Charlie Rangel: Tea Party Is ‘Same Group’ of ‘White Crackers’ Who Fought Civil Rights

Hunter Walker, Talking Points Memo, August 2, 2013

In an interview with the Daily Beast published Friday, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) suggested Tea Partiers are the “same group” who fought for segregation during the Civil Rights movement.

“It is the same group we faced in the South with those white crackers and the dogs and the police. They didn’t care about how they looked,” Rangel said.

Because of this, Rangel said the Tea Party could be defeated using the same tactics employed against Jim Crow.

“It was just fierce indifference to human life that caused America to say enough is enough. ‘I don’t want to see it and I am not a part of it.’ What the hell! If you have to bomb little kids and send dogs out against human beings, give me a break,” said Rangel.

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  • All the racial pandering of the TPM amounted to what, exactly? Though many TP groups are really getting it right on immigration right about now; we can’t bash them too much.

    Rangel Jeantel forgot the “creepy a**” part.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Black US congressman uses racial slur against whites in recorded interview? No problem.

      White football player uses racial slur against blacks in private conversation he didn’t know was being recorded? He’s suspended as pressure builds on the Eagles to fire him.

      • Thor Bonham

        Sounds fair to me .. Yeah in Africa ..

      • me

        Rangel is a racist and should be recalled. He is feeling emboldened by the racist POTUS….

    • Erasmus

      Rangel is a pimp. Same a Barack Obama, same as Je$$e Jack$on, the same as Al $harpton and the same as Eric Holder.
      In fact, is there any mainstream black leader today that’s not a pimp?

    • Lagerstrom

      ‘White Crackers’ he says. There must be crackers of all colours then…even black ones? Either way, the ramblings of this ‘Rep’ didn’t make much sense.

  • HJ11

    He’s anti-White scum.

  • sbuffalonative

    I’ve said it before, the only thing these people believe they know about the Tea Party is from the racist and misspelled signs ‘progressive’ provocateurs hold up at Tea Party rallies.

    Google: Crash the Tea Party.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      They learned it from the FBI and CIA who used to infiltrate student protests in the 60s. That doesn’t mean that there weren’t Marxist infiltrators as well.

  • sbuffalonative

    If you have to bomb little kids and send dogs out against human beings, give me a break,” said Rangel.

    We’re all waiting for that mythical NRA, Conservative Republican, Tea Party, racist to show his face. Until then, we’ll have to deal with the mentally ill and Muslim terrorists (and the hoaxes ‘progressive’ liberals pull just to keep the myth alive).

  • Dave4088

    Oh yeah, Charlie? Well the congressional black caucus and NAACP are nothing but n*ggers who loathe white people. So there!

    • din_do_nuffins

      We celebrate your courageously keeping both g’s.

  • din_do_nuffins

    Obama BRA Diverse USA Religion:

    Celebrating and worshipping hideous N’roes, demeaning and killing beautiful Whites, welcoming and tolerating terrorist Muzzies, giving your children to sodomite LGTB teachers and preachers.

    It only gets worse. Watch for another bill of attainders against your criminalized White privilege to include extreme punishment for “not affirmatively bringing enough Diversity into your too White neighborhood.”

    Every Saturday morning get the Real Religion at Cambria Will Not Yield wordpress blog.

  • 48224

    Hey Charlie, why is EVERY black city in America a crime ridden disaster? Charlie, did you ever wonder why those crackers of the 1950s were so concerned about what blacks may do? Could it be that the crackers thought something like Detroit might happen? East St. Louis, Cleveland, Pontiac MI, or Flint MI might happen? Seems to me the fears of the crackers have come to pass. Just sayin’

    • Manaphy

      If Detroit, East St. Louis, Cleveland, Pontiac and Flint were populated with “creepy-ass crackers” and “the same group of white crackers who fought civil rights”, then these cities would look like Rome, Paris, Moscow, Stockholm, Oslo, Frankfurt and other beautiful European cities, because the same crackers whom Charlie Rangel wants to genetically exterminate with “comprehensive immigration reform” are the creepy-ass crackers who founded Western-European civilization, who annually make 85% of all scientific advances, who (on average) perform overwhelmingly better in schools and universities than any other racial group (save for Ashkenazi Jews and Asians), who Developed and advanced the fields of Art, Music, and Mathematics, who built the fabric of society, who developed and created empires in Europe, while the rest of the world was inhabited by savages who constantly engaged in tribal wars and savage conflicts. If Rangel is so unsatisfied with “crackers”, then I sujest that he move to Zimbabwe.

      • 48224

        I wonder if any blacks would ever admit that the fire hose and police dog crackers of the 1950s were not 100% wrong. It seems their worst nightmare has come to pass in many American cities. I think black conservative Thomas Sowell does touch on this in his writings. After all, Mr. Sowell predicted riots if Obama was not reelected.

        • Puggg

          The fire hoses and police dogs were riot control. Bemoaning them is pretty much the same as saying that you want blacks to be able to riot.

      • mobilebay

        Manaphy, if your suggestion of moving back to Africa were tossed out to Rangel and all blacks, I can truthfully say the answer would be an unqualified “NO.” They would not then be able to claim victimhood, demand reparations and get away with name calling that whites cannot. They would never have progressed much further in Africa. Here, they can yell “Racist” and the government will ante up!

        • Maurice Stapler

          Wait a minute. If they move back to Africa, would they be Amerio-Africans? They wouldn’t move back for 40 acres and a mule. There is no welfare in Africa. This is one segment of society that is a total waste of good oxygen. The Majority of them that receive the publicity do a terrible disservice to the rest of the black community.

      • Maurice Stapler

        Yeah? I aint never seen no askernasty jew or jap shuck, jive or tap dance. Ever here one of them Rap? You list all the white accomplishments, but conviently omit the fact that we invented PEANUT BUTTER. Take that whity.

    • Spartacus

      This never gets old either :

      • 48224

        They dropped an A bomb on Hiroshima and an N bomb on Detroit. Looks like the N bomb was far more effective at destroying a city. Sad but true

  • DLRisVH

    Looks like it’s open season on White people.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      I’ve thought this since 2008.

    • MBlanc46

      I think perhaps they’re starting to panic because Negro fatigue is starting to set in in so many people.

      • Thor Bonham

        No worries , there are plenty of stupid white woman that are still on their side and against us ..

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Did that racist bastard just call my people “crackers”?

    • Romulus

      What would be hysterical, is if all saxons,Vikings and celts started referring to each other in public as crackers. If in the sense that they owned the word as a sky greeting.

      • baldowl

        But that would be racist.

      • David Ashton

        Some of our rulers were “crackers” and “nuts” to import huge numbers of non-saxons, non-vikings and non-celts, &c.

      • “Howdy, Cracker!”

        I use “howdy” as a greeting all the time, but it’s so Mountain West that it just won’t work with “Cracker” as the rest of the greeting.

        People who grew up out here really do still talk like a bunch of cowboys.

    • Nick Gherz

      The media will demand he attend sensitivity training ignore his racist remarks.

  • David Ashton

    The name without the game.

    • Romulus

      Just an aside, David; On the earlier thread, with your dialogue with stewball, all but one of comments was deleted. Discussion pertaining to the “especially happy people”. Seems to be a pattern forming on this board with more frequency.
      Especially if it concerns the usual suspects and the above.

  • Spartacus

    Old Romanian joke :

    Old woman waits in line to buy bread. She looks in front of her, and sees an African, and screams:

    People around her start saying that she’s rude, and that she should be more polite to a guest in our country. The old woman, feeling embarrassed, says to the African:
    -I’m sorry sir.
    The African then respons:
    -That is OK, madam.
    Then the old woman goes:

    • We’ve read that one quite a few times, and I wrote a book full of nothing but jokes about blacks. Nobody will publish it. Now THERE’S a suprise!

      Q: What did the little black kid say when he had diarrhea?
      A:: Help me mommy, I’m melting!

      This is one of the more tasteful in my collection, and it will probably still be moderated with extreme prejudice.

      • Spartacus

        No matter how many times you read it, it still rings of truth. You tried self-publishing ? Might be worth a shot .

  • Jefferson

    Charlie Rangel looks like he is from India, his facial features don’t look typically Sub Saharan.

    He must be a mixed breed.

    • Sick of it

      His bio says that his father is from Puerto Rico.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    So, he thinks the tea party are a bunch of Democrats?

    Hey Rangel, go ask Al Gore which way his father voted on the Civil Rights Act.

    (Hint, Rangel, he voted AGAINST the law.)

    Every single segregationist in the Senate was a Democrat.

    The 1957 Civil Rights bill was sent to Congress by Eisenhower, passed with the intervention of Vice President Richard Nixon, and opposed exclusively by Democrats. Not ‘Southern Democrats,’ not ‘conservative Democrats,’ but Democrats, such as Wayne Morse of Oregon, Warren Magnuson of Washington, James Murray of Montana, Mike Mansfield of Montana and Joseph O’Mahoney of Wyoming.

    As for Rangel, he should be sitting in the federal pen for tax evasion.

    Rangel gets away with it because no Republican will stand up and refute his outright lies.


    • Stentorian_Commentator

      The GOP supporting “civil rights” was not a good thing, and I think it is a plain fact that once the leftists thought they could rid themselves of the white southerners, they did, and the GOP picked them up. If they didn’t, there would have been no GOP presidents over the past 50 years. I embrace these cast offs from the Democratic party as some of the most decent people that party once called its own. Their resistance to integration was the result of their superior knowledge of the nature of black people. The great concentrations of blacks in the south required extraordinary measures to allow whites to maintain a decent lifestyle where they had to live cheek by jowl with blacks. Now they don’t have the same outright segregation options, but they have used highways and suburban sprawl to save themselves from a large degree of black dysfunction, just like we now do in the north. See, for example, the South Boston and Dorchester neighborhoods in Boston. Many white people born and raised in those neighborhoods can now be found in relative exurbs that are more than 25 miles from the city.

      • Major

        “Their resistance to integration was the result of their superior knowledge of the nature of black people..”

        I wonder…if they knew all that they would’ve picked their own cotton.

        • Stentorian_Commentator

          They did pick cotton later (that’s what Audie Murphy spent a chunk of his childhood and young adulthood doing), so I’m guessing they would.

    • Thor Bonham

      Ye, lets not forget Strom Thurmond a democrat between
      (1946-1964) and held a 24 hour, 18 minute filibuster in opposition of the Civil Rights Act of 1957, the longest fillibuster in history .. The guy flipped parties so much that no one knows where his heart was .. Course ,my feeling was that he was a democrat at heart and went republican for political power in the voting booth .. Anyway ..

      • It wasn’t long after Strom Thurmond changed parties that he ditched segregationism or racial ideology and pretty much became a straight Republican/lamer-con on race. It’s another example of what the white Southerner had to give up by begrudgingly accepting the Republican Party (see my comment elsewhere in this thread).

  • Luca

    Add him to the list, another genius mulatto we could do without. Give them some White DNA and they’re still too stupid to know how ignorant they really are.

  • RHG

    Hmm, George Wallace and Bull Connor were Democrats, somebody might want to remind this ignoramus of that.

    • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

      meh….he’ll just regurgitate the same old, liberal revisionist bs as to how after Johnson signed the civil rights act, all those racist Dems jumped ship to form the “new” GOP.

      • It’s a lot more subtle than that, something that’s beyond the reasoning skills of luminaries like Rangel Jeantel. After the Democrat Party moved so far left that the white Southerner couldn’t tolerate it anymore, they begrudgingly became Republicans, but the establishment of their new party wasn’t happy to see them come nor did they welcome them with open arms, and the white Southerner really wasn’t happy with his new home, either, mainly because over time, newly minted Republicans from the South had to be not as racially conservative as they would be if they had their own party. For instance, compare George Wallace Senior (Democrat) and George Wallace Junior (Republican). The former was as close to the American body politic got to an outright racialist in the late 20th century, and the latter is not much more conservative than the Republican median.

  • MekongDelta69

    I posted a short comment on the TPM site when the story broke and before I could hit, “Post,” 40+ more comments were waiting to be posted.

    About an hour later, the ‘Moderator’ (aka ‘The Censor‘) threatened to ban everyone who made “racist” comments (in his eyes). He immediately got a ton of down votes and ‘go to hell’ type replies.

    Finally, he realized he was being overwhelmed 99-1 or so, so TPM (as you can see if you click on the “Original Article” link above) shut down the Comments Section.

    It’s both hilarious and pathetic to see leftists literally crumple to their knees at the mere mention of the ‘dreaded’ ‘R-word.’ (oooh – scarrry)

    • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

      I like to think I played a hand in the “censors” frustration… the poor bastard couldn’t delete my posts fast enough.

      • Thor Bonham

        Hehehehee !!

      • Major

        Thanks for your service….66 to 67.

      • Subvert the dominant paradigm.

  • [Guest]

    The people whom hate-mongering racist Charlie Rangel disparages with the C Word foresaw what would happen if people such as hate-mongering racist Charlie Rangel came to power.

    And, obviously, they were exactly right.

  • sbuffalonative

    ‘That’s OUR word! Only WE can us that word!”

    • me

      LOL! I prefer ‘Whitey’. Or ‘Snowflake. Or ‘Gringo’. Or ‘White Bread’. There isn’t a word that “minorities” can really insult a White person with. But there sure are a lot of disparaging words that describe “minorities”. Hmmm…..By the way, crackers are delicious, especially with cheese.

      • I actually own a sjambok, a traditional South African whip, very, very stiff and about 54 inches long. They’re for beating the You-Know-What completely out of You-Know-Who.

        The sjambok produces hideous slashing-type wounds, but since the tissue is really cut by pressure, the tears are very hard to stitch back together.

        There are a few folks I’d like to shambok by taking running two-handed strokes on them. I’ve never been a Southerner, but I suppose this makes me a “Cracker”.

      • sbuffalonative

        In the past, some white people would hold duels when they felt they were insulted but for the most part, but white people as a group are largely unfazed by name-calling. ‘Sticks and Stones’ i guess.

        I was once called a ‘peckerwood’ in a newspaper for a letter to the editor I wrote. I knew the word was supposed to be a white slur but ignorant of it’s true meaning I had to look it up. Even knowing it’s full meaning and that it was an attack on me and whites, I’m still unfazed by the word.

        I always consider it humorous when blacks as a group are insulted and outraged by a comment because it send them into frenzied tailspin. It’s funny that one word can set them back.

        I know it’s largely political maneuvering to stir up trouble, try to take an opponent down, or gain power. But the more they complain about it, the more it becomes background noise.

  • Romulus

    It doesnt matter what style organization whites choose to associate with. That particular amendment is denied to us. You will be labeled no matter what you do, unless, you agree to tribe controlled media, courts, banks police; mass racial miscegenation and unchecked descent into hell as the entire world swamps our country.

    • HJ11

      It doesn’t matter if White haters label us. Screw them. They are not our kind. And, we have to stop thinking that we can’t do anything. We can. Each one of us is an individual and each one of us can do what any other individuals can do.

  • Romulus

    The last person to refer to me as country trash had to eat through a straw for a couple of weeks.

    • Major

      I thought the last one was Trayvon ( St. Skittles ) Martin, abandoned “child” of Sabrina Fulton and Tracy Martin?

      • That one was leaking out the back of his hoodie.

        Is the Smithsonian going to have that dry-cleaned and sewn back up?

  • borogirl54

    The tea party from I have seen is not racist. There are black and other minority members who feel the same way as their white counterparts that things need to change in this country and the sooner, the better.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Most long time posters here don’t care too much if they’re racist or not. We are race realists. To me at least, that means that we understand that recognizing race along with other differences is a basic survival instinct. Our social experiments in the Western World have only proven that this is all too true. Yes, there are reasonable people of all races, but reason and common sense also tell us that people do better in their own groups and cultures can only survive if the specific racial and ethnic groups are protected. Now this goes for whites more than any other group. That Charlie Rangel is annoyed at whites and uses the term “white crackers” only proves the point of the race realist that EVERYONE is a racist, one way or another. Dumb racists betray their own race because they are politically/socially brainwashed.

      The only way to change this country or correct it is to let it go (there’s no stopping it) until it collapses due to the weight of the impossibility of it.

      • borogirl54

        I have never heard the word cracker to refer to whites in years. I was shocked to hear Trayvon Martin use it to describe George Zimmerman. I did not know that kids still used that word.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Hmmm, where have you been? From the testimony (errors) of Jeantel (?) this is a common term among blacks in that region at least. If you think about it, these flash mobs, beat down game kids, etc., must be learning – getting some sort of “permission” from the attitudes and even words that they hear at home.

    • HJ11

      I don’t care what Blacks want or don’t want. They are not my kind. I only care what I want, and by “I” I mean those who think as I do and who are White as I am.

    • Puggg

      The tea party from I have seen is not racist.

      Too bad for them.

      • Thor Bonham

        Yes, exactly .. They bend over backwards to appease the bantu, to no avail and simply get called racists anyway ..
        Wish they would just speak the truth with facts to back them up ..
        Facts are everywhere, even on the D.O.J website, which is a good place to start.. We have NO group of peoples standing up for the rights of whites, because they are scared of being labeled a racist .. Pathetic really ..

      • MBlanc46

        I wouldn’t want them to be racist, but I would want them to be race realist.

    • Thor Bonham

      I thought they voted for a got change in 2008 , no ???

  • Romulus

    They will defend the “you know who’s” though!

  • JohnEngelman

    The civil rights movement was successful because segregationists were foolish enough to respond violently to peaceful civil rights demonstrators.

    It was difficult for segregationists to convince Northern whites with little contact with blacks that blacks are inherently violent and criminal when the public image of civil rights demonstrations was of non violent demonstrators being jeered at, beaten, and sometimes killed by raving white racists.

    Tea Party activists do not resort to violence. I have read on several occasions, so I suspect it is true, that after a Tea Party demonstration in an area the area is neater and cleaner than it was before the demonstration.

    • Romulus

      Boil it down to the simplest denominator John. We are not the same people and we never will be. Any refusal to see the obvious is plain ignorance.

  • Dave4088

    Not sure how Chucky can claim the tea parties are racist when every time I look they nominate black people as their leaders and spokespeople. Isn’t Dr. Ben Carson their latest great, black hope?

    Anyway, Chuckles is just your run of the mill black petty criminal. I’ve lost count of how many times he’s been investigated for corruption and income tax improprieties. Just your typical third world politician in many respects.

  • baldowl

    I cannot believe we’re losing to people like this.

    What upsets me more, much more, than Charlie Rangel’s idiotic remark is the knowledge that there are plenty of white people who took that shot with masochistic relish.

    I’m beginning to lose faith in us.

    • HJ11

      All Whites are not the same. The divergence found in evolution works in macro and micro ways and among Whites we have some who are simply not as, shall we say, evolved as those of us with the so-called racist gene. These ones are walking extinction. These are the ones who adopt Black babies or who practice miscegenation or who remain childless. They are not our kind.

  • IKantunderstand

    I would be tempted to inquire as to how such a nincompoop keeps managing to get elected. How do any of these Black nincompoops get elected, and re-elected. I would be tempted, if I was a nincompoop. People wonder what happened to Detroit? Imagine an entire city, doing nothing but electing Rangel clones, over and over again. Officials who spent their time in office, being incompetent, on the take, and being incompetent.(I know I said that twice. It bears repeating). Detroit is America’s answer to Africa. Africa says it has been held down economically by colonial forces.Africa insists it is still being held down by colonial forces. There are no colonial forces in Africa anymore. All the African states that felt they were oppressed by European countries, have been released from those shackles. And, of course, the economic liberty that has occurred! The sheer freedom of expression! The flowering of the African continent without the oppressive Whites has been a miracle! Exactly like Detroit.

    • MBlanc46

      Essential word here, “Black”. You have to be a Black nincompoop to get re-elected every two years for decades. Of course, even if someone did take him on and beat him, it would just be another nincompoop.

      • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

        Please stop using “black” as a proper noun worthy of capitalization…

    • I would be tempted to inquire as to how such a nincompoop keeps managing to get elected.

      Because his district’s electorate is full of even bigger nincompoops. Some Congressional districts are deliberately nincompoop-rigged, and really, we should be glad for it, because the more nincompoops we can bound up in nincompoops in their own playpens, this means they’re not in our districts screwing up our votes.

      • Major

        Perfect example of drawing a district of 75 IQ addled morons….then the collective IQ skids to 60.

      • As your insightful post suggests, racial gerrymandering does in fact work both ways.

  • Evette Coutier

    We wouldn’t have to send out dogs if ya’ll act like human beings.

  • A Freespeechzone

    I find it quite interesting that Charles Rangel’s hair is straightened to emulate that of a White man.

    For that matter, so is Rev. Al Sharpton.

    Why is that?

    • Major

      Cause they know that kinky ain’t….bootiful?

      Ever see the blonde negro on housewives of Atlanta?

  • MBlanc46

    Jeez, it sounds as if old Charlie is really getting rattled. Resorting to racial epithets. Shame on you, Charlie.

    • Major

      No conscience, no brain =’s no shame.

  • cecil91

    Only problem, you old bribe-taking tax-dodging hypocrite, is that the Tea Party doesn’t use dogs and police whistles and Jim Crow laws and bombs and lynching and all that. They gather together peacefully, and then clean up before they leave. They also operate within the law, so you just made it all up so you could join your race-baiting pals Sharpton and Jackson—two of the most corrupt media whores who ever strode the earth. You are the dinosaur, Charlie.

    • Major

      And time for them all to become extinct just as the dinosaurs!

  • Tacitus1

    Same group as during Jim Crow ??? Rangel is an idiot…I was not even born 50 years ago.

  • Vanessa

    I embrace the word “cracker.” Especially when its in the mouth of a black man. It’s an acknowledgement of our mastery of their race. My ancestors were all “whip crackers” and Whites been cracking whips on their backs since day one.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    Amen, it’s about power and control, control of actions and control of language, like how it’s a crime for a white to use the n-word (I’ll be nice, Mr. Taylor, and not spell it out), whereas it’s fine for blacks to use it all day. The supposed difference? Whites might use it in a derogatory context. We see the same thing now with “queer” or “gay” (perhaps I’ll have to start using “q-word” and “g-word”). A so-called “public service announcement” on the radio recently informed me I was stupid and hateful to use “gay” in a disdainful manner (as in, “that’s so gay”). However, the homos use the dang words in their own alphabet soup acronyms like LGBTQ or however it’s going to be ordered. The words can be used, but only by the right people and in a positive context. What a load of hooey.

    • Thor Bonham

      That’s why I use every one of those “words” that we’re not supposed to ..
      Soon as I’m called a racist I say, THAT’S RIGHT, WANNA MAKE SOMETHING OF IT ? I couldn’t care less anymore.. If you’re white, you’re racist no matter what, EVEN if you are walking with those chocolates in one of their Million idiots walks ..

  • Elfego

    Charlie Rangel,the NAACP and the likes are Negroes I believe composed by the same families that sold their people to slave traders originally. They originally told those people they were going to be better off similar to what is transpiring today.

    • The irony of that?

      Like I said in the NAACP story on AR posted on the same day as this thread, the NAACP is dillying around when they should admit what they really want is for blacks to be exempt from criminal law and for white people to be extinct. Actually, I should walk that back slightly: If the NAACP and its minions really were able to take over the country in the way they wanted, after decades upon decades of successfully dismantling the segregationist, or apartheid, or Jim Crow system, after they take over and we’re extinct, they would bit by bit piece by piece re-implement Jim Crow, but do it under a different and more politically correct name. (Think: Animal Farm). In black areas where black people already rule over black people, that has already happened. Hint: What are “yoot” curfews but a new name for sundown towns?


      Because that’s the kind of system blacks deserve to be governed by, as their own actions demonstrate. People usually get the kind of government they deserve.

      Also, the civil rights movement has never been much about fairness as it has been about mulatto blacks displacing white people as the rulers of blue-gum blacks.

  • Major

    Oh and charlie has been harlems congress-rat for 40 years…has a limo and a driver…several home properties, wears Armani 2K suits, gets $400 haircuts, has a vacay home in the caribbean….and his lo info patrons are still poor, still crime ridden…and still vote for this cheat and liar. That’s why giving these morons the vote….was a waste. Time after time…vote criminal or race hustler. He throws his stupid followers a bone with that statement so they can now attack whites in the streets as interlopers.

    • Irishgirl

      “$400 haircuts” – $400 for THAT hair? And this guy makes decisions about how to spend taxpayer money! Frightening.

      • Major

        Yea…he has 10 people at a time work on it…the oil is the most expensive part.

      • If I had that hair, I’d just use a No. 6 or No. 8 blade guard myself and have my wife trim the sides a bit closer. Nevermind; I already do that.

        Do any of these ding-dongs know where money really comes from?

        • Irishgirl

          Money grows on trees!

          My semiannual haircuts cost $8 a pop. Of course, it’s easier for women because we can just grow our hair long and put it up with all manner of barrettes and the like.

    • Jim Henry

      According to your comment, Charlie is the consummate Capitalist. We should emulate him. Our system is based upon Capitalism and free-enterprise. The US has sacrificed tens of thousands of our troops fighting for this right. Show some patriotism. Romney, Obama and the rest of the 1% would be proud of you. (Sarcasm intended)

  • negrolocaust

    black people teach each other to be criminals. if a black person does not join a gang the other blacks beat that one. black people hate to learn they hate work and they have the lowest self esteem of any group in the world. they are envious of every race and so they hate every other race and try to attack and hurt other races and even themselves because of their self hate and mental illness. they are developmentally disabled which is why they have a lazy mumbling form of speech termed ebonics. they are cowards overall and will only go after a lone white if there are at least 4 of them. and even then if the lone white fights back they run thats why they sneak up on them. they will never improve as a race but will murder each other to extinction or be killed by whites like gz defending themselves. thank God i am not black.

  • ravitchn

    1 We abhor the civil rights movement.
    2. We think segregation was preferable to what now exists.
    4. We are racists and do not fear this label.
    5. We have no relationship to blacks; they are despite their presence INVISIBLE to us, in the sense that they do not matter. They are an element of perpetual depravity and savagery.

    • Major

      Nuff said….self explanatory.

    • Yes, but we wish it didn’t have as many all-caps words and sentences.

      That’s a hint for everyone.

      • Luca

        In the future, it would nice if you could somehow reply to a poster with a short sentence on what the offense was that warranted a deletion, so that we don’t repeat it. Sometimes I am at a loss, other times, not so much.

  • 1XXX

    Only cowards and fools try to pacify those that despise them. No one respects such craven weakness.

  • Neuday

    Rangel does have a point. The whole point of the Tea Party is opposition to high and growing taxes. What group of people generally consume taxes and need high and growing taxes to support its social pathologies? Blacks. So what Rangel is saying is opposition to high taxes is Racist. By doing so he’s calling his own people mass consumers of and dependent upon taxes, taken from those who work for a living.

    Where is the disagreement? All Rangel is saying is “Gibs me dat”. This is not news.

  • Evette Coutier

    You are darn right we all look alike to him…we look like dollar signs.

  • Evette Coutier

    We are turning into the Planet of the Apes.

  • willbest

    1964 was 49 years ago. Even if you cut your teeth oppressing blacks at the young age of 12, in order for “same” to apply nobody in the Tea Party could be younger than 63.

    • Admittedly, the TPM tends to the advanced ages among us. But that’s nothing special or surprising: Politics everywhere in every society past and present were and are the province of old people. The word “Senate” has its roots in the Latin word that means “old man.”

  • Everything those “white crackers” said about immigration back in to 50’s has turned out to be true. But the truth is irrelevant.
    Liberals don’t care if you are a liar. Everything Ted Kennedy and Co said was a lie, but that never mattered. No, what the liberals really resent are white people who refuse to blame and burden themselves with white guilt.
    The liberals are right about one thing; the Tea party is a white group (whether its members are aware of it or not) – but that’s not the problem. The problem, so far as liberals are concerned, is they are a white group who refuse to bow down and accept the humiliation they deserve.

  • newscomments70

    Republican politicians won’t stand up to this scum…they are too busy pushing amnesty.

  • Defiant White

    All I know is that if I saw someone who looks and dresses like Old Uncle Charlie walking down my street . . . my kids would be yanked indoors so fast they wouldn’t know what hit them. He looks like someone who would drive around offering candy to little children . . .

  • Johnny99

    You sure that’s not a TSA screener hard at work?

    • The only TSA screener I ever knew worked quite assiduously at raping children. Now he’s almost seven years into a three-to-life sentence.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Then I’m a proud Souf Crakalaka Cracker!

  • Ella

    When any American vote in people like this, you know the government is over. Look at the great drug-ridden, extortionist mob-ruling governments of the Caribbean and Mexico. Hire a mobster to correct the failings of the US government. Who can we hire for our “protection” against these civil-servant thugs?

  • I haven’t looked that drunk since I was a university undergrad. Shouldn’t someone have turned Rangel on his side?