Dry Asparagus Prompts Questions About Racial Discrimination in University City

Stephen Deere, St. Louis Today, July 17, 2013

A dried-out batch of asparagus has touched off a debate about racial discrimination, grocery stores and the role of citizen-led commissions.

It started in May when resident David Olander was perusing the produce section of the University City Schnucks. He noticed the asparagus weren’t resting in a tray of water.

“It was just sitting there dried out,” said Olander, a member of the city’s human relations commission.

Olander summoned an assistant manager, and then he asked the question: Did the quality of the asparagus have any relationship to the store’s location in a black neighborhood?

“‘I certainly hope not,’” Olander recalled the manager saying.

Olander’s experience prompted him to write a letter to Schnucks CEO Scott Schnuck, and out of that came a meeting with Schnucks employees.

But the letter and meeting were tinged with allegations that the St. Louis area’s largest grocery chain was discriminating against minority communities—accusations that Schnucks vehemently denies.

“Schnucks does not discriminate on any level,” said spokeswoman Lori Willis.

Most of these events occurred without the knowledge of the City Council—some of whom were upset to learn that someone representing a city commission had leveled racial discrimination accusations against one of the city’s long-standing businesses.


Mayor Shelley Welsch, however, doesn’t believe the commission acted outside its authority. The seven-member commission advises the City Council on a variety of matters to prevent discrimination and foster a welcoming environment. “If they perceive something is different, they have the right to ask why,” Welsch said.

In any case, the council last month forbade the commission to have any more meetings with businesses—including Schnucks—until the commission’s role was clarified by the city manager and city attorney.

Olander, meanwhile, stands by his actions.

The asparagus he saw back in May was a far cry from the asparagus he had seen at the Schnucks about eight miles away in Ladue, where it sat in water, looking beautiful, he told his fellow commissioners, according to a recording of the meeting.

Olander admitted to being in an “ornery mood” the day he visited the store. “I just felt like stirring it up a little bit, letting them know that somebody cares,” he said, according to the recording.

Olander also told the manager about his membership in the commission and asked her to give him a call with the store’s response. She never did, he said.


Olander said he tried unsuccessfully to get a meeting with the store’s manager. Then he fired off the letter to Scott Schnuck.

That move prompted a meeting with Olander; McGinnis; Ellen Bern, of the University City Chamber of Commerce; Elaine Williams, human resources manager for the city; and three Schnucks representatives, according to minutes.

Olander has insisted that his issues with the store didn’t solely relate to the asparagus, and at the meeting, numerous other complaints about the store were brought up, including: litter in the parking lot, general cleanliness, warm food coolers and out-of-date items being offered for sale.

Olander said Schnucks seemed to take the suggestions to heart. “My sense is that Schnucks is showing good faith in this matter,” he said.


As for the asparagus, Willis said Schnucks displays it uniformly at all its stores. On the day Olander visited, Willis said the tray of water in which the vegetable sat had simply tipped over. Employees quickly corrected the problem.

On a recent visit to the University City store, the parking lot was free of litter. A long row of geraniums greeted customers as they entered. In the produce section, everything appeared fresh.

Mike Johnson, 38, of St. Louis, was standing next to the asparagus—it was in water, and was an inviting shade of green. “It’s always been all right for me,” Johnson said of the produce.

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  • Thanks to AR for running this story.

    I do know that national chain fast feeders give lower quality foodstuffs to their ghetto locations. It’s not as if Bellcurvius has discriminating palettes, but they do have an insatiable appetite for food from 365BellCurve fast feeders. So why waste the best choices on them?

    That said, I’m tempted to think that Schnucks might be doing the same thing here. Trouble is, Bellcurvius isn’t exactly known for being asparagus aficionados, so there’s no incentive for the Schnucks Home Office to stick them with crummy asparagus.

    On top of that, there’s a simpler and probably more truthful explanation — If the U-City Schnucks they’re taking about here is the one on Olive close to Heman Park, then most of the employees at this Schnucks are probably black, (even though the Schnucks itself is close to the SWPL liberal heavily Jewish south-of-Olive part of U-City, while north of Olive is Bell Curve City), which means it’s catch as catch can when it comes to maintaining the fresh fruits and vegetables. This particular Schnucks, like many ghetto or close-to-ghetto big box grocery stores, probably also has a big problem with grazing (people eating food from packages and containers that are easy to open, without paying for it), and meat spoilage (taking a pack of meat from the meat freezer then not putting it back in the freezer when they decide they don’t want it or can’t afford it for the Kool-Aid Jammers they need to buy).

    I also imagine Mr. Olander is new to U-City, and hasn’t figured out that the SWPLs of U-City generally don’t shop at that Schnucks, that its customer base is mostly the north of Olive undertow. That said, fresh asparagus, or even canned asparagus, isn’t probably a big mover at that particular Schnucks. By contrast, the Schnucks in Ladue is probably 100% white in both patrons and employees, as Ladue is old money St. Louis.

    • ncpride

      With the problems you described, the grazing, poor employees in a black area, the shrink, and bizarre complaints from officials, who in his own words, was feeling ‘ornery’ that day, it’s no wonder these chains close up shop and refuse to do business in these areas.

      • So CAL Snowman

        I don’t see it that way, I mean THANK GOD this act of racism was nipped in the bud before the Klan showed up and started burning crosses in the frozen food aisle.

        • gemjunior

          Thank you for the best laugh I have had in a long time – the imagery of the clan hoisting up giant crosses in the frozen food aisle
          was enough to send me over the edge. How dare I laugh about something so terrible a part of our history? Easy when it’s lost it’s power after being overused over and over by the race-card playing negroes of America. I will always see the KKK, whenever they are mentioned, in the frozen aisle of the supermarket. LOL.

        • Alexandra1973

          Won’t someone think of that melting ice cream!?

      • Jacobite2

        This is still a family-owned business? Then why in the hell didn’;t they tell this c**n to bugger off, and then close the damned store? No white person needs to take this cr*p from some eejit who couldn’t spell ‘asparagus’ if you put a gun to his head (an absolutely tip-top idea, BTW). This uppity BS didn’t go in St. Louis not so long ago. My family came from St. Lou

      • Erasmus

        You should see the local Winco in my city. It’s a great store, but at all hours you can find entire families of illegals standing around the bulk food bins, fattening up for the Winter.

        • Pelagian

          I had to blink to see if you were talking about migratory birds or something lol.

    • Erasmus

      I’ll bet, however, that that particular Schnucks always has the freshest malt liquor and Kools stocking its shelves.

      (BTW, I’d never heard of Schnucks, and unless they had really low prices or there were nowhere else to shop, I can’t imagine shopping at a store the name of which always made me think of schumcks or shnooks.)

      • It’s more or less the dominant big box grocery chain of St. Louis and larger towns in the couple hundred miles around region. They tried planting themselves in Memphis but not too long ago pulled out. Schnuck is the family surname of the family that founded and still runs it.

      • dukem1

        Where I live we shop at stores called Giant, or, sometimes, Wegmans. Schnucks seems pretty bad, but brand-wise, at least it ain’t Piggly-Wiggly.
        That’s downright scary.

        • ncpride

          We don’t have Wegmans here, but I’ve heard there’re an upscale chain, much like our Harris Teeters here in the South. However, Kroger bought HT recently, so I’m not sure what sort of changes, if any, will be made. Apparently, the shareholders of HT are not happy with the deal struck and are suing to block the sale.

          • dukem1

            We go to Wegmans 2-3 times a year…Nice big place with upscale stuff not otherwise available. Usually spend 40-50- bucks on high class junk food.Funky cheese, rosemary focasia, lobster salad…
            Amren is making me hungry tonight.
            Whatever shall become of it all?

          • Kroger has bought a bunch of regional chains, including King Soopers here in Colorado. They keep these names because the locals know them, even though the store brand is “Kroger”, just like the Wal Mart store brand is “Great Value”.

            Wal Mart is generally cheaper, but I think King Soopers has better produce. King’s is also only a 30 minute walk down a nicely shaded bicycle path, so since we’re down to one operational motor vehicle, I walk there if I suddenly need something and the weather is reasonable. Prices at Safeway and Albertson’s are higher, for which Albertson’s almost compensates with a thick weekly coupon mailing.

            We always hit Costco when visiting my mother, but the only other times when we really go out of our way for groceries is the Pacific Mercantile in southern Colorado Springs (there’s also one in Sakura Square in Denver) for Japanese specialty food.

      • Pelagian

        1) You gotta give the Schnucks family a break on their good German name, and not make jokes about it. Google Hans Wilhelm Schnuck sometime.

        2) The backdrop of this controversey is Schnucks won the grocery-store wars in St. Louis by 1980 and were the unchallenged king. One of the things that made them financially successful is that they didnt put stores in dicey neighborhoods – white or black. It was an upper-middle class grocer. Of course the powers that be needed to change that and Schnucks were forced at gunpoint to put stores in the northside (some of which have closed already).

        3) Schnucks probably could have done a pretty good job at running mildly-profitable ghetto grocery stores too, ..(with the hiring of a C-level security consultant). But its exactly these kinds of “whistle-blowing” incidents that have made most of the black-area Schnucks unprofitable and mere “PR ventures” to stay out of the newspaper. If Schnuck’s stocks a bon-bon that would only be bought and served at a Ladue lady’s fashion tea party, they have to offer it in E. St. Louis too.

        4) Legendary St Louis Public Access videographer Pete Parisi use to say: “The real battle for the City of St. Louis is being waged in the meat department at Schnucks. As the ham hocks, pig snouts, tripe, and weird cuts of meat expand in the coolers … there goes your neighborhood.

    • Luca

      If I were the store manager, I would have perceived that this is nothing more than a shake-down. Mr. Olander wanted some “shut-up” money or he was going to raise discrimination hell. Apparently he graduated from the “The Rev. Al Sharpton School of Fund Raising” or read Jesse Jackson’s “How to Make Money off Da White Man”.

      My first reply would have been simple: “We’ll take care of it sir, thank you for bringing it to my attention, have a nice day”.

      If he got a little ornerier, i would have said: “Well, if you really don’t like the asparagus, you don’t have to buy it and if you don’t like anything else about this store, don’t shop here. You have choices if you didn’t like my first answer. Now don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

      Blacks perceive discrimination form the womb to the tomb. Everyday they wake up with a chip on their shoulder and like insatiable junkies they can never get enough of the White mans’ help and money.

      That’s what this was really about, maybe he had just got done watching Jerry Macquire and had been inspired by that famous line “Show me the money!”

    • TheAntidote

      Don’t forget about theft; employee and patron theft. I believe if you investigate, you’ll find that the U-City store is not profitable, and the other stores of the chain in the good areas keep it afloat.

  • ncpride

    My local grocery store has watermelons on sale this week. I wonder if city officials will demand to know if that somehow implies racial bias? For heavens sake, according to the comments on the original article, this was front page news. Sheesh…

    • gemjunior

      I could understand a stalk of broccoli, or should I say a floret head on a stalk?

      • I was in a Jewel around Thanksgiving a few years back when a black woman brought in celery she “bought this week” to exchange because it was “bad”. She had a receipt so the exchange was okayed. The celery she was returning looked like a bundle of sticks. After the black woman walked away I said to the manager, “There is no way she bought that celery this week, that’s last Thanksgiving’s celery”. All I got back from the manager was the “What can I do” shrug.

        • Erasmus

          That tops all the stories I’ve heard about high end clothing and jewelry bought and worn for a fancy party and then returned.

        • Celery doesn’t hold up very well. When I make gazpacho, I have learned to use the entire package of it. Of course, now I make gazpacho in six-quart batches.

      • dukem1

        “Stalk” seems a bit un-PC these days.

        • gemjunior

          That’s true, I hadn’t considered it. We must all change, we must remember to be more considerate and careful, when speaking our language, to try not to use such incendiary language as “stalk” – thank you for pointing that out….

    • So CAL Snowman

      All I know is if I go into my local grocery store and I see the peanuts SEGREGATED from the almonds I’m going to lose it. Mixed nuts only!

      • ncpride

        Ha! I knew after I read this article that I was in for some entertainment from posters here, and I have not been disappointed.

        • Only a St. Louisan could read social commentary into asparagus.

          Then again, this is the town where “hoosier” is an insult and where that thing you put dishes in is pronounced like a heavy metal.

          But what can I say? They’re my peeplez.

      • me

        The bakery is ‘racist’ because the white bread is separate….

        The laundry mat is ‘racist’ because they separate the whites from the colored….

        The ice cream parlor is ‘racist’ because they separate the vanilla ice cream from the chocolate….

        The Chinese restaurant is ‘racist’ because they don’t sell chitlins and collard greens….ditto Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Subway, etc…..
        We’re living in a ‘racist’ society, people…show some sympathy for the poor Bantu, who sees everything in “black and white”….

    • Watermelons have been on sale here as well. Can you guess why? It’s summer! I’ve turned out two batches of high-octane watermelon cider already this summer, and have two more fermenting now.

    • me

      I’m gonna go to Popeye’s and say that the food is ‘racist’ because they don’t have any wiener snitzel and sauerkraut…..

  • sbuffalonative

    Did the quality of the asparagus have any relationship to the store’s location in a black neighborhood?

    He’s a different question. Did the quality of the asparagus have any relationship to the store’s hiring black employees?

    It’s a black neighborhood so they likely had a largely black staff. Who are the people responsible for the produce?

    AR may find this one of the more ridiculous stories of alleged ‘racism’ but a similar thing happened here in Buffalo.

    A chain grocery story closed and the black writer for the Buffalo News talked about how bad the service and staff was but blamed the company for not training the staff properly.

    • MekongDelta69

      “AR may find this one of the more ridiculous stories of alleged ‘racism’ but a similar thing happened here in Buffalo.”

      It’s SO ridiculous that I’m glad every now and then AmRen runs a piece like this. It provides huge comedy relief in an insane world.
      [Btw, AmRen DID run a VERY similar piece to this some months(years?) back. Almost identical, but it was over some ‘alleged mistreatment’ of some other vegetable. I’m not making this up – I just couldn’t.]

  • MekongDelta69

    NO ASPARAGUS. NO PEAS… er… Piece… umm… I mean, Peace.

    • So CAL Snowman

      No justice, no peas! Trayvon Martin!

    • Luca

      Please don’t make fun of this very serious matter, he may have a civil rights case here.

      I looked this up in my Liberal/leftist shyster lawyer’s instruction manual:

      Claim that the dried asparagus looks like a group of green hooded Klansmen and compare it to a modern day lynching.

      If this fails, try claiming that it is a derogatory reference to hoodies and that it infers no justice for Trayvon.

      If this fails go back to chasing ambulances.

    • Visualize Whirled Peas.

      • me

        All we are saying….is….Give peas a chance

  • Spartacus


  • IstvanIN

    The parking lot in the ghetto Schnucks is messy because blacks dump their trash on the ground. Trash does not appear out of the ether. They would need a full time staff of street sweepers to keep up with them.

    The bad asparagus is no doubt due to black employees. There is a supermarket two miles from my home that I only use as a quickie-mart. It is a big chain that hires mostly blacks. I went in one day to pick up an item. I asked a clerk on the floor where said item might be located. His answer: “I don’t know, I work upstairs”. Not, I’ll find out or I’ll get someone who knows, just a brush off and walked away.

    The market where I do my regular shopping has a diverse staff (actually diverse with a lot of whites). They are actually helpful and pleasant. Blacks are not only our enemy they are their own worst enemy.

    • Enar_Larsson

      You’re absolutely right: the customers have more to do with a store’s environment than even the employees. My grocery store is staffed mainly by blacks but the clientele is basically all white and the store is always clean and tidy inside and out. I visited the Schnucks on S. Grand out of ignorance when I first moved here and while they had a surprising number of white staff (including armed guards) the place was completely trashed. So instead of going two blocks to the grocery store I drove 6 miles.

      • I overheard two black women who live relatively close to that Schnucks on South Grand agree that they both go to different Schnucks locations, because that particular Schnucks “has too many n****rs.” That it has, but that Schnucks is in the “We are the World” part of town where all the diversity converges, so that Schnucks is also a miniature United Nations.

        The Schnucks on South Grand is close to Knockout Martin Luther King country, where the Knockout “Game” was perfected to a ghetto artform.

        • IstvanIN

          The black know who causes all the problems, despite what they say.

    • Erasmus

      His answer: “I don’t know, I work upstairs”. Not, I’ll find out or I’ll get someone who knows, just a brush off and walked away.

      The employees of the federal government are disproportionately black by a gigantic margin. With a demographic representation like that, why ever, then, should anyone be surprised that government doesn’t work?

      • IstvanIN

        if the Feds had employees who could read and write they could reduce the federal workforce by 1/3.

        • So CAL Snowman

          Speaking of reading and writing, that’s why most minorities are Democrats. You have to be able to actually read and understand the Constitution in order to be a Republican.

          • Sick of it

            We need someone to explain it to John Boehner.

    • sbuffalonative

      I used to listen to local black radio. Blacks would wonder why their neighborhoods were covered in trash while the suburbs weren’t. None would ever state the obvious facts.

      In my neighborhood, I once watched a black man leave a connivance store. He put the bag on top of the flat top of a trash bin. He proceeded to unwrap stuff and throw the trash on the ground. Another guy was waiting at a bus stop eating chicken wings. When the bus came, he just dropped everything and got on the bus.

      Blacks are in total denial of the realty all around them.

      • connorhus

        Just a few months ago I was in the parking lot of the Outlet mall in Hazelwood waiting on my son and his girl friend who were inside shopping. While I was there I counted four separate car loads of Black women who drove up, parked, emptied bags of trash right out in the parking lot next to their cars and then went inside the mall.

        By the time my rather lengthy wait was over they had left and other cars were pulling in and actually pushing the bags out of the parking spaces with their bumpers.

      • Obviously we whites drive our trash into black neighborhoods – when we’re not at work or asleep – and dump it there.

        • sbuffalonative

          On local black radio, blacks have said that whites come to their neighborhoods at night and dump their trash in vacant lots. I read a post from someone in LA and he said blacks there believe the same thing. So it’s likely a belief held by blacks in many black communities.

          Blacks will believe anything except that they’re largely responsible for their own living conditions.

          • Why would we do that at night, when everyone is awake in those neighborhoods, and armed, drunk and/or stoned?

            We have curbside recycling in CS and so all the glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and steel goes out every other week. Aluminum goes to Wise, which pays me for it. The three of us produce so little genuine trash that we only put a can out every other month. Wal Mart takes plastic bags for recycling as well.

  • Enar_Larsson

    —Olander admitted to being in an “ornery mood” the day he visited the
    store. “I just felt like stirring it up a little bit, letting them know
    that somebody cares,” he said, according to the recording.—

    That’s so sweet; he cares so much that he went to a grocery store with the express purpose of finding traces of racism. I wonder how long it took to find the dried out asparagus…

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Wow. typical black shakedown of one of a business trying to do business in their neighborhoods/cities.
    Whites – do not do business in black run cities. Get out, sell out, whatever. let them complain and stir up trouble about NO asparagus.
    Footnote: might some locally hired shiftless son or daughter of Afreaka have been behind the “dry asparagus” racist incident?

    • A handful of years back, Schnucks built and opened up a location in the Bellcurviest part of St. Louis’s Bell Curve City. The City of St. Louis more or less paid them to do that; otherwise, it would have been a money pit to do so. The grocery business operates on razor thin profit margins as it is.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Makes no sense to try to do business in their areas beyond peddling Cisco and Thunderbird – but even then don’t dare actually retail it there. Get in, drop off, get out…

    • Truthseeker

      Whites – do not do business in black run cities. Get out, sell out,
      whatever. Let them complain and stir up trouble about NO asparagus

      Seriously. Who needs the headache? Running a business is hard enough without someone waiting to pounce on you for any perceived slight. If blacks are just as intelligent and capable as whites are, they should have no problems building their own businesses. And hey! Aren’t there government programs specifically designed to help minority-owned businesses?Take advantage of the opportunity and reap the profits!

    • TheAntidote

      Bingo. The negroes forgot or neglected to put the asparagus in the pan of water. But the White Man’s raycizm was to blame because no training was provided to offset the legacy of slavery.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      Occam’s razor. Instead of being some vast racist conspiracy to deprive negroes of fresh produce, the more likely and immediate reason for this shriveled asparagus was simply that some minimum wage store employee (probably hispanic) neglected to replenish the ice, hah.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Oh please, we’re supposed to believe that a black guy was considering purchasing asparagus?

    • Erasmus

      They didn’t say he was going to eat it.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        “Asparagus! Huh! (Good God, y’all) What else is it good for?”

        • dukem1

          Well, as Babe Ruth is said to have remarked, ‘It makes my urine smell.”

        • Lemon juice, garlic and parmesan cheese makes aparagus just fine. I prefer Brussels sprouts. My mother and my wife each think I’m criminally insane that way, but Ariadne loves them the way I do, with olive oil and pepper.

    • TheAntidote

      I suppose it all means the turnip tops and collard greens were just fine, but he had to complain about something because he was ornery.

  • The__Bobster

    It started in May when resident David Olander was perusing the produce section of the University City Schnucks. He noticed the asparagus weren’t resting in a tray of water.

    “It was just sitting there dried out,” said Olander, a member of the city’s human relations commission.

    Why, of course it was. It was there for decorative purposes. Bantus don’t actually buy asparagus.

  • So CAL Snowman

    I was perusing the comments on the original article and I found this gem from St. Louis Post Dispatch Editor Alan Achkar :

    “Many of you have wondered why we wrote this story, theorizing that our
    motives were to “race bait,” or were part of some undefined liberal
    conspiracy, or that we simply lost our minds. Let me assure you that we
    were not attempting to take sides or fan the flames of racial
    divisiveness. In fact, please note that the story does not take sides.
    It presents a fair, even-handed, unbiased telling of the details.

    So why did we write about it in the first place? Mr. Olander’s letter
    spurred a response from Schnucks, debate among city leaders, and an
    order from the city council for the human rights commission to stop
    meeting with businesses. The letter, in other words, spurred debate and
    action. That’s news. You may not like Mr. Olander’s opinion, and you
    have every right to disagree with him, but it became news. And that’s
    why we wrote the story. Would it have been better for us to simply
    ignore it? Our job is to shed light on interesting people, topics and
    debates in the area. That’s what we were attemping to do. Thanks for

    • I’m glad they did run it, to show how crazy the r-word industry has become.

      But this is the same newspaper who in 1991 drew editorial cartoons of anti-deseg school board candidates wearing Klan robes and hoods.

    • sbuffalonative

      Translation: ‘Blacks said they were outraged so we jumped into action lest WE be accused of not caring about black issues’.

      Whites are now their trained monkeys.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Mr. Olander, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

  • Anan7

    “Schnucks does not discriminate on any level,”

    Well you’re seeing the consequences of that now, aren’t you?

  • gemjunior

    Just when you think some people can’t seek any deeper into narcissistic self obsession, thinking that because they obsess about themselves, other people are also obsessing about them, or even focusing attention on them in any way. Or otherwise caring, when you clearly have a life to live. Could it be possible that there is something called “institutional insanity” which rages through the black community, as is purported by blacks about “institutional racism”? Sounds like it….

  • Puggg

    What happened? Is there true residential integration in U City now, so that libs in U City can worry about asparagus? Time was when the big lib complaint was that blacks lived north of Olive and whites lived south of Olive, even though nobody who lived south of Olive was in a hurry to move north of Olive.

  • So CAL Snowman

    I have a dream that my children will one day live in a nation where they
    will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the dryness of
    their asparagus.

    • I shouldn’t be as chatty on this thread, either.

      • DiversityIsDeath

        “Look at dis image of the ‘sparagus in black grocery. As a black man I am OFFENDED dat dis here ‘sparagus be bound an’ shackled. Tied down an’ whatnot. Whatchoo crackers insinuatin’?”

  • Skip Wellington

    But hold on . . .

    Are we talking about asparagus tips or spears?
    Racism hides in messages everywhere we look.

    Has the Reverend Jackson been notified?

    • IstvanIN

      No, not spears! That would be racist!

      • Blacks don’t tip, so the former would alas, also be racist. Dat dere racism be sneaky. Gnome sayin?

  • din_do_nuffins

    This story improves my commitment to human relations. I refuse to have relations with his kind- the risks and dangers are too high, and the only benefit is earning more continuing education credits for my N’rology Certification, for which I get plenty just watching TV commercials.

  • Johnny99

    Oh, cripes, now the asparagus beez rayciss. Does the whining ever stop with these people? Is there any inconvenience, mishap, mistake, or act of God that is not directly attributable to racism? I’m just at a loss. The veggie was not in water so the whole company is racist. Just too much.

    • jane johnson

      Calm down; it’s all about disparagus impact. Perfectly reasonable to a lefty.

  • David Olander, a U. City resident and member of the city’s Commission on Human Relations …..

    He is possibly a pediatrician as well.

  • The Final Solution

    Exactly why a man needs bull bars on the front of his truck. To absorb the damage. Can’t believe these stupid leftists had their windows down and were actually trying to reason with them. How dumb can you be?

  • Caucasoid88

    Olander admitted to being in an “ornery mood” the day he visited the store. “I just felt like stirring it up a little bit, letting them know that somebody cares,” he said, according to the recording.

    Ornery. The cause of every bit of noise spouted from Bantus.

  • IstvanIN

    he has got to be a white DWL. City web site doesn’t have his pic but all signs point to him just being a trouble maker over something blacks would never have noticed.

    • I tried finding a pic too on a city website. No luck either.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    We should all have such spare time.

  • [Guest]

    If Obama ate asparagus, it’d look like the dried-up asparagus at the University City Schnucks.

  • Pelagian

    Mayor Shelley Welsch, however, doesn’t believe the commission acted outside its authority.”

    Pelagian says: gutless, waste-of-space Mayor, reflexively defending a commission that will now make her city the laughingstock of the Internet..

    “In any case, the council last month forbade the commission to have any more meetings with businesses—including Schnucks—until the commission’s role was clarified by the city manager and city attorney.”

    Pelagian says: These City Councils are so out of control on race, sex, and LGBT political correctness these days that ordinances get passed without the ordinance being fully vetted. No one wants to be “that guy” who asks “What is this commission going to DO?” and thereby be branded a racist/sexist/homophobe.

  • Pelagian

    I’ll bet menthol tips outsell asparagus tips in this store.

  • DelmarJackson

    no justice, no PEAS

  • Menstruella Jones

    “Letting them know that somebody cares” = Confrontational and contentious congoloid.

  • Creepy as a cracker!

    This proves that when it comes to dealing with blacks, everything is about race!

  • Sloppo

    I’m white and I feel discriminated against because it’s really hard to find those giant rims for low-profile car tires in my neighborhood.

  • dd121

    The left tells the blacks that the reason they’re failures in life is there there are racists under every rock holding them back. Memo to blacks: no, you’re a failure all by yourself.

  • jane johnson

    Disparagus impact.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    You must be joking. The Black community considers this nutjob to be a serious leader? David Olander is a moron.