Gun Deaths Shaped by Race in America

Dan Keating, Washington Post, March 22, 2013

Gun deaths are shaped by race in America. Whites are far more likely to shoot themselves, and African Americans are far more likely to be shot by someone else.

The statistical difference is dramatic, according to a Washington Post analysis of data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A white person is five times as likely to commit suicide with a gun as to be shot with a gun; for each African American who uses a gun to commit suicide, five are killed by other people with guns.


Where a person lives matters, too. Gun deaths in urban areas are much more likely to be homicides, while suicide is far and away the dominant form of gun death in rural areas. States with the most guns per capita, such as Montana and Wyoming, have the highest suicide rates; states with low gun ownership rates, such as Massachusetts and New York, have far fewer suicides per capita.

Suicides and homicides are highly charged human dramas. Both acts shatter families, friends and sometimes communities. But the reactions are as different as black and white, and those differences shape the nation’s divided attitudes toward gun control.

For instance, African Americans tend to be stronger backers of tough gun controls than whites. A Washington Post-ABC News poll this month found that about three-quarters of blacks support stronger controls, compared with about half of whites. The poll also found that two-thirds of city dwellers support stronger gun controls, while only about a third of rural residents back them.

Suicide and homicide rates among Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans do not reflect the sharp differences seen among blacks and whites.

Gun homicides, especially mass shootings, tend to spark demands for change. Although suicides account for almost twice as many gun deaths as homicides nationwide, they tend to be quiet tragedies, unnoticed outside the hushed confines of family and friends.


The most ardent advocate for gun rights, the National Rifle Association, casts the link between guns and suicide as something of a virtue. “Gun owners are notably self-reliant and exhibit a willingness to take definitive action when they believe it to be in their own self-interest,” the NRA wrote in a fact sheet, called “Suicide and Firearms,” on the Web site for the group’s lobbying arm. “Such action may include ending their own life when the time is deemed appropriate.”



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  • The__Bobster

    Whites kill themselves. Blacks kill each other.

    Bantus also kill Whites


    For instance, African Americans tend to be stronger backers of tough gun controls than whites.

    Of course. A congoid with an illegal gun doesn’t want to be snuffed by a White wiith a legal one while he is committing a crime.

    • potato78

      Raping Whites, too.
      Wanting to have Whites baby, too.

    • Pelayo

      Exactly. Who killed Channon and Christopher, the Wichita four and wounded the only survivor, Eve Carson, Lauren Burk,that little baby boy and thousands of other innocent Whites both adults and children who never lifted a hand against a Mau Mau?
      The day of reckoning is slowly but surely approaching.
      Remember Knoxville!!!!!!!!

    • Luis

      Excellent point, paisan. Since Bantus commit the most crimes they fear those who will defend themselves. Hence, the hue and cry over the Trayvon Martin -George Zimmerman episode. For the life of them, Bantus cannot figure out why Zimmerman shot Martin, as the latter was trying to stove his head in. So they cry “racism”, the old canard.

  • MobyWhite

    The only advantage of the coming collapse of civilzation will be unfettered the tribal wars between the coal blacks and the brown paper bags.

    • joesolargenius

      The Blacks will still want us to feed and protect them.

      • potato78

        The Blacks always felt that they are victimized by Whites.

        • Anonymous

          That’s because they’ve been fed that bulls–t by their own race mongers and the Progressive demons who’ve been in control of this country while stupid Whites watched NFL & NBA

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        We’ve done all the feeding and protecting that we’re going to do. No more Mister Nice Crackuh!

    • John

      I do sometimes wonder about this. The mulattos must be generally more intelligent than the coal-blacks. My friend, who grew up around many blacks, told me they would joke about it. It makes sense that the MSM would never give the issue the light of day.

      • Anonymous

        A little bit more intelligent makes them even more dangerous.

      • MobyWhite

        If Whites disappeard today, the massacres start tomorrow. Full blooded n’groes hate mongrels, and mongrels hate us all, and enough to rule the world one day. Their ranks are the fastet growing, and they are more willing to act on hate than any others.

      • Ben

        Research “black” intellectuals in American history. Also, research “black” professors in American Universities. These mulattos have very disproportionate rates of WHITE DNA. They are not black. Also, the more intelligent and the more they contributed, the higher their percentage of white ancestry. Notice, MLK, a plagiarist who had few original ideas was blacker in complexion and features than Malcolm Little, who as a kid had the lightest complexion in his family and reddish hair. It’s the same story with all “black” intellects. They’re typically half white…. ie, Obama.

  • thoughtcrime1933

    Another antigun article….that clearly obfuscates that we don’t have a gun problem, we have a minority problem.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      When Mayor James H.J. Tate of Philadelphia back in the fifties wanted an ordinance that prohibited the carrying of a knife with a blade exceeding three inches in length,the NAACP immediately screamed about the law being directed at Negroes. (That word was acceptable back then) Even MLK “I’m f—ing for Jesus” used it.

  • Missouri and D.C. share the highest rate per million of black “gun deaths,” 308 per million. However, unlike D.C., Missouri has enough white “gun deaths” (I despise that term) to do a comparison, that figure being 20 per million. This means there is a more than 15 times disparity between the races in the Show-Me. And you have to figure that many of these white “gun deaths” are suicides, not homicides.

  • David Axelrod

    Every American who isn’t blinded by political correctness knows that a very large percentage of the black community is uneducated, violent, feral, and de-evolving before our very eyes.

    Even Mr. Bill Cosby acknowledged this when he stated: “Black on black crime, drug and alcohol abuse, and a stubborn proclivity towards embracing the most ignorant and juvenile, criminal and self defeating culture and mentality, has done more to to hurt black people than anything ole Whitey ever did.”

    These facts are not “racist” ….. they are “reality”:
    ► Fifty percent of all of the homicides in America are committed by young black males, who make up just four percent of the total population.
    ► Almost seventy-five percent of black babies are born out of wedlock. That means the taxpayers are stuck paying for all of the associated health care costs.
    ► Millions of young Mexican men travel thousands of miles from their homes in Mexico to get jobs in America, yet young black men can’t seem to find jobs….why?

    Honorable black men and women struggled for decades to obtain their civil rights, so why do today’s blacks ignore their civil responsibilities that are associated with those right?

    Sadly, I’ve come to the realization that most blacks don’t want equality, even though they say they do. Equality carries great responsibilities and requires that actions have consequences. I think that what blacks really want is special treatment, as a protected class, who can’t be blamed for any of their bad decisions or behavior.

    More and more whites, like myself, no longer feel any guilt or sympathy towards blacks.

    We’re tired of excuses…..

    • saxonsun

      I saw a show on cults. The black nut Yahweh ben Yahweh was featured. He was head of a black hate group. One member escaped and told how they were taught that the white man was evil. This man had been beaten by these nuts and he stated that the “white man never did anything wrong to me–it was the black man torturing me.” Some of them know the truth too.

  • Luca

    Er…Could we expand the graph to show the ratio of blacks killing whites vs. whites killing blacks?

    Oops. I’m sorry, that would be honest journalism, if anyone remembers what that is.

    • ViktorNN

      It’s very important to the gun control movement that interracial crime stats are never brought up and discussed.

      Gun control – that is, disarming the population – will make whites more vulnerable to blacks who ALREADY criminally prey on whites more than whites prey on blacks.

      In a racial context, gun control is anti-white.

      Many gun control advocates just don’t get it, but I’m certain that some hate white people – especially white people who can defend themselves.

      • RisingReich

        I’m convinced in my life time there will come a time where Whites will prey on Blacks – but not to rob/rape/pilfer the very little as a people they own – but to rid society of the ‘issues’ they present to White civilization.

        The clock is ticking on these ‘people’.

        • Irwin Rommel

          Wir werden die Schwartzen vorschlagen!!!!

          • newscomments70

            your spelling is off.

      • Will White

        I wish the NRA would bring up interracial crime stats!

        • ViktorNN

          Good point – they should!

        • KevinPhillipsBong

          Maybe they’re afraid of losing the four (or is it five?) black NRA members.

          • liberalsuck

            Is there one successful traditional organization comprised of mostly white conservatives that doesn’t do the pandering to blacks or Latinos? I’m getting tired of it. How can they stand up to Bloomberg or Feinstein, but not to people calling them a ‘racist’? Come on, people.

    • SargeInCharge

      Great point regarding honest journalism. On that note, look at the wording of the opening paragraph: “Gun deaths are shaped by race in America. Whites are far more likely to shoot themselves, and African Americans are far more likely to be shot by someone else.”

      In that paragraph regarding how race affects gun use, whites are actively doing something (shooting themselves), while blacks are passively being shot as though they are innocent victims. Honest journalism would be to phrase the topic consistently as Jared did: “Whites more likely to shoot themselves. Blacks more likely to shoot others.”

      Once again, there was a media attempt to lessen the blow of what the cold hard figures show regarding black gun violence by portraying blacks at tthe very outset of the article as victims of gun violence rather than the perpetrators that they are.

      • Luca

        Here’s a twist on an old joke that illustrates your point: A black guy and a white guy are running a race, the white guy is clearly in the lead and headed for the finish line. The Liberal reporter sends out the following report for tomorrow’s headline: “Back Runner Poised to Take The Lead, White Runner in Dismal Second to Last Place.

        They’ll do it every time.

      • newscomments70

        I wonder if some liberal journalists will become so fed up and horrified by anti-white racism, that they convert and start supporting our point of view. I know that most are too braindead to change, but there must be a small number who would see the light.

        • Dr. X

          Perhaps the closest real-world example is former CBS News reporter Bernard Goldberg, who became persona non grata within CBS and an enemy of Dan Rather when he alleged that the mainstream news has a persistent leftist bias. After leaving CBS, Goldberg wrote a best-selling book entitled “Bias” (back in in 2000 or 2001 if I recall correctly). Goldberg prominently mentions examples of white editors spiking news stories that make blacks look bad, and says that this is basically Standard Operating Procedure in the media.

          • newscomments70

            I remember hearing about that. Thanks for bringing up the name and book title. I will look it up.

          • anonymous

            Making blacks look bad? Don’t you mean whites? Then again, Goldberg has criticized conservatives for being ‘racists and homophobes’ so this doesn’t shock me. Look at his last name.

      • saxonsun

        And the phrase “by someone else” implies that it could be whites doing the shootings, not blacks.

      • Token Finn

        Well said. Ever since I started hardcore language studies, I’ve started to despise the dishonest use of the impersonal passive (this may not be the exact linguistic term but it contains the same information) a lot more. Every time I visit my parents’ house, my dad may be spotted watching some establishment history show about evil nazis or whatever. The narrator says things like “(Hitler) was seen as deserving the most severe condemnation”. Not saying I support the nazis but this kind of vagueness really hits you. Seen so by who? How many of those people? When? Did everyone agree?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I wondered that too.

      From the Color of Crime:

      *Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks.

      *When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun.

      Spread the word and tell everyone you know. Post it and link to it everywhere you possibly can and mention that these are the government’s own figures from the FBI and Bureau of Justice.

      You’ll be called every name for racist but at least we’re putting it out there.


    • Dick whyte

      Lets also include the ratio of white policemen killing innocent black men vs black policemen killing innocent white men.

      Oops ! That would show what racist pigs whites are !!

      • Luca

        I’m sure you’re still crying over Christopher Dorner. The phrase “Innocent black men” is an oxymoron. Take a look a crime statistics, blacks are on a virtual nationwide rampage killing each other and anyone else when they get the inkling. Is it any wonder some innocents will be killed with all this firestorm and chaos of crime going on? Consider it the “Fog of War” and collateral damage. The numbers are no where near the number of whites killed by blacks. Layoff the koolaid and go back on your meds.

  • Anyone here lock their doors at night, stay away from certain parts of town, or planning to move away from their neighborhood because White people commit suicide in greater numbers than black people?

    Homicide and suicide have been happening well before man ever knew what a gun was. In this case we’re talking about high numbers of White suicide and black homicide. One is a true social issue that warrants further analysis. The other has already been solved by honest individuals not afraid to juxtapose Murphy’s Law with Occam’s Razor.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Women are afraid to walk near tall buildings at night due to their fear that a White suicide jumper may fall on them.

  • a multiracial individual

    1. [Gun deaths in urban areas are much more likely to be homicides, while
    suicide is far and away the dominant form of gun death in rural areas.]

    1. These are not mirror statements. They should have said that black homicide is far and away the leading cause of gun death in the city.

    2. [For instance, African Americans tend to be stronger backers of tough gun
    controls than whites. A Washington Post-ABC News poll this month found
    that about three-quarters of blacks support stronger controls, compared
    with about half of whites. The poll also found that two-thirds of city
    dwellers support stronger gun controls, while only about a third of
    rural residents back them.]

    2. If you are familiar with the current liberal whining about NYC’s stop, question, and frisk policy, you know that this statement is a complete joke.

  • Tyrone Ooks

    The statistics don’t count mentally ill blacks that shot at cops without any chance of survival. More stupidity from our journalists.

    • UK Expat

      Are the statistics normalized for the % of each race in the population, or are they just per million??? Are they per million black and per million white? If not the white % would drop dramatically in comparison.

  • Veritas_lux_mea

    If blacks had an ounce of shame their suicide rate would be 5x the White rate. I guess if your standards are so low, you will never disappoint yourself. Must be nice, in a way.

    • Anonymous

      Could we hire crop dusters to spread a drug in the hood that induces shame?

      Oh wait! We’re the ones who brought Coke, Smack and Crack to the hood? It’s all our fault.

      • newscomments70

        How about a crop duster that sterilizes people?

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Here’s what you do. When they approach you, say “Where’s that $50 I gave you last week?” It’ll totally throw them off. Next: “Okay, take off those shoes (coat, whatever) and we’ll call it even.” When they protest, raise a fist and say “Look bitch, next time I see you, you better have my $50…with interest!” Unlikely he’s going to run to the police saying “Some White guy tried to beat me up and steal my shoes.” Even if he does, no cop is going to believe him.

      • Garrett Brown

        Lol that’s hilarious

    • Dr. X

      That’s quite true. The prominent French sociologist Emile Durkheim observed in his classic work “Le Suicide” that suicides were much higher in developed nations than in undeveloped, tribal regions. Translation: maintaining high standards can be very stressful, and maintaining developed white civilization requires a lot of effort and high standards. Conversely, if all you are ever going to do in life is lay around on welfare, copulate, watch television, and not get up at 5 a.m. and go to work, and your goals in life do not extend beyond your next bottle of malt liquor, there isn’t much stress and consequently a lower suicide rate.

  • George

    I was genuinly surprised by this. Perhaps the blacks simply don’t have much in the way of shame that would motivate someone to kill themselves.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I think it’s an ego problem. Blacks are brainwashed by the schools, their leaders (“I Am Somebody”) and media that they are superior to Whites — that their lives are more valuable than ours.

      That they are worth saving and we aren’t.

      For pushing this, execrable Tim Wise types are rewarded with six-figure salaries.


      • LaSantaHermandad


        What’s wrong with you? They ARE superior to Whites! Don’t you watch TV commercials and Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Cuba Gooding movies?
        Dude, that’s all the evidence that we need.

  • John R

    Blacks don’t kill themselves? There are many ways of killing yourself. The way blacks behave, engaging in violent, risky behavior, not to mention their attrocious diets, and lack of concern for their health, are clearly signs that they do “kill themselves” probably more often than Whites.

  • LHathaway

    “I’m convinced in my life time there will come a time where Whites will prey on Blacks”

    I was thinking that too. I think I posted something like, There will come a day when whites discriminate against someone who is not white, for real, just because they are not white. I saw some evidence of that in students while I was in college 20 years ago, ‘if blacks are going to be discriminating against us sexually, and socially, and with their special interest groups, I just may discriminate against them when I’m older’. I haven’t really seen any of that come to pass, but again, it may one day. I suppose when it does, the major media will finally declare itself to be against affirmative action and that kind of discrimination – to get us on the right side of the issue, who knows? Darn that affirmative action, discrimination is wrong!

    Most of the large employers are still praising diversity (discrimination against white men). If smaller employers do it this way, more than they discriminate Against whites, I dont know. It would have to be a really small business and outside of a franchise.

    • Guest

      “I’m convinced in my life time there will come a time where Whites will prey on Blacks”

      When my parents pass away, my goal is to become a vigilante. I have wanted to do this ever since I was a child. I don’t want to prey on random people. I want to start retaliating against violent criminals. Most of whom, as we know, are black and hispanic, and now Muslim. I should do it now, but I really don’t want my parents to be affected by this. I am not married and I have no children. I go to the gym often, I have taken martial arts for several years, and I am starting to learn about guns. If I started this now, I woud be likely to end up like George Zimmerman. We still have some semblance of law and order, but where I live, some of the cops can’t even read. In the near future, it will be harder to catch us. If we all retaliate, there will be no way they can stop us.

  • [Guest]

    I’m sick of this sort of propaganda: “Whites are far more likely to shoot themselves, and African Americans are far more likely to be shot by someone else.”

    The “Washington Post” deliberately employs the passive voice in the second half of that sentence because it refuses to open the article with the simple and widely known fact that blacks are not just being shot, but they’re DOING THE SHOOTING.

    As any literate grade-school teacher knows, the second phrase should read as follows: “African Americans are far more likely to shoot someone else.”

    The “Washington Post” can’t get two sentences into an article without soft-soaping on behalf of the most depraved and yet most favored race in the nation.

    What a crazy nation this has become that we’re not only permitting an identifiable segment of the population to rampage like wild beasts, but we’re so craven that we won’t even admit it’s happening.

  • IKantunderstand

    The answer is simple in the extreme. Whites need to start killing Blacks. For whatever reason.

  • Ron Cheaters

    Good news/bad news: America is at war with itself… Good news 20 years from now there will be prosperity and order. Bad news America will lose its dominance to China financially and to Russia militarily until 2035 I imagine
    Good news.. a solid united states united, yet segrigated. On issues of race, gun control, business, welfare.. personal freedom..etc
    Bad news.. cities burned to the ground, lives wasted, farms/crops destroyed.. pure civil war ….
    … the war is already here it just needs a spark…

    But its what I see on the horizon

  • bigone4u

    Whites, especially men, are being driven to suicide by our sick economy and culture. Those TV commericials mocking and ridiculing white males are like Chinese water torture … drip … drip … pretty soon you start to see yourself as a loser. This phenomenon applies especially to younger white males. Older men may have sufficient self-esteen built up due to actually accomplishing something useful, like building a career, a family, or even something as simple as mastering a skill or hobby. At times when I’ve been down, it’s been my love of dogs that has kept me going. I know there is always a homeless dog (or cat even) that is going to need me at some point in the future. Thus, suicide is not an option for me.

    Turning off the TV and voluntarily withdrawing from the chaos of the hip-hop world of entertainment would be a wonderful start. Or, at least limit yourself to shows in which masculine white men are masters of their world–Storage Wars, American Pickers (I know that Frank and Mike are Jews), Pawn Stars, etc. Or just watch old John Wayne movies. Better yet, challenge the denigration of men, heterosexuals, families, and if you’re religious, Christianity. And, last but not least treat your wife and the other women in your world with kindness and respect.

    • newscomments70

      Definitely cut the cable and denigrate the media when ever you can. I love to leave race realist comments in any comments section I can. Spread awareness. If you still watch TV, bombard the racist advertisers with angry comments, and threats to stop buying their garbage. I cut the cable. I now have more space in my living room, I work harder, and I go to the gym more often. I also drink much less. They want you to be fat and drunk (or high), in front of your TV set. I am not affected by them because they lost me. Whenever I do see mainstream TV, I am only filled with rage.

      • NM156

        TV advertising is laughably, ludicrously diverse-all of it. Minorities are over represented in advertising by orders of magnitude greater than their numbers would dictate.

        • newscomments70

          it used to be non-threatening images…not it is ALWAYS a black male with a white female. it is especially offensive when they use children. Mcdonald’s is one of the worst offenders. I don’t believe advertisers use white males anymore, unless it is denigrating them.

    • NM156

      Frank and Mike from American Pickers are Jews? Oh come on. Frank looks like a pot-bellied Kraut, and Mike looks Anglo Saxon. Iowa was never a destination for large numbers of Jews.

      • PesachPatriot

        This was pretty surprising to me too….I like the show but I didn’t think either of the two gentleman were jewish…danielle is pretty cool too….If there are even a hundred jews in the entire state of Iowa i would be amazed.

        • NM156

          Someone run this question past Howard Stern: “Jew or not-Jew?”

    • robinbishop34

      Frank too?

  • IKantunderstand

    Clearly, the message here is:Do not point the gun at yourself. Wait: If you really want to shoot at someone, in no time, based on what is going on in today’s society, you will have the chance to point the gun at an intruder. Go for it. It will not be yourself in a mirror. It will be a Black guy. Kill him.

  • KenelmDigby

    It is a basic, genetic racial difference between blacks and Whites worthy of JP Rushton himself.
    Whites are compassionate and concerned enough to focus their anger and aggression on themselves rather than use it to destroy the lives of innocent others, whilst blacks will assuage anger by taking it on others.

  • To You Sociological analyst:
    Are you sure this is correct? I mean with what James Holmes, Jared Loughner, Adam Lanza, that shooter in Minneapolis, and that kidnapper in Alabama. I would have to question your data. Don’t get me wrong, there are high rates of Black on Black shooting homicides but just mentioning the above examples, the White on White rates seemed the same if not higher. Just food for thought.

    • the listing of white mass shooters is at best anecdotal. Sort of like banning assault weapons when hammer are more deadly

      • To Mr. Outtamany: I’m a gun owner myself, and have a couple rifles that could be consider assault weapons. Anyway, i’m definitely against their banning or banning of any other thing. This is a republic with constitutional liberties, therefore, gov. should have nothing to fear from its’ citizens. Well, enough with civics, my point is whether it’s assault rifles or hammers, they both do destructive things. Think about that for awhile. Next to “Rising Reich” , i see you believe in tolitarian societies that eventual fall. Anyhow, bring on your attempt to rid the country/world of Blacks or any other non-white “untermenschen”. See what the results will be. I give you a clue. Remember what happen to General Custer with his merry band at the Little Big Horn in 1876 or what happen to the famous German 6th army, under General Paulus, at Stalingrad in early 1943. Not too pleasant, would you not agree!?!

        • “See what the results will be. Remember what happen to…”

          You wouldn’t be here commenting if you were really confident in where that course would lead. Someone who is really confident doesn’t need to find enemy territory to boast about their dominance. You people are scared and, when you consider your worldview and rhetoric revolves on lies and manipulations, you should be scared.

  • LHathaway

    “where I live, some of the cops can’t even read”

    My last two bosses couldn’t spell the simplest words. I’m not a great speller either – wasn’t sure how to spell simplest myself, but it was pretty ridiculous. They were affirmative action hires. At least they were black and my bosses.