Feeling the Heat

Ben Stein, American Spectator, July 22, 2013


I had a tough time sleeping last night. The Trayvon Martin case is worrying me. I’ll tell you a few reasons:

First of all, the media have made this case into the lynching of Zimmerman supposedly because he murdered an innocent sweet little black child. But according to what I read, Zimmerman—while a fool—was attacked by Mr. Martin, who was far from unarmed. He was armed with his skills as a martial artist and his strength and size. He wasn’t the sweet altar boy shown on the cover of magazines and on TV. He was a big, strong kid with a history of drug use and a bit of bragging online about his fighting skills. He didn’t start a conversation with Zimmerman when Zimmerman got out of his truck. He attacked Zimmerman, who possibly would have been killed if he had not defended himself.

This is the story the jury heard. This is the story that made the jury unanimously acquit Zimmerman. The media have been telling a fairy tale designed to whip up race hatred.

It horrifies me that the media has tried to turn this sad case into an occasion to make black people hate white people. It horrifies me that Mr. Obama has joined in. His assertion that he could have been Martin is breathtakingly dishonest. If Obama had been Martin, he would have talked Zimmerman out of his watch and his wallet and then gotten a scholarship to college for writing about it. Martin was a dangerously violent kid. Obama was and always has been a politician.

But it’s worse than this: the black community in this nation is in crisis. It has a disastrous situation in terms of education, lack of work habits, complete collapse of the family, wild overuse of drugs, violence, and generally behavior that is destructive to itself and far too many other people. (Obviously, this applies only to some black people. I work every day and you work every day with black people who are in fine shape, much better shape than I am in.)

The least of the problems that black people face in the USA right now is attacks by heavy set volunteer watchmen in gated communities. That’s not even on the radar screen as a serious problem. For Mr. Obama and other “black leaders” and media people to pretend that it is is simply nonsense.

There is real anarchy in many parts of the black community in the USA. For Mr. Obama and others to act as if the real problem is white people locking their car doors at stop lights when black people approach them is just plain poppycock. The black community is not in danger from white people: it is in danger from itself.


Among the liberal media, who have really been missing someone to hate for a long time, the Zimmerman case is heaven-sent. They take this poor soul, trying to patrol his community, who is getting beaten to within an inch of his life by a black kid and who saves his own life—and they make him into a Klansman. Into a whole posse of Klansmen.

It’s distressing. Black people have a brutally painful history of suffering in this country. It is a shameful story. It is in the past as far as being caused by white people as a day by day matter. It definitely is not in the past in the black consciousness. They have every reason to feel angry about it. But things have gotten so incredibly, unbelievably better in the last generations in terms of white attitudes that to seek to whip up old animosities while ignoring the present catastrophe in the black community is a disgraceful distraction by the President and “black leaders.”


{snip} It terrifies me that we are pretending that the likes of George Zimmerman are a problem when we have real problems. It terrifies me that a man with the power of Eric Holder can use an explicitly racist, anti-white approach to a complex case that is itself a sideshow.


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  • Daniel Williams

    How long until Ben Stein is Derbyshired? Or will the “Stein” thing protect him?

    • Oil Can Harry

      Trayvon Martin’s parents will sue him so they can WIN BEN STEIN’S MONEY.

    • Hal K

      What Ben Stein wrote is run-of-the-mill neoconservatism. He is partially blaming liberals for the problems of blacks, and overall focuses on the problems faced by blacks to a much greater extent than the dangers posed by blacks to whites.

      Derbyshire got into innate IQ differences and the subject of admixture. These subjects are pretty much forbidden in the mainstream.

      • David Ashton

        Half a matzo is better than nothing.

        • Hal K

          I think it is more like a few worthless crumbs.

          • David Ashton

            Totally worthless?
            I have re-read it, and it makes many points you do not get in the liberal BSM.
            But then the author is One Of Them, and so whatever he says must be unacceptable to the Reich.

          • Hal K

            I know neoconservatism when I see it. This is neoconservatism. There is nothing out of the ordinary about it. You see this sort of writing all the time at American Thinker. Most of us can tell the difference without having to think about the writer’s background.

  • din_do_nuffins

    Stein can get away with it. He’s “special”.

    • Rhialto

      Stein was careful not to attack Blacks as a group, only Black leaders exploiting the situation. He particularly criticized the Liberal media types for falsifying the situation. In fact, he showed sympathy and empathy for American Blacks.

      He did not wander off the “conservative reservation” that the liberals have established.

  • Spartacus

    “It’s distressing. Black people have a brutally painful history of suffering in this country. It is a shameful story.”


    Can anyone inform the author that blacks have murdered more whites than vice-versa in the past 100 years in the US ? Thank you.

    • Sick of it

      The assumption of murder occurring more often than actual justice in prior periods is also ridiculous. But what the heck, next they’ll say that desperadoes in the Old West were wronged.

      • Spartacus

        “The assumption of murder occurring more often than actual justice in prior periods is also ridiculous.”


        Never said this was the case 🙂 I referred to the last 100 years because that time period would be more relevant for today, than what happened 200 or 300 years ago.

      • Tom Horn was wronged.

    • Funruffian

      Ben Stein is not speaking up for Whites. He is calling Obama, Holder, and the other Black flunkies on their Race-Baiting and Anti-White motives. Since Stein is one of the Chosen People he is granted immunity from addressing this travesty.

      Trayboon’s death wasn’t a tragedy by any means. The aftermath of the verdict set off the real tragedy as we are subjected to Black animosity and false accusations.

  • bigone4u

    Of course Obama/Holder are going to stir the pot. They are still looking for the older male white racist who loses it and kills a classroom full of BLACK nine year olds. That act of an American Anders Brievik then furthers the socialist/Communist agenda that Obama has dreamed about since nursing his mother’s breast and sitting at the feet of Frank Davis soaking up his ideology. I’ll bet Obama’s response surprised few who regularly post on Amren. We know what’s up.

  • Puggg

    Isn’t Ben Stein a little late to the party? Sure, better late than never. But couldn’t Jared Taylor win some of Ben Stein’s money?

  • None Ya Biz

    Why do so many black Americans revert to violence and crime? Answer:

    When dopey, misguided liberal politicians treat human beings like they treat animals in a zoo…by feeding them, clothing them, housing them, training them and taking care of their medical needs…then why does it surprise us when those human beings revert to animal-like behavior?

    When you no longer have to be responsible for your own actions; when the government takes over those responsibilities for you, you no longer have to behave. Language, cultural differences and poverty don’t cause this. There have been many poor people in this country for centuries who didn’t laugh when they beat up a defenseless women or randomly kill strangers.

    FACT: Today’s black behavior is a direct result of the “new slavery” in which blacks are chained to government handouts, and unfortunately, America has one political party who is more than happy to be their Master and put them in chains, the Democrats!

    • Rhialto

      I disagree. Black behavior is the result of hominids evolving in the African environment, which favors quick reactions to situations, and punishes attempts at long range planning. An evirnonment that rewards social skills much more than technological skills.

      After 1945 Liberal have removed the restraints that had been placed on blacks. These restraints forced Blacks to be productive and law abiding, as opposed to being criminals and parasites. As you point out, today’s liberal policies make crime and parasitism profitable (as well as fun) for blacks.

      • JohnEngelman

        In urban civilization intelligent men are more prolific. Those with criminal inclinations are removed from the gene pool by executioners and prison guards.

        This is why whites and Orientals tend to be more intelligent than blacks and why we have lower crime rates.

        The only complicity of liberals in all this is that they are too civilized for their own good and ours. They have difficulty understanding the mentalities of those who are less evolved than they are.

    • [Guest]

      I think we need to stop attributing blackness to outside forces. It’s not the fault of liberal politicians, as execrable as they are, that blacks think, speak, and behave like blacks. Blacks behave like blacks because they’re black. The continent of Africa testifies of that.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      “There have been many poor people in this country for centuries who
      didn’t laugh when they beat up a defenseless women or randomly kill

      I’ve noticed in the videos made by blacks of blacks beating white people a hysterical laughter, as if they had never seen anything so funny as six or eight blacks beating and kicking an (often unconscious) white whose only offense was to find himself in a situation where he or she was outnumbered by blacks. I think the wild laughter of the onlookers bothers me as much as the gratuitous beatings.

      • Flossie

        That’s my response as well. I find those videos very hard to watch; I usually don’t watch all the way through. Then I’m troubled by the bit I saw for hours! Blacks, on the other hand, rush forward to participate in the brutality, or at least to observe it. They find it fun and exciting. Can we really belong to the same species?!?

  • GB101

    Why does he think Zimmerman is a fool?

    • e2657383

      People keep calling him that. I guess they think he should have never watched his neighborhood to begin with.

    • Sick of it

      Wealthy people pay other people to do their dirty work…like defending the community.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      The only foolish thing I can think of is he voted for Obama. Some might think this helped with his acquittal to be squeaky-clean-politically-correct, but that hardly stops anyone from claiming he’s a Klansman.

      • GB101

        You are right. I had forgotten about that obvious item.
        The jury did not know that, I am sure, so it would not have been a factor in his acquittal. However, it may help quell the mob (led by Holder) in the aftermath.

  • anarchyst

    The “prosecution” (read “kangaroo court”) did it’s damndest to convict Zimmerman. . .that being said . . .
    One must understand the defective pathology that exists in the minds of almost all urban underclass blacks. You see, “young master trayvon felt “disrespected” for being asked what business he had in that community. (Any ordinary civilized person would have stated that he had relatives there and would have been on his way). His only possible response (due to his defective black pathology) was to pummel and murder Mr. Zimmerman. In this way, he would regain his “respect”. If “young master trayvon” had been successful in murdering Mr. Zimmerman, it would not even make the evening news. It would definitely not be reported as a “(racial) hate crime”.
    Mr. Zimmerman is being railroaded at the behest of the race apologists, poverty pimps, and race hustlers. The prosecutor should be brought up on charges of malfeasance of office for charging Mr. Zimmerman. . .without convening a grand jury. . .

    Why is the so-called “news media” so intent on persecuting George Zimmerman?? It is evident that Zimmerman was “jumped” while heading back to his car and that the “thug” trayvon got what he deserved . . . the urban black “underclass” has a disdain for education, finds “disrespect” under every rock, does not know what REAL “respect” is, and is generally a “menace to society”. The sad part is that the few “decent” blacks out there make “excuses” for the feral black “underclass”. trayvon was “casing houses” NOT going to the store to buy “skittles”. Trayvon was walking between houses, not on the sidewalk . . . he was “up to no good”. Any civilized person would have answered the neighborhood watch guy that he had been visiting relatives, but not trayvon. . . trayvon’s feral underclass upbringing led to his demise . . .

    Look at the flak Bill Cosby received for pointing out the dysfunctionality of his own race. It’s no wonder, no decent people want to live around them or associate with them. Yes, it’s a shame that the many decent blacks get “lumped in with the garbage, but if the decent blacks SPOKE UP against their brethrens’ dysfunction, they might gain credibility. The poverty pimps and race hustlers must be run out of town; they do nothing but cause trouble for decent blacks . . . and the rest of us.

    Here is a message for all you racial “apologists” for minority “bad behavior” . . .
    It is apparent that you have never lived around or experienced the typical urban feral black. I hope you never have to as they would “eat you alive”.
    The black “underclass” is REAL.
    If you want to “expand your horizons” and experience “authentic black culture”, travel the mean streets of Detroit, South Chicago, Gary Indiana, Atlanta or other “refuges” of “authentic black culture”, preferably at night. I would prefer that you go unarmed, as this will add to the excitement of your “adventure” . . .
    Your outlook on what you now consider “racist” will change in a hurry. You will find that minorities (especially blacks) are “racist to the core”.

    “saint” trayvon was a thug, casing houses, looking for trouble. Looks like his feral black upbringing did him in. Look at that whole trayvon “family” . . . human garbage at its finest. . .they already hit the “racial lottery” with a million-dollar “settlement” from the “homeowner’s association”. How many people are unaware that they did not report their “son” missing for three days?? I am sure that his “family” was aware of “young master trayvon’s” criminal activity, benefiting from trayvon’s criminal activities themselves.

    As far as I am concerned, Zimmerman made his community safer by “taking out the garbage”. . .

    • Ed_NY

      …and justice was served on that rainy February night in 2012.

    • David Ashton

      We shouldn’t knock Cosby or Stein – just add to what they have said.

  • BlarneyMiller

    Stein pens a scathing review of the liberal media, black agitators like Obama, and the black community in general, and a number of the comments are that he’s late to the party and he’s protected because he’s a Jew. Who gives a crap if he’s late to the party or a Jew? He’s one of the few mainstream figures attacking black pathologies and the phony racism narrative. And while he may be late to the party by Amren terms, their is still much of white America who’s still awakening to the truth so the party still has plenty to go. Stein should be applauded.

    • Jefferson

      Matt Drudge is also a Jew, so are people at American Renaissance going to bash him for that as well ?

      Matt Drudge is more a friend of the White race than Gentiles like Chris Matthews and the Kennedy family.

      • Romulus

        I’ve posted before,precisely why “they”, will align themselves with our race when the STHF!! It is more an ungrouped survival technique that they have mastered over their long history. Where it concerns the right, it falls in line with the rhino,neo-con, zionist narrative. The creation of the Christian religion has helped them immensely, as the “true believers” see them as the chosen people. Which is how the right has been goaded into dying for them for millennia. Remember the Southern strategy voting technique. As the darks of the world run over the West, the tribesman will be lumped in with the rest of us “whites”. As long as they use their considerable wealth and IQ to stave off a white extinction and their vision sees from the “right”, fine. I would agree. History,however, doesn’t bear that out. Their behavioral patterns indicate a strong tribal allegiance ,which has been covered in great detail in THE CULTURE OF CRITIQUE by prof. Kevin MacDonald. I don’t deny that their help would be a great asset.

  • [Guest]

    >>>…The black community in this nation is in crisis. It has a disastrous situation in terms of education, lack of work habits, complete collapse of the family, wild overuse of drugs, violence, and generally behavior that is destructive to itself and far too many other people.

    We all know that. What we’re not supposed to admit, though, is that these pathologies are innate. They’re not inflicted from the outside, and therefore they cannot be remedied.

    Oh, and blacks are not a “community.” Blacks are a race.

    >>>Black people have a brutally painful history of suffering in this country.

    We’ve heard that ad nauseam. At long, long last let’s hear about 1) how great blacks have it because they’re in this country and 2) how much damage blacks have inflicted upon this country.

  • DailyKenn

    “Black people have a brutally painful history of suffering in this country. It is a shameful story.”

    Mr. Stein is ignoring the fact that the first slave owner in American history was a black tobacco farmer named Anthony Johnson (google it), that 3,775 black families owned black slaves in South in 1830, that by 1860 there were over 3,000 black families in New Orleans alone who owned slaves, that the first three black officers in the American army served the Confederacy (Louisiana), that the largest slave holder in South Carolina in 1860 was a black plantation owner, that the wood-frame houses where slaves lived were superior to the grass huts of their African cousins as was their health care and living conditions. (Note that Abe Lincoln grew up in a log cabin very similar to slave cabins. Such was common abodes for white families in the early 19th century.)

    Otherwise, an excellent and insightful article.

    • Sick of it

      There were also Indian slave owners.

    • Ed_NY

      And slaves were expensive, they were not abused as Hollywood and others would have you think.

  • Viking_61

    Wow, a Jew just used the term “anti-white”….

    That just made my day! : – )

  • Bob

    I’m actually pleasantly surprised at Stein’s actual sense of logic because I have heard this guy say some things that…let’s just say, I don’t agree with. Good on him.

  • Randall Ward

    Very good article by Ben. The only thing he missed on is “things are getting better” – race relations. They are not getting better but they are changing to the realization that intergration is not a good thing. Blacks now have realized that separate but equal was not such a bad thing. They seek blackness with each other and don’t want to become white people. I think that is a good think so the desire to be one nation that ignores race is not to be and the liberal media needs to catch up with modern black desires and hopes.

  • dd121

    The media tried so hard to make the Zim case into a story of white racism/black victimization, and failed, to the point that some members of the msm became embarrassed. This has resulted in some of them telling partial truths of what happened.

    • David Ashton

      Or attacking partial truths that have got through the smokescreen; e.g. Martin Bashir’s video.

  • IKantunderstand

    Ben Stein is a Red Sea Pedestrian. Their mission is to make money. Period. Stein enjoys a comfortable lifestyle saying what he does. However, the bottom line is this: Jews are extremely tribal. Period. When push comes to shove, Ben Stein will be firmly on the side of the Red Sea Pedestrians. This analysis by the way, is not being critical of Mr. Stein. What is sad, is that when push comes to shove, racially, I will not feel that my fellow Whites will be on my side. The powers that be in this society have been so persuasive, so invasive, in their propaganda efforts vis a vis Whites, that unlike Ben Stein who knows he will be accepted into the bosom of the Jewish Tribe, I actually fear my fellow Whites. My tribe has been destroyed, with malice aforethought. Think about it. Our tribe of White Americans, has been decimated: Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians, and so many other divisions. Is it even possible for we civilized White people to even ever consider our racial interests and act on them? Have we become so “enlightened” that we have caused ourselves to become “Endarkened”? Will we now, as part of the Endarkenment, regress from our enlightened attainments? When Whites are removed from the Earth, will it be better? Or, like the Dark Ages, will the age of the Endarkenment herald a backslide of all that Whites created, and result in the end of civilization? And will we care? You know, all ten of us.

    • Romulus

      We are coming to it my friend. Things are going to get much worse. Keep your cultural memory close,so as to draw strength from it. We will need it in the dark days ahead!!

    • Luca

      It is virtually impossible for Whites to rally around a racial identity. Whites are from too many tribes, for example look at the differences between an Armenian and a Swede. Different culture, heritage, language, customs, appearance, political views, etc.

      Blacks can easily relate to each other and although they are different genetically it is not overwhelmingly evident to the naked eye. Almost every African American can relate to having a history of slavery, discrimination, coming from Africa, plantation culture, dark skin, curly hair, common ebonics language, poverty, low IQ, anti-white sentiment, victim-hood culture, etc. These are the strong common bonds that cement them all together. They have a herd mentality which makes them wonderful voters when you persuade them they are victims and need endless benefits.

      Whites are too intellectually, politically, socially diverse and they come from numerous different cultural, economic, religious backgrounds. They are not obsessed over the amount of melanin they possess and they do not have a victim mentality because of it.

      • David Ashton

        We have to try to improve this limited perspective among white people without negating our valuable diversity.

    • David Ashton

      We should learn from Jews in relevant respects – co-operation in face of common danger, advancement of heritage and self-interest, utilisation of propaganda fronts.

      Jews have no current interest in the disappearance of white Gentiles as a biological collective when the overpopulating third world also threatens Israel demographically and ideologically.

      A negotiated alliance for 2013-50 would make more sense that a recidivist conflict based on 1933-45.

  • Uncle Bob

    “It’s distressing. Black people have a brutally painful history of suffering in this country. It is a shameful story.”

    Yes, surely, some do. Some of other colors also do. However, are they not much, much better off than they would be if their ancestors were not brought to the “Land of Opportunity”? They could not even begin to count the things they would not have.

    I think it’s time they showed some deep and sincere appreciation.

    • Luca

      I don’t want or need any appreciation. They should have been left in Africa. It is a monumental mistake that no politician throughout history has had the courage or resources to address. Reimbursing slave owners and repatriation would have been cheaper in the long run than the costs of a civil war, reconstruction, welfare, affirmative action, housing, food stamps, criminal justice and the countless victims of crime.

      However, if we can spend $10-30k per year to incarcerate, surely we could give a select number and class of convicts the choice of incarceration here or a one-way ticket (absolutely never to return) to any country in Africa that will take them. We pay the host country a one-time fee (say $10k) and they can do as they please with their newly arrived immigrants.

      • Romulus

        That is a perfectly logical solution. If king George could bring them here they most certainly could’ve been returned. The failure of past leadership and agitation by the “deceivers” has led us directly to this fiasco.

  • jeffaral

    Who gives a damn about Mr Benjamin Stein’s opinion ??!!!

  • Romulus

    Notice how tribesmen always position themselves as casual observers!!
    Secondly, always using negative white racial inferences to make a point.

    • jeffaral

      Well, Mr Benjamin Stone can hardly conceal his deep seated hatred against white people.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Stein is saying as much as he can get away with saying. Walking the edge.
    What does he really believe? I know not, but if it were “unacceptable” I don’t think he would say it. Because he’s no idiot. Kudos to him.

    More importantly, think what you may of “the Jews”, in that Whites are the new Jews in terms of modern race baiting/scapegoating/genocide targeting… I’m noticing more and more of the sons and daughters of Abraham seriously rethinking the liblefty canon so many were steeped in. Reality slaps Jew and non-Jew alike with a big black fist and a faceful of raging negroness…

    The sensible Jew knows that when the bash mob comes a’bashing he can’t get a pass with pretending to be non-White – he gets bashed. As Jews leave the lie of liblefty ideology things will begin to change for real and for the better. Look at Bloomberg’s New York. If that’s “Jew York” then it’s a hell of a lot better than Dinkin’s version of New York (Detroit in the making)…

    • Blacks also specifically target Jews on a regular basis. Louis Farrakhan’s remarks are notorious in this respect. During the Crown Heights riots in NYC, blacks assaulted Hassidic Jews – and only them.

      • David Ashton

        Quite so: sometimes the case in England.

        Malcom X’s autobiography is worth reading for a “balanced” view on Jewish influence in “civil rights” as on black desire for white women.

    • David Ashton

      Yes, better that Stein said this than that he said nothing. The best is the enemy of the good, as the French say. Incidentally, most Jews do not regard blacks as their intellectual equals.

  • Ella

    It was presidential election year so Obama and his team had to fire up the Civil Right leaders and the Black voters to save the day from evil White people. The Media covers for Obama and his cronies.

  • Ella

    And where do you think this White Ethnostate supposed to reside, Eastern Europe like Latvia, Canada or US Pacific NW? No country will allow this without violence. We’re better off to have a floating city on platform at sea (not joking). There is more ocean than land.

  • I’ve met plenty of well-meaning liberals; my high school girlfriend was one. My gripe about them is that they tend to substitute wishful thinking for reasoned analysis.

  • David Ashton

    MSM is BSM.

  • Gislia Jackson

    One thing was missing from the whole Trayvon/Zimmerman ordeal. Not once do I remember anyone stating that Trayvon was an aspiring rapper, had a future in the NBA, or that he planned to become a doctor.

    • David Ashton

      He practised his brain surgery on George.

  • Frans

    “It’s distressing. Black people have a brutally painful history of suffering in this country. It is a shameful story.” I’m very tired of hearing this. It’s waaay in the past and gawd knows the white race has made up for it even though the majority of us had nothing, no. thing. to do with it. Billions and billions of dollars have been spent on blacks. Every imaginable “program” to elevate blacks has been tried at gigantic cost to us productive taxpayers. I don’t have to list them. You know all the endless “programs” there are to uplift the black. Has it worked? No, and primarily because no one wants to face the facts about blacks and I. Q. I’m tired of all the whining and complaining by blacks and the pandering and political correctness of the DWLs. Enough. Political correctness must end. Affirmative action must end. We must return to a merit-based system in everything or the country is doomed. Actually, it’s too late. The country is already doomed.

  • gemjunior

    These disgusting authors are always throwing in sympathy and whatever about blacks i.e. – how they were “brutalized” and all that drama. It still exists in the black consciousness because their has never been a new thought in any of their heads to replace it. If I hear any of that claptrap I automatically shut down. Sympathizing with these blacks only gives them an excuse to continue their dysfunction. I wish they would all take a plane or boat back to Africa and chimp on each other instead of us.

  • Bob

    For a rabid liberal like Stein to see the political lynching that went on in the case is refreshing. I don’t agree that Whites caused all the blacks problems in the first place, like he says in the second last paragraph but all in all I agree with him in this article. The logic is solid, black man?

  • David Ashton

    Fair enough re neo-cons, but you take the text first and its impact, and then worry about “who and what they are” (which is exactly what I said). Mutual dislike between violent Blacks and intellectual Jews is a development hardly disadvantageous to “our” people.