Cleveland Abductions: Do White Victims Get More Attention?

Tara McKelvey, BBC News, May 9, 2013

Three young women disappeared in Cleveland. Media coverage of their cases illustrates stereotypes about race.

Charles Ramsey heard someone screaming in a nearby house. Luckily, he managed to help the woman, Amanda Berry, who was in distress.

Because of his efforts, she, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight escaped from the house in Cleveland where they were held captive for a decade or more.

“I knew something was wrong when a little, pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms,” Ramsey said later.

“Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway.”

As it turned out, Ramsey’s assessment was a twist on what is known among media critics as the Missing White Woman Syndrome.

Charlton McIlwain, a professor at New York University and the author of Race Appeal: How Candidates Invoke Race in US Political Campaigns, defines the syndrome: “White women occupy a privileged role as violent crime victims in news media reporting.”

In other words, the victim is white and middle class. Ideally, she is saved – by a white guy.

“Our victims are colour-coded,” says McIlwain. A proper victim is one who looks like a journalist, he says.

“Research shows that in terms of crime victims, they are people who we view as being like us – like those who are covering the events or reading about them,” he says.

“Our national ideal of who is vulnerable – and who holds victim status – are those who are white and female.”

The perception of victimhood is partly a media creation.

In truth, nearly half of those individuals who go missing in the US are not white – though one might not know that from the news coverage.

According to a 2010 academic study, roughly 80% of the news coverage about missing children is devoted to victims who are not black, while only 20% is given to children who are black.

The breakdown in media coverage does not reflect reality. “We have a sort of racial hierarchy,” says McIlwain.

The coverage of violent crime and of people who have disappeared is biased and hurtful, says Natalie Wilson, co-founder of the Black and Missing Foundation, which fights racial stereotypes in the media.

She first came across the stereotypes in crime reporting when she heard about a 24-year-old black woman, Tamika Huston, who went missing in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in 2004.

Journalists seemed indifferent.

“The family really struggled to get any coverage whatsoever,” says Wilson.

Wilson knows she cannot change the outcome of these cases. Many end in tragedy. More than a year after Huston’s disappearance, a former boyfriend pleaded guilty to her murder.

Yet at least the story has been reported – and her family knows what happened to her.

In some cases, it takes years to sort out the truth.

Some families who have lost a loved one only manage with help from an organisation like the Black and Missing Foundation or from a prominent activist.

Stephen Lawrence, 19, was stabbed by white thugs who used a racial slur in London in April 1993. His murder hardly caused a stir in the national media. After a fortnight, Stephen’s family held a press conference to complain not enough was being done by police to catch the killers. ThenNelson Mandela got involved.

Last year the killers, Gary Dobson and David Norris, were sentenced to life in prison for the killing.

Experts say that all too often when crimes are committed against people of colour the cases remain unsolved. And no one except their families seems to care.

The case in Cleveland shone a spotlight on the cases of missing children.

Experts hope that this will make more people pay attention to those who have disappeared, regardless of the colour of their skin.

Indeed, the story may help to remind journalists – and their audiences – that crime cuts across racial lines. It may have another positive aspect, too.

Charles Ramsey helped to save Berry, DeJesus and Knight from their prison. He was also blunt.

“Ramsey just called it like he saw it,” says Farai Chideya, author of The Color of Our Future: Race in the 21st Century.

“People say, ‘Wow, he’s representing our race, and he’s doing something really awesome – but why can’t he comb his hair?’

“I think it’s healthy to expand the notion of what a good black man is. You don’t have to have a full set of teeth to be a hero.”

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  • Don’t worry, when the media find out the white victim’s criminal is black, the story is quickly buried. Eve Carson, anyone?

    • Non Humans

      Maybe subconsciously alot of people have been hardened against caring about nonhuman crimes and disappearances because of the high frequency of them, especially within their own ghettos. Also because of the occurences of hoaxes (Tawana Boonley, etc).
      Nonhumans disappearing and shooting one another is a blessing to other races (especially taxpayers), but just another day in the hood for them.
      All of this being highly perceptible, even to libtards, despite the MSMs’ best efforts to contort their reports of the reality.

      • Morris LeChat

        as afar as I am concerned, there are not enough black victims!

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Channon Christian and Chris. Newsom anyone?
      Melissa McLaughlin anyone?
      Jason Befort anyone?
      Brad Heyka anyone?
      Heather Muller anyone?
      Aaron Sander anyone?
      Amy Willard anyone?
      Daniel Faulkner anyone?
      Rachella Steinberg anyone?
      Anne Pressley anyone?
      Kitty Genovese anyone?
      Sarita Gayle Bryson anyone?
      John Campiglia anyone?
      Brittany Norwood anyone?
      Lauren Burk anyone?
      The Alexandroff family anyone?

      Et ad Infinitum per omnia saecula saeculorum.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Anne Walenta anyone?

      • LaSantaHermandad

        I have a correction for my list above.
        Brittany Norwood should be replaced by Jayna Murray. Norwood was the female primate who brutally murdered her. My apologies to Jayna. RIP. The Judge in the case said that he had never seen such a brutal murder.

        • Sloppo

          I read about that particular diversity encounter. Such a horrible story.

    • saxonsun

      Like the Mother’s Day shooting–the perp is black. The media barely covered it.

  • conan

    Trayvon Martin, Tawana Brawley, Crystal Gail Mangum and James Bird say hi.

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  • Tossieri A.

    DeJesus is white?

    • The__Bobster

      Not at all…and one of the other girls has questionable ancestry.

      • Pelayo

        Does that mitigate what was done to them?

    • evilsandmich

      I would guess that she’s Puerto Rican like her abductor.

  • sbuffalonative

    I thought they were Hispanic, not white.

    This research is totally twisted. The examples are contorted to fit the story.

    One reason black receive less attention is because most victims of black crime are victims of other blacks. The MSM is stuck in a bind. They may want to report the story but they have to deal with reporting the suspect as “a black male”; something they are reticent to do.

    Blacks would go ape is the news kept repeating the phrase “the suspect is described as a black male”. Blacks would be screaming, ‘why do they have to keep reporting the suspect was a black male?’

    • Jefferson

      White males only kidnap and rape/impregnate Black teen girls in fictional Hollywood films.

      • PlumberofNazareth

        *Make that nasty, “raciss’ ” whites who own guns and live in trailers.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        While blacks are routinely falsely accused of raping innocent white girls – “To Kill a Mockingbird” proves it! (sarcasm)

    • Freya

      Not only is your third paragraph the problem, along with many posters’ insights, but black-on-black crimes happen in cities where corrupt and inept black pols, etc., run things. They don’t want light shone upon their systems. Also black women are often perceived as possibly evading the law as many have criminal backgrounds. Anthony Sowell, Cleveland’s black serial killer, targeted black women but almost all had records. Plus, he dated the mayor’s niece while bodies were decomposing in his house!

      • sbuffalonative

        A few years back, a young black boy was snatched from a bus stop while waiting for a school bus. The Buffalo media issued an alert and followed the story throughout the day.

        The kid turned up later in an empty field unharmed.

        It later came out that the boy was kidnapped because someone owed someone money in a drug deal.

        The story quickly faded away.

        As you and I both know, too many of these people have criminal histories and while some blacks complain that white victims seem to get all the attention, many blacks are grateful the police and the media aren’t asking questions.

        • Freya
          • Freya

            ETA: Amren had featured the story about the black woman imprisoning multiple disabled people in the basement of an apartment building while she collected their Social Security checks.

          • White Mom in WDC

            I just read it. Crazy. I’ve got to say I. My experience is that many black women are hard hearted. Alot of white girls do not get the exposure to the mean streets per se and so they do not have the street sense that the ghetto b’s do, but with that street sense comes a meanness and a hardness. So then, these hard, mean, street sensical women will get angry when white girls go missing. White girls stand out in the mean streets, black girls blend in because many of them are mean as hell.

          • Jane Johnson

            Read Judge Judy”s book, Don’t Piss on My Leg, if you want a true picture of how the foster care system works in New York. Judy Sheindlen spent years in family court before she appeared on TV, and knows of what she speaks.

        • Jane Johnson

          Don’t even get me started on the whole underground economy these parasites have going as a way to enjoy the extras that section 8, welfare, and EBT cards don’t cover. Taxpayers subsidize the basics, and “entrepreneurs” make sure that the so called underclass has the goodies that the middle(host)class can no longer afford.

  • 1XXX

    I care more about white victims than black victims.

    • Morris LeChat

      you mean you care about black victims? Why?

    • Sherman_McCoy

      That’s pretty easy, since I care zero about black victims.

  • DailyKenn


    IF YOU DO report black crime –
    they contend racism for reinforcing stereotypes.

    IF YOU DON’T report black crime –
    they contend you are biased and don’t care about non-whites.

  • AutomaticSlim

    “According to a 2010 academic study,
    roughly 80% of the news coverage about missing children is devoted to
    victims who are not black, while only 20% is given to children who are

    Perhaps because the odds are greatly in favor of the while child becoming a productive member of society while the black will be a welfare leech?

    • The__Bobster

      Nah, it because when there’s an Ebony Alert, the ninny always shows up at the home of a fambly member.

      • Or in the case of the last one in Chicago, the police find it in the river, where the mother and boyfriend threw it after beating it to death with belts and hangers.

        • Jane Johnson

          Didn’t the “mother” originally claim that the child was kidnapped by hispanics? Poor child.

          • Yes, a potty-training story gone bad.
            Baker told reporters Tuesday she and her son were attacked and beaten by three Hispanic men. ….
            They pulled down my hair and pulled me in the car and started beating me and all I heard was my baby just screaming,” Baker said. “They beat him too.”
            Baker, speaking with a swollen eye, said she and her son were taken to a wooded area a few blocks away where she was beaten again.

            Notice she had a swollen eye ….. not a black eye. The boyfiend gave that too her for this tale they were spinning.

          • Jane Johnson

            Family values.

    • joesolargenius

      The majority of missing children shown on the posters put up by the center for missing and exploited children are teenage Hispanic girls under eighteen, I once found a fifteen year old mulatto runaway in Boston in the summer of 2001 and she was definitely pregnant !

      • Johnny Clay

        Makes me wonder if they’re truly missing and exploited, or have run off with their adult boyfriends.

        • joesolargenius

          That was the point I was trying to make as humans were designed to become sexually active in their teens !

        • Sick of it

          Though I’m sure that happens, we do have human trafficking of American boys and girls, both within this country and to other locales, such as Mexico. You will never see real media coverage of this because the politicians in Washington often have a hand in it.

      • Aspiring rapper

        “The majority of missing children shown on the posters put up by the
        center for missing and exploited children are teenage Hispanic girls”

        And all the details of the stories disappear once they’ve been “found”. They’re obviously running off with their statutory-rapist boyfriends. I stopped caring a long time ago…

    • Jane Johnson

      Maybe because blacks are only @ 13% of the population, so there are far less of them to GO missing. And when they do, it’s almost always at the hands of other blacks. Guess what happens when the media report on black on black crime? They are either profiling or portraying diversity in a stereotypical way, which is, of course, racist. It’s a lose-lose situation with these people; they want media coverage as a way of gaining sympathy, but only if no dirty laundry is aired in the process.

      • AutomaticSlim

        Remember how they were angry when Mike Tyson was rightly convicted of raping a black female, but enraged when the Duke lacross team was rightly exonerated of the same.

        • Freya

          Or how about the white girl who was raped by Kobe Bryant. She was vilified by everyone, including the media.

  • White Mom in WDC

    To the whole concept of Missing White Woman Syndrome I say so what? Why not? Did any of the geniuses in the media take notice that white women are more likely to get victimized by blacks etc? So what do we do? Ignore the crime? Oh are white women supposed to be second class citizens? There are also MANY MORE cases out there of white women who have gone missing than people realize as the media does not want to draws attention to the fact that there is white sex slavery rings in the Carribean, in South America, in Eastern Europe, and in Israel. Thousands of white women are trafficked into Israel from Russian and Eastern Europe and no one says anything. This is the sick media’s attempt to make white women second class citizens and nobodies such that these women are easier targets for sociopaths like those men in Cleveland

    • joesolargenius

      That problem has been going on for a long time and more than one novel has been written about it ,back in the seventies and eighties recruiters would fill entire planeloads with young attractive white women whom wanted to make quick money from their looks . Unfortunately this problem will never be solved as it is perpetuated based on a con game which involves using a persons greed in regards to making some fast money by sexually flaunting themselves in front of strange men in order to scam them out of their liberty. The real question is what was the bait that was used to convince those three girls to place themselves in that position of going with a stranger.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Our whole culture has been pornified. We have to start teaching girls that they are valued for other things outside of their looks and sexual deeds

        • sbuffalonative

          That’s the irony of feminism.

          Women used to complain that women were objectified by men.

          Now, because of women’s liberation, women objectify themselves and they’re praised for it.

          Madonna is now held up as a strong female role model.

          Ain’t that a kick in the head?

      • Sick of it

        In this case, the man was a bus driver! They probably knew him.

  • The__Bobster

    Stephen Lawrence, 19, was stabbed by white thugs who used a racial slur in London in April 1993. His murder hardly caused a stir in the national media.

    You had to go back 20 years to find a suitable crime? Getting desperate now, aren’t we?

    • IstvanIN

      Bailey O’Neil, this year, and the thugs only got a one day suspension from school. Ask his parent’s about his white privilege.

      • Freya

        How about Lennon Baldwin, 15 yr old white boy bullied chronically and beaten by two 17 yr old black males in Morristown, NJ just recently. He killed himself. Think about the stink NJ made about Tyler Clementi while these white kids are being attacked and murdered.

    • Sangraal

      In the UK, the media have been banging on about Stephen Lawrence for 20 years. They cannot shut up about it. Perhaps they think if they mention a one-off rayciss incident countless times over 20 years, people will think that countless rayciss incidents have been occuring for the past 20 years.

      There was an article in the Guardian recently about a white woman who witnessed the incident. It had given her hang-ups about race, and she went on to have a string of relationships with black guys, for some reason. Surprisingly they didn’t work out.

      • White Mom in WDC

        What about that 16 year old white girl who as stabbed by that African immigrant turd this past spring? Where’s the re- hash on that? What about Emma West being harassed on a train and now SHE is the one in jail? White women are victimized!

      • Pat

        Your first line – spot on. There have been a number of whites murdered by blacks but no-one can name any of them, sadly me included, they just do not make the national press for any length of time. The murderers would never be called black ‘thugs’ either.

        …. ‘when crimes are committed against people of colour the cases remain unsolved’, not if they suspect the assailant is white. Warning – reading articles by BBC or Guardian journalists can seriously damaged your health.

  • “White women occupy a privileged role as violent crime victims in news media reporting.”
    Am I missing this privileged role that white women occupy?
    Maybe I’ll call up Channon Christian and ask her what she thinks. Everybody knows who Tawna Bradley is. Very few people could tell you who Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom are.

    • White Mom in WDC


      So how do we get whites outside of Amren more aware. How can whites connect? We need to get bold and we need to get over our fear. It is holding this movement back

      • Talltrees

        Roy Beck borrowed money against his house to start NumbersUSA. Not that I suggest anyone do that, but his thoughts against immigration were so strong, he decided to do something about it.

        Not sure how many pro-Whites are involved, but there are followers at TOO, NPI, TPC, and others. If all would merge, there might be enough followers and donations to make an impact and at least start a civil rights organization.

        Many of us are not in the position or have the expertise to start something like this, but someone out there does. Maybe, a retired person with ‘association’ experience could get it off the ground. I suggest a retired person because of job loss fears.

        I tried to get Kevin MacDonald and Jared Taylor (Henry Wolff) to think about how they might get something started. Mr. MacDonald agreed with me; although he didn’t give a reason for not doing anything, he is still working and could easily lose his position. Jared Taylor has had bad experiences and understandably careful.

        Until we have something organized and concrete, we will have to be active independently by writing and calling our legislators, responding to anti-White speech by sending emails, spreading the word, submitting comments in the Editorial sections of newspapers and starting White advocacy groups in our towns and cities that might eventually have some political clout, at least locally for a start.

        Would like to hear suggestions from others here as to what we can do.

    • Mr Potato

      “White women occupy a privileged role as violent crime victims in news media reporting.”

      I’m still trying to come to terms with the above quote.
      Privileged role as crime victims? This person is deranged.

  • bigone4u

    When pretty small-town white girl Emily Sanders went missing and was found murdered in 2007 the story got plenty of play because she was secretly working as a “PORN STAR.” Small town Kansas community college student porn star got the MEDIA’s attention. Her murderer, an illegal POS who had impregnated numerous underage white girls, fled to Mexico. The followup merited no mention in the press. The lesson: Attractive victims are going to get the attention, just like attractive celebrities do. It’s all media driven celebrity worship, including turning a victim in a celebrity. The media is despicable.

  • dd121

    The things that blacks whine about know no bounds.

    • Freya

      I’m fairly certain a british white woman blogger coined the phrase after some british girls were murdered in Japan. She has a japanese husband and wanted to fight stereotyping of him and her son. But we musn’t worry about stereotyping white women!

  • APaige

    The kidnapping and imprisonment of any three girls would be news. A much bigger story would be if a white man held three black girls captive. Headlines: “modern day slavery”, “Just like a plantation”, etc. etc.
    I get it-black criminals are shown too much, and black victims not enough.

  • Morris LeChat

    to be honest, i have no concern at all for black victims, I am totally indifferent or even happy their number has been culled. When the victim is white and the perp is black, it makes me long for the days of lynch mobs.

  • Morris LeChat

    If a lump of white gold is lost, it is a tragedy, if a lump of coal get’s burned it means less klinkers in the system

  • Morris LeChat

    If it rains in Seattle, it is not a news story. If it rains in the sahara, it is a news story. Blacks have little regard for their children and more often than not beat or neglect them to death, or else another member of the community makes the black kid good. Whites are much more conscientious parents who truly love their children, as a rule. White’s in general also are much more compassionate to children in general. So when something bad happens to a child in a white community, it is like rain in the sahara desert- in that it is rare. When something bad happens to a black child in a black community, it is like rain in Seattle, so common no one notices.

    • Johnny Clay

      Ever notice that when there’s a fire in which a number of children die, they are black and the adults are always the first ones out.

      • IstvanIN

        “Feets do yo stuff”

      • Non Humans

        Fire beez raycisss!

        • Morris LeChat

          baked ghetto lobster

  • PlumberofNazareth

    I mean, it’s logic. Humans are tribal, and we look out for our tribes, be it consciously or not. We care more about somebody who, say, reminds us of our sister or cousin or neighbor than we do about people who we rarely associate with. It’s that simple.

    • Non Humans

      That and nonhumans are alot more likely to commit deplorable crimes and behaviors. So we care less when any of them go “Missing”. Murder, rape, robbery, and kidnapping are just integral parts of their culture.

  • StillModerated

    Charlton McIlwain is neither Scottish nor White, therefore he’s an expert on all things White. Seriously folks, the media has got to stop quoting these clowns.

    • MBlanc46

      He’s just another race hustler, though perhaps a bit more high-toned than Jesse and Al.

  • BBC asks:

    Cleveland Abductions: Do White Victims Get More Attention?

    QD responds:

    The media can’t afford to give black victims that kind of attention, because giving black victims that much attention would also give the black perpetrators that much attention, then people might start realizing that there’s something to this whole race and IQ thing.

  • Bobby

    You can make book on it that your’e talking to a radical leftist, usually a white hating one, if that person says “White victims of crime get more attention.

  • Daniel

    Charles Ramsey is a lying fraud. He didn’t do anything to help that girl. But of course the media picked him out to make him the focus of the story.

    • Sangraal

      There is no question that he would not be so lauded were he white. His only ‘heroic’ act was being in the right place at the right time. In his house eating junk food, as it happens.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Are white victims more concerned with their own tribe? Hmm…basic human instinct. Is this guy serious? Obviously humans are tribal…seeing other whites get beat up or murdered means there are possible implications for you as another white person on a subconscious level. We see ourselves in others of our race.

    To answer his question do white victims get more attention, no. Not at all. Where was this author when hundreds of anti white BLACK mobs were wreaking havoc on whites? He didn’t seem to care about white victims then.

  • Freya

    Michelle Knight, the first victim of Castro in Cleveland, was not even considered ‘Missing’ when she was abducted as her family and the cops assumed she’d gotten angry and just run away after the courts took her child away. Her mother’s boyfriend had broken the five year old’s arm. What’s odd though is that only three days after she had been abducted she was scheduled to go to court to prosecute the abuser for raping her. How dare anyone suggest she, as a white woman, somehow benefited from excess attention, much less any, to her disappearance. If her abduction had been publicized Berry and Dejesus who were taken later might have also been saved.

  • a multiracial individual

    Most missing person news stories are of a: young, attractive, middle class, white females. This is one of rare issues the MSN favors whites.

    • evilsandmich

      A big part of this is the high rate of white, female consumption of the MSM. That’s why when you watch the local evening news it is nothing but stories about kids and animals. The cuter the animals and the whiter the kids the better.

    • Freya

      No it doesn’t; just read this thread’s comments to understand the reality behind that myth.

  • All crime is reprehensible, and I wish for no one to become a victim, but if we are going to discuss racial disparities in news coverage, then let’s not limit it to kidnapping victims, let’s discuss which race commits more crime? Let’s discuss which race is more likely to commit a crime against a member of another race.

    • MBlanc46

      Oops, sorry, but that sort of discussion is racist.

  • Sangraal

    This concept of ‘missing white woman syndrome’ is vile. Even caring about missing women and children is stigmatised as rayciss. Would they have us brush such atrocities under the carpet? The ‘Knoxville Horror’ incident would suggest as much.

    I wonder if this professor McIlwain has any actual experience of political campaigns and media reporting, or indeed anything outside the cloud-cuckoo land of the campus.

  • rebelcelt

    Stephen Lawrence, 19, was stabbed by white thugs who used a racial slur in London in April 1993. His murder hardly caused a stir in the national media. After a fortnight, Stephen’s family held a press conference to complain not enough was being done by police to catch the killers. ThenNelson Mandela got involved.

    Only had to go back 20 years to find a good example!!!

  • Sue

    “I knew something was wrong when a little, pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms,” Ramsey said later. Ramsey (who is black) notices white girl (race is a social construct) and decides something’s wrong but this isn’t racist? Turning a terrible crime into a cause for blacks, disgusting.

  • gemjunior

    White women are very priviledged as crime victims, in fact they are the only ones so priviledged as to be raped by blacks 37,000 per year – possibly up to double that since half women don’t report it – and it is totally ignored. Woowee that is some fabulous privilege. I bet everyone wishes to be privileged enough to be violated by a smelly, putrid-breathing, scaly monster who in most cases beats their face in just as an added bonus.

    • Ella

      Sadly, they’ll have depression, drug problems and/or PTSD for years later. Some teenage girls do not report it out of shame and/or fear. Many rapes happen during college years so risks increase with mainly alcohol and just maybe, more socialization with Nonwhites. They have more access.

  • Spartacus

    Watch this video, maybe you’ll see what’s wrong with this article :

  • You have just got to feel awful for the Cleveland victim that was forced to bear a mestizo child.

  • Pelayo

    Remember the Atlanta serial murders? The authorities immediately jumped on the “theory” that because Whites have a monopoly on serial murder, it had to be a White. Both of their assumptions were wrong. There are a lot of Black serial murderers and Wayne Williams (?) was the killer.

    Again like the comparison vis a vis who corners the market on being on welfare, it’s not about the raw numbers. It’s the percentages.;

  • Orion_Blue

    His murder hardly caused a stir in the national media.

    An that is a real lie. The case was all over the media back in 1993, I remember reading all about it.

    I also heard about the Asian grooming of children in care and other vulnerable youngsters – back in 2005. I did not get this from the BBC however; I used the internet to find out about that.

    Then there are the numerous instances of White victims of minority assailants that go largely unreported, muted by considerations of “sensitivity”.

    The whole article above was couched in the language of cultural Marxism, so is evidently partisan from the outset.

  • Basketeddie

    Charles Ramsey is a hero. He is also a simpleton. If a white guy in his situation made comments like he did, his heroism would be overshadowed by cries of racism.