Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs

Anthony Gucciardi, Story Leak TV, May 6, 2013

Immigration – Global humanitarian reasons for current U.S. immigration are tested in this updated version of immigration author and journalist Roy Beck’s colorful presentation of data from the World Bank and U.S. Census Bureau. The 1996 version of this immigration gumballs presentation has been one of the most viewed immigration policy presentations on the internet.

Presented by immigration author/journalist Roy Beck.

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  • thurlow

    The left does not care about international poverty as long as immigration annihilates the living wage of the white working class.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Exactly. This is class warfare plain and simple. Whites need to boycott paying back student loans and their mortgages. You can’t go to jail for these things. Oh, and credit cards too. So what if your credit sucks/ just do business with like minded whites

      • Erasmus

        Whites who support amnesty don’t do it because they love minorities. They do it because they hate their country. Most have unresolved issues with authority stemming from adolescence and are still sub-consciously rebelling against one or both parents.

        • White Mom in WDC

          You are so right. There is alot of psychosexual undertones in much of this race replacement. I love my country, but I despise the government. It is as if these people are projecting their own needs for power and dominance onto fellow whites via minorities. It is a character flaw in these people. And as you said, unresolved childhood conflicts with their parents

        • Steven Bannister

          I am a former liberal. When I first heard Michael Savage say “Liberalism is a mental disorder” I thought he was being a little harsh. Now years later, I’ve come to agree with him.

    • rightrightright

      The Left never levels up. The Left levels down and down and down.

      Help for the wretched third world should be a private matter for individual donors and not from taxes extracted from us all. The third world should help itself a great deal more than it does.

    • Nick Folkes

      The process of annihilation has been happening since the late 60’s. People are starting to wake up and realise what damage has been done due to the forced policies of multiculturalism and mass third world immigration. It is time for people to stand their ground by getting involved in politics.

    • TA0

      Why does it have to be about color? The white working class aren’t the only citizens of the US. We do have OTWs. here also.

      Besides I hardly think that most of the jobs lost were do to immigration as much as it was white males attempting to deny OTWs in America access to the gene pool that ran the economic engine of the country.

      White males controlled the country from the beginning and still do for the most part today. They have no one but themselves to blame if they have lost jobs.

  • joesolargenius

    I watched this video almost a year ago and I thought that the facts were displayed simply enough that even the socialistic low information voters could grasp it’s significance .

    • The__Bobster

      I saw it shortly after it came out over a decade ago. Too bad the special interests intentionally chose to ignore it.

    • guest

      They understand it perfectly. They don’t want to alleviate poverty. They want to eliminate prosperity, to ensure support for their wealth redistribution and socialist programs.

      What’s ridiculous is to even put the focus on how immigration benefits immigrants. The only issue should be how does immigration impact the destination country. If we get an influx of highly successful STEM graduates who share our values, that’s a win for us. If we get an influx of illiterate peasants, that’s a win for the Democratic party. The underlying sales pitch of socialism is, “free food, free healthcare, free housing, good jobs for everyone”. Whites don’t buy “free”, but low-IQ illiterates eat it up.

      • jambi19

        Correct in all aspects you are.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        If we get an influx of highly successful STEM graduates who share our values, that’s a win for us.

        Well, sort of. Those people do tend to be net tax contributors rather than net tax consumers, which is definitely a good thing.

        The problem is, for each one of those foreign STEM grads we bring in, that’s another American STEM grad who can’t get a job. And this doesn’t even mention the harm done by chain migration, where the smart STEM grad gets citizenship and brings over his entire, non-successful family.

        We have no shortage of American STEM grads. We are graduating plenty of them. They should be the ones getting those American jobs. The last thing we need is more immigration, of any IQ level.

  • joesolargenius

    It is only through the increase of poverty that the left can grow and prosper for once their constituents become tax payers they lose them to the conservative side !

    • The__Bobster

      Poverty can grow only so much before the whole system collapses.

      • Jefferson

        Extreme poverty needs to be spread around equally among all the countries in the world.

        It is not fair that Western countries have less extreme poverty than the rest of the world.

        Americans need to personally know what it is like to have the same standard of living as a Pakistani for example.

        Western wealth is just another form of evil White privilege and it needs to be destroyed so that we all end up being equal.

        • jambi19

          Don’t you see? It is “colonialism” and “capitalism” that makes “developing countries” poor due to “white supremacy” and “racist Christianity”

          • StillModerated

            Well, at least Turd Worlders have enough sense to “be fruitful and multiply.” Apparently Westerners are too dumb to reproduce in accordance with the First Commandment. Things might be better if we took the time to breed our own working class. But, on the other hand, we do marvel at the wonders of child sacrifice through abortion, homo weddings, career women like Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, et al. — and tolerance and apathy for all.

          • jambi19

            Yes indeed. As superior as it is; white culture has decay and sickness as well.

  • Jefferson

    Rand Paul said anybody in the world who is poor and wants to come to America, should have the legal right to do so. The problem with that is that there are BILLIONS of poor people around the world who would love to come to America. Can Uncle Sam provide a government safety nest for BILLIONS of people without the U.S economy collapsing worst harder than Greece ?

    When it comes to immigration, Rand Paul and many other RINO’s sounds more like MSNBC sock puppets rather than small government conservatives.

    • David Ashton

      Amazing – I wrote on an earlier post of the intention step-by-step to turn the American nation into a multiracial zone open to the entire world, and then found this a few minutes later from “Patriot” Paul.

    • JohnEngelman

      Paul Krugman is my favorite columnist. This is what he has to say on the topic: “open immigration can’t coexist with a strong social safety net; if you’re going to assure health care and a decent income to everyone, you can’t make that offer global.”

      • Jefferson

        A 1st world country with a population of over 1 billion people is an oxymoron. A country simply can not maintain a high standard of living with a population that huge.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          Well, if every one of those 1 billion people were white, they might be able to. But even then, it would be difficult.

  • bigone4u

    Amerika’s immigration policy is not about reducing world poverty, but about reducing the standard of living of Americans. Algore the Hypocrite would like all of us to have–what’s he call it–a zero carbon footprint. The only way that happens is to throw us all into cubicles in cities, too poor to own cars and too dependent on government to rebel.

    • White Mom in WDC

      This is where whites rebel but with the iron fist in the velvet glove. It will take initiative but we go out west to the mountains, the plains and really ‘start over’ our society. It would be hard at first but our control in our own destiny will be elevated.

      • bigone4u

        I know I ain’t movin to no city and give up my freedom.

  • JohnEngelman

    As long as poor people have large numbers of frequently illegitimate children the extent and severity of poverty will increase.

  • George White

    Beck is a very savvy guy. That presentation is great.

  • Bud

    Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white, and immigration is the Zyklon B of the anti-white left. No amount of practical arguments or facts about the economics of immigration is going to sway them in their religious crusade to exterminate white heretics. Only when whites are a crushed and helpless minority will any attempt to limit immigration be tolerated. They are fundamentalist fanatics (combined with an increasing number of straight-up non-white racists) who revel in the destructive effects to the West of their beliefs and policies. Negative economic facts are irrelevant to them except to the degree that such facts might cause a backlash against their power, but they are rapidly approaching the point where such a backlash will be impossible due to the number of colonists they have successfully brought in. Immigration is a racial policy, economic arguments are irrelevant. That’s why Liberals don’t balk at the possibility that some Western areas or nations will be under Sharia law some day. As long as whites are gone that’s all that matters, they don’t really care what comes after.

  • William Allingham

    exceptionally good hindues or mexicans are ussually just average (in habilities) compared with whites, and they want to make us believe that they represent the norm of their countries.

    Ironically some liberals reject evolution because they think that it implies a “random” process but nevertheless they often claim that the sole difference between rich and poor countries is mere luck so the only way that people can be persuaded by such an stupid argument is by keeping them in such ignorance (thought police) that their world view has become so impaired (too much Mtv and most of hollywood actually reduces your hability to think rationally and increaces your propencity to mental disorders).

  • gdbrede

    I have always said the same thing about, immigrints staying where they were born,
    They need to stay there and help build there own country, why don’t the leaders of those countries persuade the people to stay”?

    • Erasmus

      Because the ones who emigrate send remittances to their families. In a lot of 3rd world countries, this is a very large part of the economy, e.g., Mexico, the Filipines.

  • capnmorgan5150

    I’ve seen this bit on Youtube before. The immigration laws in this country don’t really help other nations, it just turns ours into the third world hell hole that the immigrants came from.

  • StillModerated

    Brilliant demonstration of the truth by Mr. Beck. He can expect to be added to the $PLC hate list really soon. And extra credit for the Southern drawl!

  • Intrepid

    Immigration to the U.S. isn’t meant to reduce world poverty.

  • Slightly OT.

    Some of St. Louis’s brown gumballs showed off on May Day.

    Note the sign in the background that reads, “Superman was an immigrant 2.”

    Superman is also a fictional character.

    Just what America more needs, more people that draw public policy imperatives from cartoons.