The Oppression of Emma West: The Politically Correct End Game Plays Out

Robert Henderson, England Calling, July 2, 2013

In November 2011 Emma West was arrested  and subsequently charged for a racially aggravated public order offence. The charges concerned her  public denunciation of the effects of mass immigration whilst on a tram in Croydon,  a suburb of London.

After playing her for nearly twenty months, the politically correct British establishment have finally landed their fish: Miss West has not only been found guilty but mentally ill. She  has been given a two year community order for two years and been bound over to keep the peace. The community order is likely to concentrate on probation supervision and “treatment” for her “offending” behaviour. In addition she has been  given a mental health treatment order for assaulting a constable dealing with the case.

This is the best of all outcomes for the British elite, because not only have  they avoided a contested  trial, her words of resentment at what had happened to her country are now officially deemed to be the result of mental illness amplified by taking two  and a half times the recommended dose of the  antidepressant Citalopram. In addition, she had drunk one large glass of wine. More on the antidepressant later.

In addition to these PC goodies, Miss West has been persuaded to make a Maoist style admission of fault, including the truly mind-boggling  statement by her barrister David Martin-Sperry that the support she had been offered by the likes of the BNP and NF had ‘deeply distressed’ his client and, coupled with the pressure of the trial, led her to try and take her own life on three separate occasions. Really, Mr Martin-Sperry? The support of people who share her views on immigration drove her to attempted suicide?

As for citalopram, the common side effects do not include aggression. Indeed, the common effects on mental state  are more likely to be either sedative (the drug  may create drowsiness) or anxiety. Other common effects are problems with concentration and memory. Aggression can be associated with the drug but it is very uncommon (1 in 1,000 takers experience such an effect according to the NHS guidance).

The video of part of the Croydon tram incident does not show Miss West either being mentally confused or exhibiting an uncontrolled aggression. In fact, bearing in mind she had her six-year-old son with her and was surrounded by many racial and ethnic minority people, she demonstrated a distinct command of herself. To  ascribe her complaints, as her barrister did, to the effects of the drug plus the wine producing “unusual ideas”, is dubious in the extreme because  her demeanour did not suggest she was in the grip of a drug-induced frenzy. Moreover, what is “unusual” about being appalled by the effects of mass immigration? The drug “explanation” of course fits in with the politically correct idea that no one could have such views if they were of normal mind.

The Killer Fact

The killer fact in the case is this, the authorities did not bring her to trial while she was offering a plea of NOT GUILTY. The not guilty plea was maintained  for a very long time (19 Months) until June this year (19 months) when doubtless ground down by the delay and the constant threat of having her son taken from her, she changed her plea to GUILTY. That removed the embarrassment or worse of having a contested trial on the subject that the British elite fear most: honest talking about immigration and its consequences.

Consider what the supposedly liberal, ostentatiously caring powers-that-be were prepared to do to a seriously ill woman to avoid a contested trial. Her psychiatric history is lengthy and severe (she had been receiving treatment for depression since she was 18) and includes suicide attempt. She also suffered the rarity of being “sectioned” (taken into residential psychiatric care against her will) for treatment not long before her episode on the tram.

Despite this medical background, she was refused bail when first arrested and was originally remanded for more than a month (she was released after eight days following protests) in the highest security woman’s prison in England HMP Bronzefield. Contemptibly, the authorities tried to claim her custody was for her own safety despite the fact that Miss West had not claimed she felt under threat. She then went through the torment of having her case scheduled no less than seven times before changing her plea to guilty, while  all the time  living with the threat of having her son taken away. Indeed, she is still living with that because the social services may decide she is unfit because she has exhibited in their eyes “racist tendencies”. Furthermore, according to her barrister “There have been threats to burn her house, she has been physically assaulted and beaten to the ground outside her home.” It would be interesting to know if her assailant  is being prosecuted.

Her Barrister did his best to get the case thrown out:

[Martin-Sperry] even unsuccessfully applied to the Attorney General for a ‘nolle prosequi’.

This would have terminated proceedings and is most often used where the defendant is physically unfit to be produced.

Mr Martin-Sperry said the Crown Prosecution Service, which rejected all attempts to have the proceedings discontinued, had mishandled the case and was making an abuse of process application when a compromise was reached.

He added: “At the back of all this there is a woman who is really now not being prosecuted but persecuted, which is not a word I use lightly.”

Julius Capon, prosecuting, said: “While Ms West has been on bail she has attacked and injured others, including her husband.

“It’s all very well to say that the Crown’s position is intransigent but, while we can look on the defendant with a certain amount of sympathy for her condition, the evidence against her is overwhelming and she has no defence.”

Judge Warwick McKinnon, the Recorder of Croydon, said: “It seems to me that some heads need to be bashed together.

“People are getting in entrenched positions and losing all sense of proportion. This case is in danger of careering out of control.

That report shows exactly how out of the ordinary this case was. The authorities could have reasonably dropped the case on the grounds of her mental health. They could have offered her a police caution, which would not only have ended the case quickly but would have left her without a    criminal record. Cautions are routinely given to burglars and even to rapists, so the relatively minor charges Miss West faced (far less serious than burglary or rape) would have been well within the  police cautionary remit. Instead she was, in her barrister’s apt words, persecuted  for the better part of two years until she offered a plea of guilty. That is how obsessively ruthless the politically correct are when they have power.

But the point  is not whether Miss West was or was not guilty of the crimes with which she was charged. Rather, it is that she had committed no crime in any society which calls itself free. For her to be prosecuted because she publicly expressed her feelings about the invasion of her country through mass immigration tells its own sinister tale, namely, this is something that is no longer permitted in a public place. To see how extreme the present situation is try to imagine how any individual or group in England, however reasonable or controlled in their language, could make an unambiguous public protest about the effects of mass immigration and not run the risk of prosecution or fail to be condemned by the mainstream media and politicians as anything but “racists”, “extreme right-wingers” and  “fascists” and “Nazis” who are  utterly beyond the Pale. Would any group which advocated an end to mass immigration be allowed to march in support of that idea? Frankly I doubt it.

What Miss West was protesting about was the most profound treason because that is what the permitting of mass immigration is. Unlike conquest by force, those who settle  through permitted immigration into the country and their descendants  cannot be evicted as a conqueror by force might be evicted, either by killing the invader or forcing them back to their own land, with the absolute moral right in the matter resting with the invaded.

Mass immigration permitted by the rulers does not  provide any such moral clarity. It is both insidious because it takes place over a long period (which makes it difficult resist initially because the numbers are small)  and because allows the ethnic and racial groups which see themselves as separate from the native population or are seen as separate by the native population to constantly chip away at the natural  restraints which prevent large numbers of  people entering an advanced modern state such as Britain. An ideology such as multiculturalism is encouraged. Ethnic and racial minorities constantly demand  more privileges and rights. The liberal elite goes along with the  idea willingly for quite a time then becomes a prisoner of their ideology as to admit the policy was disastrous means that the pack of multicultural cards collapses. By the time settlement reaches the level which Britain now experiences, a society has one of two choices: to carry on and eventually sink into ethnic/racial  war or to remove of the politically correct elite from power and replace them with people who understand human nature both individually and in the mass.

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  • Creepy as a cracker!

    Expect the same in the U.S. in the near future. Our “Bill of Rights” are under attack by the Obama administration.

    • Erasmus

      This is why our forefathers gave us the 2nd amendment.
      God bless them.

  • MekongDelta69

    You remember what they did to Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, don’t you?

    I do

    • John Smith

      Ah yes, Nurse Ratched the antithesis of liberty portrayed an atheist progressive corrupt liberal bureaucrat that might as well be a template for the left’s leverage of the brute force of government power toward achieving their dream of totalitarianism over the American populace. Lol.

  • Orion_Blue

    Unlike conquest by force, those who settle through permitted immigration into the country and their descendants cannot be evicted as a conqueror by force might be evicted, either by killing the invader or forcing them back to their own land, with the absolute moral right in the matter resting with the invaded.

    Are you sure about that? When we look at the real consequences of what has been done, then where do we draw the line?

    • The last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas Romanov is a direct descendant of Queen Victoria, therefore related to Queen Elizabeth II herself.
      HIS monarchy was abolished, as was his entire family line. DO you think it can’t happen to the British branch of the royalty? That is precisely what’s in store for them.
      It’s unavoidable. Prince Charles and his offspring will either face Muslim wrath, or they might even be made scapegoats by the fed up REAL British.

      • Spartacus

        The second option sounds about right…

      • IstvanIN

        Prince Charles may very well be the last British monarch. Depending on how much longer the Queen lives, once she passes, and after a period of mourning, the republicans and the minorities will team up to eliminate the monarchy. The republicans will use the support of the minorities to eliminate the monarchy and the minorities will use the republicans to reshape Britain in their image. Of course the republicans will miss the bigger picture: the destruction of one more tradition. Politics make strange bedfellows.

      • OlderWoman

        Word has it that Prince Charles has studied to become a Muslim.

  • You know, I’m starting to root for the Muslims now. The white people of the united Kingdom have all proven themselves unworthy of a homeland.
    Do you castrated British serfs want to know when it’s truly over?
    When you get your black James Bond, it’s over.

    • Bantu_Education

      That anyone in their right mind could even suggest, let alone seriously consider, a black James Bond is a sign of how far the multi-cult sickness has spread.

    • David Ashton

      I tried to find out who had voted up this disgusting attack on “all” the white people of the UK (including me) and accidentally put my name to the list.

      Actually I am beginning to get tired of trying to make constructive contributions to a website that has quite so many posts from people attacking others of the white race, people obsessed with the Jews as the sole cause of all our misfortunes, enthusiasts for China, advocates of race crossing, England-bashers, genocidal psychopaths, etc.

    • OlderWoman

      It isn’t the indigenous peoples, but their leftists who imported the trash that destroying the UK. The immigrants have more rights than the native Brits. Ireland and Scotland are being invaded also.

      • David Ashton

        Quite so. It was done at first slowly and surreptitiously in various ways -against public opinion polls. The education system and later all public institutions were corrupted by “equality and diversity” ideology. The aim has been to push the situation beyond the point of no return, and then to enlist immigrant voters in key constituencies to consolidate the fatality.

        There was no proper redress at the first-past-the-post polling booth, because the three established and well-funded main parties “united against racism”, lied about future controls or pushed the subject as less important than bread-and-butter issues, and supported by television bias (especially now half-admitted at the BBC). Anti-immigration parties have been divided by sectarianism, leader vanity, attacks by the violent left, criminal members, a totally hostile media, restrictive legislation, denial of public halls and their own vote-splitting at election time.

        “Mass immigration has a social price, which goes beyond even the immense pressure of numbers on our overstretched infrastructure and services…. For the less integrated a society, the more authoritarian a government must be to maintain order…. [such as] the increasingly oppressive weight of politically correct laws…. All these problems have been forced on an unwilling country by a conspiracy…. And as with the national debt, so with the numbers of foreigners in Britain…the accumulated totals inexorably rise.” – Daily Mail, July 3.

        Some of us warned precisely against this all along – against stuffed ears or attempts to shut us up.

  • sbuffalonative

    When I read the headline, I felt trepidation about reading the article. My fears were justified.

    What an Orwellian nightmare. These people will stop at nothing, even terrorizing a mother with the threats of losing her child.

    Declared mentally ill and forced to confess.

    The Inquisition is here.

    • Spartacus

      The Inquisition was based on superstition, ignorance and fear, and was driven by, ultimately, a noble cause, that of “saving souls”. There’s absolutely NOTHING redeeming or excusable about what these vermin did to this woman.

      • Bergeron

        These vermin also believe they are “saving souls”. Egalitarianism is also a faith-based religion.

        • Spartacus

          No, they’re not. They’re actively trying to exterminate the white race, and they know it.

      • Sick of it

        It may have been a massive deflection campaign so the real practitioners of witchcraft amongst the aristocracy and clergy would not be under suspicion. I say this only because of the historical facts which came to light centuries later showing such people practicing witchcraft in droves.

    • me

      Emma West is a victim of political tyranny. Her story reminds me of Vladimir Nabokov’s horrifying novel, ‘Bend Sinister’, except it was about a father whose small son was victimized by a monstrous “government”–Orwell never was as dark as this bleak novel….Where are the men of England? When will they stand up and say, ENOUGH!

  • Chris Granzow XI

    50 years from now, this sort of thing is going to be seen along the same lines as the Salem witch trials and the McCarthy-era red scare.

    • CJ Haze

      It’ll be seen as the result of not enough McCarthyism. This is communism come to the UK.

  • Tinfoil A22hat

    The things that are actually happening in the world today are worse than what the tinfoil hat crowd feared just years ago. Disagree with the ruling elite? You’re mentally ill and incompetent. Here, take your meds. And shut up. Or your family “gets it”, see?

  • The__Bobster

    1984 is here, but with better – and more ubiquitous – cameras.

    • Sick of it

      They’ve got pretty accurate facial recognition software and everyone’s government-issued photos will fill a database.

  • The__Bobster

    After playing her for nearly twenty months, the politically correct British establishment have finally landed their fish: Miss West has not only been found guilty but mentally ill.

    Thus, the elites have told the proles that opposing their own displacement is tantamount to insanity.

    • baldowl

      –when precisely the opposite is true. The world is upside-down and must be put upright.

  • She has been given a two year community order for two years and been bound over to keep the peace. The community order is likely to concentrate on probation supervision and “treatment” for her “offending” behaviour.

    Off to the re-education camp!

  • GB101

    I watched the video. I am not sure what the consequences should be for a woman acting that way on a tram, but her behavior was reprehensible. How would Amren readers respond to a video of a black woman on a bus with her child using that kind of language and ranting about how much she disliked white people?

    • Nathanwartooth

      That second part happens daily, Blacks even have “the talk” with their children to tell them about how evil Whitey is. No joke, just Google it.

      Mentally ill or not, people are really sick of being invaded and being told that their country being taken over by Africans or Muslims or Mexicans is just the greatest thing in the world.

      Her child is going to grow up and when he is older his country wont be ruled by Whites, it will most likely either be run by Blacks or Muslims, dooming his prospects to those of Whites in South Africa.

      • GB101

        That second part happens daily, Blacks even have “the talk” with their children to tell them about how evil Whitey is. No joke, just Google it.
        I know it happens. And I know Amren shows it. And I know how my fellow Amren readers react when they see it.

    • fed_up_white_guy

      We would respond by speaking our minds about her, not by insisting she face legal consequences.

      • GB101

        I also disagree with the legal consequences.

    • gemjunior

      Gimme a break. As if THAT is rare – it’s all the blacks ever do is rant about Evil Whitey. Right in front of us and very provoking as if they want to start a fight. And they do, they sure do. I don’t know what country you are living in but you seem to have little real exposure to black people. That’d explain a lot.

      • GB101

        I live in a close in suburb of a large American city with a majority black population. I have a lot of exposure to blacks. I know that bad behavior by blacks is not rare. I see it. And I know how Amren readers react when they see it. None of that causes me to look kindly on this woman’s actions, however outrageous the actions taken by the state against her.

    • Wethepeople

      They do that daily, quite frequently it’s accompanied by some sort of physical violence against said YT. You need to open your eyes.

    • You’ve never been to a big city with a significant minority population have you?

      • GB101

        I live in one. You are mistaken. I do not think woman of any race should engage in outbursts like this, especially with a child in her lap.

    • DelmarJackson

      You didn’t see the part not shown on the video where she was goaded by others to speak out in anger. You also ignore the part in the beginning where she speaks out against immigration from poland, before she begins to speak of immigration from other countries. She did not say she hated anyone, she said she hated her country being transformed by immigration from other countries and other people.
      was her language raw and did she use curse words/ yes. Did she have a right to speak out aginst her country delibrately being flooded with millions of mostly unassimilating non western peoples who would transform her country irreversibly forever? She was arrested for speaking out against massive immigration. Those thousands that left life threatening messages against her AND HER CHILD were never even investigated, much less punished. She spoke up and said whay millions of others wanted to say but ar e afraid of being imprisond in the UK by weasels in their own government that are busy importing a new nation.

      • OlderWoman

        “Goaded”? The blacks made nasty and untrue statements about White British. British films are now being heavily populated with blacks. They’re even casting blacks in historical roles that were originally White.

    • BonusGift

      You are truly a sick person. What black country is under threat to be taken over by invading whites that have been imported with the purpose of genociding them; and if there was such a place that would hardly be inappropriate behavior. To the extent you don’t see and understand that you are hateful in the extreme. Nobody deserves to be brainwashed, harassed, and genocided just because they are white; and then denied the right to speak out and/or protest such an attack on themselves and their people.

      • GB101

        I can’t imagine why you would call me a sick person. I merely raised a question. Amren has, from time to time, shown videos of blacks exhibiting boorish and disruptive behavior. Comments then abound about blacks being boorish and uncivilized. Some of the comments are mine.

        This woman’s sentiments about immigration are right. I agree with her. I also think the punishment meted out was an outrage. But that does not lead me to condone her behavior on the bus.

        • kjh64

          No, I don’t condone her or anyone using foul language on a bus. However, at must she should have been kicked off the bus for the bad language or being disruptive, not legally prosecuted.

          • GB101

            You and I are in agreement.

        • bluffcreek1967

          I think your emphasis is on the wrong thing. Instead of seeing the greater outrage of what led to Emma’s rage and how she was subsequently treated by the authorities, your emphasis is essentially on how she used foul language while holding her son in her arms.

          Under normal circumstances, I would agree with you. But these aren’t normal times. A soft genocide is occurring against whites throughout the world, and many of us are starting to fight back and voice our opinions. Too bad it’s not always seen as convenient, prudent, or ‘nice’ when it occurs – but our survival is at stake!

          Good Lord, we need more Emma West’s who will speak out like she did. I won’t condone everything about her, but I like her fighting spirit. It’s a great contrast to how so many whites are asleep, apathetic, and in denial.

    • kulak

      If white people had gentrified her neighborhood — destroyed the neighborhood she grew up in, her neighborhood for which she had an affection — I’d sympathize.

      • GB101

        Perhaps you would, but I would not. I would consider her boorish and uncivilized. And a very poor example for her child.

    • NM156

      I’ve heard anti-white ravings on Chicago mass transit for the first 25 years of my life. What suburban rock do you live under?

      • GB101

        I know such anti white ravings are common. I do not live under a suburban rock. I merely pose a question, which you did not address.

    • kjh64

      “How would Amren readers respond to a video of a black woman on a bus with her child using that kind of language and ranting about how much she disliked white people?”
      Um, it happens all the time on American public transit. Amren readers would be annoyed but none of us would think that she (Black woman) should be arrested, sent to a mental institution and lose her child. It’s called freedom of speech. At the very most, she should be told to be quiet or be kicked off the bus and failing to do so, get a disturbing the peace charge by the police, that’s it.

      • GB101

        You do not address the question I posed. What would Amren readers post if a video were shown of a black woman being vulgar and disruptive on a public tram, with a child in her lap, ranting about white people or whatever. I do not believe the response would be very understanding.

        • OlderWoman

          She would get a ‘pass’ because she’s black. And it would be censored by the mainstream media. AND I’d bet that excuses would be made for her…for instance, the slavery card would be played.

          • GB101

            Not here she wouldn’t. Remember, my question addresses the response such a woman would get from Amren readers.

  • DLRisVH

    We need more Emma Wests in this country!

  • cancerous bananna

    If the psychotropics she was on are such a cure that she had a moment of clarity on the “crazy-train” the doctors are in on the agenda as well.. I imagine the glass of wine only allowed her to voice her epiphany. Sick society.

  • gemjunior

    She’ll always be my hero and an inspiration. Everyone knows what happened here, and everyone knows the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. She is being railroaded and people will not forget this. This is typical – crush dissent then try and hide it, criminalize free speech etc. and think people won’t be angered or that eventually they’ll forget. They won’t forget. Like steam building up in a kettle, it will eventually blow the lid off.

  • John Smith

    Right because if you state the obvious you must therefore be insane.

    • BonusGift

      Today that is true; and that BTW that is the purpose of ‘hate speech’ laws. In addition, they are always asymmetrically applied and result in being anti-white.

  • DelmarJackson

    My prayers are with Ms West. I remember watching on youtube the increasing viewrship of her video as it leaped into the millions with fascination. I was stunned by her bravery to speak out in public against what massive immigration had done to her community. She clearly spoke out against all immigration including Poland, but her critics only focused on her raw racial comments and in turn left terrible hateful and life threating comments. Eventually, there were many more comments supporting her and the video was pulled.
    I don’t know if i would have had the courage to continue to fight as she has with the threat of losing her child to those people who are on the side of the traitors that deliberately filled her nation with massive 3rd world immigration solely to rub the rights nose in diversity as publicly claimed by one of the labor party responsible. These people have guaranteed their nation at the very least, generations of ethnic strife where none existed before, but have more likely ended their nation as they had known it, and yet they sleep warm and happy at night while Ms West is publicly and deliberately made a madwoman and pariah.
    She has fought a hundred times more than most of the rest of us. I wish her to get well and to stay safe and happy with her family for as long as she lives, and hope one day she gets her country back or at least the respect from those who eventually will sadly realize how right and brave and bold ms West truly was.

  • Bo_Sears

    Just think….if she had only had someone teach her how to talk in her white voice and in a white centric way, this would not have happened. Anything that needs to be said can be said without naming, labeling, defining, or describing other demographic affinity groups, and likewise about immigration. We realize that this is not remotely understood by those interested in communicating in another way.

  • Romulus

    One more time!!! The last two sentences are very telling. That is the real reason for the leftist garbage going after the 2nd amendment and the rest of the bill of rights.

  • RHG

    So I guess the British government is now going to start using Psychiatry as a weapon against people that don’t go along with the program ala the old USSR? Is this really a country America wants to ally itself with?

    • BonusGift

      It is remarkable how similar the script is isn’t it? Hate speech against a segment of society (Christian European typically), ad hominem attacks (e.g., “racist”, Nazi, etc.) in the controlled media, imprisonment (or threat thereof), ‘re-education’, threat or actual physical violence against, public denunciation, show trials or threat thereof, etc. etcetera, rinse and repeat until the problem goes away or the authorities largely responsible decide its not working and its time to head to Israel (or the some other white host country; i.e., before they destroyed them).

  • I’ll bet those boys were mostly Scots, Welsh and Irish. They’re considered good soldiers in the United States, Canada and Australia for the same reason.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    well, the only ones who are truly disadvantaged, at least the way things are going now, by immigration, are white men. Do i have that wrong?

    Expecting some ‘take-over’ by the people of their government due to immigration, at least in the USA, is a dubious prospect. white men are something like 30 percent of the population. that number is even smaller for white boys.

    What we do need to do as white men is go on strike. . .

  • kjh64

    Don’t count on it. I wouldn’t put it past Obama to start a war or something to get his term extended or try to change things so he can run a 3rd time and get all of the illegal aliens, he hopes to give amnesty to , in to vote him back in.

    • OlderWoman

      I don’t think that will happen. I believe Hillary Clinton will be voter frauded into the role of President. It will be an extension of the obama administration. Remember, the feminists and lesbians will come out in favor of HC. The talk for the past few years is that she is a closeted lesbian. She also introduced herself to a California political gathering of lesbians as “one of them”.

  • GB101

    I understand frustration. I do not condone outbursts like this. I did not say I agree that the state was right in doing what it did. And, as I suggested, Amren readers would blast a black woman for a similar outburst, dropping the F bomb in front of her child etc etc.
    I look at the Huffington Post once in a while, but I am a regular here at Amren. A financial contributor as well.

    • OlderWoman

      I approve wholeheartedly with Emma West and her outburst on the bus. In fact, I sent her a card of encouragement and commended her for being truthful.

  • GB101

    I do not blame her for being angry and frustrated. I do blame her for the way she expressed her anger and frustration.

  • Spartacus

    It was probably what the elites of the church were thinking, but the rank and file of the Inquisition probably didn’t have this as their main purpose.

  • David Ashton

    This is an excellent analysis and thoughtful comment, as usual, by Robert Henderson, and one hopes the comments will rise to a similar level. All I would say about Emma West’s outburst itself is: “In vino veritas”.

  • watling

    Daniel Craig, like everyone else in the public eye with a healthy bank balance, wants to ensure it stays that way. The best way of keeping your career on track and your bank balance healthy is to worship at the altar of the multicult. If you slip up by saying something unmulticult you have to issue a grovelling apology asap and hope it saves you.

    In Skyfall Moneypenny is black. The baddie is white because baddies cannot be black any more. Black actors generally only play positive roles.

  • UNameIt

    ETA: This just in as of today, a little blonde blue eyed girl was held hostage at knife point in an Oklahoma Walmart as her mother pleaded with the black male captor:

    Here’s a youtube link of the interview with the mom and some footage of the standofff which ended in a cop shooting the black perp in the head, Mommy’s Little Future Bigot survived uninjured:

    Some posters call for repression of attention brought to this Diversity campaign of focused hate crimes and reeducation treatments against blondes, but silence is deadly.

  • OlderWoman

    There was Elizabeth I. She was true royalty and a great Queen.

  • OlderWoman

    I’m White and I’m Anti-Catholic.

  • OlderWoman

    I went to Goodwill today in my town. What I saw was Muslims working there in burkas and many Mexicans speaking Spanish. It disgusted me. I do not want to share space with either if I can help it. It’s bad enough to have to live in a building with blacks, Muslims and Domenicans as neighbors.

  • The Final Solution

    It’s getting harder and harder to believe that the English ever had any courage. I fear people may one day think the same thing about America.

    • David Ashton

      Please see my reply to “Older Woman” above.

  • David Ashton

    Only if we do nothing.

  • MBlanc46

    So the British have adopted the old Soviet tactic: call dissidents “mentally ill”.