Shooting Victim Wanted ‘Tribe’ to Be Peaceful

John Bennett, WND, May 18, 2013

In a grim irony, one of those injured in the New Orleans Mother’s Day shooting had lamented the violence committed by, in her words, “the men of my tribe.”

Deborah Cotton is a “multimedia journalist and cultural advocate” who was one of 19 injured when a gunman opened fire on attendees at a Mother’s Day parade.

Last year, in filmed commentary, Cotton said, “As a black woman I have a particular investment in seeing the men of my tribe do better.”

picture, released by police, shows that the suspect is black.

The shooting took place at the end of the Mother’s Day parade, in a part of the parade known as the second line. The second line is an informal group that follows behind the official main parade.

The New Orleans second line parade organizers are named Original Big 7 Social Aid and Pleasure Club. The Club released a statement saying, “We feel embarrassed that the world is now viewing our city and our community through a lens of violence.”

However, it didn’t take last weekend’s shootings that injured 19 for some to view the city through a lens of violence. In fact, citizens of New Orleans indicated in a Kaiser Foundation poll that crime was the city’s most serious problem. Crime even ranked ahead of the economy and unemployment.

A report funded by the Department of Justice shows an unexpected aspect of New Orleans crime. As U.S. cities go, New Orleans has a lower level of violent crime and property crime than U.S. cities of similar size. However, for the specific violent crime of murder, New Orleans stands out with the highest murder rate in the country.

Of New Orleans homicide victims, 86.5 percent were male, and 91.5 percent were black. Seventy-three percent of victims had a criminal history. 46 percent of the victims had “no gainful employment,” while 30 percent were of unknown employment, according to the DOJ report. Half of homicide victims were under the age of 27.

Of known homicide offenders, 97 percent are black, and 56 percent were not employed, with 27 percent of unknown employment. Eighty-three percent of known suspects had criminal histories.

Whites are 31 percent of the population, and blacks make up 66 percent of New Orleans’ population.


Some sections of New Orleans have the same life expectancy as that found “in sub-Saharan African nations such as Cameroon and Angola,” according to the Times-Picayune, New Orleans’ major paper.

Violence in New Orleans has prompted at least one state politician, Democrat Rep. Austin Badon Jr., to ask for the National Guard to return.


Edward J. Blakely was appointed by former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to be director of the Office of Recovery and Development Administration after Hurricane Katrina.

In his book, “My Storm: Managing the Recovery of New Orleans in the Wake of Katrina,” Blakely wrote:

To reassure blacks who worried that post-storm New Orleans would become majority white after three decades of black demographic and political domination, Mayor Nagin used the term “chocolate city.”

There were massive changes made to public housing following hurricane Katrina, including the tearing down of large public housing units.

To replace those units, the federal government invested heavily with community development block grants and “Gulf Opportunity Zone” tax credits. Liberals have criticized the resulting development, because it does not contain enough affordable housing, and enriches private developers in the process.

“This new rebuilding class is seen as working in alliance with white elites to disenfranchise a shrinking black majority,” writes Jordan Flaherty at Truthout.

2012 actually saw a reduction in murders in New Orleans, down to 193 from 199 in 2011. 2012 was highlighted by a stretch of 18 days without a murder, “the longest such stretch in recent memory in the city,” according to the Times-Picayune.

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  • MekongDelta69

    “97 percent of known killers in New Orleans are black.”

    Just 97%?!? Damn – it must have been a slow day…

  • joemcgee

    Rock-Niggas Vs. Black People Pt 1 – YouTube

    Mar 15, 2010 … Chris Rock-Niggas Vs. Black People Pt
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    Of course, Chris Rock is one of the people he’s talking about, but the video hit’s the nail on the head…

    • Anon

      Chris Rock is lying to white people. He implies very heavily that what he calls “niggas” are a small minority causing problems for everyone else. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. There are only a tiny handful of relatively normal people who happen to be black. The vast majority are criminals. More than half are violent criminals……literally, one study found that OVER half of black males are arrested over their lifetime for a serious victim based felony. Rape, robbery, murder, assault and the like make one a violent criminal. More black males than not, meet this definition of violent criminal. How many are just plain old criminals is not well documented but is obviously the vast majority.

      With an average IQ of 80 this means over half that population is most likely retarded. Much of the other half is also retarded and few to none show more than what our society considers normal. Black geniuses are unknown. Show me a black genius and I will show you a white man with maybe a black grandfather in his gene pool.

      Saying that 97% of killers in NOLA are black is being a bit disingenuous and is lying by omission. Yes….a significant number of blacks are rabid killers. Many more would like to be rabid killers but are kept at bay by a white police state. One has only to look at south africa to see what happens when that white police state is dismantled.

      But this doesn’t admit what NOLA is. NOLA and detroit and many similar parts of the US are de facto prisons where large numbers of blacks are held under minimum security. The deal is, they stay in the prison and the police look the other way on any but the most spectacular crimes. Literally, most dead bodies get no investigation, and no questions asked (like anyone in the neighborhood would ever answer any, lol)….and the whole thing is sent to the circular file (ie the garbage can). Why are there so many killers in NOLA? Because it is de fact legal there to kill people. That is the cold hard truth of the matter. We have such lawless zones to keep those killers there, killing their own instead of in OUR neighborhoods killing our children. There are also many areas of the US that are the exact opposite. If a black criminal so much as shows his face, he’s going somewhere in the police car….not in the back seat, mind you… the trunk….to a landfill someplace remote.

      This is the REALITY of “law and order” under multi-culturalism. It’s a stop gap measure before the inevitable civil war we are headed to…..the one that results in radical separation between whites and blacks. We won’t start it (whites are simply too cowardly). But obviously, the blacks are hell bent on making it happen. That’s what the whole rioting/flashmob thing is all about. They can’t win such a thing. But they are too stupid (80 IQ) or just don’t care.

      Whether or not you will admit any of this is really a moot point. What is not a moot point is to stay the hell out of places like NOLA and detroit. You will be killed if you go there. There are many other miniature versions of these major dumping grounds for blacks. It’s important to know where the ones near where you live are and stay away from them. It’s a big deal to say, find out where these places are if you have children going away to college and make sure they stay the hell out (colleges love to victimize children by putting student housing in these areas).

      • joemcgee


      • joesolargenius

        You made several very good points especially the one about just don’t go there and those cities being minimum security prisons . Hurricane Katrina created a situation which allowed most of the Criminals in that city to be ran off making NOLA much safer.
        It was Mayor Ray Nagin whom brought them back so he could get re elected as none of the whites and many of the black middle class refused to vote for him after he stole a lot of the FEMA money . I know because I was there watching the whole thing ,

      • john stone

        blacks might win a civil war look how cowardly whites are and white females overall are siding with them so dont underestimate them plus now they control the military and police.

        • Cheri Rodriguez

          Whenever I’m at the various gun shops around me (two or three times a week), all I see are White faces loading up on guns and ammo. Blacks aren’t winning anything.

          • Anonymous

            You actually found somewhere that has ammo? I sure as Hell can’t find any.

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            Ah, the Riddle of Steel (or in this case the Riddle of Ammo). Well, I’m not going to make it easy but I will say this…if you work a 9-5 job and like to sleep late on weekends you’ll never find any.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Sadly true. Something needs to happen to congeal whites into a single group dedicated to its own defense. In a world where many of our people have been convinced that the greatest good a white can do is to hate ones own race, this seems almost impossible

          • Pelayo

            How much more do we need to congeal?

            Wasn’t Wichita, Knoxville, Eve Carson and Lauren Burk enough?

        • Austin Healy

          Many white women actually join with blacks and others against white men. How sick is that? I am thirty years old, make a good living, been told I’m handsome, and have never been married. Other than meeting a good woman at an AmRen conference, I have zero interest in the typical, ready to miscegenate, white female. I saw a poll awhile back that showed that 34% of white females said they had dated blacks. A stomach turner. Not interested.

          • Anonymous

            I border on nausea every time I see a lovely White girl with an ugly Mau Mau.

          • make a point of getting eye contact and shaking your head. Sends the message that their new role as a single mother is just around the corner… and it is all their fault.

      • Pelayo

        Some bleeding heart Hoffman’s Theory “poster child” will likely challenge you to supply statistics to support what you say but “we doan need no steenking stateesteeks”. A look around any large city or any local TV news program is all the evidence that one needs.

    • you

      Chris Rock is an ugly piece of trash.

      • James RL

        My girlfriend and I went to a Comedy Club where Chris Rock was the featured comedian. He went off into sexual comments that were so vile that we walked out right in front of the black fool. I cannot repeat what he said here as it would be deleted.

        He is simply another negro. No different from any other.

        • LaSantaHermandad

          You COULD repeat it using dashes to replace some of the core letters in the words. I’d be interested to see what he said.

  • The__Bobster

    The cities might change, but the statistics never do:

    Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent reminds us that, for the year 2010, in a city roughly 33 percent black, 32 percent white, and 28 percent Hispanic:

    95.5% of murder arrests in Chicago were African-American and Hispanic.

    93.4% of arrests for criminal sexual assault in Chicago were African-American and Hispanic.

    96.3% of arrests for robbery in Chicago were African-American and Hispanic

    92.2% of arrests for aggravated assault in Chicago were African-American and Hispanic

    92.7% of arrests for burglary in Chicago were African-American and Hispanic

    Source: Chicago Police Department, 2010 Annual Report

    • pcmustgo

      It’s 98% blacks and latinos for gun crimes in NYC… most of the “hispanics” here are afro-puerto ricans/dominicans too. Or part black rather.

    • Luis

      Right, Bobster. To lend teeth to your percentages, in 2012, some 94% of Chicago’s homicides were Bantu and Hispanic, around 77%, and 17% respectively. That is TRUTH.
      Not to be off-topic, but Jamaica is starting to run those “Come to Jamaica” travel commercials again. And, like years past, they show a bunch of white people romping around in the sand, drinking and laughing. No Jamaican Bantus whatsoever.
      Heck, the Steven Seagal movie, “Marked For Death” is a much more accurate portrayal of Jamaica.

  • The__Bobster

    Some sections of New Orleans have the same life expectancy as that found “in sub-Saharan African nations such as Cameroon and Angola,” according to the Times-Picayune, New Orleans’ major paper.

    Why not? The inhabitants are the same.

    • pcmustgo

      Ditto with HIV rates… same in DC for black males as in Haiti.

    • Pelayo

      Isn’t there a section of NOLA called Angola?

      • Luis

        No, it’s called Algiers.
        There IS a notorious prison near Angola, LA referred to as “The Farm”. I don’t know Angola’s proximity to New Orleans, though.

        • Mike Donovan

          I used to live in Algiers. Very close to Algiers point. We moved to the northshore of the lake after getting robbed by some knee grows. The whole area is black. Seriously, when I watch the movie :”black hawk down”, it reminds me of Algiers. It’s just a run down sh** hole of a town. Also, it’s like a zombie movie where people are just aimlessly walking around, (brainless parasites) They just stroll along the streets with crack pipes and liquor in brown bags. I’m not making this up. Any place below Manchac, LA is when I keep my gun readily available. We don’t dare go to NOLA without firearms and a “go” bag. It’s just common knowledge to everyone here.

  • Which “tribe,” Madam? The Slapahoes?

    • Morris LeChat

      or the kleptacoons

    • Morris LeChat

      or the A-rape-a-hos

  • Biff_Maliboo



  • IstvanIN

    Anyone with any sense would say that the experiment has failed, whites can not live with blacks and that we should just give them the 40 acres and a mule and let that be that.

    • cb

      40 acres and a mule in Liberia would be ideal, as Madison, Jefferson, and Lincoln new.

    • MBlanc46

      After fifty years and trillions of dollars of trying, integration has not worked. Many, even most, blacks are worse off then they were in 1963. The time has come to start developing a plan in which whites can help blacks form relatively stable, partially self-sufficient communities. Blacks are incapable of doing this on their own. It can be accomplished only with white assistance (and a little coercion).

      • watling

        Better would be if whites were to govern sub-Saharan Africa, thereby transforming it from the violent, disease-ridden, STD-infested, famine-wracked, anarchic cesspit it is now into somewhere blacks might be prepared to return to. The Chinese have started to make some inroads but only for selfish reasons.

    • whiteuncleruckus

      You are right on, but I don’t think that would be fair to the mules. They wouldn’t want to live with blacks either.

    • At the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.

  • Mark

    If the white people have been a terrible force upon non-white people; I should
    think the non-white people of the world would appreciate our desire to remove
    ourselves. In any case ask yourself why it is… that if white people do exile
    themselves non-whites will follow them? Could it be that their relationship
    with us is essentially parasitic in nature?

    • BonusGift

      Thank you for the rhetorical question that needs to be asked/pointed out over and
      over again. Furthermore, why do these obvious parasites insist on being
      parasites? Could it be that they know deep down that the kind of existence they
      would naturally have would be repellant especially knowing that whitey is just
      down the road with very green grass indeed?

  • libertarian 1234

    It’s only a matter of time before it will be common for National Guard troops to patrol black urban areas like New Orleans, Chicago, Philadelphia, et al.

    • In Chicago, the police just look like the National Guard when they wear their all black BDU uniforms and are covered in tactical gear.

      • MBlanc46

        The militarization of the police is not a good thing.

        • BonusGift


    • Morris LeChat

      A better idea is to erect those concrete barriers that the German Democratic Republic put around West Berlin. Wall off the black areas, only let things in and out through check points. Restrict all blacks to these areas. Let them self genocide.

      • Kind of like John Carpenter’s 1981 movie, “Escape from New York,” only with a racial twist. I can support that.

      • Non Humans

        What reason in the world could possibly justify letting any of them out?! Once the walls are complete, toss the libtards in with them… after hosing them down with a “Money Scent”.

        • Morris LeChat

          you don’t understand how you can sell something like this. You start off by saying we are giving them areas they can govern themselves. You paint it as a positive thing, you even throw in some free brand new housing units etc. It is easier to entice them in rather than force them in and since they are already concentrated in certain urban areas, you just make those areas official. Take Detroit for instance. It is a 90% black city but the population is only a fraction of what it once was. There is much great architecture in the Downtown and Newtown areas. Blacks just lost control of the government. WE give them BACK control of a PORTION of the territory, the territory without the great buildings, the territory they destroyed. We erect some token housing units there, make some news stories where they are featured. WE erect the barriers around the new black designated area, the area blacks are left controlling. Blacks will then flock to this area thinking that whitey is giving them something yet again- new housing, subsidized stores etc. Then once it is full… end all subsidies. Let them self genocide, then rinse and repeat. You will need to allow blacks a false feeling of free choice in the beginning, so you don’t force people into these areas. Some whites will also have a problem with the one black family in the town being forced to move into a concentration zone. WE allow the blacks to go where they choose to for the first few years, but we continue with the news stories of all the TNB. We allow the new propaganda to take hold, after awhile, those whites that are liberal will be thinking that it is wrong to force their supposedly peaceful and friendly black acquaintances into the zones, but that they should not be allowed to reproduce and recreate the violent population that exists in the zones.

          • BonusGift

            If I only could give you 99 up arrows.

        • Morris LeChat

          a shorter answer that summarizes the longer post- for purposes of deception

      • Pelayo

        I would suggest castration as a better option. sterilization leaves them still capable of raping which is of course on of their favorite activities.

        • BonusGift

          Valid point.

        • Morris LeChat

          sterilization can be done without their knowledge. Castration would not be possible, none would voluntarily submit to it , other than a few trans genders that is.

  • borogirl54

    I remember hearing after Katrina, Houston’s murder rate went up substantially. The reason for it was because the troublemakers from New Orleans were in town. After they left, the crime rate went down.

    • Non Humans

      MSNBC did a doc in 2009 on how after Katrina, all of the cities and towns that NOLA nonhumans relocated to saw an average of 60-70(ish)% increases in all manners of crime, especially violent types. Most of it was drug and gang-turf related. It was pretty interesting and somewhat honest, for a mainstream libtarded news (brainwash) source.

      • john stone

        it was an isolated incident and the city is safe.

  • Morris LeChat

    …..”Some sections of New Orleans have the same life expectancy as that found “in sub-Saharan African nations such as Cameroon and Angola,” ….

    Gee, funny thing is that those sections of NO are populated by descendants of sub saharan africans. Culture is the society that a collection of individuals creates. Individuals are created by DNA and they are ruled by their DNA. Therefore, Culture is genetic.

    • BonusGift

      Bingo: QED.

  • bigone4u

    I grew up in New Orleans during the 50s and 60s. White culture was predominant, but blacks were everywhere in a sort of checkboard pattern. Every day I had to drive through the notorious lower 9th ward to get from home to the college I attended. In so far as I am aware the races left each other alone for the most part. There were many public housing projects that showed blacks to be poor keepers of their environment, and much of the crime was focused there.
    In the 70s the Times-Picayune, the local paper, began to idolize black music, food, and customs. Perhaps this idolization emboldened the blacks because it seemed that the city had become a far more dangerous place than in my youth. One of my profs was robbed at gunpoint in his own driveway by a black. A white newlywed couple made friends with a black while honeymooning and were murdered. I recall thinking at the time, why would anyone trust a black not to murder.
    Although I left the area for good in 1979 I was not the least surprised that the city went into chaos after Katrina. I knew Bush would be blamed by partisan Democrats, but I also knew that blacks are incapable of organizing anything beyond a disorganized parade. And that’s what the mother’s day event was–a disorganized excuse to narcissicistaclly show off in the street, while drunk. When Texas began bussing enormous numbers of blacks after Katrina I was shocked that the pols could be so stupid. Of course, crime would increase in Texas as a result. Nonetheless, I wondered if Texas might be able to civilize them to a degree. It didn’t happen. Given that New Orleans is much like a third world city, it’s too bad that most of the blacks can’t be bribed to go to Africa. They would be right at home there and not really any worse off than in New Orleans.
    Any sensible white person would not live in New Orleans, unless they have a suicide wish.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Look what happened in Dubuque when the bearded liberal mayor decided that the city was too White. He solicited Black “Families” (what a “four letter word”ING Joke) from Chicago’s South Sided to come to Dubuque. The crime rate skyrocketed.
      At the same time White Supremacist groups began to spring up around Dubuque which apparently had no significant number before.
      Oprah had a show dedicated to this situation. The whole program centered around White “racism” and consisted of the Mayor, some skinheads who looked as though they were right out of Central Casting, and several Whites in the audience mostly women, shouting their Mea Culpas while beating their breasts, weeping and declaring their shame at being White. Talk about nauseating!

      • Bill

        Those shows are always scripted and you’re right, casted. Moreover the people hired to be on are told to be as outlandish as possible. Which means, if there is somebody from the Klan, or skinheads, on a show like that they are NOT klan or skinheads. They are at best wannabes who are cast in the role and told to be outrageous just as game show people are cast and told to be terribly excited for winning a word.

  • raparations

    Only 97%? Actually 97% is all of America. Why not let the Al Quaeda in Gitmo die of the hunger strike and sen all convicted felons from all upper 50 there to see how bad dey bes in the jail cell with beheaders who speak no English or ebonics and only Arabic? And dont even try the fag stuff as they will cut off your head with their fingernails. Muslim killers can be good for something.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      I disagree. The Arabs would have them all converted to radical Islam. It’s happening in most of the prisons.

      • Bill

        That’s NOT Islam, though it is close. It’s NATION OF ISLAM. Pure groid. Even arabs don’t like blacks, muslim or not.

  • Gerónimo Anónimo

    Tribe? Does she relate to a definite tribe>

    Mandinka, Chiconi, Tambula, Kikuyu, Ubangi? Three of those tribal names are not real but rather from movies and TV. The Chiconis were Tarzan’s nemesis, the Tabula were from the old Ramar of the Jungle TV series. Ubangi was from W.C. Fields.

    Go all through Africa and you’ll encounter the same savagery. Tribal connections mean nothing.

  • PDK?Kelto-Scandic Secessionist

    American blacks are not losers forced into a life of crime
    because the evil white man holds blackie down in poverty and decadence; American
    blacks are losers, and criminals who live in poverty because their gene pool
    produces an organism tailor cut and suited for a more animalistic, tribal
    culture, and that particular organism, so produced is incapable of, and unfit
    for, the white man’s higher culture of civilization. This is the source from
    which springs the realities of the Detroits and Birminghams of America.

    The biggest obstacle for blacks to assimilate functionally
    in the white man’s culture of civilization is his low IQ, the American black
    mean IQ is 85, for African blacks it is 70. The 15 point difference reflects
    the amount of white genes pilfered from the white gene pool by blacks. This of
    course is the long term strategy of both Negros and white liberals, to meld the
    gene pools. This abrogation of nature works well for both the Negro strategy
    targeting evolutionary success of continuing on the Negro sub-species through
    said melding, and the white liberal ideology, targeting a future socialist
    democracy where all are the same.

    Unfortunately, this same abrogation of nature, the melding
    of our mutually exclusive gene pools, is ruinous of the white gene pool, and
    along with other, insane liberal ideologies is driving the white gene pool and
    race into extinction. In the meanwhile this slow process has a huge price in
    blood and treasure for white people, in the form of rapes and murders of whites
    by blacks, and the very high transference of white created wealth to the
    American and African Negro. By the way, it was African blacks who brought aids
    from the lower primate world to the world of humans, but it is whites who have
    spent billions trying to solve this black scourge problem, whilst further, both
    African and American blacks pretend they believe evil whitey manufacture the
    virus and unleashed it upon poor, persecuted blackie.

    Both BHO and Eric Holder clearly have a black brain
    supercharged by white genes; Barrac’s mother Stanley Dunham was white, Eric, I
    simply see white features tempering his black features. They clearly, in their
    abuse of power, of wrongfully aggressing whites, but also of wrongfully not
    prosecuting blacks for clear, black transgressions of the law, should ring the
    bell of alarm within all and every, non-liberal whites, of the inherit danger
    of allowing blacks to mate with whites. Miscegenation should be outlawed.

    While blacks who embrace miscegenation, help their
    evolutionary cause of their, low man on the human species totem pole by
    breeding up, white liberals who embrace miscegenation commit apostasy to their
    own white gene pool and race. They are lower than the belly of a snake.

    Woe and rueful will our white posterity be, should
    we whites of today fail to draw the line and say no more, this is ours and ours
    it will stay. Thank you.

  • Woodsman

    If anyone is serious about reducing the murder rate, especially those committed with guns, removing all weapons from negros would be a great start.

  • My mother called me to say she loved the “card” I had done in wood and brass for her. It has brass hinges. It is a flat music box I made with stainless and brass parts.

  • Funruffian

    NOLA just seems like a crime-infested Third -World hell. I never had any desire to visit that God forsaken slum. I heard stories about people going to Mardi Gras and how fun it was. But those stories date back to the 1970’s and prior which means the city has progressively become a crime Mecca in the past 40 years as the Black populace increased.