Posters on Teenage Pregnancy Draw Fire

Kate Taylor, New York Times, March 6, 2013

The curly-haired baby looks out from the poster with sad eyes and tears dripping down his tawny cheeks.

“I’m twice as likely not to graduate high school because you had me as a teen,” the text next to his head reads.


In another poster, a dark-skinned little girl casts her eyes to the sky and says, “Honestly Mom . . . chances are he won’t stay with you. What happens to me?”

These images, part of a public education campaign targeting teenage pregnancy that the city unveiled this week, are drawing mounting criticism from reproductive health advocates, women who had children as teenagers, and others who say they reinforce negative stereotypes about teenage mothers without offering any information to help girls prevent unplanned pregnancies.

The criticism escalated Wednesday into a sharp exchange between the mayor’s office and Planned Parenthood of New York City, typically an ally of the administration on reproductive health matters. Planned Parenthood issued a statement denouncing the poster campaign, saying that it ignored the racial, economic and social factors that contribute to teenage pregnancy and instead stigmatized teenage parents and their children.

The mayor’s office responded, saying that it was “past time” to be “value neutral” about teenage pregnancy and that it was important to “send a strong message that teen pregnancy has consequences—and those consequences are extremely negative, life-altering and most often disproportionately borne by young women.”


The Bloomberg administration has aggressively sought to reduce teenage pregnancy by mandating sex education in public schools and by empowering high school nurses to provide birth control, including the morning-after pill.

The city’s teenage pregnancy rate has declined by 27 percent in the past decade, roughly equaling the national rate of decline. Nearly 9 out of 10 teenage pregnancies in the city are unplanned, according to the Bloomberg administration.


The city spent about two years and over $400,000 producing the campaign, which included hiring a marketing firm to conduct focus groups with teenagers, as well as with the parents of teenagers, and with parents who had children when they were teenagers.

The posters include a number to text to receive facts about teenage pregnancy and to play a game about a pregnant teenager, Anaya, and her boyfriend, Louis. Via text messages, the game chronicles a series of challenges facing Anaya and Louis and asks the person playing the game what they should do, which the player indicates by texting a response. The humiliations Anaya faces drive home a message that teenage pregnancy leads to family conflict, social isolation and poverty.

“My BFF called me a ‘fat loser’ at prom,” Anaya says in a typical exchange. (The city has since changed “fat loser” to simply “loser.”) In other examples, Anaya’s father calls her “stupid,’” and her best friend stops talking to her.



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  • This poster and the implicit message behind it suffers from faulty causation. It’s not the age of the mother that’s the relevant factor here, it’s the race of the mother (and the father). In other words, if the same low IQ NAMs put off reproduction until age 22, their children would still be just as likely not to graduate from high school. That is of course, assuming that high schools have real standards, which you can’t always assume.

    • Nathanwartooth

      I was going to make the same comment. Teen pregnancy is a lot higher in low IQ groups and that is the real reason the child cannot graduate high school.

    • Diamond_Lil

      Age and education level of the mother is a major factor across all races. With blacks, and their lower average IQ, the synapse lapse is even more significant and evident.

    • Whites Only

      You call yourself “Question Diversity”, but make an exception for asians as a different minority ? Never heard of those low IQs vietnamese, cambodians, filipinos, hmongs and pacific islanders ?

      Wait until there are as many of them as blacks and browns, and you’ll see how better they are, chinese included. If you think the tiger grip of their immigrant parents is going to last in a few generations, I have news for you:

      “Asian Pacific Islanders currently have one of the fastest growing teenage
      pregnancy rates in the nation, at a time when U.S. teen births overall are

      “Nearly half of all teenage pregnancies in the wealthy Chinese city of
      Shanghai have been blamed on increased access to the internet”:

      • “NAM” = Non-Asian Minority, just a fancy way of saying “black and Hispanic.” Don’t worry, I don’t want my America flooded with yellow people, either.

  • joesolargenius

    Perhaps the true reason for the unhappiness with this project is out of fear that it will reduce the amount of future socialist in this country by targeting those groups which produce the most government dependent citizens .

  • a multiracial individual

    In the Bell Curve, Murray and Herrnstein demonstrate that IQ is correlated to the age at first childbirth for women. High IQ women mostly avoid having a child before the age of 25. Interestingly, black women with IQ over 110 haver lower fertility than similarly endowed white women. The reason that the children of high school dropouts have a difficult time in school could mostly because they recieved their moms genes, not necessarily because she was a teenage mom. Teenage pregnancy follows the familiar pattern that we see with IQ and race (and endless other things).

    • pcmustgo

      High IQ women are in college and grad school til’ age 25. That helps.

      Or for your guys cause, hurts.

      • Diamond_Lil

        -At least for some of them with Muslim principles anyway. As we become increasingly outnumbered by the tide of black and brown, our offspring needs to be smarter and craftier. That means smarter moms.

  • Jss

    Sense teen is supposed to be code word for black the posters are understating the problem.

    In another public education campaign White students are encouraged to where White privilege scarlet letters. At least that isn’t stereotyping I guess.

    I wish I had been born in a saner era.

  • sbuffalonative

    What race is this toddler? Did they go with a mulatto so as not to stigmatize black girls?

    • So CAL Snowman

      That toddler looks pretty White to me, green eyes and curly blonde hair. It just reassures the non whites and liberal scum that Whites “do it too”

      • sbuffalonative

        The skin tone looks off to me and the hair color looks odd. The hair texture doesn’t look white to me at all. I think someone Photoshopping skin and hair tones.

        • pcmustgo

          I’ll tell you why they did this- mixed race babies, and black people with blue eyes (extremely rare) garner a lot of attention in the black community. So it just catches their eye more , because the baby is so rare and striking looking… like “look, a cute mixed race baby”, and they’ll look at the poster more.

        • The__Bobster

          It looks like one of the Bastas you’d see in South Africa – half Dutch/half Zulu hooker.

      • pcmustgo

        Clueless about what mixed race people look like? I’ve brought this up on amren before… your guys confusion over what many latinos and mixed people look like. This baby has very obvious african features. He does not look white. He has plenty of white in him, but does not look white.

        • Spartan24708

          Mixed race people are common here in Louisiana. Certain surnames are known to be mixed although some members can be very white in skin color. The other day I saw a woman with light skin and eyes but Afro textured long hair. I do wonder if the photo was altered somehow.

      • Diamond_Lil

        That’s exactly why they used this photo.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      I couldn’t tell whether the child was mixed race or albino, because it’s odd to see hair that light on a child that obviously has black features and “tawny” skin, as the article put it.

      • joesolargenius

        That child was a mulatto and probably only one quarter black . I have seen many albinos growing up in the South and they have red hair and either pink or blue eyes . I have also seen blacks that were almost purple because of the hue of their skin color , regardless of the skin color of a race the longer that future generations don’t make a living in the sun the lighter they become..

  • Triarius

    At least they used an extremely ugly baby that was no doubt the product of a blonde girl and a black guy.

    God forbid we start shaming those that are immoral so we can retain the few threads holding together what is left the fabric of society.

    I’m sure the maternal grandparents are thrilled.

    • bigone4u

      No doubt you are correct, but I’ve known a few high class black female college students who wanted a baby by a blonde, blue-eyed white man. They got one, too.

  • So CAL Snowman

    It’s hilarious, the State Approved main stream media pushes nothing but irresponsible behavior like teenage sex and promiscuity and then they react with posters like these? Oh we have to fight the scourge of teenage pregnancy!, all the while peddling debauchery and miscegenation 24/7 X 365 on the TV and internet. It’s all such a big joke, and we’re the punch line.

  • SargeInCharge

    We need to bring back public shame. The reason why some communities have a higher rate of teen motherhood is because there is no shame in those communities over having kids before you have your driver’s license.

    • The__Bobster

      When there are no consequences, there is no shame.

    • Joseph

      We need to bring back eugenics to stop reproduction of the parasitic classes instead of middle and upper-class white producers who are told that we are destroying the earth by having children. All welfare recipients should be given anti-fertility drugs before they collect a cent, and maintained for a year afterward. Women who will not finger the likely father(s) will be ineligible for any assistance until they do and he is located.

      We don’t need to abort anybody. Just prevent the problem to begin with.

  • bigone4u

    Bloomberg the soda Nazi is a despicable character, but if it costs almost nothing and it cuts the black birth rate, then I’m for it. The problem is that for posters to be effective, the target audience must know how to read. Many in that group can’t read.

  • steve7789

    Teenage pregnacy is only really a problem in the sense that the vast majority of teenage mothers are unmarried. Our grandparents considered childbirth at 18 or 19 completely normal. Keep in mind that the countries with high teenage birth rates are the only ones with a fertility rate above replcement level.

  • SoCal LoCal

    Finally! NYC’s government reveals the enemy’s face. No wonder the poster is hated.The last thing a fifth column wants is exposure before they are ready for the fight.

    Most activist groups in that former American city look forward to the day they can put enough full-grown versions of that kid on the streets and demand from whitey the keys to the city–and all its wealth. This is their abiding fantasy and they cannot see the nightmare behind their dream. They remain true believers in the coming revolution. The facts of history elude them, the facts of biology are terra incognito to them. They simply hope for change and plot to bring it about.

  • pcmustgo

    How about a hardworking white married couple scowling and saying “We have to work 2 jobs to support you and your out of wedlocks, you little sh……..t”

  • The__Bobster

    In another poster, a dark-skinned little girl casts her eyes to the sky and says, “Honestly Mom . . . chances are he won’t stay with you. What happens to me?”

    If the seed-spreader is a Bantu buck, chances are he won’t stay with you, no matter what your age is.

  • Pelagian

    these posters are highly problematic from a pro-life/Orthodox Catholic point of view. And just a “logical” point of view. Would a child actually cry over having been born??

  • Grim

    If negro bucks were chemically castrated it would kill two social ills with one shot.

  • Sue

    without offering any information to help girls prevent unplanned pregnancies. How about not having sex?
    Nearly 9 out of 10 teenage pregnancies in the city are unplanned. There are “planned” teenage pregnancies????????????????????????????????

    • Xerxes22

      It’s just the opposite. At least 90% of teenage pregnancies are planned. These girls know about contraception. They just don’t want to use it. Abstinence programs don’t work with these people.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        That is where mandatory sterilization comes in.

      • Ella

        They follow the trend of “Mom” who had me during her teens. Then there is no Dad. Where is the poster to the male boy who made the baby with “Mom?” Oh I forgot, slavery 150 yrs ago allowed them to run like cowards today…… Look at Germany, about 7 to 9 per 1000 births vs US Hispanics 56:1000 or Blacks 52:1000. Whites are 23:1000 for Teen births (CDC figures 2010).

  • Michael Ryan

    so what here a billionaire Bolshevik pushing minority abortions go girl

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Regardless of race I’m all for population control. Most whites and east Asians regulate themselves regardless. Those who have problems in that area need all the help and encouragement they can get to limit their destructive reproduction. My motivation is not really racial – it’s bigger than that.

    I really don’t give a rip that most efforts would impact any group more than any other. If groups that have trouble regulating their reproduction were able to do so (yeah, with productive people’s WELL SPENT money) ALL would benefit, including the low IQ types that can’t figure out that lots of kids is bad AND crimps their lifestyles.

    If we could catch Shareeka somewhere between unaffordable bastard one and unaffordable two or three, offer her a free tubal ligation for some minor consideration…I dunno, might help. Of course between that “every sperm is sacred” crowd and the people’s racism sniffing democratic totalitarian militia…

    Well who knows, eh? Our welfare system is in free fall now as per Detroit and many other such places, so who knows? Much as the Soviet Union collapsed of a sudden because they couldn’t pay their big military bills, perhaps we approach a very real precipice because of the same combined with a mob rule class of parasites we must pay for. Because they are “entitled” to bleed us and we are “privileged” to bleed…

    You gotta frame it right, know what I’m sayin?

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      I don’t agree that the east asian is not a super-breeder. People leave China all the time so that they can have more than one or two kids. And those outside of china seem to have kids to work and be prostitutes for to support the parents. Perhaps you mean Japanese, because they’re the only Asians I can think of that seem to have a real modicum of procreative restraint (no matter how nasty their entertainment is, I think their entertainment kind of lends itself to procreative restraint from its grossness).

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Well, I’ll have to dig some stats up. I know many Chinese leave because of the 1 child deal, but many are ok with it. I’ve also heard of many East Asians fleeing here for the sake of their kids…because they want to send their kids to “fun” and easy American schools rather than strict and demanding, no BS local schools. Which does make me squirm. Oh…we’re getting the lazy schlep-o East Asians then. Great.

        The urge to have lots of kids is pretty much hard wired. An r-style approach was needed for all peoples in the tough old days for many reasons, but seems some groups get it and adjust while others don’t and continue to pollute the world with too many death dealing shaved ape babies.

        Unfortunately our corrosive Africanized pop culture has seeped out everywhere and even amongst high average IQ groups certain low end outliers and antinomian types find it appealing.

  • The Bogeyman

    They don’t need any of those posters, they need to stop rewarding these breeders with ever higher welfare checks for each crotch goblin they can churn out. Abortion is the one medical procedure that should be provided to these people on the taxpayer’s dime, maybe even with an additional financial incentive.

    • Joseph

      All welfare recipients should be required to be maintained on anti-fertility drugs. Miss a trip to the clinic this month, no gibsmedats. They have declared themselves incompetent to rear children by applying for public assistance. This avoids the cost and moral issue of abortion and solves the problem in advance.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Well, anti-fertility drugs (“the pill” and such) aren’t always 100% effective, so the occasional abortion would come up.

        Best thing to do is a laparoscopic tube-tying, and burn the ends so that no reversal can be done.

        I had that 20 years ago, best thing ever, and seems to be totally reliable.

    • rick

      If you can’t feed ’em, dont breed ’em!! It’s really that simple. There should be signs in NYC and all the country blaring that message.

      As for “the Pill” not being 100% effective because women (especially the low IQ ones) can miss a dose, welfare recipients should instead be required to get the once-every-three months Depro-Provera shot. Contraceptive shots have been around since the early 1990s and are known to be highly effective and safe.

  • Joseph

    “I’m twice as likely not to graduate high school because you’ll mate with anything.”

  • Zackers

    “High IQ women are in college and grad school til’ age 25. That helps. Or for your guys cause, hurts”.

    Too funny. Too true, most likely. They say mixed race children, as babies, sometimes look white and indistinguishable from white babes. Not that I would know. Ask your local nurse what is going on at the pediatric ward.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Wait, what? I would think Planned Parenthood would be FOR this kind of campaign. It shows EXACTLY the sort of thing planning is supposed to prevent!

    Another group taken over by cultural marxists?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Planned Parenthood has always been run by Cultural Marxists.

      Its founder, Margaret Sanger, was a radical leftist, feminist and eugenicist who wanted to limit black births.

      Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider, its largest source of money comes from the federal government.

      In 2009-2010, PPFA received $487,400,000 from the U.S. government. Moreover, the organization’s total net assets topped $1 billion for the first time.

      I figured their funding has been curtailed and these posters would help their revenue stream by promoting abortion — even though PP has criticized these posters.


  • [Guest]

    >>>reinforce negative stereotypes

    Part of the trouble is that almost no one speaks the truth (now called “negative stereotypes”) anymore. We need MORE “negative stereotypes”—a ton more.

    >>>without offering any information to help girls prevent unplanned pregnancies

    That convoluted phrase is an outlandish lie, of course.

  • plaintruthforidiots

    Even the poster is grammatically incorrect – it’s “twice as likely to graduate AS kids whose…” – what is it with Americans and prepositions nowadays? They don’t seem to understand what the most simple words mean any more. (Which is TWO words, by the way… “any more”).

  • ken

    That baby has the hair of Morris Dees.

  • Sloppo

    If that boy’s mother was a teen, his father must have been white because his skin is not very dark. His hair is really curly like a teen though.

  • Elena Andbasket

    Huge nostrils, bizarre ugly looking child. The text should have read:

    Think! Do you really want a child that looks like this? Just say no.

  • Ella

    The State has to cut the welfare check. If teens or young adults view having out-of-wedlock babies as “profitable” then, they will not stop at one baby but continue with more babies due to extra benefits like Section 8, SNAP, free dental care and Medicaid, Fed lunch programs, free daycare and more college grants. The list goes on and on so why will they stop with ALL these incentives? Get real–a poster to “shame” them? Cut the welfare benefits to start!