The latest Quinnipiac University poll, published today, will send shivers through the White House, even though Washington is experiencing its first heat wave of the year. The Quinnipiac survey (hat tip: Jim Geraghty at The Campaign Spot) is the first major survey to show that the wave of recent scandals hitting the Obama administration are beginning to damage President Obama’s own standing with the American people. According to Quinnipiac, Barack Obama’s job approval rating now stands at just 45 percent, with less than half of voters viewing the president as “honest and trustworthy.”

President Barack Obama gets a negative 45 – 49 percent job approval rating, compared to 48 – 45 percent positive in a May 1 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University, conducted before the IRS allegations surfaced.

The president’s biggest drop is among independent voters, who give him a negative 37 – 57 percent score, compared to a negative 42 – 48 percent May 1. He gets a negative 9 – 86 percent from Republicans and a positive 87 – 8 percent from Democrats, both virtually unchanged. Women approve 49 – 45 percent while men give a negative 40 – 54 percent score.

Americans are divided 49 – 47 percent on whether Obama is honest and trustworthy, down from 58 – 37 percent, the last time Quinnipiac University asked the question September 1, 2011.

The Quinnipiac study also shows deep-seated disillusionment with the federal government among American voters.

Only 3 percent of voters trust the federal government to do the right thing almost all the time, while 12 percent say they trust it most of the time; 47 percent say some of the time and 36 percent hardly ever. That compares to results of a Quinnipiac University poll in July 2010, four months before the Republican sweep that year on the back of anti-government sentiment, when 2 percent said almost always, 16 percent said most of the time; 50 percent said some of the time and 31 percent said hardly ever.

Of the three major scandals currently engulfing the presidency – the IRS targeting of conservative groups, the Obama administration’s response to the Benghazi terrorist attack, and the Justice Department’s seizure of phone records belonging to Associated Press journalists, the IRS issue is making the biggest impact with voters. According to Quinnipiac, 66 percent of Americans disapprove of the way in which the IRS is handling its job, and 76 percent support the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS scandal. The Benghazi issue is also doing considerable damage to the Obama administration’s image, with 46 percent believing “the Obama administration deliberately misled the American people about the events surrounding the death of the American Ambassador to Libya.” Voters are generally less familiar with the AP story.

The Quinnipiac poll suggests trouble ahead for next year’s Congressional mid-term elections, where the Republicans will be seeking to consolidate and expand their control of the House of Representatives, and possibly retake the Senate. Significantly, among Independent voters, who are likely to decide many of the crucial House and Senate races in November 2014, 57 percent disapprove of Barack Obama’s job performance, and 56 percent do not believe that the president is “honest and trustworthy.” By a 45 percent to 35 percent margin, Independents believe that Republicans in Congress are doing a better job than President Obama on handling the economy, the number one issue for the American electorate. Among all voters, Barack Obama and Congressional Republicans are tied at 43 percent. Overall, 68 percent of Americans are “somewhat dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied” with the direction the United States is taking, hardly a vote of confidence in Mr. Obama’s leadership. Expect even worse figures for the White House in the coming weeks, as the pressure intensifies on a scandal-hit presidency.

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  • David Ashton

    But who will replace him?

    • Mr Plankton

      Doesn’t matter. As long they have a R or a D by their name, it won’t make a figs bit of difference.

    • Morris LeChat

      what will replace democracy should be the real question

      • Alexandra1973

        We don’t want democracy.

        • Morris LeChat


        • Johnny Clay

          Democracy in its purest forms are mob rule and anarchy.

          • anarchyst

            Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner . . .

        • Morris LeChat

          Things are getting more favorable every day for a white male military takeover. The present government will fail. There is no question now of IF this will happen but WHEN. Every passing day brings public sentiment more and more to the point where they will be behind a strong man takeover of the government.

          • Luis

            Paisan, you won’t believe this, but several years ago, I actually used to imagine what would happen if there was an actual military coup in the United States, promulgated by the Pentagon. It went something like this:

            America is in financial chaos, and the military portion of the budget is sharply reduced. Naturally the brass is unhappy, so it decides to take matters into its own hands. After a series of top-secret meetings in the Pentagon, they decide to act.

            First, they storm the White House, arrest the president and vice-president, the cabinet, the entire Senate and House, and the Supreme Court. Then, by deploying the National Guard, the governors of all 50 states are simultaneously arrested by the respective state National Guard. Judges are arrested in all states, the Army seizes control of the Federal Reserve Board, the 12 federal reserve banks, and most major banks nationwide.

            As i said, I used to imagine such a scenario – it has nothing to do with that movie coming out (don’t remember the name), where the U.S. is placed under martial law (I believe Morgan Freeman is the president, judging from the trailers).

          • Morris LeChat

            The problem with military takeovers is that military men are not usually good at governing, in fact, they are exceptionally bad at it. What we need to do is make our desires known that a council of white elders be gathered together by the military to plot the direction and agenda and policies of the government. People who have already voiced their beliefs concerning white run homelands and a restoration of this country should be picked. Pat Buchanan might be an example although I think politicians should probably NOT be the ones considered. I would mentions someone we all know and respect but that might get this post deleted.

          • Tucker

            I’m a veteran, and did my 4 years of active duty – many moons ago. I was highly recommended for reenlistment, had outstanding performance marks and came from a family with a history of career military men. On paper, I was the perfect candidate to make the military a career. What made me decide to get out?

            Simple. I discovered an aspect in my personality that I was unaware of when I decided to enlist. After being exposed to several military people during my stint of service who had a few stripes more than I – and who were obnoxious, power hungry, arrogant authoritarians and who demonstrated a control freak mentality and who were clearly ill-suited to being allowed to have any authority over anyone – I decided that I had a problem with authority figures in general. To this day, I detest being bossed around or subjugated to being dominated by anyone.

            I equate this personality characteristic of mine to the sort of ferocity that I suspect burned in the hearts and souls of our colonial ancestors, who chafed under the steel boot of the tyranny that King George was attempting to impose upon our White European ancestors. The interesting thing about this characteristic of mine, is that for most of my life – I had assumed that this was a wide-spread characteristic that was shared by all of my fellow White European Americans – that distrust of government, and a jealous passion to always remain vigilant in order to safeguard our precious liberties – these qualities were how I would have defined the word ‘American’, back about 20 years or so ago.

            Not today, though. Today, White Americans appear to be the most gullible, mindless, wimpish, and neurotically compliant and obediently subservient to tyrannical political leadership of all the many demographic groups. Well, this not a healthy development, folks. White Americans need to rediscover the fire in the belly that our Colonial ancestors had – because the tyranny that our corrupt and hostile alien ruling elites are lusting to impose upon us today, would make what King George did look like a club med paradise.

            Thus, I agree with Morris – the vast majority of military men would not be ‘good at governing’. I suspect that they would be tyrants and authoritarians, because their training has not taught them how to be otherwise.

          • newscomments70

            Great post, one of the best. ” Today, White Americans appear to be the most gullible, mindless, wimpish, and neurotically compliant and obediently subservient to tyrannical political leadership of all the many demographic groups.” I disagree with that statement. It’s just that most of us have had no experience with war and revolution. We don’t have a collective direction. I believe there is hope though. The right wing in Europe is exploding in size. Furthermore, communism was brought down with a mostly peaceful revolution. We can rebel successfully against our Marxist government. They are so weak and third world, we basically have to only sidestep them. they are not strong enough to keep us down. As David Duke commented, it would be like an elephant stepping on a mouse.

          • Romulus

            He would be perfect for the job.

          • G. Washington, Caesar, Napoleon, King David, Marcus Aurelius, Charlemagne, Pericles, Michael Collins, Andrew Jackson, D. Eisenhower, De Gaulle. . .

          • LaSantaHermandad

            Gee what a surprise! Morgan Freeman? He’s become like the proverbial horse crap. Is there one movie lately in which he doesn’t appear?

          • David Ashton

            Remember “Seven Days in May” with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas?

          • potato78

            Very nice fiction.
            Like past USSR, and past China.
            USSR and China had have been there before.
            Now it’s US turn.

          • Tucker

            You’d better hope Stanley McKrystal is not part of that military takeover, Morris. That guy is a lying, dishonest, dangerous slab of totalitarianism obsessed hyena manure.

            Remember how he got on TV and was spewing a boat load of bald-faced LIES, right after Sandy Hook – where he was reading from the Obama-Biden-Feintstein-Schumer-Bloomberg cue card – and shamelessly exaggerating the ‘deadliness’ of the .223 caliber cartridge, so as to help the gun grabbers demonize the AR style sporting rifles?

            The fact of the matter is, that the U.S. Marines have heavily criticized the .223 caliber bullet as being underpowered and many U.S. Marine combat veterans have complained that enemy soldiers have to be shot multiple times with this cartridge before they will go down for the count. McKrystal has to be aware of this, but he still got on TV and lied through his greasy teeth – which ought to tell us all what this guy thinks on the issue of gun control and the Second Amendment.

          • anarchyst

            Please be aware that “flag officers” that are appointed to high-level Pentagon positions (brigadier general and above) are more akin to politicians that don’t always have the well-being of the military personnel below them at heart.
            The “military-industrial complex” that president Eisenhower warned us about is alive and well.
            A civilian example of high-level political influence is that of police chiefs, who follow the politicians’ line of thinking. Most police officers welcome citizens’ ability to defend themselves while most police chiefs push for “gun control” at the behest of their politician “bosses”.

          • Morris LeChat

            The current leaders of the military are one with the left. No, this is something that needs to come from the bottom up, not from the top down. The upper ranks should be removed by the lower ranks. The question then becomes one of who will then run things or at least consult the military on how to run things. That is why they would be best to appoint a council of concerned (wink) white elders tho make policy and govern.

            The REASON or GOAL, the MISSION OBJECTIVE of this whole operation would be to retake for white people that which is now being or has been stolen from them. May I suggest some IMMEDIATE policies that would be put in place .

            ONE-the end of ALL affirmative action and anti discrimination laws. Yes, immediately private property will become private again, and if a restaurant or store wants to exclude some groups from it’s customers or employees then that would be legal again.

            Second, a policy of reversing the demographic changes should be put in place . This policy should recognize and explicitly state the tools that have been used to cause the demographic collapse of the white race and that those tools are -feminism and careerism for women which steers women into careers instead of motherhood, environmentalist scare tactics which brainwashed whites to not have children for the sake of the environment, thirdly the depression of wages from illegal immigration, as well as shipping manufacturing overseas, that has made it impossible for whites to have families at socioeconomic levels where they did have families in the past.

            Thirdly, a policy of guarding the culture against demoralization should be enacted. This would put an end to the sewer pipe of hollywood for the purposes of strengthening families.

            Fourth, an end to all no fault divorce laws and a review of all lows that have given women the upper hand in marriages. WE are in a state of affairs today where women can just take the children and leave, without justification, and destroy the life of the male, destroy the father child bonds, and turn men into nothing more than child support payments. NO the families should once more be structured, and this structure recognized in law, to be headed by the MALE.

          • Morris LeChat

            Whether one agrees with the idea of a takeover or not, it is a good thing to have a list of desires and demands formulated and distributed throughout the society. A list of grievances so to say.The most important one being that we were never pooled as to whether we agreed to give this country away and that we in fact do not want this to happen. That what is going on is a terrible injustice that we will not tolerate.

      • Romulus

        A plutocratic oligarchy. Combine the knowledge of all the macro issues and the social ones(ie. Veiled threat in tennessee) and youll find that here ,like in england the govt doesnt care. It will only exist to force the peace. Sooner or later america will probably lose its sovereignty to a world govt. Run by you know who!

        • anarchyst

          The USA is already run by “you know who” . . .

      • Bobby

        From the modest amount of history I’ve studied, I don’t think there is an answer to this. No one can foretell what the forces might be that create change.

        • Sick of it

          Most will be negative. The most powerful will be negative. “Our” government and its masters have prepared for a wide variety of circumstances. Be careful who you trust…or you might find CHANGE that you HOPE would go away.

      • So CAL Snowman

        A boot stomping on a White face forever.

      • StillModerated

        Florence King described democracy as: the crude leading the crud.

        Think on it!

      • Mike

        [email protected]@K to Kenya, grasshopper, [email protected]@K to Kenya for your answer.
        Or try Chicago, Atlanta, Oakland etc.

    • The__Bobster

      The gaffe machine, Mr. Plugs Bite Me.

    • Snowhitey

      Another liar named Biden.

  • Mr Plankton

    The only thing that Obama and the federal government has done well, is to continually usurp the rights of life, liberty and property of white, hard working, productive Americans. If you’ll read the list of injuries and usurpation’s in the Declaration of Independence, you’ll see that the federal government routinely goes way beyond anything King George ever did. Anything the federal government does that goes beyond Defense, Tariffs and anything else that is not explicitly listed in the constitution is not the “Right thing”

    • evilsandmich

      As Derb had said at one point, Hong Kong as a colony may have been the most ‘free’ place on the planet.

    • Sick of it

      They steal people’s children from them. For that offense, men would have been massacred in the 18th century. Today, people shrug.

    • me

      Marxists hate White culture, especially the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  • liberal white mess

    liberal whites are turning on their messiah mutt by the millions
    and know hillary is cooked on benghazi lies … but we know there
    is no way obama will be gone or amerika will burn down and see
    a race war like none other … same for the zimmerman trial who
    better be convicted or major city burnings starting with miami and most of florida

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    “Obama in free fall at 45%!” Gee we’ve never heard that before. Black is the toughest Teflon ever made because people want to believe.
    The soul of Lawrence Auster smiles down from heaven.

  • MBlanc46

    Surprise, surprise. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time. The guy is neither honest nor trustworthy (he’s a politician, after all), so many people perceive that he’s neither honest nor trustworthy.

    • StillModerated

      Not only is Obama neither honest nor trustworthy, he was a foreign exchange student at Occidental. That’s why his college transcripts will never be released. I was never fooled.

      • I take a different view. He’s keeping the transcripts under lock and key (probably the only thing we can’t find out in this the era of everything knowing everything about everybody) because of the affirmative action basket weaving course titles.

        • Johnny Clay

          He’s also an affirmative action president. Had he been white, we’d have President Romney right now. But, he’s black, so he deserves a second chance because he’s trying.

          • anarchyst

            There are two things that the o’bama has going for him. The first is his push for “gun control” (actually people control). His “push” galvanized the pro-gun (pro-freedom) movement like no other. As a result, no new federal gun legislation was passed. If Romney had been president, we would have a host of new federal “gun control” regulations in the spirit of “compromise” with the democrats.
            Point number two is that the o’bama kept us out of the middle east wars. Israel has been chomping at the bit to get us to go into Iran and Syria (for the past 40 years or so). As much as I detest the o’bama, these two situations warrant thought.

          • Tucker

            Very decent analysis, Anarchyst. Especially about him thus far resisting pressure from the lobby to attack Iran.

            Actually, the people of Israel – who apparently seem to despise him, ought to be thanking him for not starting a war with Iran. The Iranians have a conventional weapons deterrent that would be able to render the State of Israel uninhabitable – since all the Iranians would have to do is to target the nuclear weapons stockpiles and Israeli’s nuclear power facility with their long range conventional missiles.

            This strikes me as pretty hilarious, since those nuclear weapons that the Israelis have were the result of their espionage and theft of American nuclear weapons secrets – and now, their presence inside Israel is posing a serious threat to the thieves who stole them.

            Remember what our mothers used to tell us? Crime never pays?

          • Not Politcally Correct

            Bush was the classic example of an affirmative action president.

  • I’ve heard the theory that the Obama Scandalapalooza is merely a controlled burn to divert attention from amnesty and open borders.

    What if it turns out to be the other way around? What if Scandalapalooza actually hurts the cause of amnesty and open borders? The reason it might is that a whole lot of trust and a lot of the benefit of the doubt is supposed to be granted to legislators and the executive branch, at least that’s what the Rubio-Ryan narrated Zuckerberg-funded propaganda tells us. Well, if Scandalapalooza destroys trust in the President and the Federal government in general, then it will also wreck what little “conservative” support there is for the Gang Bangers of Eight bill.

    • evilsandmich

      It does seem odd since a lot of these broke voluntarily. Of course with Benghazi that was self inflicted; maybe it’s the ol’ “if you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your B.S.” type of logic.

      • Jesse Peterson

        Obama Scandals: A Controlled Burn To Mask Gang Bill
        By Patrick Cleburne on June 6, 2013 at 5:14pm makes a very valid point today: Mainstream Media Fail to Break Even One of Four Obama Scandals

        Well, if it is Thursday, there must be a new Obama scandal. But …whatever that scandal is, you can bet the American mainstream media will be playing catch up and not carrying the glory of breaking a story about a major White House scandal…

        This is true enough and not surprising. But more important is Breitbart’s pointing out

        …our pathetic, American, lapdog mainstream media is not responsible for breaking even a single one.

        IRS? Nope, not our guys. The IRS broke their own scandal with a planted question

        The Justice Department’s seizure of Associated Press phone records? Nope, not our guys. Believe it or not, the Associated Press didn’t even break that story. Like the IRS, we only found out because the Justice Department outted itself in a letter notifying the AP of what it had done.

        Q: Whenever would any Government voluntarily touch off major scandals so damaging to itself?

        A: When it is trying to smuggle through a massive politically transforming Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill, worse than those only defeated in the Bush era by unprecedented uproar from the Grassroots. These scandals are sucking the oxygen out of the opposition process.

        This stratagem was flagged in Hinderaker, Powerline: Gang Bill More Important Threat To America Than Scandals. It is being extremely successful – the Drudge Report where I found this story had nothing at the time on Amnesty.

        Those struggling past all the posturing about these controversies need also to ask themselves” “Cui bono”?

    • Puggg
    • me


  • Morris LeChat

    his presidency is getting a bit stale, needs to be ventilated

  • Alexandra1973

    I already knew Mein Obama was neither honest nor trustworthy.

  • guest

    They’re just realizing this now? I knew Obama was not to be trusted once I heard of his ties with that racist Jeremiah Wright. His slogan of “change and hope” was only half right. There was no hope, but plenty of change (and very little of it was good).

  • Robert Binion

    It will get worse for the President. The government tosses hikes in food and gas prices when calculating the “core” inflation rate, but shoppers at Walmart are not fooled. Every trip there for a bag of beans becomes a campaign event for the opposition. And as Issa turns the screw into Internal Revenue–ever so slowly to prolong the joy–some will sing. My advice for him? Seek the Verizon accounts of IRS workers.
    And here is a question that everyone at Amren can answer with ease: why did “stimulus” really fail?

    • Why did the stimulus fail?

      Macro reason: It was just pumping more money into an economy with a lot of fundamental structural problems.

      Micro reasons: Feminists and Robert Reich complained that too much infrastructure spending would only employ white men, so a lot of that was factored out. A significant percentage wound up going to states and localities to keep AFSCME members employed and their pensions semi-liquid, and of course AFSCME might as well be an Obama appendage.

      • edwina

        I suspect it was pumping more money to friends and allies than it was into the economy

  • I Hate Politics !

    He will stlll leave office looking better than George Bush.

    • Funruffian

      Thanks to the Lame Stream Media.

    • Jefferson

      How so ? Hussein Obama has accumulated way more debt than in 4 years than George W. Bush has in 8 years.

      Plus under the Hussein Obama administration, White people have lost way more of their civil liberties than they ever did under Bush.

      • Barnaby Sutton

        If that is who I think it is, then they give Obongo a pass because he is a mulatto. This person is ill.

      • PesachPatriot

        I’m pretty sure the current occupant of the oval office has run up more debt than every other president from washington to shrub jr. combined….the stimulus cost more than the civil war, WWI and WWII combined….its a really good thing most of the modern monetary supply is 1’s and 0’s in bank computers because if all this money was being physically printed as ones, fives, tens, twenties, fifties and hundreds it would probably deforest the north american continent.

        • Current approximate national debt: $16,860,073,000,000

          National debt on January 3, 2007: $8,677,214,255,313.07

          This means that 48.5% of the total national debt has been run up under one or both circumstances: Nancy Pelosi being Speaker of the House and/or Barack Obama being President.

          We will be above 50% in that statistic by Labor Day.

  • PesachPatriot

    I bet he’s wishing that Romney had won now. If he was the same color as the first 43 presidents he probably would have been impeached already….Its too bad we can’t dig up the george, thomas and abe and have them sort out the mess he’s made.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      I’d settle for Herbert Hoover or Silent Cal.

      • PesachPatriot

        If jeff davis was president there wouldn’t be a problem with flash mobs and home invasions and I’m pretty sure general lee and stonewall jackson could have had the middle east sorted out in a few weeks if they had access to today’s military technology.

        • Sick of it

          They probably would have smashed Saudi Arabia, the center of all this trouble, and avoided the various other pitfalls.

        • Darius Jackson

          Jeff Davis was a puppet for the slave owning oligarchy. He was trash. How would he be any different than the modern puppets like the poofta Lindsey Graham?? I cant figger out why so many rednecks love the Confederacy:Get chopped to pieces ina a war to protect the property of wealthy men who hold you in the utmost contempt! While dirt poor white men were having their jaws shot off,the oligarchs were secreting their precious slaves out of harms way. When the truth finally dawned on those rebels,they were an embittereed bunch,as they should be.

    • Tucker

      I’ve often wondered why any president would want to serve more than one term.

      You see how fast these guys age while in office? It’s amazing. Plus, if they can manage to serve one term – and not get themselves into any trouble with the law, it would seem to me that they’d say to themselves – let me skate out of here before my enemies manage to dig up dirt on me or expose any of the crimes I’ve committed and gotten by with so far.

      In blackjack, the casino dealer is required to stand at 16, right? Its all about the odds, folks. POTUSes ought to stand at 4 and then make their getaway.

      • You see how fast these guys age while in office?

        You’ve just stated point blank one taboo theory why Hillary Clinton, who was supposed to be inevitable in 2008 but didn’t win, and who is again inevitable in 2016, will fail again, I think. I think there were some taboo X-factors that prevented her from winning in 2008, largely related to gender sociology and double standards, that will present again in 2016. And one of them is that people, including many women, aren’t going to want to watch an already upper middle aged woman (69 in 2016) grow old in appearance really quickly in public view. Up to a point, the “old” look looks authoritative and avuncular on a man, but awful on a woman. That’s definitely not an original theory on my part.

        Other similar X-factors could be queen bee syndrome or crabs-in-a-bucket syndrome.

      • PesachPatriot

        I have wondered the same thing…Obama looks like he has aged 30 years in 4 years. When Romney was running I was thinking “WTF is wrong with this guy? Who in their right minds wants the stress of being president if they are already rich?” It seemed like R-money didn’t even really want to win….he just wanted attention and fame and the media and the world to pay attention to him and a place in the history books….He’s probably secretly thrilled that he lost.

  • Bobby

    Yet, I keep hearing on the Main Stream News sources, that his “rating”, is always over 50 percent. Of course those same news sources haven’t even started to seriously question or exposing anything the WH does. Since wer’e always told the country is roughly divided in half politically and if this is true,, it tells me that not only are democrats not moved by anything Obama does, but that even a part of the Conservatives are clueless idiots.

  • a multiracial individual

    It is particularly amusing watching liberals cry themselves to sleep at the realization that their hero is just as slimy as any other politician.

    • edwina

      hell, they’re blaming this on bush…………

      saying he started the programs, like he started fast and furious.
      the left are liars, they won’t change because they got caught.
      they will only change the lies

    • Tucker

      Chrissy “Mr. Tingle” Matthews seems to think its all a vast, WHITE-WING conspiracy.

      Speaking of Mr. Tingle – I have a feeling that, every time the TV is on in any major Federal Prison – and this guy’s face appears, I bet there are thousands of black criminals sitting inside prisons all across America who are fantasizing about having this guy assigned to their personal jail cell.

  • MekongDelta69

    Up – down – up – down. Who cares?

    Nothing, but nothing is ever going to happen to this black muslim marxist dictator and his regime.

    You’ve still got about half of this country (comprised of every loser group, too numerous to mention), who views him as a Messiah.
    And that’s exactly what NoBama’s plan has been all along – and he’s succeeded.

    If you grew up in the America I did, then you know how great it was.
    If you didn’t, then unfortunately, you can never know what it was like.

    Either way, that America is gone and is never coming back…

    • White Mom in WDC

      I came to the States in the 80’s. It was a good time. Something began to shift in the early 90s. I have to say that many people residing in the US now have no civility. People are crass, rude, and are covetousness. People want to judge their fellow citizens but not help. The ‘annointed’ in the Feds enjoy early retirement. The rest of us plebes must work. I think that something is brewing… What, I don’t know … A new party, a rebellion, something will break.

      • newscomments70

        Where are you from White Mom? I assume the UK. If you were from Western Europe you would love Obama.

        • White Mom in WDC

          I am from Canada

          • newscomments70

            I am not sure why anyone would want to leave Canada and immigrate to the United States. Our multicultural problems are so much worse. We have better weather, but so doesn’t Haiti. I know that in the 80s, we were more capitalist, and you could have probably made a better salary here.

            I am from Massachusetts (disgusting, I know!!). I used to enjoy driving to Montreal and through Quebec. My parents brought me there as a child, and I went on my own during college years. I hear Montreal has changed radically, that the black and muslim population has exploded. Everything we loved is being destroyed.

          • Luis

            WM, perhaps you can answer this for me, coming from Canada:

            In seventh grade (circa 1967), I remember my teacher telling the class that since Canada was so sparsely settled, the Canadian government would give free land away to people who got married and settled in Canada, as an incentive; because it wanted more people.

            Any truth to that, as far as you know?

          • OlderWoman

            If you are displeased with Americans I think you should go back to Canada. There is a lot of civility in the U.S. Methinks you have a bad attitude and people react to it with incivility.

          • White Mom in WDC

            You obviously have not been following the articles on Amren.

      • Sick of it

        That’s good…I was growing up in the same timeframe, but in a depressed economy. I do remember people being much friendlier and more willing to help one another until around 2000 in my part of the country. It’s a shame to see that disappear.

    • White Mom in WDC

      We are in a suspended state of covetous ignorant people wanting communism and stalwart American types resisting.

      • Sick of it

        Add voyeur control freaks to that description and you’ve got it 😉

        • White Mom in WDC

          That is so true.

    • Tucker

      Filling America up with the dregs of the Third World has had the exact and predictable result that anyone with half a brain could have realized would happen.

      First of all, minus these Third World dregs – the black population alone, comprising about 13-14 percent, was moderately manageable. Sure, they might be able to assume full control over a few major cities where they were the largest percentage of the population – but, all by themselves, they would have never been able to take control of the entire nation. But, once blacks were supplemented by the dregs of the Third World – that’s when they able to gain the kind of power they have today.

      End result: America is now a third world banana republic, which happens to have the most deadly arsenal of military weapons on the entire planet.

      Hunch: This is not going to end well, folks. Did any of you White nitwits who voted for Obama stop to think about this before pulling the lever on the last two elections?

  • Q-ship

    I’m sure his approval rating among blacks is (and will remain) over 90%. This has been a constant. DWL’s are solely responsible for his election and re-election. I don’t blame blacks for their unwavering support of Obama, they are only doing what whites should be doing.

    • MBlanc46

      ” DWL’s are solely responsible for his election and re-election”.

      The Repubs nominating knuckleheads also had something to do with it.

  • Low information undertow: In these polls, there is almost always a constant 10-15% disparity between people’s approval of Obama’s agenda line items and Obama’s own personal approval rating, meaning 10-15% like Obama but don’t like what he’s doing. The fashionable talk radio theorem is that Obama is always in campaign mode and is therefore in a deliberate long game attempt to disassociate himself with the negative consequences of his own actions, and that’s true to some extent. But I also don’t find it to be a mere coincidence that the percentage of the American population that is black is within that 10-15% disparity range.

  • The__Bobster

    According to Quinnipiac, Barack Obama’s job approval rating now stands at just 45 percent, with less than half of voters viewing the president as “honest and trustworthy.”

    I find the 45% number shocking. When you add up the minorities, poofters, brain-damaged and gubmint workers, do you get 45%? Well, it might be Romney’s 47%, who like the way things are going, but are too stupid to see that we’re nearing the edge of a cliff.

    • Ella

      People do not like to admit that they are wrong. So that might be the arrogant, entitled group of something for free and about me.

  • The__Bobster

    I’m truly amazed at how the Usurper is able to shift the blame for the failure of his inane and anti-American actions onto someone else. Nothing seems to hurt his ratings much.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Because obama has a complicit media to cover for him no matter what he does.

      Those who say the media elected obama are not wrong.



    I hope we learn a lesson from this administration, those people do not belong in any position of power, they did great in janitorial jobs, selling newspapers, shinning shoes and dish washing.

    • Epiminondas

      Would love to see Holder washing dishes again in a prison.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        I would like to see Holder serve another term… in prison where he belongs!!


        • Luis

          Bon. where did you get that poster? It’s beautiful (not Holder!).

          Similar posters about John F. Kennedy were popping up in Dallas, TX shortly before his assasination.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            LOL, sorry don’t remember — my family passes them around.

            That Holder is a piece of work!! Another one the media cover for — can you imagine if there were a Republican president? The media would lynch him (high-tech lynching of course, you can ask Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas about that).

            Originally, this is the one I was going to post:

            If the photo fits!!!…


  • joemcgee

    The storm is gathering, and we’ve just got to be ready for when it breaks. To do so, we must become the best sharpshooter we can. One round, one hit.

  • Epiminondas

    This is why I did not vote for McCain or Romney. Obama has done more for conservative whites than any president since Reagan.

  • bigone4u

    Obama was never honest and trustworthy. Sad to say, I do not know of a black who was, is, or ever will be honest and trustworthy. But hey, I unplugged from the matrix and took the red pill. I highly recommend it.

  • anonymous

    These polls are meaningless. The country is divided almost fifty-fifty between the two parties. It’s been that way for years. Normally, ANY presidential candidate in either party can expect to get around 40 percent of the vote and the same thing applies to sitting presidents.

    The media likes to make a big thing about a slip of four or five points, but as long as Obama’s polling around 40-45 percent, he doing basically the same as he’s always done. “Just 45 percent” is actually pretty good for a second-term president.

    Likewise, saying that “half of the population” doesn’t approve of him isn’t saying anything at all for exactly the same reason. Half of the population never voted for him in the first place (I think Romney ended up with around 47 percent of the vote).

    Obama’s a lame duck anyway. The good news is that these scandals will weaken him and make it more difficult for him to pass legislation. The democrats will probably be hurt in the next congressional elections, but we’ve seen what happens when the house or senate change hands. Nothing. The best we can hope for is gridlock.

  • anonymous

    I love watching these scandals unfold. I just love it. The irony is mind blowing.

    Here’s Obama, Mr. Hope and Change, the Magic Negro who was going to undo all the damage created by Bush and the Republicans, and he turns out to be another Nixon, except he’s a thousand times worse than Nixon. He’s even worse than Bush, something I thought was impossible to do.

    I just love watching all the libtards who voted for Obama out of white guilt and Bush-hatred squirming in the face of all these revelations that they were gullible morons all along. It’s really entertaining. My whole family voted for the guy. They bought his books. They wore Obama T-shirts. They went to see him speak and came back gushing because they shook his hand. What idiots!

    • MBlanc46

      He certainly did play a lot of folks. Back in the days when he was my state senator (before I could have imagined that he’d ever wind up in the presidency), I would have figured him for a standard-issue, slightly-left-of-center Dem. For those who were paying close attention, though, he let his true colors shine through in the general election campaign for the Senate in 2004.

  • obama is a better president than bush was, or clinton or bush sr. That said, I still would to impeach him for breaking his campaign promises. This spying nonsense however is bogus. I am far more worried about stopping mass immigration, reversing the so-called civil laws and decisions such as affirmative action, raising taxes on the rich, lowering taxes on the working class, and cutting military/security spending. Yes, the federal govt is evil and is the enemy of the white majority. But this poll is just timed to coincide with the anti-Dem propaganda push by the GOP. THis is a GOP ploy. The GOP is even worse than the Dems. This NSA spying thing is small potatoes.The fed govt itself was created to thwart democracy. I think that sort of thing is just a tad more important than the NSA spying.

    Is Amren a front for the GOP?
    If not, then why this foray into intra-party politics? Why are you taking the GOP side? The GOP has nothing to stop mass immigration, affirmative action, anti-white laws, etc.

    • instead of downvoting me, why not make a lucid, rational, informed comment as to why you think I am wrong? Don’t you realize that this pro-GOP stance is just going to maintain the status quo?

      If you are interested, go back and check out my comments on this site. I do have quite a few upvotes, too. So some significant number of people here agree with what I have to say. But nowhere on the major political websites or on the mass media or even in academia is anyone saying what I am saying. Doesn’t that make you curious?

      • edwina

        you’re not worth the effort

      • Korpiklaani

        Because you’re right. The LAST thing this site is, is a White Nationalist Socialist site, it can’t really even be called a Libertarian site as the amount of censorship on this site is astonishing. I think you may be right that this may be a front for the G.O.P. it would be nice to see some arguments in opposition, but don’t expect me to make em.

        • AR is not national socialist, as much as that makes some people upset.

          AR is not libertarian, (and I can hear cheers from the general direction of Chicago).

          AR is not a front for the Republican Party, and just about everyone reading these words will applause.

          So you’re both wrong. I’ll give you more guesses.

          • duh jared

            Based on some of the comments deleted vs ones not deleted plus promoting multiracial individual as a wise man, I’d say who gives a sh1t?

        • WR_the_realist

          I think most people here realize that both major parties are horrid.

    • MBlanc46

      “Is Amren a front for the GOP?”

      Probably not, but I’d wager that at least 3/4 of the posters here who involve themselves in party-political politics do so on the Repub side.

    • WR_the_realist

      There is nothing bogus about the domestic spying. We are now very, very close to being a totalitarian state. The spying did, however, begin under the Bush administration. But a president who allows those unconstitutional practices to continue is every bit as contemptible as the president who started them in the first place.

    • I agree with you, more welfare for whites and less welfare for illegal immirgants. Both so-called Blue and Red states have taken money from whites and transferred the money to minorities. Rick Perry took college money for whites and give it to illegal immigrants by charging them less tuition.

  • rickarroyo

    Forty million whites showed up at the polls last November and made the conscious decision to re-elect this clown. They made their beds and now let them lie in it. And yeah Willard Romney was nothing to get excited about but any mentally sane race realist either held his nose and voted for Mitt or sat out the last election. The forty million wanted four more years of the transformational community organizer.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Please, Obama could go on live TV and slit the throat of a White infant and nothing would happen. In fact his support would probably double. Obama can do anything he wants, anything and the media will do nothing but praise him. I mean look at the Susan Rice fiasco and he still chose her!

    • duh jared

      This comment remains yet others not even close to this one were deleted. What is that about dumba$$?

      You sometimes make about as much sense as a sack of horsesh1t, jared.

      • anarchyst

        Sad to say that many comments made that criticize actions of the “tribe” will be censored.
        Moderator, I know that this is your board, and that a certain “civil discourse” is expected (which I agree with) but it seems that certain TRUTHS are censored just because they criticize actions of the “tribe”. Why not give us an explanation, moderator?
        In fact, how about a column on the criteria that Amren moderators use to summarily delete posts.
        Amren is a valuable asset to white interests . . .

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Imagine Obama’s ratings if the leftoid msm were honest. Falling poll numbers mean nothing now; Obama will still get a statue taller than the Washington monument.

    And the Republicans will still run another RINO in 2016.


  • IKantunderstand

    I don’t believe anything the government tells us anymore. I’m not convinced Obama was “fairly elected”. I don’t believe Obama qualified under the Constitution to even run for the presidency. What I believe is what I see with my own eyes. This government is engaging in a wholesale attack against everything the traditional White American holds dear. Everything. Nothing is being held back as a potential victim of this assault. Nothing. Our respect for our soldiers, our veterans, our boy scouts, our girl scouts, our churches, our patriotism, our marriages, our children, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights. We can’t allow this to continue any longer. Because if we do, there will no longer be an America.

    • IstvanIN

      In retrospect once we gave criminal lawbreakers amnesty under Reagan it was over. Those who disrespect our sovereignty and laws now have a special place. When our elites decided to not defend our national borders it was over.

  • Dave4088

    There are rumors that Rahm Emanuel will run for president on the Democratic ticket in 2016. He’s turned Chicago into the black flash mob and gun murder capital of America in three short years, so just think what he could do for America?

    Maybe Mayor Bloomberg or disgraced Congressman Weiner will be his veep.

    • jane johnson

      Rahm Emanuel?! Not a chance. Slick Willie and that awful wife of his will never let that happen. They’ll triangulate him right out of the picture, even if they have to rehire Dick Morris to do it.

    • MBlanc46

      Historically, the office of mayor of Chicago is a political dead-end. My guess is that when Rahmulus tires of being mayor, he’ll return to investment banking, where the plutocrats he’s helped enrich while mayor will cut him in on some cushy, low-risk deals.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      You raised an interesting question. We have had first negro president. So could a jew– not just Rahm Emanuel but any jew– ever be voted in by the brainwashed masses as president?

  • JohnEngelman

    Rasmussen Reports June 03, 2013

    Republicans and Democrats are now tied on the Generic Congressional Ballot for the week ending June 2, 2013.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 40% of Likely U.S. Voters would vote for the Democrat in their district’s congressional race if the election were held today, while another 40% would choose the Republican instead.

    Most Americans are worse off than we were when President Clinton left office. Neither party has a believable plan to restore the good economic numbers of Bill Clinton’s second term, so few Americans are enthusiastic about either party.

    • Black Swan

      President Clinton was very lucky to have been president during the high-tech boom. He takes credit for it but it happened in spite of Clinton, not because of him. Don’t give Clinton any credit.

      • JohnEngelman

        You probably blame Jimmy Carter for the inflation that happened in 1979 to 1980. President Carter was not responsible for that. The rise in the price of petroleum that happened as a result of the Iranian Revolution of 1979 was responsible.

        Carter was not responsible for that President Eisenhower was. In 1953 Eisenhower directed the CIA to overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran and install the Shah in power.

        The rise in inflation in 1979, and the decline after 1982 was due to fluctuations in the world price of petroleum over which neither President Carter nor President Reagan had much control.

        Also, President Clinton benefited the economy by raising the top tax rate.

        The U.S. economy has usually benefited when the rich have been heavily taxed.

  • libertarian1234

    “Americans are divided 49 – 47 percent on whether Obama is honest and trustworthy….”

    This creep has told so many lies and behaved so abominably it’s a sad sign of how far this country has deteriorated if 49% of the people think he’s honest and trustworthy.

    Secession certainly is the only way to go, and there’s a lot of whites that need to be left behind also.

    • Ella

      I agree but I bet some of them will be family. It happened during the Civil War.

      • libertarian1234

        So be it.

        Let them wallow in the mud they’ve helped create.

        And when they’re finally overwhelmed and come knocking, I’ll let them know there is no room in our community for people so gullible and easily led.

        Their types will only resort to the norm every time someone raises the multicultural issue and all the other hare-brained schemes.

  • Bootstrap

    The fault for all this mess lies with each of us. Until we acquire the guts to be proactive like the import George Zimmer was, nothing will stop them.

    • Bootstrap

      I am so upset I did not give the man proper credit. (George Zimmerman)
      Please accept my apology.

  • HKwills

    Obama’s regulatory burden is much worse than previous administrations and promises more burdens to the economy:

  • DiversityIsDeath

    I don’t think that the black/hispanic/white liberal voter base of the Democrats gives a damn about any of the many the scandals, abuses, incompetences, or corruptions of this Obama administration. All they care about is the bottom line— $$$$$ — that blacks and browns keep getting their benefits and entitlements. Isn’t that the only thing that really matters in the end to these parasites?

  • Moses

    Why do people keep saying DEMOCRACY?

    Isn’t Democracy a Majority Rules proposition?

    How long has it been since Majority Ruled in the Good Ole USA?

    We don’t even really live in a Republic since those in Government don’t give a rats — what we think or say IF WE ARE WHITE, THAT IS.

    • the USA was never meant to be a real democracy, but instead a pseudo-democracy. The founding aristocrats expressly stated that: 1) Elbridge Gerry: the problem with the USA under the Articles of Confederation (COA) is “an excess of democracy.” 2) James Madison, aka The Father of the Constitution: the primary purpose of the new gov’t formed by the new federal constitution is to preserve inequality and to “protect the minority of the opulent against the majority.” 3) Alexander Hamilton: those who own the country ought to run it.

      We do live in a republic, and let’s take a look at what ‘republic’ means as defined by Madison, who designed that form of gov’t: strong checks and balances to promote gridlock…and thereby prevent the majority from using their own gov’t against the rich; separation of powers: does the same thing; large federal voting districts (president, senate, House of Reps): the federal voting districts are the plutocrats’ special weapon against the majority in that large districts increase the number of factions therein, thereby weakening unity of the people and decreasing the number of shared interests, thereby making it harder for the people to elect politicians who can represent those interests. This aspect of a republic is one big reason why the rich love multiculturalism, diversity and mass immigration–the more large and diverse a nation, the more factions therein, and the more factions, the less unity. The less unity, the less control of the majority over their own govt, which gives the rich free rein.

      • Talltrees

        As you say, the majority does not rule or is it represented. This Republic doesn’t just support the minority rich, it supports minorities in general against the majority. No checks and balances here.

        • you misunderstand. The checks and balances, the separation of powers, the enlarged voting districts etc of the federal govt, all these things are there to prevent the majority from using the govt against the rich. The rich USE the racial minorities/immigrants to decrease wages and fragment the unity of the populace. The majority is the enemy of the elite. The minority is the friend of the elite. Unity among the populace is the enemy of the elite.
          Look at the small white nations of western europe–until recently, the united, homogeneous populace there stood united against the elite because of two things 1) parliamentarian gov’ts that do NOT have strong checks and balances, separations of powers or large voting districts; and 2) few factions existed because of the small size of the nations and the relatively small populations of nonwhites.

          Until recently, the citizens of those nations had fantastic lifestyles. They still do have great lifestyles, but it is headed downhill. Why?

          The elites managed to slip in large populations of nonwhites. Not nearly as large as in the USA, however. But enough to fragment the unity of the populace to some degree.

          Also, the elites managed to enlarge voting districts with the creation of the EU parliament. This enlargement of voting districts created political offices with more factions therein, thus decreasing voter unity.

          Back to the issues of governmental structure and how it plays a part–if the constitution had not replaced the Articles of Confederation, the individual states, at least some of them, would have been able to beat back the manipulations of the elite and would have been able to stop the civil rights laws and judicial decisions.

          • Talltrees

            I didn’t misunderstand at all. Yes, the checks and balances are supposed to be there, but there is a huge flaw our Founding Fathers didn’t anticipate. What happens when legislators give big business and minorities all the power, and the majority, mostly Whites, have none? In this case there are no checks and balances, at least I don’t see any. Where are the checks on legislators, both parties, for not representing the majority?

            Normally, one party checks and balances the other. We are not seeing that. Oh, there are a few slight checks here and there, but usually Republicans give in. There should be no amnesty, for example. Democrats want amnesty and Republicans will give in to it if the border is secured first. Republicans should say, “No amnesty,” regardless. This is a White European-American interest, but instead, Republicans are going for amnesty, too. The problem is Republicans are in agreement with Democrats when the Republican base is White. Repubicans pander to Hispanics and not their White base.

            I firmly believe, non-White immigrants are the problem.

            A Republic was set up so everyone had a voice through elected representatives. The government’s job is to represent everyone, not just minorities; however, it is not representing the majority, Whites, at all. Minorities are running rough-shod over the majority, given permission by both sides, more like a Democracy in reverse. Instead of ‘mob rule,’ we have ‘minority’ rule.

            Multiculturalism produces disunity, conflict, hatred, and general confusion. It’s been planned by those in control. You do know what minority group is really in control, don’t you?

            Our wise Founding Fathers warned that permitting large numbers of immigrants from dissimilar cultures and goverments would fracture and destroy the country, which we see happening.
            They said only a homogeneous people, same race, ethnicity, history, values, religion, culture, government could sustain a nation. Well, we know what that means. This country is doomed.

            Our country was designed for White Europeans and they pretty much said that. Only, “Free white men.” They didn’t think those from non-European countries should emigrate here, for obvious reasons we currently see.

            Yes, there are many factors involved like media, educational, religious, entertainment, etc. propaganda making us look like the enemy that has been purchased by some Whites and all the minorities at high expense to us.

            But, think about it, those with much lower IQ’s are gullible and naive believing what media, movies, song lyrics, schools, etc. tell them. They know nothing about politics. Well, they wouldn’t understand our government, anyway. They are the immigrants who continue to pour in by the millions.

          • yes, you did misunderstand.

            you wrote:
            “Yes, the checks and balances are supposed to be there, but there is a huge flaw our Founding Fathers didn’t anticipate. What happens when legislators give big business and minorities all the power, and the majority, mostly Whites, have none?”

            The founders wanted business to have the advantage. Just like it is now. The founders wanted factions. Minorities are the most powerful faction-generating force ever. The founders were evil, and profoundly so. What we have now is their dream come true.

          • Black Swan

            The Founding Fathers believed rights come from God, not from government, the rights are already there, such as the right to bear arms, free speech, etc. The Constitution was set up to protect those rights, chain and cripple the government and prevent it from infringing on those rights.

            If the Constitution were designed to protect the rich, and keep the poor “in their place,” how on earth were so many dirt poor people, or those who arrived here with no money able to succeed and become wealthy?

            Which country protects the rights of the people over the government? — which we are fast losing to the likes of Obama and his minions in BOTH parties. The nightmare being unleashed upon us is exactly what the Founding Fathers feared, they well know the power of an all-powerful, tyrannical government.

          • The landed interest, at present, is prevalent; but in process of time,
            when we approximate to the states and kingdoms of Europe, — when the
            number of landholders shall be comparatively small, through the various
            means of trade and manufactures, will not the landed interest be
            overbalanced in future elections, and unless wisely provided against,
            what will become of your government? In England, at this day, if
            elections were open to all classes of people, the property of landed
            proprietors would be insecure. An agrarian law would soon take place. If
            these observations be just, our government ought to secure the
            permanent interests of the country against innovation. Landholders
            ought to have a share in the government, to support these invaluable
            interests, and to balance and check the other. They ought to be so
            constituted as to protect the minority of the opulent against the

            –j madison

          • Talltrees

            See Black Swan below. He is correct. You appear to misunderstand our Founding Fathers.

          • Black Swan

            You are correct, of course. The worst thing that was ever unleashed on this country was the 1965 immigration flood act. It was done by non-whites to destroy their main competition and threat, the white race, and to make whites a small, hated minority in the country they created and built.

            Frankly, I think we’re past the point of no return. The effects of the 1965 act are a large and growing, third world, low IQd parasitic population without a clue as to what this country is about; they only know that they can improve their life circumstances from the hell holes they came from. Improve, meaning parasite off of white labor, property, resources and treasure. Their low IQs prevent them from understanding or creating businesses, entering high-tech or science fields or understanding what the price of freedom means. They are government lackeys and will vote for big government every time. They offer nothing but continuing generations of tax eaters and welfare parasites. What happens when the government runs out of other people’s money?

            It is and will be the destruction of the U.S. And this is NOT due to what the Founding Fathers set up, the first immigration Act of the new country was to limit immigration ONLY to free whites.

      • Black Swan

        You got a better idea about how the government should be run? Would you prefer anarchy or tyranny?

        If this system, as it were originally designed, is so crappy why and how did the U.S. become the freest most prosperous nation, ever, on the face of the earth? Even the poor here by world terms are not “poor.”

        Would you prefer, like the Obama regime and Communist nations, that our “rights” derive from the government instead of from the people?
        What is being implemented in the U.S. is a strong-arm tyrannical government lording over an un-armed sheeple as in Orwell’s 1984.

        Tell us your ideas as to a better system of government, where we’re not enslaved, unarmed, subjected to unending wars and endless, grinding poverty, like the vast majority of the world.

        And, after our homelands are finally wrested from us, we whites will be in for a whole level of hurt, as in outright slaughter by non-whites with historic grievances against us. We will be at their mercy, armed or not.

        • DiversityIsDeath

          Excellent comment. I wonder if the White liberals ever think about the future they have created, in which their own children and grandchildren will have to live. They know their kids will live as a racial minority, outnumbered and surrounded by non-whites, living under non-white rule, and at mercy of non-whites. How can they want this nightmare for their own kids? Or do these race traitoring White elites actually believe that the millions they were paid as price to sell out– and which will be inherited by their descendants– is enough to insulate them from what’s coming? Do they even care?

  • Danny

    It really dos not matter. The lamestream Obama loving media ill make sure that he is rehabilitated before he leaves office.

  • Bob Jenkins

    It’d be fun to see demographics here. We all know which side the majority of blacks and other minorities are on, and those who claim to be on the other side are those that are simply upset Obama didn’t give them as much free stuff as they thought, but would vote for him a third time if they could.


    So what? I dislike when AR post’s articles like this. Doing so seems to conflate aracial GOP type conservatism with nationalism and racialism. What’s point? That America is about to be swept up in racialist frenzy where IQ test scores becomes the number one political issue?

    • lol…yeah, no kidding…the hopeless naivete and ignorance of people here, and everywhere, is just stunning. And then there is the whole tapestry of online dissident conservatism. Whenever I hear someone say something about the constitution or french revolution or john stuart mill or adam smith, I just have to laugh into my keyboard.

      And then there is the nonsensical IQ memes that run through the fabric of those who come on the internet and talk about the whole multiculti, anti-white thing. Talk about a red herring.

      I really think that the people who are most “wise” about politics are
      those who know the least about the GOP and the Dems and all that

  • John Smith

    Oh my, looks like there may be stormclouds ahead for comrade Obozo the global citizen who wants to degrade America to the status of a third world country.

    • IstvanIN

      who wants to degrade America to the status of a third world country.

      So did Bush and Clinton, she he isn’t unique in that.

      • John Smith

        Bush this and Bush that. Bush is long gone. It’s all about the liberals F ups now. One F up after the other and the liberal press actually works to hide and protect instead of treating their messiah as if he was Bush. Never expect a liberal to be responsible. It’s just not in them… you.

        • IstvanIN

          You obviously did not read my comment.

  • Andrea Tothe Infinitepower

    A Protestant minister, Catholic priest, and a Rabbi are broke and in need of a job. As it happens, there’s only one opening available, and the employer says he’ll hire whomever happens to be the most loyal/obedient. As all three are holy men, they decide to illustrate their virtue by invoking their relationships with God.

    Minister says, as God wants people to be meek and humble, he wears simple clothes, eats simple food, and worships in a simple church. The employer nods in agreement. Next, the priest says, as God wants people to honor His greatness, he and his flock have built a grand cathedral and sing beautiful songs to the glory of the Lord. The employer finds merit in what the priest says. Then, the Rabbi pulls down his trousers and says, God told me to cut off a piece of my dick, and you can see for yourself that I do as He says.

    The employer decides, this guy really listens, and hires him.

    • OlderWoman

      Terrible joke. Filthy.

  • anarchyst

    I NEVER thought of the o’bama as “my president”. This muslim foreigner, illegally elected, has done to the country what former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Coleman Young did to Detroit . . .

    • libertarian1234

      “I NEVER thought of the o’bama as “my president”.
      I agree with that.

      But I’ll go one step further and say that I don’t now consider this country to be my country, since a minority of PC radicals now control the culture, which includes the media and the entertainment industry.

      I live here and will continue to do so for now, but I would never agree to going to war to defend it, especially since so many white patriots have sacrificed their lives in vain in its defense and would be appalled to see it changed into a morass of competing tribal factions, with all of them either disliking or hating the nation and the white people who founded it and built it literally from the ground up.

      If civil war doesn’t materialize in the next five years, my family is moving to a remote area in Idaho forming a community with like-minded people.

      A country where 47% of the people think a black and a black run government is doing a good job has drifted too far to the extreme to ever return to sanity.

  • Andrea Tothe Infinitepower

    Reagan survived Iran Contra. Obama will survive this, and the Jewish-controlled media will give him a grand send off in 2016.

    • jane johnson

      Reagan WAS shot.

  • Snowhitey

    What’s the surprise here? The fact of the matter is no American should believe a thing coming from the mouth of a politician or the mouth of a potential politician. As they say….. how do you know a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

  • Tucker

    I’m not excusing any of the criminal, totalitarian, illegal, immoral, dictatorial malfeasance and abuse of power that is oozing like raw sewage out of this White House Administration, but I will flatly state that the ‘mainstream alien controlled media’ would not be the least bit concerned about ANY of these crimes and abuses of power, if Obama had already kicked off World War 3 by attacking Iran.

    That is why the liberal, Cultural Marxist owned and controlled media is turning up the heat on this rotten criminal, folks. This is a repeat of what the same media did to Clinton, when he refused to launch a ground war/invasion of Iraq to topple Saddam, remember? As long as the stooge who parks their fanny in the Oval Office does the bidding of that one certain lobby, who is exclusively interested in pursuing the agenda of one specific middle eastern nation and who do not give a rat’s rear end about the catastrophically destructive consequences for either the USA or the rest of the world, and who care not a whit about how many millions of innocent people have to die – just as long as their agenda gets followed, the occupant of the White House can do any danged thing they want to, break any danged law they want to, and abuse the authority as much as they want to, and spit on the U.S. Constitution, shred the Bill of Rights and violate the rule of law as if it were cheap toilet paper.

    Come on, folks. This template is not difficult to recognize.

    • Bobby

      I couldn’t agree more with your analysis. You hit the nail on the head when you said that “This teimplate is not difficult to recognize.”!! It sure isn’t, to anyone who’s awake and had two brain cellls firing together.

      • ms_anthro

        And isn’t immediately censored by the guardians of the aforementioned lobby.

  • Bobby

    I don’t buy it. I predict, Obama will be the most heavily coated teflon President in history. Everything will slide off of him, like water on the back of a duck. That in fact, is why the elite, who realized about 15 years ago that they need someone like this, in order to help them when their foreign policy plans of empire building lead to the ruination of the nation domestically. Not, McCain, or Hillary could have gotten away with this stuff.

  • Talltrees
  • potato78

    The matter is who will be our next president?

  • John

    Maybe it’s not so much how folks see the airy President as how they see themselves
    in retrospect. I mean: If you voted for him intially to prove you’re not a racist, you need to decide whether you’re still a fool.

  • HKwills

    Americans should be dissatisfied. Obama’s job creation record is worse than all past presidents since 1970. He took 17 vacations during his first term (none “working vacations” like George Bush’s) yet had the temerity to say he “would not rest until jobs were created”.,+June+9,+12.06+PM.png

    130,000 to 150,000 jobs must added each month just to keep up with the growth of the working age population. Something to keep in mind when 179,000 jobs created were reported last month.

  • Paleoconn

    I don’t think dishonesty is a problem here. We all knew what he stood for from day 1 and he is delivering in that regard. I think there is some disillusionment on the part of the his supporters who may feel he is not clobbering us as much as he should.