Mysterious Minoans Were European, DNA Finds

Tia Ghose, Discovery, May 14, 2013

The Minoans, the builders of Europe’s first advanced civilization, really were European, new research suggests.

The conclusion, published today (May 14) in the journal Nature Communications, was drawn by comparing DNA from 4,000-year-old Minoan skeletons with genetic material from people living throughout Europe and Africa in the past and today.

“We now know that the founders of the first advanced European civilization were European,” said study co-author George Stamatoyannopoulos, a human geneticist at the University of Washington. “They were very similar to Neolithic Europeans and very similar to present day-Cretans,” residents of the Mediterranean island of Crete.

While that may sound intuitive, the findings challenge a long-held theory that the ancient Minoans came from Egypt.


The Minoan culture emerged on Crete, which is now part of Greece, and flourished from about 2,700 B.C. to 1,420 B.C. Some believe that a massive eruption from the Volcano Thera on the island of Santorini doomed the Bronze Age civilization, while others argue that invading Mycenaeans toppled the once-great power.

Nowadays, the Minoans may be most famous for the myth of the minotaur, a half-man, half-bull that was fabled to lived within a labyrinth in Crete.


The findings suggest that the ancient Minoans were likely descended from a branch of agriculturalists in Anatolia (what is now modern-day Turkey and Iraq) that fanned out into Europe about 9,000 years ago. If so, the Minoans may have spoken a proto-Indo-European language derived from the one possibly spoken by those Anatolian farmers, the researchers speculate.

Knowing that the Minoan language has Indo-European roots could help archaeologists decipher a mysterious Minoan writing system, known as Linear A, Stamatoyannopoulos said.


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  • DailyKenn

    Every time I read an article similar to this, I consider the tragedy that thousands of years of Western culture is being destroyed in my lifetime.

    • Manaphy

      It is tragic. Soon after that, the world will forget about the European race and its accomplishments, and most likely the Proto-Bantus will destroy any lingering effect that whites had on this world, as it is unfeesible to imagine some D’Loofus or K’Shwanii continuing or making advancements in Mathematics, Sciences (such as Quantum Mechanics, Cosmology, etc.), Architecture, Literature, and other fields of study which are overwhelmingly dominated by whites. Civilization will soon come to an end.

      “The buck stops here” – Theodore Roosevelt

      • as long as there are people on this planet that look at modern marvels and think to themselves how much better it could be, the world will never lose touch with what white people gave to the world.

        • gemjunior

          Well I can pretty much guarantee that they won’t be Homo Erectus. They need another million years to even catch up to the Minoans.

        • Nathanwartooth

          So what you are saying is that the Japanese and Chinese will rule will the world with an iron fist.

        • Sue

          The problem is modern marvels will evolve to “unknown” creators or different ones. Einstein did not create the theory of relativity yet he is given complete credit for it. How about the US space program while leaving out the true authors of it.
          He that controls history?

      • Luis

        Correction: Harry S Truman had a sign that said “The Buck Stops Here” on his desk in the Oval Office. Theodore Roosevelt is famous for: “Speak softly and cary a big stick”.

        • Truman: “The buck stops here.”
          Obama: “The buck stops there.”

      • EggsBenediction

        we lost architecture long ago – it’s been post modern degenerate crap since art deco ended. Literature has been iffy since the likes of Joyce and Hemingway. Our initial downfall was the loss of our art traditions (started in the 40’s, was utterly gone by the 80’s). If we form patriarchal enclaves devoted to classical ideas we can and will rebuild something new… there will of course be an interval of incredible darkness and voilence. My main concern is to see how the ‘nuclear issue’ plays out.

        Death to non-euclidian geometry.

        • josh

          “Death to non-Euclidian geometry”. To a black man,thems fightin words!!!!!

        • MBlanc46

          Is that last line meant to be a joke?

      • Sue

        Planet of the Apes

    • anon

      That’s just what I was thinking. All these cultures fought for centuries to defend themselves, and now, within a couple of decades, we will be turned into a minority and then wiped out. We look at all the ancient cultures that were wiped out and we wonder, was it because of a volcano, or a war, or disease or drought. I wonder if, in the future, archaeologists will speculate about us. Probably not because all archaeologists are white and if there are no whites there will be no such thing as archaeology. There will be tribes fighting each other with spears fashioned from bits of metal that they scavenged. Planet of the Apes I suppose.

      • Unfortunately white skin is mostly a recessive trait, however no one knows if there are truly any traits or genetic characteristics that define a race by its genetics. With that said there is one incredible yet silent discovery for those who wonder how different groups of people really are based on their race. Did you know that virtually every group of people that left africa in the ancient world left interbred with the neanderthal. there is anywhere from 5% to 15% genetic traces of neanderthal in every race and culture that left africa where the cultures that did not have no traces at all. Before you think about how neanderthals are brutish cave people, think about how vastly different the people are that left africa and the people that did not. Could it be that the influence of 5% neanderthal genetics guided those cultures to build empires, and vastly influence technology while those who do not share this genetic trait did not.

        • JohnEngelman

          Whites and Orientals are more evolved than Negroes because we have practiced agriculture and civilization longer. Agriculture and civilization have different population pressures than hunting and gathering.

          • PDK/K-S S

            Whites and Orientals evolved into higher IQed peoples because the severe cold of the last ice age selected out higher IQed people in both Europe and Asia. Thanks.

          • Nathanwartooth

            There are no more evolutionary pressures so I’m doubting Africans can ever catch up.

          • Bossman

            Whites and Orientals are supposed to be younger races than Blacks.

          • JohnEngelman

            Whites began agriculture about 10,000 years ago, and civilization about 5,000 years ago. Orientals began each about a thousand years later in each case. Agriculture and civilization exert different population pressures than hunting and gathering.

            Agriculture and especially civilization require more intelligence.

        • Homo_Occidentalis

          The races are not so much “races” as they are sub-species of Mankind. Of course the idea that there is a fundamental difference between individuals so disparate as a 6’2″ Scotsman and a Papua Highland Pygmy is a thinkcrime to the whole “melting pot” crowd.

          • Luis

            The Scotsman and the Papuan Pygmy share the scientific name, ‘Homo sapiens’, but that is ALL they share.

            Just like a Chihuahua and a Rottweiler share the scientific name “Canis familiaris’.

    • Gerjen

      It will survive as long as there is enough of us to carry the torch through the Ragnarok that will be the inevitable collapse of global-liberal-capitalism

      • BonusGift

        And, I might add, this has already begun.

    • Whirlwinder

      Yes, as Islam continues to dominate Europe, their history only goes back 1400 years to the life of Mohammed. So western civilization will be wiped out of peoples memories. This happened when Islam conquered and dominated the brilliant civilizations of Persa and Byzantium. America is next on their list.

    • John

      I couldn’t agree more, my friend. This is precisely why my wife and I chose not to procreate. We did not want to condemn our children to live their lives in a world where their heritage was destroyed. They would be surrounded by tens of millions of conditioned Whites who wander aimlessly through life loathing themselves, despising all Whites, praising non-Whites, and working tirelessly to advance the interests of non-Whites at the expense of our race. It’s a pervasive sickness that is beyond comprehension, much less control.

      Beyond the tragedy of that, they would also minorities in the White homeland of their ancestors. They would be subjected to the uncivilized and often savage conditions that are normal in Africa and Mexico, and are very widespread in North America and growing!

      I’ve asked this question a few times in the forum with no response, so I will ask again. What is the genetic similarity between Blacks and chimpanzees? I have read studies that indicate that humans and chimpanzees have 98.5% of the same DNA, ergo, homo sapiens sapiens are only distinguished from chimpanzees by 1.5% genetic material. Likewise, we know that Caucasoids and Negroids share 99.5% of the same DNA. This begs the question, since Caucasoids and Negroids do not share identical DNA, which group is more closely-related to chimpanzees? The outward appearances, traits, and behaviors strongly suggest that Negroids are much close relatives to chimpanzees.

      Think about it. Look at the vast differences between humans and chimpanzees based on a difference of only 1.5% DNA! A single percentage point would bring chimpanzees to within 0.5% of the DNA required to be human, and that 0.5% is what separates Negroids from Caucasoids.

      I strongly believe that in time, it will be acceptable to acknowledge that Negroids are a different species than Caucasoids; perhaps a sub-species of homo sapiens sapiens; perhaps even a direct descendant of homo erectus.

      Richard D. Fuerle strong asserts similar ideas about Negroids in his published book Erectus Walks Amongst Us. Have you read it?

      • David Ashton

        I have four grandchildren and just one brother-in-law has 12 – all good-looking and intelligent. We don’t intend to commit racial suicide prematurely.

        • John

          I wouldn’t worry about it, if I were you. Your children will probably understand and forgive you.

          • David Ashton

            I “worry” about their – and our – western future from tomorrow onward. That is why I post on AmRen.

      • I still believe the influence of the neanderthal DNA into the peoples that left Africa thousands of years ago are the denominator. I do not believe the neanderthals themselves were so intelligent themselves but simply that the combination of human DNA and neanderthal DNA helped shape the differences of the two different peoples. Nonetheless the argument of the hardships in winter times and the agricultural benefits of the summer time in the ancient worlds throughout Eurasia also shaped those peoples, but doesn’t really support the hyper advanced mathematics and inventions that came forth throughout the thousands of years we were separated. You would think the dramatic environments would keep so many people suppressed into survive or die situations, yet survival alone has little influence in the story of us. Ancient Europeans and Asians looked out at a violent barely hospitable world and reshaped it to benefit themselves all the while plagued with brutal winters, harsh summers, diseases, and eventually war.

  • dd121

    Why would anybody assume those people to be of African origin? Africans have never created a civilization beyond the stone age. The people who were in Egypt during the time of the pharaohs were most closely related to modern day Celts.

    (p.s. Zimbabwe is a liberals fantasy of an advanced civilization built by black Africans. Archaeology has shown it to be an Arab slave trading city.)

    • The__Bobster

      Celts? Maybe some of them, but most were Mediterraneans.

      • dd121

        Here is one source that says the ancient Egyptians were of Celtic origin by by modern DNA testing of their remains. A short search will reveal many more.

        The Arabs and other Mediterranean peoples were much later.

        • IstvanIN

          The Arabs practice massive miscegenation which furthers lowers their genetic IQ potential.

        • Homo_Occidentalis

          The ruling classes of all races are always chosen for having whiter features than the general population; just look at Mexico’s pure Iberian Presidents. I highly doubt that the Hallstatt Celts spread as far as far as Egypt, though. White features among the Egyptian upper classes were probably due to inbreeding (and to a later infusion of Greek genes under the Ptolemies).

          • dd121

            The Ptolemies (Greek) did not mix with the original Egyptians, they replaced them. The Third Dynasty started around 2600 BC. Those are the guys we’re talking about and they were of Celtic origin.

          • Homo_Occidentalis

            I understand that the Celts were a seafaring people (how else could they have reached Ireland?), but I find it hard to believe that a band of them somehow arrived in Egypt, a densely populated and highly civilized land, and somehow entrenched themselves among the local aristocracy leaving nary a piece of physical evidence nor an impact upon Egyptian folklore. The only confirmed Celtic settlement outside of Europe is Galatia in modern Turkey, and it took them a whole army to settle the region.

          • dd121

            I think you have some notion that Irish Celts wandered down to Egypt and tried to take over. Nope. Somewhere there was a foundation population of Celts in the way way back that spread hither and yon. Some apparently spread to Egypt by at least by 3200 BC. They WERE the Egyptians.

            I think much of the story of these migrations is known to science thru tracing DNA but there is much that hasn’t been revealed. I suspect there have been discoveries that don’t fit the current version of PC reality so are suppressed.

            This is a story that could be pursued by a young ambitious journalist.

          • Homo_Occidentalis

            Look, I agree with you that Zawi Hawass and the archaeological thought police are hiding truths about white influence in Egypt’s founding, but I believe you are conflating “Western European” and “Celtic” for some reason. Proto-Celtic was spoken around 1000 B.C., and thereafter it branched apart when the Celts colonized modern France, the British Isles, parts of Spain, and Northern Italy. In 3200 BC, Western Europe was still populated with non-Indo-European speaking peoples, akin to the modern Basques, and the Celtic branch of Indo-European had, in all likelihood, not yet existed as a separate branch of the Western Indo-European language families (which included the ancestors of Italic, Germanic, and Celtic languages). I simply doubt that Celts could have founded Egypt before they even existed as a people.

          • dd121

            You’re probably right about that. All I’m saying is that the evidence shows that the original Egyptians were genetically related to what we now know as Celts. The cultural evolution is probably far different as the original population split and the groups went their own way. Genetically related people developed quite different civilizations in Egypt and Northern France. It’s possible to get a picture of these human migrations but as far as I know that information has never been collated and published.

          • Homo_Occidentalis


            Just look at this Indian trying to deny that Tutankhamun was even partially white. King Tut’s Y DNA haplotype is R1b, which is typically European, but the author counters that haplogroup does not indicate race. His argument is that since he is of the Y DNA haplogroup R1a (a group concentrated in Northern India and Eastern Europe) that would mean that Europeans are of Indian ancestry, if indeed haplogroup signifies race. Anyone who knows anything about histroy, however, can see how fallacious his argument is. We all know that it happened the other way around. The white Indo-Aryans (speakers of Sanskrit and the people who composed the Vedas) arrived in Northern India as a male warrior elite, introducing Chariots and their Indo-European religion. They miscegenated with the native Dravidian females (blacks), and the “pure” Indo-Aryans died out.

          • dd121

            Enjoyed your comments HO. I guess scientists will have to sort all of the genetics. The only thing left to say is that it’s empirically observed that whites have created almost everything worth creating. It’s possible that they also created 3500 years of High Egyptian civilization.

    • anew

      I’ve never heard of this Egyptian origin hypothesis of the Minoans. I thought the argument (much like the debate about the Mycenaeans before linear B was deciphered) was whether they were Indo-European or Semitic. I’m not sure if this finding—that they were Europeans, most closely related to modern Cretans—really settles that question. This leaves open the possibility that they were a Euro-Semite hybrid that become more Euro over time.

      I’m no geneticist, but it seems that the best way to settle that would be compare Minoan DNA to those of the Mycenaean and Classical Greeks and the Phoenicians.

    • JohnEngelman

      The Bantu began using iron technology over two thousand years ago. The Nubians and the Ethiopians had urban civilizations over two thousand years ago.

      • gemjunior

        Liberal revisionist poppycock!

        • JohnEngelman

          African Iron Age Time Line
          2nd millennium BC: West Asians invent iron smelting
          8th century BC: Phoenicians bring iron to North Africa (Lepcis Magna, Carthage)
          8th-7th century BC: First iron smelting in Ethiopia
          7th-6th century BC: First iron smelting in the Sudan (Meroe, Jebel Moya)
          5th century BC: First iron smelting in West Africa (Jenne-Jeno, Taruka)
          5th century BC: Iron using in eastern and southern Africa (Chifumbaze)
          4th century BC: Iron smelting in central Africa (Obobogo, Oveng, Tchissanga)

            You have to be kidding to use that as a reference.

          • JohnEngelman

            When I typed in Bantu + “iron Age” at Google I got 565,000 results.

            Read any of them.


            There is no doubt that the Bantu have been using iron technology for over two thousand years. It is not even marginally controversial. Iron technology enabled the Bantu to occupy most of sub Saharan Africa.

          • Charles W.

            JohnEngelman is correct that the Bantu had use of iron age technology at some point in early AD, but it was by no means as extensive as the actual civilizations above them.

            Just because someone is capable of riding a tricycle (iron) does not mean they are then capable of piloting a fighter jet (modern civilization). I think it’s safe to say at this point that the Bantus have more than demonstrated that modern civilization is out of their league, everywhere they exist in the world.

          • EggsBenediction

            could it really have been them, on their own, doing that – when it seems to hard to believe they could have iron age technology if left to their own devices right now? were they once something more than what they currently are?

          • JohnEngelman

            The Bantu learned iron age technology from the Nubians who learned it from the Egyptians. They maintained it for two thousand years on their own.

      • Bossman

        The Greek historian, Herodotus , had mostly nice things to say about the Ethiopians. He described them as tall handsome men who lived for a long time. They practiced circumcision, they always wore white linen clothes and to keep themselves healthy, they would fast and purge the body regularly.

    • Andy

      Where did you get this information? I’m very interested in this stuff.

    • KingTut

      No, no, no… has posted genetic material proving that the ancient Egyptians were of African origin. DnaTribes has also done the same thing. You will find little to no mention of the Celts (lmao) in Egypt. Also, google the Thuya gene. Sorry, whites weren’t always superior, as most of you here desperately try to prove.

  • Nathanwartooth

    Um, they had a written language. Clear indicator that they were not African.

    Also nothing as cool as the Minotaur which has become part of our fantasy culture, was created by Africans.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      Look at how you can’t even get half way through an article about African writing systems before they start listing Greek, Latin, Phoenician and Arabic. Sub-Saharan Africa is practically a nonentity in this Article, needless to say.

      • Nathanwartooth

        Thanks for that, it’s pretty funny.

        Oh and I love how the Somali “Ministry of Information and National Guidance” claims it has a stone which has ancient Somali written on it.

        Sure guys, sure.

        • Homo_Occidentalis

          That the land of Punt was ever more than a purveyor of slaves for Egypt, I cannot be sure.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Africans tried to create the Minotaur but they could never get the cow to conceive.

  • Triarius

    As someone that studies the antiquities for fun in his spare time, I must say that the comments on the original article are disgusting. Who would have thought ancient Greeks were…Greek?

    Comment or at least “thumbs up” on the original article.

  • smells_just_like

    Anyone who creates something useful or beautiful will be claimed as Africans.

    • Will

      What a sad bunch of losers these sub saharans are.
      They know that they are a stupid race and so does everyone else.

  • Africans were too busy flying around Africa and building pyramids in Egypt (LOL!) from 2,700 B.C. to 1,420 B.C. to create civilization in Europe.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    What?! Dat mus be more of da wite devil’s lies!

    • Guest

      your white don’t say that

      • LastBastionOfHope

        Lack the definition of satire?

  • Exoplanet Finder

    Then you have sites like this keeping the Western tradition alive:

  • Dude

    If it was a civilization, it comes from the White race.

  • Ralph

    What did they look like? Like modern day people from Crete. Jennifer Aniston’s father is from Crete. She has good genes.

    • Bossman

      She is also part Native American. A surprisingly large percentage of good-looking women in show business these days have some Native American in their backgrounds.

      • Will

        More liberal whites claiming to be part Cherokee.
        Sounds like make believe hokum to me.

  • Candid

    Hope the Anti White Supremecists at Amren do not pull a Dr Kermit Gosnell, and abort the living White Baby. But,
    The Euro Caucasoids, the White Race, is the epitome of modern genetic evolution, brainey and innovative, and created the world of ideas and inventions that current sub varieties wallow in.
    When the bros and la raza family staff the gov with their derelict spawn the downfall is inevitable.
    Whites created it, and when the colored destroy it, the Whites will restore the social instutitions and caste will be paramount, ie, NO AFFIRMATIVE ACTION.
    And mucho taxes on race organizations.
    Ha Ha.
    Euro Caucasoids Always Rule.

    • You don’t think they will get away with taxing the “less equal/more able” at a higher rate?

  • Paul Levinson

    For more speculation on the origins of human civilizations, see The Silk Code.

  • bigone4u

    When the last white person left on earth dies and the race goes extinct will he or she be stuffed and mounted and placed in a museum? Will a monument be erected to commemorate the achievements of the white race? More likely, the last white will be tossed in a garbage dump and our achievements will turn to dust and be forgotten by the imbecilic savages who survive. Welcome to Stone Age II.

  • PDK/Kelto-Scandic Secessionist

    From all that I have gleaned and garnered in my life on this Minoan story, and related topics, suggests quite strongly that indeed the huge eruption of Santorini, circa 1500 BC, caused a massive tidal wave which destroyed most of the lower ground of Crete. That further, the sea-faring, warring Greeks then seized their opportunity to finish the Cretans off, no doubt pilfering any and all that was pilferable.

    Moreover, the story of Minoa is assuredly the basis for the Greek story of Atlantis.

    This particular date of 1500 BC ties in exceptionally well with manifestation of the sea-peoples, who invaded Egypt; and the Philistines, as the ancient Hebrews called them, who invaded ancient Israel, both one and the same people from northern Greece. By the way, the phony baloney modern day Palestinians and other Muslims, some times pretend they think the Palestinians are the Philistines, not a chance.

    The Minoans were a huge cultural success. In reality, it took what might be called and Old Testament, wrath of God occurrence to bring them down. Black Africans would be incapable of creating or maintaining the higher culture the said Minoans created.

    Egyptians undoubtedly were somewhat of a cosmopolitan people, perhaps similar to modern day America, some individuals were of pure stock, white or black, while some were a mix of genes, for example, Queen Tyre was probably all Negro, and her son Akhenaton, the heretic King most likely was mulatto. Ramses the 2nd, or Ramses “The Great”, of the Biblical Moses fame and time period, had red hair, that tells me he was Keltic, a white, European.

    If blacks or white liberals try to pretend and porport that blacks had anything to do with any advanced civilization creation, one need only realize that the black, more r selective gene pool strategy, which produces quantity over quality when compared to the white’s more K selective gene pool strategy, which produces quality over quantity, produces an insufficient IQ to achieve any culture above a tribal one . The mean IQ for black Africans is 70. They plain and simply would not have had sufficient cerebrum power to architect the pyramids or great Egyptian cities.
    American blacks, who have benefited by pilferring from the white gene pool, and have thereby increased their mean IQ to 85, cannot even run a city built by whites, that was then subsequently abandoned to, or handed over to, those same said blacks; for example Detroit or Birmingham.
    Secession is the answer, the only answer.
    This post was dispatched from the “Sanctuary of the Herald/Crier Project”, pursuing reason, sanity and secession for all non-liberal whites. Thank you.

  • White Libertarian

    Chin up folks, as soon as society collapses, the non-europeans won’t have anybody to distribute wealth to them. May last a while, but whites will get together, from another society, and hopefully learn from their mistakes and keep themselves separate. Bad news is that might take a few hundred years…

  • rabbi silverstein

    the timeline is accurate after the flood 4500 yrs ago and they were of the shem race of europeans jews and arabs or moors as some call them

  • carlos geary

    I never hear anybody deny that Minoans were Europeans. Minoans were Europeans no doubt about it.

  • SlyDeNiro

    Scott Wolter theorizes the Minoans were in America mining copper 5,000 years ago. Up in northern Michigan, I believe.

  • John

    Brilliant discovery indeed, but why didn’t they reveal the genetic study? Also, I can’t believe the whites here are blabbering at the thought of their extinction, as if someone should show compassion towards them, when they themselves have eradicated various populations of other “races” and fabricated history countless times over. It’s almost as if they are attempting to make the world forget about their cruel acts throughout history by acting as victims- and you’re everything BUT victims. You’re swindlers and the iconoclasts of various cultures.
    Yeah, but great discovery nonetheless! 🙂