FBI to Track Latino Arrests for Uniform Crime Report

Huffington Post, June 25, 2013

The FBI will begin collecting nationwide data on ethnicity next year to be published in its annual Uniform Crime Report, making it possible to test the assertion of some advocacy groups that police arrest Latinos–a multiracial ethnic group–at higher rates than non-Hispanic whites. The recent move marks the revival of an earlier FBI effort to collect crime data by ethnicity, abandoned in 1987.

Currently, the FBI only tabulates arrest data by race, with categories for white, black, Asian or Pacific Islander, and American Indian or Alaska Native. Latinos, who can belong to any race provided they have Latin American heritage, effectively vanish from the agency’s published records.

The FBI’s new approach, decided on June 5 and noted in a post to its website, would bring the agency’s policy closer in line with the U.S. Census Bureau, even as that agency considers changing its classification of “Hispanic” from ethnicity to race. The FBI’s recent measure broadens the ethnicity categories from “Hispanic” to “Hispanic or Latino Origin” and from “Non-Hispanic” to “Not of Hispanic or Latino Origin.”

“Starting this year we are actively asking agencies to report ethnicity data once again,” Loretta Simons, a supervisory technical information specialist with the FBI, told The Huffington Post.


The FBI’s new policy also adds a fifth racial category by separating Asians from Native Hawaiians or Pacific Islanders.

The change is welcome news for the American Civil Liberties Union, which hammered the FBI’s data-gathering methods this month after releasing a report that revealed a stark bias against blacks for arrests related to marijuana.


Lynda Garcia, a fellow with the ACLU’s Criminal Law Reform Project, says excluding Latinos from national arrest statistics likely masks a similar arrest bias against Hispanics.


Garcia suspects that failing to gather data on Hispanic arrest rates may obscure the true arrest bias against blacks, since law enforcement generally classifies Latinos as “white.” {snip}

“If, in fact, Latinos are arrested at a higher rate than whites–which we presume they might be, then the disparity against blacks would be even greater,” Garcia said.


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  • The only bias that we know for a fact exists unconditionally is the bias to completely ignore statistical evidence to push politically correct mantras and policies. They are always fishing for the next pot of gold “proof” that shows that White people somehow oppress black people now and forever. If the ACLU was an actual civil liberties union without a bias of its own, then it would try and figure out how and why White people are identified as being perpetual instigators of hate crimes and interracial violence when White-on-black crimes are almost nonexistent when compared to the thousands and thousands of examples of black-on-White crime.

    We all know what this kind of reporting will show. The PC crowd will just move the mountain aside, pretending that it doesn’t exist, just to show you the molehill that they say causes it all.

  • Unfortunately it will take a few years or until the next census for the results to be directly attributable a definite latin population. This should have been done years ago.

  • IstvanIN

    When will the FBI separate white perps from hispanic perps?

    • The__Bobster

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they stopped reporting minority crime entirely. After all, NYC doesn’t want to report racial descriptions of their perps anymore.

    • dukem1

      Any questions?

  • Dave4088

    About time. Latino violent crime has been lumped in to the white crime rates and artificially inflates it. If you subtract that whites would probably have the lowest crime rates in the nation or very close to it.

    Of course, Latinos are only counted as victims at present which allows them to have their cake and eat it too and fool people like neo-conservative Ron Unz whose been trying to prove that Latinos are no more violent than white people.

    • Sick of it

      Ok, how could Latinos be no more violent than white people, simply considering the cultures their families came from and absolutely nothing else at all? That alone makes the very notion that their level of crime would be the same or less than that of white people totally ridiculous. People from a part of the world where folks are gunned down, have their throats cut, etc. etc. on a routine basis are not going to be normal, law-abiding people.

    • John Smith

      My observations have been that blacks are the most violent per capita followed by Hispanics. Whites are at the back of the bus when it comes to crime per capital by these three groups.

  • c684570

    Black men are arrested at the same rates in Detroit where the Chief of Police, police force, city council, and Mayor are all Black.

    Must be the White man’s fault.

  • Jefferson

    So does this mean the F.B.I will stop classifying 5 foot 3 Spanish speaking Amerindians as “White” ?

    • Sick of it

      Por que?

  • Dave4088

    It seems the change is being done for the benefit of blacks so there isn’t such a staggering difference between black and white. I’m sure the Latinos will give the blacks a run for their money in most crime categories although I predict that blacks will remain the undisputed masters for all time.

    • Sick of it

      Last figures I saw showed them committing violent crimes at about the same level.

  • JackKrak

    Bizarre that for years “Pacific Islander” has been on every government form but “Hispanic” was apparently just discovered recently.

  • The__Bobster

    Garcia suspects that failing to gather data on Hispanic arrest rates may obscure the true arrest bias against blacks, since law enforcement generally classifies Latinos as “white.”

    Really? I think it will show that you ugly brown squat monsters are more prone to crime.

  • Bo_Sears

    This is good news. Resisting Defamation has been campaigning about this since 1989 when we addressed the traveling commission preparing the 1990 US Census.

    The current method had the propensity to really bulk up the felony and statutory hate crime arrest statistics that portrayed the diverse white Americans as responsible for many more such crimes than were realistically performed.

    Newspapers and electronic media gleefully reported on “white” felony and statutory hate crime arrest numbers as part of the anti-white narrative. The old policy was stunning evidence of the federal government’s anti-white bias.

    Some commenters here are more interested in the black-white impact. This change will reduce their share of felony and statutory hate crime arrest numbers because about 10% of such crimes were reported to be “black” (and about 90% were reported to be “white”) and those stats will be shifted to the Hispanic perpetrator count.

    Resisting Defamation doesn’t believe that the proponents (who claim to need this change to get evidence of pro-white bias and anti-black bias) have really thought this through, but when the first statistics come out in late 2015 (the statistical collection will change in 2014) and will be mind-blowing. So we’ll be watching that closely.

    See our points on Facebook at Resisting.Defamation

  • libertarian1234

    Absolute nonsense as usual.
    It’s incredible that no high profile white is coming forward to say that Hispanics and blacks are arrested at greater rates, because they commit crimes at a higher rate.
    Instead of admitting their higher crime rates, the black and Hispanic leadership are complaining about the rate of arrests.
    And I’m betting the white weenies from academia agree that the rates should all be equal.
    Every time I think this country and the non-whites in it couldn’t go any lower they pop up and show me they can.

    • Sick of it

      Law abiding citizens should, more rightfully, complain that so many violent criminals don’t stay in jail for very long. They go in, pop back out and return to their life of crime.

  • bigone4u

    I love how libtards come up with stupid phrases like “arrest bias.” The implication is that Hispanics and blacks are arrested for crimes white people commit. You know the crimes I’m talking about–the ones on TV for burglar alarms where all the intruders are white males. How real are those TV commercials? About as real as “arrest bias.”

    • Sick of it

      They’re real, but the message they deliver is false with regards to statistical frequency. And it’s done for obvious reasons.

  • sbuffalonative

    “…making it possible to test the assertion of some advocacy groups that police arrest Latinos–a multiracial ethnic group–at higher rates than non-Hispanic whites. The recent move marks the revival of an earlier FBI effort to collect crime data by ethnicity, abandoned in 1987.”

    Is this a case of ‘be careful what you wish for?’

    I wonder is the same advocacy groups had any pressure to abandon the collection of this data in 1987. Were too many Hispanics being found to be committing too many crimes?

    This is a good move but I have no doubt, the FBI will make the data conform to ‘advocacy groups’ reporting methodology so we’ll have to watch the numbers closely.

    • sbuffalonative

      I forgot to mention that this mysterious change in abandoning Hispanics began one year after Reagan’s ‘one-time-only’ amnesty. Coincidence?

  • Randall Ward

    “Non-Hispanic whites”? Mexicans, etc. are not white
    unless they are of Spanish descent.
    Mexicans are oriental in their DNA.
    Native Americans are of oriental origin.
    Not only is their DNA oriental, their behavior is oriental. This is not
    my personal observation but the result of studies by knowledgeable people. Google it.

    By the way, I have lived all my life around
    Tex-Mex people and I never once heard them refer to themselves as “Hispanic”. As a Mexican-American man said to me last year; see that fat Mexican over there, that’s my father.

    • Romulus

      From the considerable research that I’ve read, the term should be Native Indian, not American. Of course, because a nation is created by a dominant tribe in a particular geography but NOT by the geography itself. America is a direct creation of the races of north and western Europe. As far as the term Mexican-American, the person will ALWAYS be a Mexican with an American address. People don’t change what they are simply by changing their location. True assimilation only works when humans have MORE common denominators, not less.

    • Jefferson

      If Mexicans behaved like Orientals, they would be overrepresented among America’s most prestigious universities and the percentage of single mothers on welfare would be low among Mexicans.

      Mexicans are nothing like Orientals.

    • WR_the_realist

      The non-white component of Mexican ancestry is central American Indian. Although the various new world Indian tribes have ancestors that came from east Asia long, long ago, there’s been enough time for there to have been some evolutionary divergence. Mexicans don’t look very Oriental and they don’t act Oriental. Because the word Hispanic is applied to so many different mixtures of white, black, and Indian, it’s about the most muddled racial category we have. But to the point of that article, the FBI has long put Hispanics in their own category when they are victims, so it’s long past time it tracked them separately as perps.

      • Jefferson

        According to the ACLU, all ethnic/racial groups commit an equal amount of crime, its just that certain ethnic/racial groups are either more privileged or do a better job of not getting caught while committing crimes.

        That is ACLU logic for you.

      • JohnEngelman

        The longer a racial group has practiced agriculture and civilization the lower its crime rate is likely to be, and the higher its average IQ. That explains the differences between Hispanics and Orientals, and between whites and blacks.

      • Sick of it

        The three basic racial classifications are still valid with regards to peoples all over the world. Some folks just don’t seem to take racial mixing into consideration for differences that crop up.

    • Sick of it

      Mexicans are a Caucasoid/Mongoloid/Negroid mix. Research has been done on this topic. Mixes differ by nation in the Hispanic world (meaning they generally came from Iberian folks and speak an Iberian language).

      • Randall Ward

        Sorry, you got it wrong about the Mexican people. I am not talking about South American Countries. I am speaking of the people in central America and Mexico that arrived in the Americas probably 25,000 years ago.

        • Sick of it

          Kk, feel free to go through the dozens of racial classifications the Spaniards used centuries ago…and then realize your argument makes no sense. They are triracial. Studies have been done on this subject since before you or I were born. Also, if you want me to be specific, those are studies of averages, so yes there will be some differentiation within the entire population of Mexico, as you will find variation within any population.

          Indians did not stay separate for centuries after contact with westerners…that’s the highly fallible argument normally used by liberals to prove a supposed genocide of Indian groups by American settlers. We have documents, family histories, archaeological evidence, DNA evidence, etc. that disprove the whole notion.

  • Romulus

    The only thing that the new categories will demonstrate, is that the majority of all crime perpetrated in America will be non European whites. Which,in fact will help illustrate our grievances for stricter immigration laws. Trouble is, the left douches and the grand ol fools, already know this. This won’t be news to either of them.

  • JohnEngelman

    When the emphasis is on arrest data the implication can be that non whites are treated more harshly than whites for the same crimes. The emphasis needs to be on different racial crime rates.

  • APaige

    So if the FBI collect data on Hispanics arrests it will prove a racial bias against Hispanics.
    If the FBI collects data on Hispanics arrest it will prove an even larger racial bias against Blacks, too?
    Two things we know for sure: 1. Black and Hispanics commit more crime and are therefore arrested at higher rates. 2. Hispanics increase the white crime rate.
    No ‘presuming’ needed.

  • Ella

    First of all, the avg. White population is about 40 in the US. I think US Latinos is 33. So the FBI might figure that illegal Hispanics actually do have the highest crime rate in America? /sarcasm US Whites have a similar crime rate (murder) to developed EU countries, about 1.52 to 2.1 p/100000.

  • TonyWestfield

    The eye that alters…alters all.

    Funny how the ACLU and the FBI (under the direction of the Obama adminstration) are essentially the same entity, infested with trouble-makers who can’t wait to discover the next new way to make Whites look bad and to make Blax look like an oppressed minority, unjustly accused and punished by a racist police state. And now the ACLU-FBI wants to give a makeover to the Hispanic-Latino-Chicano…what is the name, anyhow??

    Note: If your “ethnicity” can’t figure out what its name is, then you must be a mess of confusion in your DNA, your language(s), your myths, and everything else about you.

    Of course, the agitators at ACLU-FBI have got it exactly backwards and upside-down. The new statistical tracking will show the OPPOSITE of what they’re hoping for. The new stats will make it clearer than ever — although every person here at AmRem already has a crystal clear grasp of the truth — that criminal behavior rises or falls proportionately with the melanin content of the people in question.

  • Melanie

    I will guarantee that they’re not doing this on behalf of whites, or Americans in general. They’re doing it because Hispanics have shown themselves quite capable of running blacks out of any area where they become a majority near blacks or in former black strongholds.

  • Randall Ward

    There was no one to breed with at the time! A Japanese was elected president of Peru. That’s how close they are.
    I have worked with Mexicans all my life and I spent a year in Vietnam working with Vietnamese civilians; they think the same way. Google it and you will see the large amt. of publications that agree with me.

  • Bo_Sears

    Thanks, and there’s a lot more to do. Resisting Defamation likes to tackle discrete situations & slanders because small things provide the materials for the big bricks of the anti-white narrative. We call it using the thin edge of the wedge instead of the thick edge.

    We do push large interpretations of events from time to time. Recently we have been contacting hard left writers who moan about a divided America, and we briefly explain that what is going on isn’t divisiveness by Republicans, Conservatives, the Tea Party, or Libertarians….it’s a counter-revolution against the hideous outcomes of the slo-mo Sixties revolution which began as a revolution for free speech, and has morphed into hundreds of campus speech codes, none of which are free speech codes.

    We update our Facebook page frequently: Resisting.Defamation

  • Bo_Sears

    Resisting Defamation would like to withdraw a portion of its comments on this development. As we continue to study it, we keep discovering that some of the government-speak used in the FBI’s undated statement and several key points in the Huffington Post story are misleading. We regret that we spoke too quickly.

    Alas, this set of changes will not do what they seem to do.

    To clarify this would take a major article in its own right because so many of the words used have taken on such different meanings by different people. Interpreting federal government-speak is a tricky business.