New Black Panthers: Zimmerman Verdict Means ‘War’

Aaron Klein, WND, July 14, 2013

The George Zimmerman verdict is a declaration of war that only the devil can applaud, according to the Twitter feed for the New Black Panther Party.

The Twitter account, managed by the group’s national chairman, Malik Zulu Shabazz, further urged followers to “take to the streets [and] stay there.”

“Were at war,” Shabbazz Tweeted. “Its (sic) silly and immoral to call for peace when war has been declared.”

The NBPP slammed what it called the “white mans (sic) justice system,” claiming the courts base their law on “the white is right theory.”

“Only a devil would applaud that verdict. Only natural born devil. By applauding that verdict you in fact admit that you are a devil,” wrote Shabbazz.


Shabbazz Tweeted that “As a lawyer, I am deeply dissapointed & embarassed (sic) at a judicial system that can’t deliver jail time for clear killer.”

Of whites, Shabbazz charged, “You all are born to kill and murder the darker peoples as Jesus says in John 8th chapter 44 verse. ‘A liar and a murderer from beginning.’”

Continued Shabbazz: “Everywhere the white man has gone since released from the caves and hills of europe the white man has killed & murdered the dark peoples :(”

See the NBPP tweet stream for yourself below:



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  • You Black Panthers keep up the good work. Every time you misbehave and attack white people, you are doing me a favor.
    Only the sissy white liberals will be caught off guard by you. A guy like me is waiting, daring you to try something.

    • Romulus

      Im anticipating malfeance with barely disguised joy. There will be Oakland suffering but we will prevail.

      • Wethepeople

        We will prevail that sentiment is without question.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Yeah. It’s quite a shakedown racket the 85 average IQ black angels have hit upon.

        BLACKMALE (sic) polite productive society by threatening to run amok (you know we blacks will go there!), do so, idiotically burning their own neighborhoods, but then get lot’s of money and sympathy to rebuild, maybe some more AA jobs, and wait for mentally ill liblefty Whites to apologize for something like being White.

        The Zimmerman verdict was a great victory for the rule of law and anybody’s right to defend himself. This was a good start, a great precedent. Let the darkies riot. Times are a changin’ and a new breed of White is arising.

        • Romulus

          It will be tragic if so many of our flock on the left get left behind,but if and when it comes to pass that we must engage, I believe sufficient numbers will remain to keep the pool going.

        • Gin & Tonic

          85? You are mighty generous.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Yeah I’m thinking we Whites must be congenitally EVIL.
      According to standard race mantra, as elucidated by Munungo Shabazz Homoerectus, above, we Whites MUST be born with the evil gene and there’s nothing we can do to fix that. Therefore…
      I say it’s racist to expect anything else from our people and to our people I say…
      Hey let’s go with it. Time to take pride in our White deviltry. Time to be as evil as liblefty political ideology and genetics have painted us.
      We Whites have the God given, constitutionally mandated right to be evil and it’s time we made it clear that we will cling to our inimically evil whiteness such that our enemies will have to pry it out of our cold dead fingers.
      We are all subversives because of our genetics. I’m proud to be evil and White and look forward to the day when we show just how evil we are. The day is coming.
      The Zimmerman verdict was a great victory for the constitution and for every law abiding citizen’s right to defend himself. Regardless of circumstances this is a good step in the right (evil) direction.

    • Gin & Tonic

      Seriously, where do you get some of this crap? Every liberal I know, including me is packing heat. Conservatives do NOT have the corner market on owning guns.

  • Funruffian

    In an irreverent sense I’m somewhat anticipating the Negro onslaught from these wannabe terrorists. It would drive our point home that they are vehemently uncivilized.

  • connorhus

    As I remember it being recorded Black and Brown armies from Africa and Asia Minor came up to the European caves many times and murdered, raped, pillaged and tried to take em over. Many of those invasions happened long before Europeans ever left Europe for the most part.

    Of course History isn’t the only thing these “panthers” are a bit behind on.

    • The__Bobster

      Can you name a Black army that ever invaded Europe?

      • connorhus

        Certainly. There were several Blacks incorporated into the Muslim armies that invaded Spain and France. Berbers, Somalis, Upper Egyptians. Hannibal’s army contained Black tribesmen as well.

        • The Berbers aren’t black.

          • Romulus

            The berbers were semitic.

          • So far as I know, they’re distantly related to Celts. Lots of them have grey eyes. They certainly pre-date Arabs in the Maghreb by a very long time.

          • Romulus

            The word Celt is an umbrella term given to the “hidden people” of Europe by the greeks. It comes from their word keltoi which means the above definition. The Roman word for Celt is the word gaul. Their ancient language is italic. It only later became known as a goidelic language as eastern Mediterraneans made their way from Alba to priton (Britain) by the sea of course. However, because of the Roman historians Diodorus siculus, Tacitus, Suetonius,Virgil, and Julius ceaser himself, we know exactly what they looked like. Picture Maureen O’Hara and Cecily tynan. Anyone with Colin cartels mutations are termed Mediterranean lapine or “black ” Irish like me. My ancestors have more of a classic Colin farrel look and are not indigenous to the UK. The migration was so long ago, the cultural memory has been forgotten. The semitic berbers are the people that built Timbuktu and traded gold to Mansa Munsa for his own people to first be traded as slaves to the Hamitic Arabs.

          • shawnmer

            Romulus, forgive the reply to such an old post, but you made reference to Timbuktu. Can you refer me to some good sources on some of the empires frequently cited by Afrocentrists as proof of developed black African civilizations and scholarship? Ghana, Mali, Kushite, etc, all these civilizations are presented as black accomplishment. All I’m aware of is that they are Islamic in terms of how knowledge was spread to these by the Islamic empires, so what’s the best response to this point?

            Thanks much.

          • M.

            You’d be amazed at how many blondes and redheads we still have.

          • connorhus

            Berber is a dialect that connects all the people under that umbrella. There are plenty of Black tribes that are Berbers.

          • Yes; the Tauregs are quite dark. I was referring mainly to the Cybeles in my earlier post.

        • Wethepeople

          Hannibal had black slaves but that was all. Carthaginians didn’t tolerate Bantu.

      • Romulus

        The darkies that the moors picked from what is now known as Liberia in their invasion of the Iberian peninsula (Spain) in the 800’s. The moors used them as the equivalent of cannon fodder. The moors being the “white Arabs”. Google a pic of Saladin and compare him to your basic sicilian. Most would loom like ajmadinejads people. But some like what now occupys southern Italy because of their invasion in the 11 th century.

    • Sick of it

      African pygmies weren’t really all that dangerous. Being little guys and all.

      • IstvanIN

        Black Africans hunt and eat pygmies.

    • Romulus

      These fools couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat!

  • If “ever since we were released from the caves and hills of Europe” we have been killing dark people, why do they insist on living in our countries? Rational people who lived in fear of us would move away.

    • capnmorgan5150

      Instead they’re constantly moving to where White people ARE, instead of moving away from us racist devil.

  • Puggg

    New Black Panther Party?


    All it seems to me they’re doing is being redundant with Democrats.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “The NBPP slammed what it called the “white mans (sic) justice system,”
    claiming the courts base their law on “the white is right theory.”

    Is there even such a thing as the “black man’s justice system” or is that just an oxymoron? I know how they would handle this in Africa, a tire and a can of kerosene.

  • connorhus

    I had to come back and post another comment.

    Zimmerman has been tried and acquitted. We had to stand back and allow your kangaroo court of lynching under the color of law and predictably you failed.

    Any more repercussions leveled against Zimmerman will be the real act of WAR. So take note.

    • [Guest]

      >>>Any more repercussions leveled against Zimmerman will be the real act of WAR. So take note.

      What will be the results of further attempts to lynch Zimmerman? Who’s going to stop the get-Zimmerman types?

      • connorhus

        That’s the best part of an act of war. Ya never know where or how the retaliation will come.

        But the blow back will be that many more men and women will know they have been attacked.

      • Anyone with a CCW permit, that’s who.

        • fuzzypook

          Just got mine last week. I’m ready!

        • ms_anthro

          And plenty of people who are arming themselves and quietly carrying concealed, legally or otherwise. Some are realizing that the penalties for carrying an illegally concealed firearm are still far less horrible than being tortured and murdered by savages or watching it done to your loved ones.

    • The__Bobster

      https://petitions.whitehouse. gov/petition/stay-out-trayvon-martin-affair-leave-zimmerman-alone/Xq1vG5bK

  • Spartacus

    “Shabbazz Tweeted that “As a lawyer, I am deeply dissapointed &
    embarassed (sic) at a judicial system that can’t deliver jail time for
    clear killer.”


    Do they give out law degrees in cereal boxes now ?

    • Vending machines.

      • jane johnson

        He didn’t pass the Bar exam, it was the JukeJoint test; and he burned it down.

    • Sick of it

      Everyone gets to be a lawyer, reverend, or community organizer. Them’s the rules.

  • MekongDelta69

    Malik Zulu Shabazz (nee 1968 as Paris Lewis – ‘slave name’ no doubt) is as much a qualified (i.e. non-affirmative action) lawyer as I am a qualified astrophysicist.

    And that’s all I have to say about that, Lieutenant Dan…

    Yours truly,

    MekongDelta69 Zulu Razzamatazz

    • You sure it isn’t MekongDelta69 Zulu Shuk AnnJive

      • It’s got to have a “Z” in it for reasons unclear. For instance, if I was a black radical, I’d have to go with something like N’DeSimian Abdul Shabazz.

  • kjh64

    “Of whites, Shabbazz charged, “You all are born to kill and murder the darker peoples as Jesus says in John 8th chapter 44 verse. ‘A liar and a murderer from beginning.’””

    Well, then Shabbazz, you and yours had better quickly go back to your homeland of Africa. That way, you won’t have to be around any evil Whites.

  • bigone4u

    The Black Panthers are ignored by the MSM because black hate groups don’t fit the narrative that only whites are haters. Good for WND for giving them some space to spew their childish nonsense. It helps show the truth about blacks.

    • jane johnson

      It’s one thing for the media to ignore them due to ideology(same root as idiot), but when the US Department of Justice ignores them, it is an entirely different matter. Especially when they are on videotape engaging in voter intimidation and making terrorist threats.

  • The__Bobster

    “Were at war,” Shabbazz Tweeted. “Its (sic) silly and immoral to call for peace when war has been declared.”

    You spoonies declared war on us a long time ago. Unfortunately, most Whites aren’t aware of it.

    • KingKenton

      Spoonies? That’s a new one on me, lol.

  • Perhaps the threats against whites are providing us even more solid self-defense cases in the future. If these NBBP goofballs want to create a climate of fear, we’re allowed to play along and pretend to be scared.

  • Sick of it

    It’s always nice when a Marxist quotes the Bible they don’t believe in.

  • Luca

    Ms. Shabazz and the NBPP are quite discouraged with the “..white mans justice system.”

    Then I suggest you relocate to Liberia and wallow in the black man’s justice system.

    Also, I’d like to know how one goes about getting a law degree and yet can’t complete one sentence that is grammatically correct?

    Do they now give the bar exam in ebonics? If so, it won’t be long until we see a shingle broadcasting the law firm of “Shabazz, Sharpton & Jeantel.”

    • ms_anthro

      In block print instead of gilt script, because we now know they can’t read cursive.

      • jane johnson

        They can’t spell, either.

    • Even Lyndon Johnson passed the bar by only a 3-percent margin, and he doubtless could read and write better than this Shabbazz clown.

  • HJ11

    They’re declaring war on Whites? The whole non-White world is at war with Whites. They’re trying to wipe us out to the last man, woman and child.

    • Luca

      The masses will be so much easier to manipulate once they are less intelligent and once those nasty White intelligence genes and traits have been eliminated.

      When that is accomplished they can be herded like cattle, the yoke will go on and the they can be worked to death,

  • Mark Hillyard

    It’s already akin to the Mau-Mau’s of Kenya. How did that happen with a such sharp, transparent, and intellectually honest Kenyan such as our President?

  • Vonhauer

    Shabbazz is in need of a good exorcist. How many demons dwell within him can only be guessed.

    A genuine race war would solve many of our problems very quickly. Something kill-the-white-babies Shabbazz would regret.

    • Spartacus

      I don’t know about that… Demons must have some kind of standards too, right ?

    • If I recall correctly, “Kill the white babies” was King Shamir Shabbazz and not Malik Zulu Shabbazz.

  • MBlanc46

    Oh good. Us against the NBPP. Do we have to wait for them to shoot first, or is a declaration of war sufficient reason to open fire?

    • They’ll pretend like they didn’t mean anything by it and go back to “business as usual”, which means more “Knockout Game” and “Knoxville Horror”. In other words, you should still lock and load.

      • MBlanc46

        It’s all just tough-guy rhetoric. It’s all they’re good at. At least the original Panthers had some nerve. The Mark II are just clowns.

    • Luca

      They will say: “We was just speaking rhetookily, retorkily, retoccily, er..hell, we was just funnin’ y’all.

  • ncpride

    For more outrageous tweets, check out Kirstie Alley’s and Katy Perry’s…..

    KA: White people used to make black people drink from separate drinking fountains…… Now we just kill their children. She deleted that one after backlash.

    KP: Ugh, my tummy hurts. American justice: Still colorblind..(as long as you’re White) Now we all know how Katy feels. (like we care)

    • Jefferson

      The funny thing is that Katy Perry and Kirstie Alley actually see a “White” man when they look at George Zimmerman.

      I thought only Blacks see him as “White”.

      • The funny thing is that when I look at Kirstie Alley I see an overweight lunatic $cientologist. Oh. Wait a minute. Never mind.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      KA: White people used to make black people drink from separate drinking fountains…… Now we just kill their children.
      There’s an inadvertent kernel of truth there. If we still had Jim Crow, St. Skittles would still be alive. He’d know his place, and not dare to attack humans. I’m not really a fan of segregation unless it involves oceans of separation, but since that option wasn’t on the table in the post-War of Northern Aggression period, JC was the best compromise.

  • The Final Solution

    Not a good idea to tug on the tail of the white dragon.

    • Texan1st

      Their strategy is to get 10 blacks to attack lone whites. The lone white gets taken down quickly and overwhelmingly without harm to the group of ten blacks. Then on to the next lone white person and repeat. Where can whites find enough racially aware whites to group up in numbers sufficient to fend off a mob of 200 blacks with the unified goal of attacking whites? We can’t even muster 100 white people to protest black aggression, much less find sufficient numbers to fight off mobs of blacks that have anti-White violence on their minds. In a majority white school in Jena, Louisiana, 6 black teens were able to violently assault a lone white kid and whites couldn’t muster enough racially aware whites in that school to intervene and stop those 6 blacks.

      • A lone white with a gun could still go down with the slide locked back and the magazine empty, if that’s what they chose to do. Situational awareness is the key.

  • Romulus

    Bring it on big mouth. You will rue the day you dare invoke violence to reason. The brown races have been raping and murdering their way into europe for 1800 yrs. I beg you to put your money where your mouth is. You mother #$&@!#@$&[email protected]&”:/=&@$!#!!!!!

  • John Smith

    It’s a small group of ignorant inflammatory racist black idiots. It’s hard to imagine anyone taking them seriously.

    • Romulus

      Nine! , mein herr! They think like the borg. A collective. They don’t call each other brothers for nothing. They are unified more while we are divided , again!!!

      • That’s “Nein”, and nouns in German are capitalized, thus “Nein, mein Herr”.

        • Romulus

          Yes, I know. Since im not writing an essay, I type that way for the sake of brevity. Auto spell is a pain as well. Thanks for the tip.

    • ms_anthro

      This is no doubt what people once said about the brownshirts, and the Bolsheviks, and Pol Pot’s thugs, and…

      • John Smith

        Good point.

  • Dave4088

    If and when white men have finally had enough and decide to physically confront the black panthers they will defecate in their pants. Tolerance and fairness toward the other is not working and only seems to embolden them. It’s time whites dispense with their progressive mindset and begin acting like a majority race which entails bullying and marginalizing racial minorities. American and European whites are the only demographic majority in the history of the world that lets themselves be kicked around and insulted by ungrateful minorities.

    Either they’re doing to us or we’re doing to them. That’s just how the world works and interracial amity exists only in fairy tales.

  • Jefferson


  • Evette Coutier

    He’s not declaring war on whites. He’s ‘re-declaring war on whites. The Panthers and the black community have declared war on whites non-stop for decades. Whites have ignored them largely because they have spent most of their time killing each other. But that day is done. Their numbers are to great to ignore.

    • This time he’s probably violating some of the anti-terrorism laws passed since 9/11. By advocating unprovoked killings of innocent individuals, he’s also committing solicitation to murder as well as violating some of the international humanitarian laws contained in the UN Genocide Convention.

      Under the principles of “universal jurisdiction”, any nation in the would with which we have an extradition treaty could – in theory – indict him in one of their own courts, have him brought over on a plane in Interpol custody and then try him there.

      Plenty of Rwandan Hutus who made similar exhortations thought they couldn’t be reached. They were wrong.

  • SoCal88

    I hope that none of the good people on this site underestimate the threat to life and property that is being posed by this. During the Rodney King riots in LA, the only thing that stopped the rioting was sustained machine gun fire from National Guard units. Korean shop owners stood guard on their roofs, armed with shotguns and rifles, to stop the mobs from setting fires. It was Hell on earth. Whites avoided the riot-torn areas for several years afterward, for fear of being jumped and beaten to death.

  • HJ11

    Bedroom genocide. It’s like a SciFi movie where the aliens use female wombs to birth aliens and destroy humans. But, in this case, it’s non-Whites using White female wombs to produce non-Whites to destroy Whites.

  • Texan1st

    ….and you’ve had 148 years to leave on your own free will if you wanted to. I’m not sure what’s keeping you around. Your actions don’t match your anti-White rhetoric.

    • Nothing is keeping them here except greed and laziness. If they went back to sub-saharan Africa, they’d need skills in advance of the ability to sit in a government office and do nothing all day, because the locals aren’t going to pay them inflated salaries for that.

  • [Guest]

    Concerning your first question, I wondered the same thing. Do the “Hispanic” groups not recognize a “white Hispanic” as one of their own?

  • saxonsun

    The Barbary Pirates enslaved approximately one million Europeans and Britons.

  • JoeyJapan

    Hello? O. J. Simpson got away with murder and the white man didn’t go up in arms. The Juice played the system the same way.

    What a joke these racist Black Panthers are. They’re just looking for an excuse to be prejudice because they’re the true racists. Can’t they realize that? Their existence propagates such racism. The hypocrisy!

    Bill Cosby is the true, educated, rational, open thinker that the “African Americans” should look up to and aspire to be. In his eyes, we’re all Americans and don’t need the linguistic divide.

  • MBlanc46

    Cleaver was nothing but a hustler. I was thinking more of Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.

  • Romulus

    Then im happy to be corrected. I haven’t yet read shlomo sand’s “the invention of the Jewish people”

  • Romulus

    Well,then good news. So the term berber is an umbrella term in the same vein as CELTIC, which comes from the greek word keltoi( the hidden people). Recent dna analysis of otzi the iceman concludes that north africa was indeed populated by european whites before the eastern white haji caucasoids. From previous readings on wikipedia, it was postulated that elements of the berbers ( the semitic ones) were the initial catalyst for the slave trade of timbuktu and surrounding regions.
    The hamitic arabs engaged in the trade on the other side of the continent. Fascinating. Please point out addditional sources if so inclined. I’d like to investigate further the collision between the tribe and the original north africans. The accepted date of exodus is around 1444 bc, so it is interesting to discover what happened to the reds and blonds of the eastern meditteranean.

  • Romulus

    Well I’ll be damned! I must have had a middle-aged moment. I own that book by coon,yet haven’t read it in some time.
    I’m elated to view your pics. Thank you so much for sharing.