Victims in Outback Attack Speak Out

Jill Kasparie, KCRG (Iowa), June 17, 2013

Victims of an alleged attack at Outback Steakhouse say they are thankful to be alive.


Matthew Sanders, 29, is in jail where he faces assault charges after police say he injured three people. Court documents show the attack at the restaurant on First Avenue southeast was unprovoked. Witnesses reported that through it all Sanders yelled racially charged comments.


Chuck Hanson said his family just sat down for dinner when Sanders approached the table. They said a man they’d never seen before suddenly attacked for no reason.

“I was sitting there at the table and a young gentleman walked by me and asked me how I was doing,” Chuck Hanson said.

“My dad replied ‘terrible’ because he’d been having a bad day, and all of the sudden the guy had like a gray trapper and he went and reached for something,” Hallie Hanson said.

“The next thing I know, I was getting punched in the back of the head and then my daughter, Hallie, was protecting me,” Chuck Hanson said.

“I just saw glass flying everywhere. At that point, he started punching him in the face and in the back of the head and I pulled my dad towards me because I thought he was trying to kill my father,” Hallie Hanson said.

Court documents show the man was using a glove with glass shards. The pair counted up the stab wounds estimating Chuck was stabbed at least five times and punched several times. Hallie also got a piece of glass in her arm. {snip}

“He said ‘call me the “n” word again’, as he proceeded to keep hitting me in the back of the head,” Chuck Hanson said.

Chuck said he didn’t know why he was screaming that.

One day after the scary ordeal, the family is hoping prosecutors will charge Sanders with more than assault. They call this a hate crime and said they’d like to see him charged with attempted murder


Hallie and Chuck said they would undergo surgery on Tuesday because of that glass. Hallie said after Sanders attacked her dad, he threw a chair hitting a waitress who happened to be pregnant. She’s the third victim in this attack.

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  • Mr. Hanson, the reason why you were attacked was because you are white.
    How about reminding the good people of Iowa about the dangers of diversity at the next Republican convention?
    The Hansons should’ve said, “We were attacked because we were white, and don’t listen to what the police chief is going to say.”

    • me

      Can you imagine the sh#$storm if the races were reversed? There should be a public service announcement called, “If it’s Black, it will attack”. These Bantus are getting pretty bold in their racist violence against European Americans. Time to start jumping into the legal fray, Whitey, and start clubbing the feral Bantu with lawsuits and withdrawal of all social service benefits.

  • Charles W.

    There’s an undeclared war being waged against Whites in this country every day.

    • HJ11

      Yup. The problem is that too many White are failing to see this and are becoming innocent victims.

      • Non Humans

        I don’t know if I can call any libtarded enabler an “Innocent” victim. You can’t raise and keep wild animals in any civilization uncaged. IMHO, the libtards are just as guilty as the nonhumans and are more than deserving of any ” “Victimization” ” that they may receive.
        The ones that survive, just may be awakened. The ones that do not, become examples for our cause.
        Had this been a family of realists, the nonhuman would have had some (hopefully lethal) injuries inflicted upon it as well.
        Personally, my Beretta goes everywhere with me that it can, and when not, the tactical folder is always on my hip.

        • Melanie

          I don’t know if anything will allow a tiny point of light into the brains of some of them. When I learn of things like the parents of Amy Biehl-Amy was murdered by the same feral rabid black savages she went amongst to “help”-founding a scholarship in their dead daughter’s name-for the benefit of the very savages who murdered their daughter-than I believe that the best thing can happen for those of us whites who can see the truth, is to just stand back and keep out of the way while those stupid whites allow our gene pool to be cleaned a little more. I hate to say it, because I want to believe there’s always hope for a fellow white, and we don’t really have the numbers to spare many, but what can you do when the parents of a murdered daughter reward the murderers? What can ever be said to people whose minds are so thickly encased in protective PC, that this is the reaction to the murder of their own precious child, who naively went to help these brutes, and was killed by them?

  • bubo

    Iowa is a blue Obama state. They love blacks. The police will drop all charges against this black attacker and will look into his statements of being called “the n word” by the victim.

  • Dave4088

    Segregation anyone?

    • Northwest_Raised

      Notice the areas without CCWs, or with strict gun control laws, are always the Shining Diversity Zones?

    • I love the fact that Colorado allows CCW permits. Forever disallowed firearms myself, I am safer because other people can carry, and the perps don’t know who is carrying and who is not.

  • David Ashton

    In Britain, the line is that only whites can be “racist” (!). Ipso facto….

    • Romulus

      In Britons defense, I call BS.What the heck are the elite talking about? Are they waiting for the last straw to break the red stags back?

  • Funruffian

    This was not just your average, garden variety Black. This was a mentally deranged and violently unstable Negro. Most people are caught unaware when a Black goes berserk for no viable reason. Some Blacks are so hyper-sensitive and psychopathic that they create these fantasies in their head that every White person is against them. Even the Whites who mind their own business.
    This is definitely attempted murder and should be dealt with as such. Unfortunately, their is no recompense for Whites when attacked by Blacks.

    • tickyul

      I know better, ANY time I see an Urban American… radar goes up and I am on the ready.

    • Spartacus

      “This was a mentally deranged and violently unstable Negro.”


      You’re saying it as if there’s any other kind…

      • Funruffian

        I know, but some are worse than others.

      • right

  • John Smith

    This is all the result of liberal indoctrination. The vast majority of the mainstream media has always been leftist but when they were able to wrest complete control of the public education system, they could turn it against white people and that’s exactly what they did. They engaged in sweeping indoctrination of America’s youth, literally teaching them to hate through blame (both real and imagined) and these are the results.

  • Revived Patriot

    I live in Iowa, and nearly everyone here loves blacks because there aren’t that many. But when the number of blacks/hispanics begin to grow here, then Iowans may change their minds.

    • The__Bobster

      By then, the damage will have been done.

  • Johnny99

    Seems there is no comment section on the website of the original article. Wonder why?

    • The__Bobster

      Comment sections are an endangered species. CBS has just blocked comments on all their internet sites.

      • tickyul

        YES, more and more they shut down the comments, they hate it when people speak their mind.

      • Johnny99

        Of course. The only way the vast silent majority can be open and honest about the current dysfunctional BRA society is by anonymous postings such as on AR and other pro White, pro Constitution sites. Speak your mind publicly about blacks and immigration, liberals, and Obozo, and risk losing your job, your freedom, your children, your guns, and possibly, worst case scenario, your life.

  • HJ11

    The White family is to be praised for speaking out and telling it like it is–a hate crime–instead of hiding and being afraid of being called “racists” for telling the truth.

    Every White has to start speaking out, and every White has to stop apologizing for being White. We simply have to take back our right to exist as we are and our right to self-identity and self-determination. No one is going to give us these things. We have to take them. And, it all starts with each one of us individually. I do my part on a daily basis. Hopefully, many others on here also do the same thing. No, I’m not out in the street stridently yelling about White pride. What I do is try to avoid all contact with non-Whites and especially Blacks, but if I must have contact, I follow the Golden Rule–if they are polite, I’m polite back. I also comment on local crime stories and other matters. Small things, but I’m living White and feeling good about it.

  • The__Bobster

    “He said ‘call me the “n” word again’, as he proceeded to keep hitting me in the back of the head,” Chuck Hanson said.

    Even the insane inksters know that saying some YT used the enwerd is a get-out-of-jail-free card.

  • The__Bobster

    Hey, Matt, he wasn’t exactly like the Congoids you see in the movies or on TV, was he?

    • Non Humans

      Depends on the movies and TV you watch… and how you interpret it. Understanding the libtarded msm codespeak can make all of the difference.
      The ones who do hate the libtards, msm, and nonhumans all the same.

  • tickyul

    Never……..ever, ever, ever trust Urban Americans.

  • GB101

    Young gentleman?
    I was on a jury once – or at least in the jury pool for the voir dire – and the prosecutor several times referred to the black thug charged with the crime as a gentleman.
    Maybe I have always misunderstood the meaning of the term.

  • fransusan

    A young gentleman?? Doesn’t sound like a gentleman to me! Stop referring to these useless pukes as a “young gentleman.”

  • MekongDelta69

    Well hell – everybody knows that “terrible” is a ‘code-word’ for ‘n****r’.
    Didn’t you get the memo?

    Btw, the whole notion of ‘hate crime / hate speech / hate thought’ is insane. It was only invented by leftists, so people who weren’t straight, white conservative legal American male (and non-feminazi women) citizens, could go to town and get a free ride – (and maybe a Cabinet Post in NoBama’s Regime, or at the very least, so NoBama Bucks).

  • RHG

    Blacks know how to play the game, they racially attack whites and then play “victim” by claiming it was the white person who used racial slurs or the “n word” to justify the attack.

    • Non Humans

      Like that is some kind of actual defense. So what if he did call him a [email protected]@39 (and I’m not saying that he did). How often do they openly refer to us with their plethora of labels? Like we care anyways.
      It’s like I always say, if they were’nt guilty of all of the crimes, deplorable behaviors, and otherwise, they would care less how we referred to them.

      • I didn’t even know what a “cracker” was until I was locked up. I’d literally never heard the word before then.

    • George

      By that argument, every time an urban youth calls a white man a ‘cracker’, the ccw comes out and there is one less Democrat voter to deal with.

    • Rantress

      Yeah, I saw this first-hand a few weeks ago. Late one night while getting gas, I was waiting in line outside the gas station to pay. This black guy in front of me asked the white clerk for a lottery ticket, clerk said which one? The black guy got very annoyed and answered “I don’t know-the winning one!” all belligerent and rude. He got his ticket and accused the clerk of racism as he rode off on his bike. The white clerk did absolutely nothing to provoke the black guy. I wondered what did I miss here?

      The new world order scares the crap out of me.

  • Tinfoil A22hat

    Sucker punch and/or 2 (preferably more) on one is just how negros roll.

    Never turn your back on one regardless of setting or circumstance, particularly if you are white, outnumbered, injured, fatigued, distracted, disabled, elderly, blind, deaf, a toddler, an infant, a pre-adolescent, an adolescent, or feeble. Oh and dogs aren’t safe, either. Nor are barnyard animals safe from –well, let’s keep this from turning X-rated.

    • Brian

      You’ve got to laugh at something. Every time you hear of Blacks attacking barnyard animals, the poor animal is reporting as catching an STD. The animals were healthier than the pampered Blacks. And I don’t mean that just physically, but mentally. This case sure proves that.

  • Brian

    This is what i call a “Make an excuse” attack. The Denver gangs attacking Whites and a few Hispanics used just this ploy.
    Approach the victim and say something to them, or often just gibberish. When the victim replies or asks “What did you say?”, instantly attack, saying if asked by Police “He called me the N-word”.

    • Pepper spray them and finish the job with a box-cutter. One nice poster told me what sort of blades to get a few years ago here; they’re hooked and sharp on the concave edge. He said he uses them for unzipping gators. The version I bought is Stanley number 11-983, and these are for cutting roofing and linoleum.

      • evilsandmich

        Reminds me of when a friend (of a friend) was working at opening her convenience store and she had to shoot up a guy who was trying to break in. Later the police, kind of under their breath, said “next time make sure he’s dead”.

      • MBlanc46

        What’s the general legal status of such an implement?

  • Joe Sewell

    A ‘young gentleman’? Pathetic.

  • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading


    Dog whistle for neegar

  • Northwest_Raised

    Glad I live in Idaho.

  • evilsandmich

    Yet another example where the justice system should force the perp to make the victim ‘whole’. They should make this shmuck (and his army of imitators) work to pay of medical bills, lost time at work, etc. (But then with all the black people working to pay back white people, it might get too awkward for some).


    “Young Gentleman” Are you shitting me????
    To refer to this savage as a gentleman is beyond belief

  • Gunrunner1

    name one

  • I had one of those, mumbling to itself in downtown Denver near the Market Street bus station. “I needs a light fo my cigar,” it said, reeking of alcohol, stale sweat and something else. I throat-punched it so hard it went down right away and then kicked it in its head several times.

    I grabbed its right hand with my left, stepped into the punch, aiming for a point about six inches past its Adam’s apple and connected. I tripped and threw it while it was going down. My wife and daughter were already in Boulder at my mother’s place, but I had sat with a nice Japanese gal on the bus from C.S. to Denver, so I walked Asami to the Market Street RTD station from Greyhound/Trailways at Stout Street. She went to the airport, and I went to Boulder.

    Streetwise white guys know when and how to fight, and when we must fight, we never fight fair.

  • You must be friends with the other one.

  • I hate my ex-father, but I’m not certain I’d let blacks beat him up. Perhaps only for two or three hours.

  • Paleoconn

    Disingenuous anchor woman with her fake puzzled expression and her ‘very bizarre!’

    Maybe this is a new twist on the knockout game. The slice-and-dice YT game. This was clearly premeditated as the thug went into the restaurant with his weapons.

  • The way I’ve heard it is “Those are my shoes”. I was wearing combat boots at the time.

  • Melanie

    That is what is known as an “anomaly”. It is so because statistics show a few grains of white salt in a sea of black pepper as far as racial crime is concerned. The rape rates for white-on-black rape are statistically ZERO. That is, there are so few white-on-black rapes per year that they don’t even come to 1% statistically. The black-on-white rape numbers are app 100 per day. Some of these black-on-white rapes are perpetrated upon elderly women in their 70s, 80s, even their 90s-rapes of pure animal brutality.

    The murder rates are similar. Most murders are of course intraracial, but of those which are interracial, the black-on-white rates are in the high 80s-90%. Blacks target whites as victims exponentially more times than the reverse, but the hate crime laws are only used to strengthen a verdict/sentence when it’s a white perp and any “person of color” victim.

    There is already a war on whites in this nation, Holder, the man who is appointed to represent American justice for ALL Americans, has plainly said that he considers the civil rights and hate crime laws to only exist for the use of “people of color” and not whites.

    Whites are not even allowed to speak in our own defense, as a group, even though the crime numbers show that we are the victims of black perpetrators exponentially more times than the reverse.

    Therefore, your example using an anomaly is meaningless to the big picture, which is what social policy is based upon. Social policy is based upon lies.

    Derbyshire was fired for his column about what white parents need to say to their children, in response to a similar column written by a black writer, when the statistics show that Derbyshire has the right of it and white parents and children are in many times more need of having this talk than blacks are.

  • Mr. Cox says of himself:

    “I’m a simple man trying to make it in a complicated world.”

    That says it all about Bellcurvius. Simple minds designed for and which engineered a simple world who were brought to a complicated first world. And we wonder why they have so many mental illnesses.