Matt Heimbach and Jared Taylor Debate Tim Wise and Michael Dyson

HuffPost Live, July 8, 2013

Jared Taylor does not speak until 19:37.

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  • APaige

    Tim Wise is not an “anti-racist”. He is a racist. Marc Lamont Hill is the one who praised the black LA cop’s shooting spree, and had a list of over-rated white guys that included William Shakespeare. Blacks do have equal opportunity, they can not and do not take equal advantage of the opportunity.

    • The__Bobster

      Mudflaps have more than equal opportunity.

      • gemjunior

        We do, and they still can’t compete…

    • alex

      My list of over-rated blacks:
      1. MLK
      2. All rappers.
      3. Obama
      4. Nelson Mandela

      • The Final Solution

        What about Oprah?

      • sbuffalonative

        5. Rosa Parks.

      • DLRisVH

        How about the whole species being overrated, because I’ve had my fill of african worship in this country.

      • AutomaticSlim

        (1) Was a degenerate, violent rapist and anti American communist.

        (3) Is the 2nd worst POTUS (after LBJ) of all time.
        (4) Is/was a terrorist who condoned and encouraged genocide.

        All MUCH WORSE than simply overrated.

        • jane johnson

          (5 – 26) The Congressional Black Caucus

        • williebrown

          Why not say all black people and be done with it.

      • dave

        5. michelle obama.
        6.and all the rest. period.

      • blight14

        WHO would have put a down vote for such a blatantly true statement?

      • RileyDeWiley

        Trayvon Martin

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      Wow… William Shakespeare is an “over-rated white guy”? It is beyond fathoming for these Zulus that Shakespeare’s plays have had tremendous impact throughout the English-speaking world because he introduced so many innovations and loanwords to our language. He is rated in just esteem by people of English ancestry for his contributions. If they don’t appreciate him then maybe they don’t belong as citizens in the English-speaking countries in the first place. Should we go over to the Bantu countries and start compiling a list of over-rated blacks? I know the chronic plagiarist MLK would take a prominent place on such a list.

      • sbuffalonative

        As I say, those who can’t do criticize.

        Where is their great literary history? They had no one and nothing until they learned English.

        Show me one African from the entire continent of Africa who produced one piece of work equal to one of Shakespeare’s lesser plays and then we can talk.

        • Nick Gherz

          What about America’s beloved sacred cow, the venerable Maya Angelou?

        • evilsandmich

          Hard to have a ‘literary history’ if you don’t have a written form of your language.

          • sbuffalonative


            No written language. No historic literally tradition. No African Shakespeare.

            In his PBS series, “Wonders of the African World”, Henry Louis Gates JR stumbled upon an old structure with a room filled with a pile of old books literally dumped, discarded, and crumbling on the floor. Mr Gates was ecstatic and asked the owner about them. The guy said ‘take them’. To him they were worthless trash.

            Mr. Gates seemed to believe he had discovered a treasure trove of forgotten black literature.

            As far as I know, Mr. Gates has never revealed what was in those books.

            I suspect they were Arab logs likely keeping track of the African slave trade. I suspect we’ll never know what’s in those books because they likely contain damning revelations about African involvement in the slave trade.

            If there was a single masterpiece of African literature, we would know about it by now.

      • MawellAxel

        This is all happening because of the tribe lawyers, the tribe media, the tribe judges. Even Michael Savage has taken TM’s side. The tribe is doing this to us folks.

    • blight14

      ML Hill, et al, are merely symptoms……..Time Wise, et al, are the disease……the collective hatred for ‘western’ (white) culture among the Tim Wises of the world is blatantly obvious……

    • Tertius

      Over rated white guys like William Shakespeare? What a moronic statement. Bills not a genius like say Tyler Perry?

  • DLRisVH

    I would love to drop off Tim Weiss in Camden after dark and let him proclaim his love for the African American and see if he makes it out alive before the sun rises.

    • newscomments70

      It would remind me of Howard Dean’s brother, Charles, travelling to the Vietnam war zone to support the communists. Communist soldiers kidnapped Charles, tortured him, and killed him. I can imagine his last words, “But wait a minute guys, I’m on your side…”

  • newscomments70

    I admire Jared Taylor’s patience and tolerance. If I ever met Tim Wise, I would not be able to control my anger.

  • GB101

    He sure does say “white folks” a lot. Why are white folks “white folks” and black folks are “persons of color”?

    • GB101

      At six minutes or so he does say black and brown folks a couple of times. I have been unfair.

  • CJ Haze

    Tim Wise is a guilt pimp.

  • Spartacus

    Excuse me for sounding obsessed but – Tim Wise is a jew. I feel it necessary to point out, as he refers to himself as “white”.

    • CJ Haze

      9:02 🙂

    • Romulus

      Yes, of course they do! I did see a Jew poseur at a target over the weekend. Clearly the person I observed was of nordic descent. So, I wonder who exactly was assimilated, them or us!

    • Nathanwartooth

      1/4th Jew actually, it was one of his grandparents.

      But does he identify with being Jewish? When he talks about Whites is he talking about himself or a different race?

      I’m 1/8th Jewish (great grandparent of course) but I sure don’t identify as being Jewish.

  • JohnEngelman

    The video begins with an acknowledgement that a high percentage of black men are under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system, as though this is evidence of white racism.

    Why is it our fault that so many of them are criminals?

    Black crime is not the result of white racism. It does reinforce it year after year, generation after generation.

  • Nathanwartooth

    This happens every single time. Jared gets cut off and from the audience point of view it looks like Tim Wise is the smarter person.

    Jared, keep fighting the good fight. But you have got to get these clowns onto a venue that is even. Where you both have equal time to talk.

    But I will say this, Tim Wise is a crafty orator. He can trick the layperson very easily who does not know all of the facts. The segment talking about drug use is true, but the truth is much more complicated. Such as Whites are much better at not getting caught and that Blacks are more likely to engage in other criminal behavior that gets them caught with the drugs.

    • The drug crime is a prosecutorial fall-back when the witness doesn’t show.
      The black criminal has no choice but to plead guilty to it, and that is also why some of the sentences are longer than similarly charged whites.

      • Nathanwartooth

        This is actually some pretty good insight. I never thought of that but I’m sure it’s true.

        With the “no snitching” culture they have to get them on whatever they can.

      • Steven Bannister

        A-ha, that makes sense.

        As a libertarian, I’m against the drug war and I agree that blacks may have gotten a bum rap with regards to drug arrests. Nonetheless, I suspect that even if you subtracted all drug crimes from the total crime statistics, you’d find that blacks are proportionately more likely to rape, rob, assault, murder, etc.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        I worked in a Public Defender’s office, and I can vouch for the veracity of that. Sometimes it would be (correctly) assumed that witnesses wouldn’t show, would have other axes to grind and/or would be hostile, and the DA would offer to skip straight to plea bargaining. It took a particularly brazen crime (i.e. with lots of white witnesses) for violent crime charges to stick. Our clients were mostly Hispanics and blacks.

  • JohnEngelman

    If black ghetto riots follow the acquittal of George Zimmerman I hope fewer white liberals contribute money to Tim Wise. The expiration date on the white liberal guilt complex was exceeded several decades ago.

    • MawellAxel

      So a jew once again fights to destroy the white European people and you deflect with your usual focus on blacks.

      • JohnEngelman

        The Ashkenazim are the most superior race in the world. The reasons are genetic. No one who denies that can claim to be a race realist.

        • Gunrunner1

          Is it really either/or? Don’t Jews have various genetic diseases unique to being Jews, such as Tay-Sachs disease which is carried by one in four Ashkenazim jews? They may have the highest I.Q., but what abut physical attributes? Further, if they are naturally genocidal to every other race, should that be tolerated, or bottled up as a racial sickness?

          • JohnEngelman

            Tay-Sacs disease is associated with superior intelligence the way sickle cell anemia is associated with resistance to malaria. The same gene that is recessive for the problem is dominant for the advantage.

            Jews are not “naturally genocidal to every other race,” but they have been the victims of genocide.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Marc Lamont Hill, whatever his past misadventures, invited Jared Taylor and Matt Heimback to participate in a discussion on race and then treated them courteously and fairly. Is there anyone in the mainstream or “conservative” media who would do the same?

    • Romulus

      Mark Lamont hill got his PhD from a cracker jack box!! He’s nothing more than a race hustler with a teaching post. Unfortunately at Columbia!!

    • Steven Bannister

      I agree – while I don’t think Mr Hill is a great intellect and I disagree with most of what he says, I will give him credit for having Jared Taylor and Matthew Heimback on and giving them equal time.

  • Dave4088

    Timmywise the clown has found a thriving cottage industry in demonizing and deconstructing the white race. Couldn’t his documentary also be called “Half Jewish Like Me”? But no, he masquerades as a white man who is disgusted with the alleged privileges being white affords him at the alleged expense of non-whites.

    • pcmustgo

      I’m half jewish and I’m on here.

      • Dave4088


      • e2657383

        And you’re welcome here. Some of us, such as myself, merely point out that Jewish influence is strong in areas that can be easily perceived as anti-White. That does not mean all individual Jews are bad people.

        • John Smith

          No it doesn’t. I agree. Though they are definitely in a minority, there are a number of conservative Jews agitating for real reform. They are diametrically opposed to the much larger population of wildly liberal and sometimes leftist extremist Jews.

          From young guns like Ben Shapiro to old hats like Michael Medved and Matt Drudge, both they and their contribution is very much appreciated.

          • Beetlejuice

            None are pro-white as far as I can tell and I wouldn’t trust a one of them. When the planned collapse of the economy happens followed by complete anarchy, bloodshed and violence they will side with “their people” who will protect them and not us; in fact they are the ones agitating for our extermination, in the US, in Europe, England, Australia and SA.
            In the end, everything comes down to race or ethnic group.

          • John Smith

            Herr “Beetlejuice,” I’m not sure where one takes a crystal ball for repairs in this day and age but yours is obviously broken.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Well that didn’t take very long. Congratulations for introducing the Nazis instead of engaging in debate. You have nothing to debate and no debate points so call your opponent a Nazi as a last resort to get him to shut up.

            You want to debate, I’m ready, but stop the childish, silly responses. Where would you lefties be without the Nazis?

          • John Smith

            You should try asking a question sometime instead of stringing together a bunch of false assertions.

          • Beetlejuice

            In your OPINION I’m a “Nazi” You’re only saying that because I’m White and have views on race and culture you consider “anti-semitic” or “racist.”

            It’s hard to have an actual debate with people like you when, instead of actually discussing the issue, you just defame me with terms like “Herr”

            If you’d like, though, I’d be happy to discuss why it is that you folks think Israel is for Jews only but White countries and ONLY White countries are for everybody.

          • John Smith

            I never called you a Nazi. You and Quinn introduced the word into this discussion. But hey, since YOU brought IT up, if the shoe fits…

          • Beetlejuice

            You are being purposefully stupid.

          • John Smith

            You mean like your moniker is. No, not true. But I’m reading through your profile posts at Disqus and your own cross the threshold of delusional and are filled with false assertions.

          • Steven Bannister

            Come on, Matt Drudge is agitating for white extermination? Give me a break….

          • Beetlejuice

            Read the post again, carefully, and then maybe you’ll get it.
            Nowhere did I write that Matt Drudge is agitating for white extermination. The ethnic group that he belongs to, however, certainly is. If you don’t believe it I cannot help you.
            Matt Drudge’s ethnic group will certainly protect him; they will not protect you and, in fact, ARE agitating for White genocide.

          • John Smith

            I remember watching the Jewish community in NYC and the liberal black community in NYC form into two massive crowds in the street and go at it during the Crown Heights Riot and violence by mobs of blacks against Jews in NYC has only increased since then. You can find a number of articles on conservative websites like WND like ‘Black mobs now beating Jews in New York’, etc…

            And the conservative movement’s Christian wing now includes quite a few Jewish converts to Catholicism and evangelical Protestantism to the dismay of the liberal Jewish community.

            And many are agitating for a whole lot more conservatism in the U.S.. They include the senior correspondent (e.g. Klein) for WorldNetDaily, Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs, Breitbart a publisher of conservative websites, William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer for Fox Television, Jennifer Rubin and Jonathan Tobin of the Washington Post.

            There is a growing material trend toward genuine conservative politics in the Jewish demographic.

          • Gunrunner1

            Good, they can go be conservative in Israel.

          • John Smith

            Feelings of attachment to Israel are in steep decline among non-Orthodox American Jews according to recent studies conducted by the American Jewish Committee. Only 48% think Israel’s destruction would be a personal tragedy for them and only 54% are even ‘comfortable with the idea of a Jewish state’ anymore. The times they are changing.

          • jm313

            When it comes to Crown Heights look at how blacks act when a person with white skin does something to a person of black skin even if it is an accident. Blacks become an angry mob and usually end up beating people to death? Did you hear about Steve Utash? A white guy who accidentally hit a black kid with his car in Detroit. Steve got out of his car to help the kid and a black mob came and nearly beat Steve to death. Now if a black guy hit a white kid do you think whites would run out and beat the black guy or just call the police? I think at least 90% of whites would call the police and not harm the black person. And they call whites racist what a fricken joke.

        • Gunrunner1


        • jm313

          Yeah I noticed a lot of Jews are behind anti-white attitudes because many are pretty left-wing. What’s interesting though is that all these black racist groups seem to hate Jews.

      • Beetlejuice

        If it came down to it who would you side with? Us or the Jews? You have an escape clause to Israel that WE do not. Your people will protect you after they give you a DNA test, our people are not allowed to protect us.

        If you side with us, expect to fight “your own people” and Tim Wise and his ilk who desire nothing less than the extermination of the white race, every last one of us.

        You good with that?

      • Dave4088

        Perhaps I should ask… you oppose and condemn the actions of half Jewish Tim Wise?

    • Luca

      Maybe he should focus on a new thesis: “Jewish Privilege.” I’d like to see that film made in Hollywood.

      • jm313

        Exactly. A disproportionate amount of rich people in America are Jewish.

    • gemjunior

      They would have done a masterful job if they weren’t constantly cut off or had Tim and Lamont’s voices yakking over theirs…. Lamont is named after Sanford and Son’s live-at-home son. I bet he has kids and babymommas.

      • ncpride

        I can’t bring myself to watch the video. I refuse to listen to a single word those little pissants Hill and Wise have to say. I loathe Tim Wise more than Sharpton and Jackson combined.

        • DLRisVH

          It is hard to watch, especially with Dyson speaking in rap, and whats with the save ferris T- shirt Hill was wearing, is that a dig at Whites?

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          He is far more dangerous than either of those two.

      • Dave4088

        When Jared tried to address Timmywise’s claim that blacks and browns were being profiled and arrested at a higher rate than whites they suddenly ran out of time.

      • Non Humans

        Exactly! That seems to be the running theme with these libtarded debates. The libtards get to speak first, then when our guys get to respond, they get 3 words out before the libtards rudely and immaturely talk right over them. They do this until,”Well folks we’re out of time”.
        It’s pretty obvious to see that they cannot let our guys make any points or otherwise fully express themselves because our arguments and research are fact-based and nearly impossible to refute. So they use their immature and childish tactics to prevent any real debate from taking place.
        On top of that they try to nitpick little points that are all but irrelevant to the grander topics of discussion. Like when (idiot) Wise kept drawing the crime discussion back to drugs and Stop-and-Frisk. That’s a very small part of it. The overwhelming bodies of evidence clearly demonstrate that nonhumans commit excessive amounts of all varieties of crimes (minus the white-collar varieties (they’re not smart enough)) and disproportionate percentages of crimes compared to their total population or when compared to any other race.
        It really doesn’t matter though, no amount of conversation, no matter how one-sided, will ever convince the ludicrously libtarded. Only reality and first-hand experience will break the brainwash of libtardism
        off of these fools.

    • sbuffalonative

      Perhaps the question to ask Mr. Wise in a public question and answer forum is, ‘Do you identify yourself as White or Jews or both?’

      Whatever he answers, the question will be planted in the minds of the audience.

      • jane johnson

        Someone needs to ask him how he feels about Jewish privilege.

    • jm313

      I don’t understand how whites benefit at the expense of blacks? Also if Tim thinks white racism holds blacks back then why is nearly half the African-American population in the upper or middle class? It’s not really racism it is poor behavior among many lower class blacks. These excuses do nothing good for many blacks because they are excuses. Excuses and acting like a victim get you nowhere.

  • Hal K

    Tim Wise has a high facial width to height ratio (FWHR), which means, according to recent news articles, that he is probably a “racist.” He comes across like a fast talking salesman.

    • gemjunior

      It also sounds like he has a disgusting fat face.

    • pcmustgo

      My sense is he is an intellectual/cerebral Narcissist. He doesn’t care at all about this. Many white liberals are.

    • The Final Solution

      He could sell sand to an Arab.

      • rightrightright

        The Arabs could sell him some African slaves. It’s what they do, still, but only white people are beaten over the head today by 160 year old history.

    • Dave4088

      Agree. He’s does remind me of a slick used car salesman trying his best to sell us a lemon. The only thing he’s missing is a plaid leisure suit. In this case, the lemon is that whites giving up their identity and status is somehow in their best interests.

  • The Final Solution

    You have to give them credit for allowing a debate. Very surprising coming from the left.

    • DLRisVH

      They allow the debate because they seem to have won the war, so why not let YT come on and debate and look like the whipped little puppy crying that his country has been taken from him.

    • Andy

      Yes, I was impressed by how polite Mark Lamont Hill was.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Sure he is, Tim Wise promotes black “rights,” rights like Affirmative Action that promotes blacks over more qualified whites. Wise loves pointing out that whites are nothing but slavers, genocidal colonists and supporters of black oppression. Blacks eat it up!

        Michael Eric Dyson, another “influential” black is quoted at the top of Wise’s book, saying “Tim Wise is a national treasure.”

        But make no mistake: Wise isn’t pro-black, he is only pro his own people and anti-white. Blacks are being used as a battering ram against white America. They are nothing more than useful idiots, being used until we whites are reduced to a tiny, helpless minority. So little do they realize that they will be in for a whole new level of hurt when we are gone.

  • The Final Solution

    Ha ha the host is making fun of him for using the word ‘white’ too much. It’s hard to respect a self-hating traitor – he isn’t about to be grifted by this snake.

  • e2657383

    Notice that Tim Wise needs to drudge up slavery to prove his point about how racist America is TODAY? Also, why are more Black men in jail in America? For the same reason why they are in jail more in Canada. Because they commit more crime.

    • jm313

      He is a moron. He appeals to people’s emotions instead of using facts.

  • Allan477

    When I was in school, back in the 40’s and 50’s, “folks” was not even an English word; “folk” is plural in and of itself.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Tim Wise has a deep-seated hatred of Whites; to Tim, we Whites are nothing but a social construct and because we don’t exist, we can we wiped out and “aren’t worth saving for all the bad things we’ve done.”

    He desires and has said this:

    “So party while you can, but mind the increasingly loud clock ticking away in the corners of your consciousness.

    The clock that reminds you how little time you and yours have left.

    Not much more now.

    Tick, tock.

    Tick, tock.



    — Tim Wise, An Open Letter to White people.

    Tim wants to destroy the greatest country in the history of the world and the people who created it, the White race — he gloats about our genocide and celebrates it.

    Ironically, Wises’ hatred of White people will end the great advantages he and all other non-Whites enjoy because of the White race’s ability to vastly improve the lives of all people.

    According to the Assessor of Property for Davidson County TN, the anti-white propagandist agitator Tim Wise lives in a house worth $639,300. The neighborhood he lives in, in Census Tract 134, is 97% white and ZERO PERCENT BLACK

    What’s amazing to me is that anyone takes this militant, pro-Genocide, White-hating jerk seriously. Such idiots should be shunned wherever they lurk and sent back under the rocks they hide under.

    Here is the legacy of Tim Wise: The brutalization of White women, men and children at the hands of black savages:

    “4 Black Teens charged in the death of White Mableton Man”

    “Two Black Teens Murder White, Shoot Another White, Threaten Two other Whites in ‘Spree’”

    “Black Parolee Charged Killing of 82-year old White Retired Nun”

    “White Toddler Held at Knifepoint in Walmart, Police Shoot Incoherent Black Suspect”

    “Black Female Attackers Viciously Beat White Woman in Broad Daylight.

    –New Nation News


    • newscomments70

      Tim Wise is salivating that “whites will soon be a minority”. On a global scale, that is old news. Whites have always been a minority, yet at one time, whites colonized the world. When more people understand the decay caused by liberal lunacy, we will turn this around and retake our inheritance. Tim Wise forsees an America dominated by blacks and similar. The “new” Americans will be the surgeons and bridge-builders, and evil whites will whither away and die. What is left of us will be toothless meth addicts having KKK rallies. That is pure BS. We will still be the surgeons and bridge-builders. Tim Wise lives in a false reality created by liberal Hollywood. He will also be shocked by the backlash of white rage. Even black leaders are warning their people of that. We’re not going anywhere. I do have to thank Tim Wise for making whites even more aware, and identifying the enemy. Mindless, feel-good entertainment makes us weak. We need to be exposed to this scum. Anger and rage instigate change.

    • Spartacus

      Tim Wise’s (Jewish) dream is already coming true in South Africa :

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        So it is.

        And so it shall be for us, for ALL of us Whites as well if Tim Wise and his ilk are not stopped.


        • Creepy as a cracker!

          I hope everyone of us look at this post from Bon. Look at what is happening in South Africa. It is happening here, it’s the same game plan. The are attacking our “Bill of Rights”. They are in the process of disarming and disenfranchising the Whites in the U.S. The 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 14th amendments are being eroded. The situation for Whites in the U.S. is becoming pretty precarious. I don’t offer a solution, I think the damage can not be fixed. Whites are going to have to look out for other Whites.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Whites move to South Africa = colonialism, apartheid, rule by terror

        Africans moving into America and Europe = diversity, equality, human rights
        Get it now?

        Jews like Tim Wise are not anti-racists – they are anti-White and their goal is to destroy civilization and return it to the jungle. That’s the future they have in store for your children. They want to destroy human progress.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      If there is such a thing as a hate crime Tim Wise is certainly guilty of one.

    • WR_the_realist

      Remember that Morris Dees also lives in a very expensive home and I’m sure it’s also in a lily white area. Jared Taylor should bring this up in his next debate and ask why the two white people who have made the most money vilifying white people don’t eschew their white skin privilege and move into a black neighborhood, thereby promoting integration.

      • Beetlejuice

        If you pull down Bon’s post above “see more”, she does have the following:

        According to the Assessor of Property for Davidson County TN, the anti-white propagandist agitator Tim Wise lives in a house worth $639,300. The neighborhood he lives in, in Census Tract 134, is 97% white and ZERO PERCENT BLACK

  • Roderick Bateman

    Look at all this anti-whitism. In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. That makes it genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Why doesn’t this White-hating Jew go to Japan and say that there are too many Japanese living there? Why doesn’t he go to Israel and say they should embrace diversity and multiculturalism?

      Oh that’s right: White people are “evil” and need to relinquish their nations to third world savages while all other races can maintain their majorities.

  • Funruffian

    Tim Wise is a liar, albeit a clever one. He doesn’t fool me or the rest of us. This Dyson guy is a moron and doesn’t deserve the title of professor. He is an AA hire who speaks with pithy, but his narrative is poor and faulty.

  • Nick Gherz

    Wise Tim’s Facebook page is filled with anti-whiteness and intellectual taffy-pulling.
    He has blacks and liberals eating out of his hand. He’s really a sick & twisted puppy.

    A dark side of me would love for him to be in the company of feral blacks; away from civilized society and without security, police or weapons.

    There are some things I truly don’t understand; Wise Time is one such thing.

  • OhWow

    1. I loved Jared Taylor’s statement about the anti-white hypocrisy. On one hand whites are still the overpowering, all-powerful, domineering force in America with white privilege, yet on the other hand we are paranoid about our dwindling numbers. Jared said “you had better get your story straight”…they never answered that. So which is it?

    2. Tim Wise carefully cherry-picked crime stats to talk about. Notice how he avoided violent crime aka the crimes that really matter most. He kept bringing up arrests for marijuana and other such data…who cares? Let’s talk about murders, rape, and burglaries. Let’s talk shootings. Let’s talk gang warfare. Oh, what’s that Tim? You don’t want to? Why not?

    3. Anyone notice how Jared Taylor and Matthew Heimbach got a combined airtime of approximately 5 minutes? Anti-white racists had the floor for about 24/29 minutes. They also cut the mic of Jared Taylor and refused to let him finish. At least they are not totally stupid because they know Jared Taylor is brilliant enough to awaken the white race which is their biggest fear bar none.

    4. Notice how all the anti-whites focused on were the results and not how those results came to be i.e. prison population breakdowns by race, yet they did not indicate that blacks commit way more crime especially violent crime. They want to tell you about the 4, but not the 2+2 that got you there. How about delving into why blacks are so poor i.e. welfare state, single mothers, 75% illegitimacy rate, plague of drugs, etc. or why they are not as smart as whites or asians (IQ differences). Talking about results and not why they came to be that way is ignoring 95% of the equation.

  • dave

    most jews think like wise. who do you think is behind this movement,illigal immigration,porn,diversity,affirmative action,multiculturalism,political correctness,etc,etc,. wake up goyims,you’re enemy is in your backyard. the only thing wise has done is show his true zionist colors.

  • Luca

    Ha ha ha. White privilege what an invention. His examples are White literature, White folks rules, White history and White theater. And if you went to China you would learn about Chinese literature, Chinese folks rules, Chinese history and Chinese theater. What the hell is your point? This country was founded by White, Christian, European, English speaking males, that is one of the reasons it is the greatest (until lately) country in the history of the planet. No one is forced to live in this White, Christian, European, English speaking country; they have the freedom to leave.

    • rightrightright

      Those who possess privilege are the blacks and browns who made it into the civilisation that white people built. Those without privilege are the blacks and browns in their increasing billions who live within their own lands.

  • BellaCosa

    I would love to see another extended debate between Taylor and Wise. I don’t actually think that Taylor or Heimbach acquitted themselves especially well in this clip, even taking into account the biased venue/time allotment. Also, I remember seeing Marc Lamont Hill on various news shows over the years, and, even though I imagine he probably reaches a lot of incorrect conclusions, he’s fairly honest in a lot of cases and is just generally a likeable guy. Much more so than Tim Wise, at least.

  • IKantunderstand

    Tim Wise is a Red Sea Pedestrian, and thus, a liar of the first sort. He lives in an area of little diversity. As per usual, another Liberal who does not practice what they preach. My dearest White fellow Americans. We are not racists. We are not haters of any kind. I will tell you what we are: Some of us, are direct descendants from the Mayflower. Some of us came over later than that. Some of us came over because of famine in our country, some of us came over because we were persecuted for our religious beliefs. The bottom line is this: We White Americans(Is there any other kind?) founded this country, in our image. So what we subjugated the indigenous people. They fought against us, they lost. This is the history of the world. Meanwhile, the Red Sea Pedestrians, are also trying to subjugate the White founding stock. And they are winning. The pedestrians are without a doubt, the most decadent, slimy, amoral people on the face of the earth.Check out their participation in porn. Check out the producers, the stars. All Red Sea Pedestrians. Most of these people, are sexual perverts. But whoa, nobody can talk about it.

    • No Kwan Noway

      Persecuted for our religious beliefs……………. They always get it in there, don’t they……………….

      • IKantunderstand

        What exactly are your beliefs? Seriously, you Jews have lost your way. Whoa, am I reformed? Am I conservative? I hate the orthodox! Jews wield alot of power in this society, but they have lost their way spiritually.

        • No Kwan Noway

          jews are our misfortune.

  • John Smith

    Once I saw who was being interviewed I just skipped to 19:37

  • Evette Coutier

    People like Wise are so intellectually dishonest that it is offensive. After listening to him speak, I feel violated.

  • SirMe

    Man, Jared seemed real angry in this debate…

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      About time…

    • ms_anthro

      Confronting people who literally want you and your racial kin to vanish from the face of the Earth has a way of stoking emotions like anger, defiance, and hatred. Yes, hatred. It is high time we Whites had more of that. It is coming.

      Mr. Taylor had the patience and composure of a saint compared to how most of us would react to such disgusting hypocrisy and genocidal mania from two inferiors. And they are inferiors–intellectually, spiritually, morally.

      Anger is a righteous emotion and we have every right to feel it. We do not require non-White permission to fight back against the annihilation of our people, cultures, heritage, kin. The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon is beginning to show.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    Tim Wise is not white. He is a Jew. Being white does not make you Jewish. Being Jewish does not make you white. He is a Jew who hates whites, and poses as a white man to steal credibility he can never earn.

    ‘Racist’ is a code word for White.

    • Bossman

      Jews are able to look at their societies in a more critical manner. They are able to look at both sides of the coin. They are sufficiently different to be able to do that.

  • WR_the_realist

    Tim Wise correctly stated that his notorious diatribe did not call for the genocide of all whites. But he did look forward with eagerness and anticipation to the death of the 60% of the white population that voted Republican.

  • WR_the_realist

    I’ve never used illegal drugs. But in certain areas local drug dealers have approached me trying to sell their wares. They were always black. I’ve never, to my knowledge, met a white drug dealer. So you would expect a lot more black drug dealers to be in prison than white drug dealers. “But wait,” says Tim Wise, “what about all those blacks convicted of drug use, rather than drug selling?” Well, often a drug dealing charge will be plea bargained down to a possession charge, to avoid the cost and trouble of a trial. So a lot of those black drug “users” in prison are in fact drug dealers.

  • ViktorNN

    Well, you’ve heard it from Wise’s mouth: to want to retain a white majority is racist.

    This says it all – the dude hates white people (and no, he’s not white).

    • That’s why more people are saying

      “anti-racist” is just a code word for anti-white.

  • MadMike

    The debates should have been at least an hour long.

  • Guest

    I don’t hurt white liberals because I don’t want to go to prison. When that barrier is removed, I will do every awful thing to them, beyond imagination. In my view, they are not human. Any horrific punishment is appropriate for these subhumans.

    • Chinese American

      This is exactly why groups such as that of Heimbach’s should be proscribed.

      White groups simply are different in nature from groups for blacks, Hispanics, Asians etc.

      I’ve been to Asian groups where white men are there with their Asian gfs and are welcome.

      I wonder how welcome a white girl would be in Heimbach;’s group if she wanted her African American boyfriend to join?

  • curri

    Wise is a sociopath who makes a good living and lives in a safe white neighborhood. His cherry-picking arguments on drug offenses (ignoring violent crime) and affirmative action (the Fisher case shows it’s a myth) show how mendacious he is.

  • Sloppo

    Twenty five percent black isn’t white either. On the other hand, the problem we have with Tim is his hatred for whites. If he were 100% Jewish and he was a fair-minded fellow, I’m sure we’d like him just fine. I believe the most troublesome “Jewish people” are actually the phony Jews described in Revelation 3:9.

  • Beetlejuice

    Tim Wise identifies as a Jew. The following if from an article written by Tim Wise entitled, “Gore-Vey Joe Liberman Jewish Mobility and the Politics of Race in America:”

    “I am a Jew. And according to what others of my faith tradition tell me, I should be beaming with pride at the fact that Al Gore has picked a fellow Hebrew as his Vice Presidential running mate.”

    • Sloppo

      I wonder how long ago he wrote that, because I remember reading something about him trying hard to downplay his Jewishness when he was in the process of vilifying whites while claiming to be white.

  • Beetlejuice

    Tim Wise identifies as a Jew:

    “I am a Jew. And according to what others of my faith tradition tell me, I should be beaming with pride at the fact that Al Gore has picked a fellow Hebrew as his Vice Presidential running mate.”

    –Tim Wise

  • HJ11

    Wise is a scumbag anti-White bigot.

    And, he mouths more of the “race is a social construct” big lie. Someone should ask him if “breed” in reference to dogs is a social construct or if “variety” in reference to roses is also a social construct.

    If the usual key term in defining a species as being those who can bear viable offspring is eliminated (as many scientists want to do), not only would we define Blacks and Whites as different races, we’d define them as different species.

  • Creepy as a cracker!

    “White privilege” is a fallacy. “Minority privilege” is alive and well. Whites are constantly discriminated against, at work, in school, in the courtroom and everywhere else. The SCOTUS sanctions discrimination against Whites, therefore proof that “White privilege” is a myth and a fallacy.

  • It’s good that more people are observing and vocalizing on the deceptions and selective memory that Timmy makes a living on. Timmy is the molehill for a mountain prophet who places his podium on his own White-Skin Privilege. He will wade through contradicting observations and proofs a mile wide and a mile deep just to point to a few inches of “truth,” all while completely ignoring the square mile of sludge he had to go through to get to his selective reality.

    Yearly totals for black-on-White murder averages out to somewhere near 1.2 White people per day. Non-Hispanic White-on-black murders averages out to about 0.1 per day. That 0.1 is even lower when you factor in that reality that many of the White-on-black “murders” are classified as justifiable homicide, because they were police officers who killed a black suspect in the line of duty. The estimated numbers for interracial forcible rapes and assaults are even more damaging to Timmy’s little utopia where black people are the eternal and perpetual victims of some mythical White Privilege. A privilege, I might add, that Timmy is perfectly contempt with taking advantage of while living in his exclusively White West Nashville neighborhood.

    Timmy will get no reprieve when the Time comes… No peace for the wicked.

  • Just reiterating what you’ve said here:

    Black people are arrested for drug use at a higher rate simply because black people are arrested at higher rates overall. Timmy’s world revolves around this being some giant conspiracy to keep black people oppressed. He has absolutely no retort but diversion when you ask him why many majority White areas biggest arrest factor is drug related as the primary offense, but blacks in majority black areas have more of a tendency to have drug-related charges as a secondary offense or as a primary offense being trafficking and distribution, not just some kids hanging out around their house getting high.

    What little Timmy fails to piece together is the fact that the percentage of black people that are incarcerated for violent, non-drug charges is much, much higher than White people. The odds are much better that the White guy you see in jail or prison is in there for a drug-related charge more so than the black guy.

  • fizmath

    Will someone ask Mr. Wise why he chooses to live in a community that is 97% white?

    • Better yet, ask him what portion of that 97% is part of the White majority he can’t wait to see die.

    • Joseph Bryant

      Because he doesn’t really believe the nonsense he spews. Tim Wise is a grifter, and there’s no better grift these days than parroting the current ruling ideology. He’s doing it for the money.

  • BellaCosa

    I was actually referring to Taylor and Wise’s debate from a few years ago on the Infidel Guy’s radio show when I said “another extended debate”.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Tim Wise, Morris Dees, Mark Potok, et. al are trotted out by the msm to guilt-trip us and tell us how evil and racist we Whites are. Entire organizations like the SPLC, ACLU and ALD are hard at work and dedicated to doing the same thing — working for the elimination and genocide of the White race.

    Our side is NEVER presented on TV, we’re slandered and maligned for joining political movements that support our views and voting for what we believe in or supporting the interests of our own people (as in the guy with the parade float that proclaimed “Celebrate White History Month”).

    There is sheer hatred and lack of respect for our culture, the fact that we fought Germany in WW II and sacrificed a generation of our White sons into a worthless meatgrinder means nothing to these people.

    They are ruthless anti-Whites and mean to genocide us.


  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    Thanks for the link, Mad Mike.

    Should Jews be considered Whites?

    “Jews typically do not identify with the people and culture of Christian Europe and its offshoots; traditional Jewish attitudes conceptualize Judaism as separate from White, Christian society; partly because of their lack of identification with non-White Christian culture, Jewish groups have led the campaign to remove Christianity from the public square.”

    “There is a long history of very mainstream Jewish activism and identity that sees Christian Europe as an evil outgroup responsible for a long history of persecuting Jews; an important aspect of Jewish self-conception in America.”

    “Jews are a relatively powerful group that has often been in competition with non-Jewish Europeans.”

    “Jewish ethnic activism typically excludes non-Jewish Whites and favors Jews, as in the appointment of Elena Kagan and the Jewish campaign to increase Jewish enrollment in Ivy League universities.”

    “As a result, the distinction between Jew and non-Jewish White is of considerable real world importance.”

  • Steven Bannister

    Actually not a bad idea…

  • Steven Bannister

    That’s quite possible, but it would be offset by the amount of junkies NOT breaking into houses, etc just to support their daily habit.

    Although I’m a libertarian, I do have reservations about the legalization of hard drugs especially with drugs like Meth. I guess you would say I’m a Moderate Libertarian and a Race Realist.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Alcohol is the hardest of the hard drugs. There is no other drug that makes you lose control like Alcohol does or has been responsible for more deaths and injuries.

      Not to mention that the government has deemed the war on drugs so important that they can violate your 4th amendment rights to search for them. Oh, this dog says there are drugs in your car/house. I’ll just rip it apart and see what I find.

      Almost all arguments for keeping drugs legal falls into the “I’d rather have security rather than liberty” category.

      • jm313

        But since alcohol makes you lose control when drunk so many people only use it in moderation. I use to be a heroin addict and heroin is much worse than alcohol. It is much more addicting. More people prostitute themselves for heroin than alcohol that’s how addicting it is.

  • Steven Bannister

    Countless hours of mayhem on film, lol…

  • Zrinski

    There wouldn’t be any “institutional racism” if blacks and “Latinos” had their own towns and cities, own cops, own judges, own schools, own jails, etc (i.e. ‘segregation’ ), correct?

    Tim Wise admits “85% of whites” did not want ‘integration’ when it was ENFORCED; which was followed by FORCED massive non-white immigration.

    The black mommy professor named Dyson admits that white “anti-racists” (i.e. anti-white whites) are people who don’t care about the demise of their own race.

    The self styled “intellectual” host (I’ve actually heard him call himself an “intellectual” on TV) made a statement advocating white race GENOCIDE: “holding onto whiteness isn’t important” – he’s going to pay for that statement literally.

    It never ceases to amaze me how anti-whites continue to dig their own graves.

  • mikey7777

    countless hours of TNB and the supreme CHIMP OUT!!

  • Ronn Anthony

    Tim Wise speaks intelligently from an old Jewish hatred for White Europeans. He’s tries to pass it off as an intelligent/factual subject of White racist privilege, but those that know him know better! Unfortunately for Whites, guys like Tim Wise are in every college getting paid WELL to teach this “BS” to the next generation. As for the Blacks, it seems that they’ll jump on ANY & ALL anti-white campaign there is just to get even, so their opinion shouldn’t matter in the slightest bit. A swift counter piece should made in-order to counter the documentary about to be put out by Tim Wise.

  • Romulus

    I didn’t lie at all!! He’s nothing more than an affirmative action stamp. I listened to one of his diatribes at NYU personally. He’s a fool at best, with a degree in black studies,which is the same as reading their accomplishments in the cartoon section of the newspaper. Anything that they have achieved is on the coattails of the society the West has created without anymore input from them except farm labor and music.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    This comment from elsewhere on the debate is the best thing I’ve ever seen on why some of us are working so hard to spread the term “anti-White”:

    When you say “I’m not an ,” what you are doing is accepting the label. You’re saying “I can see why you think I’m an evilracistnaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews, but let me tell you why you’re wrong!” You’re legitimizing the claim, even if you deny it, by accepting the label on yourself, the audience has now seen you tagged with it and that will stick in their minds.

    Think about it: What if I accused you of being a shapeshifting reptilian invader from the 5th dimension? Would you sit there and profusely deny that? LOL! Of course not, because it’s a ridiculous and patently illegitimate accusation! If anything you’d probably just troll me as an obvious moron.

    That’s why WE don’t say “I’m not racist” – because we don’t legitimize such an idiotic accusation as “you want to preserve your people, therefore you must hate all other peoples.”

    However, as soon as the words “I’m not anti-White” were out of Tim Wise’s mouth, he accepted that label onto himself. If it were so patently absurd, he would have just laughed at it. By saying “I’m not anti-White,” he was saying “I can see why you THINK I’m anti-White (thus legitimizing the accusation), BUT you’re wrong!”

    Either way, he himself legitimized the idea that someone would think him anti-White. Good job Mr. Wise! And kudos to the WSU pres there for calling genocide GENOCIDE and calling this guy on that genocide.


  • Chinese American

    Taylor makes little sense here.

    He says that whites cannot both be privileged and suffering from paranoia and panic.

    Of course both can be true. Those on top are often scared of losing their position, and those behind are focused on catching up. It’s just like a long distance race. The leader of the pack is always glancing behind himself to see where the opposition is, while those behind are just single minded about catching up to the leader.

    The French nobility feared revolution, as white Southern slave owners were paranoid about slave rebellion, as the Russian aristocracy was of reform, and Chinese landlords feared losing their privileged position.

    Privilege is naturally is associated with paranoia and panic over losing those privileges. Hence Wises’s point that racist privilege does not really benefit whites in the long run.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Why do you hate Whites so much Chinese American? You keep shilling and justifying our genocide.

      You haven’t told us why.

      • Chinese American

        I don’t hate whites. America does not specifically belong to whites. Never has, and never will.

        America belongs to whites, blacks, browns, and yellows.

        Why do you hate other races, and want to kick them out of North America? That is the more obvious question.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          Now you are just being SILLY.

          The USA is for White people. 
It says so right in the Constitution ‘for ourselves and OUR posterity’, remember? No one is coming here to live in Tee Pees, they are coming here to steal what the White man built. Period.

The USA is not for Everybody, why do you think you have the right to take away White children’s countries and give them to 3rd Worlders? That’s very Anti-White. 
Creating a ‘melting pot’ of freaky ‘blended humanity’ in ALL White countries is an act of Genocide.

Why do you keep justifying White Genocide?

          I don`t hate whites 
          Prove it by saying you support white peoples right under genocide law to maintain our existence by refusing mass immigration and “assimilation” somewhere on Earth. 
          Otherwise, you are anti-white and supporting the hateful global genocide policies against whites,

          The 1924 Immigration Act was designed to keep the United States a 90% White country. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 INTENTIONALLY overturned that, WITHOUT a popular vote, leading to the DESTRUCTION of a majority population by reducing it to minority status.
          The United Nations defines this as genocide.

  • Chinese American

    Where is this white ‘genocide’? Even if whites were to become a minority (although they will remain a plurality for a long time yet), how does that mean they are suffering from ‘genocide’. That is ridiculous. African Americans are a ‘minority’ —-is that ‘genocide’?

    Mr Heimbach more or less admits that whites hold all the power now. All that Mr Wise and Mr Lamont seem to be arguing for is everyone gets treated the same —and don’t bring up the ridiculous affirmative action bogeyman.

    It is likely that Mr ‘Hemibach’s’ ancestors arrived in the US later than my own, and certainly later than most African, and even Hispanic Americans. He is certainly less indigenous to the America, than Tamils are to Sri Lanka, or Chinese are to Malaysia and Indonesia. He could hardly be considered by indigenous almost any definition – and by your own standards, if you were to be consistent, should be considered an interloper.

    Mr Heimbach’s homeland is Germany. Not North America. With his attitude, that is perhaps where he should consider returning to.

    • Zrinski

      The crime of genocide requires the specific intent not to kill or ill-treat individuals, but to annihilate, in whole or in part, the group to which those individuals belong. Race is specifically enumerated and there is no dispute about this. Also, annihilation through forced assimilation is unquestionably recognized as one of the enumerated acts of genocide. You anti-whites are so colossally ignorant and so vilely extremist. This is not a matter of opinion. We are demanding compliance with the law.

      • Chinese American

        Oh come on, ‘forced assimilation’? No one is stopping you with your gated communities and all white enclaves. No one is forcing your daughters to date and breed with non-whites.

        And what about whites breeding with non-whites —what side is being ‘genocided’ –the white side or the non-white side?

        Whites are the second largest ethnic group in the world after East Asians —around 1.2 billion whites compared with 1.4 billion East Asians. Whites are not going to be disappearing anytime soon.

        I’m more worried about the disappearance of the indigenous of Canada, of Russia, of NZ Maori, Australian Aborigines —-those groups are truly on the endangered list. Not whites – for heavens sake.

        And what about the people that lived in the Americas before the arrival of whites —-was what whites did to them genocide?

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          You’re claim that there is no “forced assimilation” is a Strawman argument.

          Our POINT is that Whites are being FORCED to share all our nations with non-Whites, and being forced to integrate in all other part of our lives is what leads to that “forced assimilation.”

          We are forced to share every single part of our lives with non-Whites, and not allowed to have any exclusive White communities.

          Do you agree with such imposed conditions, even though they are calculated to eventually bring about the physical destruction of my race, aka Genocide?

          • Chinese American

            The US for one was always a diverse nation. At one point in history African Americans were almost equal in numbers to whites.
            If I was to go along with your logic, I would say that it is African Americans who are suffering more from so-called ‘genocide’ through immigration, and not white Americans who are far more numerous.

            I think it would be fair for African Americans to demand more black immigrants so they can feel more at home among their ‘own’ kind. Afterall whites have dominated demographically for so long. So why can’t it be the turn of blacks to dominate demographically. After all, almost all African Americans have been part of the ethnic landscape here for far longer than German or Italian Americans.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            I see you’ve drunk the Kool-aid of your anti-White cult leader, LOL. You need to go and demand your money back for being miseducated through revisionist history.

            Yes, America is definitely a White country, created by Whites for Whites.

            The US was created solely by White people. Until just a few decades ago she was 90% White.
            The Constitution dedicates America to “ Secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and OUR Posterity.”
            That was White people writing those words, so they meant White people’s Posterity, not the non-White global herd of “New Citizens” you anti-Whites have foisted on us.

            Tell us exactly where in the US constitution it says “We are a melting pot.”
            Tell us exactly where in the US constitution it says “We must bring in millions of immigrants and assimilate with them until Whites become a minority.”
            Tell us exactly where in the US constitution it says “Oh, but this isn’t genocide on White people!”

            1790, the second session of the first Congress approved the new nation’s initial effort to codify the rules under which foreign-born persons could become U.S. citizens.
            The Naturalization Act of 1790 specified that “any alien, being a free white person,” could apply for citizenship, so long as he or she lived in the United States for at least two years, and in the state where the application was filed for at least a year. The new law also provided that “children of citizens of the United States that may be born … out of the limits of the United States shall be considered as natural born citizens.”

            Why do you keep justifying the Genocide of the White Race? So anti-white!

            There is NO justification for Genocide. None.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Nobody is flooding China with MILLIONS of non-Chinese, forcing assimilation (i.e. mass-producing media, advertisements, and curriculum promoting intermarriage between them), and saying “What we need to do is Keep The Borders Open At All Costs.”

      “Anti-racists” like Tim Wise would never screech at any non-white racial group, that raised the issue of their genocide. They only ever screech at white people, when we raise this issue, to try and intimidate and silence us.

      Look closely.

      We’ve been burdened with:

      1. Massive immigration, 2. To White countries only 3. Border laws suspended/selectively enforced; Coupled with: 4. Forced integration 5. Racial preference to non-whites 6. Coerced tolerance 7. Socially engineered assimilation/genetic blending.

      What is the end result of diversity? Genocide, White Genocide.

      According to UN Law, what they are doing is a clear and consistent racial targeting, with intent to harm and eliminate and that is genocide.

      But this is not happening to your race, is it? It is happening to Whites and ONLY Whites in White homelands.

      • Chinese American

        The UN law pertains to those small ethnic groups such as the Australian Aborigines and Native Americans, who have been overwhelmed by massive population transfer of whites and reduced to around 1 or 2 percent of the population (and of that 1 or 2% probably around 1/4 are pure-blooded). These people have lost their culture, their language, have had their lands stripped off them and eke out a miserable existence on reservations. Many of them were physically exterminated.

        The above is what is meant by genocide. Extrapolating that to the situation of say whites the US, is taking a definition that is useful in a certain context and misusing it in the most absurd and laughable way possible.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          Meanwhile, back on planet earth.

          If China was undergoing forced assimilation and mass immigration of non-Chinese to the point that Chinese would be a small minority– well we would know it was genocide.

          As I recall when I protested the Genocide of Tibetans some years ago I received praise from so called anti-racists.

          In 50 years there will be NO majority White countries left. Yet Asia will remain Asian. ONLY White countries are being force-flooded with non-Whites. 50 years is a small amount of time.

          In South Africa, Whites make up 10% of the population and being systematically exterminated by savage blacks while the Western media yawn.

          Why? Because it’s Whites that are being genocided and to them, our lives are worthless.

          You still haven’t answered why you think it’s A-OK to flood White and only White countries with non-Whites until the White population is a hated minority in the countries our ancestors created.

          But this is not happening to YOUR people so why should you care, right?

  • Chinese American

    I actually thought Marc Lamont Hill was actually very fair to Mr Taylor and Mr Heimbach.

    For one thing Jared Taylor is labelled simply as Journalist and advocate for race realism.

    Race realism is not put between quotes —to me Lamont Hill is actually, in a sense, legitimizing Taylor’s views. ‘Advocate for race realism’ is exactly how Taylor would prefer to describe himself and Lamont Hill obliges him in this.

    Note that the segment was on Tim Wise and his new movie. It was not set up as debate. Lamont Hill went out of his way to let Heimbach and Taylor say their bit, when he did not have to —yet still you guys are not satisfied.

    I can’t imagine a white nationalist programme inviting people such as Dyson or Lamont Hill to provide their views.

    • Fredrik_H

      Actually they are frequently invited for an honest debate by nationalists. It’s just that they prefer to sit in their towers and scream “racist!” and “nazi!” instead.

  • John Smith

    And “guest” is? The only games I play involve a ball.

  • Zrinski

    Encourage anti-whites to tell you more about this “mixed master race” that they ONLY promote for ALL white countries. LOL! It’s good evidence of intent to commit genocide that you can bring to the table when the time comes.

  • Chinese American

    I can see that Amren is becoming more and more flagrantly anti-semitic.

  • je suis paganisme

    Would this guy Wise think of going to Israel and giving the same speech, substituting “Israeli” for “White” and “Arab” for “black”?
    I doubt it.
    They would do to him what I would like to do to him.

    • Chinese American

      Actually he would. He clearly is an anti-Zionist Jewish person —-look up some of his writings on Israel.

      Leftists traditionally were Israel’s greatest critics. But not from an anti-semitic standpoint.

      • je suis paganisme

        Tim Wise might think of it, but let us see him do it, Chinese American!
        He would be on better ground here if he criticized “Jewish Privilige” but he doesn’t. Jews have an extremely effective network here.
        Or, Chinese American, if he criticized “Yellow Privilege”! Asians come over here and do extremely well. It can only be accounted for by Yellow Privilege. Insidious.
        No, he targets Whites only. All they do is care for, and sacrifice for, their children throughout the generations. This is called “privilige.”

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Tim Wise doesn’t hate Israel… he was put on the spot by someone who noticed his hypocrisy and he had to feign opposition to Israel to keep credibility and consistency.

        Where are Tim Wise’s anti-Israel Apartheid writings? When does he ever speak out against Israel’s policy of kicking out African refugees and keeping Israel as a Jewish state for Jews only while demanding that we Whites are a “racial construct” whose homelands are for EVERYBODY?

        It is Whites and ONLY Whites that he attacks.

        But why should that matter to you?

        You being racially Chinese, how would you like it if your homeland were being inundated with millions of non-Chinese who were putting an end to your historic culture and way of life?

        What if you suddenly found that the Chinese people are literally threatened with extinction through genetic annihilation? Can you even imagine that? That’s what we Whites face.

        But you can’t sympathize, because this is not happening to you. Your race and your culture are secure. Ours is not. We Europeans are literally losing our nations and our identities, and people are actually cheering it on. They don’t do the same for any other race, just ours. Imagine patriotic Chinese in China being accused of “racism” and “intolerance” simply because they want to save their identity in the face of extinction. That wouldn’t happen, because there are no Chinese Tim Wises.

        • Chinese American

          Come on, get real —-if immigration is akin to genocide for say, white Americans, then it must be ten times more so for black Americans and Native Americans —the ancestors of most who have been here a lot longer than that of most whites.

          I don’t here African Americans screeching about the threat of non-white immigration —at least not nearly to the same extent as whites. Yet surely the demographic position of African Americans is a lot worse than that of whites, and they would have more to lose than whites?

          You talk of China…..well consider this fact —-about 98 to 99% of Chinese live in China.

          Do 98% or 99% of whites live in historically white lands?

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            You are carrying water for Tim Wise and other non-Whites who encourage hatred against Whites. Why?

            The program for White genocide is being carried out as follows: 
            1) Immigrants from the “developing world” are flooded into the West. 
            2) These immigrants and any national minorities are then forced integrated with the White populations, communities, and institutions. This is made law by removing freedom of association, creating affirmative action and requiring racial quotas. Whites who wish to move from these dangerous, integrated communities are forced to live in expensive suburban or exurban areas (which will be forced integrated over time anyway) which makes having large families difficult. Anyone who objects to this is denied economic opportunities, status, and in some cases freedom itself. 
            3) An information campaign is implemented which demonizes Western culture and history. The old myths that helped form the identities of the West are replaced with new mythologies that make Whites into enemies of humanity and non-whites (like MLK) as morally superior heroes. People who oppose mass immigration and forced integration are portrayed as mentally ill, evil, and lacking positive human qualities. Miscegenation is encouraged and glorified. The people of the West are constantly reminded of the inevitable brown future and that anything short of celebrating this makes you a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. 
            This system leads to the end of the White-European people on earth.  
            It’s genocide.  

            But this is not happening in Asians countries, is it?

            You haven’t told us yet why you think it’s A-OK for Whites to be genocided world wide and why you are encouraging it.

    • Chinese American

      Heimbach as a Christian, ‘has a strong love for Israel, and so do most members of my organisation’

      03:47 into the video which can be found on youtube watch?v=brPx6BFAoig

      Heimbach is clearly pro-Israel. Wise is not.

  • Gunrunner1

    I don’t agree. When Taylor confronted him on crime stats, he evaded to “drug usage”, because he knew that blacks attack and kill far more than any other race. He sits there spouting because “his people” own the TV station and the program, the editors, the promoters and the writers and the negro that is sitting beside him on the studio couch. It is a safe venue for a Jew.

  • Chinese American

    Most of Europe is still ethnically homogeneous. Most of Eastern Europe is still overwhelmingly white. The only reason Russia is not is because it rules its non-white areas by force –and admits it’s ethnic identity is multi-ethnic (a slightly different concept from multi-cultural).

    And I was pointing out the lack of logic of Taylor’s opening statement —-that it is not inconsistent that privilege co-exists with fear of loss of privilege.

  • Steven Bannister

    Go to Youtube and search for Brother Nathanael. He’s a Jew turned Christian and quasi-white nationalist. His videos are GREAT and he definitely NAMES NAMES.

  • Romulus

    Yes, thanks for that correction. He spouted that he had a great interest in his peoples studies. He should instead get his degree in Swahili

  • Chinese American

    Well obviously black people are vastly outnumbered by whites. As are Hispanics and Native Americans. To right this situation, we should be increasing the flow of migrant Africans and Hispanics, so those minority groups already here, most of them for far longer than the average white (in terms of ancestral history), can begin to feel more comfortable in their own native lands by being among their ‘own’.

    I’m sure the average black American or Hispanic American does not view mass non-white immigration with the same level of fear and trembling as the average white, and most are happy to increase their numbers in this country.

    And that is fair because whites at the moment have an unfair chunk of the demographic pie.

    White privilege exists because whites moan the most about increasing numbers of non-whites —when they still have the largest numbers and this is likely to remain the case for a long time. Why can’t the blacks and Native Americans have more of their ‘own’ kind here —-they have every much right as white Americans to turn this continent into a place that they find the most congenial.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Why don’t you go over to Japan or China and tell them THEY need to open their borders to Africans?

      The Japanese Wiped-out the Ainu to get what is now Japan.

      Japan is 98.5% Japanese. Japan does not let foreigners vote and kicks them out all the time. Japan is RICH and has a horrendous colonial history. Yet no one is Demanding the Japanese in Japan, be replaced with a Blended humanity to end Japanese “privilege” and stop “racism”. You Anti-Whites only Demand this of White countries.

      This is the common ground on which anti-Whites say we must all agree:

      What is non-White belongs to non-Whites. What is White also belongs to non-Whites.

      When did you first start hating Whites?

      • Chinese American

        Japan has a horrendous colonial history, but most Japanese have now returned to Japan.

        Probably 99% of Japanese descended people live in Japan.

        Now what is the percentage of Anglo Saxon descended people who live in Britain, or Irish descended people who still live in Ireland, or even Italian descended people who still live in Italy?

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          It is utterly ridiculous to deny that you’re anti-white when you support policies that forcefully create a world without white people. 

          What right do you have to deny people the right to their own lands? Land is finite – population size is not. Only White countries are being made to suffer your genocidal hatred against my race.

        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          Do you ever foresee of a time when you aren’t dedicating your life to the genocide of the White race?

          Why have you made it your life’s work to support the genocide of the White race?

  • Chinese American

    Mr Sullivan – you are obviously admitting then that white settlement of North and South America, of Australia, and New Zealand was genocidal for the indigenous of those places.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Sorry genius. Every nation on earth was founded by conquest, genocide and dispossession of the aboriginal inhabitants.

      If you don’t support White genocide, then which countries do you think have a right to remain White?

      And no one is coming to America to live in Tepees. They are coming to take what White people built.

      One of them is the technology that you are using right now to spout your anti-Whiteism.

      How much “EDUCATING” would it take to make an Asian like you believe that the non existent “social construct” known as the Asian race is so uniquely evil that all the Asians in Asia must be replaced by Black Africans in order to end the race problem?

      But this isn’t happening to you, is it? Only to us Whites and that makes it A-OK.

      When did you become anti-White and why are you shilling for the genocide of the White race?

      • Chinese American

        They are coming to take what White people built.

        They are coming to take what white people have stolen off their countries and still continue to do so.

        White countries have locked up almost 80 to 90% of the world’s resources —that is why non-whites come to white lands -because white lands, for now, tend to be more wealthy – not because white societies are inherently more desirable.

        For example, how many migrants do you get from rich non-white places like, say, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia?

  • Chinese American

    Sardonicus- —are you really in favor of a color blind society? Is that what you want? Or do you want a white society? Be honest now.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      White European people whose ancestors settled this nation and who fought and defeated their ethnic competition on a field of battle, won this land by conquest – which is precisely how all nationalities have operated since the dawn of time.

      White Europeans are perfectly justified to wish to remain dominant and in full control of our native homelands to preserve our unique culture and heritage.

      Do you agree that all races; Blacks, Jews, Whites, Chinese, Arabs have the right to their own living spaces so they can ensure the survival of their people?

      • Chinese American

        Whites have plenty of living space. In fact more than 1/2 of the world’s territory is populated and ruled by whites.

        There are 1.2 billion whites in the world, second in number only to 1.4 billion East Asians. There are less than a billion black Africans.

        In terms of wealth and power, whites have it in spades compared to Africans and even Asians.

        If I was concerned for the demographic fate of any race – I would cast my sympathy vote for Australian Aborigines and Amerinds. These are two races that are truly endangered. There are less than a million Australian Aborigines? Far less than 1.2 billion whites!

        You guys got to get a reality check.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    The Chinese government did attempt to annex Tibet. The Chinese government has also sought to overcome the geographical difference with industrial technology, erase and rewrite Tibet’s history, destroy Tibet’s language, suppress the culture, eradicate the religion (a priority of communist ideology in general), and replace the Tibetan people with Chinese people.

    Sound familiar to you?

    That is what is happening in the U.S. and other European countries. The annexing of the U.S. has not happened YET but Europe has become the “European union.”

    It was classified as genocide when it happened to Tibet. But I guess if its happening to “Evil White devils” then it doesn’t count.

    Diversity is White Genocide and Anti-Racist is a CODEWORD for Anti-White.

    The 1924 Immigration Act was designed to keep the United States a 90% White country. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 INTENTIONALLY overturned that, without a popular vote, leading to the DESTRUCTION of a majority population by reducing it to minority status. The United Nations defines this as genocide. That is a coordinated plan.

    • Chinese American

      Tibet has been a part of China for longer than whites have been in North America.

      In terms of retention of Tibetan culture and language there has been massive investment gone into this. That is why most Tibetans still speak Tibetan, and the school system provides bi-lingual education, as it does for all the main minority groups in China.
      The suppression of religion and other ‘feudal’ customs and superstitions was wrong —but that happened during the Cultural Revolution, when ALL nationalities within China were subjected to the same thing. The Tibetans were not singled out for special treatment in this regard.

      That is why when you go to China today, there are far fewer traditional religious practices in existence than say in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

  • Christopher

    Tim Wise is part Jewish, and also hates White people. So I won’t listen to a damned thing he says.

  • Private_Eyescream

    Jews look just as white as other whites to the blacks.
    Do the Jews think they will be exempt from the blacks when they are robbed, raped, tortured, and murdered along with all the other people who “look white”?

  • Ray Magallon

    Wise still does not refute some of Taylors points. He never even touches on or addresses the notion that whites are losing influence and doesnt even provide reasons for why this is a good thing. He wont even touch diversity, I have not yet seen one intelligent person defend that diversity is a good thing. A counter argument must not exist.

  • Tim Wise is a nutt that Nashville could do without.His problem is that he is not a Jew. And
    real Jews are white. At the same time he is smart enough to get dumb peoples money!
    He could be the most RACIST person in America today? Is there something wrong when someone doesn’t stick with their own. YES. You bet white ass their is! More than a 100 trillion tax payers dollars has been spent to uplift Africans! If I heard a story where Wise had been skinned alive and hung upside down,I would not be surprised………..

  • Katherine McChesney

    I read a black blog two days ago. Tim Wise is NOT popular with all Blacks. The black commenters on the site I visited suggested that he is a phoney and a hack who wrongfully thinks he does black a favor by speaking out.

  • Josh

    Jared never addressed the drugs claim.

    I think the answer is simple:

    (1) blacks are stupid, and therefore more likely than whites to get caught for the same crime
    (2) blacks in general commit more crime, and therefore they are in closer proximity to police than whites, and hence more likely to be arrested for drug use.
    (3) blacks are more likely to live in urban areas, where it is harder to take drugs discreetly.

  • jm313

    American society has created this view that only whites can be racist but this is BS. Honestly I think there is a higher ratio of racism among blacks than whites today. Many whites especially younger whites have been socially conditioned to not even think about race while many blacks have not been. In fact many blacks seem to still have some pent up anger over slavery and stuff. I see more stories about a white family moving to a mainly black neighborhood and being harassed by blacks and some even use violence against the whites. Look at crime. Interracial crime only makes up a small amount of crime most crime happens but black on white crime is much worse than white on black. Some of these black on white crimes are clearly hate crimes but they don’t get charged with a hate crime.

  • jm313

    I think racism is no longer a convincing excuse for high black rates of crime, poverty, and academic failure. The problem is poor behavior. Look at all these . Blacks also get special treatment in some area.

  • jm313

    Why is it that only white countries are called “white supremacy.” Why isn’t China called “Asian supremacy” or black African countries balled “black supremacy.” Why are white people shamed by some for being a majority in there countries? Why is it if a white says they would like whites to remain the majority in America they are called a white supremacist and racist while if a black says they would like a mix of blacks and latino’s to become the majority in America you hear crickets.

  • jm313

    Tim you need to look at statistics. There was a huge survey done asking people from around the world if they would not mind a person of the opposite race living next to them. America and other western nations were the least racist.

  • jm313

    I don’t think many of these blacks being caught with drugs are users but instead dealers. The War on Drugs I believe is more going after the dealers instead of the users. I live right outside Detroit and many whites kids in the suburbs are getting hooked on her drugs especially heroin. I know of like 5 or 6 people who have overdosed on it over the last several years.

  • jm313

    What is happening to South Africans?

  • jm313

    It is interesting how many Jews are pretty left-wing yet many are upper class, many are capitalists. They seem to not follow there principles. They get rich off a system they criticize. They open up businesses and exploit there workers when they are suppose to be against that.