Posted on July 22, 2013

Judge Orders Detroit Bankruptcy to Be Withdrawn, Claims It’s ‘Not Honoring the President’

Katie McHugh, Daily Caller, July 19, 2013

Ingham County Circuit Judge Rosemary Aquillina ordered on Friday that Detroit’s bankruptcy be withdrawn, citing a concern that government employees’ pensions would be endangered by federal bankruptcy proceedings, The Detroit News reports.

“It’s cheating, sir, and it’s cheating good people who work,” the judge told assistant Attorney General Brian Devlin on Friday, adding that she will ensure that President Barack Obama gets a copy of her order. “It’s also not honoring the president, who took [Detroit’s auto companies] out of bankruptcy.”

At the same time, Aquillina voiced her confidence that Obama would ensure that pension guarantees were protected and honored.

“I know he’s watching,” she said.


Detroit filed the largest bankruptcy case in U.S. history on Thursday after declaring an emergency March 1. {snip}