Charge: Man with Gun Demands Victim Apologize to Black People

Michael Harthorne, KOMO News (Seattle), August 15, 2013

A 35-year-old homeless black man is being held on $500,000 bail after he pointed a gun at a white man’s face and demanded he apologize for all the things white people did to black people, according to charges filed with King County Superior Court.

Chikwanha Eastling Nyashanu has been charged with assault and malicious harassment for the Aug. 11 incident near the basketball courts at Green Lake Community Center.

According to probable cause documents, Nyashanu walked up to the victim around 9:15 p.m., pointed a gun at his face and demanded the apology.

The victim later told officers he was scared out of his mind and offered Nyashanu his wallet. According to the documents, Nyashanu said he didn’t want the wallet, just an apology.

According to the documents, the victim apologized profusely to Nyashanu, who pulled the gun away from the victim’s head and walked away.

Officers found Nyashanu nearby and tazed him after he refused orders to get on the ground, according to probable cause documents. Officers reportedly found his gun loaded and additional ammo in his backpack.


The victim told officers he believes he was targeted because he was the only white person walking in the area, and Nyashanu would have demanded an apology from someone else if he hadn’t been there.

Regardless, the victim told officers he doesn’t think the crime was racially motivated. But, officers could find no other evidence for the attack and believe the victim was threatened based on his perceived race and color.


Three to four other men told officers Nyashanu pointed a gun at them near the Green Lake Community Center, and the Seattle Police Department is investigating those allegations.

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  • Easyrhino1

    A Black guy points a gun in the victim’s face demanding an apology “for all the things white people did to black people” and the White victim doesn’t think it was racially motivated?

    I think both the perp and the victim are mentally ill.

    • BlarneyMiller

      So many whites are completely lost on race issues, and the Seattle area seems to have an inordinate amount of these delusional white people.

      • Luca

        The medical term for that is liberalitis.

      • pcmustgo

        I used to be one of them.

        • Irishgirl

          Congratulations on your recovery.

      • Erasmus

        The victim told officers he believes he was targeted because he was the only white person walking in the area, and Nyashanu would have demanded an apology from someone else if he hadn’t been there.

        The area it happened in, Greenlake, is a very white part of Seattle. Bull$hit on him being the only white person walking in the area.

        • me

          Lies and more lies….because the victim knows that if he tells the truth, he’ll have the Bantu-run fed govt on his ass, as well as the IRS.

      • evilsandmich

        This goes beyond that and into outright treachery. If the vic in question thinks that even this isn’t racially motivated, then it’s because he has it in for his own race.

      • Sean

        It’s too true, I live in Seattle, ground zero in the northwest.

        Luckily, many of the people are easily convinced to the contrary when you use appeals to free thinking.

    • Libertarian67

      No surprise; it is Seattle.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      It’s what comes of repeating phrases like, “black is beautiful” and “diversity is strength.”

  • AngloCelt

    Self-loathing white lemming who, I bet, attended a Marxist college and bought into the white privilege act hook, line, and sinker. I’m surprised he stopped short of thanking the Bantu for giving him the opportunity to redress past wrongdoings.

    • BonusGift

      Given his reactions to the assault and comment to the police he probably did.

  • Puggg

    Victim says he thinks he was targeted because he was white, then turns around and says he doesn’t think it was racially motivated. I’m glad for his sake he didn’t say brown bag or citizen, then he’d be in more trouble than the homeless black bum who put a gun in his face.

  • Spartacus

    The people who put a man on the moon, apologizing to the people that think gang-rapping toddlers gives you magical powers… Never, under no circumstances, should that ever happen. “A coward dies a thousand deaths….”

    • CoweringCoward

      Just a thought, “9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape!”

      • Irishgirl

        More like 1.3 out of 10 people (in America).

  • JohnEngelman

    When my brother was robbed at gunpoint by two blacks he told our mother, “I still don’t hate them.”

    When I was robbed at gunpoint by two blacks several years later I did.

    • Conrad

      It isn’t really a matter of hate. It is a matter of recognizing that they are backward savages that should not be in OUR countries, holding us back & stopping our natural progress. I don’t hate Rattlesnakes & Cockroaches either, really, I don’t.

      • Andy

        We could do just fine with a fair number of blacks in the country, if we could just accept the facts about race and base public policy on them. There was no major black crime problem when laws addressed racial differences and welfare was hard to get. Our schools were fine. Our government could afford itself.

        That said, I think that what might be best for America is to create a black ethnostate in a piece of the south. Not thirteen percent of the country, but better than average land. Compensate whites from the area and hand the land over to blacks, and give a few years of financial support. Then it’s time for independence.

        • John R

          Let the blacks live in their OWN communities, and do whatever crap they want, only don’t affect White people. That was how the issue was handled in the Old South, and that worked fine.

          • A Freespeechzone

            Look at africa and all the black-controlled governments there–not one is a fit place for much anyone to live.

            For that matter, look at the hole mexico is—-THIS is Obama’s vision of America.

        • Luca

          There is already a black ethno state created by Americans, it is called Liberia and it is woefully under utilized.

        • Truthseeker

          I’d be in favor of this. Some swath of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama might be the best bet. That way, non-blacks who get a sense of identity from being from those states could find another part of the state to live in. There’d also have to be a rule that any black who went to the new black ethnostate was ineligible to regain U.S. citizenship (at least, for a certain period of time). They’d need to be committed to this venture.

          The financial assistance we gave them would have to focus on setting up industry and infrastructure that they would be able to sustain. We couldn’t leave any opening for them to complain that we left them helpless and still owe them something. If they don’t want to be ruled by whites, then they shouldn’t be allowed to run to them for help when they screw up. Let them succeed or fail on their own merits. If they could do the former, maybe there’d be more inter-racial respect.

        • Conrad

          No matter what we do to our social & legal forms we will continually repeat the situation that we are in now if blacks are allowed to remain. Their rapid increase in numbers will guarantee this. We have tried every method imaginable, what we have now is the result of allowing them to remain here.

      • The Final Solution

        Diversity is the wrench in the wheel of white progress.

    • When the restaurant I was managing was robbed at gunpoint, I’d already hated them for decades. I’m happy he didn’t want our personal money or hurt us. Heck; the store’s money was insured. Although this was my only time as an armed robbery victim, it apparently wasn’t bad as these things go.

      • Magician

        If he did not want to hurt anyone or any money, what on earth did he want? Did he want an apology from you? Did he want to make a complaint about the food he ordered? Did he want a discount?

        • He wanted the store’s money, and got about $400 of it. He drove from Albequerque NM to Denver CO and then back, robbing small businesses each way. He hit us on the morning on his way back.

          He asked me whether I was hiring, and I gave him a job application. I said that my boss would be in at around lunchtime, and that since we would lose a bunch of day-shift workers the next week at the start of the college semester, he’d get hired. Then he drew his gun.

          I couldn’t open the safe, but he was happy with the previous day’s proceeds: about $400, I kept my hands in plain sight.

          This behavior cost him about seven years in New Mexico state prison. Sadly, the local cops had jacked with me enough in the interim that I refused to testify against him, and every other Colorado police department – including CSPD – had destroyed the evidence. I walked the guy. Deal with it, pigs.


  • KittyAmerica

    Why did he even bother telling the police? He’ll probably protest if by some miracle Chikwana “What is He Doing in My Country” Nyashanu is charged with a hate crime.

  • bigone4u

    If the white victim in this case doesn’t wake up we’ll be reading about him again: his obituary. I hope he has friends with more sense than him and can drill the slogan “avoid the ‘groid” into his numb skull.

    • John R

      “Avoid the groid”! I love it! Good one. Or, “when around blacks, never relax.”

    • Spartacus

      “Avoid the Groid” – That is something every White parent should tell their children every single day, until it gets stuck into their brains.

    • Erasmus

      Someone needs to send him that story about the young man in St. Paul recently beaten by feral blacks and now in a coma, because he chose not to avoid the ‘groid.

  • din_do_nuffins

    Whitey should have apologized for helping emancipate the blacks from getting boiled in the Cannibal’s Pot back home in sunny Africa.

  • Andy

    “Doesn’t believe the crime was racially motivated”?!

    If that happened to me, I hope I’d have the courage to say what I thought.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      Damn! This is as clear a case of black-on-white racially motivated hate crime as you will ever see. It was a GIFT which was wasted on a grovelling white liberal. Had I been the victim I would have played it up all the way. Oh boy, they wouldn’t be able to shut me up.

  • 1proactive2

    “he was the only white person walking in the area”

    Why is it that so many white people never get the message about staying out of black areas? Do they live in caves?

    • Andy

      A man who I very much believe meant the best recently told me that we shouldn’t about such things, because blacks do not actually commit any more crimes than whites. As someone who grew up in a 95% or more white town, I might have believed him if I hadn’t actually researched the matter previously. Rich white kids have one message coming from all directions and are insulated from counterexamples.

      • Sick of it

        I don’t know the area, but he might have been fine in the middle of the day…the retard tried this at night.

  • Conrad

    So I’m thinking of the white ‘victim’ here. Imagine that a white man walks up to a black & demands an apology for all of the whites that have been raped, robbed, beaten or killed by blacks. Now, would this same white victim say that this is not racially motivated?

    • A Freespeechzone

      You’d have Obama, Holder, Sharpton & Jackson screaming and demanding federal charges as a ‘hate’ or ‘racial intimidation’ crime….and they’d get them.

      They would move ‘heaven and earth’ to destroy any White that would do that…

  • NeanderthalDNA

    The victim told officers he believes he was targeted because he was the only white person walking in the area, and Nyashanu would have demanded an apology from someone else if he hadn’t been there.

    Regardless, the victim told officers he doesn’t think the crime was racially motivated. But, officers could find no other evidence for the attack and believe the victim was threatened based on his perceived race and color.

    Amazing. Must be some idiot brainwashed liblefty. At least he apologized profusely.
    Microcosm of the great big societal BLACKMALE.

    “Hey, me black and crazy. Go bloody bongo bongo if you no gibsmedat, whitey!”

    “Oh my god. Must be my fault. I’m so evil! Thinking it’s my fault makes my humiliation go away because I deserved that!”


    • BonusGift

      This is on reason why cultural Marxists and related types are often psychotic, if not downright ‘bipolar’ (and additionally why the ‘bipolar’ thing has seemingly cropped up out of nowhere). They must hold certain completely contradictory thoughts at the same time. In this case the ‘victim’ says he was targeted because he was white yet it wasn’t ‘racist’. Although humans can hold two contradictory thoughts at the same time (animals seem not to be able to do this by the way) it comes at a mental and physical cost for most people that do this (especially over time). Consider believing that all people are equal and being a world class swimmer. How do you reconcile believing in strict egalitarianism and yet devoting most of your waking hours to being the best at something? Answer: You create a meme/story/fable/etc. that, for example, the reason you are so good at swimming is that you just practice harder and smarter than anyone else, not that you are 6′ 5′ with large hands and feet/paddles, etc. etcetera. Humans can reconcile anything for a period of time but over the long haul it takes a toll on the mind; which, BTW, is in part why the current system is falling apart. This is also why today’s cultural Marxists explode at rodeo clowns clowning about Barry Soetoro yet have no opinion or knowledge of the Knoxville horror. When you reach the point that your mind puts up such defensive mechanisms and obvious delusional tricks to stop it from reconciling reality to its obviously incorrect beliefs the only thing separating you from insanity is that the rest of the world around you is able to display that same insanity; which is why sites like AmRen cannot be allowed to exist as the system implodes on itself.

      • me

        It’s called ‘cognitive dissonance’, and we all are victims of it through the relentless propaganda of the Major Mainstream Media Machine, which is disproportionately owned and run by non-goys. If Whites knew how racist and full of hate the non-goy is towards Whites, they would come to understand the underlying causes of the White individual’s persecution in today’s USA, and why the Bantu pawn is given free reign to terrorize Whites to the nth degree. The non-goy is now in charge of our government as well, and is insistent on importing other White-hating races to finish the job of genocide here. Genocide by marginalization, financial tyranny and legalized theft through taxation , distribution of earned wealth to the welfare programs for ‘minorities’, judicial and governmental persecution, political tyranny, systematic discrimination in employment and education, and slanderous lies of White ‘racism’ and ‘White privilege’. This is why we keep getting dragged into war after war, why we have ludicrous laws such as ‘hate crime’ and Affirmative Action, and why we’re not allowed to speak out against the systemic persecution of the White races. It’s also the reason Whites cannot have the right to associate with or advocate for ourselves, without being subjected to complete financial and reputational ruin and accusations of being ‘Nazis’ or ‘White Supremacists’, ‘evil racists’, or other well-touted slanders. We are in a fight for our very survival, and some of our worst enemies are also White.

        • BonusGift

          Bingo! That was a very good summary; I’d have given you one hundred up arrows but I’ll play by the rules and spot you one.

        • BonusGift

          Bingo! That is a very good summary of the evil we face. I would like to give you one hundred up votes but alas I have but one to give.

  • NorthernWind

    “The victim told officers he believes he was targeted because he was the only white person walking in the area”

    “Regardless, the victim told officers he doesn’t think the crime was racially motivated

    Umm, what on earth is wrong with this guy? Of course it was racially motivated! This is why people say that liberals are mentally ill. They’ve lost track of reality.

    • BonusGift

      Bingo, I just read your answer after posting mine (see above). In short, you and Ann Coulter are right that they are mentally ill, by definition.

  • MekongDelta69

    They both deserve to share a room together at Bellevue or Creedmore (mental hospitals).

  • Skip Wellington

    Probably saying “I’m sorry” made the all-inclusive, diversity-loving liberal Caucasian feel better.

  • kjh64

    The man who had the gun pointed at him is either a dimwit totally or in serious denial. I mean come on, anyone with an IQ of a carrot would know that it was racially motivated.

    • Luca

      The man who had the gun pointed at him has had years of indoctrination and has been told to tolerate the savages because they are oppressed victims. He will tolerate the savages when they are raping his daughter, killing his wife, robbing his home and stealing his car.

      He’s a liberal.

      • Spartacus

        Such people are already lost. When SHTF, I say kill them before we start killing the dark-skins, otherwise they’ll just get in the way.

  • John R

    Interesting story. And all the times I have to argue with people who say the high rate of crimes by blacks against Whites is “economic” and this guy actually REFUSES the wallet of his victim! He just demanded an “apology” for all the things “White people” did to “black people.” I had to re-read the last part: The VICTIM says he doesn’t think this was racially motivated? Huh!!?? (Rolling my eyes) I don’t know who I am more outraged at: The perp who assaulted that innocent White man, or that completely deluded White man. I want to give BOTH of them a good smack in the head! The mugger is a criminal, but, in his way, it is people like that victim who might be more responsible for this because of their complacent attitudes toward violent blacks. Sadly, that victim was actually “lucky”; in that he didn’t suffer the sad fate of too many other White victims of black violence; I won’t go into details on that.

    • ncpride

      Great post, and exactly what I was thinking. I despair about Whites like this. What in the world are we to do with them?

      • Spartacus

        Take a gun and put them out of their misery . If they had half a brain, they would thank for it…

  • APaige

    Not racially motivated? I wonder if he would think that if Chik pulled the trigger. I think blacks are angry at their mommas for given them their names.

  • CPM

    A genuine blue gum jigaboo sticks a gun in your white face and demands you apologize for the supposed sins of long dead whites that you have no relation to and you don’t think it’s racial?

    I nominate this white guy for the “Stupidest White Guy in the Universe” award.

  • Sick of it

    He was walking through such an area at 9:15 p.m.? Brilliant.

  • tickyul

    I grew up in Seattlebabwe and find this story, well, MEH!
    Trust me, this bizarre story is no biggie for Seattlebabwe……especially the little look into the Liberal Victim’s way of thinking.

  • Romulus

    There’s blacks in Seattle?????? I know, just kidding. Jeez, well they asked for it ,now they got it. Diversity, danger;legal dope-populace of morons; rainbow coalition-social depravity and decay. In the early 90’a it was still a pretty nice place.

  • Romulus

    Hate and love are both part of the human makeup. Much like matter and antimatter. To deny the existence of either is ludicrous.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Why in God’s name are people like this allowed in the US? This man needs to be shipped back to the pile from whence he came. Then he will be apologizing

    • Romulus

      Read your blog today. Bigone4u posted the link. I especially likes paladins thoughts on the porn industry. You would love the occidental observers article on the same subject. Check the archives. Some great observations on black hubris in public spaces. I enjoy calling them out on heir behavior in quite a specific manner. It involved diminishing them with superior communication skills.

  • Magician

    If this victim sees her own daughter and wife gang-raped by a few black men who screamed, “Die, white b*tiches!” he will still think it was not racially motivated.

  • BonusGift

    My thoughts as well; and beyond insanity.

  • 1XXX

    If every black in the country disappeared tomorrow it would hardly matter.

    If every white in the country disappeared, every black would be eating his cousin by the end of the week. They would starve to death, every one.

    • BonusGift

      Which goes to show how cognitively challenged they are on the most basic level.

    • I remember once reading a piece about what really would happen if white people all disappeared overnight. It was a lot more involved, but it really did end up with them eating each other.

      • 1XXX

        It’s the only possible path for a people so utterly incapable of constructive behavior.

    • Luca

      If every White disappeared you’d have Katrina for the first few months and then you’d have Africa in the long term.

  • JohnEngelman

    I do not hate blacks. I do hate criminals. Because I have only been the victim of black criminals I have to say that for me the face of crime is the face of a young black male.

    • pcmustgo

      I don’t hate blacks, asians, latinos or other non-whites. I hate the experiences and memories they have given me. I hate how they have changed who I am from a generally naive, innocent, sweet, decent person into someone who is angry about it all.

      I don’t hate Blacks. They hate me. They hate us. Well, not all of them, but enough do it’s beyond noticeable.

      • BarnyL

        They hate me too and I don’t know a single one of them.

    • I hate blacks, Mexicans, Gypsies, most Central Americans, and all Muslims of any race.

      I think that’s about it so far as race goes.

      • JohnEngelman

        Have you ever known Gypsies? Why do you hate them?

        • I’ve spent enough time in Europe to know them quite well.

          • JohnEngelman

            What do they do that you don’t like?

          • BarnyL

            Parasite off others.

          • Gypsies steal anything that isn’t nailed down and pry loose everything that is. Am I right, Spartacus? They also like knifepoint robberies. Their music is pretty good, but so was the stuff blacks produced until rap arrived.

          • JohnEngelman

            Have you lived in close proximity with them? Have you experienced that personally?

          • Spartacus

            Yep, you’re right, although they also beg, along stealing. Sometimes they actually cripple or mutilate their own children, so more people would give them money.

            Their music sucks really, just a lot of beats stolen from Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian and Turkish music, and mixed together in a chaotic piece of s*** that annoys me to no end.

          • Their entire culture is based on government freeloading and outright theft.

          • JohnEngelman

            How do you know? Have you lived with them, or in close proximity to them?

          • David Ashton

            JE associates “blacks” with crime because he was “their” personal victim. The only time I was ever a personal victim of crime occurred when a gang of gypsies picked pockets in my Norfolk town, and they have a pretty bad reputation for petty crime and using children for this purpose in England and other European countries. I don’t “hate” them. Even Himmler thought some of them were good enough to have the run of the Black Forest with their caravans.

  • Lygeia

    To be attacked for being white and to say you were not attacked for being white is to be so uncomfortable with the truth that even if it happens to you, you can’t accept it.

    This is called cognitive dissonance.

    • 1XXX

      I call it “jackassary”

      • e2657383

        Cognitive Jackassary.

  • pcmustgo

    Well maybe he meant by that that it’s more a mental health issue… He obviously knows what happened, but feels sorry for the guy and doesn’t want him busted for a hate crime or something.

  • bubo

    the victim told officers he doesn’t think the crime was racially motivated. But, officers could find no other evidence for the attack and believe the victim was threatened based on his perceived race and color.

    Talk about bizarro land. For once it’s the police who actually thinks an obvious racially motivated crime is just that, while the victim doesn’t. Weird.

    • e2657383

      Just a brainwashed White.

  • ViktorNN

    Sad to say but there are actually fellow whites among us who WANT to be abused by “people of color.” It’s some kind of absolution or doing penance.That’s how sick we’ve gotten as a people.

    It’s a direct consequence of the white guilt nonsense that is taught to us from a very early age.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Well, this is Seattle. My guess is that they will decide to create a special a “Day of Apology” for the city wherein all whites must bow to blacks anywhere they run into them and vocally apologize for all the wrong blacks have done to whites. (Not a slip).

    Hey, like my new avatar? (It’s me in 1975. If only the full photo was shown! I’m posing with a high powered rifle in a cabin during a hunting trip in the Sierras).

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Next president. No, vice president to Hillarity.

  • Juan Outtamany

    I’m truly sorry you’re black. It isn’t your fault.

  • blindsticks

    He probably thinks the black guy has point and will now go home and check his direct debits to see if there’s more cant be done for Africa or something. Over here, Britain, all the teachings on black history in inner city area schools probably focus more on slavery, colonialism, and all the other crimes of empire than anything else. Complete with illustrations of blacks on slave blocks and slave masters with whips and slaves in metal masks and chains etc… Well, you get the picture? Then you have a classroom two thirds black or non white with white British kids the minority there.
    Now I wonder how it would be if we were allowed to tell the truth the other way. From our end, including the modern day white on black crime figures, including the various vicious assaults (many of which don’t even make it in the MSM press),the flashmob thing, the ‘knock out’ games and ‘Get Whitey Nights’. And of course the horrifying stats for their rapes and murders on whites.
    Why,it would be called preaching hatred or ‘Incitement to racial hatred’ – or some such thing.

  • BarnyL

    If blacks really do believe they have a case. Why then don’t they target people of importance for violence? People such as White politicians, White judges, White police chiefs, White journalists etc…

    No point in killing or robbing a White John Doe.

    The only answer is, they don’t believe they have a case against the White man, but need to justify their violence and attitude towards the people they hate.

  • Irishgirl

    So a black guy demands an apology from a white guy at gunpoint. That is the very definition of irony.

    • blindsticks

      That’s not irony, that’s their general stupidity.

  • The idiotic victim proves the truth of the mantra – Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White!

  • HJ11

    The weak seed White said he doesn’t think it was racially motivated. That White guy is not one of my kind. He may be White on the outside, but he’s not White on the inside.

  • MrGJG

    What part of “apologize for all the things white people did to black people” did the libtard think wasn’t racially motivated?

    These people are so far gone that it would have been a plus for the white race if Nyashanu shot him.

  • JohnEngelman

    In the United States blacks have a crime rate that is eight times the white rate. I doubt Gypsies are more dangerous than blacks, and think they are almost certainly less dangerous.

    Are Gypsies the way they are because they are discriminated against, or are they discriminated against because they are the way the are?

    In order to answer that question about any race I need to have personal experience with them, and I need to have credible statistics.

    There are people who are motivated to hate people who belong to different races, regardless of the collective characteristics of those races. Some of those people hate Jews and Orientals. Because I have had good experiences with Jews and Orientals, and because I have read good things about them I have a high opinion of both groups.

    Because I have had bad experiences with blacks, and because I have read bad things about them I have a low opinion of the Negro race, although I like, and have liked individual blacks.

    Therefore I will reserve my judgment of Gypsies until I learn more about them.

    • Spartacus

      Gypsies are disgusting vermin, but they are far less violent than negroes, or even than mestizos. I don’t think it would be unreasonable to believe that at least 2/3 of them commit crime regularly, but violent crime – much much less than most other dark-skins.

  • gemjunior

    Well, it would have been no loss to me and to many of the remaining white people left in the world if this one had actually ended up getting shot. Maybe just his family and friends. If the nut had any.

  • WR_the_realist

    The crime was not racially motivated? The brainwashing is clearly complete for some white people.