CPAC Puts Latino Conservatives Front and Center

Victor Garcia, Fox News Latino, March 8, 2013

Latino issues are at the top of the agenda at the largest gathering of conservative politicians and activists in yet another sign of how Republicans are struggling to attract a demographic group that is critical to their electoral future.

“I’m committed, as head of the Conservative Union, that Latinos issues are going to be presented,” said Al Cardenas, a Cuban-American who is head of the American Conservative Union, the group that organizes the Conservative Political Action Conference. “We need to celebrate this diversity.”

For the first time in the conference’s history, a Latino, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, will deliver the keynote address at CPAC. Past CPAC keynote speakers include Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Allen West and Sarah Palin. The conference’s opening speaker this year will be Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.

“We need to commit a total immersion in the Latino community,” said Cardenas.

It’s no coincidence that Latino politicians such as Rubio, who has been at the forefront of recent immigration reform talks on Capitol Hill, are being thrust into such prominent roles this year.

“We need to showcase how widespread conservatives are in the Latino movement,” said Cardenas.

Dr. Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, believes CPAC has made a move in the right direction if it wants to attract Latino voters and their growing fundraising muscle.

“It tells me that the message of the 2012 election has been received loud and clear,” said Sabato. “[This is] a good start. You gather your Latino office holders together and find out through them what their community needs and wants from politics.”

The conference currently has a list of 15 Latinos participating in panels and speaking at the event, including Rubio, Cruz and Congressman Raul Labrador of Idaho.



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  • The only one of the above listed names who is not an openly declared open borders type is Ted Cruz, and his meddle has really not yet been tested.

    • The__Bobster

      However, we’ve seen him kiss Israel’s butt with the best of them.

    • Greg Thomas

      That’s because his people get citizenship as soon as they float up on the beach. Nonetheless, I’m sure he supports “comprehensive immigration reform.”

    • Mariner33

      I’m from Texas, several generations, and I’m taking a close look at Ted Cruz. So far, I like what I see. You also have to look at the candidate’s wife. If he is conservative, and she is to the Left, eventually he will whither and get “wet”. Ted’s got a helluva resume, going back to the 2000 election, where his legal brilliance helped win the day in Florida for Dubya. Ted and his wife are 100 proof evangelicals, no dilution, no trendy social justice mish mash.

      What we really are looking for is another Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, whose principles were etched in stone, and who answered to a Higher Power. Honor and reputation were inviolable to them.

      Consistency and predictability are what I’m looking for following validation of containing the “Right Stuff”. Let’s not get fooled again. No. No.

      • Wayne

        Helping “Dubya” do anything is not a plus.
        Evangelicals worship equality and multiculturalism more than Christ, and have a penchant for sacrificing America for Israel. You sound like a standard Republitard.

        • Mariner33

          Relax, son, I said I’m taking a look at Ted. Back in 2000, at that time, you’re saying that we should have given the election to Al Gore. Your statement about evangelicals is meaningless. I regard you as a Low Information Voter.

      • He has a good immigration record from his time as Solicitor General of Texas, and he also answers survey questions pretty well. But I won’t be comfortable until I actually see him vote correctly as a member of the U.S. Senate.

        Unlike Marco Rubio, who already had a record of being for amnesty and open borders going way back to when he was Speaker of the House in Florida.

      • ATBOTL

        So you want another president who will give amnesty to illegals?

        • Mariner33


          >>That historic victory led many to assume that Cruz would play a
          leading role in the immigration debate and give the GOP another rising
          Latino star — simply because he is Hispanic. Columnist Ruben Navarrette is one of the latest to point to the Cuban-American senator as a possible leading voice in the newly rekindled immigration debate.

          But a look at Cruz’s record makes it clear that he’s no advocate of immigration reform.

          His father’s Cuban immigrant roots notwithstanding, Cruz is a vocal
          opponent of reform, particularly any law that would allow undocumented
          immigrants to reside legally in the country. His first reaction after a
          bipartisan group of senators put forth its first outline for legislation
          on Monday was to express “deep concerns with the proposed path to citizenship.”

          His views contrast sharply with the dominant attitudes of the Latino
          community. A Fox News Latino poll published last year found that a
          whopping 90 percent of likely Latino voters support the DREAM Act, and 85 percent favor a path to citizenship for the undocumented.

    • Mariner33

      I agree. Let’s watch and evaluate. We desperately need some champion Constitutional Conservatives.

  • bigone4u

    It is inherently NOT conservative to pander to an ethnic group that does not in the main believe in conservative principles. True conservatism rejects the entitlement mentality and just as importantly embraces and promotes traditional Westen cultural values rooted in religious and enlightenment values. The latter were articulated over the course of hundreds of years by WHITE Europeans and Americans.

    • White Elmo

      True. Its a white thing. We cant expect nonwhites to share our values and cultural traditions. They are derived from whiteness.

      • crystalevans

        What about Asian Americans, they tend to share the same cultural values as whites?

        • Joseph

          By far, most Asians are Democrats so will support big gummint, mass immigration, and race-mixing but like Jews, mostly NOT for themselves.

      • bluffcreek1967

        “They are derived from whiteness” – This is true and most don’t understand that conservative notions of limited government, low taxes, hard work and rugged individualism, and rejection of the entitlement mentality are deeply rooted in white, Western values. They are a combination of both the Protestant work ethic and certain enlightenment ideas which whites have uniquely espoused.

        This explains in part why blacks and Hispanics have problems relating conceptually with conservative politics. They don’t think in such terms. They can’t relate to them. It’s foreign to their cultures and way of thinking. Blacks and Hispanics, in large numbers, will never align with the GOP or the Tea Party. It’s not who they are. They rightfully belong to the Democrat Party where American patriotism is downplayed or outright ignored (or mocked!); where government is promised to provide all of their needs; and where whitey is made the source of all that is wrong in the world. This is where they belong. That is their political and ideological home.

        • Kathy M

          Bingo. Standing ovation.

        • Dan

          Well said Bluffcreek!

  • alas

    This is one of the problems, quite honestly, with the term ‘hispanic’. Ted Cruz is white. He is also conservative, solidly so, and whilst I have not heard anything from him regarding open borders, I take that to mean he is pro-enforcement – seeing as it is the fashion nowadays to be pro-amnesty.

    • White Elmo

      Blood is thicker than water. Look at Linda Chavez. Worked for president Reagan. Very conservative. Until it came to enriching the country with her people. We need to learn this lesson. We need to be the same way.

      • Joseph

        Amen. Overall, race is thicker than politics, at least for “people of color”.

      • Wayne

        Yep, and another Republitard favorite, Colin Powell.

    • I too happen to be white with a spanish last name like Ted Cruz, except my last name is directly from Spain itself, not a dime-a-dozen last name, and my eyes aren’t even brown. Like, Ted, I am also capable of blond and red haired children. Since my father was born in the 1930’s, in Colorado, the 1965 Immigration Act does not apply to any family member of mine.

      I have played the affirmative action angle myself because white people won’t fight it, and I have an asset to exploit.

      Ted Cruz will do NOTHING about illegal immigration. The mexican voter will see “Cruz”, and the white voter will see “Republican”, and that’s all it’s going to take.

      A few years from now, the Democratic Party will have to pay their end of the deal. They will put up a total nimrod vs. Ted Cruz, giving the Republican Party the “first hispanic President of the United States.”
      Do you think I’m bull$#&!!*@^?

      • crystalevans

        Ted Cruz was elected with the help of the Texas Tea Party. I personally doubt if very many Mexicans voted for him. After all, he is white. Not Brown.

    • liberalsuck

      Black and Hispanic conservatives at their core are black and Hispanics. They pander to their white base to get power and money and turn out to be just like Jesse Jackson or Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton. We’ve seen this time and time again. When will conservatives finally get it???

  • After I read “Latino issues are at the top of the agenda at the largest gathering of conservative politicians and activists in yet another sign of how Republicans are struggling to attract a demographic group that is critical to their electoral future.”
    I had to pause and regain my composure.

    • Felix_M

      Latino issues? What in the f*** are Latino issues? The country is falling apart and they’re worried about pandering to a group that are inherently leftist? Gimme a break.

      • Wayne

        Precisely what I thought. I saw a USMC recruitment billboard a month or so ago that said the USMC was seeking people with Hispanic values.
        All these years of telling us we’re all Americans, now it appears we are different.

  • White Elmo

    Oh yes, our country is just there for the taking. Come one come all. If these Latino politicians had two brain cells to rub together, the last thing they would want is for America to go from the white nation it is now to another Mexico or Peru. What fools. Diversity is of the devil. Only nonwhites and psychopathic whites would “celebrate” this genocide.

  • The__Bobster

    GOP pundits (Michael Barone, Charles Krauthammer, et cetera ) have long argued that immigrants/ Hispanics have Republican values.

    These GOP values apparently include:
    1. Low average IQs;
    2. Astronomical crime rates;
    3. A proclivity for organized crime and collective violence;
    4. The violent seizure of all public space (schools, buses, subways, parks, malls, streets, and even stoops);
    5. Assaulting and murdering policemen;
    6. Majority rates of illegitimacy;
    7. Massive exploitation of welfare programs;
    8. Status as net tax eaters, rather than as net taxpayers;
    9. Militant anti-intellectualism;
    10. Implacable irredentism; and
    11. Anti-white racism.

    • bigone4u

      Hilarious but true. Hilarious that the GOP claims that Hispanics have family values, not the pathologies. From where I sit in South Texas, those GOP/Hispanic values also include a love of loud salsa music played 24/7, constant cell phone talk, babbling loudly in Tex-Mex Spanish, purple and pink houses, illegible spray can graffiti, and low riders. I’d love to see Krauthammer driving a low rider with salsa music coming out of the eight speakers at ear splitting volume. By the way, although Hispanics often have no money they are able to sink $30,000 and up in a low rider with a fancy paint job. Wacko.

      • Seek

        Makes me wonder: Where do these people get the money for such indulgences? I thought these are the people can’t make their rent.

        • Nathanwartooth

          1. Get a EBT card and a section 8 home
          2. Get an under the table job
          3. Get a over the table job for a week to generate a W2
          4. Say you have 30 kids on your federal taxes
          5. Get 30k a year for your 30 kids
          6. Have more disposable income than someone making 60k a year legit

          • So CAL Snowman

            7. Enroll in the local community college and file for financial aid

    • Felix_M

      Because of his self-inflicted handicap Krauthammer’s been sitting on his brain so long that it no longer works right. Forget Barone and Krauthammer. They’re neocons. They’re not conservatives.

  • Jss

    Why not have cheech and chong open for the event as well. And just to make everything official have the president of Mexico approve all the speakers and have the Zetas provide security.

  • Joseph

    I wonder if a large part of this illicit love-affair with Hispanics is that they are “less-bad” than blacks who most Republicans would secretly like to see disappear. They must think that Hispanics will give them credibility as non-racists and help reduce the influence, if not actual numbers of blacks who they know to be a completely lost cause and utter dead weight.

    There has to be *some* rationale, however strained it may be.

  • crystalevans

    Cruz and Rubio are Cuban Americans. Cuban Americans have the highest per capita income of any HIspanic group.Cuban Americans have a higher median income than whites. $50,000 per $48,000 for whites. They are staunchly Republican.

    • Joseph

      But the people they want to pour in via amnesty or whatever you want to call it are NOT Cubans and have none of he attributes you cite, as a group. If they are so good for America then they should be good for Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador. We do not need them.

    • Kathy M

      Before we get to cozy with Fidel’s people, you may want to watch the movie “Scar Face” with Al Pacino. Lots of reality in there.

      • iberianpride

        Just like the Godfather is indicative of all Italian-Americans, right?

    • Seek

      Up until the 90s, yes. But the younger generation of Cuban ethnics are pretty much 50-50 Democrats-Republicans. They have little or no memories of Castro and have been absorbed into the larger Latino grievance culture.

    • redfeathers

      They’re not staunchly Republican anymore.

  • 1776is1984

    whats good for the goose, it good for the gander!

  • Ralph

    I’m so sick of weak seed White politicians pandering to non-Whites. Hey, you friggin’ weak seed scumbags, look in the mirror. Do you see a White face? If so, start acting in your own best interests. Start being White,and stop running from it. Start pandering to us Whites, because I think we’re reaching a point where Whites are going to stop helping you weak seeds get elected if you don’t start helping your own people, and I think more and more of us Whites who know we’re White are going to start seeing you weak seed Whites as different from us–maybe we really will have class warfare. Ordinary Whites who know they’re White against weak seed Whites who try to deny they’re White.

    Oh, and where the hell is the White Congressional Caucus? Why isn’t there one?

  • IKantunderstand

    I don’t want to have Hispanics enter the GOP. I don’t want Hispanics to enter the USA. Not only is the GOP incapable of attracting votes from the Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, or whatever; they are also incapable of gaining the votes of Whites. We need a political party that completely and unabashedly does nothing but support White people. And, furthermore, indicates that it is a sad state of affairs that it had to come down to this. Whites founded this country. Whites developed this country, Whites created the economy of this country, actually, Whites did everything to make this country a magnet for unsuccessful races everywhere to want to move here. Please, won’t the rest of you, you non-Whites, accept the fact that race is a social construct. And also, your culture is the moral and cultural equivalent That means that all of you immigrants, come from a socially constructed reality that is equal to the U.S. Therefore, there is no reason for you to emigrate (legally or illegally) to the United States. Or in fact, anywhere .

  • mobilebay

    Like blacks, just what is it that Latinos want that is so different from the rest of society? Could it be they want to hold both parties hostage until we allow every third world dead beat into the country so they can have a big fiesta and turn our nation into the hellholes they left?

  • Greg Thomas

    If you support amnesty, then you are not a “conservative.” Lets get that straight from the get go.

  • BernieGoetzFan

    Hey – having Alan Keyes, Allen West and J.C. Watts as keynoters at every conservative confab helped lure so many blacks to the GOP, they figure they can duplicate their successes with Hispanics!

    • Felix_M

      Thanks for the laugh.

    • liberalsuck

      Setting aside your humor, it is pathetic and annoying that so many conservatives just don’t get it. They can pander until they’re blue in the face, they can keep kissing up to people who hate them, they can keep playing the “we’re not racist like the liberals are” game all they want, but they will fail to get the nonwhites to vote for them in large numbers. Not only that, their white base–the only people who vote for them and put them in power–see their pandering to nonwhites as a stab in the back and as a sign of weakness. Republicans-you have two choices: be an openly prowhite party or pander and be guaranteed to lose. The choice is yours!

  • This is pure racism. It is time for white people to start uniting with whites, as our people, like racist non-whites. Let us start, by never voting for Reps. They have made it clear. They don’t need or want our votes.

  • StillModerated

    CPAC became irrelevant when the Jews took it over. I’ve never seen so many yarmulkes in one place like that outside of New York. They all seem to be sucking up to Debbie Slusser.

  • Felix_M

    Uh, conservatives, remember this: A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush. In other words an established middle class American voter is worth more than two Latinos swimming the Rio Grande.

    While you’re so busy trying to get Latino voters, if you have to jettison your conservative principles to win them over (and you will), do you even have a legitimate point?

  • The Conservatives wet dream is for millions of black and brown people to pledge their allegiance to the Republican Party. No long-term strategy other than thinking about what it will take to get elected in a future of waves of illegals after illegals. The entire illusion of racial diversity leading to a wonderland where equality and unchecked diversity waltz off happily ever after into the sunset is just that — it is an Illusion. It doesn’t exist anywhere in the world now, and it hasn’t existed at any point in recorded history.

    OK, Conservatives, you’ve managed to get all of these imaginary rational black and brown people who just love voting for Republicans. Now what? You have millions of black and brown people who will now do their best to make sure more people that look like them become a larger and larger part of the party. It’s only a natural process, and it’s the blueprint that these politically correct “diversity” junkies have in mind to keep the Consumerist mentality at a steady flow. Dumb, low-IQ people don’t vote and buy with a rational thought process; they vote and buy according to emotion, pandering, and sensationalist rhetoric that always makes them believe they are capable and deserving of things beyond their skills and abilities. All we have now are two parties fighting exclusively for a mass of warm bodies that are really nothing like the White people that still make up the majority of the voting public, and make up an overwhelming percentage of the positive economic flow in this country.

    As a White person, and from an ethnic cleansing standpoint, how exactly does this all differ from what the Democrats have to offer me?

  • Ralph

    Pandering to groups for votes and throwing principles out the window is the way it works in a two party system in a devolving Star Wars Bar nation.

    We need a system of proportional representation in which minor parties who actually stand for various constituancies and principles can get political power if they have the numbers.

    • Think about the warped mentality of these people:

      They deride “Racists” for focusing on race, dividing people into groups, and then focusing on a group(s) to give one preferential treatment over another. What do these oxygen-starved humanitarians go on to do? They divide people along racial and ethnic lines, then focus on select groups to pander to and to give special treatment. Never White people, though. We can’t focus on the majority population who commits less crime, gives more back to the system, and actually produces the cities, communities and businesses that drive our nation. I guess that would just make too much sense.

      The difference here is that most Racists are separatists and envision a future where races can coexist peacefully on a global level. The Multiculturalists are like experimental scientists like Dr. Frankenstein, with a morbid desire to try and make unnatural things work without a regard for the welfare or safety of society.

  • Seek

    I’ve been saying it for the last several years: The conservative movement, also known as Conservatism Inc., is useless on race. Indeed, it may be worse than useless. At least the Left is open about its multiculturalism. And they have the votes to show for it. The Official Right, by contrast, loses elections and then calls for their shock troops to do more of the things that caused them to lose in the first place! Possessed of the delusion that untold millions of naturally conservative blacks and Hispanics are “trapped” on the liberal “plantation,” these Breitbart-style fools would reach out to these anti-white constituencies and push the nation off a cliff.
    CPAC reiterates this conventional wisdom. That wisdom, more than ever, needs to be combated. Of course, this will never happen. After all, speaking out boldly on race and ethnicity would render one excommunicated from the conservative movement. And who wants to be excommunicated?