Study: Facebook Is Being Used to Spread Racism

Tom Jacobs, Salon, March 31, 2013

Is Facebook a particularly powerful medium to spread racist messages? That’s the disturbing implication of a newly published study.

“Frequent users are particularly disposed to be influenced by negative racial messages,” psychologists Shannon Rauch and Kimberley Schanz write in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.

They argue these heavy users log onto the site in search of social inclusion rather than information—and as such, they’re prone to express agreement with the material they see without thinking about it too deeply. This combination of “a need to connect and an ethos of shallow processing” creates an atmosphere conducive to the spread of racist thoughts.

Rauch and Schanz describe a study featuring 623 Internet users, nearly 95 percent of whom had a current Facebook account. They were asked how often they checked the site, reporting their typical usage on an eight-point scale from “less than once a week” to “20 or more times per day.”

They then read one of three versions of a Facebook Notes Page, which was purportedly written by a 26-year-old white male named Jack Brown.

One version contained what the researchers describe as a “superiority message,” a post in which Jack “contrasted the behaviors of black and white individuals, only to find consistent superiority of the whites.” The second contained a “victim message,” a post in which Jack argues that “whites are the most oppressed racial group in America.” The third contained an “egalitarian message,” a post in which Jack gives examples of anti-black racism he has witnessed.

The study participants were asked, among other things, “how much they agreed with the message,” “how accurate they found it,” “how much they liked the writer,” and how likely they were to either share the post with others or argue against it.

The researchers found more-frequent Facebook users did not differ from the others in their reaction to the egalitarian message. However, they “were more positive toward the messages with racist content—particularly the superiority message,” they write.



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  • I think it’s the virtual equivalent of Patterson’s First Axiom. Like MySpace before, Facebook is quickly turning into a digital ghetto.

    • jambi19

      When it was started back in 2004 you had to have a college email to use it. It was fun connecting with all the greek life coeds around campus via internet. Now all I see are Jay-Z advertisements, mulatto baby pictures and 14 year olds giving a middle finger in every single picture.

      • MySpace was once the social network where everyone had to be. Then it turned into a ghetto, and the whites fled to Facebook. Now Facebook is becoming a ghetto; I just don’t know what the next white flight “suburb” will be. Maybe they might try to gentrify MySpace?

        This is why all these smartphones with “one touch access to Facebook” are so stupid. What happens when FB becomes passé? Then you’ll have the Spruce Goose in your pocket. Such a phone sold in 2006 would have had “one touch access to MySpace” — How silly would that seem today?

        Anyway, you’re experiencing Sturgeon’s Law first hand. Within any universe, 90% of everything is crud. It’s just that some groups’ “crud” is a lot easier to take than others. Experiencing the “crud” of a universe restricted to college students is easier than experiencing the “crud” of the entire world.

        • jambi19

          Very true. BTW all my white hipster friends do tumblr and instagram now. They showed it to me and these things are just blogs/pics of celebrities. I gotta say has anyone been on Twitter? It sure seems like you can fit a whole lot of ebonics into 140 characters.

          • I’m on Twitter (@countenanceblog) – Yes, there’s a lot of ghetto banter on Twitter, but the good thing is that if you don’t follow those that engage in ghetto banter, then you’re highly unlikely ever to read it. Twitter is great for digging down deep into the noise floor for news stories, assuming you follow the right people.

          • The Final Solution

            I’m on Twitter. The only social media I use. It’s practical and I use it more for work purposes. I’m following Jared Taylor, National Policy Institute, Marine le Pen, etc.

        • Watch this “if websites were people” satire video QD, you may enjoy it.

          • Loved it. Except I was expecting a vid like this to feature 4chan and an actual duck on wheels rolling across the floor. It was also missing a lot of snark, mainly because Countenance Blog wasn’t invited to the party.

      • Does a college email demonstrate quality? In America where the whore hookup culture is? Really.

        • jambi19

          No I would say it doesn’t demonstrate quality. I was just pointing out it used to be more exclusive back then. Now it is a big brother apparatus. What is scary is that it is not really the government spying on the people. It is the people spying on each other. Scary when you think about it.

  • JackKrak

    “Facebook Is Being Used to Spread Lame Inpirational Quotes Illustrated With Kittens” is more accurate and cause for greater concern, but that doesn’t rate with editors at Salon.
    They have to keep the racism fire burning with a steady drip of fuel, no matter how ridiculous it is.

    • Tim

      Whew!! Thanks JackKrak!! I thought it was just me or more correctly MY Facebook page… As for racism… Where?!? All I see are Lame Inspirational Quotes Illustrated With Kittens…

  • Shattered

    They need to do a study on the people that conducted this study to determine if they are really that stupid or just cultural Marxists.

    • Maybe they should do the same study – BUT REVERSE THE COLORS! That would wake somebody up.

    • Xerxes22

      The study was conducted by Shannon Rauch and Kimberly Schanz. No further investigation is necessary. I think we all know what motivates their actions.

  • Bill

    Well, by whatever media we can…………………..:-)

    • Including the written word, ie. books.

      • jambi19

        I could go my entire life not ever again reading a disgusting magazine/news paper. They are all going out of business and it pleases me. One day Time/Sports illustrated/Playboy/USA Today as print will be extinct. However, I fear that books will go the same way. I pray that never happens.

        • “Well, by whatever media we can.”

          I was replying to Bill’s comment from above and was referring to the books written by our people. > Including the written word, ie. books.

        • Morris LeChat

          There are such things as Ebooks now. Magnitudes more information can be acquired and acquired instantly now.

  • khesanh67-68

    Just more silliness coming from our college campus’. Nothing to see here.

  • bigone4u

    White college students witness steadily recurring uncivilized behavior by blacks in the hallways, classrooms, and dorms at America’s universities. From inconsiderate loud music and parties, to crude language, to sexually harrassing white females, to unconcern with learning, white college students could tell many stories if they were required to write an essay titled Black Dysfunction on Campus.
    Obviously, unless a student has been totally brainwashed, writings telling the truth about black behavior are going to be well received. That’s what this study shows. Inadvertently, the Marxist profs have let the race realist truth come out.

    • sbuffalonative

      They fear what they can’t control.

      They know if we talk to each other we’ll all see that we’ve all come to the same conclusions about blacks.

      They need to control the message. They believe they have a sacred duty to tell us what to think and how. If we’re allowed to talk to each other freely, we might come to the wrong conclusions about blacks.

      • The__Bobster

        That’s why when more than two of us meet, they label us a hate group.

        • bigone4u

          It came from Prof Herbert Marcuse’s essay back in 66. Free speech is only allowed around the core agenda. All other speech must be suppressed. Marcuse was also a leader in the “free love” movement. I’m glad he’s dead, but it would be better if he had never been born.

        • StillModerated

          We need to come up with a collective noun for racists. I’ll choose a ‘pride of racists.’

          • whiteuncleruckus

            What we need is a word that means “not racist or not a racist person.” For example, drine (I just made that up). Look at that White guy hanging out with those two black guys. He must be a drine or is very drine.

          • Jenkem Huffington


          • nobody

            I usually just call those people scum.

          • We have one..wigger.

  • sbuffalonative

    My goodness. Racism is everywhere. How will we ever get rid of it?

    • The__Bobster

      No, according to Tweety, it only exists in the minds of White people.

    • Felix_M

      We won’t. So long as their are racial differences and humans can think critically, it will always be there.

  • jesse sharpton

    Racism is an eternal cash cow to the black race.

    • RisingReich

      I think the cash cow has it’s days numbered. Let’s hope so anyway.

    • Kathy M

      To the tune of billions.

      • Felix_M

        I’ll wager, if everything was added up and adjusted for 2013 dollars, to the tune of trillions.

  • John

    Probably because the people who spend their lives on facebook tend to be shallow people who always want to be accepted and never are never capable of criticizing anything.

  • John

    “contrasted the behaviors of black and white individuals, only to find consistent superiority of the whites”

    Seems a lot like the nightly news. “Tyrone Black is wanted for robbery and assault and should be considered armed and dangerous. When we come back, we’ll look at the charity founded by local schoolteacher….”

  • Robert Binion

    I have never visited Facebook, never played a video game nor possessed a cell phone. Am I ready for the monastery?


      I’m not on Facebook either. Ever since I found out they were initially funded by the CIA I knew better.

      Facebook is an excellent way for the Stazi or Gestapo to learn all about your politics. Imagine if the Naziparty had facebook. They could locate and round up every Juden. Today, when the SHTF happens, they will know who the intelligent racist Whites are.

      And don’t think they won’t come for you. We here are the enemy of the State. With Facebook they can go directly to your house and take you. They may be monitoring THIS site for all we know.

      • John

        I’ve never seen the value in facebook. It is really just blogging dumbed down to allow for pathetic Americans to feel like people pay attention to them. “OMG people liked my comment about how good that movie was!” Intelligent discussion are rare on facebook, as one’s social circle rarely includes large numbers of people of intelligence, who are willing to voice their views non-anonymously.

      • Daisy

        *May* be?!!! I’ve worried about this a lot – is there any way for them to tell who we are? It can’t be that hard.

      • haroldcrews

        Sorry to burst your bubble but they probably already know your identity. If you’re the least bit public even if using a pseudonym your location can be figured out unless other steps are taken. Once your on the list you might as well be active. They can only shoot you once.

    • The__Bobster

      Same here, except that I have a throwaway Faye’s Spook account that I use for trolling.

    • NM156

      …perhaps a cabin in Montana. (Guffaw)

  • Brady

    “Expressing agreement with material without thinking about it too deeply” is not the same as being influenced by it. You have to think about material to be influenced by it.

    • jambi19

      Not entirely. There is an element to the subliminal. Merely being exposed has an effect onbehavior.


    RAUCH and SCHANZ…….look Rauch and Schanz……..but we are not allowed to go there……no no no…………….Why, you can be a racist bigot but don’t mention…………Schanz and Rauch…….just a coincidence. 0.1% of the population seems to show up so often in attacks on the White people…, now, don’t go there……….is it just my imagination? Of course you White Nazi pig………………..move along, nothing to see here…….

  • “This combination of “a need to connect and an ethos of shallow
    processing” creates an atmosphere conducive to the spread of racist

    There is, of course, a greater need to connect when one realizes that they are in danger or threatened. To claim that these individuals are guilty of “shallow
    processing” is false, we whites have had several decades to process the information concerning blacks & multiculturalism. I know GENOCIDE when I see it!

  • Paul Moteski

    “in search of social inclusion rather than information—and as such, they’re prone to express agreement with the material they see without thinking about it too deeply.”

    You mean kind of like accepting diversity as our strength?

  • NorthernWind

    Let’s get this straight;

    “The third contained an “egalitarian message,” a post in which Jack gives examples of anti-black racism he has witnessed.”

    So, people victimizing Blacks = egalitarian while…

    “The second contained a “victim message,” a post in which Jack argues
    that “whites are the most oppressed racial group in America.”

    people victimizing Whites = a victim message. Their study is biased by design and assumes that Whites are either supremacist or fake-victims and Blacks are victims.

    • brengunn

      Well spotted.

  • brengunn

    I honestly don’t get this study at all. Both the study itself and the results are very tenuous. What does it mean?

    • bigone4u

      As a former professor, I can say it means the authors get honored with a university research award, a big raise, an article in the alumni magazine, and a host of other perks that will be bestowed on them. Marxists love other Marxists.

  • dj2

    My racial realism comes from my observations in the real, physical world. That’s something that nobody can take away from you. It doesn’t come from indoctrination. In fact, growing up I my parents raised me in a very “we are the world” kumbaya fashion.

    The cultural marxists are in retreat everywhere but in the halls of academia and politics in the West. And the West is currently undergoing a collapse of sorts, and with it will go the cultural marxists.

    • Karen Frances

      The elites believe they have indoctrinated the current young (say, 18-29) generation with totalitarianly one-sided information. Opposition to gay marriage, illegal immigrant amnesty, race hoaxes, etc. is simply silenced. So far, it seems to be working but for how long.

  • Chris

    “prone to express agreement with the material they see without thinking about it too deeply…”
    Like an Obama campaign commercial?

  • haroldcrews

    It’s important to be honest even if you have to pay a price for that honesty. Speaking frankly on race must be done to break the taboo. Your friends and family who are not yet awake must be exposed to the truth of race realism by someone they know and respect. Someone they can’t simply dismiss out of hand.

  • Gary Hart

    Rightly recognizing that whites, on average, are better at many things than blacks isn’t racist anymore than rightly recognizing that blacks, on average, run faster than whites. Both are realist, but egalitarians can’t accept reality.

    • Felix_M

      Precisely. While I don’t want my surgeon to be some black AA medical school admission, I also don’t care to watch Chinese math majors on the basketball court. We’ll let blacks have their superiority on the basketball court and the football field, (except the QB), but they need to stay out of the operating theater or any other area that requires technical expertise.

      • bigone4u

        Hispanics don’t do too well at QB, although I see Tony Romo just hit the jackpot.

  • Ralph

    Note the methodology: Fictious individuals with planted comments to gauge reactions from people. I wrote about this before. There was a commenter who came on this site who claimed to be gay, Black and supportive of our White cause. He wrote in polite and friendly terms and essentially was trolling to see if anyone would overlook his gay and Black identities and welcome him since he was polite and friendly and claimed to support our White cause.

    I noted a similar thing on another White site. A guy came on who said he was Black but had a White mother and a Black father and that he also had a White brother with the same two parents. The White brother didn’t suppprt our cause, but he, the Black brother did. He was friendly and polite and wanted to know if we could accept him.

    You can probably see what these individuals are doing with these experiments. We might state it like this: Can White “racism” be trumped by some other identity?

    I’ve also seen another example using religion and Blackness. The guy said he was a devout Christian and Black and that he supported the White cause. He was also polite and friendly.

    You get the picture. They’re supplying different identities (usually two in addition to being supportive of our cause) to see which identities “racists” will accept to overcome their “racism.”

    • bigone4u

      Makes sense. You’re pretty smart to figure out the game.

      • Daniele Dubroca

        I though it was pretty obvious. Nothing to figure out.

    • Tim

      I`m Tim. What you read is what you get…

    • ZB

      I post on here with some regularity. I largely support your cause; I don’t find it to be in any way racist for Whites to love their heritage, their western culture, and their history; nor do I find it being in anyway “racist” for Whites to do so. I am half white and black: white father, black mother. And there’s no experiment here on my part in the least to try and get anyone to “overcome”—as if it were a viral infection, their instinctual attitudes or inclinations. I am also a pre-Vatican II Catholic, and I know of very, very, very few people White or otherwise, who fall into that category.

      • bigone4u

        Ann Barnhardt. Very old time Catholic. Look her up, she has a website.

  • PBL

    At university I took a social psychology class for elective credit. At one point the topic of electrical current flow came up. The instructress proved unable to demonstrate the direction of electron flow (it is negative to positive, by the way) between the poles of an electrical source.I would not doubt the psychologists who wrote this article are equally clueless about computers and computer literacy.

    Keep at it girls, and America may stop producing whites who have cause to feel superior to blacks–or lose those it does. Then you will see the truth behind egalitarian fantasy. You will rue that day.

  • The__Bobster

    Is Facebook a particularly powerful medium to spread racist messages? That’s the disturbing implication of a newly published study.


    What a load of crappola. Libtards have had FB take down my accounts when I merely used it for an ID to post on news sites.

    • sbuffalonative

      I’ve heard FB has shut down conservative sites without warning or giving a reason. If so, I suspect this study and this article are just the next step in issuing new rules about what FB considers appropriate content.

      Repeat after me: There Is No Liberal Agenda.

  • Ralph

    What the anti-Whites fear is that we are deprogramming people with the truth and they’re snaping out of their conditioning. Call us Deprogrammers of the Hate Whites Cult.

    • Morris LeChat

      Deprogramming is happening at a very fast pace. I overheard a feminist the other day wax on about how some figure said their “revolutions” take about a hundred years to bear fruit. That is because the change they want has to be forced on people, or they have to be intimidated or cajoled, or brainwashed into accepting it. All of liberalism goes against the natural common sense and desires of people. Inside most people who are brainwashed have strong desires, even if latent to throw off the mental chains that have been imposed on them. The truth is that reversing these things can happen at lightning speed. Liberalism requires constant brainwashing and reinforcement. That is why it takes so long to establish and why it can vanish so quickly.The real problem is that the right in this country believes it is defeated and that reversing everything will take so long it is hopeless. Nothing could be further from the truth. Someday, some white men with cajones will take power and just reverse much that has gone wrong by plain decree, and there will be little resistance against it from our people. There have been instances in history where public sentiment and popular opinion have been radically changed in just a few years. the internet and youtube have started devastating cracks in the ideological walls that the left has built to imprison us. What is happening right now is similar to the opening scene of one of the “Ice Age” movies, where the squirrel chasing his acorn starts a crack that spreads. We watch that crack spread, branch off into other cracks that spread, and branch off some more. It’s all happening very quickly and we know what the result will be but the crack spreads for quite some time before the structure suddenly fails. What we are witnessing now is the spreading of the cracks, and we are just wondering when the collapse and inundation will be. Think about it. Without the internet, the global warming hoax would never have been exposed. Without the internet, stories such as the shooting of the white baby in the head would not ever have been covered nationally, the media would have ignored it the way the did. They can ignore as much as they want now, it makes no difference. Without the internet, we would not have videos of all the black violence that happens every day. The fact is, much is already gushing through those cracks. When the federal reserve monetary/credit bubble collapses, then the collapse of the left will be quite dramatic.

      • bigone4u

        Excellent analysis. I’ll add that the only good thing about Obama is he’s speeding up the collapse. When it comes he will be on another of his continual vacations or shooting basketball. What a jerk.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        This is some of the best news I’ve heard in a while. The existence of the great cover-up and the witch hunt mentality of our oppressors forces news to travel by mouth and underground outlets. Facebook serves as a sort of word-of-mouth enabler and amplifier, as does the “webbytubey” in general.


        Dead on point friend. Lets see if we can’t help speed the process of cracking the Liberal Iceberg up……

  • Luca

    I think that free speech and anonymity are a powerful combination. This “study” tells me that apparently when people are exposed to the truth and protected from reprisal, well, the truth is fairly easy to see.

  • NM156

    Good to know AmRen allies post on Salon.

  • pcmustgo

    “The third contained an “egalitarian message,” a post in which Jack gives examples of anti-black racism he has witnessed.”

    I was going to applaud this, but I thought it said anti-white instead of anti-black… I thought they were somehow acknowledging discussing anti-white racist acts is ok and “egalitarian” given the need to equalize and discuss both sides of the racial issue.

  • TFD123

    Headline should read: “Leftists worry that open internet social interactions are harmful to their ability to control people’s thoughts.”

  • LHathaway

    “they “were more positive toward the messages with racist content—particularly the superiority message,”

    This is misleading. I will assume the superiority message was received more positively by the group of Facebook by users who are use Facebook more frequently and will also assume the superiority message had the least positive result of all three messages type from groups – frequent and rare users. .

  • LHathaway

    If you want to e-mail another poster on AmRen how do you do it?

  • IKantunderstand

    Well, ladies, all I can say , is that those FB users were so excited to see the truth their non-lying eyes were telling them, that of course they responded the way they did. Ya know, it’s tough trying to ignore the rain, especially when the weatherman keeps telling you that it’s sunny and you’re crazy if you notice the downpour.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    It’s nice to see liberals getting properly worried about their ability to control discourse in the new age of instant, uncensored online commenting. They know that once they lose control of speech, it won’t be long until the reality of racial differences becomes too obvious to keep under wraps.

  • Hunter Morrow

    There had to be a reason why Whites would start hitting the Like button on posts expressing forbidden and “racist” thoughts and a reason that said that those views were becoming popular because people feel they are true wasn’t an Acceptable Reason. So the phenomenon is something like “social inclusion.” What a load of b.s.

  • Rastus Darquavious Jackson

    If you make any “study” and the punchline is “racism” or “blame YT” you will go far in the world of academia, politics, and journalism. Some of these tools are useful idiots, some are just going along to get along and advance their carreer. It seems incredibly easy to get the most poorly written and researched pile of feces published as long as the bottom line undermines either: whites, christians, America, men, or traditional family values.

  • DelmarJackson

    I think YouTube is also a powerful educational tool. More so then Facebook.
    A year ago from last December I watched a video of and English woman named Emma West speaking out against the erasure of her culture from England via massive immigration. She was riding a bus at the time with her child. she spoke bluntly and crudely but forcefully and unafraid and was surrounded by those who hated her speaking out. She was arrested for hate speech and is still awaiting trial.
    No Facebook posting could have ever moved me more than that video.

    The video got millions of views in weeks. At first, most comments were hateful and called for her to be killed or brutally punished, I was astonished to see how much hatred she had aroused. In time more and more commenters spoke in favor of what she did. Eventually the video was pulled.
    Thanks to the Internet I have learned about the 1965 immigration Act that helped ruin my country, the 1995 Jordan commission that was applauded by Clinton and would have solved our immigration problem but was never implemented, and the lies both parties and the media have been feeding us for decades now.
    The Internet is the only thing that gives me any hope.
    join Numbersusa and read vdare every day

    • nobody

      Thanks for the links, buddy. I am always open to new and interesting reading material.

  • Mark

    Any comment or thought by a white person that is negative if it involves a negro, no matter how true or verifiable the comment or thought might be.
    Also: Not raising Every Other Race above your own White Race in thought or comment.

  • Mark

    Is it just me or do some of these blacks from other countries seem to be trying to live an American life, unlike our own poor, down trodden unapriciated negro?

  • nobody

    I have a few girls on my facebook who are the proud single mothers of halfrican children. They are always posting stuff about how we are all the same and how great they think interracial love is. I want to ask them if interracial love is so great why didn’t their baby’s father stick around to enjoy it for a while? But I just keep that kind of stuff to myself.

  • Tostig

    What is wrong with racialism? (Racism is a harsh ‘made up’ word). It is more honest than pretending that you love everyone. Races ARE different and not just by way of skin colour. Long live racial differences

  • Alexandra

    Translation: “Oh noes!!! People aren’t buying into the PC crap! Quick, get the Thought Police patrolling!”


    Did everyone notice how they word the text the subject read and the follow up question so the only ones who could possibly be racist are the white people? They also make it seem as if you happen to notice that white people are the only race that is constantly discriminated against in any institutionalized manner, you are racist.

    No need to get angry over it though. Because the more they roll out these hypocritical “studies” that are really just thinly disguised attempts to load Whitey up with enough White guilt to dull his senses to the anti White crusade. The more Whites will hopefully see it for what it is and have their eyes opened to the dreadful state that we Whites find ourselves in today.