Studies: Disproportionate Number of Black Children Wind Up in L.A. Foster Care

Ben Baeder, Daily News, March 23, 2013

Eight out of every 100 children in Los Angeles County are black. And 29 out of every 100 children in foster care are black.

That jump in proportion, which is common statewide, is one of the most controversial discussions in the child welfare community.

And when black children go into foster care, they get stuck there 50 percent longer than children of other races.

During the 2000s, social work experts suspected that institutional bias and racism by social workers caused the high proportion of black children in foster care.

Leaders in the social work community made that assumption based on decades-old data that showed that black children were abused and maltreated at the same rate as children of other ethnic classifications.


But new studies show that black children die and are mistreated by family members more often than other kids. And instead of rooting out alleged racism, the county now faces a more nuanced and difficult task–getting into black neighborhoods and finding out how to best help children who are mistreated.


But if racism is a factor, then the racism would come from a staff made up mostly of ethnic minorities.

The number of black children in foster care is almost identical to the percentage of black social workers.



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  • Charles_Peterson

    Why would anyone choose the mentally disabled baby. It’s time to stop offering unmarried pregnant woman any benefits!

    • I think that they should be given free birth control and abortions. This will prevent the births of mentally disabled babies and other problem kids.

      • Problem is, remembering to take a “pill” on a daily basis is an overwhelming responsibly for an 85 IQ-er, and Depro-Provera is “invasive”.

        • a multiracial individual

          Shot? Tubal ligation? Implant? etc. Which method best befits the welfare mother?

          • ms_anthro

            IUD. Easy insertion procedure, good for 10-12 years and as effective as tubal ligation. Trim the strings short so they can’t pull it out.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            The very worst, most damaged students we get are either from foster or group homes. Many of the foster families ONLY take them in for the $$ –they can get rid of them at the drop of a hat and often do if the school calls too often.

            I remember a counselor once telling me that if the four group homes that fed our school were closed down 80% of our discipline problems would disappear overnight.

            Prevention is MUCH better in these cases, IMAO.


      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        They already ARE getting free birth control and abortions in California — the problem is they won’t do it – there is MORE incentive to have the child and collect benefits.

        There must be a “carrot” for the mother –that’s why they need to be either paid to undergo sterilizations or IUDs or this must be made a condition of welfare.

        Nothing else will work.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Carrot? How ’bout a great, big heavy stick?

          • vladdy1

            I was thinking the same. Not physical, but a burdensome consequence.

  • David Axelrod

    Margaret Sanger had it right….

    “Give dysgenic, dysfunctional groups [people with ‘bad genes’][read: negroes] in our population their choice of segregation or [compulsory] sterilization.”
    — Margaret Sanger, April 1932 Birth Control Review .

    • I think that the only way to accomplish this is to pay black women to either be sterilized or take long term birth control.

      • CoweringCoward

        Pay NOTHING beyond “welfare”, if you cannot feed yourself/your brood, Tubes and testes must be ligated/surrendered!

      • ms_anthro

        There’s a charity that does this. It’s for addicts and alcoholics, but guess who is represented most often?

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Oh, you are so fast!!

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        There is ONE group that is paying addicted women to undergo sterilization or “no responsibility” birth control.

        Barbara Harris started Project Prevention in 1997 after she and her [black] husband adopted the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth children of a [black] drug-addicted mother.

        Harris typically characterizes her target population less as drug-addicted women than as breeding machines, spitting out a baby a year. ‘I became more angry at the system that allows [these drug-addicted women] to drop babies off yearly at the hospital with no consequences.’

        Of course, all hell broke loose when this program was started and Harris was called every name for racist.

        The last 20 women who underwent sterilization had been pregnant a total of 121 times and had 78 children in foster care. Project Prevention has paid a total of 4,077 people.


        • From your link: They choose either the implant in the arm or an IUD, and those women can get paid $300 a year, because as long as they keep it in, we keep paying them.

          Don’t they keep getting pregnant because they can’t keep it out?

          • vladdy1

            How ’bout fining them if they DON’T keep it in, like obama plans to fine people who don’t buy health insurance.

      • They would take you up on that, it’s the liberals who would fight such reasoning.

        • I would also like to add these black children are this way due to the oppression of the white man. These black kids are ending up in foster care due to the hand they’ve been dealt and their parents have had bad luck.

  • MekongDelta69

    Leftists are always ‘rooting out racism.’

    Let me help you out you simpletons. Just call Roto-Rooter. Not only will they find that ‘nasty racism’ that’s cleverly hiding in your drain’s u-pipe; they’ll clean that sucker right outta there.

    Problem solved. Next…

  • The__Bobster

    All those unadopted ninnies in LA County? I thought the celebutards would’ve snapped them all up. They’re very fashionable, ya know.

    • Xerxes22

      Nope. The status comes from adopting pure African children not their diluded American cousins. Back in the 1960’s or 70’s some dumb liberals adopted local Black children. The Black race hustlers were outraged and accused the liberals of just wanting exotic pets. The dumb White liberals got scared and dropped the idea. The Black race hustlers don’t seem to care if the libs adopt African kids.

    • brengunn

      Nope. It says something about celebrity adoption that they go to Africa or South East Asia to get their accessory babies rather than adopt one of the plentiful ghetto babies that can’t find new families.

      For some reason they don’t want them. It could be they don’t want a crack baby. It could be that the social points for taking a child from a war torn, malaria infested swamp in Africa are much higher than taking a child from Compton. Maybe, they’re just not exotic enough.

      It could be called racist.

    • No, they go directly to Africa. Madonna and Brangelina did this.

      • The__Bobster

        Oh yeah, that’s right. There’s more warm and fuzziness from purchasing 100% Afreakan bluegums.

        Big hearted CHELSEA CLINTON plans to adopt a baby from Africa, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

        The former first daughter, 33, decided on the surprising maternity plan after watching both parents battle potentially deadly health problems while she’s struggled to get pregnant, insiders say.

        “After years of worrying that she’d lose her dad Bill to a heart attack, Chelsea flipped out when her mom Hillary was hospitalized with a blood clot near her brain,” a close friend told The ENQUIRER.

        “The clot was successfully treated and Hillary is out of the woods, but the incident made Chelsea realize that life can turn on a dime.”

        MEANWHILE, her father – who had emergency quadruple bypass surgery in September 2004 and had two stents inserted in a clogged heart artery in February 2010 – has confessed that he longs for grand*children.

        “I’m determined to live to be a grandfather,” the 66-year-old politician admitted in a candid TV interview last October. “But I just think the older you get, the more you want every year to count.”

        Since that interview, “Chelsea has been more determined than ever to give her parents a grandchild as soon as possible – and adopting an African baby is her new maternity plan,” said the source.

        “Besides that, her parents will be over the moon. In light of the family’s humanitarian values, nothing could be more rewarding than for Chelsea to give a needy baby a forever home.”

        • Maternity plan? If adopting is a maternity plan, this is getting a pet.

        • ms_anthro

          The Clintons will be grandparents to a subsaharan African baby, maybe more than one? It couldn’t happen to a better couple.

        • Angry White Woman

          Just like adopting a puppy,,, and like adopting a mutt puppy from the shelter, you love it, feed, house and train it, and MAYBE you get what you wanted out of it. Odds are better with a puppy than with a jungle baby.

    • Extropico

      The scuttlebutt today is that Chelsea Clinton has decided to adopt an African fashion accessory. I guess the social workers in Amerika have run out of Black babies needing a home.

    • vladdy1

      Only if they’re from a Third World country. Americans don’t count, no matter what the color.

  • And when black children go into foster care, they get stuck there 50 percent longer than children of other races.

    That’s because nobody wants a little black kid unless it is a sports prodigy.

    I don’t know if it is still popular but back in the 1980s there were some rich white people adopting junior high school and high school black sports stars to give them “better homes and environments” because they felt they could raise them better then the single mother.

    Guess what? The result was the same for the ones I know of, they ended up with NU scholarships.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      That’s why I refused to see that STUPID movie about a rich White family in Texas that adopted a black football prodigy — can’t even recall the name of the movie now…

  • MobyWhite

    Concluding that racism is not the cause of black problems is as bad as Holocaust denial, White privilege denial, and voter fraud investigations.

    • CoweringCoward

      “voter fraud investigations”, come now, you know that is just codespeak for “minority disenfranchisement”!

      • MobyWhite

        If you could hear the code voices inside my head…

        They sound something like Heil White Privilege, and Seig Hate.

  • joesolargenius

    I remember when Janet Napolitano was Governor of Arizona in 2002 and they couldn’t find this black kid whom had been missing for over a year and whom had been abused by his crack head mother . They discovered that the social worker assigned to look out for his best interest had not been to see him in two years , this quickly got swept under the rug by the Governors office and have heard nothing since then .

  • sbuffalonative

    But new studies show that black children die and are mistreated by family members more often than other kids.

    Black parents mistreat their kids. They only now just discovered this.

    The real issue is that black kids, instead of blaming their parents, blame the actions of their parents on alleged racism in society. ‘Daddy only beats me because the white man won’t cut him a break’.

    No matter what, it’s always the white mans’ fault.

  • There are several issues with this. These children are the offspring of addicts and single mothers with no parenting skills. The goal of the foster care system is to reunite the biological family and will give the parents more chances than they deserve before they go to court to terminate their parental rights and free that child up for adoption. Black children, especially black males are the least likely to be adopted. I have heard of adoption drives done by black churches to get their members to become foster parents or adopt one of these children. But there are still too many to count. Secondly, the lack of availability of free and low cost abortions for poor women in most states forces women to give birth to kids that they do not want and these kids end up in foster care because the mothers cannot take care of them.

    • rightrightright

      “Secondly, the lack of availability of free and low cost abortions for poor women in most states forces women to give birth to kids that they do not want ..”

      Contraception is widely available and either low cost or free. Pushing out a baby a year is the behaviour of an animal. These feckless breeders are denying their human inheritance and reverting to the state of mere animals.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    From the article:

    Leaders in the social work community made that assumption based on decades-old data that showed that black children were abused and maltreated at the same rate as children of other ethnic classifications.

    Maybe those (I assume) White social workers were using different, more accurate data:

    The American Association for Protecting Children has found that black children constitute approximately 15 percent of the child population and about 22 percent of cases of child abuse and neglect….1.2 percent of white parents and 2.1 percent of blacks inflict severe violence on their children.

    Data published by the United States Department of Health and Human Services for 1996 showed that maltreatment was about three times more common among blacks than among whites.

    The rate of infant homicides for blacks and Native Americans was 2 per 10,000, compared with 0.6 per 10,000 for whites. In the early 1990s the racial differences became even greater, with blacks having four-and-a-half times the infant homicide rate of whites and Hispanics.

    –”Race and Psychopathic Personality,” Richard Lynn, July, 2007


    • Kevin Vail

      Children are most likely to be abused by a unrelated male living in the home. Black men rarely take care of their own kids and their babies’ mamas’ keep shacking up with one loser after another… it’s pretty easy to deduce black children would be abused more often for that cause alone.

    • jane johnson

      They have kids in order to get the benefits, not because they want to be parents.

  • Tom Iron

    Actually, that Jonestown Coolade mess years ago down in Guyana was set off by a politician going down there to check up on all the kids on the California Foster Care dole.

  • IstvanIN

    The State of New Jersey could save a small fortune by just leaving black children and their mothers to their own devices. Most of the child abuse in NJ is black on black. The Division of Child Protection largely employes blacks, foreign born at that, to police black mothers who abuse their black children. Blacks simply can not function in western society and it is a waste of time trying to tame them.

    The term ghetto lobster exists for a reason.

  • flypay

    Anyone else notice that everything regarding black behavior is “disproportionate”?
    Where is the surprise here?

  • SargeInCharge

    This is not surprising at all when you look at the figures that contribute to blacks having a higher rate of such chaotic homes that the state would place black children in foster homes and not returned:

    – Blacks have the highest rate of fathers not being present in the first place.
    – Even if the father is present at birth, blacks have the highest rate of paternal abandonment.
    – Blacks have the highest rate of spousal abuse.
    – Blacks have a highest rate of child abuse.
    – Blacks have a high rate of drug abuse.
    – Black parents (among parents) have the highest rate of being involved in crime.
    – Black children (among children) have the highest rate.
    – Black students have the highest rate of truancy.

    Of course, with this many negative factors blacks will have the homes the state deems the least suitable for children.

  • bigone4u

    When you hate your father because he molested you or didn’t love you, if you’re a girl you turn lesbian, porn star, or prostitute to get even. If you’re a male, you turn gay or you turn criminal to get even. If you hate both your parents, as does Obongo the Great because both of them abandoned him and they gave him no clear-cut identity, then you seek to amass power and then misuse it.

  • IKantunderstand

    The bottom line is this: Nobody wants Black children. Nobody. Including Blacks. I mean, I understand certain celebrity Whites adopt Black children. But they adopt from Africa, which says to me:”I’m hoping for a better outcome from adopting an African versus adopting an Afro American because those children never work out and everybody knows it.” Here is IKU advice on the subject of adoption: Your adopted children will do one or some of the following:Hate you for taking them out of their natural environment.(It doesn’t matter that in all probability they would have died if left where they were.)If, adopting a Black child, your child will exhibit criminal behavior, it doesn’t matter how you trained your child, or what you did to make the child succeed, the child will engage in criminal activity. Sadly, your Black child, is not smart enough to do anything else. If, you adopted an Asian child, you also are in for a shock. As they age and hear about the so-called prejudice against Asians, who do you think they will take it out on? You! Their White parents. Who never really understood them, blah,blah, blah. Bottom line: Don’t, no matter what, adopt out of your race. You are only asking for trouble/heartbreak.Get a dog, if you can’t adopt a White child.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    New “studies” show that many or most black adults are completely dysfunctional as parents. How much money was spent on these “studies” that have revealed facts that are blindingly obvious to the rest of humanity?

    The real dinner-winner is the second-to-the-last paragraph in the redacted article; since most social workers are minorities themselves, placement of black kids in foster care isn’t the work of bad old white men.

    In related news, California social workers claim to be mystified as to why 14 year-old black crackheads make less fit mothers than 30-ish, sober white university graduates. Another study will be needed! At the recent news conference, Los Angeles Child Protective Services Spokeswoman Bongoleesha Jackson also commented, “Wy be dogs chasin’ cats? We needs us mo’ money fo’ study dis.”

    • Sarah

      Michael, I would be interested in reading these studies. Do you have a link?

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Satire, but not brutally so. Even Captain Obvious wouldn’t have needed the “study” mentioned in the article.

        This “study” was simply another way for California’s bloated government apparatus to employ Affirmative Action nincompoops by having them conduct completely unneeded “studies” at taxpayer expense.

        • Sarah

          Yes, I notice the article pointed out that many of the social workers were minorities. My mother was one of those ‘unfit parents’ and I spent a brief time in foster care as a result. The community is too dishonest to point out the real issue with why all these children are ending up in the system but I will say that you all on Amren are far ahead of the curve at sifting through the inflation and arriving close to a dangerous truth at the heart of this phenomena. If that wasn’t a big clue, you’re getting warmer. For lack of a better word let’s just say this- Many black underclass women sit right around the borderlines of retardation.