King of Fearmongers

Charlotte Allen, Weekly Standard, April 15, 2013

Last August a 28-year-old gay-rights volunteer named Floyd Corkins entered the office lobby of the Family Research Council (FRC), a Christian traditional-values group headquartered in Washington that condemns homosexual conduct and opposes same-sex marriage. Corkins took a gun from his backpack and fired three shots at building manager Leo Johnson, one of them wounding the unarmed Johnson in the arm before he wrested the gun from Corkins. On February 6 Corkins pleaded guilty to three felonies: committing an act of terrorism while armed, interstate transportation of a firearm and ammunition (he had bought the weapon in Virginia), and assault with intent to kill while armed. He faces a sentencing hearing on April 29 that could include up to 70 years in prison. According to federal prosecutors’ statements in court documents, Corkins told investigators that he had intended to kill Johnson and numerous other FRC employees. His backpack contained 15 sandwiches from the fast-food chain Chick-fil-A, whose founder, S. Truett Cathy, contributed through his family foundation to several organizations opposed to gay marriage, including the FRC. According to prosecutors, Corkins said he had planned to smear the faces of the dead FRC employees with the sandwiches once his shooting spree ended.

Corkins found out about the FRC from the ever-expanding (at least in recent years) list of “hate groups” tracked on the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a civil-rights behemoth bursting with donor cash headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama. Cofounded in 1971 by Morris S. Dees Jr. and Joseph Levin Jr. (who is now general counsel), the SPLC started out fighting legal battles against lingering segregation in the South. More recently—and more lucratively, its critics say—it has transformed itself into an all-purpose antihate crusader, labeling 1,007 different organizations across America at last count as “anti-gay,” “white nationalist,” “anti-Muslim,” “anti-immigrant,” or just plain hateful (one SPLC category is “general hate”). The SPLC put the FRC on its list of “anti-gay” organizations in 2010, and the SPLC’s “Hate Map” page, whose banner displays men in Nazi-style helmets giving Sieg Heil salutes, lists the FRC among 14 hate groups headquartered in the District of Columbia. The Hate Map doesn’t include the groups’ street addresses, but those typically take only a few seconds to find with Google. Besides the chicken sandwiches and some 50 rounds of ammunition found on Corkins’s person was the address of the Traditional Values Coalition, another D.C.-based “anti-gay” group listed on the SPLC’s Hate Map.


{snip} Thanks to the generosity of four decades’ worth of donors, many of whom—as SPLC president Richard Cohen himself noted in a telephone interview with me—are aging Northern-state “1960s liberals” who continue to associate “Southern” and “poverty” with lynchings, white-hooded Klansmen, and sitting at the back of the bus, and thanks also to what can only be described as the sheer genius at direct-mail marketing of Dees, the SPLC’s 76-year-old lawyer-founder, who was already a multimillionaire by the late 1960s from the direct-mail sales of everything from doormats to cookbooks, the SPLC is probably the richest poverty organization in the history of the world. From its very beginning the SPLC, thanks to Dees’s talent for crafting multi-page alarmist fundraising letters, has not only continuously operated in the black, but has steadily accumulated a mountain of surpluses augmented by a shrewdly managed investment portfolio. Today the SPLC’s net assets total more than $256 million (that figure appears on the SPLC’s 2011 tax return, the latest posted on the organization’s website). {snip}

So impressed was the Direct Marketing Association in 1998 with Dees’s superb fundraising talents that it inducted him into its Hall of Fame, where he shares honors with Benjamin Franklin, first postmaster general, and catalogue retailer L. L. Bean. The SPLC’s sprawling two-story concrete-and-glass headquarters in downtown Montgomery bore the nickname “Poverty Palace” among locals—until the mid-2000s, when the center, whose staff had grown to more than 200 (including 34 lawyers), moved into a fortress-like six-story office building that it had commissioned. The new SPLC building, a postmodernist parallelepiped faced in steel and black glass, has been variously described by its critics as a “small-scale Death Star” and a “highrise trailer.”

{snip} In 2010 the Montgomery Advertiser published a 60-photo online slideshow of Morris Dees’s lavishly appointed neo-Mediterranean home, whose eclectic architectural and interior-decor influences seemingly included the Alhambra, David Hockney’s swimming-pool paintings, the Etsy home page, and a 1970s shag-rug revival. {snip}

This leads to yet another SPLC irony: Its severest critics aren’t on the conservative right (although the Federation for American Immigration Reform, another “hate group” on the SPLC’s list, has done its fair share of complaining), but on the progressive left. It may come as a surprise to learn that one of the most vituperative of all the critics was the recently deceased Alexander Cockburn, columnist for the Nation and the leftist webzine CounterPunch. In a 2009 article for CounterPunch titled “King of the Hate Business,” Cockburn castigated Dees and the SPLC for using the 2008 election of Barack Obama as America’s first black president as yet another wringer for squeezing out direct-mail donations from “trembling liberals” by painting an apocalyptic picture of “millions of [anti-Obama] extremists primed to march down Main Street draped in Klan robes, a copy of Mein Kampf tucked under one arm and a Bible under the other.” Cockburn continued: “Ever since 1971 U.S. Postal Service mailbags have bulged with Dees’ fundraising letters, scaring dollars out of the pockets of trembling liberals aghast at his lurid depictions of hate-sodden America, in dire need of legal confrontation by the SPLC.”


What has infuriated the SPLC’s liberal critics is their suspicion that Morris Dees has used the SPLC primarily as a fundraising machine fueled by his direct-mail talents that generates a nice living for himself (the SPLC’s 2010 tax filing lists a compensation package of $345,000 for him as the organization’s chief trial counsel and highest-paid employee) and a handful of other high ranking SPLC officials plus luxurious offices and perks, but that does relatively little in the way of providing the legal services to poor people that its name implies.

CharityWatch (formerly the American Institute of Philanthropy), an independent organization that monitors and rates leading nonprofits for their fundraising efficiency, has consistently given the SPLC its lowest grade of “F” (i.e., “poor”) for its stockpiling of assets far beyond what CharityWatch deems a reasonable reserve (three years’ worth of operating expenses) to tide it over during donation-lean years. But even if the SPLC weren’t sitting on an unspent $256 million, according to CharityWatch, it would still be a mediocre (“C+”) performer among nonprofits. The SPLC’s 2011 tax filing reveals that the organization raised a total of $38.5 million from its donors that year but spent only $24.9 million on “program services,” with the rest going to salaries, overhead, and fundraising. And even that 67 percent figure is somewhat inflated, according to CharityWatch, which notes that the SPLC takes advantage of an accounting rule that permits nonprofits to count some of their fundraising expenses as “public education” if, for example, a mailer contains an informational component. CharityWatch, ignoring that accounting rule, maintains that only 60 percent—about $19 million—went to program services during the year in question. The SPLC’s 2011 tax return reveals that the organization spent $1.6 million (aside from salaries) on litigation-related costs that year, in contrast to the $7.8 million it spent on “professional fundraising services,” “postage and shipping cost,” “printing & lettershop,” and “other development cost.”

Furthermore, the SPLC spends a relatively high $26 on fundraising (according to CharityWatch, $18 according to the SPLC) for every $100 that it manages to raise. Compare that with the “B+” rated American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), where 78 percent of the budget goes to program services and $20 is spent for every $100 raised or to the “A-” rated ACLU Foundation (79 percent going to program services and only $11 spent to raise $100). True, the ACLU has net assets comparable to those of the SPLC, $254 million according to a fiscal 2012 financial statement, but it spends a full $111 million a year on program services. People who want to support a litigation-minded liberal organization and see a higher percentage of their donations actually spent on the causes they support might be better off giving to the ACLU—or to some shoestring civil rights nonprofit that actually needs the donor’s money.


During the 1970s and 1980s Dees is said to have briefly flirted with other liberal causes for the SPLC—abortion rights and gun control, for example—before shutting them down. But he hit the jackpot with the Ku Klux Klan, helped along by Klansmen’s regular denunciations of him as a Communist, an attempted firebombing of the SPLC office in 1983, and the occasional threat to his life. In 1981 Dees formed Klanwatch as an educational and publications unit of the SPLC. It was the beginning of the SPLC’s focus on “hate groups.” Fundraising letters flew out from Montgomery signed by such liberal celebrities as McGovern, Ethel Kennedy, and novelist Toni Morrison. A 1985 letter bearing the signature of a Montgomery rabbi “asked for funds to protect the Center and its staff, ‘who are suffering under a siege of Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi terrorism unparalleled in this decade,’ ” Egerton reported in the Progressive. The letter with its hints of anti-Semitism run amok, reportedly mailed to zip codes on the East and West Coasts populated by wealthy Jews, referred to Dees as “Morris Seligman Dees.” Dees was raised Baptist but received a rarely used Jewish-sounding middle name from his father, who had himself been named in honor of a “prominent Jewish Alabamian,” Egerton noted in his article. At one point in 1986 the SPLC’s entire cadre of staff attorneys quit en masse, dismayed by Dees’s obsession with the Klan at the expense of what they perceived to be more pressing civil rights issues such as employment and housing discrimination.


The SPLC’s most striking legal victory in the South was a $7 million judgment in 1987 against the United Klans of America, notorious for the violent acts committed by its members during the civil rights struggles of the 1960s. The SPLC had filed the suit on behalf of Beulah Mae Donald, a black woman whose son Michael was lynched by two Klansmen in Mobile, Alabama, in 1981. Donald received only a tiny fraction of that amount, however, since the United Klans’ sole asset by then was its national headquarters, a rundown warehouse in Tuscaloosa whose forced sale netted only $51,875. Meanwhile, according to the Montgomery Advertiser, the SPLC’s fundraising mailings highlighting the case, one of which featured a photo of Michael Donald’s corpse, brought the center $9 million in donations. The SPLC continues to this day to tout the $7 million judgment in its promotional materials and to take credit for putting the United Klans out of business, although some of its members simply joined other Klan groups after the United Klans dissolved.

Similarly, a $12.5 million judgment that the SPLC won in Oregon in 1990 against Tom Metzger, a former Ku Klux Klan grand dragon who later led a group called the White Aryan Resistance, over the beating death of an Ethiopian immigrant by three skinheads in 1988, remains largely a paper victory. Furthermore, even some civil libertarians were troubled by the SPLC’s legal strategy, which was predicated on the theory that Metzger and his son were responsible for the homicide because they had made incendiary racist statements that inspired the skinheads to commit the crime. The ACLU, for example, filed a friend-of-the-court brief arguing that the Metzgers’ statements were protected by the First Amendment’s free-speech guarantees and that the father and son should have been held liable only if it could be proved that they had intentionally provoked the skinheads’ violence.

{snip} A 2010 post on Hatewatch didn’t quite go so far as to characterize the Tea Party as a hate group, but it came close, citing the grassroots movement’s attraction for “antigovernment extremists.” On a web page titled “Misogyny: The Sites,” the SPLC skirts self-parody, branding the “manosphere” blogs of pickup artists and other dispensers of seduction techniques as hate-promoting because their posts bear such titles as “Even Nice Girls Are Sluts” and “More Proof That Feminism is a Social Cancer.” The SPLC is currently spotlighting the prison gang Aryan Brotherhood of Texas as a hate group because of its rumored, although as yet unproven, connection to the murders of two prosecutors in Kaufman County, Texas.

One of the SPLC’s leitmotifs is that there is an ever-spiraling amount of hate in America, and sure enough, its state-by-state list of hate and patriot groups has grown steadily over the years, especially during the presidency of Obama, a godsend to the SPLC’s fundraisers because of his race and his pro-gun control and pro-gay marriage stances. In the SPLC’s latest hate report, issued on March 5, it counted a record 1,360 patriot groups alone during 2012, up 6.75 percent since 2011 and up by almost a factor of 10 from the mere 149 such organizations that the SPLC had counted just before Obama was elected in 2008. {snip}

Critics have charged that the way the SPLC counts hate groups renders its impressive tallies essentially meaningless. One of the most vocal critics is Laird Wilcox, a self-described political liberal in Olathe, Kansas, who has been tracking radical-fringe organizations on both the left and the right for five decades, amassing an enormous documentary archive that is now housed at the library of the University of Kansas. According to Wilcox, many of the organizations on the SPLC’s expansive list “may be two guys and a post-office box,” while others might not exist at all. “Their lists of hate groups never have addresses that can be checked,” Wilcox said in a telephone interview. “I’ve had police departments across the country calling me and saying we can’t find this group [on the SPLC’s list]. All they can find is a post-office box, so I have to tell them that I don’t know whether they even exist.” In a self-published book, The Watchdogs, he criticized the SPLC for having “misleadingly padded” its list of white-supremacy organizations. {snip}


To the SPLC’s credit—or perhaps in an effort to distance itself gradually from Dees’s much-criticized fish-in-a-barrel Klan lawsuits—the center’s legal department, which now maintains offices in four other Southern cities besides Montgomery, has branched out substantially into immigrant rights, prison reform, and gay and lesbian issues (although several critics with whom I spoke speculated that the last might represent another of Dees’s efforts to tap via mailing lists into a well-off and easily frightened donor base: gays). The SPLC’s online list of its legal actions seems thin for a staff of 34 lawyers plus about 36 support-staffers: only 16 new case-filings in 2012 plus 1 in 2013, although Cohen, the center’s president and legal director, said the list represents only the tip of a litigation iceberg, and that most of the suits had been preceded by months of laborious investigation.


In 2011 the Gruber Foundation, headquartered at Yale, awarded Dees its coveted Justice Prize, citing, yes, one more time, that $7 million verdict the SPLC won in 1987 against the United Klans of America. In August 2012 the American Bar Association presented him with the ABA Medal, the organization’s highest award, “for exceptionally distinguished service by a lawyer or lawyers to the cause of American jurisprudence.” (Both the Gruber Foundation and the ABA declined requests for interviews.) At around the time that Dees picked up his medal from the ABA last summer, the Obama Justice Department hosted him as a featured speaker at a “diversity training event” for some of its employees in Washington, where a DOJ staffer picked him up at the airport and took him out to dinner with his family, according to emails obtained by the conservative group Judicial Watch under a Freedom of Information Act request.

Still, there may soon come a day when the SPLC’s donation-generating machine, powered by Dees’s mastery of the use of “hate” to coax dollars from the highly educated and the highly gullible, finally breaks down. That is why, according to Cohen, the SPLC has no intention of soon spending down much of that $256 million in stockpiled assets that has earned the center an “F” rating from CharityWatch. “We’ve tried to raise a substantial endowment, because our fundraising is on a downward trend,” Cohen told me. “Those 1960s liberals—they’re getting older, and the post office is dying. We’re likely to be out of the fundraising business within 10 years.” What the SPLC wants to do is to ensure that “hate” is forever.


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  • It’s not that I’m not happy that they’re recognizing the problem, but the Meekly Standard is a neo-con publication. What is it with neos having a problem the the paranoia-industrial complex all of a sudden, when nothing they ever did really bothered them before?

    • Steven Bannister

      In short – even the “dumb right” are starting to wake up, slowly but surely.

  • The__Bobster

    Someone needs to sue the pants off the rich $PLC for targeting groups that disagree with them.

    Still, there may soon come a day when the SPLC’s donation-generating machine, powered by Dees’s mastery of the use of “hate” to coax dollars from the highly educated and the highly gullible, finally breaks down. That is why, according to Cohen, the SPLC has no intention of soon spending down much of that $256 million in stockpiled assets that has earned the center an “F” rating from CharityWatch. “We’ve tried to raise a substantial endowment, because our fundraising is on a downward trend,” Cohen told me. “Those 1960s liberals—they’re getting older, and the post office is dying. We’re likely to be out of the fundraising business within 10 years.” What the SPLC wants to do is to ensure that “hate” is forever.

    • This is why they’re moving into the LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH and immigration business quickly.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I’m suprised at the “F” rating, because they have insisted for years that their donation-hustling hype is “education” and therefore a “service”.

      Could it be that one has finally worn thin? Is that crackling sound I hear Hell freezing over?

  • tboughtcrime

    The SPLC is just as kosher as the NAACP and the ADL. All those orgs have one goal in mind and that is White Genocide. Google archive dot org Dr. William Luther Pierce broadcast archives for much more detail on all those orgs and much much more. Listen to the man carefully, listen repeatedly, understanding will come of the real situation we are in. The man worked for nearly 40 yrs for our betterment. Lend the great man your ears, minds and hearts. But prepare yourself, a lot of what he has to say may sting like salt in a wound but it needs to be heard and understood. Freedom thru understanding.

    • Rosebud

      I have a great deal more respect for the late Dr. Pierce than I do for Jared Taylor. Unlike Taylor, Pierce wasn’t afraid to call out the Jews for who and what they are.

      • bigone4u

        Maybe Mr. Taylor isn’t afraid, but simply doesn’t agree with the proposition that Jews are the cause of all the world’s problems.

        • IstvanIN

          They aren’t. The majority may not be our friends but that doesn’t mean we had to follow their marching orders. The majority of Jewish politicians are elected in majority white districts. We are our worst enemy.

          • Steven Bannister

            Here’s how to think about the Jews:

            Back in the 1940’s and 50’s there was a criminal organization known as Cosa Nostra, more commonly known as THE ITALIAN MAFIA. Now, the American public knew that all members of the Mafia were Italian – yet they also understood that not all Italians belonged to the Mafia.

            And so it is with the Jews. Yes, there IS a core group of Jews in Hollywood, Wall Street and Washington that push anti-white policies. Yes, they could be accurately described as a “mafia” and I think the SPLC is a good example of that mafia’s public face.

            But NOT ALL Jews belong to this group or have this mindset. I personally know many Jews who are not anti-white at all. In fact, some Jews actually support our cause and have publicly articulated their views.

            Yes, we SHOULD discuss the historical role that Jews have played in white dispossession and I encourage EVERYONE to read the works of Kevin MacDonald and others who illuminate this issue.

            But let’s not make enemies where we don’t have to. Not all Italians belonged to the Italian Mafia and not all Jews belong to the Jewish mafia.

          • bigone4u

            Henry Makow is Jewish and is accused of being anti-semitic for making the same points as you. Falsely accused in my mind. Your advice not to make unnecessary enemies is excellent.

          • David Ashton

            This is a good statement of the most sensible position.

            You need to look at the historic interaction between Jews as an international people without a proper homeland and the peoples with national homelands where Jews reside, as objectively as possible. The study of “antisemitism” is a complicated one, though there are a dozen or so valuable studies (I would include MacDonald’s) that those with much interest but insufficient time can consult. There are cultural elements in the “conflict” also.

            The current problem is what matters. To risk generalization: Jews are naturally on their guard against collective defamation and any revival of physical elimination, although a certain amount of hostility helps to keep them together and to sustain Zionism and emigration to Israel. As the late Rabbi Hugo Gryn once said, “We do not feel secure unless we are supreme”; and that of course is also part of the problem, which we need to keep in mind without any necessity to harp on it explicitly.

            What white Gentiles should do is simply to emphasize the inherent justice of preserving western civilization and the peoples who built it. For various reasons some Jews will go along with this; others may not. The point is that it does not, and should not, actually constitute an existential threat to them, and none of them could honestly enlist non-Jewish support for a claim that it does so.

            In recent years some Jews have attacked western decadence, multiculturalism, communism and “nomadic finance”, as well as the immigration of Muslims and other third-worlders who hate Israel. Other Jews have shown, in science and medicine especially, that they are not wholly “parasitic” as Hitler claimed; and their contribution should be welcome just as any of their anti-western tendencies in e.g. Cultural Marxism should be opposed. Both these assertions can be made explicitly, without our enemies – Gentile or Jew – claiming that we are obsessed with Jews or hostile towards them as a whole.

          • IstvanIN

            The fact remains is that the Jews have been a hostile minority throughout the west, or as my late grandmother put it to me, “they have raped every country they have been allowed in”. The Jews consider us no better than cattle. The Jews at the top, supported by the Jews at the bottom, work to undermine the countries they emigrate to. They have worked feverishly to transform both the US and Australia, for example. Their beef with the US? They weren’t allowed in certain country clubs or colleges. As if any new ethnic group prior to WW2 didn’t suffer outsider status. The US let them in and then they decided we weren’t fair and decided to get back at us. The US has been the BEST country in the world for Jews, bar none, including Israel, and yet they still whine and moan and plot. Are some Jews loyal Americans? Yes, but most, I wouldn’t be too sure.

            My ancestors suffered at the hands of the Jews. After WW1 the Jews, led by Bela Kun, tried to do to Hungary what they did to Russia. The revolution of 1956 was as much a revolt against the Jewish controlled secret police and central government as it was against the Soviet occupation and communism. Imre Nagy, in fact, was a loyal communist. The Jews are not as innocent as they would have us all believe.

          • IstvanIN

            Please remember that their were significant numbers of Italian Americans who fought against the Italian Mafia. There was also a significant Jewish Mob as well. The current Russian Mafia is ethnically Jewish.

          • Mentious

            Thus the need for education of those whites in those districts, etc.

        • Rosebud

          Tell that to the Palestinians; who, for decades now have suffered cruel mistreatment under Israeli occupation.

          Indeed, Jews aren’t responsible for the world’s woes. But when you look at history, you’ll find that ‘the tribe’ are a huge part of why things are the way they are. (At least from a white racial perspective.)

        • They are not the cause of all the worlds problems, only the cause of the problems they do cause, and because they have their nose in almost everything, their opportunity to cause problems is almost unlimited.

          Most Jews are now known for scientific fact by DNA to not be descendents of Abraham, but rather descendents of a warrior tribe from Russia, the Kashars.

      • JohnEngelman

        The Jews are God’s chosen people.

        – Charles Murray

        • bigone4u

          Nice link to a short history of the Jews and their accomplishments but I would not go so far as to call them God’s chosen people.

        • David Ashton

          Of course, we are now getting silly.
          But at least Biblical “mythology” is not Judeocidal, unlike Hitler’s “rational” antisemitism and “Ausrottung”.

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          Chosen for what, and who is this God character?

          Sociopaths believe they have been chosen with the gift of lack of conscious.
          They are also compulsive liars, leave a path of destruction every where they go while claiming they are the ones being persecuted, use pity and guilt to control those the wish to destroy, and their genetic defect (the thing that causes sociopathy) is transmitted to the child only by the mother – similar to hemophilia.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            This is the equivalent of my statement that I am the Chosen Person because the Easter Bunny told me. The thesis is not disprovable.

      • Epiminondas

        Taylor is right to eschew an attack on Jews. It takes the focus away from trying to inform whites of their deteriorating situation. Many whites have little sense of history, and the attempt to explain why Jews are the problem would be an uphill slog. Better to get whites to pay attention to their immediate peril of disenfranchisement by non-whites. Once whites understand that, then they can more readily grasp HOW they got here.

  • bigone4u

    Charlotte Allen often does good reporting, going much deeper into stories than libtard reporters. If you want a good laugh look at all 60 pics of Morris Dees’ luxury house and his ugly trophy wife (ugly and trophy are contradictions but take a look and understand). That said, I wonder if the Alabama press is going to pick up on her story and call out SPLC for the fraud that it is.

    • ViktorNN

      That photo slide show is hilarious. Proves the old adage that money can’t buy taste.

  • Easyrhino1

    For the sake of accuracy, it’s not the SPLC it’s the $PLC.

  • ViktorNN

    It’s nice to see the credibility of the $PLC chipped away at, article by article. Any time the $PLC is cited as an authority, we should be there pointing out how full of it they are, and what a bunch of money grubbing wankers they are.

  • RHG

    The best word in this whole thing was the word “aging”, a bunch of warmed over 60’s white useful idiots who, thankfully have one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel. Good riddance to white trash.

  • bigone4u

    As much as I despise the $PLC I have to say it was a stroke of genius to locate in Montgomery Alabama. Their propaganda aimed at raising money can make the claim that they’re in the middle of KKK territory, besigned by Klansmen and neo-Nazis. It makes them look brave and stalwart to live every day in the middle of enemy territory. In reality of course, there is little danger to them, but the rubes up north are convinced that every southerner is a wild-eyed heavily armed racist redneck cross burner.

  • I no long

  • southern degradation

    They need to change the name to Liberals and Fags and stop degrading the Southern name as they do.

  • Hunter Morrow

    24 comments and nobody noting how 7 of the top 10 highest paid people at the Semitic Poverty Law Center are either jews or married to a jew?

    Does President RICHARD COHEN sound authentically American Southern to you?

    Anybody who takes this comment down is a coward. AmRen plays with kid gloves with groups like the SPLC and all it gets for the restraint is insult and “hate group” designation that is spread far and wide to every major police precinct in the nation.

    Well, if we’re gonna be called a hate group, let us start hating culture-appropriating subversives like President RICHARD COHEN.

  • Once in a blue moon the Neo Cons at the Weekly Standard will write something true. It’s about the same ratio of truth as the New York Times. The Neo Cons at the Weekly Standard support race replacement genocide of our people through mass immigration, of course they support Israel as a Jewish Ethnostate.

  • JimP

    There is much more to be said about $PLC. I have yet to find a detailed examination of how
    the genesis of much SPLC activity rests in the excessive liberal reactions to certain excesses
    of the FBI and other federal agencies back in the 60’s (e.g. COINTELPRO ). The sanctimonious, cherubic Senator Frank Church gained a lot of mileage over placing undue
    constraints upon federal law enforcement. Lots of the “Intelligence” function of $PLC surely
    arises from cheap and easy liberal indignation. And from such indignation, $PLC offers to
    fill in the vacuum with mountains of gossipy “intelligence” for local and regional law enforcement agencies (some of whom have no one employed who has a level of literacy to
    evaluate much of anything “hate” groups write ) . The most debased activity of SPLC, however, appears to be abuse of legal process by which the legal system is perverted into an instrument of financial punishment against those whose first amendment exercise Dee$ and $upporter$ seek to end or vastly constrain,. This has a way of boomeranging, however. A lot of lawyers and no small number of judges do not like to see the legal system messed with this way. After all, they depend on the system to feed their families and to increase their bank balance. Such politically perverse barratry is a threat to the system as a whole. Plenty of federal law enforcement personnel are very unhappy about the various antics of $PLC that impinge upon their duties and undercut their training and skills. If some counterpart to the 1970’s Senate “Church Committee” were to investigate $PLC, it would
    probably be the beginning of the end for The Poverty Palace in Montgomery, AL. Don’t
    hold you breath waiting for it to happen in the present political climate.

    • A George Mason University grad student’s Ph.D. thesis proved as much. Because of the new post-Cointelpro restrictions on Federal law enforcement, the Federal alphabet gang couldn’t gather intel and gossip like it was allowed to before. So they use the ADL and SPLC as private mechanisms to do what it suddenly was disallowed in doing to gather information on people and groups that it wants to investigate. However, it’s a quid pro quo: The ADL and SPLC want something for their time and trouble, and what the FBI/ATF/DEA/etc. do to pay them back is to implore its agents or more often its informants/snitches/supergrassers/stoolpidgeons to dress up in funny uniforms with pointed white hoods and/or bent crosses to parade around on the street corner, to create the pretense that all these Nazi/Klan groups are “out there,” and that of course was until recently the paranoia-industrial complex’s bread and butter.

      • Ted

        “quid pro quo” One hopes the federal agencies–well, maybe excepting the rogue
        BATFE–do not trade information with $PLC. It is high time sufficient constraints were put upon the FOIA, etc., so that the federal agencies can gather information according to professional law enforcement standards and put this Dees Hollywood
        $PLC spectacle out of the “intelligence” business.