A 14-year-old boy is in critical condition after a homeowner shot him in the head on suspicion that the child was about to rob his house.

Merritt Landry, 33, of New Orleans, is facing a second-degree attempted murder charge after shooting Marshall Coulter in the head at 2 a.m Friday.

Merritt Landry

Merritt Landry

The teen was unarmed and standing near Landry’s vehicle, which was parked in the gated driveway in front of Landry’s house on Mandeville Street, when he was shot.

Police say the teen, who has a history of burglary arrests, did not pose an ‘imminent threat,’ according to the Times-Picayune.

Landry claims otherwise, saying Coulter made a quick movement ‘as if to reach for something,’ so he shot him out of concern for his own safety, according to an arrest warrant.

Coulter was shot from 30 feet away, according to evidence recovered at the scene. He can’t move the left side of his body and doctors say if he survives, he will likely suffer severe brain damage.

The case has national implications in the wake of the George Zimmerman case, as Landry is white and Coulter is black. Zimmerman, of Hispanic descent, was acquitted earlier this month of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges after he shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who was unarmed. Prosecutors claimed Zimmerman had targeted Martin because he was black.

Landry is an employee of the City of New Orleans. He works as a building inspector for the city’s Historic District Landmarks Commission. He is married with one daughter and his wife is pregnant with their second child.

Coulter’s family says the teen has been involved in petty crimes, but has no history of violence.

‘He would steal – he was a professional thief, sure,’ Coulter’s 23-year-old brother, David, told the Times-Picayune. ‘But he would never pick up a gun, not in a million years. He was too scared to aim a gun at the grass, let alone aim it at a person. No way. Before he’ll ever pick up a gun, he’ll be your friend first.’

‘He’s still a little boy,’ the brother added. ‘Who pulls a trigger on a 14-year-old? What if it was your little brother or your sister? How would you feel?’

Marshall Coulter’s mother and grandmother are by the teen’s bedside at the hospital. He is the second-youngest of eight children.

The Times-Picayune spoke to a neighbor of Landry’s, Charles Hazouri, who has surveillance video from the night of the shooting.

He said the video, which he gave to detectives, shows two teens talking in the middle of Mandeville Street outside of Landry’s house. One of the teens then climbed over Landry’s fence, Hazouri said, while the other watched from Mandeville Street, according to Hazouri.

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  • Good. Mr. Landry should have shot the little punk bitch three or four more times.

    We whites are completely done with this negro crap, and we shoot.

    • Bert Sterling

      I have a saying: Do you know how I avoid getting eaten by alligators? I stay the f*** away from alligators.

      Now, I wonder how in the world “young black males” can avoid getting shot by “racist” whites? Hmmmm….. I just wonder…….

    • Well, well, well!!!
      Lookee, lookee, here!
      It’s a picture of Marshal Coulter himself! Imagine this on the wrong side of your fence, literally a few feet from your daughter’s window at 2am in the morning?

      • My daughter is six, and a white guy in her bedroom would still be killed in half.

        • This case is already falling apart for the NAACP.

          I dug up this little quote from a New Orleans Times Pica-Yune web page, not one from across the Atlantic:

          “I thought about calling the cops, but the last thing I want to do is racially profile a little kid who’s just biking,” said the neighbor, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The neighbor and Landry are white; the two teens are black.

          It just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?

          • Dave4088

            Although cops cannot racially profile people, it is perfectly legal for civilians to engage in the practice. At least, according to a high ranking police officer at a local neighborhood watch meeting two years ago.

          • BlarneyMiller

            The police may have investigated that phone call, and it may have scared Coulter out of the neighborhood. Coulter may still be alive if that neighbor had racially profiled. Somebody notify the NAACP that racial profiling saves young black boys lives.

          • sbuffalonative

            If true, racial profiling (and calling the police) may have spared his life.

      • The Final Solution

        That boy is 14?? He looks like a grown man who just got out of San Quentin.

        • Sick of it

          No one would reasonably assume he was that young.

          • sbuffalonative

            The least Mr. Landry should have done before shooting was to ask him if he had a violent criminal past. How would he know if he didn’t ask first?

          • Luca

            Well, if Liberals had their way, Mr. Landry would have first been required to fire two blank warning shots, ask him if he was armed or violent, his criminal history, his current intentions, age, height and weight, GPA and whether or not he was lost and needed bus fare home.

        • dd121

          Seriously, I think he looks 45.

          • I look 45 in this picture?

          • dd121

            You look like my DI from basic training. He was really a very nice fellow. Maybe it’s something in the air in the Springs. I printed off your address, we’ll have to get together for lunch one day.

          • Does my wife look 31 in this one?

          • dd121

            Very attractive young lady. If she was climbing my fence at 2am I’d probably invite her in. Oh hell, sorry, that’s profiling.

      • Walking fuselage hits. So sorry.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        He deserves to die just because of that Jheri curl. LOL

      • Jefferson

        He is only 14 ? Damn that Negro looks more like he is 34. Why do so many Bantu teenagers look so much older than their actual age ?

        • Luca

          At that age they develop much quicker than the other races. An evolutionary tactic I presume, as they are destined to die younger too.. Another little evolutionary factoid; at 14, he is about at the peak of his brain’s ability to progress any further.

          • Patty Mudd

            I hate to disagree, but I think at fourteen he’s actually beyond his peak to progress intellectually. Seems like I read that’s more like age eleven, but I might be mistaken.

      • Luca

        Clearly you could never be an AP photo-journalist. Where’s the picture of him at 6-yrs old hugging his “Tickle-Me-Elmo” doll while sitting on a pony at his birthday party??

        • sbuffalonative

          Just a couple days ago, a CBS story on line had the story of Trayvons father testifying before Congress. The only picture they posted with the story was not his father, but a picture of Trayvon as a young boy.

          99.99% of those comments were keenly aware of the bait and switch.

      • Sick of it

        14 going on 40…

      • Dave4088

        It seems he’s a fashion king who likes to sport wife beaters. I’ll bet some of the white girls down south are swooning over this Congoid.

      • jane johnson

        That’s the older brother, not the 14 year old.

      • Patty Mudd

        Well that sure don’t look like the black boys they show on Nickelodeon!

      • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

        play stupid games, win stupid prizes

      • dd121

        You guys are being unreasonable. I know it was dark at 2am but the young man was wearing a white shirt (maybe a tie). He was probably there to convert the homeowner to Mormonism.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Really? That’s the 14 year old “professional thief”?

        • PesachPatriot

          If I was even thinking about going around and stealing stuff at 14 years old late at night my dad(and mom) would have punished me severely…I doubt the suspect in the picture even knows who his biological father is….

          The few responsible black parents in the 13 southern states all give their kids the talk about CCP holders and the fact that almost every home has some sort of firearms in them and if you try breaking the law(especially after dark) you have a pretty big potential of pushing up daisies….My house has a wooden fence around it and a sign on the inside of the door that clearly states “No Trespassing violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again” if little shawntavious or laquisha can’t read that’s not my fault…

      • Puggg

        If I didn’t know who he was and he did something to me, I’d give a description of “black man, 17 to 21 years of age, short dreadlocks, white wife-beater t-shirt.”

      • Bantu_Education

        He looks more like a New Guinean or Melanesian or an Andaman Islander.

    • Leelywhite

      Fortunately only a flesh wound. The bullet passed harmlessly between his ears.

  • willbest

    I have a hard time understanding why it isn’t fair game to shoot anybody who is
    1) trespassing
    2) inside your locked and gated fence
    3) less than 5 feet from your house
    4) at 2 AM

    I think what is going to sink Landry is that he didn’t kill the kid. When I was studying criminal law, surviving perp never ends well for the intended victim.

    • kjh64

      Well, I don’t believe trespassers should be shot. However, if someone is inside your locked and gated fence at 2am, you have every right to pull your gun and order them off your property, shooting if they attempt to do something to you. This man had no way of knowing how old this guy was or whether he was armed when he saw sudden movement.

      • anarchyst

        Trespassers SHOULD be shot…especially at night . . .

      • IstvanIN

        What possible reason would anyone have to climb a strangers fence at 2:00am.

        • Let’s see: burglary, rape, murder or some combination of some of these.

          • IstvanIN

            The question was for KJH64, since he thinks the youth shouldn’t have been shot. I know what the thug was thinking.

          • Non Humans

            Maybe his bassetball landed inside of his fence (/sarc)

      • Sick of it

        We used to kill housebreakers, even if the homeowner did not during the activity. Housebreakers, as opposed to other kinds of thieves, are VERY likely to commit obscene levels of violence against people who live in their targeted homes. This can be proven by sources dating back to the middle ages.

      • dd121

        Warning them like that could end badly for you.

    • We’re just done with their “stuff”. It’s over.

    • Exactly. Climibng over a gated premise inside of a urban area is not innocent activity.

    • A man here in S. AL shot & killed a thief that was driving away from his house. The verdict… Not guilty.

      • Sick of it

        This man, unfortunately, did what he did in a rather liberal part of Louisiana. No telling what a jury would say.

  • kjh64

    “Coulter’s family says the teen has been involved in petty crimes, but has no history of violence.”

    No history of violence….yet.

    • Luca

      I suppose at 2 AM, in the dark of night, when a professional thief scales your fence, a White homeowner is obligated to ascertain whether or not it is a violent, armed and dangerous professional thief or merely a professional thief taking a short-cut home to deliver Skittles to his step-brother..

    • e2657383

      He’s 14 for god sake. Give the little criminal time.

  • IanJMacDonald

    He would be standing on more solid ground had he waited for the punk to smash his car window.

    • This the apparent fence the little darling climbed over. There is only one reason why you would climb over a fence that high in the middle of the night.

      • Non Humans

        By NAPA standards that’s not much of a fence, it’s a decorative hurdle.

  • Spartacus

    “Coulter was shot from 30 feet away, according to evidence recovered at
    the scene. He can’t move the left side of his body and doctors say if he
    survives, he will likely suffer severe brain damage.”


    Brain damage – that’s just a minor injury for a groid.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Make NO mistake, a 14-year old with a gun can shoot you just as dead as an adult.

      This is yet another example of black values—to be excused because he was a 14-year old criminal.

    • MekongDelta69

      You need a brain first, before you can have ‘brain damage.’

    • The Final Solution

      Seems to me he already had brain damage. No doubt caused by slavery when his great great great granddaddy was beaten too many times, sending retardation down the family tree.

      • You mean great great great great great great great great great great great great great granddaddy. …..

  • Spartacus

    “Who pulls a trigger on a 14-year-old?”


    What 14-year-old is a career criminal ?

    • “Who pulls a trigger on a 14 year-old?”

      I would. My daughter is six, so I’d give a groid who hurt her 75 rounds and then reload.

    • Want to play hangman? It is a six letter word.

      • Spartacus

        Monkey ? 🙂

        • It begins with the next letter in the Roman alphabet.

          • Spartacus

            Hmmm… Could it be “nagger” ?

          • Non Humans

            From Southpark, Season 11, Episode 1:
            Pat: The category is people who annoy you..
            – – N _ G G E R S – –
            Randy: I think I know it, but I don’t think I should say it…
            Pat: 5 seconds Mr. Marsh…
            Randy: OK OK I’d Like to solve the puzzle!!
            I almost passed out from laughing.

          • anarchyst

            I have been successful in getting the “n” word in many posts. You can usually have it go through by spelling it this way”
            “n 1 9 9 e r” . . . try it! It works most of the time.

          • I never say that here, but I always mean it.

          • Nick Gherz

            . . . n 1 q q e r . . . how’d I do?

          • anarchyst

            Hey! that’s good! I like that! Thanks . . .

        • ShermanTMcCoy

          How about a delicious “Nogger?”

    • Jefferson

      He was a house burglar at 14 and would have eventually graduated to being a bank robber at 15.

      He was on the fast track to slammer before even turning of legal driving age. If Obama had a son, he would look like Marshall Coulter.

      • Sick of it

        He would have graduated to murder before hitting banks. Housebreakers always end up in that sort of situation eventually.

    • Non Humans

      Been to a shopping mall lately? They get their Bachelor’s degree in criminal activity at around 7-8yoa.
      I’d do it in a heartbeat if I felt threatened for my safety or for those around me….personal property included.
      I know that it will have a bearing on this case because of the little future scientist’s age, but really, should the time of day have any bearing at all on the circumstances? What makes it so much worse if a nonhuman is breaking into your car or home at 2am as opposed to 2pm? A nonhuman (or anyone for that matter) committing a crime is still a criminal.

      • Spartacus

        I’m actually not American… Here where I live, you have to really try to find a groid, and it’s almost always one who’s working at an african embassy.

        • Crow-hunting again?

          If I were a white Romanian, I’d be inclined to enjoy easy travel around Europe instead of looking for trouble. The museums in Vienna and Trieste, the food pretty much anywhere, the tank museum at Kubinka in Russia, the Louvre, Madam Toussaud’s wax gallery in London, British pub food, hiking and fishing in Scotland, and so-on.

          We Yanks are lucky, too. Out west here, we have the La Garita volcano, which is just huge, and beautiful. Yellowstone is another caldera, but it’s active. The hunting and fishing are great, and there’s the Grand Canyon two days away by car, for whitewater rafting and more camping. The Arizona-Sonora desert in the Tuscon area is also a great place for horseback riding and camping.

          The cost of admission for getting away from Africans is absurdly cheap. They don’t like museums and they hate the outdoors.

          Pounding some unfortunate embassy staffer seems like a waste of time when you consider the alternatives.

          • Spartacus

            How beautiful do you think the museums in Vienna and Trieste are gonna be when those countries look like Liberia or Yemen ? How long after France becomes a muslim country, and some towel-head throws acid on the Mona Lisa because she wasn’t wearing a veil ? All the beauty of Europe will be lost forever if we don’t do something about it NOW .

      • David Ashton

        Are all blacks “nonhuman” ?

  • Luca

    Can’t wait to hear from the media how the homeowner racially profiled the thief who hopped his fence.

  • Hopping over a closed fence. Marshall Coulter’s record of arrests. That pretty much is all it will take to clear Landry.
    Of course, there is the reputation of New Orleans itself.
    I live in Texas, and the white people of Louisiana will rally around Landry.

    • Landry should be very grateful that this kid has a criminal history.

      Actually Landry should be grateful Coulter’s fambily was so stupid to reveal it.

      • jane johnson

        If it’s anything like the Zimmerman trial, the child’s criminal history will be inadmissible, since that would be “blaming the victim”. The neighbor’s video should help, though. Guess Sharpton will be all over this story, claiming that the Zimmerman verdict “emboldened” Landry to shoot an unarmed black child. If Obama had a son…

        • cancerous bananna

          I thought that while reading the article

        • Inadmissible maybe, but already revealed by the media.

        • Non Humans

          Don’t forget that now “My Peeps” Holder will have to have another talk with his son.

    • Sick of it

      The ones in North Louisiana…sure…

    • jane johnson

      What is a 14 year old doing on the street at 2am anyway? Was the mother so busy with her OTHER 7 kids that she lost track of this one? And where is the father of this child?

      • Let’s see …..

        Mother beds any male that comes around because she can’t have a regular worthless male living in her welfare abode. The mother was probably having sex with father of child number nine (father unknown).

      • Non Humans

        Don’t be silly. At 2am all of the other kids are passed out drunk while the mammy-sow gets her crack fix on.

  • MekongDelta69

    ‘He would steal – he was a professional thief, sure,’ Coulter’s 23-year-old brother, David said.

    Well sure – He says it so nonchalantly, as if to say, “isn’t everybody?”

    ‘He’s still a little boy,’ the brother added.

    Here we go again… “He was just a ‘child.'” Sorry pal, but I don’t know any White ‘children’ who are matter of factly, ‘professional thieves.’

    • jane johnson

      Oliver Twist?

    • MikeofAges

      You just haven’t been around. There are a few who are fully trained and socialized as hustlers and criminals at an early age.

      • Sick of it

        Liars and petty thieves, sure, but not housebreakers.

  • dd121

    Nice shot.

  • BlarneyMiller

    Note the picture the media has chosen for Merritt Landry. Now compare it to the picture that the media originally used for George Zimmerman. Note the similarities. In both pictures, neither men are smiling; and, more importantly, in both pictures both men are wearing an orange collared shirt. Orange is the color of many prison jumpsuits. The media wants people to subconsciously associate the two defendants with brooding, guilty prisoners.

    • Jefferson

      The only difference is that unlike George Zimmerman, Merritt Landry is an actual White man of French Cajun descent judging by his last name.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    • The Final Solution

      Whites are the cure for blacks.

    • It doesn’t even take an ounce. 125 gr (8 g) is worth a pound of cure when it is hurling through the air with 600 foot-pounds force behind it.

  • The Final Solution

    “A history of burglary crimes” – since when is that nothing more than a “petty crime”?
    This sounds like justifiable homicide in the line of duty. He moved on instinct.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    Here we go again….

  • Defiant White

    I think the shooter is FACING charges but no charging decision has yet been made. Under common law, charges are brought by a district attorney (called an INFORMATION) or by a grand jury (called an INDICTMENT). I’m not sure how it’s done in Louisiana since they follow old French law but it’s probably similar. Maybe somebody can educate us.
    In any event, I don’t think that either an Information or Indictment has been filed. The cops on the scene had probable cause to believe a crime has been committed but it’s not up to them to charge this poor bast*rd.
    In any case . . . a headshot at 30 feet at 2 am . . . ? Nice shot!!!
    Not surprising that the bullet failed to penetrate the massive bone in a negro’s head . . .

    • Sick of it

      We use grand juries. It could take up to a month to convene one.

  • anarchyst

    “A little boy” . . . yeah, right . . . you can bet that the Coulter family was benefitting from his criminal activity. . . . Landry should be rewarded for “taking out the garbage” . . .

  • Dave4088

    Who’s to say that black Marshal Coulter would not have decided to press his luck and rob Mr. Landry’s home? And how was Landry supposed to know that Coulter was unarmed? With most of these punks they start with cars, then graduate to homes and in some cases progress to murder. Kudos to Landry for knocking a black upstart like Coulter off his criminal trajectory.

    Fearfulness of consequences and tentativeness have gotten a lot of white people raped, seriously injured or killed, so Landry did the right thing by being proactive in protecting a potential threat to his property and family.

    • evilsandmich

      I would think that it would be a pretty safe assumption that when a criminal has plopped himself down in your gated area that the criminal would be armed.

  • Funruffian

    This Landry guy doesn’t look like the type of guy you want to mess with. He looks serious. Besides, these stupid ‘teens’ still have the reckless stupidity of trespassing and stealing in the wake of Trayvon. Stupid people will never learn. And if they repeat crimes they don’t deserve a second chance.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Landry’s neighbors and friends, who said that Landry has a pregnant wife and baby daughter, believed the teen was trying to break into his house.

    Anyone who climbs over a locked fence onto someone’s private property at 2 AM is up to no good.

    Shooting an intruder who has NO legitimate reason to be your property in the middle of the night without your permission is not attempted murder.

    Landry had reason to fear that he and his family were in imminent danger.

    Coulter’s own brother admits Coulter was a professional thief.

    Yes, there is a resemblance to the Trayvon case: Another criminal black burglar shot.


    Coulter’s brother:

    • MBlanc46

      This does seem to me to be a borderline case. If it were left up to me, I’d always favor the defender in self-defense cases, but I suspect that Mr. Landry will not get the benefit of the doubt.

  • Dave4088

    Since this incident comes on the heels of the Zimmerman acquittal, I have to question whether Mr. Landry will receive a fair trial or if the legal system will railroad him and present the NAACP, MSNBC, Obongo and “my peeps” Holder with a politically desirable court verdict?

  • APaige

    I know the matter of the locked gate was mentioned in earlier posts. I was wondering if the gate legally extends the castle doctrine? It seems that being in a driveway that is gated makes a difference. Its not as if he could be next to the car by accident, such as dropping a phone. He had to make an effort.

  • Evette Coutier

    I hate to tell y’all this but Coultier is going to jail. Know the law folks so you don’t make the same mistake.

  • bubo

    If you are out at 2 am prowling around private property with the intent of burglary then you take on a certain amount of risk. I see no crime here.

  • logwarrior

    If he is convicted by a black jury in NO then he will win on appeal. The PD is just covering their collective behinds. Glad to see his parent isn’t calling him an honor student.

  • roadgeek

    Isn’t gonna happen. Even Benjamin Crump and the poverty pimps won’t be touching this one: Coulter didn’t give them anything to work with. No-billed and goodbye.

  • OhWow

    The standard of black people is so low. Notice how Trayvon was considered a good boy even though he was suspended for TEN days, stole jewelry, got into fights, jumped Zimmerman, called him a cracka, had hold teeth and called himself a gangsta. Now we hear about Marshall and he’s a well-known thug who made a profession of stealing things. He is also a good boy. Now a young black male who has a record of petty crimes is seen as a good boy. How is that good? If a white kid does the same he is seen as a stupid white trash punk by other whites.

    Violent or not, Marshall is just another faceless stupid black thug rotting the cities of America. Whites are not taking it anymore. The gig is up. Dare I say that white men have their balls back?

    • I can’t imagine why idiot-boy would do this right after the Zimmerman acquittal.

      • Non Humans

        It’s not like he set out to find a nonhuman to blast. The little moron was just doing what nonhumans do and paid the price for getting caught. In Landry’s situation, I would have done the same thing, with the exception of staying undetected until the little future scientist was well within the commision of his intended crime. Well that and myself not being quite as good of a shot with a pistol as Landry, I would have shot at the heart and lungs instead.
        @ OhWow: In RE to your last statement, I don’t believe that we are quite there yet. I believe Landry was just your typical gun owner with a suitable situation for use. I wish the social climate was closer to your statement, but I think that we still have a good ways to go before that is a majority-accepted attitude.

        • I meant my comment the other way. A jury acquits GZ, so this little PoS should have cut his stupid behavior right out.

          • Non Humans

            Oh, LOL. Still good points tho.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    So the fambly admits the kid was a thief but still take umbrage with the fact that the homeowner shot him. Typical. These people never seem to get that actions have consequences, and that only a moron (or a black) would think that trespassing on somebody’s property should never result in a lead injection.
    I’m sorry, but if somebody goes through the effort to scale a fence in order to get on your property at 2am there is no other way to interpret their actions – they are up to no good. Most burglars like to strike when people aren’t home in order to avoid a contrfontation with the homeowners. Therefore, if I see somebody on my property in the middle of the night, I can only assume that 1) they plan to break in and 2) they have to know somebody is here, given the hour, and will attempt to inflict bodily harm should anybody in the house catch them. If you operate on any other premise you are a fool. I realize that from a legal standpoint this isn’t cut and dry since the shooting took place outside the house. I will admit I’m not sure how the law in NO works with regards to this, but common sense should dictate there is a difference between shooting a stranger who wandered onto your driveway and shooting somebody who climbed the gate you installed to keep people out.

    • Puggg

      They call him a “professional thief” (at age 14?), and then go on about how good he was because he didn’t have a gun. So that’s the threshhold in the black community: Unarmed crook, fine, armed crook, that’s too much.

  • Sick of it

    Mr. Landry did what he did BECAUSE he was using his brain. He did not want to become another statistic.

  • Sick of it

    14 year olds were fighting in the American Revolution. 16 and 17 year olds snuck into the military from the World Wars to Vietnam. It’s odd how folks change their point of view because of media manipulation.

    • My paternal grandfather worked in a coal mine in Kentucky at 13 and joined the US army at 15.

      The youngest white US WW-2 serviceman was a crewman on the battleship South Dakota at 12.

      • Sick of it

        Interesting. I did not know anyone had served who was quite that young. 12 was the age of adulthood for the Norsemen.

        • The youngest German Iron Cross winner was also 12. He wasted a few Russian tanks with Panzerfaust shots.

  • There is a world of difference between “can’t” and “shouldn’t”, my friend. I can do anything I want. I just have to pay for it after I am done.

    I hope this helps.

  • In Stand Your Ground states, we don’t have to run away on our own property.