Rebuilding a Ruined City

Ed Feulner, Real Clear Politics, April 7, 2013

Many are warning that the United States could become the next Greece. But there’s no need to look across the ocean to see a poorly-governed area that’s deep in debt and crumbling. Just look to Detroit.

That city was once the picture of American industrial might. {snip}

Now, though, the Motor City is collapsing in every conceivable way.

The unemployment rate is 18 percent, meaning almost one of every five people is out of work. A big reason for that is that the city’s schools have failed. Just 7 percent of eighth-graders are proficient in reading. Only a handful of Detroit residents (12 percent) have a college degree. Yet Detroit teachers are the best paid in the nation, the Mackinac Center for Policy Policy says, when their pay is adjusted for purchasing power.

Meanwhile, Detroit is $327 million in the red and has no credible plan to get back on its feet. That’s why Michigan’s Republican Gov. Rick Snyder recently appointed an emergency manager. Kevyn Orr has 18 months to try to save the city. Even though he has broad power to sell assets and renegotiate contracts, his job will be difficult.

These days there’s more work to be done tearing homes down than building new ones. An executive at Pulte Homes has set up a non-profit to do just that in Detroit. By reversing the building process, it can remove an empty house for just $5,000, half what it would cost the city government to do so.

In fact, government is more a hindrance than a help. “If the government could fix the problem, they would,” urban artist Jenenne Whitfield told National Review. “Everything we know that’s historically held up this city is broken. It’s a bit of a radical way of thinking . . . [but] our government has to change. It has to go back to what it was, going all the way back to the Constitution.”

A non-profit group called Motor City Blight Busters that has taken down some 1,500 houses. There are “a lot of rules and regulations that relate to removing property,” the group’s founder said. “The government [has been] interfering with our ability and others’ ability” to remove blight.


Detroit also needs to get a handle on crime. {snip}

Help may be on the way, though, following some common sense political reforms.

In a statewide election in Michigan last year, voters soundly defeated Proposal 2, a measure that would have made union collective bargaining a right and given collective bargaining agreements the force of law. {snip}


It’s possible that free-marketers will eventually rebuild on the ruins of Detroit. For now, though, it serves as a cautionary tale. Even a city with everything going for it can collapse under the weight of bad economic policies. The rest of us must learn from Detroit, not repeat its mistakes at the national level.

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  • Nice article, Ed Feulner. At least you’ll pay your bills this month. That is the only reason why you wrote the article. Pay ME enough, and I can write a very persuasive article explaining why Jesse Jackson should be placed on Mt. Rushmore.

    • IstvanIN

      Placing Jesse Jackson on Mt. Rushmore, without any safety equipment, harnesses, holds, etc., would be fine with me.

      • vladdy1

        Can we put Obama up there, too (never thought I’d find myself writing that)

        • IstvanIN

          …while wearing shiny leather soled shoes while holding hands with his fashion plate of a wife.

          • jfly

            patrick ewing with a wig

          • IstvanIN

            Barry or Michele? Either way you have insulted the actor who played Patrick Ewing.

          • jfly

            Moochelle. Patrick Ewing of Georgetown and the Knicks

          • IstvanIN

            Oh, him.

          • josh

            His wife,the “single mother”?

  • The__Bobster

    It’s possible that free-marketers will eventually rebuild on the ruins of Detroit. For now, though, it serves as a cautionary tale. Even a city with everything going for it can collapse under the weight of bad economic policies.

    Economic policies? That’s it? Really?

  • Puggg

    This is from a website called “Real Clear Politics,” yet we don’t get a single word or a single hint about the real clear cause of Detroit being Detroit.

  • khesanh67-68

    “Everything we know that’s historically held up this city is broken. It’s a bit of a radical way of thinking . . . [but] our government has to change. It has to go back to what it was, going all the way back to the Constitution.”
    The blacks never get tired of ridiculous comments. They actually thrive on malarkey. It’s reality they just can’t seem to get a handle on.

  • anarchyst

    The destruction of Detroit began with the influx of blacks . . . Before the calls of “racism” and “anti-semitism” start, hear me out. The destruction of Detroit started with Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” and HUD (Housing and Urban Development) “urban renewal” programs. Revamped welfare programs required the father to be absent in order for the woman to receive “benefits”. Hence, the destruction of the black family was set into motion. HUD (along with real estate speculators) would see to it that the best houses were torn down while leaving the “shacks” standing. Their idea was to depress property values, so they could snap them up at “bargain basement” prices. “Blockbusting” was a common tactic. . .

    . . . Real estate agents would send post cards to residents of a neighborhood with the message “a new family is moving into your neighborhood. If you wish to sell your home, contact me at xxx-xxxx”. A “new family” was a euphemism for “black”. There was an old saying “behind every black, there is a jew”. This is not only somewhat reprehensible to many, but in fact, it is actually true. The so-called “civil-rights (for some)” movement was largely spearheaded by jews. They may or may not have had good intentions, but they were indeed responsible for many of the racial problems we have today. In Detroit, jews actively sought out blacks to purchase their homes at inflated prices, taking advantage of them, while showing disregard for their white neighbors.
    Look at other cities and you will see enclaves of various ethnicities that are careful to sell to “their own kind”. Despite “equal housing” laws (a farce) and the abolition of most “restrictive covenants” , these minorities are able to mainain their cultural cohesiveness and preserve their neighborhoods (not a bad thing).
    It is FACT that in every major city, there is an underclass of blacks that destroys whatever they touch. Violence is a way of life. Then sad part is that decent blacks get “lumped in” with the “human garbage”. Not “racist”, merely a realist that has been around a long time, seen the changes and is willing to speak out.

    The “inner ring suburbs” adjacent to Detroit are being destroyed by the same people that destroyed Detroit. Suburban police departments are doing their best to maintain “order”, but are hit with cries of “racism” from the “human garbage” that knows how to “game the system” and play the “racial lottery”.
    The “in your face” attitude of black “youths”, the refusal to use sidewalks (impeding traffic by walking in the streets and refusing to give way for cars), foul language and the general lack of respect for others in “civil society” is rampant. Alarm companies are enjoying a booming business. Crime is UP. IF blacks want to be a part of society, they are going to have to “give up” their “ghetto thug” culture.

    The destruction of Detroit was accelerated by the 1967 riots. I remember well, the National Guard troops, the business areas being destroyed and the general lawlessness going on.
    It is interesting to note that blacks copied the jews (as what they did during Passover) by spray painting the words “soul brother” on the doors of black-owned business so the rioters would “pass over” and not destroy them.

    STRESS (Stop The Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets) was a successful program that utilized “decoys” (police officers disguised as vulnerable citizens, old men and women). This program was able to “draw out” the predatory elements in Detroit, whereby they were “dealt with” accordingly. Coleman Young, Detroit’s first black mayoral candidate made the abolition of the STRESS program one of his campaign promises as “too many black youths” were being dispatched to the “great hereafter”. His campaign was a success; one of his first acts as mayor was to abolish this worthwhilel program.

    The down side to cleaning up Detroit is that as the physical garbage and decay is removed, the human debris will also relocate. Garbage likes trash and they will leave like rats leaving a sinking ship. Then they will move to, and infest other cities.

    They’ll just move out to the suburbs and try to destroy them the way they’ve destroyed Detroit.

    It is laughable to think that blacks in Detroit were discriminated against (in the 1950’s and 1960’s). As whites, growing up in Detroit, we had to be wary of blacks. Fights were never one-on-one. Just as today’s black “flash mobs” operate as gangs, so it was in Detroit in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Blacks would gang up on one white kid, “just because they could”. Two black “kids” riding on one bike were a recipe for trouble. This was their way of stealing bikes from whites. Blacks would showcase their stolen bikes, daring white kids (and their parents) to take them back. Black parents would “look the other way” and also dare the whites to take them back. Police were no help as “possession was nine-tenths of the law”. . .

    . . .The only discrimination I saw was black-on-white criminal activity. This was back in the 1950’s and 1960’s when “discrimination” against blacks was supposed to be so prevalent.
    It’s ALWAYS been “get whitey” with blacks.
    Fortunately, in this day and age, whites are “waking up”.

    • pcmustgo

      Those Jews were just real estate brokers TRYING TO MAKE MONEY… Everyone in America sells out for money. They didn’t know what they were doing and if they did, they did it for money.

      Jews today are accused of buying out black residents in ghettos to move in new white hipster tenants who have tons of their parents money to pay inflated rents.

      So it goes both ways.

      • pcmustgo

        That is in Prospect Heights and Crown Heights Brooklyn, two super trendy, “up and coming” hipster areas that are still plenty black and ghetto 50/50 rich white people/ghetto black people… and other parts of Brooklyn.

      • josh

        Thats kind of like saying that the black youth who breaks your jaw playing the Knockout Game,because he has been in many fights with other blacks,is not anti-white! Stop defending those who hate you. The Civil Rights Act and its “sister” the Immigartion Act would not have occured but for the power of THEM. They rae not that much different than the black youths in the above post with the astolen bikes:They will laugh in your face and dare you to oppose them.

      • HamletsGhost

        They knew exactly what they were doing. Jews have been at war with pre-1965 America since they first came here. They imported blacks into the USA as slave traders, then made money off them by selling them houses in formerly white neighborhoods as block-busters.

        It goes both ways.

        • pcmustgo

          Wow, you sure they were the only slave-traders? Also, almost all of those slave-owners down South were WASP types… anglos…

          • pcmustgo

            Apparently, Jews were NOT over-represented in the slave trade.

          • HamletsGhost

            How do you know this? Do you have some historical data to support your assertion?

          • HamletsGhost

            I didn’t say they were the only ones in the slave trade. They are, however, the only ones whose involvement it is forbidden to mention.

            Funny, I as a white man have no problem admitting the fact that white men owned slaves, but you as a Jew, seem to have a raw nerve about anyone shining a light on your tribe’s involvement in the slave trade.

            Why so sensitive?

    • Sarge

      As some who grew-up in a suburb that bordered Detroit, and still lives in the metro Detroit area, your comments are 100% true!

    • Regarding the jew, I lived through block-busting in the 1950’s. It was great for, not only, the real estate industry, but for the economy in general, i.e., suburbs, roads, fuel consumption, criminal-industrial complex, private schools, etc.

      Getting back to the jew. Google “block-busting” and it will describe how US jews were block-busting in NYC and elsewhere in the 1880’s.

      Why do you think that race(?) has been so despised throughout the ages.

      I look how they affected me in my lifetime and I do not like it.

      • josh

        Who do you think made up the carpetbaggers?? How they roared with outrage when U.S. Grant issued General Order No. 9.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          That’s General Order No.11. And how right he was.

          • Claire Jason

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          • Oh stop already. And who gives this an up rating. Delete.

        • Felix_M

          I’d also like to know who the people were who sold liquor to the native Americans back then?

          Savannah, GA has an historically large Jewish community. Guess what one of the big commodities in that city was in the 19th century?

      • The near north side of Minneapolis use to be jewish and now it’s all black and completely crime ridden. It maddens me how so many white people still want to make excuses for black criminality.

    • Derelictus

      What percentage of Blacks would you say are truly decent? Kind of a relative term, I guess, but I wonder how many you could genuinely say have a moral value system aligned with most Whites, and are actually willing to oppose black-on-white crime, censorship of racial reality, etc. I realize most here on AmRen would shout NONE are decent…I can’t believe that, sorry. I don’t have any close Black friends (just one light-skinned friend and some light-skinned business acquaintances). Like most whites, the closest thing I have to “authentic” Black friend is Samuel L. Jackson…

      • anarchyst

        Not too many . . . when it comes to racial preferences among blacks, color trumps everything else. Many whites are unaware of the “caste” system that exists within the “black community”. Lighter-skinned blacks are seen as “house negroes” and are considered to be not 100% black.
        There are a few, such as Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams that are hated by their brethren because they dared to leave the “plantation”.

        • PesachPatriot

          This “caste system” among american blacks is very real…I didn’t know about it growing up in the rural north but I figured it out after a few weeks working in the hood….the lighter skinned mulatto ones are seen as better looking, smarter and having more ability in dealing with the outside world, but at the same time are looked down on by the darker blacks because they are a little too comfortable with white society, this is why the lighter skinned ones tend to be more militant and angry, because they are trying to prove their blackness . There is also a lot of tension based on nationality between the american born blacks, the haitians and the jamaicans….I never really understood it because white americans don’t really have the same thing….scandinavian americans don’t look down on greek or italian american for having darker features and hair and anglo saxons don’t give celtics a hard time about having red hair and freckles.

          • Jefferson

            Wrong, there are many Nordicists who want to preserve the Nordic race and they look down on Greeks and Italians. Especially Italians and Greeks that are able to get a darker tan than Anglo Saxons.

            You should browse Stormfront and Skadi, where Nordicism is alive and well.

          • PesachPatriot

            I’m definitely not nordic, so those places but probably wouldn’t be too accepting of me and I don’t go where I’m not wanted. From my experience in dealing with blacks both in the hood and in nicer areas most have a very difficult time distinguishing between different groups of european americans, especially since so many “white” americans are italian/ irish/anglo mixes, at least in the northeast where I grew up. They also have a tough time distinguishing between jews, arabs and mexicans not in beanies, towels or sombreros(all 3 of those groups go from whitish looking to pretty brown) or different kinds of asians….The nordics are obviously very good looking, civilized people and preserving that gene pool is a noble cause….It sucks to hear about the awful things that go on in scandinavia….This was just my personal observation….didn’t mean to offend…..this may sound odd, but I found the norse mythology very interesting when I was younger….

      • Rapid rate


        • Ed_NY

          With all due respect, I think you are way too generous in your estimation. I would argue that the good blacks are less then 1%.

          • Hunter Morrow

            Take their pulse to know if they are good or not.

        • Strider73

          Or about the same percentage that did not vote for Obama.

          The decent blacks never exceeded 10% (what W.E.B. DuBois called the “talented tenth”). When segregation was legal they were the shopkeepers, employers, teachers and (most important) enforcers of discipline. When segregation ended, they fled from their feral cousins ASAP (and who can blame them?). Decades of welfare-induced dysgenics, among other factors, have reduced their number to that ~3%, which will continue to decline as nearly all of them are middle-aged or older.

      • newscomments70

        I know some black people that are non-violent and law-abiding, but they all voted for anti-white Obama with white hating Eric Holder. ALL of them.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Ah, THERE’S the rub.

      • Anon

        The last reliable stat I saw (ie pre-Obama) was that 80% of black males commit a serious, victim based felony over their lifetimes.

        Yes….most on Amren would say NONE of the black population are “decent”. You can’t believe that? You can only indulge that because you are shielded from contact with them. Samuel L, Jackson by the way is well known for despising white people.

        Ironically, I, personally, have come into contact with and had as friends to a certain extent, actual decent human beings that happened to be black. I’ve also lived in black neighborhoods. I have no illusions about what blacks are. Almost all of them are monsters. Psychopaths. They’d kill you if you gave them the slightest reason to think they could get away with it, for no other reason than they think it might be fun. They’d rape your mother, your daughter, your sister, and probably you for good measure and pour bleach down your throat and burn you alive to hide the evidence. Lately, the new thing is someone posts a tweet and thousands of random black people show up to rape, burn, pillage (as has happened no less than 50 times in chicago the last couple of years).

        Your naivety won’t last long, I think. But back to your question. Not one black in a thousand has even a spark of humanity in them. One in a thousand of those is a decent and good person. They exist…but you are far more likely to encounter a rapist, robber, murderer etc. trying to get you to let your guard down.

      • watling

        Some are decent. Here in the UK the first wave of immigrants from the West Indies had, I believe, similar morals and standards of behaviour as the native population. So a lot of the older West Indians still have that moral compass whereas too many of their children and grandchildren do not. Many West Indian immigrants are devout Christians which probably helps.

        I suppose the first immigrants were grateful to be given the opportunity of a better life whilst later ones milk their minority status and too many have a big chip on their shoulder.

        I also find that most black Africans have better morals and standards of behaviour than British-born blacks.

        By all accounts the Nigerian family of Damilola Taylor, who was murdered by feral British-born blacks in London in 2000 (see:, seemed perfectly decent and law-abiding. I’m sure I read somewhere that the Taylor family moved to Britain for a better life. Little did they know that South London is more violent and dangerous than Nigeria.

        • George

          The first wave of black West Indians were surrounded by a very white population. This population still had an empire of white people ruling over lands occupied by blacks, browns and yellows. These white people had some very certain ideas about racial differences (the sort that we on AmRen know to be true).

          As a result, those first arrivals needed to be on their absolute best behaviour. Any sort of feral behaviour or illegal activity would be dealt with harshly. This is why that first generation wasn’t as large a social problem as it otherwise could have been, or succeeding generations *have* been.

          We see this same pattern with hispanics in the US. The first generation arrives, picks a peck of pickled peppers or whatnot. In any event, they work hard to provide opportunities and the American Dream to their children. The second generation, reared on the horror stories of the Casa del Cesspito that was their parents’ homeland, also works hard and enters the working or lower middle classes. By the third generation, though, they revert to type: poor education outcomes, gang membership, crime, welfare dependency. In other words, the ones allowed to stay today will be causing the crime and degeneracy 40 years hence.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          My suspicion is that relative handful of initial West Indian blacks were so completely outnumbered by genuine Britons that they felt the need to assimilate… and did. More recent arrivals have created a “critical mass” which has eliminated the need or desire to assimilate into a culture they could never have created on their own.

          Imagine if the United States had 400,000 Mexicans instead of some 40 million. Many people would know one or two Mexicans, but they’d have assimilated, would act like us Yanks, and most would speak English at home.

        • Gladys B

          The first generation is typically hardworking and diligent. They have memories of the sh!tholes their people create. It is their children and grandchildren that are the problem. They have no recollection of the Old Country and therefore look at their current circumstances and are determined to make them better, real, real fast. The Irish, Jewish and Italian mobsters tended to be second and third generation. By the third generation they are starting up their “anti-discrimination societies”. By that time, in their 3rd generation minds, white racism is the cause of all their problems.

      • Luis

        Maybe 2%, total, is my guess.

    • brengunn

      If you wish to sell your home, contact me at xxx-xxxx”. A “new family”
      was a euphemism for “black”. There was an old saying “behind every
      black, there is a jew”.

      I’m not familiar with this. Do you mean Jews would buy properties and move blacks in so they could then take advantage of white flight and buy the remaining properties at a reduced cost? But why would they do that. Surely any resale value would be affected by the fact that it had been turned into a black ghetto?

      • anarchyst

        Yes, in collusion with real-estate agents and the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, Detroit was destroyed. Don’t forget that real estate agents receive a commission on the selling price . . .
        Jews would turn around and sell (“flip”, in today’s terms) the house at a profit to blacks, thereby encouraging “white flight”. For those that lived in Detroit, 7 Mile Road and Meyers area was exclusively jewish. It didn’t take long for that area to go exclusively black. The abolition of “restrictive covenants” also played a part . . .

    • Thanks for sharing your story, which was way before my time. One of the lies my teachers, media, and politicians told me is that up until the civil rights movement, blacks were viciously discriminated against by whites. It is good to hear recollections of whites living in those days, who saw it differently. White attitudes of blacks, then and now, were not borne out of a vacuum, but out of personal experience and observation. Lately, I have been getting deluged with commercials for the new Jackie Robinson movie, which in all fairness might be both entertaining and historically accurate (although, that is highly doubtful, as it seems more like a thinly veiled attempt to guilt whites). However, we will never be treated to a movie depicting a white family living in Detroit in the 1950s and 1960s, being run out of the city their ancestors built, by criminal blacks. We have Mississippi Burning, but when will we have Detroit Burning?

      • anarchyst

        You are very welcome. Even as a child in decades past, I was very observant of my surroundings and sought to find out WHY.

    • Jefferson

      [QUOTE]The destruction of Detroit began with the influx of blacks . . . Before
      the calls of “racism” and “anti-semitism” start, hear me out.[/QUOTE]

      Why would someone be called an anti-semite for saying Blacks destroyed Detroit ? Do Ashkenazis belong to the same race as Sub Saharans ? The late racial anthropologist Carleton Coon would have disagreed.

      • anarchyst

        Prominent jews figured quite large in the so-called “civil-rights (for some)” movement. In fact, it was jews that started the NAACP, $PLC, CORE, SNCC and other such racist organizations. I have been called anti-semitic for pointing out the TRUTH. Ashkenazics are not jews “of the book” but are 7th-century converts that adopted the cultural aspects of judaism while remaining largely atheistic. Their cultural and social insularity and disdain for diversity are to be commended. It’s a shame that they do not accord us the same treatment. White attempts to establish social and cultural insularity are met with cries of “racism” and “anti-semitism” by jews and their black “fellow travelers”.

    • Felix_M

      Yup. America waged a war on poverty. Poverty won.

      • edie

        poverty of morals, poverty of free thinking, poverty of kindness

        lots of poverty in this land

    • It sure has taken a long time to wake up.

  • 1proactive2

    DIEtroit has been a black-led third world shooting gallery for over 40 years now, and the decay continues. The “rebuild Detroit” song has been sung for decades as well, and things have only gotten worse. That didn’t prevent tax money from pouring in all those years, however. State and federal funds kept flowing year after year except for the Reagan years when he put a halt to the federal funds part.
    Black voters are self-sabotaging and self-culling. I think it’s now completely truthful to say that blacks are not capable of peaceful and productive living.

  • 1proactive2

    The author forgot to mention the hundreds of black killers that run Detroit streets at will, 24/7. Let’s see how that fits into an “economics plan”.

  • vladdy1

    Only good thing Detroit’s produced in decades is the White Stripes

    • Derelictus

      Aren’t they most certainly DWLs? Like most “hip” musicians? Just sayin’…I do like some of their music…

  • bayouboy

    It should not be rebuilt, as least not by whites; it can’t be done without our tax dollars anyway and the idea of rebuilding it is really insulting to conservative whites. LET IT ROT. If the gentrifiers want to do some good, invest in a city that isn’t as far gone as that dump.

  • bigone4u

    The problem with Detroit isn’t the government, the US Constitution (!), money, global warming, white racism, or even the Easter Bunny or any other stupid thing libs want to blame. The problem is the people who live there. Black people.

    • Liberalsuck

      Well, the neocons have a good answer as to why Detroit failed…liberalism. Yes, liberalism is why all the black and Latino cities look like hellholes. How do they explain then why predominately white states and cities that are ran by White Democrats are much nicer places to be? (crickets chirping)

  • Bill

    Detroit will NEVER be turned around without ethnic cleansing. Simple as that.

  • This will be the first and last time DWL’s complain about government regulation.

  • Since this article was written by Ed Feulner of the Heritage Foundation, should we really be surprised that there isn’t any mention of Race? According to the GOP Spin Machine, the decline of cities like Detriot, Camden, etc is all due to Democrats, Labor Unions, Liberal policies, etc. I also notice that there isn’t any mention of the fallout from Free Trade Policies that groups like Heritage support.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Michigan’s Republican Gov. Rick Snyder recently appointed an emergency manager. Kevyn Orr

    Great choice, Gov. Snyder!!

    Gov. Rick Snyder introduced Orr to Detroiters as the expert who will begin running their city Monday.

    The next day, Orr faced his first crisis — a personal one — when The Detroit News asked him about two outstanding tax liens on his $1 million Maryland home that Orr and Snyder’s office were unaware of.

    Embarrassed, Orr quickly paid by check the $11,600 in debt, which he later called ‘a stain.’,d.cGE

    Detroit is a stain on the US.


    • Michael_C_Scott

      I’m afraid that Detroit was merely a “stain” 45 or so years ago. Today the city is a malignant tumor on the US.

  • solve kin lessing

    lord have mercy! black people is the ruination of my life!!

  • dd121

    Liberals live in an alternate universe.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Symptom symptom symptom symptom…disease?

    No, just a bunch of symptoms with no cause. Nothing to see here, folks.

    At least whitey isn’t being blamed directly, lol…

  • WhiteManFromTown

    Detroit was a “misunderstanding”. Blacks just wanted some privileges and stuff and whitey fled. And now in their squalor they are a living demonstration of what happens when the infection of white guilt sets in.

  • jefferson was a skank

    What a con and diversion as if Detroit were the only problem. Dont get sucked into this lie when every single city in America has been given trillions collectively to rebuild with Sec 8 HUD urban renewal grants that is unending? This excludes trillions for welfare, food stamps, medicals, etc etc. Its the same story with Haiti and its voodoo juju African roots slaughtering all the whites and cannibalizing them in 1801 the same year Thomas Jefferson took office who was the Father of Equality and opened the door for Marx and his tool Lincoln.

  • To Jim Harris anarchist
    I look how they(Jews) affected me in my lifetime and I do not like it.
    A lesson on Jewish history

    I am a Russian Jew, writer, philosopher. I’m finishing an article (don’t know who would dare publish it), and an excerpt I present here in short.

    Nowadays out of the root of the Judas’s tribe there are two branches – a healthy one and a rotten the other.

    1 The first ones a call Jews: they believe God and in God, they happily obey His moral law, His commandments, His evaluation of life by work, by merit.

    2 The others I call kikes (jzid in Russian). They disobey God. Their god is the twisted ideology of all men equality by birth in all possible relations, especially getting a good number of the fruit of somebody’s labor – just because they breath, eat, drink, defecate,
    urinate, and copulate – nothing else. I call them kikes not owing to a desire to insult them but because there is no other applicable word in English. It is simply wrong to award them with the name Jew.
    I teach that ‘the others’ is a lethal cancer of our country which can only and must be removed surgically.

    • anarchyst

      Interesting . . . tell us more. . .
      Best regards

  • Hunter Morrow

    If Detroit is ruined, what ruined it? Were they attacked by some Godzilla-style radioactive beast? Did “Ruination” hit the city like sulfur?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Even Godzilla – as an unstoppable alien engine of destruction – was merely a stand-in for the United States Army Air Force, which had done much the same thing to Japan only nine years before the original movie was made.

      Detroit, like Camden and Newark was killed by infection from an overly-successful, but extremely specialized parasite.