Some Countries Lobby for More in Race for Visas

Eric Lipton, New York Times, May 11, 2013

The government of South Korea hired a former C.I.A. analyst, two White House veterans and a team of ex-Congressional staff members to help secure a few paragraphs in the giant immigration bill.

The government of Ireland, during St. Patrick’s Day festivities, appealed directly to President Obama and Congressional leaders for special treatment. And the government of Poland squeezed Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and top lawmakers on Capitol Hill for its own favor, a pitch repeated at an embassy party last week featuring pirogi and three types of Polish ham.

Those countries, and others, succeeded in winning provisions in the fine print of the 867-page immigration bill now before Congress that give their citizens benefits not extended to most other foreigners.

Ireland and South Korea extracted measures that set aside for their citizens a fixed number of the highly sought special visas for guest workers seeking to come to the United States. Poland got language that would allow it to join the list of nations whose citizens can travel to the United States as tourists without visas. And Canadians successfully pushed for a change that would permit its citizens who are 55 and older and not working to stay in the United States without visas for as much as 240 days each year, up from the current 182.

South Korea alone has four lobbying firms in the campaign, paying them collectively at a rate that would total $1.7 million this year, according to required disclosure reports. Other nations generally relied on their own ambassadors and embassy staff to make the push, meaning there is no way to track how much has been spent on the effort.

The deals are already drawing some criticism, particularly from those who worry that some of the provisions—in addition to already increased annual visa allotments available generally—could create an influx of foreigners large enough to undermine American workers.

“This could turn into a stealth immigration policy,” said Ronil Hira, a professor of public policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology who studies the immigration system. “Every country is going to try to negotiate its own carve-out.”

Indeed, lawmakers are already pushing to grant special benefits to other places, including TibetHong Kong and parts of Africa.


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  • pcmustgo

    the way we do. Also, what’s a loss of wages by like $20,000 per year when you can see more of you and YOUR PEOPLE on the TV set.

    What matters to these people more?

    Money (people will earn less as the country becomes more crowded) or more of them and their people here?

    • Rhialto

      The vultures have landed, and are feeding on the rotting carcass

  • The__Bobster

    We became prosperous as a nation because we had a lot of resources and FEW people, thus driving up the worth of labor.

    • bigone4u

      Your point is a standard lesson taught in economic history books a generation ago. I’ll bet the newer books don’t even mention it or discount it.

  • The__Bobster

    When did OTHER countries get a say on whom we let into our country? We certainly don’t have a say on whom they let into theirs.

  • shmo123

    The Irish and the Poles strong cultural and historical ties to this country going back centuries; Korean immigration to this country was negligible until the Korean war. Why, if south Korea is so prosperous, are the clambering for more visas? I really believe they just want birth rite citizenship and more chance at entering American Universities.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Tell the goverment of South Korea and the Koreans in our America to go F…themselves..we are not putting up with this. We put 2 Alpha Native Born White American Males with advanced engineering degrees on the Moon when there were hardly any Koreans in America at all. How did Native Born White American manage to survive all the years that there were hardly any Koreans in our America? Very well thankyou.

    The post 1980 Irish should never have been allowed in…if they had not been allowed in there would have much less tolerance for African Legal Immigrants to come to Ireland.. moreover, many of these post-1980 Irish and Polish legal immigrants are part of the race-replacement voting block.
    The US should have stayed out of the Korean War. Getting involved in the Korean Civil War gave us a rapidly growing Korean voting Block in 2013 that is voting for our rapid race-replacement.
    Larger point:the Cold War was a demographic death sentence for Native Born White America. Post WWW2 Foriegn Policy should have been completely isolationist.

    • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

      America’s PRE WW 2 should have been completely isolationist.

    • Intrepid

      America’s involvement in the Korean War is not for altruistic purposes. It is to maintain our influence in East Asia. We’re in their home and they’re coming to ours.

  • Why are countries lobbying to get rid of their citizens?
    This can’t be good ….

    • White Mom in WDC

      Expand on that. What is your line of thinking here?

      • Nathanwartooth

        So they can dump their jails onto our lands.

      • Same as Nathanwartooth.
        What country in their right mind would lobby for the opportunity for their best and brightest to emmigrate?
        The only benefit a home country stands to receive is possible US dollars sent home to families, which is the foreign theft of US wealth.

      • Ella

        Well, Poland and Korea have VERY low birth rates (1.2 or so) so I’m wondering who they want to discard from their own countries. Are they physically sick or disturbed, very poor, criminals, undereducated or underachievers? Poland has lost 2-4 million workers in the EU for higher pay. Much of this “mass immigration” today is NOT about torture and severe, political oppression, but it’s for “higher” salaries and standard of living. Companies love the surplus of workers=cheap wages and higher prices. Jewish lobbyists groups also play on the Holocaust fear to keep “open borders.” (But way more Russians and Polish were killed during WWII.)

  • evianalmighty

    Actually Poles an Irish are a blessing for this nation.

    • IstvanIN

      You are assuming the Irish aren’t African and the Poles aren’t Vietnamese.

    • Auntie Analogue

      Not all the Irish were a blessing for our nation, and I shall sum that up in two words: The Kennedys.

      • saxonsun

        Completely agreed.

      • Paleoconn

        I’ll see your Kennedys and raise you a Biden and a Ryan.

  • Meanwhile, on Yahoo!, I read no less than four stories, told in the first person, about how they (recent white college graduates) racked up between $40,000-$100,000 in student debt, and can’t find a job.
    I’ll ask them a question like, “If you don’t mind me asking, but who did you vote for in the last presidential election?”
    The number of thumbs down I get is often in the double digits.
    You and I are too blame for not holding our elected politicians, democrat and republican, responsible for selling out.

  • Charles W.

    Just unbelievable. If there’s ever been a time to begin considering a move out of country, or to another state, this may well be it.

  • smells_just_like

    White America, RIP.

    But wait, you’ll still pay for it, it being Diversity Hell, USA.

    What do you think “demographic change” means to future income and property tax rates and White privilege fines on your community?

    • newscomments70

      Forget this RIP nonesense. we’re not going anywhere. We will win our countries back, if I have to do it myself. Make it happen. Stop with the defeatist nonesense please. I don’t care what Rachel Maddow says, we will succeed.

  • bigone4u

    I’ve looked into going to New Zealand but I’m not rich enough to qualify and I have a misdemeanor conviction on my record (one which I proudly wear as a badge of honor). If there was anyway to get out of the USA hellhole and into a decent country with decent values I would jump at the chance. I guess since my options are closed off that joining stormfront or some such patriotic organization is all that’s left.

    • newscomments70

      i tried getting into Australia on a business visa. They will give you a provisional visa if you own your own business. You have to turn a profit, selling Australian products and hiring Australian citizens. To live in Sydney, you are required to have $A1,000,000 in assets. To live live outside of Syndey, you have to have at least $A800,000 in assets. Australia has an extremely unfriendly business climate with high expenses and high taxes. Their taxes are comparable to that of socialist Scandinavia. Even if you have met the minimum requirements, they probably won’t even look at your application…there are just too many. Basically, it is impossible for a white middle class person over 40 to immigrate to Australia. On the other hand, if you are a Somali rapist, claiming asylum in Australia, with refugee status, you can live anywhere you wish, on the dole. You will be given a council flat, welfare, free food, free medical care, and free education. The double standard is shocking. 15 years ago, Sydney most mostly white; now it looks like Mecca. I am looking at Asian now.

      • bigone4u

        Australia and NZ are not that different. I think you needed $2 mil of working capital to get into NZ. And I suspect the NZers are welcoming the Somali’s too.

        • newscomments70

          Business owners are struggling in both countries. Successful businesses in that region move offshore. Like the U.S., manufacturing is almost non-existent now. Their liberals taxed everyone out of existence. Agriculture is dying as well. If you visit the Australian immigration website, the main photo is of a black women with her baby. The other photos are muslims. If you read the pamphlet about Australian values, that you must pledge to uphold, forced diversity is one of their conditions. You have to just LOVE diversity…even though most real Australians never wanted this. I had to prove my English language proficiency, and I performed their official test at a location in California. It was a testing centre for immigration candidates applying in all of the British Commonwealth. EVERYONE there was a Muslim. There were a few black faces, but mostly Arabs…hijabs everywhere. I hate to sound like a fanatic, but there really is a conspiracy to exterminate whites. I don’t know how it could be anymore obvious. Being surrounded by Muslims all day makes me miss Mexicans.

          • We keep telling our pollies we dont want muslim immigration, yet year after year it keeps increasing.

        • newscomments70

          Do some research if you still are interested in the place. A race-realist black woman told me that the North Island is as bad as the US, with minority crime. She recommended the South Island because it is still mostly white. Also, google minority on white crime in New Zealand. I found a horrifying story. A white farmer in the North Island was being harassed by a polynesian gang. They were extorting money from the local farmers, demanding “protection money”. He became tired of being bullied and started to fight back. A dark-skinned thug came over to kill the white farmer, but the white farmer shot him in self-defense. The white gentleman was promptly arrested and tried for first degree murder. By some miracle, he beat the rap, but lost everything he owned in legal fees. This is New Zealand. It can only get worse, like here.

          • Anonymous

            You do realise that there’s no way to get rid of some of the minorities in New Zealand, right? It is theoretically possible to just deport the Asians and Pacific Islanders but you can’t get rid of the Maoris. For ppl who don’t know, the Maori people are the natives of New Zealand.

          • newscomments70

            Yes, I have studied the history of New Zealand and I am aware that Maoris are indigenous to New Zealand. Where did I say that I want to get rid of the Maoris? Islam is the currently the worst threat to Australia and New Zealand. African immigration is becoming a problem as well. You may want to actually read what I wrote before you comment.

        • Bossman

          Have you guys not heard of international conventions? Many countries agreed to take in refugees so that no holocausts can occur again.

          • Greg Thomas

            There is a holocaust occuring, the holocaust of the White western world by invading, third world brown hordes. Don’t you have a la raza meeting to attend to.

      • Bismark

        You might have more luck after the current government is thrown out in the September election. This nest of left wing multi culti traitors running the country at present are doing their best to turn this once great country into a third world hell hole. When the same crowd abolished ‘The White Australia Policy’, in 1975 it was about 95% white. Nevertheless even when the conservatives regain power they will probably just accept the status quot as very few people in power actually believe in a white Australia any more. Still as far as I am concerned you would be more than welcome. many people like you go to New Zealand first as once you have citizenship in that country , you have an automatic right of entry into Australia. That is the route used by so many Asians to get into this county via the back door. If and when it finally comes down to ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ type fight for survival, I am sure that I would rather have someone like you by my side than a lot of gutless brainwashed Aussies that I know.

        • newscomments70

          Thank you, I might try New Zealand. I’ve seen some real Australians in action before, I was very impressed. I have also seen their limp wristed liberals from the British Commonwealth on internet blogs. That is dissappointing, but I believe this type is quickly fading away…as all of our once beautiful cities are turning into the darkest of Africa.

      • ATBOTL

        It’s pretty ironic that all the most successful, affluent societies have “unfriendly business climates.”

      • unfortunately we have no say on immigration in Australia, we are ignored.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    At least Poland, Ireland, and Canada are among the countries lobbying for special treatment. Even so, this just shows Obama’s willingness to prostrate America before foreign interests. What else is new?

  • Susan

    How many more people do we need here?As it is the roads are jammed and traffic is awful.Koreans have taken over parts (once white) of NYC.No signs in English, naturally. Anyway,I am starting to see more here in this once nice suburban white town.Do they ever stop and think maybe we don’t want to live with them?

    • White Mom in WDC

      No. They want to live like us and enjoy the freedoms we have established here, but they don’t dig whites. We need to make things uncomfortable for them. I don’t like Koreans

    • IstvanIN

      Sounds like NJ, a once beautiful state quickly becoming paved over from stem to stern.

    • saxonsun

      We live in Manhattan but travel to Long Island and Queens a lot. What a nightmare these places have become. Also, Westchester county is seething with non-whites. There are times when one only sees non-whites.

  • Mark

    The Good news is Europeans are awaking to the fact; that there is a Globalist cabal of Zionist who are working tirelessly behind the scenes to erode our freedoms.

    The Bad news is Globalist and their minions are stepping up efforts to implement their draconian policies; they need to work fast before people are fully awaken, look for the Zionist to attempt to impose. Global taxation, Control over the internet, further limit free speech, grab our Guns and continue to flood first world nations with 3rd world immigrates.

    There is no room in a free society for Political Correctness.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Exactly. The Global Zionists must be revealed- sunlight is the best disinfectant

  • White Mom in WDC

    White people do your own demographic shifts. Have more kids, don’t think, just do it. Get rid of your TV. Screw college, they don’t want white kids anyhow. Start your own stealth community organizations. Do business by handshake with whites only.

  • NYB

    A parasitic attack.

    It starts when they inject their intravenous syringes into the host to suck its blood, later they are in a position to pick the bones clean.

    The natural defenses and immune system called ‘nationalism’ have been disabled.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Other races know whites are going to be gone and America is up for grabs. What we are seeing essentially is America on eBay and blacks, hispanics, and asians are in a bidding war for visas. It’s like someone owning a Ferrari then just throwing away letting some bum have it. Why? We shouldn’t fix things that weren’t broken. America was perfect as a mostly white country based on freedom, higher ethics, and strong emphasis on education. Apparently that needed a major overhaul.

    • Guest


    • NYB

      “It’s like someone owning a Ferrari then just throwing away letting some bum have it.”

      Straight out of the script of the Clint Eastwood movie, ‘Gran Torino’. At the end of the movie, the immigrant kid inherits the keys to America from the morally bankrupt white dinosaurs.

      Clint should burn for that foul piece of Hollywood propaganda.

      • LastBastionOfHope

        The black thug scene was the greatest. “Ever run into someone somewhere along the line you know you shouldn’t have messed with? That’s me”.

  • wattylersrevolt

    I just want to point out that the clout of the Korean Goverment in the “US” Congress is a direct consequence of the rapidly growing Korean population in our America. If there were no Koreans in America, the Korean Goverment would be physically incapable of influencing US Immigration Policy. Jason Richwine works-worked for the Heritage Foundation which has been a major cheerleader for increasing the H-1 L-1 B visa programs which has been a major factor in racially transforming the state of New Jersey.

    Jared and Peter Brimelow:where does Jason Richwine stand on the H-1 L-1 B visa programs and asian legal immigration in general?

    The whole Jason Richwine affair is leading to this:immigration reform is largely an economic issue..therefore asian immigration is preferable. Just go to Fulfords’ commentary today on about Brimelow’s “Alien Nation”.

    The way more powerfull argument against post-1965 Immigration Policy is the race-replacement issue. Yes, the cesspool Beltway won’t allow a debate about this…after all, who are the lobbyist for the Korean Goverment agitating for race-replacing Native Born White Americans in New Jersey with Koreans? Former members of the “US” Congress. And this is why the issue is going to be resolved in a violent race war.

    Jared Tayor and Peter Brimelow:you two are going to be involved in an endless my study versus your study psychometric debate about IQ test score psychometrics…and while this debate rages on…Native Born White Americans are being rapidly race-replaced….by predatory South Koreans in places such as New Jersey.

  • Ella

    WHERE are Americans in controlling our immigration through our representatives and lobbyist groups?? We’re laughed at and labelled “xenophobic. At 320 million -that is still NOT enough???? We fail MORE than we succeed on immigration restriction since 1924. SCARY So, are these countries giving away their best workers to us or their deadbeats? Taking a different approach, maybe we should start lobbying for talented Anglo-Saxon immigrants since we lost most restriction policies over the last 90yrs. We may have to take a different approach than trying to restrict. About half French, Germans and English want to leave their homeland according to polls. We’re losing the battle regardless on restricting immigration. US Govt. undercuts Northern Europeans. This can balance some numbers better as we burst and lose the debates.

  • PDK?Kelto-Scandic Secessionist

    I was thinking about how much more the Negro sub-species is
    born of an r selective gene pool than the white sub-species. I was sorting it
    out, puzzling it through and trying to fathom the great depths of some of the
    different impacts that quantity of numbers at the expense of quality of IQ and
    vice versa, would have on the organisms produced by these mutually exclusive
    gene pools. One venue where it surely would express itself is in the realm of

    Most Americans would, by young adulthood, have noticed that
    black females have, on average, the largest and fattest posteriors. Further
    most American adults by some point in time have come to understand that black
    males typically are much more sexually excited by a larger, well fatten, female
    rump than are white males.

    Simple thinking on our human evolution, from our humanity’s
    time as subsistence living people, from scavenger-gatherers, to hunter-gathers,
    would have had pronounced differences in amount of subsistence material
    availing at any given time, times of plenty, times of paucity, times in-between.
    These variations would have had an impact on our reproduction.

    Moreover, it needs be understood that impregnation of the
    female is only half the story, giving birth is the other half, much like the
    difference between just hooking a fish and both hooking and landing a fish, one
    without the other is useless, pointless.

    When our ancient ancestors were totally dependent upon
    subsistence living, a very particular gene in the male, once materialized,
    would have been naturally favored and therefore selected out, a gene that
    triggers sexual excitation for the female when the ripened or mature female has
    fattened because of times of plenty. Fattened females then impregnated would
    have the extra calories needed for pregnancy in lean times, furthering the
    numbers of offspring left behind, thereby and in turn, furthering the numbers
    of males with the gene.

    In the 80s, from the world of health and dieticians, came
    the expression; “men are apples and women are pears”. This refers to the
    particular body area for stashing extra calories, the male in the gut, the
    female in the rump. I suspect this is a natural occurrence because of, or born
    out, male/female hormones, and undoubtedly has an evolutionary story, but that
    is not important here. Here it is only important to recognize that females
    stash their extra calories in the rump.

    In regards to the gene pool strategies, where on one side quantity
    is favored over quality, the opposing side favors quality over quantity. This
    is important here because in our mutually exclusive evolutions those whose gene
    pool favored quality over quantity who further, had sufficient IQ were more
    capable of sustaining the impregnated female through lean times and therefore this
    gene pool people, would not be as dependent on a pre-impregnated, fatten
    female. Therefore, the male gene for stimulation of sexual excitation upon the
    stimulus of a fattened female would not be constantly reinforced and would
    slowly lessen in the gene pool.

    However, those born of the gene pool favoring quantity over
    quality would not have had sufficient IQ to sustain unfattened, pregnant
    females through times of sustenance paucity. Therefore the pre-impregnated,
    fatten females would be more successful in reproducing, constantly reinforcing their
    gene pool’s “male excitation for the fattened female” gene.

    We are all the evolutionary effects of multiple causes.
    However, here this single untangled strand of cause and effect reasoning, would
    without doubt, reflect itself when measured by correlation, and further, the
    correlation between physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum people, and the
    level of male sexual excitation for larger, well fattened female rumps, would
    be positive. The gene pool that produces the lowest IQ, will produce the
    highest level of male sexual attraction for “fattened in the rump” females.

    To some extent, smaller brain, larger rump. Therefore, if
    you are a “plump in the rump” white female, it is more dangerous for you to
    walk through blackieville.

    This post dispatched from the “Sanctuary of the Herald/Crier
    Project” for white secession and a future harmonious life in happiness. Thank

  • mobilebay

    With the original bill, all the above added, the millions that will continue to sneak in, the refugees and amnesty seekers and whoever else drops in, seems like there is no room, nor need for legal, law-abiding, taxpaying, voting Americans here anymore.

  • Unperson

    “This could turn into a stealth immigration policy,” said Ronil Hira

    “Stealth”? What’s stealthy about it?