Study: 60 Percent of Richmond Families Are Single Parent

Joe St. George, WTVR (Richmond), June 10, 2013

As Father’s Day approaches, children are reminded to appreciate their dads and the impact on their lives.

Today dads around the city were honored a week in advance of Father’s Day. Celebrate Fatherhood 2013 was held this afternoon at the Collegiate School Aquatics Center. {snip}

First Things First, an organization dedicated to keeping dads involved in kids’ lives, reports that 60 percent of all families in the city of Richmond are single-parent households. Within the African-American demographic, that number spikes up to 86 percent, a number that surpasses the national average.

“It’s not just Richmond and it’s not always just African-Americans,” Sean Powell, who helps run father boot camps in the community, said. “Whether they leave the house or not, it’s always important for them [fathers] to be there for that child.

“That’s basically what’s in our culture right now. You’re having baby mamas or baby daddies. So even if it is a baby mother or baby father, you treat them with respect as she is the mother of your child. And it’s the same, visa-versa, for the mother treating the father that way,” Powell said.



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  • Oil Can Harry

    “It’s not always just African-Americans…”

    Classic liberal thinking. For example, when told that blacks commit eight times as much crime as whites they respond with “What about Charles Manson / Tim McVeigh / the Mafia, etc. ?”.

    • MBlanc46

      The difference between black and white out-of-wedlock birth rates is rather less than that of black and white crime rates. And the gap in out-of-wedlock birth rates is getting smaller.

      • The__Bobster

        Black pathologies can be contagious when Whites see that there are no consequences for them.

    • The__Bobster

      We believe that the exception makes the rule. For libtards, the exception IS the rule.

      If you ask them to name a few more examples, their well runs dry fast.

    • OhWow

      75% nationally for black single mothers…I’d say it’s almost always a black problem.

    • APaige

      Right. Its just 86%…that’s a ‘B’…above average…

    • OhWow

      But, but…what about that 1 green M&M in the jar full of thousands of blue ones?! They are equal!

    • Svigor

      Believe it or not, Amren is thick with such “classical liberals.” They just hold fire until the “whos” and the “whoms” are changed from “black” and “white” to x and y. It’s pretty interesting to see these people scoff at and debunk these pathetic liberal arguments when deployed in favor of blacks, and then turn around and actually deploy the exact same arguments in favor of their favored minority.

  • 48224

    I wonder how many of the white single moms have black babies? Seems to be an epidemic these days.

    • joemcgee

      In a way, it is our fault. We’re the ones who allow them to act as they are. They know we’re the big boss man and they know, at some level, they’re like children and like children, they misbehave when they know they can without chastisement.

    • OhWow

      Blacks will never admit this, but they were much better off being persecuted. They did much better for some reason.

      • JohnEngelman

        It is certainly true that they behaved better.

    • Bardon Kaldian

      According to stats, ca. 2.5% (out of all White mothers) White women have had a child with a Black father. This is an average for past 5 years. Some 20 years ago it was ca. 1% or less. Around 80% have White fathers, and more than 15% is “not known” or something like that.

    • Svigor

      It’s a bit silly for anyone to accept the slavery excuse for black bastardy, since it’s an even bigger problem among African blacks.

      Illegitimacy is the black norm, as shown by African blacks, so illegitimacy is the natural consequence of freedom for blacks.

      This is one of my favorite truths about blacks; the freer they are, the worse they behave, and the worse their outcomes. The truth about blacks is always so illiberal. 🙂

    • haroldcrews

      There is someone I know but whom I don’t consider a friend. He’s anti-White and anti-Southern but we’re members of the same parish so I run into him occasionally. He is also a strong Republican. He believes Whites and Blacks are equal and presumably raised his children to believe the same way. His daughter has at least two illegitimate mulatto children. He’s fairly devout so naturally he objects to her having children out of wedlock.

      Perhaps he has simply drunk too deeply of the Kool-Aid and has to much invested in equality but he just can’t see that because he raised his daughter to accept that Blacks are the same as Whites that she will view Black norms as acceptable. Ultimately he has failed as a father and as a man. Essentially this failure comes from a lack of integrity to acknowledge the truth on racial differences.

      • 48224

        harold, ask your friend why every black city in America is a crime ridden disaster with failing schools. tell him you can’t figure out why that is, ask him for his insights. maybe the light will go on for him

        • haroldcrews

          If I remember I’ll ask but I think he avoids me.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    It would be interesting to see how many white families, as they are categorize here, have children that aren’t fully white.

  • Romulus

    An article thoughtful enough to include ebonics catch phrases. Jeez!!! Im unconcerned about the groid community yet I completely agree on the importance of the fathers role in family structure. The femmebots would have us believe that men are here only to provide seed and monetary support, yet the oceans of evidence to support fathers roles proves them wrong. Only a man can teach a boy how to become one. A mothers love is also key in shaping boys attitudes towards women enabling stable relationships. I would love to see more media attention on fathers and sons. So, I’ll reiterate. The male /female pairbond is the bedrock of all stable functioning human societies. It is natures optimal platform.

  • Spartacus

    “That’s basically what’s in our culture right now. You’re having baby mamas or baby daddies.”

    No. That’s the blacks’ culture, not that of white Americans, or any other white people anywhere in the world. Damn libtard…

  • haroldcrews

    There is no greater failure in life than to excel in a triviality.

  • JohnEngelman

    Someone should ask Republican politicians and commentators just what they mean about the social conservatism and family values of Hispanics that are supposed to make them potential Republican voters.

    In 2011 the illegitimacy rate for Hispanics was 53.3 percent. For whites it was 29.1 percent. For blacks it was 72.3 percent. For Asian and Pacific Islanders it was 17.2 percent.

  • JohnEngelman

    One of the most unbelievable statements I have read in the American press can be found in the Washington Post for June 12, 1959. In commenting upon the withholding of a report on illegitimacy in the District of Columbia, sponsored by the Commissioners Youth Council, the author of the report, one Stanley Bigman, says: “Illegitimacy among Negroes is often a hangover from the life and customs, of the slave plantation. Segregation has kept these customs alive … there is not much hope of reducing illegitimacy until segregation ends.”

    – Carleton Putnam, from “Race and Reason: A Yankee View”

    The behavior of blacks did not improve when segregation ended. It got worse. So did the behavior of whites.

  • JohnEngelman

    The increase in illegitimacy is the result of the sexual revolution. Hugh Hefner and Helen Gurley Brown, both of them white Gentiles, got rich promoting that.

    In a Playboy interview Paul Newman, who was Jewish, said of his college years, “Nice girls did not sleep around. Nice guys did not ask them to.”

    When the interviewer asked, “When did you get away from all that?”

    Paul Newman answered, “It’s not on the record that I ever did.”

    When love and marriage went together like a horse and carriage most black children, and the vast majority of white children were raised to adulthood by both biological parents living together in matrimony. Children raised that way generally do much better in life than children raised in other situations.