Why I Hope You Won’t Read “Being White in Philly”

Steve Volk, The Philly Post, March 5, 2013

Exactly what constitutes racism is a matter of debate. But my own sense is that racism takes many forms and one is a preoccupation with race—seeing skin color before the person, or wrongly assuming a person’s race to be a primary cause of their behavior. I believe the story “Being White in Philly,” in the March issue of Philadelphia Magazine, is guilty of these forms of racism. And this isn’t an assessment I make with any pleasure.

The story’s writer, Bob Huber, is a friend and colleague whose work I’ve long respected. His lament, in this piece, is that whites can’t talk about race for fear of being labeled “racist.” And the story’s stated aim is to print the things white people think but are uncomfortable saying. Problems crop up throughout: No African-Americans are interviewed in the piece, nor are any Asians or Latinos; and the narrative takes place in a small swath of land, along the border of Fairmount, a largely white section of the city, and North Philadelphia, which is predominantly African-American. This gives a story that purports to be broad and authoritative a narrow cast. But I’m going to start by focusing on one early exchange, between Bob and a white Russian lady, who cuts loose.

“Blacks use skin color as an excuse,” she says. “Discrimination is an excuse, instead of moving forward. … It’s a shame—you pay taxes, they’re not doing anything except sitting on porches smoking pot … Why do you support them when they won’t work, just making babies and smoking pot?”

There isn’t much done to contextualize this quote. And what’s there seems to endorse the Russian lady’s view. “If you’re not an American, the absence of a historical filter results in a raw view focused strictly on the here and now,” Huber writes, which I interpret as suggesting the foreigner has a clearer-eyed view of the moment.

Bob assures me he just wanted to let his sources speak for themselves in this story. But he seems to miss the obvious here, which is that if white Philadelphians would like to be able to address race without being labeled “racist,” they should avoid saying racist things. But there are further layers of error and creeping bias to uncover here.

The story never really sets itself up properly. For instance, it’s never stated that the writer is going to let his sources say any ‘ole thing. And the resulting piece doesn’t seem to obey even the most basic journalistic conventions—like being true. After all, the city’s African-Americans demonstrably aren’t sitting on their porches, waiting for government checks to arrive. They’re working—the unemployment rate among African-Americans is 14 percent.  {snip}

Now, Bob writes that he wants to see the city begin to engage in a meaningful conversation about race. And I’m sure, with the story now online, a “conversation” will start. I’m going to try and write something here that might render that conversation productive. Because there is a subtler issue at play here—namely, “Being White in Philly” never really raises matters of race.

As the piece winds on, Bob writes about street fights, drug dealing, muggings, the theft of grills and Halloween pumpkins. In each instance, the only feature of the perpetrators he mentions is the (imagined) color of their skin. I say “imagined” because, in some instances there is no witness—just the thought that it must have been a “black guy” or kid acting as the culprit.


It is, in my opinion, one thing for some racist resident to feel and think these thoughts, another entirely for a major city magazine to do it—and publish them as fact. What’s missing, among many things, is meaningful analysis.

{snip} And I’d contend that if this story ever moved beyond its contention that we need to talk about race, to actually thinking about what it is we need to say, Bob might have realized the behaviors that so concern him aren’t related to race but to socioeconomics.


This Philly Mag article, however, never even reaches this level of awareness. Instead, we encounter a litany of anecdotes about blacks and imagined blacks behaving badly. And frankly, nearly a week after I first read this story, I still can’t believe I’m not just making it up.

{snip} It’s Bob who edited my story “What Will Happen to Harold?,” in which I wrote about the challenges a 10-year-old African-American boy faces in North Philadelphia. And just this summer, our magazine’s editor, Tom McGrath, helped me pull together this story about how post traumatic stress disorder afflicts thousands of residents in this city’s poorest neighborhoods. In each case, both men edited with intelligence and sensitivity. And I expect they will both do so again.

What happened on this current piece?

Did both men fall off a horse?


It is not lost on me that ”Being White in Philly,” is (most likely) a transparent attempt to get an emotional reaction, and in that sense I am only feeding the fire I suspect the magazine hoped would start. So let me conclude by saying something even more outrageous: I sincerely hope you will not read Bob’s story. Let me do this service for you. Whoever you are, “Being White in Philly,” is not—in my opinion—worthy of your time.

[Editor’s Note: Our snipped version of the original article is available here.]


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  • Bergeron

    This article is pure and entertaining evidence of the accuracy of Huber’s article. Q.E.D.

  • sbuffalonative

    Exactly what constitutes racism is a matter of debate. But my own sense is that racism takes many forms and one is a preoccupation with race
    I read the first sentence and I had to stop to see if the author was white or black.
    He’s white.
    Now I know that anyone who incessantly dwells on race is a racist; unless, of course, he’s excluding blacks.

  • Dougie

    If Huber’s point is that whites are afraid to talk about race then Steve Volk provides a concrete example.

  • jay11

    I have personally had conversations with Mexicans, Columbians and Ecuadorians in which they expressed their astonishment that blacks could be so violent and still benefet from so many black-only set-asides and programs.

    • William

      Oh please! Hispanics talking about violence? Give me a break! They are probably the most violent people out there.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        Stop calling them Hispanic. They are not from Southwestern Europe. They are brown pigmies with 70 IQs from Central and South America. Call them Browns. They call Africans Black and Europeans White. They are Browns, not Hispanic. Hispanics are people from Spain, Portugal and Andorra, that’s it.

        • IstvanIN

          Language evolves. Language means what the majority thinks it means. In America, today, Hispanic means anyone from Latin America, or of Latin American ancestry, regardless of race. Mestizos from Mexico, Germans from southern Brazil, Chinese from Cuba are all “Hispanic”, although i would imagine most people think of mestizo first and foremost when the word Hispanic is mentioned. Should Spaniards and Portuguese be considered “Hispanic” in the American sense, probably not, but the government does, and that is who counts.

          • DudeWheresMyCountry?

            Considered Hispanic? They are. So by your logic if the government says blue is green then we all have to slump over and say, ok? I don’t think so. Hispanic to the government means Spanish speaking but this is a tactic to include them as White in crime stats and to avoid the obvious racial invasion they keep denying is happening. I don’t need the government to tell me which way is up, especially when they are saying it is down. Don’t abide by the lies.

          • IstvanIN

            Listen, if you want to be one of those folks who doesn’t want to understand language the way it is used today, and let’s be real, most people DO NOT think Spaniard when they hear Hispanic, then so be it. But insisting that we subscribe to a definition of a word, while valid, that is not commonly used, isn’t going to get you anywhere. I can insist that we only use the world “cool” to refer to temperature, but that isn’t going to make any difference in the real world.

          • DudeWheresMyCountry?

            I would rather go with the truth and be right than listen to the government lies and be wrong. If you are versed in History you will know I am simply correct; why do you accept the government using skin color to classify Whites and Blacks, geography to classify Asians (East and South Asians) and language for Browns (Hispanic)? C’mon, don’t go with the mindless herd, I know your better than that… your argument is basically… well, if the government says so and convinces a lot of people to go along with it than why not?

          • Northerner

            That’s how it is. When it comes to Americans, how would you classify whites and blacks by geography or language? you can’t.

          • DudeWheresMyCountry?

            Let me help you out here, we are talking about racial designations… not national or geographic ones. So a Spaniard is Hispanic but you want to make Hispanic a racial designation so in that regard you are erroneously lumping Spaniards with Guatemalans and other Central American people. That would be like saying an Englishman and an Apache Indian are the same people if they both speak English.

            This is an intentional mistake meant to blur racial designations and I see the results often… in crime statistics and it confuses people that don’t know much about history. I have to tell people all the time that Spanish is not from Mexico and that Mexicans had nothing to do with the US Southwest, it was The Spanish Empire that conquered and colonized the SW. Just the other day I had to straighten out an acquaintance that said Mexicans have a right to this land as they were the ones who colonized it with the missions. I told her no, The Spaniards did that and they never had any intentions of creating more living space for Mexicans pigmies or mestizos. She responded by saying, “Well Mexico and Spain are the same thing, same people.” I corrected her telling her she couldn’t be more wrong.

            That is what we get when we lump people together and call people something they are not.

            Hispania is a word for the Iberian Peninsula of Europe and only someone very misinformed would think Mexican pigmies had anything to do with Europeans, other than being conquered by them.

            Mexicans are not Spanish, they speak a Spanish language because they were colonized by Spain. Using a linguistic designation to describe different races as one is just a leftist tactic, open your eyes.

          • ms_anthro

            Excellent post. Mestizos have as little in common with Spaniards as Haitians do with the French. Or as our inner city diversities do with the indigenous English, for that matter.

            Control language, and you’ve gone a long way towards controlling thought. Personally, I don’t refer to Hispanics unless I’m talking about Spaniards from Spain or white upper caste descendants of Spaniards in the colonial countries of South America. The others are Indians or mestizos, period.

          • Northerner

            What you basically want is for whites to not be grouped into categories along with people who aren’t white, because language as it’s used today does this and it offends you. This is hardly anything new.

            It depends on how much people care to make the distinctions. If you were in Canada in the province of Quebec, all they want to know is whether someone speaks French or English. Race seldom enters the conversation, because ultimately they consider that less important. People on AR may care, but not anyone else. Likewise, confounding Mexicans and the Spanish together may be an error, but again, it doesn’t affect the average person who isn’t racially aware. Why would it? It only matters to you because to you it’s an insult.

          • Jim G

            “Listen, if you want to be one of those folks who doesn’t
            want to understand language the way it is used today…”

            Have you ever heard of George Orwell? The major enterprise of Big Brother state is to capture the meaning of words. When you control the meaning of words you control the way people think.

            See what nonsense are young people think today. Homosexuals are gay. Normal men are not normal they are straight. People who criticize perverse behavior are haters. People who question history are deniers.

            There is the Black race, White race, Yellow race, and Brown race. There may be more races but certainly there are these four races. If you want to muddy the racial waters you confuse people by refusing them to affirm
            the Brown race.

            A Brown person was for centuries confidently known as the Red man. Forcing Americans to call this Brown person a Hispanic is major triumph for the anti-White forces.

            The pro-White people have a duty to not fall into the politically correct speech habit.

          • jane johnson

            Yes, Orwell is a good example, but Nietzsche is better. “The basic rule of linguistic transformation is that notions of political superiority transform themselves into notions connoting superiority of soul or spirit”. DWLs are so convinced of their own moral superiority that they can justify ANY means to serve their ends. They have no rational argument for the damage that they do, so it’s all about the dogma of diversity and egalitarianism in the name of social justice. They can neither back up their claims, nor engage in honest debate, so they must silence the opposition. What better way than to control the dialogue one word at a time? And they are very, very good at it.

      • Gene

        I agree. Let them take their sorry butts back to their native lands. They are destroying our nation.

      • JohnEngelman

        Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery…

        Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate

        – Jared Taylor, from “The Color of Crime”

        • The__Bobster

          Choose your poison.

        • Pete

          So we should deal with the “not quite as bad” criminal nd menace to society?”

        • FLeFlore

          Nonsense about blacks being seven times more likely…Have you seen the people profiled on Investigation Discovery?

      • sean

        what planet do you live on? Hispanics “are the most violent people out there”? Have you ever looked at the stats? Blacks are by far the most violent race in this country. Blacks are number one in murder, assault, rape and robbery. I when I say they are number one, they are number one by a long-shot. Hispanics may be number 2 but its no where near the level of death and destruction that black heap on this country. Get your facts straight. Just because you don’t like Hispanics doesn’t mean you can make ridiculous statements like saying they are the most violent when anyone who has liveed with or near blacks knows that the negro is the most dangerous criminal.

        • verity

          Three times more likely or seven times more likely? Both statistics mean that we have to beware of both! Why split hairs?
          Also, think of it this way: for those areas where blacks are few (and there are such places in the US, even now) Hispanics are the most violent. It’s certainly true where I live. Please, this site is not meant as a Hispanic advocacy forum is it?

          • sean

            I never claimed to be advocating for Hispanics. But don’t mislead people either. I come to this site for the truth. And the truth is that blacks a far more violent than Hispanics. And don’t forget that at least some Hispanics are white like senator Ted Cruz from Texas. I can’t say the same any blacks.

          • Jenna Kerr

            If they didn’t count “Hispanics” as whites for crime statistics the “Hispanic” crime rates would be higher.

            Interestingly some Central American countries have higher violent crime rates than South Africa.

        • Pelayo

          True. They may qualify as being the most violent race in the world.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          Bantus are not “people”. Therefore his statement is correct. Bantus are indeed the most savage and feral bi-peds in our land but I wouldn’t classify them as people.

        • FLeFlore

          People in all races commit crimes. No one group has a monopoly on being violent, whether they are white, black or Hispanic. Just as there are people of all races who abhor crime and violence.

      • MekongDelta69

        “Hispanics” is just another leftist term, like ‘African-American’ or ‘people of color.’

        I simply call them brown or if I’m in a good mood, Hispandex.

    • The__Bobster

      They benefit BECAUSE they are so violent. Spineless politicians are afraid to cross them.

      • robin

        which is an attitude worth observing.

      • Seek

        Including spineless white “conservative” politicians who complain of something called “liberal racism.”

        • Nathanwartooth

          Nothing disgusts me more when I hear Republicans say “No, liberals are the true racists!”.

          That isn’t going to get you anywhere.

          • Pelayo

            Lately, nothing disgusts ME more than Republicans period! They’re pathetically naive. Now we’re going to hear their new prodigy Dr. Carson 24-7-365 for the next four years. And again, in two years, the Reps. are going to have their heads handed to them when the “Burros” take over the House.
            I’m sure that Dr. Carson is a fine person albeit that he still utters final “d” as “t” when he speaks. The Republicans still don’t it. They’re not going to win an election because they have a Black candidate who speaks the truth. He will be ” Uncle Tom”d to perdition by the ” Burros” and the Bleck Comoonity. If they run Bobby Jindal, the democrats will “.Gunga Din” him to perdition. If Marco Rubio runs, he’ll become Pepino or “Pepinuh” as per Walter Brennan. The great compassionate, tolerant, caring Liberals/ Progressive/ Bolsheviks etc. quickly discard all those adjectives once they set out to destroy someone who speaks the bona fide “inconvenient truth”

            The Progressives own the so called “minorities” after years of entitlements and “free s–t”. The “Elefantes” have to market themselves as the party of the downtrodden White folks and I hope that by that time the “Euro-American” population will all have awakened to the fact that they’ve been sold out over the last half century or more.

          • PesachPatriot

            My favorite quip about the republicons and the deceptocrats is that republicans aren’t very interested in preserving the republic and democrats aren’t very interested in practicing democracy…I had pretty much given up on our empty suits by my 21st birthday…If we were serious about cleaning up america’s dysfunctional political system it would be required for senators and congressmen to wear patches with the names of their corporate sponsors, sort of like in nascar. LOL at elefantes….I’m pretty sure abe lincoln didn’t want to press 1 for spanish and teddy roosevelt would not have been cool with flash mobs.

          • liberalsuck

            I say if white people want to survive on this continent or anywhere in the entire world it’s going to come from us, not from a political party or for asking permission from people who hate us. We will be forced to literally fight. I don’t mean in politics or at Tea Party rallies or holding up “Don’t Tread on Me” flags or bellowing “I have a constitutional right to (fill in the blank).” It’s going to be another civil war. I hate to even think that will happen, but it is looking more real and possible that it will happen. It won’t be pretty…at all.

      • ms_anthro

        No. Blacks are used as a battering ram against the White majority population. Read about the Frankfurt School. Read Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. They know what they’re doing and they won’t stop until we stand up and fight back.

        It’s all there in their own words, if you have eyes to read it.


        • They know what they are doing? When did they acquire this skill? From what I have seen they have been a complete failure at everything they have attempted with the possible exception of ghettoizing all the neighborhoods our grandparents built and committing crime

          • Defoe

            Understand their goals. Their goals are to use the minorities as the anvil and the gubmint as the hammer to beat down the White structure of our country. They are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams, I fear.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          “; I detest and fear dogma. I know that all

          revolutions must have ideologies to spur them on. That in the heat of

          conflict these ideologies tend to be smelted into rigid dogmas claiming

          exclusive possession of the truth, and the keys to paradise, is tragic.

          Dogma is the enemy of human freedom. Dogma must be watched for and

          apprehended at every turn and twist of the revolutionary movement. The

          human spirit glows from that small inner light of doubt whether we are

          right, while those who believe with complete certainty that they possess

          the right are dark inside and darken the world outside with cruelty, pain,

          and injustice. Those who enshrine the poor or Have-Nots are as guilty as

          other dogmatists and just as dangerous. To diminish the danger that

          ideology will deteriorate into dogma, and to protect the free, open,

          questing, and creative mind of man, as well as to allow for change, no

          ideology should be more specific than that of America’s founding fathers:

          “For the general welfare.”

          Hmmm…replace that last with “Devotion to the Truth” and sounds pretty good. Of course my revolution would likely horrify this guy…

          Nice link, nice heads-up. Thanks.

          • JohnEngelman

            Most people allow their likes and dislikes to influence their judgement of what is true and false. I do it too, but I make an effort not to.

  • SargeInCharge

    “my own sense is that racism takes many forms and one is a preoccupation with race”

    So blacks are the most racist then?

  • bigone4u

    The writer of this piece is saying that facts can be racist and that citing facts unfavorable to blacks makes you a racist. The white writer is full of BS (wish I could spell out the word because my anger is exploding right now).

    • ms_anthro

      Yes, we call those “hatefacts”. Reality is “hateful” by anti-white standards. “Hate” means “anything that intrudes on liberal utopian fantasies.”

    • Thomas Katt

      It didn’t ripple my pond. It was so lame, so pathetic. This is what they say when they know they are losing. Schadenfreude.

  • Angry White Woman

    “And the story’s stated aim is to print the things white people think but are uncomfortable saying. Problems crop up throughout: No African-Americans are interviewed in the piece, nor are any Asians or Latinos;”

    Well, if it’s aim is to print what WHITE PEOPLE think, why the hell would you ask Blacks, Asians or Latinos what THEY think? See that’s the whole problem here, White people aren’t allowed to have a point of view unless everybody else gets to chime in with their view, too.

    • PBL

      Steve Volk writes against racial awareness. The irony is precious. This clueless Utopian should change his name. Steve Naive would better describe him. As for me, I will stick with my folk; and non-whites who take offense can all take a leap into the dark of their natural homelands. GOOD RIDDANCE!

    • bluffcreek1967

      I was thinking the same thing. How often when blacks voice an opinion on what they think are whites interviewed in order the give the ‘other side’? Never, at least I can’t think of one. The MSM and most news sources only want whites to give their opinion when it can be countered by what every ‘minority’ thinks.

    • Pelayo

      All we ever hear is what Blacks think! Whites have been figuratively bound and gagged for the last 70 years. Some have been literally bound and gagged before they were raped and murdered. Does anyone remember the Alexandroff family? A grandmother, mother and young teenage daughter beaten, raped and the grandmother killed . The young girl absentmindedly left her keys in the front door upon returning from school. This happened sometime in the late 50s or early 60s in West Philly. Similar and worse atrocities have continued and increased over the years. This idiot needs to remove his head from his butt.

  • For some strange reason, Mr. Volk, we have the exact same problems right here in Houston, and they are caused by you-know-whats. I had also lived in other cities with the exact same problems. Dallas had them, so did San Antonio, and San Diego.
    For some odd reason, I didn’t encounter those problems when I lived in Juneau, AK; nor Marin County, CA.

  • Barrack Osama

    There is a huge market for stories like “Being White in Philly”. It’s this failure of a smear piece that no one cares to hear.

    • libearlsuck

      “No one cares to hear” Who? Deranged, dishonest, manipuatling liberals? Anti-white peddlers who need to push the myth of ‘white racism’ to build up their bank accounts? Anti-white blacks who hate whites and don’t want us to fight back? Who?

  • Telling The Truth

    The fact is that Whites are the most violent race in the history of this planet. Lynchings, breaking up slave families, raping Black and other non-White women, systematically discriminating against Blacks (and in some cases even their own White women). It goes on and on.

    The White race is the most evil in the history on mankind!

    • Samuel

      These things happened many years ago. I agree they were terrible. But what about Black behavior today

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        What Blacks have done and do is far worse than anything any other race has done. They are about as human as a donkey is a stallion.

    • rebelcelt

      Guess you never heard of Ghengis Khan. Who instituted rule of law. Who stopped slavery. Who has gone to help other people of other races more than all the rest combined? You are a dimwiitted cliche speaking Clunkerhead.

      • PesachPatriot

        uhh…i’m pretty sure about 300K white guys in itchy blue uniforms fought and died to end slavery, then a bunch of other white guys in pea green uniforms with M-1 garands spilled their guts and died on the beaches of normandy to end hitler’s rampage in europe….also, are you familiar with the peaceful work of non white humanitarians like kim jong il, mao zedong, osama bin laden, saddam hussein, hafez al assad, muammar quadaffi, papa doc duvalier, idi amin and robert mugabe? they make the worst villains of european history look like cub scouts.

        • The__Bobster

          300K White guys did not die to end slavery. Slavery was incidental to the war.

          • Chester Girl Since 1722

            In my family that is EXACTLY why we fought, were maimed, and stood at Appamattox. Rewrite history all you want, but we GAR families will not let you rewrite ours.

          • PesachPatriot

            sorry everyone, I didn’t mean to start a big debate about the unpleasantness between 1861-1865….just responding to (not) telling the truth….I respect both blue and gray as part of this country’s history….

          • Defoe

            Do you have family documentation to show that your ancestors who fought in the War of Northern Agression fought to free the blacks? If not, how can you state what you did? Most yankees fought because they were conscripted to do so. Most Southrons fought for home and hearth. Most Southrons were not even slave owners. Read some history.

    • Nathanwartooth

      The things that have gone on in Africa and are still going on are just so ridiculously terrible that it’s hard to imagine that it’s real.

      Read about the Japanese experiments and torture during WW2.

      Mexican gang violence is out of control.

      Every race has done awful things in the past. It’s just that it’s only the things that Whites did are shoved down your throat. It’s to make us look uniquely evil so that you wont care about saving White culture or care that Whites are a dying minority on the planet.

      • Extropico

        I’d give you a thousand thumbs up if I could for that posting. The Holodomor, Pol Pot’s killing fields, mass murder in Darfur and Rwanda…. ignore these genocides (and so many others!) and pretend only White Gentiles have sinned.

      • robin

        the things that have gone on in africa?
        how about the things that have gone on in Knoxville? or Wichita?

    • JohnEngelman

      If we are so evil, why are American blacks better off than African blacks?

      • ncpride

        That’s a good point, John. Just think of all the atrocities that have been committed against Africans from their own. Maybe this fellow thinks since they don’t involve another race, it makes them less evil and violent…?

      • The__Bobster

        If we are so evil, why do 100,000 bluegums flee Afreaka for America every year?

    • ncpride

      Too bad we’re not as violent as we were in the past, so we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now. Blacks are quickly catching up, moron or have you not been paying attention?

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Then quit using the devils technology! Whites invented the Internet, log off or lose your soul!

    • Extropico

      No. Blacks are far more violent than Whites and remain so in Africa today; that is why Blacks are scared to be with their own people! Were Blacks more moral, people would be desirous of emigration to Africa instead leaving the continent to be with more moral people anywhere else on earth.

    • Jss

      If you really believe that then the logical thing for you non Whites to escape all of our violence is to get as far away from us as possible. But instead you all do the opposite and always want to live as close to us as possible. Does that make you just a liar or plain stupid?

      • robin

        they just want to load us up on guilt and then tax us for freebies……….

    • Sue

      Then why do all minorities want to live and mate with this evil race? The only civilization is white civilization. The others still pee in their drinking water.

      • a multiracial individual

        Yes Sue, the Japanese still pee in their drinking water.

    • The__Bobster

      Shut, up, libtard. Have you seen how other races treat their women TODAY?

      BTW, most lynchings were deserved and 28% of the victims were Whites. I don’t grieve over those Whites. They deserved to be lynched, too.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      So why don’t you run off to Africa or Pakistan where there are no Whites? Oh ya, you ain’t doing that you hypocrite. Your lies carry no weight; you wouldn’t leave Western Civilization for all the spear heads in The Congo.

      I don’t care if you really think that; just know we don’t want to be around you… but you will do anything to be around us and our vastly superior culture and accomplishments.

      If we gave non-Whites 50 billion dollars and all the supplies, raw materials and blueprints to build the International Space Station you still couldn’t build anything beyond a lego space station for your living room.

      You think we are evil because you are inferior and in a truly Darwinist, natural existence your Homo-Erectus genes would have been history long ago. The only reason you exist is due to White, Western misguided altruism. It isn’t evil you see, it is compassion for letting you exist and breed, with nothing to offer the world at all.

      • Confederate Gentleman

        He’s probably one of those dippy cornball Whites.

    • Digitalis Purpurea


    • robin

      if you truthfully explore historical lynchings, you find that it happened to whites too, usually because of a heinous crime. Lynchings, versus what is occurring now, is not comparable.

    • Son of Abraham

      “The White race is the most evil in the history on mankind!”
      …history on mankind?
      Care to guess the race or ethnicity of this titan of English grammar?

      • Defoe


    • a multiracial individual

      Why do people flee the hood the first chance they get, and move to the suburbs where all those evil white people (and their scary guns) are at?
      One should never have pride in a place they are forced to flee.

      • Libearlsuck

        I think the people who should be forced to live in the hood are the people who publicly decry white people (Tim Wise, Robert Jensen, Michael Moore, the nonwhite DNC voters, the DNC representatives, the Unfair Campaign promoters, the elitist anti-white academics, the anti-white celebrities, etc.) let them live there with the diversity and away from all those “mean, racist, greedy white people” they say they hate so much.

    • Chester Girl Since 1722

      And those black slaves came from WHERE, again?


      Tell you what. Move to Camden, NJ, or Chester, PA. There’s a nice couple places that have no white devils left to blame. See what a garden spot it is.

      Or are you arguing that blacks are so weak and stupid and helpless and childlike that after 150 years of freedom they can’t make for themselves the advantages that Chinese and Koreans can make within 5 to 10 years of leaving a thousand years of repression?

  • SargeInCharge

    These two lines from the article show that you become persona non-grata to multi-cultists if you blaspheme their religion: (1) “The story’s writer, Bob Huber, is a friend.” (2) “I sincerely hope you will not read Bob’s story. Let me do this service for you. Whoever you are, “Being White in Philly,” is not—in my opinion—worthy of your time.”

    How quickly this likely self-espoused open-minded and tolerant Liberal throws his friend under the bus for a difference of opinion on race.

  • Francis Galton

    Instead of trying to refute this ridiculous “rebuttal” point by point, I’ll let an (admittedly) DWL-biased documentary do all the talking:

    Louis Theroux: Law and Disorder in Philadelphia


    The entire documentary is worth watching; it’s basically what you would expect: all non-White criminals, some White druggies, and a racially clueless White male documentarian. It goes without saying that the racial angle is never mentioned, though I’m sure many of the White police officers were biting their tongues quite hard at certain points.

    Lesson: while not all blacks in Philadelphia are shiftless criminals, nearly all the shiftless criminals in Philly ARE black (or another non-White).

    • Bleakvision

      Louis Theroux just plays dumb to get the people talking. He is the Columbo of documentaries. He also has to follow BBC doctrine to keep his job.

  • E. Rekshun

    With friends like Steve Volk who needs enemies.

    • Unperson

      I’m no Nazi but I’d take “Ein Volk” over Steve Volk any day of the week.

  • Fed Up

    Totally stupid. The article and the ideas it presents Blacks have done more than any other factor to destroy Philadelphia. To drive businesses out of and away from Philly. (The endless crime, the endless vandalism.) As to the high rate of Black unemployment in Philly — how can you justify hiring a Black male or female who could not even just barely pass a high school equivalency exam? Not be able to read and comprehend at the level expected of a high school grad. Not a college grad, mind you — just at the level expected of a high school grad. Or demonstrate reasonable mathematical proficiency, for that matter.

    The idea of hiring and training the average inner-city drop-out for a demanding job — totally beyond contemplation. The company would be better advised to take the money it would thus waste — and toss it into the nearest sewer. Blacks have only themselves to blame for their misery and poverty. Not, mind you, that our liberal friends, ever ready to defend Blacks — would willingly admit it.

    • a multiracial individual

      People are responsible for their IQ?

      • Defoe

        Of course not, but society has a responsibility to acknowledge the truth about people and stop trying to make silk purses out of obvious sows’ ears.

    • The__Bobster

      So what does Philly spend each year to ejumucate each stoodint? 13K? 15K? A total waste of money.

    • IstvanIN

      Heck, I am forced to endure black college graduates, including one with a masters degree, who can not put together a simple, declarative sentence.

  • haroldcrews

    The critic, Steve Volk, appears to be oblivious to the fact that he is calling the other author and his friend, Bob Huber, a ‘racist’ for pointing out that Whites can’t talk about race for fear of being called ‘racist’.

    • Kevin

      Boom: you nailed it!

    • bluffcreek1967

      Bravo! Nail on head!

    • People’s Project Reader

      I would not say that all Whites are racist, though a large percentage of them are. I would argue that many Whites are more likely to be in denial about racism and White privilege.

      • seapeamp

        The R-WORD has been a principal tool anti-Whites have used to further their program of White Genocide. It carries the fundamental lie that racial feeling is a learned pathology rather than an innate biological trait that evolved to protect the survival of racial groups.

        Whites are the only race that have been taught that lie, and are the only race that believe it.

        White people are being targeted for Genocide thru assimilation!

        Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

        • Craig Boadaker has an excellent video on jewtube called a conversation about race. He shows (and quite well too) the logic disconnect, the anti-white sediment that runs though the conventional wisdom on racism

      • ms_anthro

        Why is it that only White people are expected to suspend the “privilege” of enjoying the fruits of their own efforts, the ingenuity of their own civilizations, the beauty of their own culture? Why are indigenous Europeans, i.e. Whites, considered morally repugnant for wanting to live among their own kind, in their own countries, their own cities, their own ethnic enclaves? Why are White people supposed to sacrifice themselves for the sake of outsiders who hate them?

        Can you answer this, anti-White? Have you ever even thought about it?

        • ‘In their own countries’.

          Aren’t we talking about America? I think ‘their own countries’ stops being a point when we talk about America.

          • ms_anthro

            America was founded and built by White Europeans. Do you dispute this?

          • I dispute the validity of a 200-year-old White European claim to land that has been occupied by its own, NOT White European people for over 100,000 years.

          • ms_anthro

            Dispute it all you like. It doesn’t change the objective fact that until White European settlers arrived, there was no United States of America. There was no country at all. There were a series of colonies owned by various crowns back in Europe. White European colonists revolted and built the USA from nothing. It is easy to sneer at the US as a “nation of immigrants” but that is historically inaccurate, as there was nothing for the colonists to immigrate to. Our ancestors built this country from wilderness, fighting both sophisticated European armies and primitive Stone Age savages every step of the way.

          • Just like to point out quickly that you are in fact entirely incapable of picturing the land in a state without white colonisers, because you just said that European colonies existed before European colonisers arrived. Unless you’d like to quickly fix that line because it is a bit unfortunately confusing.

            But yes, there was something for Europeans to immigrate to, and it was land that was occupied by those ‘primitive Stone Age savages’ (oh, you know, just dozens of different groups with a variety of languages, lifestyles, architectures, religions and traditions, but let’s just pile them aaaaaall into the ‘behind us’ category but we’re totally not racist nope). Just because there wasn’t a country in the European definition definitely did not mean that it was ‘free game’, because like or not there were definitely people in positions of social power who objected to their colonisation.

            And those native people continue to object to it after centuries and centuries of abuse.

          • ms_anthro

            Cry me a river. They live better now thanks to Western colonization and patronization than they could have ever achieved if left to their own devices. I’d suggest the book “War Before Civilization” by Lawrence Keeley, but I suspect you are allergic to reading anything that might contradict the orthodox multicult dogma. Still, here’s a link for anyone else looking to understand what Amerindians were really like before Europeans arrived to civilize them.


          • Mr Plankton

            Those NOT white Europeans were also fighting and conquering each other, enslaving other tribes, exterminating other tribes. Why is it that only European conquest is bad? It’s not like conquest is exclusive to White people. Does fact that Europeans did it better than anyone else make it wrong? Despite what you think, conquest does give you a claim to land, as long as you can hold onto it. Did the Zulus have a claim to south africa because they conquered parts of it? Do the North Vietnamese really have a claim to south Vietnam? Did the Ottomans have a claim on Asia Minor? Maybe Turkey should hand control back to the ethnic Greeks that live there. The fact that we weren’t here first giving us no claim to our land is a very weak argument.

          • Going to ignore the conversation for the moment to point that don’t you think it’s really odd that we’re two non-human cartoon characters who rarely deal with a grand number of humans and yet are arguing about their racial/social divides?

            Not to ignore the sheer amount of bullshit you’re talking about (the illusion that people only condemn white conquest and not other conquests — white conquest is just so huge and eclipsing of other issues, and also something we’re far more equipped to deal with, being based in areas affected by it but not by other forms of conquest) but… geez, we should probably find out-of-character accounts at some point.

            Though really it’s up to you whether I’m speaking out-of-character or not.

          • Mr Plankton

            Now that you mention it yes, it is odd. Mr Plankton is too busy trying to steal Mr Krab’s Burger recipe rather than sit down and contemplate how diversity(a sponge,starfish, crab, plankton) and immigration(a squirrel) are ruining bikini bottom. And Sonic does nothing but aimlessly chase gold rings while avoiding little critters, he never complains or talks that I know of.
            I was just pointing out that conquest isn’t going anywhere. It’s as old as history and every people and race have gone through times of expansion and contraction. Heck, most of the regulars here hate immigration reform in the US because now it feels as if whites are on the receiving end the conquest. Reconquista or whatever. Anyway, I don’t expect to change your mind or anything. I guess I’ll get back to plotting increasingly devious ways to get the recipe for the Krab burger.

      • ncpride

        Funny, because the exact same thing can be said about non-whites, but particularly black people.
        I would not say that all blacks are racist, though a large percentage of them are. I would argue that many blacks are more likely to be in denial about racism and black privilege.

        • SargeInCharge

          Blacks are also in denial about why they are at the bad end of so many statistics like crime, education, murder, teen pregnancy, and so on.

  • Son of Abraham

    I grew up in Philadelphia in an era when the city was probably 80 to 85 percent White. Across the Delaware river Camden was the world headquarters of electronics titan RCA Victor and Campbells Soup.
    Now Philadelphia is probably the reverse. There are pockets of small ethnic White neighborhoods in Frankford, Kensington, and South Philly. The Northeast, as it’s called, is probably the last bastion of White majority. It also happens to be the nicest and safest part of the city.
    Coincidence? I think not.
    And Camden? Well, forget it.
    Between Brooklyn and Philadelphia and Philadelphia suburbs, I’ve lived in five different neighborhoods. In each and every one them there was a White majority. In each and every one of them there is now a black majority. Likewise, each and every one of them is now a crime ridden dung heap.
    I have to give it to Philadelphia Magazine for even publishing this article. I believe with it the cat’s out of the racial bag so to speak.

    • Ashley

      Using criminal convictions to say that blacks commit more crime is so inherently flawed that it’s laughable.

      I’m going to assume that you are a white male, simply from your
      comment. Have you ever been stopped and frisked while walking down your
      street? I’m going to guess the answer is no. Males in (predominantly
      black) Hunts Point, Brooklyn are stopped and frisked on an average of
      five times PER YEAR. That would certainly lead to higher crime
      conviction rate, since they’ll get arrested for petty crime such as
      possession of marijuana.

      I’ve walked down my street with illegal things in my pockets that
      would send me to jail with NO FEAR of being stopped, since I’m a white
      girl at Temple University i.e. I am a the person the police are there to
      protect. I could certainly have been arrested before but because I am
      perceived as a non threat due to my skin tone and gender, I have no fear
      of that.

      And teen pregnancy rates are largely a matter of poverty – look at
      the states with the highest teen pregnancy rates. They also happen to be
      the poorest states – it does not matter what your skin tone is. If
      you’re uneducated about contraception/lack access to contraception, you
      have increased chances of incurring an unwanted pregnancy. Simple fact.

      To say that crime is not a product of poverty is so, so misguided.
      Look at the poorest white communities – they also happen to have higher
      rates of use/distribution of drugs such as meth. Put a
      white/Latino/Asian person in a position of poverty, particularly in a
      inner city setting where they are surrounded by crime/distrust of police
      and I’d be willing to bet that they are going to adopt the practices of
      everyone around them, which includes crime. It is not a matter of race.
      It’s a matter of the culture you grow up in, which is not black culture
      but the culture of poverty.

      Also rape is a problem for all males, regardless of race. All rape
      victims I know were raped by white men whom they knew. I would not say
      this means all white men are going to rape but still.

      If you’re going to pretend certain crimes are built into the DNA of a
      certain race, then let’s talk about how virtually all mass murderers in
      the United States (aside from VT) were white males. But no one acts
      like race was a determining factor there. Why is that?

      • Telling The Truth

        YES! You Rule!

      • People’s Project Reader

        Absolutely True!

      • Jesse_from_Sweden

        That virtually all mass murderers in the US are/were white male is because you watch the very biased mass media.

        Look up a listing of mass murderers on wikipedia and check race, and you’ll realize that the best thing you could say, is that blacks aren’t as overrepresented as mass murderers as they are in most other crimes.

        Because far from all of them are white.

        And yes, crime and poverty are connected. But they are also connected with things like intelligence and self-control.
        It’s not so much that you become a criminal because you are poor, the social systems are good enough that you aren’t forced to commit crimes just to survive.
        No, you become criminal for the same reason you become poor. Because you lack the intelligence and self-control to not act on your feelings all the time and lack the ability to see things in a longer perspective and plan for the future.

        And crime isn’t built into DNA, but intelligence and self-control seems to be, and since these are determinants for things like propensity for crime, as well as expected earning power, that means that some people with certain genetic background will have higher rates of crime and poverty, in all societies.

        Because look at the rest of the world, blacks exist in most countries in the western world, and without the legacy of slavery they have in the USA.
        And still they have the same problems, but without there ever having been any discriminating or segregating laws.

        • Daisy

          Don’t agree that social systems are good enough that you aren’t forced to commit crimes just to survive. Ashley’s take on poverty, crime, etc., is too simplistic and categorizing for me and so is yours.

      • bubo

        Are all you guys in the same Sociology class? How cool. Trust me, at some point in your lives you will admit the obvious. There are very real differences between the races.

        Black violence and dysfunction cannot all be attributed to poverty and white racism.

        • ncpride

          I’ve seen that exact tripe posted on other articles, under different names. It’s pure entertainment. ‘Using criminal convictions to say that blacks commit more crime is flawed’…….That’s the ‘logic’ we’re dealing with when it comes to these loony liberals.

        • Pelayo

          If persecution, destruction of families and genocide and bigotry were an excuse for savage behavior in a once reasonably civilized society, then Jews would be the most vicious and violent people in the world.

          • Daisy

            Pretty much sounds like why the Holocaust happened to me.

      • JackKrak

        Ashley, if I was going to write a sarcastic, mocking guilty white liberal manifesto I couldn’t do better than what you wrote above. If you are in Philadelphia, and can’t see the factual basis of race realism THERE, then I really don’t know what to tell you.

        Just one quick point on the “laughable” idea of using criminal convictions to draw the conclusion that blacks commit more crime (I mean, where do people come up with these crazy ideas????) – I will grant you that the smallest, tiniest, most statistically insignificant number of arrests might come from random street stop & frisks, but this is where I have to drag you back to reality. You may have noticed how police don’t look for murderers, rapists, muggers, etc. by stopping people randomly on the street and searching their pockets. (I’ll give you second to let that sink in). No, in fact, the police operate on a principle called A DESCRIPTION OF THE SUSPECT, which is given to them by the victim or witnesses of the crime. By the way, by “victim”, I don’t mean someone who was denied funding by the NEA or whose article on white male privilege wasn’t published by The Nation. No, I mean a person who saw an actual criminal committing an actual crime. These people normally don’t switch their description from “white guy” to “black guy” just to indulge some horrible racist fantasy and set the cops on the trail of some innocent black guy.

        • Pelayo

          I think Ashley lives in the world of “Law & Order” and CSI where the criminals are NEVER Black.

          • Defoe

            Ashley gets an A on her sociology test!! Ashley needs a “test” in the real world. Hope she survives it.

      • Chester Girl Since 1722

        White girl at Temple? Why? Didn’t have the intelligence to get into a better school? Your post surely indicates that.

        Growing up poor is no guarantee of growing up degenerate, and you spit in the faces of all us Delaware Valley residents–back to before the Revolution–who were dirt poor and NEVER resorted to violence, drugs, race-baiting, victimization, and crime.

        You are a liar, a cheat, and a race baiter yourself. I was surrounded by criminals. So was everyone in my family. We didn’t become criminals because our culture was to be honest, to have good character, and to elevate one’s life, not degrade it.

        Shame on you. Just…shame. “The culture of poverty” is an invention of aspirants to the academic access class. You’re doing great–you are mouthing all the platitudes, and in doing so you are coming across as the elitist you are in training to become. You know nothing about our lives in the Delaware Valley. Go home to whatever liberal enclave you spent your happy bunny rainbow belching unicorn childhood. You are a plague: the studiously disingenuous, the terminally naive, and the elitist who race-baits and holds herself against those po po natives who just don’t have the character or culture to do any better.

      • PesachPatriot

        They don’t frisk you because they don’t need to. This is because cops don’t worry that college age white girls with reefer or pills or even heroin in their pockets is going to pull a gun and kill them….white college girls also don’t have a reputation for robbing liquor stores, assaulting senior citizens for petty amounts of cash, flash-mobbing wal-mart, or shooting each other over footwear in public. The most danger anyone can usually expect from a college age white girl in america is being subjected to a long-winded boring lecture about patriarchy and womyn’s history and how western civilization(especially cars and guns) is bad and wrong and oppressive. I personally don’t think anyone has crime built in to their dna but in certain communities and ethnicities the social stigma against criminality is greater….in american hoods serving jail time gets you more respect than getting a degree or a job. You’re dealing with a very different thought process than what you are used to.

      • Daisy

        Ashley, do you really believe that teen pregnancy rates are mostly about contraception access? Gosh, even when I was some sort of lefty thinker, I never viewed the high rates among blacks, or for that matter what there was among whites, as solely or even mostly due to lack of access to contraception, especially given that condoms are so easily obtainable; black males were known even in the last five years from what I hear to refuse to wear condoms when they were available. Young black females often wanted to get themselves pregnant too, for various neurotic dysfunctional reasons. Even liberalista feminst activists I knew in the 90’s would admit this in their own words.

        I went through a period in my twenties, during the 90’s obsession with ‘date rape,’ and talked almost endlessly about the various degrees and dimensions of sexual assault. I heard from all sorts of people and about all sorts of rapists, and many white women’s assailants were black men as well as white. A girl from my high school went to college in Philly, had her apartment broken into and was sodomized by a black man. Finally, the notion that the cops are there to protect you as a white woman strikes me as hilarious given my experience of cops in DC and NJ.

      • The fact that blacks are stopped 5 times a year certainly doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that blacks commit a disproportional amount of crime. (no not poverty, how does poverty explain rape, murder or assault)
        http://imgur.com/a/7ArE4 <— stats harvested right from LEA records.
        Id say if you live an area that has blacks and they are NOT stopped more frequently, its time to move since the police obviously don't know whats REALLY going on or have been cuckolded by the black community or libeals like yourself. Its not racism its just plan old logic. Blacks make up 13 percent population. Black women dont seem to commit the more violent type crimes so we can split this number in half. 6% of the population of this country are committing over 50% of the violent crimes that poverty in NO way explains. Why does genetics matter so much for food and other animals but when it comes to humans, genetics dosnt matter we are all the same? WE ARE NOT

      • sbuffalonative
      • Hey, Temple Girl, how are your classmates doing? You know, the ones that just suffered a vi0lent home invasion at the hands of feral Philly groids?

      • Rebel Rebel

        So true.

    • Of course its not coincidence, the white race is EXCELLENT at…well at everything but one place where we truly excel is creating safe neighborhoods and all the infrastructure tu support those neighborhoods. The problem is that every single time we create a place like this, the blacks gain a foothold and property values start to fall. They dont fall because the new neighbor is black, they fall becuase of all the crime that the blacks bring. They fall because of how blacks take care of their neighborhoods. They fall because the blacks arrival heralds a dysfunctional school system. They fall becuase race is a better indicator of crime then poverty rates and drop out rates combined. If you want to know how much crime is in any one area, just find out what percentage is black. You can set your watch by it.

  • But my own sense is that racism takes many forms and one is a preoccupation with race—seeing skin color before the person, or wrongly assuming a person’s race to be a primary cause of their behavior.

    Funny before coming here I was just reading an article on….

    “What your Facebook likes reveal”

    (Quote)………When they entered the data into a mathematical model, they found it accurately discriminated between African Americans and Caucasian Americans in 95 per cent of cases; between Democrats and Republicans with 85 per cent accuracy; and between gay and straight men 88 per cent of the time.
    (Of course the http://www.livescience.com version of the same article omitted this inconvenient truth on racial data aspect).

    It would appear that the way most people express themselves is actually racist, or at least embodies our own racial groups stereotypical behavior.

    So why tar and feather the observer for pointing it out?
    Q:It has feathers, it waddles, it quacks, it eats bread and lives on the water what is it?
    A: “It’s a duck”.
    The thought police intervene “quick get him lock him up and throw away the key, as he”s a duckist”.

  • The__Bobster

    What the hell is the Philly Post? I never heard of it.

  • brengunn

    I honestly don’t understand the backlash against the article but it’s the best evidence for it’s truthfulness. Bob Huber wrote a fairly limp wristed piece about race and white fear of being called a racist and has been branded a racist for it.

  • connorhus

    And the author of this piece is relying on the fact that Liberal/Feminist religious dogma has made it impossible to discuss race at all. Any discussion put out there is automatically labeled as a generalization or branding all with the same iron.

  • Digitalis Purpurea

    Newsflash: Harping on about journalistic integrity, while begging people to stay away from reading a piece is hypocrisy.
    Double newsflash: Grievances of ancestors dead for over 150 years does not justify criminal behavior today.

  • whiteyyyyy

    I’m loving this article. It’s always entertaining when liberals turn on each other. “Being White in Philly” was basically making excuses for blacks and encouraging Whites to just lie down and die. This is how it starts. Liberals turning on other liberals is the only way they change. They resent being the bad guy, they’re usedto being morally superior.

    • Don’t look at it as liberals turning on each other. Look at it as the extreme Leftists being passed through a sieve and separated from those who are liberally-minded, but still grounded in truth and reason. Leftists are egocentric and incapable of accepting a truth that goes against their inflated self-opinions.

  • MekongDelta69

    If some guilt-ridden, self-loathing leftist (useless) journalist says, “‘Being White in Philly,’ is not—in my opinion—worthy of your time”, that immediately means it is VERY worthy of my time.

  • joesolargenius

    This piece poses a very serious question which is if being white in Philly is a bad piece because non whites were not interviewed than that means being black in America was also a very bad story. Or perhaps the real question is if your trying to express the sentiments and opinions of a particular group why would you expect someone whom is of a different group to know how they truly feel ?

    • Kblankenship7

      Do you think there was a concerted effort by the Left to deem Mexicans non-white as part of a long-term political strategy? Do you see a difference in Mexicans who are from Northern Mexico as opposed to thos who are from the south (more Indian genetics)? I wonder if their are statistics on IQ of people from e.g. Monterrey compared with people from say, Chiapas?

      • joesolargenius

        I believe that the closer they live to our borders then the bigger a chance of them having a larger percentage of white blood in them as gringos have been crossing the border for cheap sex for a long time .

  • Tom in MI

    Steve Volk is an enemy of the volk.

  • IKantunderstand

    And so, Steve Volk, your article in response to “Being White in Philly” is exactly why Whites are not interested in talking about “racism”. Obviously, it is pointless. Regardless of the experiences of Whites as crime victims of Blacks; regardless of the tortuous thinking and self punishment Whites inflict on themselves for being made to feel racist, no matter what we do, we are RACIST. Now, we have a new assault on our being: the so called microaggression. We can in fact, be held as being racist for saying anything somebody finds offensive. Well, here’s what I have to quote: “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.” This quote, taken from the Declaration of Independence, resonates once again with White people. Of course it does, only Whites were ever smart enough to conceptualize and execute such a document. The black and brown hordes that are swarming (like locusts) into our country have to go. If they don’t, we will be dragged down to their level. We will have no choice. The locusts will out number us.

  • George

    This article posits that blacks are not shiftless and idle, then points out that 14% of blacks in Philly are unemployed. For the record, that is twice as high as the white unemployment rate in the same city. That’s something that is pretty consistent across the entire United States.


    Remember that the unemployment figures generally published include only those currently working part- or full-time, or are actively seeking work. They do not include those who have given up looking for work, those currently incarcerated, welfare cases, those attending school, etc. When you factor these people in to the equation, the black unemployment rate (and the disparity with the white rate) climbs far higher still.

    When you then include drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, numbers runners, bookies, and others whose means of support is illegal, there’s a further blip upward for Africans.

    Volk suggests his friend is seeking an emotional response in this article, and that this is somehow bad. Yet, he made the same attempt in his own article about ‘What will happen to Harold’. We are supposed to think in Volk’s case, emotional response is good, but in Volk’s, it is bad.

    Kindly note that at no point have I used any emotional responses to his rejoinder — Just a few documented facts that belie his refutation of his putative friend.

  • Zackers

    “I was thinking the same thing. How often when blacks voice an opinion on what they think are whites interviewed in order the give the ‘other side’? Never”

    Never – ever – ever. Except when whites are in solidarity with the all-people-of-color-are-victims-of-racist-whites propaganda machine: Media types, school teachers, diversity trainers. The fact the whites are often victims of people of color seems to never, ever, be acknowledged. Perhaps even more ‘sensitivity’ training, ‘diversity’ management and ‘educational’ enlightenment is what it will take to bring This far too common racism to light? It doesn’t seem so, however. By the way, This kind of racism may be the preponderance of the ugly racism out there.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    I love Russians, many of whom see the blacks for what they are, are not afraid to say it.

  • bubo

    Another part of being white in Philly is burying your son after he was beaten to death by his black classmates.

    The silence of the media about this atrocity is duly noted.

  • Pelayo

    “This Philly Mag article, however, never even reaches this level of
    awareness. Instead, we encounter a litany of anecdotes about blacks and
    imagined blacks behaving badly. And frankly, nearly a week after I first
    read this story, I still can’t believe I’m not just making it up.”

    How “aware” does one have to be? All one needs to do is watch the evening “crypto” news to understand what’s going on.

    This guy is all over the map. He is definitely out there where the buses don’t run. Perhaps he believes what he sees on the TV police shows that portray Blacks as the righteous and the Whites as all the violent criminals or perhaps all the TV commercials where the Blacks are paragons of normalcy and intellectual giants where the White men are portrayed as stupid, nerdy and effeminate butt horns.

    Discussion of the race situation? When pray tell, is THAT going to take place when Whites go into a discussion with the disadvantage of being perceived as racist pigs even before the discussion takes place? They’re condemned before they open their mouths. The progressives “doan need no steenking deescushuns”.

    I fear that when Whites make their voices heard it’s going to be done with something much noisier than speech. This pot is boiling over!

    ILANA MERCER- Into The Cannibal’s Pot

    Read it and learn.

  • American Patriot

    “And the resulting piece doesn’t seem to obey even the most basic journalistic conventions—like being true. After all, the city’s African-Americans demonstrably aren’t sitting on their porches, waiting for government checks to arrive. They’re working—the unemployment rate among African-Americans is 14 percent”

    The above quote should be sufficient to demonstrate that the author is either ignorant regarding economic terms or is being deliberately obtuse hoping to deceive his readers. 14 percent of negroes in Philly unemployed is NOT 14% of all adult negroes as he is trying to imply, but rather 14% of those seeking work. This of course ignores the 50% or more of all adult Philly negroes who likely ARE ‘sitting on porches smoking pot ‘ OR worse.
    Nope, with fools such as the author in the discussion talking about race is simply a waste of time for any sensible White person. But hey Mr Author we DO talk when you are out of the room and we laugh when contemplating that your inability to see the colour of crime will eventually lead you to a bad end which we sensible ‘racists’ have the smarts/gut instincts to avoid and do.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    But he seems to miss the obvious here, which is that if white
    Philadelphians would like to be able to address race without being
    labeled “racist,” they should avoid saying racist things.

    Wait, what? Anything someone doesn’t want to hear, in a racial conversation, can be considered “racist”. Hell, a conversation about race is “racist” by definition (has nothing to do with “superiority”, and that’s where the Left obfuscates things. I love how they will counfound the meanings of two completely different words to make them seem equivalent, as with “species” and “race”).

    So how can one possibly BEGIN to have a conversation on race, without “saying racist things”?

  • The Ice Queen

    Journalists have gone the way of the used car salesman, I’d say. Both of these guys seem to be on the fuzzy outskirts of the world of race, just peering in, or looking around the corner, and passing themselves off as having some knowledge, but it is just opinion. They are like Job’s comforters. I’d like to hear from a white person who has lived in the real world of race, and is brutally honest. The truth does not always sound pretty, but I find it refreshing.

  • chimingin

    The truth? As the largest racial group, whites commit the majority of crimes in America. In particular, whites are responsible for the vast majority of violent crimes. With respect to aggravated assault, whites led blacks 2-1 in arrests; in forcible-rape cases, whites led all racial and ethnic groups by more than 2-1. And in larceny theft, whites led blacks, again, more than 2-1.

    Annually, for over 10 years, Whites have committed close to 70% or over 70% of the crimes in this country, but somehow, they are convicted far less why?


    And both black and white have hispanics counted among their numbers. Haha, I swear, some of you people on here and your logic.?!?!

  • So, Steve, did you ever expect your misguided opinion to pull up all the white pride supporters and ridiculous explicitly racist commentary (including statements ENDORSING racism), or is that a new one on you?