Doggie Racism Is Real! Here’s How to Deal

Jenée Desmond-Harris, The Root, May 22, 2013

“We live in a diverse urban city. I am white and my husband is Filipino and white, but he’s often mistaken for Indian or black/mixed because of his dark complexion. He is great with animals in general and is a supersweet, calm, gentle person; we foster rescue dogs that are really sensitive, and they love him! But on several occasions when we’re meeting with co-workers and friends, their dogs will bark and act aggressively toward him, yet not toward the other white people who are also present.

“I’ve researched why dogs may behave this way, but I’m wondering what to do about this from my end. Is there a polite thing that we can do or say to alleviate this socially? If we are somewhere long enough for the dog to calm down and interact with my husband, it works out, but most of our friends are dog people, so I am curious if you know of a polite fix!” –Needing a Doggie Olive Branch

You’ve done your research, so you’re aware that doggie racism is a real thing.

Cue the “Stop playing the race card” chorus asking, “Has it really come to this?”

Yep, it has.

{snip} After all, it is well-known that individual dogs can develop aversions to people with certain characteristics–from men with beards to children to people who carry keys or smoke cigarettes to, yes, those with a particular complexion.

How does an entire group get stereotyped and scorned by man’s best friend? It can happen as the result of training or a bad experience, but most often it stems from a simple lack of exposure, animal behavior expert Dr. Nicholas Dodman told Slate in a piece that broke down the phenomenon way back in 2003. Here’s how he explained it:

Typically, such behavior indicates that the dog was not exposed to the people it now targets during its developmentally “sensitive time”–weeks 3 through 12–when its understanding of the world was formed. “If you take a dog who has never encountered a black man, or someone who has a funny walk, who uses a walker, or has a gimp or a limp, and he sees the first one in his life when he’s six months old  … it’s going to be a shock.”


I have a two-step recommendation for what to do when dogs lose it around your sweet, sensitive, animal-loving, only-brown-person-around husband.

First, see everything Dodman explained above? Remember it, because you’re going to need to relay it to your friends so that they know exactly what’s happening. {snip}

Yes, step 2 is that your husband should make a joke. He has to. Immediately.

Whoa! OK, Muffin–I know you don’t see that many brown people, but I’m not dangerous. Don’t pull a George Zimmerman and attack me! I don’t even have Skittles!

OK, I know I’m the only Filipino guy here, but Dan is the only one in salmon-colored shorts. He deserves to be attacked!


The joke is important because it has the potential to help everyone–especially your husband–relax. Which is all part of the plan. I’m no dog behaviorist, but the fact that these situations cause enough stress in social situations to inspire this letter suggests to me that it must get pretty tense in the moment, too. And that the animals involved can tell. Here’s what Dodson said about that:

If the dog barks and the person recoils, the dog registers a victory … And even if the person doesn’t recoil or show fear visible to the human eye, the dog’s sharp eye and sharper nose can sense fear in a tiny gesture or a whiff of sweat.


But I think there’s an additional and maybe even more important benefit to a lighthearted public recognition of what’s happening–one that will carry over even after the dog calms down: It makes you and all of your friends acknowledge that your husband has a different background, and sometimes it might matter.

That you understand the doggie racism that’s at play here but want to be “polite” and “alleviate this socially” suggests to me a certain tentativeness and self-consciousness about tackling even the most innocent, comedic way that race has inserted itself into your circle.

That’s understandable, because this topic–even when it also involves puppies–is infamously touchy, scary and dangerous. But you should try to get past it.



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  • The__Bobster

    My old doggie really hated darkies.
    We didn’t train him to act that way.
    He just did.
    I really miss that mutt.

    • Morris LeChat

      funny, flies just LOVE darkies

      • IstvanIN

        Especially their faces for some reason.

        • Morris LeChat

          less cocoa butter there perhaps?

      • Ken

        Just ask Obama Bin Lyin
        He draws more flies than a four day old weenie laying on the sidewalk

        • Did you know? For less than 75 cents a day, you can sponsor a starving African youth:

          • Non Humans

            Did you know that by saving $0.75 a day, you can keep $0.75 a day and slow the growth of one of the most destructive and useless species on the planet?
            Plus I’d rather donate that money to an animal shelter. Housepets are more worthy of any of my excesses than are nonhumans.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Housepets are more worthy of any of my excesses than are subhumans.

            There, fixed it. Cats and dogs are also nonhuman, ya know.

          • Did you know that by saving 75 cents a day, you can get quite drunk three times every month?

          • AnalogMan

            I would happily contribute to such a worthy cause, but how can I be sure that my money would actually go toward starving an African youth?

          • BonusGift

            You made my day, thanks.

    • bigone4u

      You didn’t have to train him. He was just following Dad’s example (Dad being you).

    • Manaphy

      What’s next?
      Racism in Pokemon?

      • Nathanwartooth

        Oh you haven’t played Pokemon Black and White?

        Pokemon racism is real and it’s here!

      • Vito-

        If you prefer white to chocolate milk are you a Racist?

        • john in Germany

          If you use the expression “thats mighty white of you”, does that make you racist?

          • OnGuard

            what’s the saying: if you’re white, you’re alright, if you’re brown, don’t stick around, if you’re black, git ye back!

      • Morris LeChat

        it’s not really “racism”, it’s speciesism, the guy is half monkey.

    • Non Humans

      Their dark skin color is a warning from nature. Dogs easily perceive it.
      My dog was at home both of the times that my house was burglarised when I lived in A T Hell. He didn’t like nonhumans to begin with, since the break-ins he nearly breaks the leash when he sees them.
      I took advantage of the learned behavior and taught him the “Term” (that gets moderated on this blog) associated with them when he occasionally sees them through the window or we encounter them in public. Now all I have to do is say “Do you see them (Cough) Blacks (Cough)” and he starts looking for them in an unfriendly way.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        GOOD doggie!

      • Michael P

        My dogs hate “them” too. Maybe the dogs sense my hatred of “them” or maybe they’re smarter than humans.

      • Morris LeChat

        how much do you charge for training a dog to have this sensibility?

        • Non Humans

          I don’t think sensibility is something that you can teach them. Only the most intelligent of them, and then even at that, the older dogs in that category only begin to be able to weigh that kind of stuff.
          With training dogs it’s all about their instincts, associations (<—most important), and routines. Most dogs instinctively hate nonhumans. Mine did, and then associated them with invasion of territory (the break-ins). Ever since, when we're out walking and come around one, I have to double up the leash in my left hand, while keeping my right hand (as always) on my Beretta.

  • The__Bobster

    Dear Dr. Bobster:

    We live in a diverse urban city. I am white and my husband is Filipino and white, but he’s often mistaken for Indian or black/mixed because of his dark complexion. He is great with animals in general and is a supersweet, calm, gentle person; we foster rescue dogs that are really sensitive, and they love him! But on several occasions when we’re meeting with co-workers and friends, their dogs will bark and act aggressively toward him, yet not toward the other white people who are also present.

    A: I would recommend that you pet the dogs and lose the mongrel husband.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The pooch is smarter than the white woman! She should dump the Manny Pacquiao wannabe.

      Then again, I only know about racism human-style, not doggy-style…

      • Morris LeChat

        racism doggie style? isn’t that when you shout N***** when in a certain position?

  • Puggg

    Pugs have a weak bark, as is to be expected for toy dogs. But my three pugs give a little extra if they see or smell certain kinds of non-white people.

    • Morris LeChat

      blacks definitely smell different, much different.

      • Fred

        Morris you are so so wrong.
        blacks do not smell different.
        They smell Exactly like Old, dirty cooking oil

        • Morris LeChat

          i bow to you

  • Korpiklaani

    But my Rotties are black?!?! Are they self haters….or just good doggies?

    • Martel

      Close amren before they see you!!

  • Brady

    Many blacks are afraid of dogs. Dogs can smell the adrenaline which indicates a potential threat. If it happens often enough, the dog equated dark skin itself with a threat. They don’t like blacks because blacks don’t like them.

    • Korpiklaani

      They smell fear, my Rottweilers hate blacks, when I punish them I shove in their face a do-rag I found in a ghetto parking lot. They’ve come to despise blacks.

      • texasoysterman

        I trust you thoroughly wash your hands afterwards.

    • Morris LeChat

      blacks smell much different than whites, and that is to a human, a dog most certainly sees them as a whole different creature.

    • pcmustgo

      I’m afraid of dogs too and yeah, dogs are aggressive towards me… but they’re always barking and going nuts here anyways.

      • AnalogMan

        That is sad. Obviously, you never had a dog as a child. In my book, raising a child without a dog is child abuse.

        My granddaughter used to be terrified of dogs, until they got their bullmastiff puppy. Now, he’s bigger than she is, and she doesn’t have that problem any more.

        Barking is a bad habit that is entirely the owner’s fault. My dogs very seldom bark, and never without reason. It’s all in how you train them.

        I remember the first time I took my bullmastiff bitch to town in the car. We lived in the country, and it was all new to her. She had her head out the back window, drinking in the strange sights and smells. Just as I passed a Babuntu on a bicycle, she let out a “Woof!”, which I don’t think I’d ever heard her do before. Nearly scared him off his bike. That was my baby; racist to the core, totally inborn. Best dog I ever had.

    • IanJMacDonald

      Dogs, ghosts, and registered mail.

  • Wish I could have a dog. I would teach him well.

  • guest

    “Multicultural training for your dog.”
    An excellent example of cruelty to animals.

    • BonusGift

      It’s cruel and unusual punishment enough to do it to humans, but absolutely inhuman to force animals to go against their nature.

  • CJ Haze

    Canines are a social construct. All dogs are the same.

    Teach tolerance to cats instead. It is much easier to indoctrinate pussies.

    • TheAntidote

      So true! A chihuahua and a timberwolf beez bruvvas unda dee skin.

  • Exoplanet Finder

    My response to this is: 1) If you are above childbearing age and just want to live out your life with this Filipino and he means that much to you because has a good personality that suits you, then go through with training the dog. But, 2) If you are a younger girl/woman who is planning on a family in the future, then train not the dog, but yourself. Train yourself to see the lies you have been told about multicultural heaven, and for God’s sake trust your dog on this one.

  • Terry

    This woman’s biggest mistake is to have married a Filipino Hybrid. And she wonders why there are so many diseases in her family. God condemns hybriidity. She is not to marry anybody but her own race. This is why she can’t have eternal life. She has destroyed her heritage by marrying into filth like she did. He will die soon, and she will finally come to her senses and marry a white man. Right now she hates being married to the Filipino.

  • So CAL Snowman

    I guess it’s true, animals CAN sense evil!

  • Michael Gersh

    We have the sweetest dog – a Shih Tzu. He never barks at anyone, unlike my dear departed Dobie, who hated (and tried to attack) black people on sight. But the Shih Tzu is a racist too. He absolutely LOVES Mexicans. In my upscale suburban neighborhood these are always either gardeners or construction workers, but he gets a very nice vibe from them, wags his tail and comes up to them to play. And they play back! But the (very few, since we live near Seattle) black gardeners or construction workers get the fish-eye from him, just as the fat wealthy women do.

    IMHO this has nothing to do with color, it is a vibe that he picks up on. (He can’t see so well anyway) Mexicans love little dogs, whereas many (if not most) blacks do not. Fat rich bitches have little regard for anyone not in their “circle,” including a sweet harmless little Shih Tzu. Do not blame the dog, blame the object of the dog’s enmity for putting out a bad vibe.

    • Robert Binion

      Michael, a gentleman would never tell a dog that she is fat.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    Dogs tend not to like blacks because blacks are much more likely to be animal abusers than whites. Dogs cannot be indoctrinated with PC garbage, and they will follow their instincts, regardless of how “racist” it seems.

    • Martel

      Its actually because dogs and blacks compete for the same food sources and when there are no fragile white women around, they compete for the same ” bitches”.

      • Freey’all

        I’ve noticed many black men are drawn, in a negative way, to white women because we are strong.

  • APaige

    The canine world still believes in the truth and expresses it without reservations to the feelings of others. I know blacks always ‘cry wolf’ but I did not think they were smart enough to bring it to the genetic level.

  • pcmustgo

    Speaking of dogs, ANOTHER thing I hate about ghetto blacks and hispancis- those f-ing pit bulls and ghetto vicious dogs they have.

    • jane johnson

      You, sir, are a breedist! Pit bulls are great dogs, and VERY misunderstood. You should do a little research, and I think you’ll be surprised. With this breed, nurture is HUGE, and ghetto-dwellers are notoriously lacking in nurturing skills.

      • Alexandra1973

        I have to wonder…are pit bulls really the bad dogs people say they are…or is it due to how they’re raised?
        I’ve heard it said that pit bulls will turn on you for no good reason. Funny, I’ve said that to someone about blacks–they’ll turn on you.
        Any time I hear of a pit bull attack now, the first question in my mind is, was it raised by blacks?

        • jtree

          The notion of a dog – any breed of dog – suddenly turning on its owner is completely foreign to me. I have never experienced this and have never heard of or met anyone who has. I think it’s one of those urban myths that gets repeated over and over to the point that people start to believe it. It’s sort of like diversity being a strength and not a weakness in society.
          Blacks are the absolute worst race of people to own dogs. They are such awful abusers of animals that some breeders I know won’t sell to them. Their cruelty and lack of empathy for animals is well known but not said in polite company. You can visit any shelter in a populated black area and see the results yourself.

          • Visit a black ghetto and you’re almost sure to see packs of dogs running around. They are former pets that their Bellcurvius owners rejected, so they do what comes naturally to that species — Packing up.

            Also, if you read a news story about some politician proposing some bizarre or inexplicable legislation relating to dogs, it’s almost always the case that race, especially black and Hispanic, usually black, is behind it. Example:


    • jtree

      The worst thing to ever befall the American Pit Bull Terrier was its popularity amongst the minority underclass as arm candy for thugs and drug dealers. They are a wonderful breed of dog that, like so much of american culture, has been ruined by association with “vibrant” america.

      • Funruffian

        There have been a few reported crimes where Black males raped Pitbulls. In one sense I cannot blame them since that is an upgrade to their female counterparts. Pitbulls a re prettier animals.

    • World_War_Me

      Oh yeah, it’s totally the dogs’ doing. (Rolling eyes)

  • guest


    I’d like to make one point here. Many people think that dogs are intuitively good judges of character. “My dog never liked him and he turned out to be such a bad guy! How did Bowzer know so quickly?”

    That’s actually not what is happening. I learned this reading Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman’s book On Combat, which I highly recommend.

    What happens is that dogs are very sensitive to how their owners are reacting, and take their cue from that. Owners react badly to bad people, at a subconscious level, and then through mental effort suppress those feelings of apprehension, so as not to appear racist. The dog doesn’t have the intellect to know not to be racist, the dog knows his owner is afraid, and the dog reacts accordingly.

    The key point of this is that we have the innate perception and instincts. Our dogs don’t, they only know how we react.

    (That said, I do believe that some dogs have been bred specifically to be racist.)

    It can happen as the result of training or a bad experience, but most often it stems from a simple lack of exposure, animal behavior expert Dr. Nicholas Dodman said

    Exposure to more blacks doesn’t make anyone less racist. Dogs are also bred for defensive use, which includes quick discrimination of in-group vs. other.

    • Morris LeChat

      exposure to more blacks will most definitely make someone MORE racist.

    • Andy

      The first time my dog saw a black person she went nuts, and it was before anyone else saw him. My guess is that it’s not what she’s used to, and that dogs were domesticated by whites and therefore selected to like whites. It’d be interesting to compare different breeds and see if they prefer the group they were bred by.

      • Funruffian

        Dogs have very keen senses. They don’t have the reasoning capabilities humans have, but they sense danger through smells, sounds and sight. I truly believe it is the distinctive odor of the Black perosn that upsets them. We can also surmise that dogs sense evil or potential threats better thn do humans. Dogs act on raw emotion and perception. They don’t understand the concept of racism and try to explain or rationalize it.

      • Justin_Igger

        Dogs get very agitated and nervous around other feral, dangerous animals.

    • Freey’all

      I think this is what the article is trying to suggest to our subconsciouses.

  • bigone4u

    I loved all my dogs more than anything. My little white female cocker mix loved to flirt with any man she spotted. My sweet boy pit bull loved everyone, but before he was dumped in the Mexican barrio and I found him, I think a Mexican woman must have been around because he loved women. Many of my childhood dogs did not like blacks and turned violently angry at the sight of them. Hispanics and blacks are often cruel to dogs and I think that’s been imprinted on their DNA.

  • David Ashton

    Do dogs suffer from trans-phobia?
    Should we not be able to marry a dog we love?
    Are phrases like “dirty dog” offensive to dogs?
    Is dog-phobia a crime or an illness?
    Shalt thou have no dogs before Dog?

    • jane johnson

      What is a dyslexic, agnostic insomniac?

      Someone who lies awake all night, wondering if there really IS a Dog. Arf.

      • David Ashton

        Woof, woof!

  • American Tax Payer

    How about everybody start minding their own damn business and allow others to feel however and say whatever they want instead?

    The more the non-whites and their “white” counterparts try to force themselves on us and now, our pets, the more we want to be away from you people. We don’t owe you acceptance or inclusion and neither do our animal children.

    As for the “joke”, that’s not a joke. It’s telling the Non-White and the Race Traitor to get an innocent animal to attack an Innocent White Man. Using Zimmerman and a known violent drug dealing black man for a “joke” isn’t a joke, it’s a message.

  • sbuffalonative

    It can happen as the result of training or a bad experience,

    I wonder what kind of experiences dogs have with blacks that would cause them to become “racists”.

    Maybe we can call it the Michael Vick Phenomena.

  • daniel

    My Irish Setter knew the code
    1: If it’s black, attack.
    2: If it’s brown, chomp down.
    3:If it’s white, it’s alright.

    • Morris LeChat

      if it’s queer, guard your rear

    • Tim

      The only time my Irish Setter (Shannon) ever bared teeth was when two Black dudes staggered out of the woods, saw me, put their heads together and then changed direction toward me. That wonderful dog channeled some kind of demon growl. I fed him Slim Jims at the store like they were on a conveyor belt…

  • panjoomby

    dogs run free, why not we?
    dogs are smarter than we are on this issue. we should always bark at blacks. dangerous until proven otherwise.

  • rebellisMMXII

    I was at a dog park and a young girl told me that her dog was racist…I’m serious.

    • Non Humans

      A nonhuman at a park got upset and called my dog a racist because he was being vicious towards her. I told her she would probably be vicious if N***** broke into her house too. I swear the color drained from her face! Then I told him to “Watch them N*****!!”

  • Moe

    In many cases you will find canines are much smarter than white people.
    Dogs don’t hang around cats the way some whites seem to enjoy the company of blacks.
    Dogs sense the evil withing the blacks heart and feel they need to be ready to fight if need be, to bad whites don’t have the same mindset.

  • Talltrees

    “on several occasions when we’re meeting with co-workers and friends, their dogs will bark and act aggressively toward him, yet not toward the other white people who are also present.”

    It’s really a reflection of what the co-workers and friends think of racially and ethnically mixed people. Being very attuned to their owners verbal and nonverbal behavior, dogs sense their disapproval and react in kind. Dogs know us better than we know ourselves.

  • joe webb

    The Dog Whisperer, a TV show, features Cesar Milan as the dog trainer. He also has a book, which I read. Cesar has a ranch near San Diego. He keeps a dog-pack of about 20 or so dogs, some of which are being rehabilited thru learning how to be a normal dog.

    Especially large dogs need a lot of exercise, so he runs his pack every day. San Diego is warm. So, he stops and lets the dogs rest from time to time. While running all the dogs freely mix, but when he stops them for a rest break, he says they tend to separate out into their breeds.

    So you can see that dogs are True Racists, or Ethnists, since the various breeds are sub-sets of Dog, the species.

    Why and how do they do this? My guess is that it is primarily thru smell, but maybe there is visual familiarity somehow, or just behavioral traits that are perceived.

    I suggest a Gov’t Program of Canine Sensitivity Training for Difference. Joe Webb

  • BT

    True story. Had a Rottweiler in “doggy daycare” in Manchester, N.H., years ago. (All Dogs Gym) and was “asked” to leave because Sergeant (the Rotty) attacked a yellow lab. There was an issue when Little Baby Sergeant was “attacked” by two labs as a puppy that, apparently “stayed” with him. Took him to see Dr. Dodman @ Tufts University (1996?) and paid a lot of money, then, something like $160., to have Baby Sarge evaluated. Dr. Dodman said, don’t let Baby Sarge be exposed to “elements” he either has had experience with that YOU know he is threatened by, or expose him to other “elements” that you know he will be threatened by. Sure. Not knowing then, that shortly thereafter I’d be moving from New Hampshire (“No blax, no tax”) to N.C.). in 1998 we moved to Raleigh, N.C. I took a job in Durham, and on weekends, if I had to go to the office, I took Sergeant with me. (White women in Durham have to “watch out” for themselves. Yes. They do.) The black women in my office were petrified of my big “Pooh Bear.” And I could safely walk from the parking area with Baby Sarge “growling” (on a leash) and make black men cross the street. He didn’t know they were threatening, but I did, and he sensed it. So, yes. There is VERY clearly something to this. Dogs may not be “racist” in a sense, but they know when “something” is not right. Whether it is “yellow labs” that attacked him as a puppy, or someone that could attack me… Oh My Gosh. Black women would climb three flights of stairs versus getting on the elevator with Baby Sarge and me on a Saturday morning.

    • Some of my friends had a yellow-ish wolf hybrid: Roxanne, about 18 years ago. Roxie was fairly big, but I humored the wolf in her whenever I was crashing out at my friends’ place by sleeping on the floor in in the basement (sleeping on floors are easier than sofas on my back). She lay down right next to me every time, my back to the sofa there, and her back to me. It was probably Beta animal territory.

  • Sherman_McCoy
  • BT

    P.S. Baby Sarge left us in 2003, but I still have Dr. Dodman’s report if anyone questions his “wisdom.” Some, almost, twenty years later…

  • Flytrap

    Black folks dogs don’t like white people, why aren’t they talking about that?

    • Jesse Peterson

      When I meet such dogs, they beg for me to take them away.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    Dogs are racist. They attempt to show loyalty to their owner. One way they can do that, sadly, is to disfavor those of another race or who are different from their owner. Of course, if free of their owners influence, dogs are free to pick friends as they choose and by what they learn. In which case, dogs quickly stereotype, or rather, used deductive reasoning and assume those of a particular type who have threatened them before will threaten them again.

  • freddy_hills

    Typically, such behavior indicates that the dog was not exposed to the people it now targets during its developmentally “sensitive time”–weeks 3 through 12–when its understanding of the world was formed.

    What’s the developmentally “sensitive time” for my children???

    • Justin_Igger

      From birth, to death. During this time, it is best to not expose your precious child to any n1ggers. It might cause developmental harm.

  • Dogs are very discerning creatures. Our “dog” is a fox, and even he knows.

  • Michael Mason

    My condolences to the poor gal who has a brown husband.

  • HJ11

    White woman with a brown husband=scumbag White on the outside but not White on the inside woman. Spit when you see her.

  • Alexandra1973

    My dad told me about a German shepherd we had when I was a baby and we lived in Detroit. Sandy. She did NOT like blacks.
    She also slept under my crib at night and guarded me. 🙂
    Seems that dogs have more common sense than a lot of people these days.

    • They are very discerning creatures. I disagree that they are merely picking up cues from their owners. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell, and some have been trained to sniff patients for cancer. My suspicion is that they can smell stress hormones in someone who is not relaxed and then cue in on that. It would have been quite beyond my thinking to harm my friend Glenn or his family, so Roxanne never treated me like I might be a problem.

      Also, I used to dig the marrow out of the big beef bone sections Julie bought her, and put the marrow in her bowl.

  • John Smith

    She might want to keep an eye on her boyfriend. Pinoy are rather fond of eating doggies.

  • Funruffian

    This reminds me how on one occasion my Black lab responded violently when a Black kid tried to pet him. About 20 years ago I was walking him through this park that was kitty corner to a nearby elementary school. A group of kids walking from school took a liking to my dog and started petting him. My dog was very easy going and didn’t show a mean bone in his body until…. This Black kid came from behind and just before he touched my dog, my Lab turned let let out the most viscious growl I ever heard. The kid just sort of backed off and walked away, but I was convinced that my dog sensed a very displeasing odor about the Black kid that rendered him angry. Dogs have very keen senses. And you can’t say my dog is racist, because he was black.

    My intuition tells me that dogs are good at sensing evil and potential threats. Perhaps they have a throwback from an earlier ancestor in their brain that signals them when they sense something or someone displeasing. I’m not sure if the make-up of a dogs brain is similar to humans in that they have an Amygdala or advanced Limbic system, but I can’t deny that most dogs hate Blacks.

    • Bardon Kaldian

      And you can’t say my dog is racist, because he was black.

      All I can say in agreement is: woof, woof ….

  • Funruffian

    On another occasion when I was in Junior high school, our family Border Collie only weighed about 45 lbs. soaking wet. Beautiful, smart and loyal family pet he was. It was Halloween night and the streets were pretty busy with Trick or Treaters. These three Black kids with pillow sacks over their heads came walking up the long corridor that led to our front door. As i opened the door my dog tore out so quickly, fiercely barked and chased those Blacks as they jumped on top of the nearest car parked at the curb. He scared the piss out of those kids as they screamed, “We juss lookin’ fo candy man. ”
    Over the decades in America Blacks have learned they are unwelcome and disliked. The media has tried very hard to make them attractive, charismatic, and even likeable. And this is what has led us to a currently very strange predicament.

  • William Allingham

    the problem is that dogs dont understand liberal ideology so how can you teach a dog that race is just a social construct and since when social constructs are intuded by animals?

  • Justin_Igger

    Dogs are intelligent animals, they hate n1ggers too.

    • Morris LeChat


    • I suspect we are supposed to call them “colored” today, but “boy” is polite enough.

      My PC-speak is not very current.

    • a multiracial individual

      How much ransom are you demanding for a safe return of the moderator?

  • RisingReich

    It appears dogs are smarter than traitorous White women and libtards in general.

    It’s not really news though.

  • here we go agaain

    they can’t stand the way bantu’s smell!

  • I think most of us have met dogs which are wary, if not hostile to males, kids, or whatever category of person that has abused them in the past.

    • AnalogMan

      True, but at the same time, as Michael C Scott comments, they are very discerning animals. I love dogs, and I get a lot of satisfaction from the fact that dogs can sense that and respond to it. When I walk on the beach, strange dogs come up to me to be petted. One man told me his dog never goes to anybody; well, he came to me. Another labrador bitch always sees me coming from a distance and runs to meet me. Her owner tells me that she was abused by a man in a previous life, and as a result is afraid of all men – except me.

  • Paleoconn

    I always knew dogs were the smartest animals.

  • skara_brae

    The first two sentences of this supposed letter from Jenee Desmond-Harris are instructive. She says she lives in an “urban city”. Only a dolt would come up with that term. And madame if your husband is “often mistaken” for a black person guess what?

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    After all, it is well-known that individual dogs can develop aversions to people with certain characteristics–from men with beards to children to people who carry keys or smoke cigarettes to, yes, those with a particular complexion.

    COMPLEXION?! I thought that race was just a “social construct!” How could there be a different complexion associated with it? And how can a dog notice something that doesn’t exist?

  • christopher mahoney

    This is very unfortunate, but true. However, I would observe that dogs owned by black people don’t hate white people, which I can’t explain. In my experience, many black people (but not all) mistreat their dogs, which again I can’t explain. Dogs definitely have strong opinions about people.