Posted on April 25, 2013

Woman Calls 911, Asks Police for Help Getting Refund from Her Drug Dealer

The Smoking Gun, April 24, 2013

After handing over her last $50 to a drug dealer for cocaine and marijuana, a Florida woman suffering from buyer’s remorse called 911 and asked cops for help in securing a refund.

Katrina Tisdale, 47, explained to St. Petersburg police that she would be penniless until her next Social Security disability check arrived. Hence the pressing need to recover her $50 from the unnamed narcotics salesman.

Katrina Tisdale

Katrina Tisdale

Despite Tisdale’s explanation for her two calls to 911 Monday evening, officers arrested her for misusing the police emergency system. {snip}

According to jail records, Tisdale has been arrested many times over the past several years, including six arrests for cocaine possession. {snip}