Obama Housing Nominee: Most White People Won’t Vote for Black Candidate

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller, May 1, 2013

President Obama’s pick to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency once said that a “majority of white voters” would never vote for a black candidate and that they should be excluded from “the democratic process.”

The White House announced Wednesday that Obama will nominate Democratic North Carolina Congressman Mel Watt to take over the FHFA, which regulates Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the country’s government sponsored mortgage companies.

Watt, the former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, has in the past accused white Americans of racism.

“There would be a substantial majority of white voters who would say that under no circumstances would they vote for an African American candidate,” Watt said Oct. 14, 2005 during a Washington hearing held by the National Commission on the Voting Rights Act.

The Voting Rights Act should be expanded to “adjust districts to take [racially motivated voting] into account,” Watts said.

Such voters “need to be factored out of the equation,” Watt said, because “I’ve got no use for them in the democratic process.”

According to a contemporaneous report of the hearing published by the Cybercast News Service, Watt said that black voters—unlike whites—don’t have “an absolute commitment” to voting for a candidate based on race.

“Black people have not had the luxury of being able to say, ‘Under no circumstances will I vote for a white candidate,’” Watt said in his remarks.

Obama would win 43 percent of the white vote in 2008—the largest share for any Democrat in a two-man race since 1976—along with 95 percent of the black vote.

In 2004, progressive independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader claimed that Watt hurled a “racial epithet” at him during Nader’s meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus, which urged Nader to suspend his campaign and support John Kerry.

Nader alleged in a letter that Watt said, “You’re just another arrogant white man–telling us what we can do–it’s all about your ego–another f–king arrogant white man.” Nader demanded an apology from Watt.


In 2008, following the collapse of the subprime mortgage market, Watt said that a government task force should be established to combat racial discrimination in housing lending.

“[T]here needs to be a more coordinated approach to dealing with these issues of discrimination, failure to be fair in loan terms,” Watt said in June 12, 2008 remarks before the House Judiciary Committee.

Watts said that minorities were “disproportionately more” encouraged to take on subprime, rather than prime, loans by housing lenders.

“When you’re black, and you live in the world for 63 years, it is—I don’t need empirical evidence to tell me discrimination exists.”


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  • Puggg

    Here’s a good filibuster opportunity for all those Senate Republican Tea Party types that want to be “conservative” heroes.

    • Greg Thomas

      The nomination will be rubber stamped. Anything less would be deemed “racist.” That’s how these criminals play.

    • John

      Blacks belong in Africa. Muslims belong in Arabia. Mestizos belong south of the border. Indians belong in India. Native Americans belong on reservations. It’s as simple as that.

      • Why do native Americans belong on a reservation they were here first until the white man chased them off. When the Indians ran the country the men did all the hunting and fishing and the women did all the cooking and cleaning all the old people were taken care of. Only a white man would think he could improve on that.

        • John

          Because they were conquered by Europeans. That’s why. World history is filled with groups conquering other groups. The ancestral lands of Whites were conquered at times by foreign invaders from the Muslim world, until they were eventually removed. Ergo, do not play the guilt trip about the “poor Native Americans” who were mistreated by Whites.

          The current White problem is completely self-inflicted. The United States, Canada, and Europe are being conquered because Whites are laying down without a fight. No other race in history has ever just laid down and died without a struggle. The Whites at the tip-top of the food chain are orchestrating our takedown, completely due to their desire for expanding commerce. That’s why Whites are taxed to the hilt, while our taxes keep a handful of White politicians dumb, fat, and happy as they remain in power by giving freebies galore to illegal invaders, lazy Blacks, and other undesirables.

          Of course, they get away with it all because millions of White men and White women routinely vote for Blacks and Browns to take over the United States. I cannot begin to fathom the sick psychology of the Whites who engage in that behavior. They have been completely conditioned and brainwashed.

          Finally, the slavery of taxation MUST end. You are literally forced at gunpoint to work and give the fruits of your labors to the owners of the world’s central banks. He who has the gold makes the rules. This MUST end. We must have a White’s only country with a very small, very limited government and very low taxation based on real worth, not this fiat currency sham and fractional reserve banking tyranny.

          • Thor Bonham

            Beautifully written .. Never going to happen though ..
            There no way to retrain those libtarded other whites as you speak of.. There has to be another solution ,my friend ..

          • george00

            counter brainwashing

          • John

            Thank you, my friend. We need hundreds of millions thinking like us and most of the good men and women in this forum.

            I read yesterday that a new study indicates that nearly a third of Americans believe that “armed revolution might need to occur in the next few years to prevent an escalating war against constitutional liberties…” [1]

            I think we would be foolish to believe that it will not come to that. World history does not have any examples of peaceful outcomes over the long term. War is as inevitable as the rising sun, according to history, which is never wrong.

            The kicker is that imposed diversity and multiculturalism violates the First Amendment’s “freedom of association” tenets. The government has no Constitutional right to say that I must sell or rent property to someone based on race, or provide access or admittance to someone based on race. All race-based laws are completely unconstitutional and prevent us from segregating ourselves as the Constitution guarantees. Otherwise, we could build large communities of Whites-only, with stores, schools, colleges, etc. that are Whites-only.

            Eventually America will be completely balkanized. It’s just a matter of time and is a virtual certainty.

            1. http://rt.com/usa/americans-revolution-armed-percent-738/

          • When Whites hate their own people and defend and promote other races it IS a sickness and a psychological disorder. That disorder is called ETHNOMASOCHISM. It is caused by massive brainwashing from an early age. It is DELIBERATELY caused and those behind it must be brought to justice and SOON because after they ban Whites from owning guns, they plan on exterminating us!!! Go to you-tube and look up, “Black professor says white people must be exterminated”. The ultimate goal of jewish-zionist communism IS worldwide extermination of the hated White race! WHY? Because WE ARE God’s true chosen people. The jews will use their little black pawns to do the dirty work.

          • Gerónimo Anónimo

            “Of course, they get away with it all because millions of White men and White women routinely vote for Blacks and Browns to take over the United States”

            In addition to its being a result of the psycho-manipulation of the White population over the last 60+ years, it’s also a barometer of the fear. It’s pure intimidation. They think that if they vote in these ignorant, semi-literate, inarticulate Blacks, that the rest of the COMOONITEE will stop hurting beaten, raping and murdering them. The weaker the prey looks, the more aggressive the predator becomes.
            I saw a video of a tiny kitten standing up to a snarling, barking Rottweiler and causing the dog to back off.

            When some future flash mob attack on Whites ends up with a few “youths” expiring from lead being introduced into their anatomy by their intended victims, the tables will turn.

        • Gunrunner1

          Actually Whites were here first and were genocided off the land, but thanks for playing. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solutrean_hypothesis

        • Jim G

          When the Indians were the sole occupants of America they were few in number and controlled only a small portion of America.

          Indian women, as women in all primitive cultures, were treated as slaves. The old were left to die as useless to the tribe.

          The White man has improved the living conditions of men and
          women, young and old, White and non-White. This is an undisputable fact and the reason so many anti-Whites accuse
          White people of being White supremacists.

        • StillModerated

          The Welsh brought their language to North America in the 12th Century.


          And then there’s the legend of the Ken Tah Kee which states that no Indian tribe would settle what is now West Virginia because the savages had killed a White tribe whose ghosts haunted large portions of Appalachia. The English simply brought revenge.

        • Stan Hess

          Sorry Ray you forget the Solutreans(Europeans) that were here at least 6,000 years ago before American Indians.. aka paleo Asians .. aka tribes of latter day settlers .. you see we latter day Solutreans will never forgive and never forget the Eurocide committed against “us”.

        • Yes the men hunted and fished. When the Native Americans ran out of animals to hunt and fish they would find another tribe’s territory and kill all the men. Enslave the women and children. Genocide was a tactic used by the Native Americans to survive. No reservations for the tribes they defeated.

        • hassan_aziz

          ray taylor your form of native american utopian- ism never existed. Read “two old women” and you will see how they practiced euthanasia especially when resources were scarce.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Indian tribes overpowered other Indian tribes. They stole each others land.

      • Not to mention Obama belongs back in Kenya.

      • Adamovic

        “Muslims belong in Arabia”, you do realize that Muslim isn’t a race, it’s a religion, there are Muslims of all races, the same way there are Christians of all races, where do you think Bosnian Muslims should go?

        Only 12% of Muslims are Arabs, and not all Arabs are Muslims, many are Christian such as Ralph Nader.

        Most importantly Christianity like Islam originated in the Middle east, and the founders of both religions were Semites, so basically most White people are following a middle eastern religion.

        “Native Americans belong on reservations.”

        This was their land first, they’ve been here for 35,000 years or more, the first white people(the Vikings) didn’t arrive in the Americas until 1000AD and even then they failed to set up a settlement, it was only 600 years later that White people managed to settle the Americas.

        If white people conquered America by the ‘right of conquest’, then the Native Americans have the right of reconquest.

        My comment may be deleted because it’s politically incorrect.

        No offense.

        • David Ashton

          Politically correct.

          The problem with Muslims is their religion rather than the different races of its adherents. Their own literature makes this clear. For a good 643 page review by a non-white Christian, try Patrick Sookhdeo, “Global Jihad” (McLean, VA: Isaac Publishing, 2008). Muslims should return to their “House of Peace [Submission]” and western forces should return home from Muslim countries.

          Native Americans had a rough time, but so did the white farmers who developed their relatively empty hunting grounds. To “reconquer” America rather than to benefit from its achievements is a nonsense. As Le Pen said to an American critic of his opposition to unarmed (or mostly unarmed) foreign invaders, “Today – I am Sitting Bull”.

          Excluding white Americans from their own “democratic process” is another nonsense.

          No offense taken.

        • Nathanwartooth

          “Only 12% of Muslims are Arabs” What are the other 88%? Black?

          Yes I’m sure all of the Arab and Black Muslims would just be so peaceful if they were Christians.

          Why don’t you blame Christianity on Black dysfunction while you are at it? Since clearly religion is greater than race in determining human actions in your world.

          • Adamovic

            Actually 62% of Muslims are Asian, only 19.9% is middle eastern(of which 12% is Arab and the rest is Persian.

            Only 15% of Muslims are Black, while 2.2% are European mostly in Bosnia, where they make up 48% of the population.

            About 0.3% of Muslims are Latino, most of them live in Argentina and Brazil, ex Argentine President Carlos Menem was raised Muslim.

            Like I said before Muslim isn’t a race, anybody can be Muslim.

            “Yes I’m sure all of the Arab and Black Muslims would just be so peaceful if they were Christians.”

            Well 62% of Arab-Americans are Christian, in fact Steve Jobs,Ralph Nader and Governor John Sununu of New Hampshire and the Octomom( nadya Suleman) are of Arab origin.

            In fact Arab Christians are considered white .

      • Dr Sarcasm

        John the U.S Govt. keeps it’s promises.

        Just ask any Native American
        We all can expect about the same.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    “White people excluded from the democratic process.”

    That’s a good one, because this way we will get our war fairly soon.

    Maybe that’s a joke.

    I have a sense of humor as well, so I have a joke:

    After Civil War Two has been going three months, what will the people who have been included in the democratic process be eating and drinking?

    This is what we call a “Self Answering Question”.

    • Erasmus

      Without YT, most of those who hate them so much would still be living in mud huts and wearing loincloths, if anything at all.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Clue to my question: It is in the book by Harrison E. Salisbury: The 900 Days.

      • K

        And dying in horrible agony from appendicitis and bone fractures.

  • Nathanwartooth

    Blacks only vote for Whites if there is no Black Democrat running. Even then, they come out in huge numbers for Black candidates.

    Just another racist Black person in power that can rip on Whites all he wants with no consequences.

    • The__Bobster

      Except that they vote for the candidate with thr “D” after his name, so a White Libtard will get their vote over a black conservative.

      • There is no such thing as a Black Conservative….They try to talk like they are one, but in the end skin color trumps every thing else….

        • robinaprichard

          If you vote for The Other, then are you really conserving anything?

        • Jefferson

          Thomas Sowell a Black man, is more conservative than the vast majority of White people in Portland and Seattle.

          • blight14

            Let the SHTF and lets see how Sowell would react…….he’ll suddenly find his ‘roots’ I can assure you……………

          • Dave4088

            Sure, the same Thomas Sowell who blamed white “rednecks” for the criminality and character defects of inner city blacks in his book “Black Rednecks and White Liberals”.

          • Sowell is just a loud mouth product of Affirmative Action that has been on his free ride his whole life…..

          • Thor Bonham

            If it came down to it, trust me, he would side with his bros ..

        • blight14

          Correct Benny………..100% correct……..

        • Thor Bonham

          I’ve been saying that for as long as I can remember .
          Hence the reason Allen West joined the very leftist racist, CBC .. There are other examples but you get the point .. It’s true , I can’t figure out why anyone would thumb you down ..

          • Jefferson

            Allen West quit the Congressional Black Caucus.

          • Katherine McChesney

            There’s no proof of that. I googled it. The sources say “he MAY quit” or “he’s CONSIDERING quitting the CBC”.

            Allen West is a member of the racist Congressional Black Caucus.

          • This discussion above is a moot point, because he’s no longer a member of Congress.

      • Nathanwartooth

        Absolutely. Party beats race. They see Black Republicans as race traitors.

    • Excellent point—blacks have been embolden by the likes of Obama, Holder and other negroes who make no secret of their hate for Whites.

      This attitude from all branches of government (Executive, Judicial & Legislative), aided by the mainstream media, further encourages blacks and minorities to not just threaten, but perpetrate violence against Whites with little coverage and almost no accountability.

      Just watch–George Zimmerman, based upon the facts that we know, defended his life from a crazed, violent thug and has and will likely be punished because Trayvon Martin was black.

      The race war is coming unless things change–it’s NOT about equality, but, retribution, payback and punishment for just being White.

      • mark eaves

        Let em come.

  • NormanF

    Whites should be excluded from a process they created in order to favor Africans. Sounds reasonable to me.

    • sbuffalonative

      Very sound black logic.

    • Adamovic

      I think Jews like you should go back to Israel.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    I know this is cliche to say, but just flip this around. The fact blacks can get away with something that would ruin a white man in politics should do away with any argument for “white privilege”.

    • edie

      yes, we have gotten ourselves into quite a predicament.

      my guess is that it won’t end pleasantly.

      • Your guess is my fervent hope.

        • Luca

          Your fervent hope is what I’m preparing for.

      • Greg Thomas

        They day is fast approaching when our backs will be literally against the wall. These people are playing for keeps. They are evil White hating racists.

        • Anonymous

          Well Greg there’s plenty more we can do to THEM. They’ve already done every hideous thing imaginable to us. We should be more than ready to settle the score.

        • The thing is – you and I NEVER did anything to these black people; I never owned a slave, did you? And the black Americans of today were NEVER in Africa, and they were NEVER owned as slaves. So what is the big problem here ? If the blacks kill all the whites, who the hell is gonna work to feed them and buy their iphones, and the Escalades? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you !! Cuz you’re gonna get really skinny without us

          • NormanF

            Its called squeezing whitey for every dime they can get from him. Blacks want every thing the white man created that they themselves could not create. And that even includes the white woman. Everything.

  • thurlow

    Dog bites man, the sun rises in the east, the Kardashians do something stupid, a bantu makes a racist statement and earns a promotion.

    • MekongDelta69

      Oh c’mon now…

      The Kardashians NEVER do anything stupid!

      • I agree. This trash SHOULD breed themselves out of existence.

  • The__Bobster

    It now appears that in the BRA, the Zulus no longer feel a need to hide their intentions.

    • bigone4u

      That’s because they have won some battles lately and they underestimate their enemy, which is us. Overconfidence is a black characteristic that’s eventually going to get them in a heap of trouble.

      • Gunrunner1

        The Age of the Orc is Here.

      • LHathaway

        “Overconfidence is a black characteristic that’s eventually going to get them in a heap of trouble”.

        Sounds like yer talking about Whites . . .

    • Nor should we.

  • Mr. E

    “Black people have not had the luxury of being able to say, ‘Under no circumstances will I vote for a white candidate,’” Watt said in his remarks.

    Well, black people have had that luxury the past two Presidential elections and in most inner city elections. We’ve seen the results. Blacks are more tribal than whites.

  • Erasmus

    IOW, most white folk are too smart to be taken in by a huckster.

    • The__Bobster

      They were in the last two elections.

  • MekongDelta69

    Actually, 50-Watt Bulb is 180 off. Blacks vote for ‘their own’ at the rate of 95%.
    (He knows that, but why pass up a chance to bash whites.)


  • bigone4u

    If Obama had an evil, racist, idiot son he would look like Mel Watts. Everyone knows that Watts’ hatred of white people is shared by Obama–two peas from the same black pod. The truth about Obama’s anti-white bigotry is leaking out around the edges and that’s good.

    • Thor Bonham

      Why is it good ,he already won the second and his last election ? What the hell does care now what he does ?

      • bigone4u

        As unpleasant truths come out about Obama his legitimacy is impaired. Nixon’s was so impaired he had to resign. Clinton’s ability to govern was likewise reduced by the perception of him as a pervert.

  • Greg Thomas

    This would have been one time when I wish the bantu was right.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    There was a reason that we didn’t allow these people to vote for close to 200 years.

    • We did not let them vote but we did let them breed. This just demonstrates how stupid white people are.

  • Barrack Osama

    The guy only does us favors with his moronic statements. Shame no one will ever hear them.

  • The Voting Rights Act should be expanded to “adjust districts to take [racially motivated voting] into account,” Watts said.

    Such voters “need to be factored out of the equation,” Watt said, because “I’ve got no use for them in the democratic process.”

    Such voters “need to be factored out of the equation,” Watt said, because “I’ve got no use for them in the process of liberating them from their assets.”

    • I think what Mel Milliwatt is trying to say in that confused statement, in his own roundabout way, is this:

      The public policy of creating gerrymandered Congressional districts to guarantee the election of blacks has had the disparate impact of benefiting white Republicans. With blacks all caged up in their separate zoos, so to speak, white liberals have no reliable 100% Democrat constituency to beat white Republicans in the white districts. This is so well known that in states where Republicans control the Congressional redistricting process, as happened a lot in 2011 after the red wave of 2010, and also including my own, Republicans will create alliances with urban black Democrats on gerrymandered Congressional redistricting maps. White liberals in the state legislatures are obviously left holding the short straws.

      What I think Milliwatt is driving at is that while that arrangement has been good for types like him, it’s hurting the House Democrat Party as a whole. So what he wants is to find some way to have his cake (keep the black gerrymanders) and eat it too (somehow redraw the rest of the districts so that white liberal Democrats have a chance to win).

      • MikeofAges

        When it comes to congressional districts, you can’t have it two ways at once. Either divide the minority vote and elect liberal whites from districts that are otherwise conservative. Or create majority-minority districts and have districts all the way around where the people who live there can elect someone who represents them. Good so far, but I wouldn’t call it gerrymandering.

        • Thor Bonham

          Represent them ?? No one represents whites .. That would be racist.. C’mon, you should know that ..

          • MikeofAges

            You’re right in a way. A definite way. Representatives from conservative districts represent certain interests in their districts, not necessarily the sentiments of the majority of constituents. Senators generally represent the thinking upscale interests with their state, what ever those might be. Or sometimes, organized special interests, such as in the case of Harry Reid. Max Baucus is some who I think is a strong example of a senator who represent the upscale interest within his state.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    We need to give up on trying to reason with these people and focus ALL of our effort on seperating ourselves from them in every way possible. It is safe and reasonable to assume that any person who is not a memeber of our race, is our enemy.

    • Greg Thomas

      Yes, under the circumstances, there is no other way to see it.

      • whiteuncleruckus

        As a race, all we can really do is wait for the police and military to become so diverse that they are too incompetent to function properly. That’s when we make our move.

    • Gunrunner1

      Your skin color is your Uniform.

  • jay11

    In South Africa the whites have been excluded from the ‘democratic process.’ It was the whites there who voluntarily gave up control of the country to blacks, and who allowed Nelson Mandela to run for president. Whites only hold a slim majority in one place in the ‘new’ South Africa (Capetown) and even though blacks have political control of the rest of the entire nation, they are crying racism and discrimination are keeping the black man down in Capetown. They cannot stand if even 1% of the country is not in black hands. This is our future in Amerika.

    • dd121

      I wonder if something will trigger whites to resist their destruction or will we go meekly to the showers?

      • IstvanIN

        Meekly to the showers.

      • ricpic

        The only thing which will trigger white resistance will be economic. And by that I mean a collapse of the United States economy. Anything less than that and too many whites will have too much to lose to take the drastic and life endangering actions necessary in order to separate from the federal government and its pet browns and blacks. What I see happening, following the start of a great depression, will be the federal government first calling for more “sacrifice” from the red states in order to save the blue states and the federal government itself. When the call for sacrifice is resisted it will become a demand. That will be the moment of truth. Since I don’t expect the liberals will allow peaceful secession(s) the result will be war. And yes, it will be a race war, but a race war piggybacked on top of an economic war for red state survival.

    • Alex

      Since when have Whites been excluded from the democratic process in South Africa?the only reason Whites have not been able to win an election is because whites only make up 9% of the population there, the same won’t happen in America since it is 76% white.

      • David Ashton

        Demographic projections.
        RSA – 1900-2050.
        USA – 1900-2050.

    • Katherine McChesney

      White should never have gone to South Africa. We should have left them to their own destiny. We should have deported ALL blacks and left them to their destiny.
      Whites are suffering for our bad decisions.

  • haroldcrews

    I was not aware that we have any sort of real choice in the political process currently.

    • YES we do have a political choice – we just will not use it.

  • humura

    Another Black racist who believes whites do not deserve equal treatment. Naturally, he should not be confirmed by the Senate. But the Dems control the Senate. So he will probably win confirmation and impose more anti-white racist policies into the housing market.

  • robinaprichard

    Since almost every single politician is a total criminal, black people ought to take it as a compliment when whites say they aren’t qualified.

  • Secret Tribunal

    Respectable White privilege elites refuse to teach the White community what the blacks really think and say about us, so thank God for blacks’ keeping it real for us:


    Brooks-Hodge demanded that the quilt not be shown at all. She and the NAACP want to “train” white kids to know that anything of value that they do can and will be destroyed by the totalitarian black will to power.

  • RHG

    I have a feeling the reality is Obama’s supporters don’t have a whole lot of use for the Democrat process at all. I am sure they would prefer the roughly 13 percent black population should rule over everyone else through a dictatorship. But, to be quite honest I am losing faith in the Democrat process myself, when Democrats with the help of some useful idiot Republicans can legalize people who shouldn’t be in this country at all in order to make them voters to gain a permanent majority shows the “Democrat Process” have pretty much been flushed.

    • Gunrunner1

      I am afraid I have to agree. All my life I felt that those who sought office were trying to do the best for this Country. In the last 30 years it has been a steady deterioration to the point where I no longer believe that anymore. The rise of the “committee” is a terrible form of Feudalism, where the regular people are lower than the serfs of old, give up more than “a son for fighting and 15% of the crop”.

  • Secret Tribunal

    Most won’t didn’t vote for Obama, but enough did.

    And not enough voted for Romney.

    Suicide by default.

    White privilege RIP, 2016.

  • Snowhitey

    “The country’s largest bank Bank of America is headquartered in Charlotte in Watt’s congressional district and has threatened to leave. The Sunlight Foundation reported that 45% of Watt’s campaign contributions for 2009 are from corporations in the real estate, insurance and finance industries, the seventh-highest percentage of any member of Congress.[14][15] Watt’s largest contributors included American Express, Wachovia, Bank of America and the American Bankers Association.”

    Vote with your dollars and boycott these institutions.

    • If I did real estate or finance, I’d be bankrolling the campaigns of radical anti-white black kooks as well. When Bellcurvius and his violent crimes drive white people out of neighborhoods, and they have to buy new houses in new Whitopias, guess who benefits? Real estate and finance.

  • Beetlejuice

    Imagine this and imagine the outrage: Bush’s pick to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency once said that a “majority of black voters” would never vote for a white candidate and that they should be excluded from “the democratic process.”

    Watt said that black voters — unlike whites — don’t have “an absolute commitment” to voting for a candidate based on race.

    The demographic votes show that Watt is a liar, 97% of blacks voted for Obama in 2012, but no Republican will call him out, in fact they’ll line up to kiss his ring.

    Watt is a complete racist and shouldn’t be in any government position. But don’t expect any Republican to say that, they’ll confirm him lest they be called *gasp* “racist.”

  • Whirlwinder

    That black man is all about racism, isn’t he. This is all these people think about. How they have been wronged and all the rights they are entitled to.

    • Except most of them today were never wronged – they chose the lifestyle they have for the most part.

  • Snowhitey

    Get ready white folks, this guy will fire up the home loans to minorities and cause another, even larger, housing fiasco. I read last week that Obama is pushing mortgages for unqualified minorities AGAIN! Can anyone guess just how low the next crash will go?

    Stockpile food, water, and lots of ammunition. You’re gonna need it. Hone your bartering skills, too!

  • josh

    An endless stream of the dregs of the nation. A stupid,lazy malicious black President and his cavalcade of colored kooks!

  • sbuffalonative

    There is no democracy without white people.

  • Bill

    Ya know I am really getting sick of the groids. And particularly that hateful groid Barack and his appointees. Anybody who hates whites gets a job under him apparently. And we all KNOW that if it was a white president, appointing whites who made the very same comments and took the same actions against blacks……the ground would open under us and hell would consume us to the cheers of the media, treasonous politicians, and all race traitor whites.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    First the new black panther party intimidates white voters, and now our elected officials threaten our right to vote. Somehow I don’t think Eric “Equal Outcomes” Holder will be coming to our rescue. “Pay our welfare and leave the voting to us, YT.” Whites exercising their voting rights is double-plus-ungood to our Bantu-worshipping Lords in Washington.

  • anon1

    When whites are removed from the democratic process you get South Africa.

  • I would gladly vote for a black candidate IF he stood for something that helped America, if he did not have illusions of grandeur, if he did not have cronies who want to kill us. And what about the black voter who only cares if the candidate is black and doesn’t even take the time to check out what the candidate stands for – only that he/she is black.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I would NEVER vote for a black. They are tribal. Blacks aren’t trustworthy.

    • Guest

      Go ahead.; since you seem to trust the “good” black. You are the typical delusional “whitey”…

      • I’m supposed to trust the “bad” black ? Do you?

  • IstvanIN

    and the Republicans and white Democrats will still confirm him without a hint of outrage. We did to ourselves.

  • ViktorNN

    If the GOP wants to get back to winning national elections, they better start trying to win more white voters.

    Using Democratic black anti-white racists like this is a prime way to get more whites to vote GOP.

    There’s no reason why the GOP can’t go from being the implicit party of white Americans to being the explicit party of white Americans.

    The “people of color” in the Democratic Party have no hesitations about organizing explicitly in their own self-explicit. They trumpet it all day long.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      “If the GOP wants to get back to winning national elections, they better start trying to win more white voters.”

      They won’t, because they won’t.

  • I guess that 43% is not most, but it is still far too many whites voting for
    Obama. Sad thing is that this sort of filth gets buried too deeply the news, for most whites to hear it. The more whites become aware of the seething hatred that so many blacks have for them, the sooner they rise up, unite, and work towards their own interests, instead of sacrificing they income, neighborhoods, and offspring for the benefit of black bigots who despise them.

  • a multiracial individual

    [Watt said that black voters—unlike whites—don’t have “an absolute commitment” to voting for a candidate based on race.]

    Good Lord….

  • a multiracial individual

    In 2016, who would you vote for?

    (D) Hillary Clinton
    (R) Ben Carson

    • Straight up, Hillary Clinton, on race alone.

      In reality, if the outcome in my state is a foregone conclusion either way, that it’s clear that one or the other will win it handily, I’ll waste my vote with a third party candidate, if the race is close I’ll vote HRC.

      But I doubt we’ll have that dilemma. The real dilemma we might actually have is Hillary Clinton vs Jeb Bush, which, in a country whose voters are begging for fresh new people with fresh new thinking, is just what the doctor ordered, Bush vs Clinton.

      • The__Bobster

        Shrillary once told a college audience that she looks forward to a brown America.

        • Guest

          I think that was good ole Billy Bob who said that.

    • Revolution.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      (E) Exile.

      • Be careful. Moderators seem to believe a response that mimics the beliefs of the Founding Fathers is somehow not politically correct enough and should be censored.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I’d stay home. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have shown any sign that they want my vote. Neither of them deserve it, either.

    • Jefferson

      I would vote for Ben Carson over any Devilcrat if those were my only 2 options. My beef with Blacks has always been their behavior, not the melanin in their skin.

      Blacks like Ben Carson are tolerable. Too bad there are way more Al Sharptons in the African American community than there are Ben Carsons.

    • So you essentially want to ask White people would they rather have their right leg cut off or their left leg?

    • Shawn_thefemale

      I think most of us, despite our intense dislike of Butch, er, Hillary, wish like there was no tomorrow that she had won the first time around instead the despicable twit who did.

    • unadorned


  • hastings88

    What a total moron. Why don’t we factor him and his people out of the democratic process? Then he’d really be screaming. I think his race generally lacks the intelligence to think abstractly enough to live by principles.

  • it just keeps getting worse and worse. The Dems move more and more towards anti-white and that allows the GOP to move more towards promoting mass immigration like the Dems.
    And the GOP moves more and more to be anti-worker and pro-rich and that allows the Dems to move in that same direction.

    Does anyone feel that there is no way to salvage this nation?

    • Salvage pieces of the nation? Yes. Salvaging the nation as a whole with black people being any part of the process? Absolutely not.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        This is what I think will happen too. Balkanization seems inevitable at this point. Hispanics are flooding the southern half of the nation and the Aztlan project seems to be coming along just as they planned.

        It could still be stopped, here, now, in 2013. But very few politicians have shown any signs of wanting to stop the flow of illegals. By the time the public begins voting in immigration patriots, it may be too late.

        I wish we would just kick them out of our nation like our ancestors did (Operation Wetback), but whites seem to have lost their will to fight for their nation. We will probably just end up giving it to them.

        As for the problem of what to do with the blacks, that I don’t know. It can’t go on forever, that is for certain. Especially as the truth about racial differences becomes widely known.

        But will whites have the determination and ethnocentrism necessary to deport them, or cordon them off in their own areas (like Detroit)?

        I hope so.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      There is absolutely a way to salvage this situation:

      Nuclear Civil War.

      The one thing Thomas Chittum never mentioned in “Civil War Two” is the fact that tactical, strategic and political problems can be solved quickly and easily with our friend, the hydrogen bomb.

      Mexico doesn’t have any of those.

  • Go ahead and raise your hand if you still believe black people can coexist with White people in a civilized society.

  • chuck

    It’s Because we protect our values and culture…..is that a problem. I don’t think so.

  • Candid

    Never is it ‘skin color’. it is always negroidness.
    The ten thousand generations between the caucasoids and the negroids produced many genetic differences, most obvious is honor and right thinking in the caucasoids.
    Amren is dedicated to the policy that we are all genetically equal, despite the obvious intelectual and behavioral differences.
    So good bye this post. Censor it for al and jesse. and yobama congoid.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      “Amren is dedicated to the policy that we are all genetically equal, despite the obvious intelectual and behavioral differences.”

      I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. Amren is a race realist website. We understand racial differences here.

      • I agree that amren is a race realist site, and of course there are differences btw blacks and whites. But these differences are not really the issue.

        What is really is the REAL issue is that whites need blacks and other races OUT of their state, nation, city, neighborhood, workplace etc because when you have different races in these places, then the rich can divide and conquer. The best nations ever have been small and white (norway, sweden, austria etc). The more smaller and more white the better.

        Diversity is strength….for the rich, but it is weakness for the white working class.

        Now THAT is REAL race realism. This KKK BS is really just a subterfuge for the real issue, which is that whites must rid themselves of ALL other races because diversity is how the rich keep us down. But is NOT because of low black IQs etc. Yes, blacks tend to have somewhat lower IQs. But IQ is overrated. And they are more violent. But that is just some of them. The real issue is diversity itself. And the race-spoils schemes instituted by the rich. And mass immigration, shoved down our throats by the rich.

        • MikeofAges

          I have observed also in my lifetime that the states the “hippie”, counterculture and progressive types regarded as most paradisiacal were smaller states which were overwhelmingly white. Wisconsin and Oregon were two of the favorites — states without extreme population density and with progressive and maverick traditions and tax bases sufficient to support good education on all levels. The exception to this was California, but the preferred part of California was the coast, anywhere from Monterey Bay north to Humboldt County. Again, this was a “substate” within California which was overwhelmingly white, tolerant, not overpopulated and with a strong tax base. Sometime it is better to pay more attention to people’s feet that to their mouths.

          Here were a bunch of people who were serious about living in peaceful, well governed societies with good public amenities. And where did they go to find that?

  • IKantunderstand

    Fabulous! Another opportunity for a low I.Q. Affirmative Action hire to occupy a position to do nothing, except screw Whites, and steal as much taxpayer money as he can through so -called “performance bonuses”. Hey! Mel Watt! I wish to God that Whites were as bigoted as you think. If they were, we wouldn’t be in this mess today.

  • odious liberal

    Most knee grows neither work or pay taxes, they should cut out of the process completely.

  • Joe Sewell

    All of this massive social promoting of negroes is almost comical. It’s being promoted by the same people who are deliberately destroying our economy by looting our national treasury and financial institutions. The same people who own and control our media, spewing out propaganda by the trainload. George Patton was right; we did fight on the wrong side during WWII.

    Locally, Watt has the deserved reputation of being just another socially promoted, quota hire idiot.

    • Guest

      George Patton was “killed” off for what he knew AFTER that war. He finally figured out that the Germans were right and we were wrong.

  • Another black crybaby who conveniently ignores the discrimination of whites by blacks. Far more whites as a percentage voted for BO than did blacks for Romney.

  • Chris

    Its a shame we have to share a continent with these imbeciles.

    • Adamovic

      Go back to Europe then.

      Love it or leave it.

      • MikeofAges

        They will not take us. Americans are not wanted anywhere. Extremely hard for an American to move to Australia, for example. Have heard of estimates that several million American would move to Australia if they were allowed to do so. I can only imagine that most of these are middle aged people with money, people who would not even leave their progeny behind them. And they still are not welcome.

        Sorry to break the news to you, but this is it. It’s either victory or death. Everybody else knows that. Why not you?

        • loyalwhitebriton

          You’d be welcome in Britain; but then again, don’t bother – our CON-DEM coalition is just as multi-culti as the last bunch of idiots,

          • David Ashton

            The UK leftist weekly “New Statesman” (May 3) has a biassed article by the leftist Daniel Trilling, author of “Bloody Nasty People: the Rise of Britain’s Far Right”, noting that voters do not agree with Nigel Farage that his UKIP party (doing well in the polls at present) is an inheritor of Thatcher or even a refuge for discontented conservative patriots, but that many UKIP supporters come “from Labour-leaning backgrounds and are deeply hostile to all the establishment parties”…”similar to those who voted for the BNP, but potentially much larger”. There is a common opposition among white voters both to all foreign mass-immigration and to indigenous parasites in all classes (bankers, bureaucrats and welfare-scroungers).

            The “racism” of the “proletariat” as usual wrongfoots the middle-class Marxists.

            However, he makes an important point that UKIP’s trading policies would open Britain even further to the “ravages of market forces”.

            The UK needs both a national unity and also a European unity policy; race and economics must coincide.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Britain is already destroyed by blacks, Indians and Muslims. Why move to a country worse than America.

  • MikeofAges

    Does anybody remember Roberta Achtenberg? She was the professional apparatchik who served as undersecretary of Housing and Urban Development under Bill Clinton. She was the one who came up with the legal theory that anyone who lived in housing supported in any way by a federal housing program (who doesn’t, if you stretch it far enough?) could be subject to a speech code limiting their right to publicly discuss issues such as race and sexual orientation. Looks like Achtenberg, Act II has arrived.

  • Dave4088

    Whites need to realize that the vast majority of blacks, and black men in particular, are nothing more than hate filled bigots who are consumed with hatred and malice for white people and especially white men. It’s funny how white people keep clinging to the belief that we’re just one more race based law or racial set aside away from interracial utopia, but the problems continue to fester and worsen.

    Blacks cannot be placated and the more white people try the less respect they have for us. Whites need to collectively adopt a highly confrontational and intolerant attitude towards the black race for things to get better as it’s painfully obvious the police and government are not on our side and cannot be counted on.

    • David Ashton

      While I regard your first sentence an exaggeration of the facts, it is quite clear that in many former white-majority democracies, the establishment is cautiously pushing legislation and informal pressures incrementally in one direction with only one outcome. As a people the blacks will not be beneficiaries in the end, but whites as a people are not beneficiaries at any stage.

      • Dave4088

        Oh really? Are you black? I’ve known enough blacks to understand how they really think about white people and their opinions aren’t flattering. And were you sleeping when American blacks gave two thumbs up to the anti-white snuff movie “Django Unchained”?

        And then we have the interracial crime statistics wherein blacks are victimizing whites on a disproportionate basis and the refusal of black so called leaders to condemn members of their own community for this state of affairs.

  • rebelcelt

    Sounds like the Democratic Process that I would expect from a black society. The beginning stages anyway, after that full blown dictatorship as exists in virtually all black countries. The one that are not will be eventually.

  • unadorned

    “Most white people won’t vote for a black candidate.”
    Ah, if only that were true.

  • mark eaves

    Lets look at the record; blacks in group form move into an area and the area loses quality of life based on family values. Crime goes up, upkeep on property slackens, noise levels climb. When confronted, blacks claim its our fault when they are the ones that came into what we built. We, who were born in the sixties are held responsible for something 150yrs prior to our birth. On a grand scale look at Africa; greatest natural resources but greatest poverty. Dont forget: God is a racist because he made them.

    • MikeofAges

      Think Mexico as well. Great natural wealth.But a political mess. Slowly, they are moving into the later Twentieth Century. I said, “later Twentieth Century.” Some parts anyway.

  • LHathaway

    “There was a reason that we didn’t allow these people to vote for close to 200 years”.

    blacks were only slaves in the south, and not all of them at that. They were ‘prevented’ from voting, after the civil war, only in some areas of the ‘deep south’, and probably only for the purpose of selling the idea all of them are ‘oppressed, an idea that’s continued for the last 50 years or so. Voting districts across the US have been gerrymandered in order to increase minority voting power and representation – meanwhile the media has covered this issue the entire time as if people of color are being disenfranchised by these same redistricting efforts.

  • Mariner33

    As with the increases of diabetes, obesity, we are witnessing a dramatic increase in mental illness, greater percentages found in Negroes, and to a lesser extent, poor Central South American and immigrants. The dramatic increase has affected Whites as well. Perhaps it was somewhat latent and now, like a recessive gene, is expressing itself in the bizarre pronouncements and ideas of the Progressive/Marxist/Socialist/Democratic nomenklatura and various apparatchiks.

    It’s almost like a science fiction movie, as when aliens invade the minds of citizens, or there is a dastardly plot to install micro chips in peoples’ brains.

  • me

    Wonder why Whitey doesn’t vote for Blacks? Jesse Jackson, Jr., Sheila Dixon, Kwame Kilpatrick, Charles Rangel, Chatta Fakah, Marion Berry, Barak Obama, etc.

    • A Reader

      That is actually not true. About 1/3 of white voters voted for Obama, but less than 5 percent of black voters voted for Romney.

      • me

        You missed the point….all of the above were caught, while in office, of perpetrating crimes…..

      • Guest

        Like I said before, get your facts straight. Most were Jewish, not “whites”. They have admitted that, so why do we continue with the farce that it was “whites”?

  • ImTellinYa

    Of course discrimination exists. Whites should be as discriminating as possible, and Black, third-world savages like Obama and Mel Watt should be dismissed out of hand. They have gone on public record many times as being the enemies of Whites and their own country. They are both affirmative-action parasites and common criminals. Wherever Blacks or Mexicans become the majority and elect themselves into office, civilization ceases to exist. Social interaction descends to the level of criminal gang rivalry. Our federal government is close to that dismal condition as it is. The U.S. government has become the enemy of its own country. We owe them no allegiance since they have declared Whites to be THEIR enemies.

  • dumb niger

    So what? Thats why they called it a voters election you idiot. You register to vote for your favorite candidate although if a Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell or Ben Carson were on the GOP ticket against some liberal pos like Obama or Biden this Watt pos who hails from the Niger area of African originally would be proven a stupid liar. Depends on who is running and for what.

  • AmericanPatriot

    He’s right- I won’t vote for a negro. I won’t employ a negro. I won’t live near a negro. BTW, there is not a thing he can do about any of that. It would be fun though to watch him try.

  • PesachPatriot

    Mr. Watt’s statement is pretty ridiculous…Obama wouldn’t have been a two term president without a significant portion of the white vote. People in this country have a right to vote for or against a candidate for any reason they want, be it skin color, policy positions, hairstyle, attractiveness of spouse, quality of soundbite platitudes or baby kissing techniques. I’m not holding my breath for a white person to ever be elected to political office in haiti, jamaica, or anywhere in subsaharan africa. Come to think of it, its kind of hard to pull a voting lever when both your arms have been hacked of by a child soldier’s machete.

  • A Reader

    He and other minority leaders of the Left are profoundly hostile to the majority of Americans.

    Their hostility is the defining trait of their mentality and actions.

  • A Reader

    That is actually not true. About 1/3 of white voters voted for Obama, but less than 5 percent of black voters voted for Romney.

    The statement “majority of white voters would never vote for a black candidate and
    that they should be excluded from the democratic process” is pure projection. It should read:

    “Majority of black voters would never vote for a white candidate if a black is running, and
    they should be excluded from the democratic process”

    • MikeofAges

      Actually, if the black candidate is a Republican, they are written out of the group. A moderate Republican might get some votes. But black voters are just highly partisan advocates of “ratchet” politics and use racial grievance as a cover for their partisanship. Politics is political. Don’ forget that for a minute.

    • Guest

      That is actually not true. About 1/3 of white voters voted for Obama, but less than 5 percent of black voters voted for Romney.

      They were Jewish for the most part. Let us get our facts straight. Jews themselves, have stated this fact. They list themselves as White when it suits their purpose.

  • Candid

    The default postion for amren, is Kiss the ass of the beastial negro infesting north america,
    and you can make a negative comment, like 13 year negro females are not grown enough to mother a baby.
    But those babies become thugs and should be bussed in to liberal enclaves to shower the joy of their hatred for whites.
    OK. Go ahead and erase this. Typcial amen.

  • WR_the_realist

    This looks like another Obama appointment disaster, joining the ranks of Anthony Van Jones and Eric Holder. Nobody in Washington, D.C. has learned a thing from the disaster in 2008. We’re going to have more government pressure than ever on banks to lend to people who won’t pay the loans back.

  • Dudley DooWright

    Mel Watt got that job from the bankers, nothing to do with race, it has to do with being the most compromised bank lackey ever to serve in Congress.

    It’s about the money.