Minority Candidates Get Second Chance & Join FDNY

Ginger Adams Otis, New York Daily News, July 21, 2013

About 15 years ago, five New Yorkers, then in their 20s, had one burning ambition: to work for the FDNY.

They all took the city’s firefighter exams in 1999 and 2002, but none got hired.

Six months ago, thanks to a controversial ruling by Brooklyn Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis, all five—now older, a touch grayer and maybe just a little bit wiser—got a second chance at their dream job.

This month, four of them will finally join the city’s Bravest.


All five of the second-chance candidates profiled by the Daily News in January breezed through the written firefighter exam given by the city that month. With that hurdle out of the way, they turned their eyes to training for the rigorous physical exam that would be given in late spring.

The pass-fail test requires candidates to display “legs and lungs” with a 1.5-mile run in less than 13 minutes and other feats of strength, including four chinups.

Many of the priority candidates took advantage of physical training classes offered by the Vulcan Society—the fraternal organization that filed the lawsuit that brought about Garaufis’ ruling—in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Priority candidates are those minority applicants who took entrance exams in 1999 and 2002 but didn’t get jobs.



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  • Just roll over and play dead, you white New Yorkers.

  • Puggg

    By next year at this time, the entire legal theory that Garaufis used to make his ruling might be done away with, that being disparate impact.

    • This is another enemy, boys and girls. As long as people like Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis doesn’t have to play defense, he will keep doing it.

      I pulled this from some article written a couple of years ago:

      Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis laid down the law with the FDNY today, writing that the job of “New York City firefighter – arguably ‘the best job in the world’ – has remained a stubborn bastion of white male privilege.”

      • Puggg

        That’s probably why it’s the best job in the world. Until the damned Muslims get the notion to fly airplanes into buildings.

        • Creepy as a cracker!

          FDNY is a very sought after job and considered one of the best. Of course that is all about to change.

      • Creepy as a cracker!

        Social engineering and legislation from the bench.

      • Rhialto

        No, being a Federal judge is the best job in the world: massive power; minimal resposibility.

      • Spartacus

        Aim.Shoot.Drink beer.

  • [Guest]

    >>>…got a second chance at their dream job….

    Hooray! Minorities are simply wonderful, and they SHOULD have their dream jobs.

  • Creepy as a cracker!

    Proof once more that minority privilege is alive and well!

  • Creepy as a cracker!

    It is the same old story where ever you go, blacks can’t pass civil service exam. They claim the test is racist and sue in court. When are you dumb blacks going to realize that you are just stupid. So much for hiring the best qualified candidate.

    • Xerxes22

      That’s why the goal of our enemies is to abolish all civil service exams at the federal, state and local level. That way the politicians can hire whoever they want regardless of qualifications.

    • MikeofAges

      Also, those who can pass might just be choosing different careers. When you have a limited pool in the first place and the members of that pool are choosing a different career, then you are going to have few minority firefighters. What I wonder is, if a black mother’s child was trapped in burning building, which firefighter would she want going in the save her kid?

  • din_do_nuffins

    “Priority candidates” are anyone who forces you to give up what little of your White privilege you have left.

  • JohnEngelman

    Consider an observation furtively voiced by many who interact with civil servants: that government is riddled with people who have been promoted to their level of incompetence because of pressure to have a staff with the correct sex and ethnicity in the correct proportions and positions. Are these just anecdotes? Or should we be worrying about the effects of affirmative action on the quality of government services? (77

    – Charles Murray from “The Inequality Taboo”

    • Nathanwartooth

      It’s obvious when you look at income to SAT scores.

      Even with regression to the mean, Blacks make way more money than they should. In a “free market” in the current economy there would be many more poor Blacks.

  • APaige

    Since they ‘breezed’ through the exam it must have been dumbed down. So now you have dumb old blacks?

    • Spartacus

      Look at the bright side – maybe they’ll burn alive, and die in horrible pain !

    • evilsandmich

      I found it amusing that that they posed for a picture; too stupid to know how stupid they are.

  • Spartacus

    “The pass-fail test requires candidates to display “legs and lungs” with a
    1.5-mile run in less than 13 minutes and other feats of strength,
    including four chinups.”


    That’s it? That’s what you need to do to be a firefighter in New York ? Jesus, I could do those things when I was 12 !

    • evilsandmich

      Yeah I had to read the original to make sure that wasn’t sarcasm. Even my overweight, semi-out-of-shape, middle aged body can crank that out without much thought.

      • Spartacus

        Get in shape ! Trust me, we’re getting to the point where it might save your life . Get a punching bag, hit it 1 hour a day (after at least 30 minutes of stretching of course), and you’ll get in a minimally decent shape in no time.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      It’s probably due to their age. If they hadn’t failed the stupidity test the first time around the standards would probably have been more stringent.

      Does anyone else here expect these “disadvantaged” minorities to sue for the extra 15 years on their pension of which they were deprived due to racism?

    • Libnomore

      From Am Ren article, “Quotas in the San Francisco Fire Department”,

      Why does the fireman slide down the pole?
      To get from the dormitory to his truck as quickly as possible. This is
      child’s-play, even fun for most of the class of 36 who went through 15
      weeks of training
      for the San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) beginning in July, 1997.
      But one member of the class opted out of the century-old brass-pole
      slide. Why? She is afraid.

      This is part of the legacy of federal judge Marilyn Patel of the
      California Northern District Court, a Jimmy Carter appointee and former
      lawyer for the ACLU. Well known for her social-engineering decisions,
      she has halted the firefighting careers of scores of white men in favor of less-qualified minorities and women.

      In 1988 she issued a consent decree, demanding a 40 percent minority and
      10 percent female fire department. This, she said, would make up for
      past discrimination. Indeed, women had not been allowed in the SFFD, but
      nothing prevented minorities from applying. The first black joined in
      1955; the first Asian two years later, and there has been a sprinkling
      of Hispanics since the turn of the century. Though proof of racial
      discrimination was supposedly necessary, it was never found; Judge Patel
      shoved her consent decree down the throat of the SFFD anyway.

      Women on the Force

      In order to hire women, the department had to throw out all the old
      strength standards and replace them with “tests” that wouldn’t stress
      the average teen-age boy. One such test requires the applicant to raise a
      24-foot wooden ladder to vertical. To make it easier for the new breed
      of diverse firefighters, the base of the ladder is attached to the
      ground with a metal hinge. No one seems worried that there are no metal hinges bolted to the sidewalks in front of buildings in San Francisco.

      One local paper called her the Jackie Robinson of the SFFD, who had cracked that old devil, the color line.

      Another test requires the applicant to drag a 40-pound cloth dummy
      across a polished cement floor and out the door. Needless to say, the
      average person removed from a burning building weighs a lot more than 40
      pounds and may prefer to be carried rather than dragged. If there is
      any dragging it is usually across a wet carpet.

      Physical strength is important not just for getting the job done but for
      staying alive. Firefighting ranks high among the most dangerous
      professions in the country, and only the ideologically blinded fail to
      realize that it takes stringent physical and mental standards to keep
      death and injury rates down. When reporters asked former New York City
      Mayor Ed Koch about ethnic diversity in his department, he said he was
      more interested in whether someone could get a 200-pound mayor out of a
      burning building.

      San Francisco, it appears, was not listening.

      I remember when the first Asian woman
      was hired in the early 1990s — it was front-page news. One local paper
      called her the Jackie Robinson of the SFFD, who had cracked that old
      devil, the color line. Her first fire — a smoldering sofa and the wall
      behind it, which could have been handled with a five-gallon portable
      pump can — revealed the truth. When she and her crew got back to
      quarters they sat with coffee and, following custom, critiqued their
      performance at the fire. While they talked, she sat alone, near tears,
      asking herself why she had chosen this terrible job, moaning about her
      frightening experience.

      At her next fire, she was part of the first engine company to arrive at a small hotel
      with the fire confined to one set of rooms. Realizing how shaky our
      Asian-American heroine actually was, her officer gave her the least
      dangerous assignment. As they rushed in the front door she was to
      connect one end of a 100-foot hose to a standpipe water outlet in the
      hallway while they took the business end directly to the rooms on fire.
      As they crouched in the doorway waiting for the water, it began to heat
      up. “Give us the water; where’s the damn water?” they yelled down the
      hall to the woman.

      The water never came. It got so hot the men were driven from the
      building, barely able to save their hose. They found the woman outside
      wandering around doing make-work — picking up axes and straightening
      hose. Naturally they wanted to know why she hadn’t given them water. She
      said she had been told in training that if it gets too hot, just leave.
      So she left her crew in the hot spot without even connecting to the
      water source.

      Thankfully, she has been taken from the field and given the position of
      fire prevention inspector. This much-desired job entails no night work,
      no danger, brings a 10 percent raise and is awarded only after months of
      study and successful performance on a competitive examination. Somehow,
      she never had to take the test.

      Then there was the first Hispanic woman firefighter, another prodigy. In
      the early 1990s when a local San Francisco Spanish television station
      heard that she had graduated from the Division of Training and had been
      assigned to a station in a Hispanic neighborhood, they sent a crew to
      film this Latina role model during her daily drills. After she dropped
      the most light-weight ladder (the 24-ft. wooden fire escape ladder) on
      her own head for the third time, they politely excused themselves and

      Her training supervisor asked her if she would like him to design a
      weight-training program so she could improve her strength. She didn’t
      answer. Instead she made two telephone calls; one to her lawyer and one
      to the fire department EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)
      officer with whom she filed a sexism complaint against her supervisor
      for suggesting she lacked strength. During her 15-week session at the
      Division of Training her supervisors said she was too weak to be a
      firefighter but their recommendation that she be terminated was ignored.

      One woman could not break a sheet rock wall with the standard 8-pound ax.

      At present, this lady holds the fourth highest rank in the SFFD, having
      been hand-picked by the black, politically correct, Chief of the
      Department to head the diversity training programs for the SFFD. Her
      accelerated promotion from “lieutenant” (also an affirmative action
      quota gift promotion) to Deputy Assistant Chief was an unparalleled
      four-rank leap. It took her only eight years to rise to the lofty
      station of fourth in command in a 1,500-member department — a level
      rarely reached in fewer than 20 years and only through competitive

      Apparently the pressure is proving too much for her. She has been
      stopped twice by the police for drunk driving. Both times she was in
      uniform, behind the wheel of an official fire department sedan.
      First-time on-duty drunk driving normally carries a penalty of 60 days
      without pay; a second offense has been known to result in termination.
      So far, this inspiration to womanhood, hired and promoted far beyond her
      knowledge and experience, has suffered no penalty.

      The undeserved weight of command has taken a toll on other women
      officers as well. One lady lieutenant and the engine crew she commanded
      were first to arrive at a house fire in a living room over a garage.
      Standard SFFD practice required her to take her crew with hoses up the
      front stairs, kick in the door, and put out the fire. She made a
      chicken-hearted assessment and changed tactics. After telling her crew
      to “Get back, it’s too hot,” she ordered them to attempt to break the
      living room windows with the hose stream, hoping the water would
      magically find its way to the fire. It didn’t; in fact the windows
      wouldn’t even break.

      The second-arriving lieutenant and his crew knew what to do. They
      shouldered her aside, took her hose from her, ran up the stairs, kicked
      in the door and put out the fire. The embarrassed woman officer did the
      expected and filed a complaint with the department’s EEOC office,
      claiming that the brutish crew made sexist remarks when they took her
      hose and put out the fire. Back in quarters, following the fire, the
      cowardly woman officer, thinking she was alone, was seen in tears,
      muttering to herself and punching herself in the face. At the next
      annual SFFD charity chili cook-off, one group of chefs wanted to use her
      warning, “Get back, it’s too hot!” as their motto but decided against
      it for fear of another EEOC complaint.

      There was another lady lieutenant who was so short she couldn’t push the
      overhead door to the compartment containing the portable air packs to
      the open position above her head. The door kept coming down on her
      helmeted head and she couldn’t take her air pack from its storage rack.
      When passersby noticed her plight, they began to giggle and make
      unflattering remarks. This caused the young officer such distress she
      abandoned her air pack, went around to the other side of the hook and
      ladder, sat on the running board, and hid. She never joined her crew
      inside the burning building.

      I once had the unique experience of working alongside a woman who could
      not break a sheetrock wall with her standard 8-pound ax. Her lieutenant
      became so vexed that he broke the wall with the back of his hand. In my
      30-year career in the SFFD I never saw another firefighter unable to
      break sheetrock with an ax. For decades, the upper age limit for hiring
      was 33, yet this remarkably unfit woman had been hired at age 44; her
      previous job was decorating cakes. As an indication of how reliable she
      is, she was recently nick-named, “Defective Equipment.”

      Dumbing the Tests

      The problem for minorities — blacks especially — has not been the
      physical but the mental demands of the job. For decades a test
      comparable to a college entrance exam guaranteed that the SFFD hired and
      promoted only men with well above-average intelligence. The need to
      increase the number of minority firefighters, many of whom fail even
      basic intelligence tests, means that the written exam has been
      notoriously dumbed down. Now one test question actually asks: “Which is
      more difficult, pushing a wheelbarrow up a ramp or on the flat?”

      In the early 1980s race and testing mischief took a tortured turn when,
      for the first time, San Francisco hired an outside testing company at a
      cost of $250,000 to design the promotional exam for the rank of
      lieutenant — the lowest supervisory rank. In the past, the Civil Service
      Testing Office had made up all promotional examinations for the city,
      but this was to be a special exercise to eliminate “racial bias” in the
      lieutenant’s exam.

      The testing company interviewed firefighters for weeks to determine the
      proper questions for the examination. It asked every ethnic firefighter
      association, the firefighters union, and representatives from City Hall
      to evaluate the new exam to see if it was race-neutral. Everyone agreed
      that it was.

      The test was given and scored. Approximately one third of the Asian,
      Hispanic and white test-takers passed, but only 12 percent of the
      blacks. The Black Firefighters’ Association (BFA), which had previously
      agreed that the test was race-neutral, now decided it was biased, but
      only against blacks. A judge agreed, and made the city come up with a
      promotion plan more equitable to blacks.

      The city agreed to pick names at random from the 330 highest-scoring
      finishers, but only a Fire Department Assistant Chief and the black
      female attorney representing the BFA would do it — behind closed doors.
      When the “random selection” was over, only non-whites had moved up the
      list, and whites had only moved down. One white went from 15th to 75th
      place. The names of some whites simply disappeared and were replaced
      with the names of low-scoring non-whites. One of the unjustly promoted
      benefited from having one Pacific Island great-grand parent.

      One black “lieutenant” was returning from a fire drill with his engine
      crew when he noticed (possibly for the first time) the lake just south
      of San Francisco from which the city gets its water (for fire hydrants,
      too). He turned to his engine driver and asked if that was the [Pacific]
      “ocean” or “the [San Francisco] bay.” The lake is about 300 yards

      Another quota-hire lieutenant told his engine crew to respond to an
      alarm in a parking lot and look for a “Cadillac.” The computer print-out
      in his hand plainly said to look for a “cardiac,” that is to say, a
      heart-attack victim.

      Some incidents of intellectual failure have been more frightening. When
      looking for a way to get from the roof of an adjoining building to a
      burning hotel, a black quota-hire lieutenant ordered one of his crew to
      jump across the span separating the structures. They were 4 stories
      above the ground and everyone had already been evacuated from the
      burning hotel. The firefighter refused to obey the ridiculous order.

      In the spring of 1996 at a wind-whipped house fire, the actions of two
      quota-hires may have resulted in serious consequences: One firefighter
      died and another is permanently disabled. The first hook and ladder
      arrived lacking one of its crew, a black woman. She later admitted she
      wanted to get a sound sleep, so she went to bed wearing ear-plugs and
      didn’t hear the alarm. At the same fire, the non-white driver of the
      first engine company, probably coddled through the training course,
      could not figure out how to deliver water from his pumper to the seat of
      the fire. Whether the failures of these two quota hires positively
      caused the two tragedies is not certain, but they didn’t help.

      Hand-picked Incompetence

      So what has the department learned, since the consent decree, about how
      to hire firemen? In November, 1996, 7,000 men and women sat for the
      watered-down SFFD written entrance examination. Three months later a
      list of the highest scoring 2,100 was released. In July, 1997, the first
      group of 36 recruits began the 15-week training course at the Fire
      Department’s Division of Training.

      Not surprisingly, only 12 of the 36 had actually placed among the top 36
      on the examination. The remaining 24 were hand-picked from the list of
      2,100 — also-rans selected to fill race and sex quotas. Naturally, not
      one of the anointed 24 is a white man. Fifteen of the training class
      were women, though only three women placed in the top 36.

      Scores for the hand-picked 24 ranged from 45th place (Asian male) to
      59th (Asian male) to 95th (white female) to 248th (Asian female) to
      631st place (black female). To get their last black woman the ethnic and
      gender bean counters dropped all the way to 954th place.

      This is what the department does in order to strike a racial “balance”
      In that class of 36 there were five white men and five white women. In
      the next training class of 42, there were also five white men and five
      white women. In the third training class of 42 — undergoing training
      this summer — there are only four white men.

      What does this sort of preference mischief mean in real, human terms?
      One young white man placed in the top 30 out of the pool of 7,000. Two
      of his close relatives were San Francisco firemen. He is an outstanding
      athlete, having captained and quarterbacked his high school football
      team. Though it is not required, he had prepared for the SFFD by earning
      a two-year degree in Fire Science, and is certified as an Emergency
      Medical Technician. This man, who had been preparing literally all his
      life for the job was passed over for a woman who, it now turns out, is
      afraid to slide down the pole.

      Fortunately, he was included in the next training class.

      When a firefighter-in-training fails any of the physical tests requiring
      a partner, he or she may select a specific partner for the mandatory
      re-test. During one afternoon of retesting, no fewer than 13
      undermuscled women chose this young athlete to help them get through
      their tests. Remarkably, even the politically correct instructors told
      the next batch of weaklings to pick someone else.

      Eye-witnesses report that this class averages only two standard
      pull-ups. When certain members of the class practice lifting and raising
      the 6-man, 425 pound, 50-foot wooden extension ladder, the instructors
      must remove the fly (the extendible portion) so that feeble trainees can
      lift the fire department’s most versatile ladder. This eliminates
      nearly one-third of its weight but virtually negates its usefulness.

      Obviously, the SFFD has learned nothing from the manifest foolishness of
      its hiring policy. It is run by people who think like Gloria Steinem
      who, in a recent television interview, said she didn’t care if women
      were not strong enough to carry people over their shoulders out of
      burning buildings. Presumably she would be happy to be dragged down
      stairs by her ankles, banging her head on each step, so long as she is
      dragged by a woman.

      Rewards via the Courts

      The consciousness of race and sex that now pervades the department has
      proven to be a remarkable temptation for minority and women firefighters
      looking for financial rewards via the courts. A copy of Playboy
      on a dormitory table becomes sexual harassment. A reference to eating
      watermelon becomes racial discrimination, as does demanding that a
      minority fire inspector show up on time at the office. If you ask real
      questions when a “facilitator” is conducting a diversity workshop,
      that’s racial intimidation.

      There have been hundreds of complaints filed with the department’s EEOC
      office in the last decade. Each incident must be investigated according
      to EEOC guidelines, each investigation takes weeks, and each costs the
      SFFD nearly $20,000. Most months there are a dozen or more on-going
      investigations. These terrible costs have so compromised the
      firefighting budget that the department no longer has enough money for
      uniforms and safety shoes.

      Some investigations have paid off handsomely for those who can find
      “racism” around every corner. In the late 1980s, when the four blacks in
      a training class of 30 were repeatedly making perfect scores on the
      weekly written exams yet failing their field trials, an investigation
      revealed that a black instructor had been giving them the test questions
      ahead of time. When this stopped, test scores for the blacks
      nose-dived. Neither the instructor nor the four cheaters were
      reprimanded. But the last laugh was theirs. A couple of years after
      graduating from the Division of Training the four filed an EEOC
      complaint, claiming that they had been unfairly stigmatized as
      “cheaters.” A court ruled in their favor and the City of San Francisco was forced to give each of them $35,000.

      One of the most firmly-held convictions of the race quota-mongers is
      that occupations must precisely reflect the percentage of each ethnic
      minority in the community. Yet, while San Francisco has only an eight
      percent black population, the officer ranks in the SFFD are 34 percent
      black. Overall, the black SFFD membership has achieved 132 percent of
      the original consent decree goal while the Asian firefighter goal lags
      at only 58 percent. Early this year the Asian American Firefighters
      Association hired a lawyer to present this fact before the Fire
      Commission, but black favoritism in hiring continues unabated.

      There is no more glaring example of the pro-black, anti-Asian bias than
      the November 1997 hiring of the son of a black Assistant Chief (a high
      rank he achieved through preferential promotions). Fifty-two Asian
      applicants (and quite a few others) got higher test scores than the
      black, but he was hired and they were not. Midway through the 15-week
      training course he hurt himself and could not do field drills and
      exercises. In the past, an injured recruit would be washed out and
      allowed to come back for the next class, but this son of a quota-hire
      black chief was put on “light duty” for the remainder of the training
      class and graduated to the field after “completing” his training.

      The present Chief of the SFFD is the former president of the Black
      Firefighters’ Association. He was appointed by San Francisco’s black
      mayor, Willie Brown. He thinks the selection process is still “biased”
      and wants to eliminate the written examination entirely. He says he will
      institute what he calls a “West Point-style” process of classroom
      teaching and volunteering. Applicants completing this training will then
      be “randomly” assigned a number by computer, and the department will
      then hire the lowest numbers. One can only guess at the abysmal depths
      to which the SFFD will sink if it is to hire firefighters at “random.”

      There may be important reasons for this. Judge Patel has promised that
      after 10 grueling years, her consent decree is to end on Nov. 1 of this
      year. Mayor Brown says that “the [preference] process is now
      institutionalized to ensure that no matter which administration is in
      charge at City Hall, the San Francisco Fire Department always reflects
      the diversity that is uniquely San Francisco.”

      In 1996, the people of California approved Proposition 209, which
      forbids sex and race preferences in hiring. When a federal court order
      ends, a city or county falls under that prohibition. If the SFFD finally
      does abandon race and sex preferences, random selection may be the only
      way for Willie Brown and his friends to get what they want.

  • sbuffalonative

    Their ‘burning ambition’ wasn’t enough to spur them to study. Why study when you can get in by not studying?

    • MikeofAges

      The people who might have qualified probably never applied. They had to “work the outback” to get minority applicants who would apply at all. Then few of them passed the exam and it was turned into a crisis. See my post above.

    • MBlanc46

      Or, just sue to make them dumb-down the test so that you can pass the test without studying.

  • MikeofAges

    I think the potential minority candidates who could pass the firefighter exam are not taking it. They may be in law enforcement or the military. Or just not interested in that career at all. Getting to this point was a two step process. First they advertised all over heck for applicants. Then when they didn’t pass the exam, the litigation started.

    A better two-step process might be: find the people who can qualify, persuade them to apply, hire them. If you build it, and they don’t come, isn’t the outcome in that event at least partly the result of decisions people themselves make?

  • Whitetrashgang

    At this point why not just empty jails to get more health care providers etc. Tyrone 38 patients have died while under your care this week therefore you win the TM Creepy cracker award for excellence in the field of justice.

  • Sick of it

    Looking at the current demographics – yep.

  • dave

    they destroyed the NYC police dept with affimative action and diversity. now its the FDNY turn. you cant make this crap up. the NYPD hires blacks who had felonies reduced to misdemeanors there are blacks who robbed people with illegal guns who are now on the NYPD. if a white guy has a DWI they get disqualified. its nice being a protected race. the double lottery is being a black female.

    • Ah come on. Privilege doesn’t exist.

      That’s why I have to disclose on every job application I make that I am “White” and “Male”.

  • willbest

    Does it come with 15 years of back pay and seniority considering they had their constitutional rights shat on?

    • MBlanc46

      There’s a constitutional right to be a fireman?

      • willbest

        There is a constitutional right to not be discriminated against based on the color of your skin.

        There is also a federal statute that makes the government liable if it deprives you of your constitutional right.

        • MBlanc46

          Yeah, it’s all discrimination, sure. It couldn’t be that they were too stupid to pass the test, or too lazy to study for it. Oh no, when it’s “minorities” it’s always evil white racists discriminating against them. I imagine that you believe in the Easter Bunny, too.

          • willbest

            oh I didn’t read the last paragraph or click the link and got the impression that it was about those white firefighters that were suing to get jobs that were AA’d, which was in the news a few years ago. But now that I think about those were about promotions and I think New Hampshire not New York.

            as the white youths say, my bad.

  • c684570

    If they’re not dead yet, they will be as soon as their house catches fire.

  • Name please.

  • John Smith

    Lol, priority candidates. Unbelievable. Take the worst person for a job. That’s how our government does it and that’s why our government is leading the country down the drain.

  • MartelC

    what do you want to bet non of these ‘enriching’ candidates will wind up at fire station in mIke bloomberg’s upper east neighborhood?

  • Herman

    Those guys are close to 40 years old.
    Even if they can’t run a mile and a half in 13 minutes they will slide through with a wink and a nod

  • MikeofAges

    I’m not sure if you missed the point or what. What the NYFD did was troll around the neighborhoods looking for anyone willing to apply. No surprise that very few qualified by the then extant standards. If they had looked for people who might have qualified and then persuaded them to apply, they might have gotten more minority firefighters out of it. Buy maybe not that many. Perhaps firefighting is just not on the minority radar screen, compared to law enforcement and the military. Or working in an office. Just about the most unacceptable thing to the liberals is the idea that outcomes that do not produce an exactly representative racial balance could be the result of anything that exists autonomously. Whether the autonomous interests and inclination of individuals or the autonomous native aptitude of different people.

  • 1proactive2

    If you think these black failures were given a pass now, wait until promotions open up. You’ll see them skyrocket to the top of the hierarchy in record time. Got to lower them bars for the bruthas.

    Any sober adult would be completely humiliated to have their name attached to this event.

  • bob

    NYC is very segregated. The whites there only pretend to love their minorities.