‘Any Race Except Caucasian’

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker, May 1, 2013

Oops! A casting call for a new host of a children’s program on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the taxpayer supported, government-owned television and radio network of Canada,  accidentally told the truth, when it specified “any race except Caucasian.” See for yourself:


Adrain Humphries of the National Post reports:

A casting call to hire a new CBC host that specifically said white people need not apply has been withdrawn, with the casting agent offering apologies for the mistake.

The original ad for the host of a children’s show, posted on the casting agency’s website under a CBC logo and on Craigslist, said: “Please only submit [an audition tape] if you match the following criteria: Male between the ages of 23-35 years; Any race except Caucasian.”

A new version of the ad removes the race reference, but maintains the sex and age restrictions and that applicants “must be able to carry a tune,” “ability to dance or move well is a bonus,” and should be “not afraid to show a silly side,” among others.

The excuses being made are all of the familiar variety: inclusion, not exclusion. The head of the casting agency which got the contract said:

“We were asked to seek a cast of diversity. We mistakenly took that to mean that the production was not seeking Caucasian actors. This was a mistake that was made entirely by the casting company.

“Of course, it’s open to all ethnicities,” she said.

Of course it is. They will consider any application from a Caucasian in light of the need for diversity (which means a non-Caucasian, except possibly a homosexual Caucasian might be OK).

It would be wonderful to pretend that this sort of thing only happens in Canada, and not south of the border. It would also be wonderful to pretend that a thumb is not on the scale against Caucasians in this (and many other) job offerings. This is a sign of the times, the era of state-sponsored racism.

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  • Davey Boy

    Since racism against whites is accepted and even fashionable, more and more people in Western countries are becoming open with their anti-white sentiment.

    • bubo

      It’s not just acceptable. It is state mandated. Anyone that doesn’t discriminate against white people must answer to the justice department.

  • GM (Australia)

    Several messages come from this advert; 1, It just says what we have suspected all along. 2, It is more brainwashing to force diversity and multiculturalism on to kids. 3, If Canada did not have such stupidly open-door immigration policies this ad would not be necessary. 4, The Canadian authorities and media have no time or respect for that nations own culture and traditions.

    Somehow we need to get the message out that whites will not accept this treachery. (Perhaps the retraction of this ad is a very small beginning?)

    • The__Bobster

      Sometimes the libtards get careless and we get to see behind the curtain.

    • I love Australian tv. My favorite shows are Bondi Vet, Border Security International and The Biggest Loser Australia.

      • bigone4u

        Is Skippy the Bush Kangaroo still on? That show was filmed ages ago when Australia was white and the abos were shown as they really are. Skippy was more intelligent than most of the villains and much better looking.

        • I do not know. I will check and see.

        • Mr Potato

          I haven’t seen or heard of Skippy since I was a young lad in the 70s BigOne. I’d say it’s been put in the ‘PC bin’ along with the Black and White Minstrel Show (anyone remember that show?). There’s too many ‘ethnic-Australians’ around these parts and ol’ Skip is waaayyy to Australian for our “gay-crazy, refugee-loving, Aussie-hating’ political elites to allow to be seen on the telly.

        • Tim

          He`s on You -tube…

      • Mr Potato

        It was better in the ’70s Crystal. Looking at shows like ‘Cop Shop’ (a police-drama, yes, it was called ‘Cop Shop’) these days is like going back in time to a different place. The Aussie soaps back then were hilarious! Check out ‘The Restless Years’.

  • bigone4u

    I was having my van inspected today and got a glimpse of TV while in the waiting room. Let’s Make a Deal is now hosted by a dark complexioned black man. Interestingly, the white women who try to cut a deal with the black host were not as effusive over him as they were over Monte Hall. One pretty young blonde stayed a couple of feet away from him as they played the game, but did give him a little hug after he gave her a trip to Argentina. I will have to think some more about this since I am still presently confused by it, but I’m certainly curious about the ratings.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Wayne Brady. Wonder if the ratings have gone done since Monte Hall left.

    • The__Bobster

      It seems very strange seeing an eggplant giving stuff to YT.

      • bigone4u

        Eggplant? You always make me laugh with your inventiveness of terms, but this one stumps me as to meaning, even as I laugh again.

        • Triarius

          It is what Italians call blacks “melanzane” or eggplants. But yes, posters here had me at google a time or two.

          • Or titsune… a “burnt stick”

          • TeutonicKnight67

            titsune is often shortened to “tuddy”, we could go on and on and on…….lol

        • Mr Potato

          All Hail The_Bobster……again!

  • David Ashton

    “Able to dance well” = CODED [anti]racism?
    Nome sane?

    • brengunn

      Haha! Very good spot!

    • Mr Potato

      Sheesh, why didn’t they just state “able to bust a move” or whatever b/s goes for jivin’ these days?

  • brengunn

    Does CBC show BBC shows?

    • NorthernWind

      Nope. not as far as I know anyway.

    • Unperson

      Once upon a time, they used to run PLENTY of them. Lots of good shows, and in every genre, that Americans have never heard of. It was one of the things that made Canada distinct from the US.

      Of course, that was back in the “Bad Old Days” when Canada was still accepting immigrants from Britain. Way back in the pre-Trudeau era, when the nation’s historic and cultural connections to Europe were recognized and respected — rather than ignored, denied, ridiculed, and spat upon, as has been the fashion for the past 40 – 50 years.

      • brengunn

        Shame, really. European culture towers above all others, why would you forsake such a heritage.

        • Erasmus

          The “sensitive” people on the left (even the left-wing YT’s) hate Eurocentric culture because it is superior and they know they can never measure up. They hate it because they know it’s above them. Since they can never rise to its standards, they prefer to tear it down, so much easier.
          Very scary people make up the compassionate left.

        • Mr Potato

          Well Bren, that’s what leftist dip-shits do. They do it in every Western country.

        • Sloppo

          Several decades of children being exposed to moron rays from their TV sets for several hours per day may have taken its toll.

    • François

      Yes, sometimes, like the new Doctor Who.

  • It would be wonderful to pretend that this sort of thing only happens in Canada, and not south of the border.


  • MekongDelta69

    The casting agent said what he meant. He wasn’t sorry about it.

    He was only sorry he got caught.

    Remember – DIE-Versity is an absolute g-o-d to these lunatics. There is nothing higher in the world order to leftists.

    • brengunn

      Yup. It will be interesting to see who gets the job. Time to stick or twist for the CBC!

    • The__Bobster

      The day is coming when these libtards won’t have to apologize at all. Anti-White racism will be openly accepted and expected.

      • bigone4u

        Anti white racism is rampant in the comments on HuffPo.

    • You are right. But the thing is wouldn’t have higher rating with a white host as opposed to a black or whatever?

  • Katherine McChesney

    Is Talk Radio 640am Toronto liberal?

    • skara_brae

      Not really Katherine, some might say it is quite the opposite. However when they report a shooting in one of the culturally vibrant communities in Toronto where the culprits are still at large they give every detail about the crime except the most relevant. Their cringing cop-out is always “For a description of the suspects go to our website.”

      • Paleoconn

        Sounds like neocons to me. Check out the Detroit in Ruins video on this site for a good laugh. The neocon narrator goes into gymnast-like contortions to avoid discussing race as a reason for Motown’s demise.

  • brengunn

    I would imagine diversity on television is always higher than their proportion of the population, certainly higher than diversity in similarly payed careers in the real world.

    I can understand they are trying to promote racial harmony, but why does it have to be at the expense of us Europeans?

    • The__Bobster

      Harmony? I don’t think so. The goal of the elites is to sow discord, resulting in the destruction of the White race.

      • brengunn

        No, I don’t share that view. I am of the opinion that there is a lot of wrong done in the name of right. You know, the road to hell and all that. That’s what I believe this to be, a misguided attempt at morality that ends up doing more harm than good.

        • Eve

          I’ve said this before: you live in a bubble. I wish I had it so good. I totally agree with Bobster, except I think we’ll be kept around as slaves for some time…

          • brengunn

            You’ve said that I live in a bubble?

            Listen, you may happen to believe that white people are weak enough to be slaves to the third worlders, but I don’t. It’s no accident we conquered the world and our place in the pecking order won’t be undone by a political fad. Despite our current egalitarian mantra, white people still contribute more to the sum of human knowledge than all others put together, what reason is there to fear? Soon enough, we’ll come round and be proud of our contributions and place in the world.

          • Eve

            I also once told you that lust fueled sex; I thought you’d remember my bubble comment from another conversation we’d had. Don’t ask why monikers change – I didn’t even want to re-register with Disqus and it like, snagged me or something!

            But I still think you’re living in a bubble, my paddy pal. I’ve lived plenty and can tell you there’s much, much to fear.

          • brengunn

            I also once told you that lust fueled sex in the Dark Ages

            Well, I must have been in a particularly argumentative mood to challenge that one!

            Anyway, forgive me for forgetting, if you knew me in real life you’d know that was the norm, my head is like a sieve!

            So, is your moniker always Eve, or something else?

            I’ve lived plenty and can tell you there’s much, much to fear.

            Oh, I fear, but not for the European race. Seriously, no one comes close.

          • Eve

            And you wouldn’t remember me trying to cut your throat, either, I reckon 😉 Now don’t scream my name out, and if you can’t come up with it that’s okay too, love.

          • brengunn

            So why have you had to change your name? Too subversive, even for Amren!?

          • Eve

            No, although Amren might be. Disqus logs all our comments and anyone can see where we’ve been posting with one keystroke. I know too much to be so trusting as you, and seem to have way more to fear.

          • kerrysmith

            Your view doesn’t seem to deal with the fact that white people are not having enough children to maintain majority status in their traditional European and North American countries.

          • edie

            that and the fact that many of our own ‘european race’ are our worst traitors and enemies.

          • kerrysmith

            Yup. As Shakespeare wrote of his own nation:
            “This England never did, nor never shall,

            Lie at the proud foot of a conqueror,

            But when it first did help to wound itself.

            Now these her princes are come home again,

            Come the three corners of the world in arms,

            And we shall shock them! Naught shall make us rue,

            IF England to itself do rest but true”.

          • NM156

            Yeah, I wanna hear about lust in the Dark Ages…

          • Eve

            Well it was actually a more sociobiological debate about primates than of hot human sex; but at least I can burst someone’s bubble here.

          • edie

            you’re both right…….
            1) Brengunn is correct that we can be the Masters of our destiny.

            2) you are correct in that none of us are getting out of here alive.

          • Eve

            I meant to add: and what does it say about the irish that they were so exploited by the british for so many years?

          • NoLibs

            One need only look to South Africa to see that your argument is correct, and the person you are replying to is wrong. It doesn’t matter that whites produce all of their wealth, blacks periodically drive them out or mass cull them and then blacks starve for a generation or two and complain that they’re poor and hungry.

            They never put two and two together, and they’ve been doing it for a very long time.

            Liberals in every major Western county in the world are trying to bring about this exact same situation in their countries, and they are very high up in government. It CAN happen,and it WILL happen, unless we do something about it.

            It may be too late to reverse the process through legislation, but it’s NOT too late for us all to band together for safety and to attempt to have as many children as possible to try to ensure we still have political power in the coming decades. They are floating plans to shut us out of the political process altogether “behind closed doors” so to speak, and as soon as the numbers look like they’re in their favor, they’ll probably put those plans into action.

            You can imagine what kind of “action” that will be.

          • brengunn

            It says that we were bested by a force with superior numbers, better organisation and better military minds. Overall, we were bested by the British because they were better than us where it counted. There is no shame in that, the British conquered the world.

            Having said that, barring the US we were the first to win our independence from the British. We fought them in their own back yard, barely three million of us yet the likes of Egypt and India had hundreds of millions and couldn’t best them before we did. It is also in our favour that we were probably their most troublesome asset. They may have ruled over us, but we never rolled over for them. I think this speaks well of the Irish character.

            I happen to believe that the better man should lead and the others follow, but I believe in just leadership and not despotism. Everyone should get a share, not an equal share but a fair share. I believe Europeans are the most capable race on the planet and I believe we have earned our place at the head of the table. We should stop apologising for it, and learn to lead with renewed confidence. After all, who should take our place?

          • kerrysmith

            Beautifully put.

    • NorthernWind

      The harmony is simply a ploy. Make the masses believe that diversity is good so they will accept it. That’s all they care about, they don’t care at all about the fact that bad things will happen later on.

    • fenway23

      Canada is about 80% white. So basically they wanted a host that was not representative of four-fifths of the population.

      • François

        “Canada is about 80% white.”

        But what about cities like Montréal, Toronto or Vancouver?

  • a multiracial individual

    They are not so smart. They could have welcomed all applications and then simply chose who they want (the way small business owners do it in the States).

    • The__Bobster

      I’m sure many of my job applications immediately went into the circular file when the HR manager discovered I was White.

      • a multiracial individual

        Surely you exaggerate.

    • Magician

      Exactly. And they will make sure the darkest male applicant is paired up with the most attractive blond female to convince the viewers

      “It is a great thing when a black male is paired up with a white female”

  • The__Bobster

    Hmmm, it looks like a Gates Scholarship.

  • The__Bobster

    We were asked to seek a cast of diversity. We mistakenly took that to mean that the production was not seeking Caucasian actors.

    THERE IT IS! Diversity = zero Whites.

    • Jefferson

      Since in the eyes of of liberals diversity = zero Whites, than Haiti for example must be the ultimate diversity paradise in their eyes. Every Haitian I have seen does not even look remotely Whitish.

      All of the Haitians I have seen during my time in Miami make George Zimmerman look like a Swede in comparison.

    • Room101

      White people (the “racists”) needn’t be included in humanity’s die-versity.
      White people are effectively cast out of the human race as “life unworthy of life” in the unified voice of society’s institutions
      The only “white” people to be tolerated will be homosexuals and child molesters since such people pose little if any threat of forming normal families trying to raise normal kids.

      Excellent catch.

  • Exoplanet Finder

    Any race except black, asian, latino-hispanic-xhicano, mixed/coloured, pacific islander or alaskan native, or arabo-turko-mongols. Anyone else may send in a tape of themselves acting like a moron.

  • A lot of American TV shows and movies are filmed in part or in whole in Canada. So Canadians ought to be familiar with it just from a geographical standpoint.

  • Anonymous

    Matt, I don’t watch the CBC because it’s not available in Virginia, but I did discover the “Murdoch Mysteries” thanks to netflix. I found it entertaining except the last two seasons they became more anti-religious and anti-American. I get the impression that it’s one of their most popular shows which is funny considering it’s set in a time when Toronto was less “diverse.”

    Also, I sometimes watch “The National” online and visit CBC’s news website everyday along with the Globe and Mail just to read the comments attached to stories.

  • Lakeview Senior

    So…..what’s new? Bill Gates, the Billionaire and his wife Melinda give scholarships out all over the world but their webpage specifically states none are to go to Caucasians but to date I’ve never heard any of the talking heads on TV and of course none of our elected politicians have ever said a word about this kind of discrimination. This MF must hate White kids with a passion. If anyone has ever heard anyone criticizing Mr. and Mrs. Gates about it I’d like to hear it. I always like to bring it up on this site in case people aren’t aware of it. If you’d like to see it in print just go to the Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Foundation web page and read it yourself.

    • I wonder if they Gates’ have given any scholarships to Asian Americans?

      • François

        They have.

    • robinbishop34

      Eligibility requirements for the Millennium Foundation Scholarship…

      “Students are eligible to be considered for a GMS scholarship if they:

      Are African American, American Indian/Alaska Native*, Asian Pacific
      Islander American** or Hispanic American Are a citizen, national or legal permanent resident of the United States Have attained a cumulative high school GPA of 3.3 on an unweighted 4.0 scale or have earned a GED. Will enroll for the first time at a U.S. located, accredited*** college or university (with the exception of students concurrently pursuing a high school diploma) in the fall of 2013 as a full-time, degree-seeking, first-year student. First-time college enrollees can also be GED recipients. Have demonstrated leadership abilities through participation in community service, extracurricular, or other activities Meet the Federal Pell Grant eligibility criteria Have completed and submitted all three required forms: the student’s application (Nominee Personal Information Form), an evaluation of the student’s academic record (Nominator Form) and an evaluation of the
      student’s community service and leadership activities (Recommender Form)
      by the deadline

      *American Indian/Alaska Native Requirements: American Indian/Alaska
      Natives will be asked to provide proof of tribal enrollment or certificate of descent from a U.S. Federal or State recognized tribe if selected as a GMS finalist.

      **Asian Pacific Islander American includes persons having origins from Asia and/or Pacific Islands. Asian includes persons having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia or the Indian subcontinent. Pacific Islander includes persons having origins in any of the original peoples of Hawaii, Guam, Samoa or other Pacific Islands. Citizens of the republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Palau are eligible to be nominated. This is not an all inclusive list. Please see the U.S. Census
      Bureau listing at http://www.census.gov.

    • Bobby

      That is correct. In fact, ALL, of the tech nerds who made a fortune off the citizens of the United States of America, have turned against them. In a state like California, that has for all practical purposes has been conquered by Mexico, the Silicon Valley businesses owned and run by white nerds for the most part, all advocate stealing more money from California’s taxpaying caucasians of all ages,and giving it to illegal foreign nationals by the millions. Peace.

    • François

      But why does Bill gates do this? If what he wanted was cheap labor form Mexico and Africa, one might easily understand why he was, like many other rich business men in America, in favor of non-White immigration, scholarships for non-Whites, etc; but Microsoft needs qualified people, not illegals who can’t speak English or non-White affirmative action college graduates with lower Iqs, who just won’t “cut” it in the workplace…

      What’s his agenda?

  • What about someone that is part Asian and Part Caucasian? This is the most racist job ad I have ever seen.

  • Canadian tv is that bad! I thought our American TV was way worse than anybody else’s.

  • humura

    CBC may have removed the discriminatory qualification from the internet, but it will remain a qualification when it comes to the hiring. This is the same “hide the anti-white” discrimination that occurred when Justice Sandra Day O’Connor wrote the US SC decision upholding affirmative action in the 2003 Michigan cases. The univ. could not simply grant Blacks a plus of 20 points, but behind closed doors the univ. could manipulate to give Blacks and Hispanics a quota amount of admissions to the univ.

    • johnny

      Just watch, the successful candidate will NOT be white.

  • enough already

    White men used to be on top,now they are at the bottom.How ironic as they are the builders of western civilization.

    • roger

      we gave our women the power and the means to undermine and destroy us

      and they took it and ran

  • guest

    I’m not from Canada, but it seems as if the Canadian media is more openly anti-white if they actually wrote down “Any race except Caucasian”. Whether or not they meant to write that, the truth is out and there’s nothing they can say or do to convince otherwise. And since they claimed to be seeking a cast of diversity, this should be more than enough proof that diversity = anti-white.

  • Cecilia Sims

    My nieces, as young American girls, were models for Disney, Kodak and others, until around 1995, when auditions were asking for “ethnics” only (meaning anyone but whites). Notice TV ads for the last several years (and from now on, I’m sure) mostly have dark brown/black hair, brown eyes and are apparently picked to look Asian/Middle Eastern/Hispanic/lighter-skinned blacks. If there are whites, they are in the background, or chosen to look nerdy, weak, overweight, or stupid!

    • bigone4u

      In the advertising trade the kinds of models you describe are called “neutrals,” or so I read several years ago. The idea is that they could be Italian, Greek, muzzie, Hindu, mulatto or Hispanic. Therefore the ad appeals to the largest number of people. In Mexico from what I understand the ads often feature blondes with white features since the Mexicans adore blondes. A real contrast, eh?

      • Same thing in Brazil. The magazine covers there feature nothing but white models.

    • I notice that most commercials will have a group of whites but there is always one black in the group.

      • Pat

        Used to be the same here in the U.K. Now it is MORE than one.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        It’s a constant barrage of libtard propaganda:
        -“It’s soooo cool to have a black friend! Don’t you want to be coooool?”

        I work in a very mixed environment and I can tell you, IMO the mixture stops dead at the door of the plant. This multiracial friendship stuff exists only in advertising.

    • saxonsun

      Same with educational publications. I never see more than one white student represented and that kid’s usually in the background. Utterly terrifying.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        ..and the white is ALWAYS portrayed as the buffoon that needs “help” from the wise Bantu.

  • sbuffalonative

    Wow. Just…wow.

    How can they claim inclusion if they exclude an enter race?
    They will consider any application from a Caucasian in light of the need for diversity

    What is it black complain about the Rooney rule? They can consider black candidates but they don’t have to hire them.

    “Of course, it’s open to all ethnicities,” she said.

    No it isn’t. You said so in your ad.

    I guess she believes she one of the anointed nomenklatura.

    If this woman is white, I guess this woman doesn’t understand that she’s laying the foundation for the elimination of her own children.

    • gemjunior

      “If this woman is white, I guess this woman doesn’t understand that she’s laying the foundation for the elimination of her own children.”
      It seems to me this is what every employee of any media or advertising company does. Sell out their own. Sell their ancestors, themselves, and the few descendants they might have Down The River. It’s disgusting and sick. I’m even amazed that I can still be surprised by how deranged this can get. But amazingly, the blatant nature of this one is not as scary as the lack of white people reacting to it. Isn’t it an evolutionary instinct for all species to self-perpetuate? Or has it ever happened that there are some that just sort of fade out? Because when it seems that “whites are waking up” it also seems the frank and unveiled hate for whites is picking up speed and ploughing full speed ahead.

      • Thomas Katt

        I watched a BBC special last night on South Africa. As they opened with criticism of corruption under Zuma and the ANC, I was hopeful that I would see a genuine expose.

        As it ground on, it became clear that they were not critical of Zuma for ripping off the whites, they were critical of him for keeping some of the money for himself, and for leaving some whites un-robbed.

        They seemed to think that firebrand Julius Malema would be a better statesman than Zuma because he would pursue “nationalization” (confiscation) of remaining white assets even more aggressively than Zuma has.

      • edie

        money trumps morals

        it has for decades, maybe longer

        money/power may trump everything for many

  • cadmium

    “We were asked to seek a cast of diversity. We mistakenly took that to mean that the production was not seeking Caucasian actors.”

    No, your cultural comprehension skills are first rate. Just need to ditch the honesty.

    But these public broadcasters in white countries really show how embedded the problem is and how toxic state media has now become in the West. ABC in Australia, BBC in UK, both state funded too and both hard multiculturalist in agenda.

    • Pat

      The BBC do have whites in children’s programmes, somebody has to play the clown or the idiot.

  • sbuffalonative

    The CBC doctrine of “Canadian Content” has now been expanded in a way no one ever imagined.

  • Secret Tribunal

    Any race except Caucasians.

    Isn’t that pretty much how we are forced to live our lives?

  • They don’t want any whites hosting the show, but they’ll gladly siphon out of the white taxpayers’ pockets. Vermin.

    • Bobby


  • Distant Observer

    To feel and even think that the white race is inferior in every conceivable way is natural with regards to its history and current actions. Let the Western countries of the white race perish in blood and suffering. Long live the multicultural, racially mixed and classless ecological society! Long live anarchy! — Tobias Hübinette, co-founder of Expo, Sweden, 1996

  • Dr. X

    God bless Don Cherry for his no-BS, “tell it like it is” attitude. There used to be a lot of Canadians just like him — B.T. (Before Trudeau). Trudeau and his ilk ruined that country for good with their left-wing Euro-socialism. I’m afraid that the U.S. is headed down that same path, and that Obama will end up being a “transformational” figure just like Trudeau — for all the wrong reasons, of course. I say we create a new country — the Canadian prairie provinces can join the American Red States and we can let the rest of it have their damned multicultural pardise to themelves.

    • Stan Hess

      I agree brother.. I live in Northern Idaho. What would we call our new nation?

      • Sick of it

        Free States of America? The other country could be the USSA.

    • Paleoconn

      LBJ beat Trudeau to the punch.

  • Mahound

    Races don’t exist – apart from when the white race should be discriminated.

    • sbuffalonative

      When they say ‘race doesn’t exist’ what they mean is the white race shouldn’t exist.

  • sbuffalonative

    They’ve already gone after people posting ‘white roommate wanted’ on craig list ads.

    • Eve

      I contemplated running a Meetup for white women and got warned for merely asking about it from Meetup even though I received about five notices daily of any various permutations of POC Meetups.

      • Mentious

        We need to do things like this. Wear them down. Use “European” etc. My view is that even if you have little intention to succeed at such a group, breaking the taboo repeatedly has its effect. White-haters and those seeking destruction of White nations will eventually be exposed as haters, irrational, and absurd. When a simple claim of White ethnic interests makes them like a swatted hornets’ nest — you know you’re doing the Right Thing.

    • Actually according to a movie I saw if you specified a white room mate he or she might kill you.

    • Mentious

      Do it any way. Break the taboo. Both overtly and covertly. There are so many ways to make them pull their hair out till they give up on White genocide.

      One could post “Roommate wanted who looks like Charleston Heston” (or Gillian Anderson, etc.) When the Craigslist gestapo cross-examines you, you can leave them with an impression that you are just gay and this is your fetish, at which time all will be A-OK. Meanwhile, you are monkey-wrenching them anyway.

    • K

      Heh. I remember answering a roommate-wanted ad when I was in my early 20s. After a bit of bantering the prim young lady on the other end of the line asked me ‘what you do for a living.’ When I told her I was currently working in a factory, I received the smugly contemptuous reply that “I was hoping for a grad student.” This was in Berkeley. I’m sure the young lady was a committed champion of social equality and respect for the proletariat… so long as they weren’t white. I contemplated telling her that I was also a published poet who spoke four languages, but decided that these accomplishments would be wasted on someone of her cookie-cutter mentality. If I find myself in a similar situation in the future, perhaps I’ll affect a heavy African-accent and then scream racism if they seem less than interested in living with me.

      • François

        You should probably spend a lot of time at a tanning salon, to prepare for such a job interview, I guess

  • Bobby

    Well, here we go again. A while back, someone on this blog site reprimanded me for always putting too much negative emphasis on the left side of the political spectrum, without giving attention to the rights “sins”. But I still disagree. Of course conservatives are toxic sell-outs, but as a rule, it has to do with outsourcing, or giving away Americans jobs, etc.etc. Leftist democrats however, are not just about outsourcing white Americans jobs,etc., The left is about outsourcing whites, from the nations they founded. They are out to eliminate whites influence in the very nations they worked to create. They are out to genocide caucasians, period!!.

  • Room101

    The drumbeat of Official Government Hatred against the White inmates/taxpayers can barely be contained.
    It won’t be long before they set up check-points asking all the arrested people in “protective custody” and especially the kids if they were “born that way”?

  • whiteuncleruckus

    Get used to this. In a few generations they won’t even apologize for it.

  • Room101

    Have you read the Canadian Charter, especially the provisions related to Speech Codes added in the early 80s?
    Canada is truly God’s Country, but he could be arrested for Hate Speech @ any time and hauled before a Die-versity Tribunal and subject to lots of legal fees.
    Canada is not a free country.

  • NoLibs

    ““We were asked to seek a cast of diversity. We mistakenly took that to mean that the production was not seeking Caucasian actors.”

    Where’s the mistake? Any caucasian knows what “diversity” means.

    • usually crime… right?

    • roger

      correction: any straight caucasian male knows what that means

  • bubo

    Western Civilization has survived wars, famine, plague, incredibly harsh winters but it cannot survive this insane strain of liberalism we have today.

    • NoLibs

      When you guys are ready to do something about it, the only thing that can be done about it, many of us will be there waiting for you.

      We need YT doctors,former military and police,teachers,lawyers,people with food and money stocked up,etc., who want to survive. Those who want to play footsie with liberals need not apply.

  • Erasmus

    I’m going to enjoy it when the fit finally hits the shan. Retribution against the compassionate dog-faced kommisars of the left enforcing “diversity” is going to be fun.

    • Tucker

      I would favor the word ‘gruesome’, over the word fun.

  • robinbishop34

    Almost every American television show –commercials especially– have an anti-white sentiment sown throughout. The black male/white female agenda (excuse me while I throw up in my mouth) is in full B.F. Skinner mode. Operant conditioning at work on a grand scale.

    • François

      Yes, it is conditioning, because in sitcoms, police dramas, etc, characters who are white and nationalist, end up in trouble… i f not simply killed! I would call that negative reinforcement!

      The “good guys” are always multiculturalists.

      I can’t even watch the classic Star Trek episodes, now, without seeing that even back then, they were beginning to put the idea of the diverse society, etc, in watchers, heads, with the “United Federation of Planets”, etc…

  • .

    Their casting call may now be open to all but I’m sure their minds and concerns were closed to Whites a long time ago.


  • KenelmDigby

    And there you have it.
    Open, explicit and unashamed.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    Here is a golden quote from one of my fellow countrymen I found on the original article (it had a hundred up-votes and only a couple down):

    “Applied for a Provincial
    Government job in Ontario in the 80s. Was told point blank that
    able-bodied white anglo males need not apply. When I made an inquiry to
    the “Human Rights” board, they explained that “you have had an
    advantage for 500 years.”

    I noted that I was only 30 at the time, but apparently the other 470 years counted against me anyway.”

    • kerrysmith

      With a good lawyer he might get it reduced to 270 years.

    • roger

      been there/done that for the last 45 years…..

      if you mention, white women look at you like you’re nuts………

      of course, they get AA so all is fine with them

      • roger

        they have divided us against ourselves and succeeded magnificently.

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        I think race-realism is a condition far more prevalent among men, seeing as even white women are often on the receiving end of make-work AA jobs at the expense of white male applicants. Though the women on this site are by and large very enlightened, most of the women I interact with in the real world see nothing wrong with dating outside their race and think men deserve to pay through the nose for the many years that they were “unfairly advantaged”. Feminism, even in its less militant forms, is almost as insidious as the multi-CULT crowd.

      • François

        That may soon change.

  • Feels sooo good to be a hiring manager. I’m doing my part.

  • Magician

    Not only is it unfair against white males, it appears to be another desperate attempt to convince the general public that “It is a good thing if a white woman is paired up with a non-white man”

  • Distant Observer

    Had enough of the racial war against the White man? The image below is not an exaggeration. This is London in 2013. This is where we are going. This is your future. The only way this will be avoided is when a significant number of White men awaken and come to their senses.

    Behold your future…

    • Kathy M

      That is the dream of all Cultural Marxists and the governments in every Western country including the USA. Our own government is actively engaged, right now, in making this happen! Is Amren against this or not? I am beginning to wonder.

      • Italkit

        There are those in our society who are thrilled about an image like that. Those who control the sewer pipes of Hollywood dream of such things. Them and their ilk.

    • François

      Where did that picture come from? What is it?

  • TheAntidote

    Right, among Italian-Americans the terms are moolies and yoms.

  • Magician

    There are billions of white female – black male pairings in the media.

    If the media wants to teach children to be familiar with and respect people of different races, yeah that is fine, put some Asians and blacks there,

    Then why don’t they use black female-white male combinations from time to time? Why does it always have to be white female-black male?

    • Angry White Woman

      Because someone would have to tell the black female what to do, and we all know how gracefully they take directions.

      • edie

        not to mention that the black male/white female really rubs white males noses in the muck………

        they love that……………

    • François

      In recent years, they have begun using White male-Black male pairings, too.

  • JohnEngelman

    A casting call to hire a new CBC host that specifically said white people need not apply has been withdrawn, with the casting agent offering apologies for the mistake.

    – Thomas Lifson, American Thinker, May 1, 2013

    The mistake was candor.

  • JohnEngelman

    Once while I was patronizing the Potter’s House, which is a church run coffee house in Washington, DC, a man from National Public Radio announced that NPR was looking for a black person to be an announcer for a classical music program.

    I have listened to classical music ever since my parents brought me home from the maternity ward. What I don’t know I could quickly learn. I am also told that I have a good voice for the radio. I applied anyway. I never heard from them.

    • David Ashton

      Have you published your “Autobiography of a Genius” yet, or are we just getting it in bite-size chunks on AmRen?

      • edie

        ingleman does classical music?

        wow……… whatta guy…….

        oh gosh……….please amaze us with tales of Prokofiev, Bartok, Wagner and Hans Zimmer—— oops……. I guess Zimmer might not qualify, even though his music is much better than most classical stuff.

  • JohnEngelman

    This reminds me of signs during the nineteenth century that said, “Help wanted. No Irish need apply.”

  • Wayne

    Warning: whenever the leftists (like the NR staff) begin calling for you to turn against your ancestors, to apologize for them, to say they were wrong, the very next step will be for you to deny your children because of it. Hear this: never denigrate your ancestors, this includes Southern or German! To do so is to pass, by blood, blame to your children. Never allow your ancestors to be run down! Moreover, there is no need, both were honorable and fought for their people against a determined enemy. They deserve HONOR!

    • Ralph

      Absolutely agree.

      Also, when you are speaking to others about the cause, don’t use the names of Hitler and other heroes who have tried to save us from extinction as examples of despots or evil people. Instead, use people like Pol Pot or evil Jewish people.

      Using our heroes is a tacit acceptance of the false premises of White haters and lets them know that they have you on the run.

    • François

      Well said!

  • KingKenton

    The CBC loved their diversity-rich show ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’

    Wow, wow… is all I can say. I thought you were jesting at first. But I looked it up and it really is a TV show. It has run for 6 seasons, no less. As to hockey… My son played hockey, and I learned to love the game. But now that the NHL has gone the way of trying to shove diversity programs (both racial and homosexual), down our throats, I refuse to watch it anymore. Is there nowhere a straight, White, Christian man can feel at home without being accosted by Liberal insanity??? Thank goodness for hunting, and fishing. Though I suppose in the future we will have to sit through some type of diversity enrichment program before we are granted our license to hunt / fish. 😮

    • Sick of it

      I’ve always enjoyed reading older books which aren’t so hung up on political correctness. Actually, reading the original sherlock holmes works is worth your time.

  • mark

    My dad described a meeting he had at the CBC- “There were three lefties in the room, one was kinky”. That’s the most accurate description of the CBC I have heard to date.

  • StillModerated

    Any religion except jewish.

  • StillModerated

    Here’s a clip that explains how television affects the human mind.


    Very informative. It could explain why bantus are ultra-violent and Whites have become hyperactive wimps. Kill your boob tube!

  • K

    Sad news. I and many other whites have always nursed the vague half-realized hope that Canada would be a refuge of sorts from the anti-white hate that constitutes the main intellectual wellspring of current Western liberal dogma.

  • K

    You would get much better candidates.

  • It was a mistake my a$$. All you you dope liberals (yes, many of you who are white with “white guilt” complex) will be very sorry one day soon when this total ignorance that you created gets directed right back at YOU by the same people you “claimed” to be “helping.”

  • Dawesy

    I too am a Canuck and loved to see this slip-up brought out into the light. I think even my wife is starting to believe me when I tell her this kind of stuff…Unfortunately, this is done on a regular basis here in the great white north. When applying for a job with a large corp., or the gov’t, the codewords are “we are an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER”. Which of course means Caucasian males need not apply.

  • Paleoconn

    Good job getting the screen image before they pulled down the ad. I told this to my girlfriend and she didn’t flinch, as if this is legitimate. I have my work cut out for me to undo her brainwashing.

  • Me4U

    if your white you already are