Homicide ‘Directly Affecting’ Racial Gap in U.S. Life Expectancy, Study Shows

Tyeese Gaine, NBC News, July 18, 2013

Americans are now living longer than years prior–with a life expectancy of 78.7 years–according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But overall, African-American males continue to die younger, with heart disease and homicide shortening their lives.

White females have the longest life expectancy at 81.3 years, black females at 78 years, white males at 76.5 years and black males have the shortest at 71.8 years.


“We expected heart disease and cancer, those are still the main focus, but what’s interesting is when you look at the graph for males, you see how important homicide is for directly affecting life expectancy for African-Americans,” says Kenneth D. Kochanek, lead author of the report and statistician with the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics.

For black males, homicide decreased life expectancy by almost a year. Heart disease was the most significant cause of death affecting the disparity in life expectancy, but for black males, homicide was number two–ahead of cancer and stroke.

“We have to look at [violence and homicide] like a disease,” says Dr. Robert Gore, emergency medical physician at Kings County-SUNY Downstate Hospitals and executive director of KAVI — the Kings Against Violence Initiative in Brooklyn. “There are over 700,000 reported violent acts per year involving U.S. youth presenting to our hospitals. We have to stop looking at violence as a purely social problem.”

The majority of homicides involve youth and young adults between the ages of 10 and 24. In fact, it’s the number one cause of death among black males in this age group. And despite making up just 13 percent of the population, the FBI reports that half of the homicide victims in 2011 were black.



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  • David Ashton

    White racism to blame?

    • Oil Can Harry

      Yassuh, iss da fault o’ white folks. Da brothas were killed by Jo’ge Zimmerman, da Klan and the po-po.

      Especially da poe-lice in Chi-town.

    • gemjunior

      What else?

  • IstvanIN

    Homicide only decreased life span by 1 year? They better get back to work.

    • APaige

      Better aim=better results and less medical cost trying to save lives.

      • A right-handed person holding his handgun in the goofball, sideways “gangsta” hold is going to have “stovepipe” jams once in a while.

    • bigone4u

      Blacks exhibit incompetence in everything, including offing each other. Of course, white medicine and doctors save the wounded and send them back into the general population where the cycle repeats itself.

  • sbuffalonative

    heart disease and homicide shortening their lives
    Both being largely determined by personal choices.

  • Archibald_Cunningham

    White females have the longest life expectancy at 81.3 years, black females at 78 years, white males at 76.5 years and black males have the shortest at 71.8 years.

    When is someone going to address the blatantly obvious systemic anti-male discrimination in our healthcare system? I mean, the statistics speak for themselves right?

  • John R

    I am sick of hearing about “black on black crime.” One black gets into an argument with another, words are exchanged, someone feels “dissed” and BAM BAM, a shooting. Meanwhile, White people are attacked by blacks all the time, and do nothing to provoke the attack, and the media count the situations as the same. Tell me, do blacks EVER just “randomly” assault, rape, rob, shoot, their own people? I doubt it. But they do that to us White people all the time.

    • Ed_NY

      It’s only going to get worse.

    • Nathanwartooth

      The worst part is that the article doesn’t even mention Black on Black crime.

      It just says that Blacks are the most likely group to be killed but they leave it to the imagination on who is doing all of the killing.

      • IstvanIN

        Chubby Hispanic Insurance Adjusters, I bet!

        • David Ashton

          Or Zimmerman, hitherto the Unknown Serial Killer? Like on TV.

  • libertarian1234

    Much more significant to blacks than life expectancy is the fact that the entire race is on its way to becoming dysfunctional as a group, and nothing illustrates that better than their
    continued trend involving high rates of crime and incarceration; their inability to learn; out-of-wedlock births at 73% and growing; and, as Bill O’Reilly says, the breakdown of the family unit, which is really almost non-existent.

    Do they really understand that there is an army of Hispanics who are ready to step into their places at the first opportunity?

    • MBlanc46

      “Do they really understand that there is an army of Hispanics who are ready to step into their places at the first opportunity?”

      A few of them do, but most of them can’t see beyond their own neighborhoods. So many occupations that used to employ a lot blacks (domestic service, meatpacking, restaurants) are now almost completely Mexicanized.

    • HamletsGhost

      If they do, they don’t care. Blacks seem all too ready to go on the dole and kick their feet up and let someone else pull the wagon.

      When the downfall of black privilege happens, it will be a very hard one for them. Most blacks have no job skills or history, and are completely dependent on the government gimmedats for everything.

      Watch Detroit, and you’ll see what coming nationwide in a few years.

  • bigone4u

    Until blacks are disarmed, blacks will continue to pop each other and Whites, Asians, and Hispanics. Let’s all challenge blacks to move that black-on-black homicide rate to NUMBER 1. Go blacks. You can do it.

    • Puggg

      Even if they are disarmed (of guns), they’ll still have their hands and feet, and also rocks, frying pans, the hot water tap.

      • Ed_NY

        Don’t forget, old tires and gasoline!

    • Michelle

      Blacks in Canada don’t have guns,but they still manage to kill eachother.. Its just instead of guns they All carry knives or macettes.. Take their guns away and they’ll still find a way to kill eachother. Its just in their low IQ nature.

  • Spartacus

    “We have to look at [violence and homicide] like a disease,” says Dr. Robert Gore”


    Wrong – violence and homicide are just symptoms of the disease that is the black race.

    • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

      Well then, that would at least provide one more BS reason for them to collect SSDI… “I can’t stop shooting people….I have a disability…wur muh check at?”

    • Wethepeople

      Well, violence and the resulting homicide rates (also low impulse control) are symptoms of low iq, and blacks have very low IQ’s. Parasites..

  • Puggg

    So what’s the solution? We atomize every African man among us from age 10 onward in their own separate rubber rooms them feed them a diet of lettuce and carrots? I wonder who’s really upset that we’re “suffering” for a lack of old black men.

    • Neuter them.

    • Michelle

      If we’re going to get them into those separate rubber rooms i say we feed them a diet of cyanide injected watermelon 😉

  • JohnEngelman

    Black males are more likely to be murdered by people like Trayvon Martin than George Zimmerman.

    • No honest black US citizen would try to claim that George Zimmerman was a greater threat to the safety of blacks in Florida and Trayvon Martin. Trayvon’s name is Legion.

      • JohnEngelman

        We need to keep telling the truth. Trayvon Martin was a useless black ghetto thug headed for a life of crime.

      • Jefferson

        Trayvon Martin is more popular than Jesus Christ among Blacks and Liberals.

  • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

    damn…just 1?

  • Romulus

    What kind of name is tyeese??!! Did he just pull that one out
    Of his low slung trousers? I just had a horrifying thought. What if all the media attention about the decay of blacks families starts to cause a turn around? They start going to school, they have two parent families, quit drugs, become non violent, rise to power and prominence! Good God, I think I just had a daymare!!

  • Funruffian

    I’m delighted to know this, but it comes to no surprise. I’m certain that without all their entitlements their lifespan would be at least 20 years less. They also forgot to factor in those specific Negro diseases such as Sickle Cell Anemia and HIV.

  • YourMOMA

    I’ve heard about them having a mental condition due to slavery. This is true and I’m not making a joke. Some of them actually use slavery to justify actions of black committing crimes and any other wrong doings, such as having 20 kids with 20 different women. They will always find a way to cry “racism” to get their way.

    • Michelle

      In Canada there was no slavery. If anything there was the stupid underground railway used to help slaves escape slavery.. There’s not alot of blacks in Canada,but the ones there are All have kids with at Least a few different women,the women are All on warfare and baby bonuses and the men are All drug dealing criminals. Im not stereotyping by say all of them are those things,im being literal. Literally and honestly every black male I’ve ever known is a criminal drug dealer and every black women I’ve ever known has At Least 2 fathers to her unkept looking kids,saying 2 babydads is generous cause i can’t think of any who have less than 3. None of them work, none of them. And they All live in subsidized housing.. The only difference is there aren’t many of them so they don’t get the chance to get into large groups and really cause trouble. So don’t ever let American blacks tell you they’re disgusting embarrassing ways have Anything to do with slavery or racism. I know you already know that’s an excuse,but if there’s was any doubt in anyone’s mind that maybe they do act like criminals because of slavery,Canadian blacks
      Prove there’s 0 truth in that,and that they act that way for 1 reason and 1 reason only, cause they’re Black. No matter where they go, which country they live in,they’re the same vioul, drug dealing, violent, consciousless, free loading, black people toting an arm full of illegitament kids.

  • Michelle

    Its nice they conduct these studies and tell us what we already knew,blacks are violent psychopaths..But what are they going to do about it? Cause the media makes it look like blacks should Fear white people,without any good reason to make such a ludicrous statement. These statistics show they need to fear eachother. So how about they retract their statement and focus on the truth, and making it more publicly known that statistics Show blacks Only need to fear eachother,leave us out of it.. We have nothing to do with high rates of violence,murders and rape, that’s solely a black community epidemic, as the Statistics Prove. So the media,the NAACP and all the other stupid blacks putting out statements that white people should be feared, need to get their facts straight and leaves us out of Their sick problems.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    They drag down everything. They are largely incapable of functioning in a civilized society. Like in the South, the average non-Congoid is a bright as he/she is anywhere, but statistics lumping the Congoid into the mix shows entire states of low IQ, low performing populations.

    What’s the difference between an average black and an average poor White “redneck white trash inbred”, (nasty racism ok when beating down Whitey, of course)? The low-life inbred redneck white trash, placed in a good environment, given a hand up, is far more statistically likely to evince the model of modern Sociology, a discipline based upon the assumption that all within a population possess roughly the same potential and only need to be enabled. That supposition seems pretty solid, by the way, but falls completely apart when applied to diverse populations containing some groups with less potential than others. That poor, ignorant, inbred, redneck, cracker, given the kind of handout the average middle class black parasite gets, is more likely even without affirmative action, to have a successful, productive life than the black parasites upon whom such is wasted.

    We Whites need to declare our independence from this a racist abomination. We need an American Phalange, a broad based social-political advocacy and heritage front that helps connect lawyers with persecuted Whites, supports poor Whites in any number of ways, including home schooling and networking, and promotes the Truth in matters of race.

    We Whites need to start thinking of ourselves as one great big family under constant assault, which is what we are. Treacherous race traitors need to be shunned and reviled, though the Lord loves a sinner come home more than righteous man fallen into sin – and more former duckspeaking believers quietly leave that evil behind every day and see the light. Like me.

    American Phalangism – the ideology of no ideology but the Truth. Can we handle it? I can. Better than genocide, my brothers and sisters. And if genocide it is, Ragnorok I prefer…

    • Funruffian

      That was epic, Neanderthal DNA. The cynical truth is that Whites simply do not have any form of racial solidarity. If we ever had it, it has been quelled and suppressed by years of brainwashing, browbeating and tormenting. There are only a tiny percentage of Whites who think like us and that is just not enough to persuade and lead our race into independence.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        I don’t know. I think more and more Whites are quietly awakening. The MSM won’t report on it any more than it will identify black pathologies for what they are.

        What? The race baiting MSM won’t acknowledge growing White solidarity and reversal of attitudes?

        I don’t think so. I think the MSM prefers to keep the story simple and stupid. To acknowledge a growing change of heart among our folk might bring with it the need to allow us to speak, and that is not what they want. They know they cannot win a logical argument with an educated and skillful race realist, and in order to “understand” the phenomenon they would be forced to at least give some airtime to “hash this out”.

        They are so terrified of the Truth, however, that ALL non-scripted “discussion” is squelched.

        But not stopping the turn. The Truth is too powerful and the internet is the medium.

  • Peter Lamoureux

    Blacks left to their own devices will ultimately destroy themselves.


    Too bad it’s not seventeen

  • Michelle

    Ughhh.. I didn’t hear that. Poor Alberta,they Hate blacks out west, almost as much as they do out east. Well least im far away from Alberta in Ontario. Toronto has alot of blacks but they mostly keep their violence in there black neighbourhoods.. The farther north you go in Ontario the less blacks. Everywhere about 45 min north of Toronto is literally black free. Alot of people havent even seen a black person besides on tv.. Black people hate the cold brutal winters we get so i think that keeps that away..its easy to be pro diversity when there’s no black people around anyway. My moms from Colorado and half my family’s in the states so i go there Alot,so my views on blacks are different from other Canadians who haven’t had the god awful experience of seeing what they’re really like. Im certain Canadians wouldn’t be so pro diversity if we had Alot of blacks. The blacks here are all emigrants from Jamaica mostly,or one of those Caribbean islands. So they don’t inspire to anything,like running a country. We don’t have a NAACP or a Jesse Jackson or anyone in power to back them up,so in my experience, they know they’re place. However somewhere like Toronto,which 10yrs ago was nice but since rappers started mentioning Toronto in their stupid songs seems like blacks started pouring in. Its still mostly white,but defiantly has more blacks then anywhere else. And of course Alot of violence because of that.. Anyways point of my blabbering is, if there were as many blacks here as there are there,im positive Canadians wouldn’t be as tolerant of them. Its only cause they’re aren’t too many that we dont consider them an issue. I try explaining to people here,the reason why white people in the states have a problem with blacks,and that we would be the same way. I see how it is for my family in the states,how they have to drive an hr to get to work,but live outside the city so they don’t have to live near blacks. If Canadians saw what its like they’d have very different views.

  • Fed Up

    Wonder what “knowledgeable expert” dreamed up this piece of garbage (the article)?

  • Michelle

    EHmm im not sure.. That’s a good question. I’ll look into that. I live in a mostly white,there’s some jamaicans though,but 90% white, blue collar city.. Its an industrial city, the big steel company was a magnet for white males especially in the 50s-80s. Just about everyone who moved here was a white male,working at the steel factory. A US company bought the factory about 10yrs ago,Alot of people lost there jobs,but the city still remained white.. Blacks prefer Toronto,Scarborough,Mississauga.. Im about an hr drive from there. Cause my cities a known white city that also keeps them from wanting to move here. So They don’t effect my life enough for me to really be aware Of what’s going on with nonwhites. That doesn’t mean the blacks that are here haven’t given me reason to despise them. I Also get my black hating views from my family in the states, I hate how blacks push them out of the neighbour they lived in for so long,now my uncle has to drive an hour to get to work everyday :p Few people are taught racism by their parents here, so it takes having a bad experience with a black to make someone hate them.. My girl friends all hate them cause of how aggressive they are. Our clubs are mostly white people,but they’ll be a small hurd of sweaty black men grouped against the back wall, usually by the washrooms so they can grab every white girls who tries to slip past to use the rest rooms. My girl friends can’t stand black men. So although every white person i know dislikes blacks, still few have had a really bad experience with them that would make them hate them. So there aren’t many jareds in Canada unfortunately.. My hope is our brutal winters will keep most of them away. The blacks here complain Alll fall winter spring about how much they hate cold,it keeps them inside their subsidized homes too.. But if the black population started increasing
    Here, i think, or at least i really hope we’d have some jareds to turn to.. I guess only time will tell. I just hope my city stays as is, the few black jamaicans we have is more then enough.

  • YourMOMA

    She/it is just another black racist pig with her Chicango agenda. She writes about black male superiority to white males superiority based on her own racial ideology. I would like for her or it , whatever that person is, to compare Germany’s GDP to any African country and see who’s inferior.

  • Michelle

    Ps that memo that you speak of, the one that was sent out to all Canadians informing us that we’re to love diversity, I did receive my copy. However, i spit in it and sent it back 😉 lol

  • LaSantaHermandad

    IF I were to take “disenfranchised” literally I would have to say that Blacks certainly are not.

    They get taken to the polls, rewarded for voting for the candidate of the
    ” free s–t” party and vote often on the same day.