GOP Chair Bill Armistead Says Republicans Are Actively Seeking More Diversity

Joey Kennedy, Alabama, March 5, 2013

I had a nice meeting with state GOP Chairman Bill Armistead Monday afternoon. {snip}


Armistead in February was re-elected as state GOP chairman, though the top elected officeholders in the state, including Gov. Robert Bentley and Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard, campaigned against him. That says a lot about Armistead’s political savvy and clout. The Republican Executive Committee went against its top elected officials in re-electing Armistead by a good margin.

And Armistead says he put all of that behind him once he was re-elected. Now, he says, he’s reaching out to minorities to expand the diversity of the Alabama Republican Party, which might be even less diverse than the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy.

Armistead is serious, though. “I fully believe in this in my heart,” Armistead says. “We have to demonstrate we’re a party of diversity.”

That’s a mammoth challenge. Republicans are identified with voter suppression efforts through photo voter identification, opposition to early voting and opposition to the Voting Rights Act. Too, Republicans championed Alabama’s harsh immigration law and continue to fight for provisions in it that have been thrown out by federal appeals courts.

Armistead admits the immigration law doesn’t help the party with Hispanics. “It’s hurt us, perception-wide,” he says. “The illegals don’t like it. Some legals don’t like it.”

Still, Armistead says he’s talking to African-Americans and Hispanics every day who are interested in the state GOP.


As for drawing more African-Americans to the party, Armistead says: “They’re out there. I’m finding them every day.” He says a Young Republicans chapter was recently started at Alabama State University, and he’s in talks to launch a chapter at Alabama A&M University.

Armistead admits the ASU chapter only has a handful of members, and that the party has a ways to go to attract minorities.

But my sense is that Armistead is completely sincere in this effort—even if it won’t be very successful because this is, after all, the Alabama Republican Party. {snip}

“I don’t have to do this to win in Alabama,” Armistead says. He’s absolutely correct. Republicans don’t need minority votes to win in Alabama, as they’ve shown.

Armistead, though, is convicted: “It’s the right thing to do. We have a substantial black population (in Alabama), so we should have more blacks in the Republican Party.”


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  • I take it the state of Alabama recently had to make severe cutbacks to its mental health budget and therefore had to empty out and close some of its loony bins?

    • Robert Binion

      No, the damage here is the result of trauma. It always happens when I attend a beach blanket bingo bongo party blowout with Joe “Fingers” Biden on “Bloody Mary Sunday.” Sooner or later, someone steps on my head.

  • Katherine McChesney

    I attended a Republican caucus in my city last Saturday. We had two black male adults and one black male teenager. Both adults serve on the board. I believe whatever good exists in the party will be sacrificed just for a handful of blacks and mexicans. I don’t believe the Republican party will ever be in the White House again. Ditto for Libertarians and Tea Party Republicans.

    • don’t believe the Republican party will ever be in the White House again. Ditto for Libertarians and Tea Party Republicans.
      Not if they do not quit pandering to pet Blacks………

      • bluffcreek1967

        I agree. The Republicans will win a few blacks and Hispanics to their party in the days ahead, but it will never be large percentages of them. The GOP will always be despised and mocked by the Democrats for their obvious hypocrisy and weakness in this matter.

        Most blacks and Hispanics will forever stay away from the GOP because no matter what external changes the Republicans make, they will always been seen as ‘the old white, conservative party.’ Ghetto blacks and Mexican barrio types are culturally and intellectually unable to relate to the political policies of the GOP. They are much too abstract and rooted too deeply upon the foundational principles of our nation, such as limited government and freedom from governmental intrusion. This is all too foreign to them. They don’t think in such terms and it does not interest them in the first place. The GOP should have stuck with their white majority base instead of pandering to the Bantus and the Cholos.

        • Katherine McChesney

          ‘Most blacks and Hispanics will forever stay away from the GOP because no matter what external changes the Republicans make,’

          Actually what will keep them away are all the entitlements provided by the evil, racist Democrat party. It’s money….nothing else but the almighty dollar.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Yes, I agree that so long as the Democrats offer them all the entitlements, very little of what the Republicans believe or what image they present will make much sense to blacks and Hispanics. I was only making the point that no matter what positive ‘outreach’ to minorities Republicans provide, it will prove fruitless because the people they seek to reach have neither the intelligence nor the sort of culture that’s conducive to such conservative principles. The blacks are unable to kick the government welfare habit, and the Hispanics have only known governments that are large and intrusive. Both groups are also not known for their higher levels of intelligence. All of this along with their entitlement mentality precludes them from ever being patriotic and conservative Republican types.

    • edie

      that same phenomenon extends to any black that wants to run for office from the repub party, in other words, a black goes before the best candidate…………

    • newscomments70

      California recently had a Republican governer, as did Puerto Rico. It is remotely possible, but we are in a state of rapid decline. We might have one more Republican President. The problem with the Republican party is that they are NOT racist. The Democrats are EXTREMELY racist. I don’t advocate hatred, but we have to be aware that there exists a serious threat to our existence. They must identify the threat and unite to neutralize it. Pretending that non-whites don’t want to destroy us is a fatal mistake.

      • jeffaral

        Disagree with your statement that the Republican Party are not racist; They are anti-White.

    • bluffcreek1967

      I finally left the Republican party because I could no longer endorse their RINOs and their fawning over blacks and Hispanics. I’m done with them. I will now only align myself with a party that is distinctly white and nationalistic. I’m still trying to figure out which party to join, but I want to be discerning in my decision and not do so hastily.

      I will do all I can now to preserve my white race, white European culture, and things that promote my racial identity. I love the old, pre-1965 America, NOT the new America. I long for secession and I hope it will occur sometime in my life. I don’t know how much longer whites can endure the hatred that’s been heaped upon them for the past 40 years, but the country I grew up in no longer exists. I’ve become an alien in my own land as I’m sure we have all sensed in some form.

      I know there are many whites like me who don’t hate ‘minorities,’ but who are fed up with all the pandering toward them; who are tired of being looked upon as evil simply because of our white skin and because of past slavery; and who are tired of seeing our country flooded with third-world immigrants.

      • Greg Thomas

        “I’m done with them. I will now only align myself with a party that is distinctly white and nationalistic.”

        That party does not yet exist bc. I hope that soon changes.

    • fakeemail

      Reminds of a classic Amren joke: What do you call the one black guy at a Tea Party rally? A: The keynote speaker.

    • ConcernedYoungAmerican

      You’re right, and it totally boils down to massive demographic shifts.

      Extrapolated all the way back in 2001:

      “…Even if the Republicans could have won their 1988 level of support again—which they miserably failed to do against Bill Clinton—they would have had at most two presidential cycles left. Then they would have fallen inexorably into minority status, beginning in 2008…”

      The Republicans as a national political party are finished (as they should be for selling out the country); time to focus on the coming collapse and the partition of America.

      • bluffcreek1967

        “time to focus on the coming collapse and the partition of America.” Right you are, sir.

        • NYB

          What’s needed is a form of comprehensive Yalta conference, to discuss the post-collapse partition and reorganization of the United States.

          Until political leaders emerge, the philosophy of this future is going to have to be developed on the comment boards by broad patriotic consensus, sort of like the Arab spring.

  • edie

    someone please start a Tea Party or another viable alternative to the repub party.

    • The__Bobster

      One WAS started. Then it was hijacked by neocons like Dick Armey.

    • SmithandSmith

      Forget the “tea party”. They called me asking for donations to support their “new and exciting” candidates and guess who they were? That’s right, a black and a hispanic (scott/rubio) to which I replied ” oh no, you need to be going to the blacks and ‘spics for your money on that one” and hung up.

      The “tea party” is not concerned about you, You The American. Your best bet would be to forget about trying to get any Politician to care about America and Americans and just prepare for the coming collapse instead.

  • ArmenianWN

    Q: “What do you call a Black man at a republican convention?”
    A: “The keynote speaker!”

    • The__Bobster

      Q: What do you call the three new speakers at CPAC?
      A: Black

      The 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) will be held March 14-16 in the Washington D.C. area. Those who cannot attend will miss out on seeing a Who’s Who of Amnesty supporters like Rubio, Paul and Bush along with conservative heavyweights such as Francesca Chambers, Chelsi Henry and T.W. Shannon.

      • Katherine McChesney

        And they’ve refused to let Pamela Gellar appear. She’s opposed to Muslim immigration which is the most serious threat facing our country today. Muslims hate everybody.

        • jeffaral

          Pamela Gellar is a hate-filled Zionist fanatical: She advocates the nuking of European capitals in case of the European countries not supporting Israel and their lackey the USA waging war against Iran.

          • Joseph

            The name “Gellar” alone is a clue as to the likely loyalties.

            Engelman should check in about now.

  • josh

    Immigration Invaders? Fake voters? This sackless wonder is what we have defending our nation against these existential threats? This soft sweet good hearted christian is what is opposing the left-wing rats? Back in the 80’s these brainless clods were running this Black Republican crap. Blacks are religous!Blacks are concerned about crime! Blacks are devoted to “educaaaaaaayyyyy-shun”! Why we can get them ALL to be Opportunity Republicans! Remember that poor ass hat Jack Kemp? With his tax-free zones or some crap.NOW we see the problems we face not being addressed,but ignored and passively,weakly,effeminately,homosexually allowed because,gee,we dont want to look mean,oppressing the dear sweet minority voters!(real or imagined!) Its just wrong to oppose the dear sweeties who want a “better life”! This guy must know better than us because he comes across black republicans EVERY DAY!!!

  • libertarian 1234

    “GOP Chair Bill Armistead Says Republicans Are Actively Seeking More Diversity”

    We desperately need a third party ASAP.

    • This is more than enough proof that the GOP is still in the process of committing suicide.
      They either don’t have a clue, or they do.
      If they do know what’s going on, then they are still too pathetic and weak to do anything about it. Either way, I do not want to see the moderate republicans win anything.

  • Well Armistead, what are you going to do about the hard right wingers like me who will be voting straight ticket democrat?
    WAAAAAIIIIT a second…you, YOU actually thought you already have my vote locked up, didn’t you?

  • bigone4u

    Let the DemocRATS welcome those opposed to affirmative action, homosexual marriage, and illegal immigration. Let the DemocRATS also welcome Jared Taylor and the entire Amren community. When that happens, the Republicants might be justified in welcoming DIE-versity.

  • potato78

    Now White Party is seeking Diversity. Funny?

    • The__Bobster

      It was the Stupid Party before it was the White Party. They’re just returning to their roots.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Mitt Romney lost the election because he wasn’t a strong candidate. Chris Christy also contributed.

        The GOP is fractured. Nothing cohesive about the party. I’m making it clear to my local group that I’ll leave the party if Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio are chosen as candidates. I’ll also campaign against them.

  • Felix_M

    Tell the GOP to go f*** itself. The last election should have taught them that they can’t win pandering to minorities and billionaires.

    Middle class, conservative Americans are their natural consistency. If they can’t see that, then it’s the patriotic duty of all conservative Americans to shiv the GOP, bring it to as quick an end as possible and make room for its conservative successor.

    • Katherine McChesney

      It Republican Party corruption that’s keeping them away from elections.

  • The__Bobster

    Republicans are identified with voter suppression efforts through photo voter identification, opposition to early voting and opposition to the Voting Rights Act. Too,

    Bloody hell! Voter ID is required around the world. I don’t want my vote diluted by Obongophone creatures that vote six times.

    As far as the VRA is concerned, really??!! It passed the Senate 98-0. What opposition?

    • In my state, you have to have photo ID to buy canned compressed air duster, but you don’t need it to vote.

  • Jefferson

    The GOP should actively seek more White votes, screw the so-called “diversity”. Last year a whopping 7 million registered Republican voters stayed home on election day.

    I bet the vast majority of those 7 million Republicans who did not bother to vote at all last year are part of the White race. If those 7 million came out to vote, Hussein Obongo would not be in office today.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I believe it. There were Republicans in my building who’ve claimed the Republican politicians are just as corrupt as the Democrats. I agree with them. It’s what kept them away from the polls last election.

    • Nancy Thomas

      So true, and obvious to anybody with a brain.

  • 1776is1984

    The Gopers would rather lose the election(s) than actually appeal to thier voters. not another vote from me!

  • StillModerated

    The only way the Republicans can win is to hold a surprise national convention with delegates selected at the county level, who then select the candidate who panders best to the White vote. Smoke-filled rooms and backroom deals are the way that works best. The press have used the drawn-out primary process to select the worst possible candidate (a Northeast liberal) for the past several election cycles, and the party bosses have been satisfied to capitulate. The lamestream media have hijacked the party.

  • SmithandSmith

    Non-Whites always demand inclusion whenever it’s Majority White but then all of sudden, are quiet as soon as they manage to take it over and make it Majority Non-White.

    Non-Whites always demand diversity whenever it’s Majority White but then suddenly become quiet when it becomes Majority Non-White.

    Non-Whites always claim “racism” whenever it’s Majority White but then suddenly, the “racism” disappears the second it becomes Majority Non-White.

    When are these “leaders” going to STOP all the never-ending Non-White Double Standards?

  • MikeS

    Going profoundly, completely and utterly against nature, reality, common sense and the will of the people because “It’s the right thing to do.”

  • mobilebay

    Armistead says the immigration law is not well liked by illegals. If anyone here doesn’t care what illegals think, raise your hands. I’m now typing with one hand.

  • Vale

    Diversity always means “less White people” – but I guess the GOP won’t cotton onto that until their pay checks start bouncing.

  • Epiminondas

    These people are beyond delusional. I believe it’s known as “Lincoln Derangement Syndrome.”

  • Sharon

    Our state republican party would get a few blacks in and they rapidly rose to high positions and paid positions in the party. Then they left for the democrat party to run for office. They were probably sent there by the democrats in the first place. Us lowly grunts volunteering in the party knew they were there to ‘cut their teeth’ as we used to say. It was just another affirmitive action program.

  • Paleoconn

    The GOP is long dead and I had a helluva time at the wake. I put up an outhouse over its grave in case anybody visiting loved ones at the cemetery had to go. Actually, I didn’t put it up, I hired some illegals to do it cause I love irony. I threw a few extra pesos to the illegals tending the cemetery to look the other way. Win-win