Are the Suburbs Where the American Dream Goes to Die?

Matthew O'Brien, The Atlantic, July 23, 2013

Rumors of the American Dream’s demise have been greatly exaggerated–at least in parts of America.

That’s the message of a new study that looks at the connection between geography and social mobility in the United States. {snip} But if you want to move up, don’t move to the South. As you can see in the chart below from David Leonhardt’s write-up in the New York Times, the American Dream is on life support below the Mason Dixon line.


So why does a kid from the bottom fifth in the South or the Rust Belt have such a hard time making it to the top fifth? It’s not how progressive local taxes are. Or the cost of college. Or how unequal a place is. At least not much. The research team of Raj Chetty and Nathanial Hendren of Harvard and Patrick Kline and Emmanuel Saez of the University of California-Berkeley found that these factors only correlated slightly with a region’s social mobility. What seems to matter more is the amount of sprawl, the number of two-parent households, the quality of elementary and high schools, and how involved people are in things like religious and community groups.

The suburbs didn’t quite kill the American Dream, but a particular type did. That’s the low-density and racially-polarized suburbs that have defined places like Atlanta. Indeed, as you can see in the chart below from Paul Krugman, there’s a noticeable relationship between a metro area’s density and its social mobility.


As usual, the elephant in the room here is race. So let’s address it: the researchers found that the larger the black population, the lower upward mobility. But on closer inspection, this has something to do with population density too. I went back to the Census data, and looked at the same ten cities Krugman did, but this time I compared their population-density ratios and the percent of their population that’s black. There isn’t nearly a perfect relationship–look at Boston or Dallas or Houston–but there is a relationship.


Now, it’s not that suburbs outside the South and Rust Belt are some kind of integrated utopia–far, far from it–but rather that density changes things. Well-off whites who work in the city and live close by have an interest in paying for the kind of public goods, like mass transit, that benefit everybody. Well-off whites who live far away don’t. {snip} This malign neglect of infrastructure keeps low-income people from living near or commuting to better jobs–and that’s not a a race issue. Indeed, the researchers also found that whites and blacks in Atlanta both have a hard time moving up. In other words, racial polarization might spur sprawl, which makes cities less likely to invest in their infrastructure–and underfunded infrastructure hurts low-income people of all races.



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  • I live in Houston, and have lived in Dallas.
    Mr. O’Brien, those skewed results are because of the high number of Mexicans living in those cities.
    Don’t get me started on all of the turbans I see on a daily basis.

    • Jefferson

      How close do you live to Houston’s Bantu infested 5th Ward ?

  • anarchyst

    We don’t want to live with n I 9 9 e r s . . . simple as that!

    • Ed_NY


  • So CAL Snowman

    “So let’s address it: the researchers found that the larger the black population, the lower upward mobility.”

    ” Indeed, the researchers also found that whites and blacks in Atlanta both have a hard time moving up”

    According to the 2010 US Census, Atlanta is 54% black. This study confirms that the larger the black population the lower the upward mobility FOR EVERYONE (not just black people). Then they say upward mobility is not a race issue because low income Whites struggle to make it in a MAJORITY BLACK CITY! I think I want my money back please.

    • White Mom in WDC

      As I noted on a prior thread, Blacks are about Communism cloaked as commuuuuuiuunity. The Black community is about conformity to the nth degree. In ghettos and the like, blacks that work and go to school are chastised by neighbors et al for being ‘white’ or exceptional. Their communities are communist enclaves where misery loves company, that’s why there is no upward mobility. Now this cancerous communism is trying to infect other communities via Section 8 and HUD.

      • Romulus

        Good point. The root of the word communism is ,of course commune!

      • borogirl54

        Many landlords see Section 8 as a good deal because the government pays the majority of the rent. But will they help you when the tenant vacates and trashes your property causing thousands of dollars in damages? At this point, you are probably on your own to make the necessary repairs to make the unit rentable.

        • gemjunior

          Exactly. My husband owned a three family house in Brooklyn in the ’80s and ’90s but eventually he had to get rid of it because he could no longer tolerate the nonsense from Section 8 tenants. He was getting an ulcer. After not paying her rent for 4 or 5 months, and my husband over there periodically asking her for the rent – she told him “Why you come here all the time bothering me?” She was Dominican. She used to sit on the stoop pregnant all the time, smoking cigarettes and yelling at the kids. But she really thought she was being harassed and was not at fault. Was she a simpleton, or crazy like a fox? The city was no help and actually helps the loser and is against the landlord, you absolutely are not allowed to throw them out.

          • NM156

            That does not happen any more. A few police reports means the Sec. 8 tenant is out, out, out, without any interference from the county court system.

          • Stomach ulcers are caused by bacteria. Antibiotics quickly knock out most stomach ulcers.

    • Sick of it

      The reason is because they typically don’t create anything with the wealth they accumulate or waste, except more mouths to feed. Those of in the South have seen this trend for a very long time.

    • jane johnson

      That’s why it’s called the black undertow: it is the opposite of the “rising tide” that lifts all boats.

    • borogirl54

      I always wondered if this effects the middle and upper class blacks that live in predominately black upper class neighborhoods like South DeKalb in Atlanta?

    • Michelle

      Lol seriously. Can you believe they actually wasted their time doing a study to tell us exactly what we already know. That blacks are useless and never amount to anything. They’re black plague can bring down an entire city.. We knew all that without the study.. But i guess incase there was doubt in anyones mind the black race is a useless good for nothing bunch, here’s the actual scientific proof. Lol

  • YourMOMA

    North Fulton county pays for survival of south Fulton county (most of Atlanta). The freeways are packed in the morning with white people going to work and in the evening coming back to suburbs. The reason citizens of North Fulton county want to break away from Atlanta and make their own county can be witness everyday by driving through Clayton County. Blacks took over and the whole place just became Zimbabwe. In Atlanta, whites live in suburbs at least 30 minutes away from the hellhole and commute in traffic everyday so their children can go to nice schools and live in good neighborhoods.

    • bob

      Don’t worry, the black hordes will be headed your way once the finish turning Atlanta into the next Detroit

      • Jefferson

        Atlanta is is Detroit with warmer yearly weather.

    • Romulus

      This phenomenon is occurring everywhere blacks are at least half or more of a given population. Judging from their map above, the reddest areas must constitute the greater % of blacks.

      • The New Mexico & Arizona red spot is on the Navajo and Hopi reservations. I rate the Navajo much higher than I do the Hopi at civilization.

        • Romulus

          I’ll go with that. From what I remember from readings, I think the Lakota sioux and Anasazi had fairly decent advancement for Amerindians.

          • The “Anasazi” is really the old Athabaskan word for “Ancient Enemy”. They’re just Pueblo people; they’re still around.

      • CharlesFinley

        I don’t know kidding. (-:

    • borogirl54

      I know North Fulton wants to reform Milton County and get away from Fulton County. I hope they succeed.

  • AutomaticSlim

    “the researchers found that the larger the black population, the lower
    upward mobility. But on closer inspection, this has something to do with
    population density too”

    Sounds like an excellent reason to end welfare/food stamps/head start/public housing/medicaid/etc..And anything else that allows them to reproduce like an ant heap.

  • IstvanIN

    Whites who don’t want to pay for poleese in da skoos, who don’t wants to pay fo new streep lights, ober an ober agin, who don’t wants to pay fo mo and mo wefare fo da babees, is da cause ub da situation in da black commoonity.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “…if you want to move up, don’t move to the South.”


    Let ‘d see Mississippi is 60 percent white, 37 percent black. Vermont, which is 96 percent white, 1 percent black.

    Now in which state would be the more “socially mobile”?

    It’s a puzzle. I just can’t figure it out.

    • Romulus

      My nephews buddy is from Vermont. At his birthday party, sh e informed me that Vermont “used” to be nice. It is now filling up with another problem. Leftists,the tribe,rainbow people, and haji.

      • Puggg

        Vermont is where all the white libs from big northeastern cities, especially New York, flee to to get away from the diverse consequences of their own actions. Those same liberals will soon demand that their new state becomes more diverse.

        • Romulus

          The rerun commercials for Southern new Hampshire university will encourage migration north. The entire continent is being leveled with the rest of the planet. I would prefer they all go meet whoever they pray too.

        • Jefferson

          Vermont Whites are even more left wing than California Whites. Obama won a higher percentage of the White vote in Vermont than he did in California.

          Obama won something like 66 percent of the White vote in Vermont. Not even in California was the percentage of Whites who voted for Obama that high.

          • Puggg

            ME, MA, VT, OR, WA, DC. The only “states” where Obama won white men.

          • Romulus

            All states where they engage in deviant sexuality.

      • Luca

        Tell your friend in Vermont she is looking at the leading edge. Once the tribe moves in, the savages are soon to follow. People will be so preoccupied with the savages they won’t notice the other little changes taking place. The savages are diversionary pawns.

        • Romulus

          How right you are!! In an earlier thread, I referred the readers to an article in a few weeks past issue of USA today about the tribe moving to Montana. It is estimated that there are between 1500 to3000 and more coming. If America falls, a famous Europeans ghost will say ” I told you so”

  • Kit Ingoldby

    ” researchers found that the larger the black population, the lower upward mobility”

    ”and that’s not a a race issue.”

    Ok then.

    • Michelle

      Lol funny they made sure to put that “and that’s not a race issue” line in there, knowing any black person who read it (assuming they can read) will scream racism. They’ll bring it straight to the NAACP, who will claim the guys conducting the statistics are all racist.. Cause of course anything that proves black people are the most useless race, is racist,even if it is nothing but true facts. So to cover their asses from complaining black people, they put in that line about race not being an issue even though anyone who can read can clearly see the entire study is about race.. Since that exempts illiterate blacks,they don’t have to worry,but just incase Jesse Jackson comes knocking at their door,they can say ‘see it says right here,its not about race’, while giving white people a wink. Lol

      • IanJMacDonald

        Maf be raciss.

  • Archibald_Cunningham

    As usual, the elephant in the room here is race. So let’s address it: the researchers found that the larger the black population, the lower upward mobility. But on closer inspection, this has something to do with population density too.

    Population density should make upward mobility easier. Big cities are usually overflowing with opportunities for intelligent and creative people. It’s people who live in small towns who usually lack these opportunities. But of course people need to find some correlation/reason to explain away every type of black dysfunction, other than the most glaringly obvious racial one.

  • connorhus

    Now take this article and add to it the HUD article the other day. Divide by Detroit and then multiply by Obummers Agenda 21 wealth redistribution and I think we can all see where this is going.

    The Liberal/Progressives have been coordinating and are now unleashing their newest push to demand the suburbs begin financing the cities.

    • Ed_NY

      We all know that’s coming next, but if the HUD has their way, all black ghettos and all White suburbs will be a thing of the past.

    • Romulus

      Yes, that is exactly it. City wage taxes anyone!

  • bigone4u

    Profs create these kinds of studies to justify a new federal “strategic initiative,” aka social engineering. In this case, it’s “equality,” aka the impoverishment of whites. Blacks never move up because they’re incapable of it, but the government knows how to pull whites down.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Right on. The social engineers and their minions in higher education are trying to spread the covetous cancer called Communism. Next thing you know we will be expected to share our homes with these masses of turdheads, think the movie Dr. Shivago

      • bigone4u

        I saw some data that showed smart white women are paid about a third of what equally smart Hispanic women are paid. That kind of reward for having brown skin and a Frito Bandito accent is outrageous. AA benefits Mexican and black women much more than it does white women.

        • MerlinV

          Yes, and all this brings about the end-game — the destruction of the white male. When he goes all will return to the stone age. HE is the one that built everything. So keep on with the affirmative action, keep on joining the brothas against the white man. Eventually it will turn on them. Then they can all move to the jungle with their new men folk and their Africanized hybrid children.

      • Romulus

        Guess which tribe the social engineers have always been in the US!

        • White Mom in WDC

          The white European hating Jews. They really hate whites, especially us North Western Europeans. Dammit, we just won’t die off!

        • IstvanIN

          and Europe, and the UK and the Commonwealth.

          • Romulus

            I see I was deleted again. I think I’ll be taking up this particular kind of moderation at the next conference.

      • Romulus

        I knew I was right. Depending on the language used when DISQUSSING the tribe or if someone tries to add a website for reference that addresses them, your comment will get deleted more often than not.

        • White Mom in WDC

          Makes you wonder who is sponsoring Amren

          • Romulus

            It probably has a lot more to do with who is WATCHING and COLLECTING data from amen. Whenever I try to recommend professor Kevin MacDonald’s website, I get moderated, depending on how I word the post.

  • borogirl54

    I lived in Atlanta for 13 years. Most whites moved north up to Forsyth County that has been historically white. I remember when we first moved to Atlanta in 1990, my husband and I went up to Forsyth and looked at some houses. The real estate agent told us that if a black family wanted to move up there, she would try to discourage them because they would have problems with the white residents. The difficult thing is that she could lose her license if she refused to show a black family property in that area.

    • YourMOMA

      North Fulton is predominantly white and Forsyth is probably 99.5% white as well. Blacks with money, Koreans, and Indians have been moving into Johns Creek and Alpharetta areas for a while now. Young middle class people realizing that even Dunwoody is falling in the hands of Section 8 folks and right now is a good time to run for the hills.

      • borogirl54

        Dunwoody used to be a nice area 20 years ago. We used to go to church off of Chamblee-Dunwoody road.

      • saxonsun

        The boroughs of NYC are loaded with Asians of all kinds–it’s hard to find white people.

    • willbest

      Haven’t businesses relocated out of the city yet? In Chicago the reverse commute is just as bad or worse on some expressways now. Now if only suburban cook would sucede

  • sbuffalonative

    “What seems to matter more is the amount of sprawl, the number of two-parent households, the quality of elementary and high schools, and how involved people are in things like religious and community groups.”

    Blacks like to be in groups so they don’t like sprawl. They need places to congregate. Rural sprawl isn’t good for forming flash mobs.

    Two parent homes. How long have people been harping on that issue and have blacks ever listened or acted?

    When schools were white, they were pretty high quality.

    As for groups. People want to be in their own groups. White groups are successful and charged with ‘racism’ and told to integrate. So groups rarely form anymore. Someone will complain. Lawsuits will be filed. The government will intervene. Why bother?

    • AutomaticSlim

      ” They need places to congregate.”

      Yes, that is true.
      A moderately sized scaffolding has recently been put up a few blocks from my place, and the blacks immediately started hanging out under it, like a bunch of bats.
      It is very obvious they are enjoying the fact that they are blocking the walkway.

      • baldowl

        I call these gatherings ghettogethers.

      • ms_anthro

        Get a large dog, preferably a Doberman or German Shepherd, and walk it through there daily. I can promise you they’ll find somewhere else to hang out.

        • Puggg

          Get a pug with a particularly squeaky noisy obnoxious bark.

      • saxonsun

        They do the same thing everywhere. And they don’t share sidewalks either. And they deliberately refuse to obey the social contract.

        • When I was in federal prison, some of the NNs – New “Negroes” – loved to block a doorway pretending to have an important conversation. That “stuff” never lasted very long.

          • joesolargenius

            I always found it amusing when a black coworker would play the tough guy while in the midst of many others including a supervisor whom would take their side , yet when they wandered around a corner in the back of the Plant and came face to face with one of their White victims with no one else present to protect them , the only words out of their mouth were (hows it going or whats up )!

  • John R

    How about a study on the impact of black peoples’ behavior on White attitudes about blacks? Oh, I know, that would mean that blacks have some responsibility toward how Whites view them. And we all know that anything negative occurring is entirely White peoples’ fault.

  • Spartacus

    The American Dream died when America let jews in.

    • JohnEngelman

      Why do you think so? Because you can’t compete with them?

      • Spartacus

        You mean because I can’t live like a parasite in a nation that is not my own ? Yeah, that’s not an area where I can compete with them, I’ll admit it…

        • JohnEngelman

          Jews belong in the United States. They are not parasites. They pay their way.

          • Spartacus

            Oh they payed alright. Feminism, the 1965 immigration act,affirmative action, sexual degeneracy – all of it was the jews’ “payment” . And look how well off America is today…

  • APaige

    Here it is: If well-off whites do not pay (more) for infrastructure, than blacks who live in isolated areas, single parent families, poor schools, and no sense of community will fail to rise on the socio-economic scale. Is ‘racial polarization’ Latin for I do not want to live by blacks?

  • CJ Haze

    Time to submit an article. I have two generations of anecdotes from 1965 to 2013 documenting life in Atlanta.

    My analysis comes from a poor, lower-to-middle class perspective; from the Atlanta Child Murders, to Neal Boortz deflecting a AA question on-air in 1991, to bouncing in Atlanta clubs, to Georgia Tech insider email crime alerts, to Freaknik, to bussing (mom was on the discplinary schoolboard of Atlanta for six years), to Dominique Wilkins calling me a honkey when I asked him for an autograph at 8 years old, to seeing a “kill whitey” sticker on a lightpost in West End that has been there for fiver years, to Afro-American Santa at Dekalb Mall, to a black guy trying to fight me with a child on his shoulders at Music Midtown, to being in grad school and watching films where our professor asked us to repeat “I a African”(no typo), to hearing about my father being in race riots in the 70’s at Stone Mountain High School, to watching a black guy pull a pistol because — on the day he died — a white guy was playing Michael Jackson, to countless events where race trumped business, justice, order and peace in Atlanta.

    36 years in Atlanta and I could write on and on about the racial division

    • Spartacus

      What was the point of the “I a African” exercise ?

      • CJ Haze

        Much too long of a story to post. Basically, we watched a film where a white guy rapped about equality. The film was “The Rap Guide to Evolution” by Baba Brinkman. The point was to show that everyone comes from Africa. Our professor asked us to say “I a African” repeatedly. A is used in place of ‘an’ because — as Baba explains — the n pronunciation takes away from the word African. The whole exercise was frivolous.

        • Spartacus

          Brinkman – Need I ask you about what tribe he’s from ?

          • CJ Haze

            I get your inference, but it takes a back door to his masculinity. Wiggers lack identity and confidence. I would venture a guess that Brinkman’s appeasement comes not from his ‘tribe’ but from his lack of guile. In other words, he’s a p-ssy.

    • Truthseeker

      Sounds like an interesting article.

    • jane johnson

      What was the question that Neil Boortz deflected? I’m a fan of his, but had never heard of him until after 2000.

      • Epiminondas

        Boortz is a libertarian, but he’s always invoking the name of M. L. King like it’s some magic elixir that could cure us. If only. King would be just another race hustler today if he were still alive.

      • CJ Haze

        I called his show in the summer of 1991. My father is an engineer and he bid for Olympic contracts (we are from Atlanta). He won one and was ecstatic. It turned out, the city mandated minority firms get contracts and parts of the profits (legacy of Maynard’s millionaires). My father was going to do all the work but receive half the credit and profits. He declined. I called Boortz and — after waiting for over an hour — brought this up to him. He hung up on me and said “ya know, sometimes… Ya just know how things are going to go.” I was 14. The only reason I called is because I ran it by my boss and he thought it was a good question. My boss was black; I worked for a family-owned, all-black press shop. They all were conservatives and listened to talk radio all day.

        Boortz was a coward and ran from a legitimate question about race-based quotas. A question asked by a teenager with zero hate in his heart.

        • guest 2

          Well, who do you think Boortz really is?

          • anarchyst

            boortz is a member of the “tribe” . . .

    • IanJMacDonald

      Please do.

  • Puggg

    Steve Sailer has done this story several times already about the mobility map.

    Remember, this is is a map of income mobility in both directions. So a high percentage county could be mobile in either poorer to richer or richer to poorer, while a low percentage county could be rich but income stagnant county or poor but stagnant county. You can not necessarily take from this map whether a county is rich or poor by itself without understanding other factors. However, it is obvious that the counties of the Mississippi Delta are low percentage for stagnant poverty (black) while the counties of western North Dakota are high percentage for high income mobility from poorer to richer (oil boom).

    Sprawl is a stupid excuse (leftists, what else?) because sprawl mainly happens because whites are driven out of ghetto counties into whitopia counties. This means that in the ghetto counties where whites are leaving, there is a seriously high income mobility in the downward direction on average, therefore such a county on this map should indicated as high percentage.

  • IKantunderstand

    What’s next? Excessive consumption of watermelon leads to deleterious impact on I.Q.? Extreme dependence on hair straighteners and weaves causes an increase in out of wedlock pregnancy? Addiction to EBT, SNAP, Section 8 and Obama phones, predicates an increase in crime? Wait, hmm, that last one actually makes sense. Obviously, that theory will never be put to the test.

  • Whites moved into sprawling suburbs because blacks made many urban areas completely unlivable for us. The fact that they are now complaining about white flight, even though they drove us out proves blacks simply don’t “get it”, and never will.

    • IanJMacDonald

      They complain about our incurable “racism,” but they sure do want to live around us.

      • Creepy as a cracker!

        Moving to the suburbs to get away from blacks is inherently racist. That’s right, I am a racist. I do not want any blacks anywhere near me or my family.

        • IanJMacDonald

          I have trouble with the term “racism,” a sort of empty-vessel word into which the audience is free to pour meaning. I understand the term “racial preference.” Likewise I understand the terms “racial prejudice,” “racial realism,” and “racial animosity.” I admit to having racial preferences. I tend to socialize exclusively with people who share my European heritage. Racial prejudice I do not have as I am not willing to judge an individual merely according to his membership in a “racial group” (however defined). To the charge of racial realism I must plead guilty. The facts of human bio-diversity, of clusters of alleles, of various natural talents and proclivities unequally distributed across the different branches of the human family, are well established. To the charge of racial animosity, that is to say hating people because of their ancestry, I plead innocent. Hating someone based on their accident of birth is silly.

  • Sick of it

    They could shove everyone into megacities, but the economic problems won’t magically disappear. Outsourcing and free trade agreements have ruined America.

    • The problem is that anyone in their right mind would just leave those creations.

      America was not ruined by what you think. It was ruined by blacks. The Mexicans are an aftershock. African blacks wrecked the United States.

  • Evette Coutier

    Racial equality: the big lie of this century.

  • MekongDelta69

    Paul Krugman is a leftist POS.
    Which is why the TRUTH is exactly 180 degrees from this article.

  • Romulus

    Joe Kline can s**k a root!! That douche lives in Pelham NY , which is 98% white!,yet he espouses the joys of die-versity. The Atlantic is an uber trash liberal magazine that sings praises of the death of traditional America. In a 2009 article, on the cover screamed ” THE END OF WHITE AMERICA. These black cheerleaders will
    Blame indirect racism (white flight) and champion this study as ameans to depopulate the densest areas of blacks to wherever Whitey is moving.

  • Mike Lane

    Atlas is shrugging I guess.

    • The ceiling he has held up is now falling apart around him. Atlas has not shrugged in the USSA; his burden rotted out from inside and then collapsed.

  • A Freespeechzone

    WHY is ALWAYS OUR fault they aren’t achieving the ‘American Dream’?

    WHY can’t THEY take responsibility for their failures? They don’t for mine.

  • borogirl54

    This guy had some good ideas but as far as Asians go, he was only dealing with new immigrants, not families who have been here for five or six generations. These people have assimilated to the American way of life, they speak English many have college degrees and are professionals.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Right on. How does on define upward mobility anyhow? What’s the use of making alot of money if your quality of life is the pits?

    The commies are trying to destroy white culture, but instead we will just get stronger and more self reliant. These people just don’t get it.

    Then with the Castle Doctrine and SYG in play, there is no need for law enforcement. Also, as people entertain and work more at home, lots of entertainment venues will go busy- which certain group will lose out here?

    Yeah, these researchers are idiots

    • ms_anthro

      Good point, WM. We will have to become more insular and rely on our own communities more heavily for professional and social opportunities, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Unity is strength.

      Of course, this is exactly how Balkanization in the USA will begin, isn’t it? Whites will close ranks against outsiders and build our own small oases in a desert of savagery. The question is how far can we retreat before there’s nowhere else to go?

      • White Mom in WDC

        We will be in city states of sorts where we will have citizen militia that will communicate with one another. City state A could warn City state B etc when a band of groids is out attacking etc and then B could prepare. We would essentially have to develop our own codes for communicating and expressing messages. Messengers could traverse between city state to city state spreading the word. This could be done on foot, phone, email… Over time though, this will become hard due to our government’s need to snoop. It will never break the steel will of the White race. We also have to find ways of getting SAs into the States

        • Romulus

          One effective mode of communication is CV radio. Old school but very simple to operate. It isn’t reliant on really fancy electronics either. Also take preparedness quiz. Nat geo/doomsday peppers will give you an analysis and /or assessment of your needs and skills.

  • borogirl54

    That is one reason why people are ordering things online instead of having to go to stores and deal with the public, especially black Friday when people are fighting over the last Playstation that is on sale.

    • NM156

      I’ll say. The transformation of my local mall to a polyglot casbah is almost complete. I honestly didn’t see one white American throughout the entirety of the mall. It’s bizarre, especially since the area it’s located in is predominantly white.

      • Epiminondas

        I’ve seen the same phenomenon in Atlanta. The Lenox and Phipps Plaza malls are swarming with blacks, even though few live in the area. But it has especially impacted Lenox, which is located right by a MARTA station (Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta). I know this is depressing white traffic at Lenox, concomitantly pushing more white traffic over to Phipps. There have been lots of incidents of crime in the parking areas around Lenox Square.

      • saxonsun

        They infect everything–when you see them in Trader Joe’s in white areas, that’s it.

    • ms_anthro

      I order many things from Amazon that I used to get at my local grocery or drug stores. A Prime account pays for itself in a few orders and I no longer have to feel menaced while buying toothpaste or shampoo.

      • When we order, we wait until we have $35 or more from one supplier, because that way, shipping is free.

  • Bert Sterling

    QUOTE: “Well-off whites who work in the city and live close by have an interest in paying for the kind of public goods, like mass transit, that benefit everybody. Well-off whites who live far away don’t.”

    I just made a similar comment in a discussion about HUD’s new guidelines a couple of days ago:
    It’s a fundamental difference between European socialism and third-world
    socialism, and the reason why Northern European socialist systems seem
    to function (maybe not as well as we would like, but they do function)
    when all Austrian rules of economics say they should not function, at

    Now, an American classical liberal (libertarian) believes in “I can do
    it,” which is why we don’t have European socialism to the same extent
    that Europe has it (yet). We’re too individualist and independent; we
    don’t like collectivism.

    Northern European socialists, on the other hand, believe strongly in “We can do it,” and they do do it. They value their collectivist systems, so they are willing to pay taxes and work to support the systems.

    And then there are the third-world socialists. They believe in “the
    government (or anybody else) can do it for me, for free.” And as you
    can easily observe, that never works.

    The rugged individualist thinks, “It is up to me to make this a good
    neighborhood,” and he does so. He opens a store and a private school.

    The European socialists think, “It is up to us to make this a good
    neighborhood,” and they do so. They open public parks and public

    The third-world socialist thinks, “The government (or somebody) needs to give me a good neighborhood.” They don’t DO anything but sit back and whine for somebody to give them something.

    The same dynamic applies to dense-city-dwellers. Europeans and Asians want a functioning city. “Third-worlders” just want free stuff.

  • KenelmDigby

    So, basically Matthew O’Brien wants Whites to be captive herd of milch-cows, tethered to the spot in order for blacks to nourish themselves from the efforts of the milch-cows.
    The analogy of the parasite/host relationship – which plays such a huge role in all studies of ecology and natural history – comes to mind.

  • DelmarJackson

    I did not see anything in the study, or any other study that has ever addressed the fact of low income whites being shut out from cities that offer a lot of jobs and services to begin with due to them not having a reasonably safe and affordable place to live. You won’t find white poor families living in the barrios or the hood, they are forced to live in more rural areas where there are few job opportunities.
    When well off whites leave the city, there are few poor whites left behind as they were not many there to begin with.

  • Epiminondas

    None of this addresses the continuing dysfunction of black society. The illiteracy, the crime, the drugs, the dependency on government…this can’t be swept under the rug by clever statistical manipulation.

  • 48224

    Blacks are the reason Detroit has so much spraw. Whites had to move out to get away from all the Travon Martins in Detroit. It’s easier to move than to try and save your neighborhood by fighting back. But what will happen when we run out of places to run?

    • Epiminondas


  • Germanacus

    This report also shows why Holder via Obama is interested in forced neighborhood integration that we read here the other day. Wherever blacks congregate in large numbers, be it Detroit, New Orleans, or Atlanta, crime then poverty bevome the norm. Whites move out seeking refuge from diversity.

    So, to keep his people’s heads above water, Holder wants to make sure whites can’t escape the rich diversity provided by blacks. In other words, keep the parasites within reach of their hosts.

    • MartelC

      they are also doing it to help the liberal elite – get rid of blacks from urban areas, particularly lucrative ones like San Fran and New York. – in turn the move democratic voters to Republican voting districts, all with tax payer funding. What more could you ask for?

      And of course, the only thing republicans can do in the current climate is say “We welcome and look forward to enriching diversity!”

  • ms_anthro

    Can you homeschool?

  • NeanderthalDNA

    ” This malign neglect of infrastructure keeps low-income people from living near or commuting to better jobs–and that’s not a a race issue.”

    Whatever. The excuse mill just keeps churning ’em out no matter how lame and absurd. Blacks are more likely to live in crowded conditions because of their inherited deficits in IQ and related surpluses in propensity to violence and crime.

    How ’bout that? No, too obvious? Sociology – the great pseudo-scientific liblefty ideology excuse maker. My those guys are clever at explaining how the emperor DOES wear a fancy new set of duds, how he really really really is not naked but rather must be wearing an invisible suit of clothes. Invisible, incorporeal, highly speculated upon…like “white privilege”…

    Trillions upon trillions that race of parasites has cost our society. The genetic Trojan horse of Bantu-Congoid DNA. Termites slowly eating away at the foundation of the house they so hate and yet ask so much from. And the idiot Whites who use their brains to make excuse after excuse…

  • NeanderthalDNA

    They are more than willing to throw your evil little White boy under the bus to achieve the end results they want – proof that weez all beez eekwul.

    You kid will languish amidst a pack of morons, will probably work as an unpaid teacher’s assistant, and be expected to hold a higher standard of behavior, get harsher punishment if he messes up.

    I’m currently exploring the possibility of some form of organization that will assist endangered Whites like you with home schooling and in any number of ways. We Whites are all a family despite those we must shun (every family has such after all).

    Hang in there. Encourage your boy to educate himself, by the way. Encourage him to partake of one of the great old secrets of evil Whiteness – try to hook him on reading, and not necessarily what the White genocidalists of our ejucayshunul sistim want to shove down his throat.

    In the big pic, this evolutionary stress will either break us or make us stronger and more fit.

    When dealing with less capable races, decency and kindness is suicide.

    • Sue

      I do agree it will make us stronger, brighter and much more capable. We’ve been doing it for thousands of years. Whoever wants to stay behind gets eaten. Just the way it is.

  • Funruffian

    Blacks are by for the most pernicious, destructive, uncivilized, dysfunctional and malevolent life forms on the planet. Given that, they have one advantage over the White man; that is ethnic solidarity. If they don’t get their way and we resist giving to them what they want, they will riot and attack the harmony of society without reservation.
    Whites today do not have any racial solidarity. We just don’t have it. If we ever did it is gone.The majority of Whites will sell out members of their own race for a slight advantage or to escape reprisal from the evil forces. And don’t give me the garbage about the KKK or the White Supremacy groups. The are completely incapable of wielding enough authority due to their imposition in the government and media dogma.

    • Creepy as crackers!

      You said it very well.

  • Romulus

    Hooah, my Southern brother!!! DEO VINDICI!!!!
    May the Lord smile upon you!! That was an excellent post!!!

  • Fed Up

    Geez. I didn’t know that. Here I am, quite successful Doing extremely well in Texas. Now I’m supposed to be selfish? Uncaring? Not willing to help others? (Name your choice of nonsense).

    • Puggg

      “Here I am, quite successful doing extremely well in Texas.”

      Shhhhh. Keep your mouth shut. Otherwise Barack Obama will show up at your door with his hand out.

  • Jefferson

    How do you explain overwhelmingly White states like Utah and North Dakota not voting for Obama in 2008 and 2012 ?

    Not all lily White states vote in the same pattern as Iowa and Vermont.

    • Puggg

      Because proximity to a certain kind of diversity isn’t the only factor. There is also the marriage gap and baby gap issues among whites especially white women that Steve Sailer talks about. It basically breaks down to the fact that white people who are in those ridiculed traditional nuclear families (heterosexual marriage with children) are the ones voting Republican, white people not in that kind of social arrangement are the ones voting Democrat. Iowa, the state just north of me, is weird because it has a Jekyll and Hyde east half west half. The east half is basically a continuation of Wisconsin-Minnesota and its northern German-Scandinavian ethnic tendency, meaning left wing especially on economic issues, while western Iowa is more like Nebraska. You’ll see that eastern Iowa counties are blue while western Iowa counties are red.

    • Romulus

      Iowa because of it’s proxy location to the gigantic urban hub that is St. Paul,milwaukee, chicongo.Vermont because of ex new Yorkers and Bostonians. Utah and north Dakota are not only overwhelmingly white but also deeply red(Christian)) and are not located next to an industrial blue city cesspool.

  • Michelle

    That’s terrible!! Its awful homeschooling even has to be looked at as an option. Kids deserve the kind of school experience we had. Making friends, socializing. Its beyond unfair that your son is practically being forced out of school! I’ll bet 50 yrs ago,if they knew letting blacks have equal rights and letting them into our schools and neighbourhoods would turn America into what it is today,Whites being used as scapegoats, pushed out of their own schools and neighbourhoods, and in some city’s, frightened to leave their house to go out and enjoy summer,for the fear of the wild black flash mob of wilderbeast could come rampaging down any street at any time.. If they knew back then how equal rights would have equaled whites being pushed out, im.certain they would have kept schools negro free.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    I like this guy.

  • Romulus

    Tell the administrator to shove it. If a gifted/smart child is places in a class of majority morons, the opposite effect occurs. It will be bring him down not elevate the rest. The peer pressure to conform will be intense, especially if your son is white in a room full of foreigners. Winchester is a prime target for Die-versort because of relative location to the occupied territory (northern VA) and it’s developable geography. The I-81 corridor acts as a funnel to shuttle trash into the south.

  • Romulus

    I understand. It used to be wonderful taking trips to fish in new England. I no longer go to rhode island anymore. Not after the disgusting meat packing parade/celebration I had the misfortune to run into on one outing with friends. We were almost dated yo enter into an altercation.

  • Romulus

    Always go out protected. Keep your skill level at high degree.

  • That’s a pity about LL Bean. I used to like Land’s End, but grew weary of the groids in their ads. It never hurts to email a merchant to explain exactly why you are shunning them. I always tell them why. When I’m paying, I’m the one who makes the rules. In short, “He Who Has The Gold Makes The Rules.”

    I call the advertisment groids “skid marks”.

  • The place across from me probably suffered about $20,000 worth of damage from the Section-Eight renters.

    It’s funny that Section Eight was also once the discharge paperwork for a US serviceman who went crazy.

  • joesolargenius

    I recently met a well educated middle aged White Woman from Detroit whom had moved to Charlotte , NC and her perspective on the Detroit Bankruptcy was that it was a result of theft and not mismanagement. I live in a town twenty miles away from Charlotte where the Job market is harder but I refuse to live in any city that is controlled and ran by non whites as they believe it is open season on us.The Democrats ran this State for twenty years and not one county or State agency would help me when I got injured unless I filed complaints of discrimination and or threatened lawsuits.