ve also read pieces by McWhorter where he defended blacks when he clearly shouldn’t have.
      He can be a mixed bag.

      • Erasmus

        What for heaven’s sake is “Black culture”? What I see presented as black culture are attitudes and behaviors my parents, teachers and the adults I looked up to as I was growing up expressly warned me against.

  • Jesse James

    This is a good article and I commend the writer for his honesty particularly because he makes his living in the belly of the MSM beast. Hopefully it signals that things have gotten so bad that even the progressives understand that something most be done.

  • Spartacus

    “The media needs to be as honest with black people as we need to be with ourselves.”


    Can I give it a try? Ok, here it goes :

    Listen up black people ! You are the most useless, destructive and idiotic form of life on the face of the Earth. Every country/city/town/neighborhood you’ve ever infected gets turned into an instant s***-hole . If there are any of you that have a minimum of decency – either sterilize yourself and make it your life’s work to convince others of your pathetic race to do the same, or just kill yourselves !

    How was I ?

    • FormerlyEdNY

      Well said! Now next time, don’t hold back.

      • Spartacus

        Well I’m sure the readers at Amren can grasp the subtlety of my words .

    • CharlesFinley

      A bit subdued, maybe. I commend you for your restraint.

  • dd121


  • SirMe

    WoW this is going mainstream…….

  • It’s not that black communities are in complete denial about these statistics—Stop the Violence events are a staple of high-crime areas. But let’s face it: black America isn’t nearly as indignant about black boys killing one another or whites as about the occasional white cop killing one black boy, even though the former wreaks much more havoc in black communities.

    1. Stop the violence type events do everything but blame blacks for black crime, even if they don’t out and outright blame whites. What they do is try to blame every obscure abstract condition that blacks can’t control or don’t control for black crime.

    2. Good ole fashioned tribalism is why blacks are outraged about nonblack-on-black crime than black-on-anyone crime. Outgroup-on-ingroup always generates more ingroup outrage than ingroup-on-anyone crime. It’s only natural. Notice how AR explodes when nonwhite-on-white crime stories show, the Lane murder stories are a prime exception.

  • exLibtard

    I think we are seeing the beginning of White consciousness blossoming on a large scale. This article hit the nail right on the head. The comment thread looks like things that we would say on AmRen. This may be a watershed event.

    Christopher Lane didn’t die in vain.

    • Spartacus

      “Christopher Lane didn’t die in vain.”


      That rhymes, would make a good slogan.

  • Spartacus

    And of course, Amren has deleted my very reasonable post yet again…

    • bigone4u

      If it makes you feel better, you are not alone. In America the courts have ruled that a website that allows comments advocating violence can be sued in civil court and the organization stripped of ALL its money. I have noticed that subjects that I could bring up here a few months ago are now taboo. I think I’ve had 5 or 6 comments deleted here in the last two days even though I try very hard not to post anything that would lead the organization to be sued if a black man were murdered by an amren reader. If the moderator is overly cautious I am not going to complain because the assets of the organization need to be protected from a predatory judicial system that would probably like to see amren disappear.

      • Spartacus

        Yes, but I didn’t tell anybody to kill them. I just told blacks they’re useless, and they should kill themselves . There can’t be anything wrong with that…

  • DerekaGrandon

    89-year-old World War II veteran beaten to death by two black teens…

    SPOKANE, Wash. –

    WWII veteran Delbert Belton survived being wounded in action during the Battle of Okinawa only to be beaten and left for dead by two teens at the Eagles Lodge in Spokane on Wednesday evening.

    Belton, 89, died from the injuries he suffered in the beating Thursday morning at Sacred Heart Medical Center.


    • [Guest]

      Delbert Belton, yet another “random” casualty in the continuing race war (which only one side is fighting).


    • Frank-ly Speaking

      God Bless Mr. Belton. Okinawa was one of the fiercest, most horrific battles of World War II in the Pacific. For a first-hand account from an infantryman’s perspective read, “With the Old Breed at Peleliu and Okinawa” (1981) by Eugene B. Sledge.

    • Erasmus

      As I’ve said before, not all blacks are violent thugs, but most violent thugs are black. FBI statistics prove it.

      When you live in a place where even only 5% of the snakes are venomous, to keep yourself safe avoid all snakes.

  • Puggg

    Look at the top of Drudge Report right now.

    It’s going to be hard to pin that one on guns or wealth.

    • bigone4u

      Drudge is doing his part to wake up the country. I wish I knew whether it was for his benefit (more page hits) or ours (a matter of principle).

      • Puggg

        Does it really matter why? It matters that.

  • din_do_nuffins

    FoxNews has three black on right now, no White Shammity in the lead, and they are lamenting the black gang lifestyle.
    MSM puts blacks on to say what we want to hear so that we will think that not all blacks are dangerous and to prevent us from hearing Whites “voice racial concerns,” which are not allowed for Whites unless we are concerned about how our racist White privilege is hurting Diversity.

    • Greg Thomas

      That would take divine intervention from above. Such an endeavor would be deemed a gross violation of “White privilege.” Jed needs to pray a little harder for a miracle.

      “If your White daugter is not dating a nasty buck diversity, you still have some soul searching to do.”

      Rev. Jed 2012.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    We don’t yet know whether the attack on Lane was racially motivated

    James Edwards’ older sister, Rachel Padilla, said she believed racism was a factor in the charges, with the two African-American boys receiving the tougher charges.

    Race is the only factor.

    Mr Edwards said his son did not grow up around guns. ‘’He said to me, ‘Dad, why don’t we have guns around the house?’ and I said, ‘Because I don’t need no guns’.’

    There is it: It’s the gun’s fault.

    The boys looked terribly young and more stunned than scared.

    Poor little fellas! How soon before Sharpton digs up babies photos of the poor, misunderstood little victims.

    Hopefully, in red-state Oklahoma, black whining and blaming this clearly race-based murder on everything BUT the killers themselves will fall on deaf ears.

    Is there an Ol’ Sparky in OK?


    Image: James Edwards’ sister, Rachel Padilla

    The other one need no explanation.

  • [Guest]

    At “Time”: This conversation is currently closed to new comments.

  • Chris

    The media is trying to make a heroine out of the black school clerk in Georgia,

    Antoinette Tuff. Thanks to her (supposedly) the white gunman didn’t kill anyone.

  • FormerlyEdNY

    I am watching Fox News right now. Fox News contributor Tamara Holder said this case is not about race but rather this case is about the gun problem in this country. What a bunch of left wing garbage.

    • Luca

      Guns kill people in the same manner that ropes lynch people.

      • Cannot Tell

        Well said! I’m going to start telling my liberal acquaintances that.

  • Baronsteamtrunk

    My racial awakening was during my Freshman and Sophmore years at High School. The junior high I went too bussed in all the black kids from the hood. I became fairly close friends with one black kid as we both liked Bruce Lee films and comic books. Flash forward to my zoned high school which was bussing in reverse. All us white kids were forced (by public transportation thank you) to go to a high school right in the heart of the hood.

    The first day I saw my black friend in the hallway with some other blacks and said hello. He treated me like something that crawled up from the sewer. Didnt want to be seen being friendly with whitey. The following year I was tranfered to another lovely high school which was even worse. There were 4 whites in the entire student body including myself. Within two months I was jumped by about five blacks who used my head as a soccer ball while a group of at least 50 surrounded and cheered. The only reason it stopped was due to a Puerto Rican friend of mine (who was a fellow metal head) pulled a knife and my white friend ran home and got a gun.

    I looked back on my life and realized that every negative and physical altercation I had ever had since the first grade had been with blacks. Not to have a “racial awakening” would have been illogical and irrational.

  • Ella

    A lawyer friend told me the reason for not trying many Black-on-white murders as “hate crimes.” It comes down to the difficulty of proving that the intent was racially motivated, and the evidence is more difficult to collect. You have to convince the jury. A convicted person obviously can receive the death penalty without being tried for “hate crimes.” I understand the reasons better, but “hate crimes” statute in general is still a bad law.

    • Baronsteamtrunk

      I think most people agree that “Hate Crime” laws are stupid. All crime is hateful. It is the immediate, all knowing rush to judgment of “hate” on the rare occasion a white commits a crime against a black, Asian, Muslim, Hispanic or whatever. I would be curios to see the actual stats of hate crime prosecutions and convictions by race. For a black to be prosecuted for a hate crime against a white he would need a written confession pinned to his chest as well as videotape (filmed in HD) of the actual crime with the perp looking straight at the camera giving his social security number and stating ‘I am killing this white person because I hate all crackers. Let me be clear, this is a biased crime of hate! I hate white folks”. Even then it probably wouldnt stick!

  • Brian

    I used to work with a white guy who brought his wife in for something once, and she was black. This guy was from Alabama btw. I guess I registered a look of surprise because the guy glared at me and made a smartass comment about whether I had seen an interracial couple before, it’s 1999 now, not 1840, etc. I said, yeah I’ve seen it before, but with b/w it usually goes the other direction: b man, w woman. The guy was indignant and didn’t believe me. Seriously? BM/WW is at least 10x as common as WM/BW. He had never noticed that?

  • Brian

    The usual evasion I hear with the pre-colonial backwardness is a slip into mythical Afrocentrism– pretending the pharaohs all looked like Shaft, Greeks stole their ideas from Nubia, etc. From there you could point out that even if an idea is stolen, _it’s not removed from the heads of the inventors_. So what caused Africa to fall into squalor after inventing everything?

    My favored hypothetical is to ask a denialist just to suppose for a moment that one group averages 100IQ and the other 85, for the sake of argument…and then imagine what the results of that would be, in crime, scholastic achievement, GDP of various countries, Nobel prize distribution, teen pregnancies, etc. Now open your eyes and compare that extrapolation to _what we actually have in reality_.

  • Brian

    Don’t forget Autumn Pasquale. That one really got me steamed.

  • [Guest]

    As “proof” that this murder had nothing to do with race—as we’re supposed to believe it never does when blacks murder white people—it’s said in one CBS report that James “Bug” Edwards (picture below) had a white girlfriend.

    If that’s true, then “Bug” is a depraved monster, and so is his girlfriend.