Federal Statistics Support Stereotypes About Miscegenation

Top Conservative News, June 18, 2013

The National Longitudinal Surveys (NLS) are a family of surveys dedicated to tracking the labor market and other life experiences of American men and women. The surveys are paid for by the Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

When comparing data on non-Hispanic white mothers of white children vs. non-Hispanic white mothers of mulatto children, the NLS survey data creates a distinct profile of white mothers of mulatto children. The profile strongly supports the common stereotypes about these women that are held in both the white and black communities.

White females with mulatto children are significantly less educated. They perform significantly worse on the ASVAB test. They average a higher body mass index [BMI]. In personality test scores they are, on average, more difficult, more quarrelsome, more stubborn, and less dependable. They are significantly more likely to say that they “lie and cheat often.”

When rated by interviewers, white females who report having black sexual partners are rated as less attractive, not as well groomed, and having less desirable personality traits. They are dramatically more likely to test positive for chlamydia or trichomoniasis. They perform worse on vocabulary tests.

The data was compiled by the website Race/History/Evolution

Median ASVAB Scores

White females who do not report black male sexual partners: 61.1
White female who report having black male sexual partners: 52.2
White mothers with mulatto children: 45.9

Comparison of education levels controlled for the age of the mother when the child is born

For Non-Hispanic White mothers (of white vs. mulatto children) aged 20-24:
Less than HS: 16.7% vs. 21.2%
B.A. or higher: 7.0% vs. 3.2%

For Non-Hispanic White mothers (of white vs. mulatto children) aged 25-29:
Less than HS: 5.7% vs. 11.8%
B.A. or higher: 37% vs. 16.2%

For Non-Hispanic White mothers (of white vs. mulatto children) aged 30-34:
Less than HS: 2.8% vs. 6.8%
B.A. or higher: 54.2% vs. 30.5%


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  • Manaphy

    This article seems to only state the obvious. I always figured that overweight Liberal women and/or uneducated white girls who grew up “in da hood” would marry outside their race. While I condemn interracial relationships to the hardest degree, I still think that our race is better with out these women having and brainwashing our children.

  • Nathanwartooth

    There ya have it, miscegenation is actually turning out to be a good thing for Whites.

    It thins our gene pool of excess weight, getting rid of low IQ Whites. Darwinism at work. Instead of low IQ people dying off, they are just killing their bloodline instead. Same difference really.

    If we could get high IQ Whites breeding more often, this would have a great eugenic effect on Whites in America.

    This is also a part of the reason why mulatto IQ is barely above the mean for Blacks.

    • The__Bobster

      I see no advantage in allowing Bantus to upgrade their gene pool. It just makes them angrier and more cunning.

      • Romulus

        I agree. I’d rather have them playing sports than running our govt.

  • David Ashton

    What about the children? Longitudinal studies would be of interest.

  • WR_the_realist

    A white woman who is ill educated, overweight, and not only lies and cheats often but actually admits it, is frankly, a better match for a black man than for me.

  • bigone4u

    Once, before I was a race realist, I rented my home to a white woman with mulatoo offspring. They did not pay the rent, stiffing me for $1500 25 years ago. The children cut down my saplings and got into the attic and destroyed the few possessions I had left from my childhood. There were also holes in the wall, broken glass, etc. Never again.

    • The__Bobster

      You’re lucky they didn’t knock down walls or defecate in your bathtub as a parting gift.

      • The only thing they leave when they move out after foreclosure is the bathtub because it is sealed in.

        Why anyone would steal a cheap used toilet, I don’t know. But they do.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    The idiots of the future may not be racially as distinct as they are now, nevertheless, in the post-racial America of 2100 AD you’ll be able to tell how stupid a person is by how dark they are.

    • RisingReich

      Well you can pretty much do that now, can’t you?

  • Jefferson

    I wonder what percentage of White women who are the mothers of Bantu children, voted for Obama ? My guess would they voted for Obama at the same percent that Bantus did, around 95 percent.

    I wonder what percentage of White women who voted for Mitt Romney, have ever dated a Bantu ? My guess would be 1 percent or less.

    I think the darkest man your typical average Republican White woman would be open to dating, would probably be a Christian Lebanese man for example. I doubt most Republican White women would date anything darker than that.

    • One of my neighbors is a Christian Lebanese convert from Islam, and one of his daughters married a groid. I have enough taste to never ask him about that.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        That’s a long way to travel to turn your kids over to an African.

        • He’s a decent man, so I feel terribly sorry for him and his wife.

          I suppose Ariadne will get married someday, and so long as her husband is white or Japanese, I’d be OK with it.

    • I think the darkest man your typical average Republican White woman would be open to dating, would probably be a Christian Lebanese man for example.

      If a typical Republican white woman dated any man, that would make her husband really mad.

      I’m making a point in a snarky way here.

      • Jefferson

        I really meant White Republican women are single. I guess I should have been more specific.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          I think what QD is saying (if in a slightly snarly way) is that most Conservative women of marriageable age, are not shacking up, but are indeed, married.

          • Very good and very close. What I’m trying to say is that a vast majority of white women that are conservative Republicans are married, while most young single women and non-young never married women tend to the liberal Democrat. Sailer has demonstrated that there is about a 0.9 regression coefficient (extremely high correlation) between the doubly combined factors of average # of yrs white women are married from ages 18 to 45 and TFR per white woman, and the % Republican vote for President, in a given state. Break down to finer political gradations, such as counties and even precincts, and you’ll also see this pattern. IOW, the GOP as currently constituted is mainly the party of relatively intact nuclear non-Jewish white families with children, and the Democrats are the party of everyone else.

            My point in bringing this up is that we on AR have been treated to the admittedly good faith advice from the panoply of multiracial individuals and bottom-of-the-lakers among us that white nationalism or a functionally equivalent white American ethnonationalist movement should dump the aracial social issues and try to appeal to doctrinaire social liberals. Except people who are doctrinaire social liberals will vote their doctrinaire social liberal hobby horse issues uber alles, which means until they think other issues more important, they’ll be reliable Democrat voters. Besides, which set of people do you think will be more receptive to white nationalism or ethnonationalism? The kind of people who constitute the historic/stereotypical American population practicing either superficially or seriously the faith system historically associated with the United States engaged in traditional nuclear families for the purposes of procreation and child rearing, (i.e. people directly invested in continuing the white American nation), or everyone else?

    • The__Bobster

      You haven’t seen the Boehner or MexCain families, have you?

      • Romulus

        Disgusting, isn’t it. Corbett as well. No wonder all three always kill ticked off.

      • Jefferson

        Do you think those White female porn stars having sex with Bantu men, vote Republican ?

        I bet they all love our current Kenyan president.

    • Xerxes22

      Ann Coulter would disagree with you on that.

      • Jefferson

        Where in the political spectrum do you think Heidi Klum and Tiger Wood’s ex-wife fall on ?

        • Xerxes22

          Tiger Woods ex-wife is just a prostitute. She married Tiger for his money. As for Heidi Klum, she is just a mud shark. I doubt that either one as any political views, unless shopping and spending money is an political ideology.

          • Jefferson

            I doubt they have no political views at all. Most people are not apolitical. I am sure if you were to ask Elin Nordegren and Heidi Klum about gun control and immigration for example, they would say America needs more immigrants and tougher gun control laws.

          • Xerxes22

            Well they have to say that. If they gave a non pc answer, the msm would turn on them in a flash and these these two get a lot of nice coverage in the press. They don’t want to lose that.

          • gemjunior

            Heidi Klum is a victim of her national origin and the country’s policy of decracination over the years and white guilt brainwashing. I can’t really know how much of her activity is really of her own choosing. I hope she is through with that phase. Everytime I see her, I think of purity and beauty soiled beyond repair.
            Tiger Woods ex is Swedish. I believe that is enough said – and unfortunately it might be terminal although she seems to be dating a nice white man right now.
            Ultimately it’s about the children and that is unforgivable.

        • dukem1

          They’re just in the DTF party.
          All there is to it. We’re not in any way talking about any cognitive elite here.
          Just DTF.

        • Snow

          Heidi Klum was married to a white guy before and her first child ever is white.

          And I agree, if a white woman refuses the advances of a black male or a male from a less developed Asian country she will be in danger of being called a racist

      • gemjunior

        I always like her books then I found out about her coalburning and it completely changed my mind about her. I can’t take her viewpoints that seriously now, knowing that she has no qualms about putting herself in that position of courting violence and death.

        • Xerxes22

          That could just be for show. I hear that she prefers her own sex. I don’t know if the rumor is true or false.

        • Bardon Kaldian

          I’m not so sure about these rumors. Not that I care much about her, but ….

  • brengunn

    Very interesting, yet I imagine to make such an assertion in company would have you branded a bigot. Even without any value judgement made.

    That is one of the strange things about modern society, accusations of racism can be made when there really has been no personal animosity expressed. It’s come to the point where the truth, plainly stated, can be racist.

    I take comfort in the fact that the truth is permanent, trends and fashions are not. Soon, we here will be able to speak our minds without fear of retribution. I cannot know when this will happen but happen it must.

  • The__Bobster

    Stereotypes exist for a reason.

    • Romulus

      They are the peccadilloes of a particular group that are unique to them. Be they custom ,dress,mannerisms,speech. Only when the traits are belittled or exaggerated disparagingly should it be considered negative stereotyping. Stereotypes are rooted in observational behavior collectively. We all know it. Character acting makes good use of stereotypical characteristics.

  • Del

    Walmart is getting to be like McDonalds.
    Black 365 days of the year.

  • MekongDelta69

    I do NOT need a ‘study’ (from ANYONE about ANYTHING) to tell me what has been inanely obvious to anybody who’s been walking the earth any time during the last 50 years.

    P.S. I should have read the comments first. Blaak Obongo said this an hour ago. Well, like I said, it’s inanely obvious to anybody.

  • i hate my life

  • HJ11

    Fat White pigs who are White on the outside but Black and full of blubber on the inside and with tiny little brains.

  • AngloCelt

    Once again demonstrating that stereotypes, particularly those pertaining to race, are usually rooted in fact.

  • Xerxes22

    General Mills should have hired that women to do their Cheerios ad. At least it would have been realistic.

    • Sharps Rifle

      I’ve already contacted General Mills and told them that they have lost a customer because of that commercial. I will NEVER buy any of their products again.

  • Lop_Eared_Galoot

    It is not for us to judge those who find love where they can because that is a very rare thing, especially when you lack pulchritude or intelligence to find acceptance of who you are in the hope for an in-race improvement to your genes.

    High fat (as caloric) intake modifies metabolic function in ways that may actually be good for later generations brain function, even as it heightens risks for multi-generational cancer.

    Having said all this, I don’t believe a lot of people clearly think out what happens when you take a career minded population into it’s late 30s through mid 40s and watch them discover what is left of their selection pool for possible marital partnerships.
    This is dangerous on a lot of levels because not only is -no one- apt to be looking ‘well kept’ at that point, but they are also subject to psychologies which range from a sense of rebelliousness (don’t have anything left to lose) to superiority (he is dependent on /me/…) as justification for miscegenation.
    Blacks can be quite entertaining and socially gregarious, manipulating circumstances to their benefit in a way that seems highly complimentary.
    Especially if a black male is the younger partner in a relationship with a rich white woman and so have the double advantaged perception among their own of a white cougar-out-back advantage for their genes without any real settling-for-rather-than-down commitment.
    We should always look to ourselves and realize that we can do better. With genomics being what it is, the moment when that is scientific as much as philosophic truth is quite near if not at hand.
    But we should never create situation where we look down on our own, simply because they have made choices which society or genes have left them little option over in a world full of easy seduction for those with low self esteem.

  • dukem1

    I’ve said it before, and this article reminds me…the average black guy would push Halle Barry out of his car for a shot at a go-round with Rosie O’Donnell.

  • I don’t need no study for this…..I see it every day now, and not just the women but now the men too. Help us all.

    • Snow

      I went to a birthday party of a Chilean girl (she is dark haired and has a blond white boyfriend) and I was disturbed by how many white gay men I saw at the bar. It appeared to me that maybe 25% of all men in the bar were gay and some gays kept touching my shoulder when they walked by me.

  • christopher mahoney

    Oh boy. Take a look in any trailer park in my part of Pennsylvania. The underclass is tattooed,retarded and miscegenates. The idea of Caucasians as the master race won’t survive a ten minute trip to central Pennsylvania.

  • gemjunior

    It seems that white women have done it more than I thought – 51% of white women have tried it? Disgusting. I’m really against miscegenation simply because I view it as mixing something that shouldn’t be mixed on totally opposite ends of the spectrum, as opposite as can be. I am not against it happening in an odd situation here and there because fundamentally people are very peculiar. What I am against is the preaching of it and the general acceptance, promotion, and lauding it or “celebrating” it. It is nothing but breeding out the ethnic group with the more recessive genetic traits such as lighter skin, hair and eyes as well as increased IQ and creativity. And that’s us.

    • Xerxes22

      No, that is the ASVAB score. The report doesn’t explain what that score is. But it does not mean that 51% of White women have had sex with Blacks. The article is poorly written.

      • The ASVAB is also a military test …. so it kind of skews the overall truth of the results.

      • gemjunior

        I see, I read the statistic wrong. Didn’t know what ASVAB score was, still don’t but will look it up…anyway, I am happy to know that it’s not 51% of the general pop….

  • Jefferson

    I bet all of the White women at your local gym who date Black men, voted for Obama and not Romney.

  • I will not join a gym in Chicago. They are all covers for what are essentially gay bathhouses.

  • WR_the_realist

    I am not overweight, am well educated, work hard to improve my situation, and try hard to tell the truth, even when it hurts. But I am also in my mid 50s, so too old for most of the racially conscious white women who want a family. I wish them well in their search for a good man. Our race depends on them finding success in that endeavor.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    “Never before in history has a group of men decided they needed to pay to raise the children of complete aliens”.

    Was reading a young-adult story at the library the other day. While the protagonist is a smart-alecky kid who is a member of the high school republican club, and his childhood buddy is a punk-rocker girl who is far and vocally left, the whole story ended up being about how gays are to be celebrated and it does not matter who a childs biological Father is, the emphasis of the story is that his ‘real’ father is the one who raised him

    • Martel

      Who wrote it?

  • Bardon Kaldian

    I guess we regulars have read & written about miscegenation more than enough. We got stats & all. I’ll just try to write a few scattered thoughts that- some of them- may not have been written before.

    1. I still don’t get why obese WW with unpleasant personality may be affected by coal burning. I mean- many WW, especially in the US, are on the “chubby side”. It may be that these women are “motherly types”, and research- as well as everyday experience- has shown that women are not so ethnocentric as men. Most are, but many are not. Their attitude is “my child, never mind how it looks like, still my child”. Perhaps it’s not some imaginary attraction to blacks, but biological urge to have children. When White men are not interested, Blacks are more than eager to oblige.

    2. I’ve had an exchange of opinions with (I think, I’m not sure) Bon about the influence of miscegenation propaganda. I guess he was right. A slice from history: In the beginning of the 20th C, nearly half of Mongol male population was living celibate lives in Buddhist monasteries (looking for possible better future rebirths or nirvana). Now, it’s evident that, during 1910, there was not much space for brainwashing, but the entire culture of this healthy nomadic people was saturated with the ideals of Vajrayana/Tibetan Buddhism. During 1920s, they had Communist revolution and virtually all monks were expelled and “forced” to live normal, married lives. Mongolia’s population, which was threatened (re growth & biological vitality) by almost 50% male celibacy, had begun to recuperate. I’m saying- don’t underestimate power of media, religious indoctrination etc., since they can alter “likes” and “dislikes” to almost unimaginable degree. So- Bon was right. Essentially, miscegenation was “forced upon” Whites- it was not some “natural outgrowth”.

    3. the reality is we live in decadent times for Western civilization. An example: it’s not so rare to find in countries like Norway or Denmark females who have had, until their 30s, 200 or 300 different sex partners. Not a majority, but also a non-negligible minority, like, say, homosexuals. Now, it may be that out of 300 men, 10-20 have been Africans. Not because they are particularly attractive, but because a particular feminista will try just about everything. It’s curiosity about variety of experiences. The feminista will eventually get married, almost certainly to a compatriot Dane, Norwegian …but- ugh…

    I think this type of behavior is something not recorded in history – except within small, elite circles of aristocracy (I recall reading about a French aristocratic woman who fled to Britain during French Revolution in 1790s. Her diary reveals that she had had more than 17,000 partners, 100 or close to that figure black servants). Now, in many advanced Western societies, promiscuity has become “democratized”. And miscegenation is, especially in some countries of Northern Europe, perhaps more frequent than in the US.

    • Dude

      1. These fatties are settling. White women overwhelmingly prefer White men. Black men often lust after White women and don’t mind fatness as much.

      2. It’s the more educated women who go through more brainwashing. These dumb women probably hang around more blacks, which makes them more likely to end up with one (as an additional factor).

      3. Interesting. The coal burners have probably mostly done Whites too, and probably hit a few piñatas.

  • HJ11

    Whites who miscegenate are defective.

  • me

    Hey, this is a great Christmas card….her parents are so proud!

    • Manaphy

      Hey, isn’t that an overweight liberal-looking woman? All those stereotypes! How could you be so insensitive?

  • Bardon Kaldian

    Who’s talking about Republicans ? As for swingers- thanks, but your lifestyle is, IMO, despicable.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    I’m not a hypocrite, but you can’t put on the same level physical contact with Asians, Indians (feather), …and physical “intimacy” with Africans. Blacks are deeply repulsive, while most other races (for instance, Polynesians or light Hispanics) are not. They are different, they are not White, but ….

  • Bardon Kaldian

    That’s a real option, see Brazil.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    He said “average”. And he’s right.

  • Ella

    Well, it comes down to stereo-types. Black males play off the athletic stereo-type of confident and physical because of sports and tv entertainment. Media shows White males as weak, neurotic or beer slobs. Maybe 20%? white males do need to get in shape and don’t compete well with huge, fatty guts. This is a turn off for females like “fat” women is to men. To say it bluntly, White women need “fit men” to chase and raise children. I don’t see many White women marry Blacks unless it’s a military community….more Hispanics in our State.

    • Bardon Kaldian

      I don’t know, but I would like to see some stats about obesity among black males vs white males. Sure, there are black athletes in basketball etc., but you got much more white athletes in all sports disciplines. And we’re talking only BMI, not other traits like facial attractiveness or repugnance.

  • Funruffian

    In a way I have Cognitive Dissonance: I would think liberal indoctrination in collegiate settings would induce more miscegenation. However, liberals who condone race-mixing generally don’t practice it.

    • Ella

      I thought like this too but found some celebrity web pages in US and Europe. Some of the royalty in EU have been marrying Black / Middle Eastern women to set a “trend.” It seemed more frequent, not a single event. I was surprised being royalty, but money has its attraction if they have declining wealth or fortunes.

  • Christopher

    My question is; Why do they call them Hispanic White and Non-Hispanic White in America? There is only one ‘White’. And I am pretty sure REAL Spanish of Hispanic culture(From Europe) are White. <.<
    But alas, a very good study, and confirms what we have been saying for years. I'm just waiting for the liberal-left to come in and 'correct' a few things – Most notably; "It's the White Males fault, even if he is not involved in the relationship of the couple, all blame is on the White Male, GIT THA WHITE MAAAN" like we have some magical privilege and blame giving deity in the sky.

  • bubo

    White women who bed down with black males are almost always culturally black. Ghetto, if you will. And fat, my god are they fat. And loud and generally unpleasant to be in the presence of. Which is why that silly commercial with the upper middle class white woman and little puffhead eating Cheerios is totally absurd.

    • Christopher

      Hahaha, agree. Any White Woman/Man who beds another of a different race are trash to be discarded. My sister is a trashy negrolite with a ‘gangsta’ attitude who listens to rap, cannot help but steal things, does A-class drugs and has bedded non-whites. And my parents wonder why I never got along with her. So I can confirm your assertion. A proud White Woman that I have only just become friends with(Unless, of course, we’re dating) is more of a sister to me.

    • Bardon Kaldian

      Not necessarily.
      WW who sleep with Blacks are:

      * mentally unstable & having a low self-esteem

      * “experimenting” during college years- this is stupid, no need to elaborate

      * in case of affluent Blacks, gold diggers

      * in the heart of hearts, sluts

      * weirdos, since Black race is viscerally repellent to Whites, from bodily odor to facial features

      * desperate middle aged lonely females

      * whorish disoriented young women without developed moral personality, probably abused in childhood or abusing some substances

      * “liberal” dogmatist who are, by sleeping with Blacks, making a political statement

      There are various categories of coal burners. Not all of them are physically undesirable.

      • bubo

        I’m mostly talking about the ones that go full on ghetto and have mulatto kids. They are almost always trash. But yeah, there are plenty of good looking upper middle class girls who are pressured into dating blacks for some misplaced reasons. Many are too nice and succumb to black male pressure or the peer pressure of indoctrinated classmates to not appear “racist.”

  • Bardon Kaldian

    Just a recollection: I remember that someone, ca. 1 year ago here, had said – reflecting on frequently contradictory opinions expressed in comments- that many people who drop in were actually not so much “racially aware”, but “anti-black”. This behavior have been observed by some Blacks, too (I won’t post a link because Disqus would moderate it ad infinitum; you can Google black commentator yellowing): “Overall, Yancey’s findings reveal that whites, Latino/as
    and Asian Americans do not tend to reject one another as possible
    neighbors or their kids’ spouses, but all three groups show a
    general resistance to blacks in these social roles. ”

    Also, American Indians/Native Americans are the only group in the US which has, both male and female, more “others” (in this case, Whites) as marriage partners than their own (Indians); W-White, NA-Native American; F-female, M-male: WF-NAM 45.5%, WM-NAF 44.3%, NAM-NAF 45.3%, NAF-NAM 43.4%. And I haven’t seen here – or anywhere else – any strong reaction about that.

    All in all, it seems that all races, not only Whites, have this gut reaction against Blacks. I’m not advocating miscegenation, just stating the obvious: Blacks are a race that is viscerally rejected by virtually all other races.

  • saxonsun

    We’re seeing a lot of attractive white women with black males here in NYC–and, yes, with kids.

  • frozenpie77

    What exactly does it confirm?

  • Dave6034

    Until about 1880, it was a scientific fact that mulattos are prone to poor health and low fertility compared to their white and Bantu parents. Was this disproven or merely deemed impolite?

    There’s also evidence that cross-breeding intelligent races may cause mental disorders, e.g. Elliot Rodger (white-Chinese) and Miriam Weeks (white-Hindi).