Al Sharpton: SCOTUS ‘Just Cancelled the Dream’ of MLK

Breitbart, June 26, 2013

Rev. Al Sharpton criticized  the Supreme Court for invalidating parts of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. He  said the act was part of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “dream,” and that the court had “cancelled the dream.”

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  • The__Bobster

    MLK only dreamt of money, quotas and White hos that he could beat up.

    • George

      Don’t forget working with the KGB to turn capitalist America into a socialist gulag…
      When his records are unsealed by the FBI, will there be anyone left who knows what a ‘fellow traveller’ or a ‘useful idiot’ are?

  • A Freespeechzone

    Is this a threat? Does this mean riots?

    • Does it really matter? It’s probably really just more of the same scam. Al $harpton and Je$$e Jack$on would simply have no way to make a living if they couldn’t keep their fellow Afritards stirred up. Expect the $PLC to chime in on this quickly as well; they’re always looking to hype more donations out of the gullible left.

    • Spartacus

      It always means riots.

    • Romulus

      Depending on the neighbor-hood in question it might prove to be some good recreational sport.

      • In those neighborhoods, a riot is really just a block party.

        • Romulus

          I was trying to imply something skin to “going to the range”
          Especially if the “riot” occurred in some of my friendly burbs.

          • There was once a troll here who said that posts like that show that whites want to “shote” (sic) and murder black people. She said she was a Princeton undergrad; South Buffalo Native probably remembers her, as would Margaret and a bunch of guys who posted under Roman names.

            I don’t really want to do that. I used to go shooting my old rifle collection almost every weekend before my July 14, 2000 arrest. The last time was July 4, 2000, and one of my friends – a retired Green Beret – brought several of his machineguns.

            I made an electromagnetic coilgun after I was off paper. Since it is not legally a firearm, I can have it. Since it is not legally a firearm, it is also not legally a machinegun. Just let me see the side of that APC.

            What you’re talking about is an “away game” riot on their part. I hope you have something in 7.62mm NATO or better. My own favorite was 7.92mm X 57 Mauser. It probably still would be today.

          • Romulus

            Any of us true patriots can see the end game that is the lefts plan. Just viewing the threads from the variety of website blogroll from http://www.occidental dissent can give a clear picture or if any reader can connect the political decisions over the last decade. The police state is coming unless we stand up for the constitution. All dissent will have the same consequences here as there is in Europe,Australia and Canada. Preparedness is paramount. Im equipped enough for self preservation. In light of the recent scandal of datamining engulfing this administration, and the nature of my vocation, I find it prudent not to give out any particular details anymore. We’ve had several memos to the effects of data leakage. I believe the peace(through force of law and tyranny) is just around the corner. The people herein have not been properly re-educated according to the new world orders platform and will be subject to corrective training. Essentially we are not plugged in to the “matrix”. I fear for America but if it be necessary to crash in order to fix it,,so be it.

          • Just read the writing of Tim Wise, gloating over the downfall of the developed West.

  • The__Bobster

    Rev. Al Sharpton criticized the Supreme Court for invalidating parts of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

    The clown should be happy that the whole act wasn’t thrown out as unconstitutional.

    • Puggg

      If he’s coming stone squirrely unhinged for just the little piece of it that was done away with, I would love to see him totally melt down if the whole thing would have been thrown out.

  • libertarian1234

    This supreme court is now comprised of so many flakes, oddballs and kooks I’m surprised at any decision they make that abides by the constitution.

    Roberts is the biggest disappointment. If he had not elected to impose his desire for social engineering there’s no way Obamacare could have been declared a “tax.”

    Limbaugh is right. This country is doomed, and it will continue to degenerate.

    • I won’t necessarily hold it against SCOTUS that it’s full of eccentric personalities. You’ve gotta figure that the kind of person who would derive joy from doing the kind of things that Supreme Court judges do all while under a pressure cooker and microscope is going to be a bit flaky, odd and kooky to begin with.

  • ncpride

    I wonder how to check what his ratings are? I’d love to know the real numbers.

    • Nielsen for yesterday gives Sharpton 575,000. Factor out mental health facilities, prisons and the White House, and he probably has about 4, literally, 4.

  • Funruffian

    Sharpton makes an ass of himself every time he opens his maw. He’s been looking quite flaccid the past couple of years. He may have a terminal illness. One can only hope.

  • sbuffalonative

    I thought the dream was that no one would be judged by the color of their skin.
    What was the real dream? The black take-over of the United States?

    • RebelliousTreecko

      Being judged by their actions as a group and being judged by their skin color are the same thing in their minds.

    • Romulus

      Aided,abetted,and implemented by the tribe!!

  • APaige

    What? “children of the dream”, more like grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the dream, or more correctly the nightmare.

  • dave

    we are the only country who does not have voter ID. its time we stop letting felons and illegal aliens from voting. this is a good start. who gives a damm what that POS al sharpton thinks or says. he is nothing but a rabble rouser and a racist. the only reason MSNBC gave him a job was to keep him from protesting at the MSNBC.

    • Felons already can not vote while they are on probation or parole.

      • dave

        are you sure about that. i thought once you were convicted of a crime you lose your voting rights.i know they vote anyway because no one checks.

        • Mine came back as soon as I got off paper. All I had to do was reregister. Only in Florida and Kentucky does a felony conviction permanently disqualify one from voting. If it helps, my gun rights are still tanked.

          • dave

            right,after you’re off parole or probation. i know that part. you probably will never get you’re guns back if you were convicted of a felony.

          • thoughtcrime

            Unless he is black. I’m surprised they don’t release all black felons with AK47s converted to full auto and enough ammo to take down a herd of elephants….along with a free ride to a white neighborhood.

  • George

    And Chicago is especially well known for zombie voters…
    Remind me where the Mulatto-in-Chief got his start, again?

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    I’m glad to see that this video is getting more dislikes than likes. Hating on Reverend Scumbag is something all whites can be united about.

  • Romulus

    Welcome back Morris! Out of the loop for a days?!
    I have a dream as we’ll. Just as the name of this website suggests., an AMERICAN RENAISSANCE!!!!!Only circa early 1800’A.D. I know precisely what changes I would implement.

    • Morris LeChat

      google has “streamlined” it’s log in policy. I am out of the lop unless I sign in as a guest. This happens to me on a regular basis. It seems my identity is invalidated each time they update something. I think my next name might be “rigor Mortis”, in honor of travon martin

  • Romulus

    They can even have an illegal vote.

  • I don’t find their skin tones attractive. They’re just orcs.

  • Except Sweden and Denmark, Britain, France, Belgium and Holland, where the women are supposed to be gang-raped first.

  • Major

    Our collective dreams ought to be Fat Al’s nightmares. As for the rest ofd them….I hope they never sleep peacefully.