George Zimmerman Witness Can’t Read Letter She ‘Wrote’ About Shooting

Seni Tienabeso and Matt Gutman, ABC News, June 27, 2013

A teenage friend of Trayvon Martin was forced to admit today in the George Zimmerman murder trial that she did not write a letter that was sent to Martin’s mother describing what she allegedly heard on a phone call with Martin moments before he was shot.

In a painfully embarrassing moment, Rachel Jeantel was asked to read the letter out loud in court.

“Are you able to read that at all?” defense attorney Don West asked.

Jeantel, head bowed, eyes averted whispered into the court microphone, “Some but not all. I don’t read cursive.”

It sent a hush through the packed courtroom.

Jeantel, 19, was unable to read any of the letter save for her name.

The testimony was an attempt to raise questions about veracity of Jeantel’s testimony, who is a key prosecution witness in the racially charged case.


Rachel Jeantel was the last person to speak on the phone with Martin moments before he was shot to death by Zimmerman on Feb. 26, 2012.


During nearly two hours of cross examination Wednesday in which he tried to raise questions about her version of events and accused her of telling several lies under oath, including about her whereabouts during Martin’s wake.

“Under oath, you created a lie and said you went to the hospital?” asked West.

“Yes,” responded Jeantel. She said she lied because she didn’t want to see the body.


She is seen as a critical witness to the prosecution because she is the only person able to say that Martin claimed that he noticed a strange man following him and that he was scared. Jeantel said Martin described the stranger as a “creepy ass cracker.”

Jeantel said Martin, 17, was walking home during halftime of the NBA All-Star Game when he became unnerved because he was being followed.

“He told me the man kept following him,” Jeantel said.

Jeantel said she told Martin to run, but that he responded that he was almost home.

“I say, ‘Trayvon,’ and then he said, ‘Why are you following me for?'” Jeantel testified. “And then I heard a hard-breathing man come say, ‘What you doing around here?’ … And then I was calling, ‘Trayvon, Trayvon.’ And then I started to hear a little bit of Trayvon saying, ‘Get off, get off.'”



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  • I watched some of it. I tell you, Angela Corey must have dredged her up from the far left tail of the bell curve. Remember, this is what Sir Skittles counted as a friend.

    • Puggg

      I bet she has a high school diploma, too, to prove that she’s edumacated.

      BTW, who will be the first AmRen poster to change their screen name to “Creepy A** Cracker?”

      • Let’s not, please. Let’s keep our screen names decent.

        • NM156

          Good name for a seasonal Halloween snack though.

      • That’s hate speech.

      • Erasmus

        Good thing she doesn’t have a cooking show. After this revelation, it would be gone lickety-split.

        Oh, that’s right. It wouldn’t. Only whites are expected to behave with perfect decorum all the time. Culturally vibrant folk can do whatever they want and the left and the usual suspects in the MSM won’t say diddly squat.

        • Puggg

          I saw on Council of Conservative Citizens that the Paula Deen cookbook is now at the top of Amazon. I didn’t even know who she was until this whole non story broke about her. Now I’m tempted to order her cookbook just to stick it to da man.

        • Charles Lincoln

          Maybe she will yet start her own cooking show on how to prepare a snack called “creepy crackers?” I couldn’t resist….sorry…

          • Camielle Belle Poole

            Yes. She can take Paula Deen’s spot. I’ll make the vegan friendly version for my blog if she does. I can make little Klansmen bars of soap too! Yay crafty fun!

          • I think creepy crackers would involve the use of traditional Jewish and Latino ingredients as toppings for the crackers.

        • Mr Potato

          She’ll probably get her own show, she’s got the looks. I’m thinkin’ Whoopie here people.

        • fransusan

          Erasmus, blacks are the least vibrant folk I’ve ever seen, culturally or otherwise. Too many are just slugs–a glob of protoplasm that has the instincts to reproduce.

      • YesYesY’all

        She’s 19 and still in high school. No diploma yet.

      • OlderWoman

        She’s 19 and entering grade 12.

    • The__Bobster

      Girlfriend, from the reports I’ve seen. It’s hard to dive much lower in the gene pool.

      • Girlfriend? As in hittin’ that?

        He knew the recipe to cook up DXM. She can’t read cursive writing. I can only imagine the genius kids they would have had.

        • dukem1

          If she was really his girlfriend (ie future baby mama) it’s quite understandable why young Mr. Martin decided the best course of action might be suicide by neighborhood watch guy.

        • Brian

          Until I heard this, I didn’t quite believe it was possible for pampered US Blacks to go through a dozen years of Freely provided education, and still not be able to so much as read at the end of it.

        • Ed Smythe

          There isn’t enough alcohol in the world that would make that look good. She would still be just as ugly or even uglier at closing time.

      • The Final Solution

        National Geographic full-page spread.

      • NM156

        I’ve never seen anyone with obesity crawling up the neck. What’s next, a fat forehead?

        • TheAntidote

          Did you see that neck?!! My God, it was like the inner tube from a tractor tire. She could probably float down the Delaware in that neck.

      • gemjunior

        Daggg. Bobster, you is just jealous. You know dat she be fine just like Precious. She say she want a light skin boyfren too so maybe you could git wit her. Gnome sayn?

        • Camielle Belle Poole

          LOL I can’t read that. The education system has failed me. HELP!

    • Dave4088

      Anyone see ms. Jentel’s strange blob of a neck? I’ve seen double chins but never double necks. Rachel Jentel is one of the most hideous ghetto b*tches I’ve ever seen.

      I especially liked how she furrowed her brow and squinted those simian orbs when challenged by the defense attorney.

  • John Smith

    Trayvon should have called the police asking for assistance rather than violently lie in wait and then attack Zimmerman. If Trayvon had done what he was supposed to do, this would have had a much happier ending for both parties.

    • dukem1

      That is a very good and obvious point. He had a phone…if he thought something was remiss, he should have called 911.
      Isn’t that what Z did?

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        Yes, and we’re supposed to believe that he went gunning for Trayvon, and called 911 ahead of time so he could…have an audience? The logical disconnects from the Skittles crowd make my head spin.

      • Jefferson

        If Trayvon had called the police on Zimmerman, he would not have been “keepin it real”.

        You see Trayvon was “about dat life yo”. He was a no limit thug nygga. No limit thug nyggaz don’t call no damn popo.

    • The problem with that is that heavy DXM use causes dissociative behavior and hallucinations. He was a junkie. Don’t expect rational behavior from them.

      • pcmustgo

        what’s dxm?

        • Dextromethorphan

          • Puggg

            Oh, I get it now. The more DXM Trayvon did, the better Rachel looked.

            You St. Louisans will get the allusion to “Dirt Cheap” right away.

          • It’s a non-selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor, like cocaine.

          • Nick Gherz

            Ghetto Inclusive grape drank?

          • Camielle Belle Poole

            I guess people change it regionally. Or culturally. IDK. The kids I know who were into it in HS (white btw) used Sprite and Jolly Ranchers. Mostly purple for some reason. I’m not sure why anyone would ingest something so manufactured.

  • MekongDelta69

    I’d like to ‘axe’ Mzzzzz. IQ a question, except she wouldn’t be able to understand it.

    And just who taught her what the word ‘cursive’ meant? She didn’t even understand what the word ‘length’ meant, when the defense lawyer ‘axed’ her “What length of time?”

    • She probably thought he was saying “link”.

      • MekongDelta69

        [Every comment with a link or html tag is getting deleted for some reason, but I’ll give this a shot]:

        On Breitbart, you’d love the comments. As a matter of fact, under EVERY article which has had to do about race in the last 10-15 years (and where they allow comments), the ‘AmRen’ type comments beat out the usual, “You’re a ‘racist’ comments” by something like 9:1.

        • The__Bobster

          They’re probably going into moderation, which is a change I hate.

          • We’ve been getting drive-bys posting links to malicious URLs. We had to make the change to screen URLs. We want reading AR to raise your IQ, not infect your computer with slop code.

          • MekongDelta69

            I fully understand that. But are ALL html tags not allowed anymore too?

          • As far as I know, HTML tags don’t get a post diverted.

          • MekongDelta69


            Weird – Earlier, when I would use ANY html tag, it would say, “Your comment is awaiting moderation” and when you hit F5 (Refresh), it would completely disappear.

            Oh well – good enough for government work.

          • Also seems like you have been getting server attacks as well.

    • Jefferson

      That Gabourey Sidibe looking Bantu chick is a product of Miami’s public schools. And well all know how “vibrantly diverse” Miami public schools are.

  • Funruffian

    The prosecution here is running on empty and false hope. All they have left is the race card and the threat to riot en masse. I say the people of Florida need to brace themselves for the Negro onslaught once Zimm is acquitted.

    • Ed Smythe

      I’m not a lawyer but if I was the lead prosecutor, I would have never placed Rachel on the witness stand.

  • ” ….I don’t read cursive.”

    Can she reads at all? I thought I saw once that she was a college student.
    Was the future F1 pilot getting nasty with this woman?

    • BonusGift

      The sad truth is that I’d peg her at middle to slightly right of the black distribution, or she probably wouldn’t have been picked as the prosecution’s star witness.

      • Ed Smythe

        She is about as average as blacks are in this country. It is a far cry from what Madison Ave, Hollywood or what our government would have you believe.

    • Correction: “Cans she be readin, gnome sayin?”

      Of course, nobody will ever dream of charging this thing with either perjury or obstruction of justice.

      • dukem1

        She looks like she obstructs anything she’s near.

        • Erasmus

          I wonder what kind of gravitational pull she exerts?

  • The__Bobster

    I’m surprised she isn’t a big-time welfare breeder yet.

    • Oil Can Harry

      She had her tubes tied at age 13 after her sixth kid.

      • Erasmus

        Only 6 children?
        She can be the new ghetto poster child for Planned parenthood.

  • Revived Patriot

    It’s the very fact that blacks like this one can’t even give civil or even correct testimony in a court of law that proves the need for less of them (preferably none of them) in a republic created by whites. That Jeantel idiot also replied to a question by Zimmerman’s attorney by saying: “That’s real retarded, sir.”

    • BonusGift

      Stupid check, aggressive check, chip on shoulder check, ugly check, hates YT check, willing to lie under oath check, visions of riches dancing in head check, inflated sense of self check, … Yeah, what we have there is a real prize of human DNA; that is, if you were trying to destroy a civilization.

      • dukem1

        “Court nails”, check.

  • The__Bobster

    She 350-lb, spandex-clad future movie star could read well enough to like the “Justice for Treeboon” Facebook page.

    • Ed Smythe

      She will probably be all over BET, Jet Magazine, Ebony Magazine and any other black media outlet and hailed as a super star and hero to the cause. She has the body that most blacks desire. This is the future of our country and we as a race are doomed.

  • JackKrak

    If a fat, white overall-clad redneck with a lip full of chewing tobacco had been caught in a lie in a trial which a black man was being railroaded in a courtroom, how many microseconds would it have taken for it to show up on every computer screen on the planet?

    Watch this whole episode disappear in 24 hours.

    • MekongDelta69

      I’m gonna go with…hmm…5 microseconds for a $1,000 Alex.

      • BonusGift

        Given that you got that one before I could even reach my buzzer, could I pick the next one Alex? Also, Alex can you tell me what happened to the “What is the tribe?” category, it seems to have been eliminated from the list of questions (and no longer allowed as an answer)?

    • ncpride

      Looks like you hit that dead on. Not a single word about this apparently illiterate witness and ‘her’ letter on the CBS morning news, and they actually tried to run interference for her as well. Shocking, eh? Not.

      • BonusGift

        Normally I don’t venture outside of my own selected sites but today I did and oh how right you are (I think it was CBS). Anyway, the interference is quite something. In short, the message being broadcast is that YT must be racist for thinking she is not so unusual for a knee-grow and not as bright as the 24/7 programming wants us to believe. In fact, the message from the MSM is that we just need to grow up and not jump to any conclusions about the “creepy azz cracker” line. Yes, the people that built the country (and, the people that, incidentally, set up the very court system that has now been turned into some scene out of a Star Wars cantina) must realize that being called ‘creepy azz cracker’ is just her and dearly departed Skittle boy’s way of relating to us (i.e., even if it was some ‘white hispanic’).

        • Ed Smythe

          But if some White teenagers used some choice adjectives to describe blacks, they would be branded as racists and vilified from now until eternity.

          • BonusGift

            The asymmetry and related hypocrisy tell us all we need to know, that is, it’s OK to disparage and kill YT but don’t ever even think of using a sanctioned word or expression that is reserved for the tribe’s pets.

          • At the very least they would be fired from their jobs 30 years later, like Paula Deen.

  • anarchyst

    One must understand the defective pathology that exists in the minds of almost all blacks. You see, “young master trayvon felt “disrespected” for being asked what business he had in that community. (Any ordinary civilized person would have stated that he had relatives there and would have been on his way). His only possible response (due to his defective black pathology) was to pummel and attempt to murder Mr. Zimmerman. In this way, he would regain his “respect”. If “young master trayvon” had been successful in murdering Mr. Zimmerman, it would not even make the evening news. It would definitely not be reported as a “(racial) hate crime”.
    Mr. Zimmerman is being railroaded at the behest of the race apologists, poverty pimps, and race hustlers. The prosecutor should be brought up on charges of malfeasance of office for charging Mr. Zimmerman. .

    • Ed Smythe

      You are right, I understand black culture very well and in their minds it is all about respect and disrespect. They don’t even know what the word means. They are the most discourteous and disrespectful bunch I have ever come across. It doesn’t matter where in North America that I travel, they are all the same.

  • a multiracial individual

    The defense should have made a transcript of the letter and inquire about her vocabulary.

    • No. She didn’t write it, she’s a liar. To transcribe it for her to just so she can “That’s what I told her to write” would be foolish. Now, I believe, it becomes hearsay evidence. I venture to guess also that whoever wrote her letter used better words in the piece of fiction than Rachel used so that she didn’t sound so ghetto.

    • HamletsGhost

      If they can show an ordinary bad of Skittles and consider that as “evidence”, then I fully expect, nay demand, that they show the letter which is so hard for this darkie to read, but seemingly posed no challenge to the defense attorney.

    • The defense should also sign a criminal complaint with the Florida state attorney general’s office against the prosecutor for suborning perjury.

    • The defense already has a photocopy of the letter. Any prosecution “evidence”, no matter how flimsy or fabricated must be provided to the defense during discovery.

  • Mark Hillyard

    “…behold, if the witness be a false witness, and hath testified falsely against his brother; 19Then shall ye do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother: so shalt thou put the evil away from among you. 20And those which remain shall hear, and fear, and shall henceforth commit no more any such evil among you.” Deut. 19:18
    Following this line of judgement against a false witness would put a stop to a lot of lying going on in court.

    • HamletsGhost

      or you could just set her pants on fire to drive home the point.

    • Two set of laws.

      Perjury is a crime only a white person can be charged and convicted of.

      • cancerous bananna

        Only yt might be able to afford a lawyer.. unless there’s something else to gain, no lawyer is gonna waste time unless the subject bears fruit or is willing to be milked like a cash-cow.

  • 19 and student means college to me. Bad assumption on my part.

    • Erasmus

      It used to. Today, especially if the student is “culturally vibrant”, it no longer does.

  • Jefferson

    Trayvon Martin referred to George Zimmerman as a creepy ass Cracka. I guess Florida has a broader definition of what it means to look White, than the rest of the nation.

    Florida uses the Latin American definition of “White”.

  • borogirl54

    It is indicative of our poor education system that this young woman cannot read a letter. I wonder how far in school did she actually go?

    • kjh64

      Well, in all due respect, I don’t think the school system could do much with this idiot. You can lead a horse to water….

      • libertarian1234

        If the school system is to blame, it is for allowing these blacks to advance in school under their AA mandates. They certify them knowing full well they can barely read their diplomas.

        Too, how much can the school system do when the group I.Q. average of these people is 85? At that average, it’s impossible for them to understand the course material unless it is dumbed down.

        I’m pretty sure she’s about a 70 at most.

        I think I read where this thing said she was attending some kind of class at the university in Miami, also.

        Can you imagine how many incompetent pharmacists and people in the medical field these government schools allow into society, putting many people in danger of being killed?

        • dukem1

          Somewhere in the Obamacare bill is a provision that med schools must demonstrate commitment to diversity in order to continue to benefit from govt. largess.
          So, coming soon to an OR near you….Dr. Rachel!!!!!!!!!

          • They already have remedial med school programs in England for YKW.

          • Jefferson

            Rachel is not even qualified to work at Burger King, let alone qualified to be a doctor.

            Rachel probably has an I.Q that is equivalent to that of a 5 year old White kid.

          • Camielle Belle Poole

            IQ doesn’t really change with age btw. It’s pretty set for life. If you’re born stupid, you stay stupid. Bless her heart, poor girl never had a chance. It doesn’t help that her family clearly doesn’t value literacy and/or education.

        • RisingReich

          Just another hidden benefit of die-versity. Another ‘stealth’ way of killing YT.

        • pcmustgo

          I just found out a friend of mine, who is part black, but mostly of another race, can barely spell… she has a college degree from some degree mill in Florida where she studied “pre-law”…I swear by god, she must have a third grade reading level.

          She writes how she speaks… with a thick Caribbean accent, that is… “She yell at me”… “She do”… “He tell me”. No concept of past tense. Obviously never read a book.

          I regret even getting as close to her as I did… I always f-ing regret befriending non-white people, even seemingly un-PC, reasonable sounding ones.

        • pcmustgo

          Yeah, I had another Jamaican friend who also could barely spell or write. She was a nurse. What amazes me is many of these Blacks, as amren has mentioned, actually come across as brighter or competent when they speak…. and you assume they’re of a basic intelligence… UNTIL you see them write… until you see them write you an email or something.

        • BonusGift

          Actually it is documented that black doctors have a significantly higher malpractice kill rate than white doctors (I can’t remember the reference(s) off the top of my head but I am rather confident of it). In short, if someone examining you is an affirmative action case then you will certainly want another opinion from YT, and for Heaven’s sakes don’t let them operate on you.

        • I know I read University of Miami somewhere too, that’s why I thought she was in college.

  • kjh64

    It’s likely poor little Trayvon was upset because he was looking for something to steal to buy drugs and was furious that somebody was on to him.

    • libertarian1234

      You’ve got it right on. The woman from the PD said he was acting suspicious walking between houses looking in the windows.

  • NorthernWind

    Look at the language they use:

    “Rachel Jeantel was the last person to speak on the phone with Martin moments before he was shot to death by Zimmerman on Feb. 26, 2012.”

    Shot to death? When I read that I picture someone unloading more than a few rounds into someone. After all, if you intend to kill someone you don’t shoot them a single time like Zimmerman did. It should say “… moments before he was shot by Zimmerman”.

    • Luca

      The liberal editors will surely catch that mistake and change it accordingly: “Rachel Jeantel was the last person to speak on the phone with young little innocent Tray-Tray Martin moments before he was racially profiled, stalked and executed by alleged White Supremacist George (the Hater) Zimmerman who hid in the bushes waiting for a random black child to attack.”

  • Hal K

    Here is an important piece of the story missing above:

    Jeantel said that she dictated the letter to someone who wrote it for her.

    This is from another site:

    The letter — reportedly written by Jeantel’s friend — described what she
    heard while on the phone with Martin just before his death.

    Who is this “friend” who wrote the letter? How incriminating is this revelation that Jeantel didn’t physically write the letter? It is difficult to tell based on the reporting so far.

    • Orwell

      The defense should call the “friend” to the witness stand- verified by writing comparison/analysis. One would wager the “friend” assisted in crafting the fiction.

  • Oil Can Harry

    “I think she said she was 19 and still getting high in school.”


    • Erasmus

      “I think she said she was 19 and still getting high in skoo’.”

      There. Fixed it.

      • Rusty Shackelford

        “I think she said she was 19 and still borderline retarded”.

        There. Augmented it.

  • A Freespeechzone

    So this is their ‘STAR WITNESS’? Obviously she couldn’t even be coached to lie worth a darn–her credibility is zilch, nada.

    If this is the best the prosecution can offer—this trial should easily result in an acquittal for the charges against Zimmerman.

    The most disturbing part of this whole process is the fact that even when Zimmerman is acquitted, Obama and Holder will come after him under a ‘civil rights’ violation–and, no doubt, little Trayvon’s parents will sue him in civil court for damages.

    Not to mention, the bounty of $10,000 for Zimmerman’s death is still out there, courtesy of the hateful NBPP–who, by the way, were NOT investigated or charged with a felony as would any White offering a bounty on a minority.

    Make no mistake—there will be NO justice for George Zimmerman; liberals, Obama, Holder & the biased courts will see to that.

    Remember that—YOU might be the next victim of a minority attack on you & suffer the same fate as Zimmerman.

    It IS about race, payback, retribution and punishment. Period.

    • Hey, hey, hey, let’s have some respect, Miss Black Pather 1996, Kimberly McCarthy, just got the needle of eternal life yesterday.

      • EuroAmerican

        God bless Texas. No other state would have had the guts . Now this NBPP animal can roast in hell like the pig she is.

      • TheAntidote

        Death to Kimberly! Long live the green needle!

    • Hal K

      It IS about race, payback, retribution and punishment. Period.

      No. Its about helping out your own people at the expense of others. It is better to get away from this notion that blacks and other nonwhites are pursuing a vendetta against whites. This is just a cover story for what amounts to an ongoing program of exploitation of whites.

  • LH_Oswald

    I have watched this trial, painful as it has been. It is a disgraceful sham, almost surreal. The defense should ask for a dismissal.

  • Dave4088

    Jentels’s testimony is a transparent, bald faced lie. According to her rendition of events Saint Trayvon was attacked by Zimmerman and it’s obvious she’s been coached by the prosecution to bolster their case.

    If Zimmerman should be charged with anything, it should be depriving a black “youth” of his delicious skittles while casing homes to rob.

  • Skip Wellington

    Perhaps Precious is dyslexic or has ADD, ADHD, etc., . . .

    • jane johnson

      19 years old, and still in high skoo

  • The Final Solution

    Remember these are the same beasts that for 50,000 years never did anything that took more than a moment’s effort. Hunting and gathering was the height of their development.

    • Jerrybear

      This chick is inbred. Bush men are not this stupid.

  • Nick Gherz

    If there was the slightest desire in this negress to learn to read, she could have accomplished it.

    Dumber than a bag of hammers.

  • Spartacus

    “I don’t read cursive.”

    Stopped reading here^

  • [Jan 15, 2008] The disgraced former prosecutor who led the debunked Duke lacrosse rape case filed for bankruptcy Tuesday, citing more than $180 million in liabilities ….

    Worked out even better for him …..$180 million dollars in liabilities.

  • HamletsGhost

    So, the prosecution’s star witness blows up on the launch pad in full glorious view of the whole world. After having to sit through so many lies and innuendos and unchallenged retarded blabberings from Travoff’s mob, this is truly a beautiful sight.

    The attorney noted, with assent from this coffee-faced Jabba, that this letter was written to make it LEGIBLE, but she still couldn’t read it. If her stenographer and her were in the same room while writing this fairy tale, one would think she’d want to take a look at it before okaying it for delivery. Do they intend to say that she didn’t even read the letter before sending it? Good Gawd, this imbecile may torpedo the whole trial in its first week.

    The post-trial riots may come sooner than anyone expected. Anyone who lives in “diverse” neighborhoods had better be ready.

    • Jefferson

      I live in a diverse neighborhood, but lucky for me most of the diversity in my neighborhood are East Asian Mongoloids and not Sub Saharan Negroids. Oriental Mongoloids in the U.S are not known for rioting.

  • Tray-Tray was hittin’ that.

  • borogirl54

    It is possible because most kids like her do not have enough credits to graduate in four years. I heard once that they can stay in high school until age 21.

  • Erasmus

    On the bright side, the prosecutor’s name did become part of the English language.

    To nifong: To attempt to rail road a suspect for political gain on the flimsiest of evidence.

  • Erasmus

    Zimmerman had a black grandmother. So, by the one-drop rule, he is legally as much a brother as was St. Skittles.

  • jane johnson

    Sorry to disappoint you, but wee DO have another white hispanic: Aaron Henandez. He also killed a black (possibly more than one), but there will be no self-defense claim in his case. This looks like murder 1.

    • There’s another one. An open blood gang member since high school, and yet, any NFL team drafted him when his problems were apparently known, and of all teams, a supposedly classy and above board org like the New England Patriots.

      • jane johnson

        Don’t know if you follow football, but this story was a real “aha!” moment for me. When the Pats unexpectedly signed Tim Tebow, who was Hernandez’ teammate at the University of Florida, I said that New England probably had some kind of scandal brewing, and were hoping to ameliorate the situation by hiring St.Tim. Sure enough.

      • Jefferson

        If he was a member of the Bloods, than Aaron Hernandez is not White. The Bloods don’t let White people join their gang. The Bloods only let Browns and Blacks join their gang.

  • EuroAmerican

    This was the prosecution’s star witness? Ms.Jeantel is a poster child for Social Darwinism… anyone see the movie “Precious”?

  • DailyKenn

    Paula Deen says the ‘n’ word 30 years ago and is punished for political incorrectness.
    The black community commonly uses the ‘c’ and no one blinks an eye.

    • EuroAmerican

      Political Correctness is a tool created by the International Left to destroy Western culture, values, morals and faith. It is meant to be used against “reactionary” Whites.

    • Jefferson

      Bantus are held to a much lower standard, that’s why.

    • Camielle Belle Poole

      This is my problem with people being upset with Paula Deen. It wasn’t like she said it last week. She said it 30 YEARS ago. Granted, I get the sense that someone who admits to saying it once has said it more than once, but she hasn’t said it publicly. Also, I don’t really know any black people who say ‘cracka’ except when joking with white friends. And I don’t care if white people use the n word as long as it isn’t in a derogatory way.

    • Ed Smythe

      And let’s not forget that the blacks are the largest users of the “N” word!

  • Erasmus

    It is always about them.

    Trayvon was just one personification of the late 20th century/21st century ethos, “It’s all about me!” carried to its most absurd extreme.
    Look at the Clintons, the Bushes, Rubio, Schumer, McCain, the Kardashians and countless others in the limelight. We now live in the age of the sociopath.

  • cancerous bananna

    Wow.. is this the star witnes??? Wow!
    Why as a prosecutor would you open a case with that?

    • RileyDeWiley

      They have no way of winning without proving that Zim pursued Trayvon. They have no way of proving Zim was the pursuer without such a witness providing such “testimony”.

  • NM156

    “A witness to the confrontation just prior to the shooting stated that Martin was on top of Zimmerman and punching him, while Zimmerman was yelling for help. This witness, who identified himself as “John”, stated that “the guy on the bottom, who had a red sweater on, was yelling to me, ‘Help! Help!’ and I told him to stop, and I was calling 911”. He went on to say that when he got upstairs and looked down, “the guy who was on the top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point.”. “One eye-witness statement given the night of the shooting describes “a black male, wearing a dark colored ‘hoodie’ on top of a white or Hispanic male who was yelling for help.” The witness said that the black male was throwing punches “MMA [mixed martial arts] style.” After hearing a “pop,” he saw the black male “laid out on the grass.” When the witness was subsequently interviewed weeks later by a different agency, the witness said he thought that the black male was either punching or pinning the lighter skinned male underneath him. He was no longer certain who was calling for help, having not seen their mouths in the dark. He was still certain that the black male had been on top of the lighter-skinned male.”

  • Jefferson

    Most members of Birmingham’s Board Of Education has the same I.Q as Jeanteal, so she would fit right in.

  • Jefferson

    Haitians are a Caribbean version of Somalis.

  • Camielle Belle Poole

    The excuse being given is that she doesn’t speak English in her home. Apparently it’s a second or third language. She speaks Spanish and Creole (a bastardized version of French). Still, she went to school. She lives in America. Why not learn the language?

    • Ed Smythe

      If she has trouble with English, provide a court approved interpreter. It will only prove that she is an idiot in 3 languages. You can’t fix stupid.

      • Camielle Belle Poole

        Exactly. I’m not sure why that WASN’T done. I just think they want to give excuses for her underperforming.

    • Wethepeople

      A) Why would she speak Spanish? If the liberal bs is true, than she is Haitian-Creole, and people in neither local speak Spanish. B) she doesn’t learn the language because you don’t have to read at the welfare office, they’ll do it for you now.

      • Camielle Belle Poole

        Oh apparently she’s part Dominican. I’m not sure why they are making excuses for her.

  • Camielle Belle Poole

    THANK YOU! That is something that has irked me since day one. Call a spade a spade. He was probably out there trying to be a White Hero just be be extra white to cancel out his real heritage. He damn sure looks brown to me even though everyone wants to make this a black/white issue. It’s not. It’s a black/brown issue at best. (And really I think it’s more of Trayvon being young and perhaps a little sketchy.) UGH. It bothers me when people don’t own up to who they are, and to me you are whatever you look like. I don’t care for technicalities. If you’re only 1/4 black but you look black you’re black.

  • Ed Smythe

    And because of affirmative-action, quotas and out right discrimination against white people, she stands a better chance to get into a college of her choice or to secure a job over literate, educated and well qualified Whites

    • TheAntidote

      That’s right. There’s no doubt she’s college bound.

      • OlderWoman

        Not before obama and moochelle invite her as honored guest to the White House.

  • Ed Smythe

    Another tax consumer, she and her band will forever be a drain on U.S. taxpayers!

  • Ed Smythe

    The prosecution lost all credibility by putting this buffoon on the stand.

  • Tinfoil A22hat

    The apologists for this girl are amusing. The mental gymnastics they go through are not even within the ability of that which they defend. “English isn’t her first language” why doesn’t she have an interpreter then, if that’s why she sounds the way she does, which is like a mental midget. “She is/was so distraught about his death blahblah” really? How many other homies does she know who’ve been deleted? Judging by her deleted and recovered tweets, she doesn’t come across as anything more than, uh, extremely shallow. Hardly a candidate for having such sentimental emotion.

    So, according to them, we just don’t understand where she’s coming from, and it’s all good, because she is just an innocent transplanted in a world and culture she doesn’t understand, and she is confused because she is so distraught over what she allegedly “witnessed”.

    My Lord, I just still can’t believe all of the lying and stupidity. It’s beyond just willful ignorance and biased shading of the truth. It’s is malicious and sometimes subtle, but most times not for there’s no need for subtlety when you are used to shrugging off being crowned by a constant barrage of whole bagsful of hammers.

  • TheAntidote

    Oh, sheit! Zimmer man gotz ta watch out fo’ dee voodoo!

  • TheAntidote

    At the center of Miss Inner Tube Neck’s “testimony” there is a tiny irritating grain of sand which may ultimately produce a pearl—-of bias, bigotry, and hate crime. When pressed Jenteel confirmed that “creepy ass” means pervert, and of course cracker means white. Martin believed he was being checked out by a homosexual sitting in a car; he may have been enraged; he may have been eager to beat and rob the creepy ass.

  • SLCain

    She can’t read the letter, ergo she didn’t write the letter. Which means, if it were entered into evidence and she claimed to have written it, that she is guilty of purjury. Will she be charged with such? And as she obviously didn’t write the letter, who did? Presumably it was actually written by the lawyer for Trayvon Martin’s family (retained in the hopes that he would be able to gin up some kind of ghetto lottery case). If so, would that not make him guilty of subborning purjury?

  • Epiminondas

    Looks like the “creepy ass cracker” is going to be exonerated. And Orlando is about to go up in flames. Nice touch having the trial scheduled during the very hottest month of the year. Should be fun watching those riots.

  • Evette Coutier

    Tell me this is not about racism. The black community is threatening to kill whites if Zimmerman gets off. How come no threats against Hispanics. The black hatred of whites is so profound, they are looking for any excuse to act against whites. And dear Rachel is another example of how the gene pool needs more chlorine.

  • TonyWestfield

    Brace yourself, because it’s frightening: This creature known as Rachel Jeantel could be on the jury when YOU are accused of a crime. Right? That’s how it works; we are all citizens, and something tells me that Rachel would not be excused from jury duty based on the usual exemptions (self-employed, “key employee”). Don’t take comfort in the assumption that she lives in another city, another county…Rachel just showed up at the rental office of a nice apartment complex in your town, and dear Rachel has “a voucher” in her hand (and the rental agent is not allowed to “discriminate” against an applicant with a voucher).

    Lesson one: Don’t break any laws.

    Lesson two: Let’s get this secession thing moving.

  • BonusGift


  • 1gravity

    Can you be both a crazy a** cracker, and a bad a**, at the same time? I’d rather be both, if at all possible.

  • Camielle Belle Poole

    He does a fantastic job. Unfortunately in the black community, as soon as you criticize anyone you’re a “self loathing Uncle Tom”.

  • Oh, there was plenty of evidence in the Duke case, but it was all exculpatory.

  • Excellent point. We are endlessly told by the libtards that we should pity certain defendants because they possess childlike mental faculties and thus excuse their criminal behavior, but at the same time, we are expected to accept the court testimony of a monstrously overgrown five year-old as valid “evidence”.

  • cnnx

    damn the amount of racism on this site is crazy! granted she really and i mean REALLY did not help her case by any means holy hell